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  1. A lot of things are A-OK with this administration such as executive orders, bypassing Congress, being held in Contempt of Congress, allowing guns to walk, financially supporting drug cartels, ignoring the will of the people, ignoring the Constitution of the U.S., not caring what the 2nd Amendment stands for or means, using children as pawns in a political agenda, and just being plain old A-Holes.

    Yep, everything is A-OK!

  2. So Obama gave him a pass on “fast and furious” and now he’s giving Obama a pass on over-reaching EO. Checks and balances my keister!

    • BO: “Go along with this, and I’ll pardon you and your staff for Fast and Furious on my last day in office”
      EH: “Yes sir!”

    • The Justice Department is part of the Executive branch, not part of the “checks and balances”. We need members of the Legislative branch to actually grow some testicles and act like the co-equals in power they are, to have checks and balances again.

  3. I’m shocked, I tell you, shocked! I never would have thought the only man more evil and tyrannical than O and Feinstein would give his Emperor a pass. All hail the Department of Injustice.

    Would anyone care to still cling to their naive belief in the checks and balances system?

  4. I didn’t know the administration was allowed to decide whether their own acts are constitutional. You learn something every day!

  5. Tall tree, short rope justice is due. Wilful undermining the very Constitution they are sworn to uphold is nothing short of treason and should be dealt with accordingly. But wait, oh, American Idol is on………

  6. Am I the only one who, when he hears Holder talk about “punishment of gun traffickers,” expects to see him struck by lightning?

    As to the rest, most of the EOs seem to say “people should be doing the jobs they’ve already been paid to do.”

    • They should do a SNL skit of Holder doing the “punishment of gun traffickers,” rant, stop and slap cuffs on himself. The funniest part of that would be seeing Holder do his f’n job.

      • SNL is run/owned by the left, shot in NYC, etc. They would never point out a major flaw in the political system if it was one that benefited their party’s power.

  7. This silverback primate needs to go away. I am so tired of hearing this idiotic piece of ^#%@ tell me about what is right with Obongos EO’s and then try and cover up the F&F crap.

    • hey, look, some delightful racism! That always helps present the cause of gun owners being rational and well heeled folks.

  8. ” …gun traffickers who funnel weapons to dangerous criminals…”

    Like the actions you signed off on during Operation Fast & Furious?

  9. Huh. I thought he would have bravely defied the man who appointed him by having the personal courage to tell him when he was wrong. My mistake.

  10. Man I wish this site had existed back in the Bush administration just so I could see how vocally opposed you guys were back then when Bush was starting, continuing, or eagerly ramping up all of the things you’re all so worked up about now.

      • Not all. But this selective amnesia when it comes to politics, is rather sad and does not address our issues.

        Reagan took my ability to buy new autoguns. Among other things. Mittens had already enthusiastically signed (and trumpeted) a weapons ban as Gov.

        Yes, most Ds are a bit more prone to gun grabbing. No, most Rs aren’t out there defending the Constitution or doing much different than the Ds.

        The Two-party system has long since morphed into a ruling class, who serve some narrow interests and don’t give two good flyins about their sworn duty.

    • So you’re saying every criticism of any of your holy leftist politicians has to have an asterisk next to it with a disclaimer saying he wasn’t the first to be a tyrant.

      Maybe that’s how Nazi Germany came to power, everyone was so dang busy reminding Hitler’s critics that the Kaiser wasn’t so hot either.

    • News flash: they aren’t stopping with the 23 EO’s. A Federal AWB 2.0 is en route which will be even more restrictive than the last. Stupid legislation is popping up all over this nation such as NY, CA, MD, etc.

      Not to mention, each mass shooting gives impetus to these idiots. Gun Free Zone? Doesn’t matter. Broken gun laws? Doesn’t matter.

        • I would say I agree with you, but I don’t want to assume you are making a suggestion by posing a question. We know what they’re end goal is, but as far as the EO’s alone go, I don’t see anything unconstitutional.
          Also, (since the AG mentioned it) has there been anything else said about armor piercing?

  11. We should ban “dictator-style” politicians.

    Eradicating gun violence (or any violence for that matter) is like curing cancer.

    Not gonna happen.

  12. Come on! In any dictatorship does the pawn of the leader say no what he is doing is wrong? Come on Eric Holder will always rubber stamp the Dictators directives.

  13. This from the same jack wagon that said we need to brain wash people on how guns are a bad thing! So expected not surprised at all.

  14. I’m pretty sure I will not be listening to Eric Holder about what is or is not constitutional. Can you say fast and furious?

  15. Piece of shit.

    You know what? The every day people in this country are directly responsible for assholes like him. Until enough people grow a pair to actually make their voices heard by these scumbags, absolutely nothing is going to change and every single damn thing is going to get worse.

    That’s the way it is.

  16. Holder committed multiple acts of Treason with Fast and Furious so it should be no surprise he has no issues with his bosses EO(s). We need to understand we are dealing with people that are complete morally bankrupt, they sold their soul for power and money decades ago.

  17. The damage that the administration is doing to their fellow party members is astounding. Why all this pressure to polarize Americans?

    Great leaders bring people together. This can only serve to drive Americans apart.

    • Not sure where you have been the past four years, but Obama’s plan has always been to divide and to only make decisions in crises mode. Obama does not has not been a leader. Division is what moves his agenda. His administration is still saying it was Bush’s fault after 4 years.

      The issue at levels of govt is that there are no moderates and there is no more compromise it is win at all costs without compromise. This is ruling by ideology versus for the good of the people. When your agenda is more important than the people, you really do not give a crap about this country nor its people.

      For Obama it is social justice and redistribution the entire country be damned and Cuomo and other like him will follow in that agenda.

      Sadly, 53% are brain washed to believe everything is fine.

  18. From legal point of view, he is not wrong. The 23 EO did not create new law and simply enforce existing laws.

    The bullshit part is

    1) It will cost $500 million to comply with these EOs, money that has not been allocated so I have no effing idea how congress must pay for EOs

    2) The BS is the US AG a BHO croney comes out to say that they are OK. He should have just STFU! Nobody in their right mind believes he would have come out and said that any of them are not Ok so do not come out and give some false legitimacy to this whole fiasco of govt. Better to have just STFU! All this does is make it look more like it is all a ruse and political agenda and given what Cuomo has done it looks like many progressive could give a eff about the Constitution or legal process. I hope people finally get pissed off enough to be part of the govt process because we have let these stooges run amok over this country for way too long.

  19. Go to hell Holder you piece of shit. Halfling. Scumbag. How is this turd still in power? Everything that comes out of his ugly mouth is shit.

  20. There’s nothing wrong with Executive Orders per se. President is a chief of the executive branch – of course he can issue orders to various departments and organizations that belong to said branch!

    The problem with EOs is when they’re abused to, in effect, enact laws without approval of the Congress. That’s when the term gets a nefarious overtone. However, none of Obama’s 23 EOs did anything other than direct various govt agencies to do so and so, and nothing that he directed them to do is in contravention of existing laws and Constitution.

    Focusing on those EOs is meaningless distraction. The real meat (AWB, hi-cap mags etc) is in the legislative proposal that’ll be put before the Congress shortly.

  21. Say Mr. Eric Holder, sir, since you said that, which means that you and your Ex-Boss = #44 Were Never Legal Americans, yours and his attitudes during your time as the US AG, your actions back then actually caused more than just 2 Of The USA’s Border Guards Who Got Killed/Wasted/Smoked/Murdered, Which IS ILLEGAL AND ANTi-US CONSTITUTIONAL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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