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Ruger is rolling out another caliber for their LCR line of pocket revolvers, this time in .22 WTF WMRF. While its better than plain Jane .22lr, its a far cry from the .357 Magnum level. Ruger says that their idea was to create a gun with a little more “stopping power” without very much recoil in the hopes that it would appeal to the female side of the concealed carry market.

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  1. My wife loves the .22 mag in a handgun. She’s only 5 feet tall and tho she can and does shoot shotguns to 12 bore and handguns to .45 she is more comfortable with the .22 mag. If I see one of these at the lgs it goes home with me.

    • Gauge is pretty much defined as the fraction of a pound that a perfectly spherical ball of lead would be. 1/20th of a pound = 20 gauge, 1/12th of a pound = 12 gauge. Bore would be diameter length. A 410 which is actually .410 of an inch. 12 bore would be something like a howitzer, literally.

  2. You did not mention but I squinted my eyes to see that the capacity is only 6 shots, I don’t believe there is any legitimate engineering reason it should not be 8.

    I recently purchased the .357 version and took it to the range. The recoil is not bad at all with .38, I have yet to try .357 but will do so soon.

  3. I’ve been looking for a 22 WMRF double action revolver. I would have preferred an SP101 but this might do the trick. I’d like to try one out.

    • My understanding is the trigger on the .38 and .357 models is superior and the .22 rimfire is horrible. The supposed reason is the hammer has to hit harder to reliably ignite the rimfire cartridge. If they could figure out a way to make the trigger work as well for the wmr as the .38, I’d be first in line. But if it’s as bad as the .22, no thanks. And I don’t see why it would be any different, since they’re both rimfires.

    • We looked for a gun for my frail elderly aunt. With poor eyesight, she really liked a red laser on a gun which is available on the LCR. I determined the LCR-38 was too much recoil. I thought the LCR-22 might work but the trigger was too stiff for her. I added both guns to my collection ;^) — We ended up buying her a Ruger SR22 with laser.

    • Yes, depending on the fit to her hand. I have an S&W Model 351PD in .22Mag, and it is a neat little carry gun. Weighs 10.8 oz empty, fiber optic front sight, 7-shot cylinder, and has an exposed hammer. Down side: good luck finding one, and it will set you back at least $700.

      Shooting Times did a review a few years ago of .22s as personal defense weapons. Hornaday makes a .22Mag round in their “Critical Defense” line, and from a 2″ barrel it has the same penetration and temp wound cavity as a .380. Not a perfect self defense round, but for someone who cannot handle recoil, it certainly beats praying.

  4. It’s only a matter of time before after market spring kits are availble.
    I’d love to see a 22 Kit-Gun version with a hammer shroud so that it could do triple duty as a trail gun/plinker/CCW

  5. I wanted the 22lr version–until I read the review here. Bummer on the trigger.

    I don’t get the 22wmr, not much more umph due to the very sort barrel. I’d rather have six rounds of 32acp or better 32 h&r. Probably the same velocity but better results.

    Now a 22lr LCR with a 3-4inch barrel and a decent trigger…

    • if you want a 3-4 in barrel, look for a different gun. they wont make a light compact revolver with a 4 inch barrel. i think the ttag lcr-22 was a lemon. i have had very positive experiences with two different lcr-22s.

      • I mostly want the LCR trigger in other guns. After a spring change my sp101 is close, but not as good. It’d be nice to have a few revolvers with really similar grip and trigger.

    • It *is* when fired from a rifle barrel. From a short barrel, it suffers *much* more than a .22LR. The only reason for owning a .22 mag would be if you had a rifle in the caliber.

  6. Using the home defense type 22 Mag loads with the 45 gr. bullet this make the .32ACP look weak by comparison. Check Winchester’s site for details, they run the comparo of it vs. many handgun calibers, an interesting read. However not impressed with the 6 shot capacity. I’d expect this is due for fitting the .17 Win Super Magnum, not the .22; make it 8!

  7. NAA Black Widow runs a 2″ barrel; results should be comparable.
    Just to back up my assertion. In a 4″ barrel it really picks up speed.

    Not saying it’s worthless, just that I’d rather have, er, more. More caliber, or more shots. But each to their own.

    I’ve been hoping for a 327Mag version of the LCR, I think using 32H&R Magnum in it would make for a light recoiling six-shooter. Alas, I think 327Mag is winding down.

  8. The .22 mag is a nasty little yellowjacket of a round. One taste will ruin a BGs whole day. But while they’re real nasty from a rifle, they aren’t quite as nasty from a snubby.

    • .22 mag Hornady 45 gr FTX Critical Defense is legit for self defense out of a snubbie

      Ballistically simialr to a .380

  9. Nick, as a revolver man, my thanks for reviewing a (modern) revolver. In addition to women, I think that the .22 magnum might also be good for many elderly persons and those with hand strength issues.

  10. I own the Ruger SP101 .357 with the 4″ barrel. Love it. It’s a great gun. I keep it loaded with .38 Special +P for home defense. I also own the Ruger LCR in .357 though I have not yet fired it. I have no plans to shoot .357 out of it. My plans are to use it for CC and to keep it loaded with .38 Special, maybe +P.

  11. The 6-round capacity is puzzling. I’d hoped for 8, as in the .22 LR version, or at least 7. As it is, it’s not so compelling. A .327 version would, however, be on my short list. In the meantime, my SP-101 .357 remains the old standby for “casual carry.”

  12. It makes me sad. When ruger came out with the LCR in 22lr last year, I posted about wanting to see one in 22 WMR. But the 6 shot capacity, based on the 22lr cylinder is crap. S&W 22 WMR holds 7. They should have figured out how to get 7 or 8 in that and made it something worthwhile.

  13. .22 mag with some Hornady 45 gr FTX Critical Defense would be legit for self defense.

    But I agree, it kinda blows that they only made it 6 shot.

  14. My friend has the regular-size LCR (caliber escapes me ATM) and I have the LCP. Hers definitely has more recoil than mine. Don’t know what it’s like in the .22 version though.

  15. Just got mine today ( 22mag) and I just love it! Worth every cent. Hardly any recoil at all,feels just great in my hand. Thankyou ruger you did it again!

  16. I would love to have a 22 mag LCR, MY OLD KALTEK 38 is getting so I can’t clean it properly, do to my old hands! But, alas, my SS and retirement won’t cover more than necessities .

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