Justin Trudeau assault weapon gun ban failure
What, me worry? (Adrian Wyld/The Canadian Press via AP)
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Not one to let a potentially politically beneficial crisis go un-exploited, Canada’s Prime Minister, Justin Trudeau rammed through a ban on “assault-style weapons” and other scary-looking guns in 2020 after a 12-hour spree shooting that resulted in 22 people dead in Nova Scotia.

As Prime Minister Zoolander, who seems to get his talking points from Shannon Watts, said at the time . . .

“These weapons were designed for one purpose and one purpose only: to kill the largest number of people in the shortest amount of time. There is no use and no place for such weapons in Canada,” said the prime minister. “Effective immediately, it is no longer permitted to buy, sell, transport, import or use military-grade assault weapons in this country.”

Canadians still have a few months left in order to turn in their banned firearms — the amnesty expires April 30 — before they become felons. And how’s that process going?

Only 160 firearms that the Liberal government prohibited more than a year and a half ago have been deactivated or surrendered, according to the Royal Canadian Mounted Police. …

“The Canadian Firearms Program (CFP) can confirm that, as of Dec. 9, 2021, 18 firearms (formerly classified as restricted) affected by the May 1, 2020, Order in Council (OIC) have been deactivated,” added Sgt. Caroline Duval, the spokesperson who forwarded the Mounties’ response.

“In addition, there have been 142 OIC-affected firearms recorded as surrendered to a public agency for destruction since May 1, 2020.”

The official excuse for the minuscule compliance rate that’s being put forward by officials and supporters is that the government has yet to come up with details for a buyback program they promised for the outlawed guns. Compliant Canadians are just waiting for that to be put into place. Then they’ll rush to their local RCMP outpost and toss their gats in the barrel.

Uh huh. If you believe that, I have some beachfront property in Saskatchewan I’d like to talk to you about.

When Prime Minister Blackface issued the ban by executive diktat, Canaduh’s government estimated that Canucks owned between 90,000 and 105,000 of the newly verboten guns. But that estimate wildly understates the actual number of firearms covered by the ban.

Justin Trudeau Kamala Harris Justin Trudeau assault weapon gun ban failure
“I was told to smile and look happy, like we’re having a good time with each other. Is that the Statue of Liberty?” (AP Photo/Evan Vucci)

How do we know? Because Canadians flooded gun stores and bought at least 30,000 more AR-15s in the run-up to the ban. And ARs were just one of 1500 models that were outlawed. That means the measly 160 guns that have been turned in so far aren’t even enough to qualify as a rounding error.

The Toronto Sun‘s Lorne Gunter doesn’t have much faith in the government’s stated, long-delayed plan to buy back all of those forbidden firearms.

The 2020 order compelled them to turn in their banned guns for destruction by April 30, 2022. Yet 99.9 % of them have yet to do so.

No doubt this is largely because the buyback program is not yet in place. Anyone who turns in his or her guns now risks not receiving any cash from Ottawa when the buyback begins.

But the fact the buyback hasn’t even been set up 20 months after the ban was proclaimed and just four months before the deadline for surrendering guns shows just how unprepared and incompetent the Liberals are at putting their virtue signals into action.

I hope the Trudeau government never gets around to confiscating the guns of legal firearms owners. I am cheering for the buyback’s failure.

It is unrealistic, to the point of asininity, to imagine that with 120 days to go until 100,000 (or more) guns have to be turned in that the Trudeau Libs can create a buyback that will work.

Canadians have a well-known reputation for being inordinately nice people. That generally amiable nature, however, apparently doesn’t extend to their willingness to give up their guns and turn them into their overreaching, inept government.

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  1. “Canadians have a well-known reputation for being inordinately nice people.”

    Actually, they have neutered themselves to the point that they have become soft and compliant. It’s easy to confuse that condition with being “nice.”

    • Canadians being nice is “not’ a cover for being soft and compliant, B.S., you are absolutely wrong.

    • The fact that the United States of America is their neighbor means Canada can get away with being a nation of beta males. They know Uncle Sam is always there to protect them.

    • Being a close neighbor to our friends up “nord”, I can tell you there are some very rabid gun owners in that country. But in the last many decades of socialist rule, they have been sorely outnumbered by the same big government criminals who are well on their way to making us southern Canadians!!

  2. Another case of authorities being made aware of an individual’s behavior and previous acts of violence and doing absolutely nothing. Authorities also failed to use an existing system to alert the public of the threat once the killings had begun and became known. Apparently, the Canadian government is simply covering up their inept handling of the incident by passing the blame buck on to law-abiding gun owners.

  3. Key words here are “military-grade”

    There is no such thing as an AR-15 or AR platform or their parts that is/are commercially manufactured for the civilian market that is “military-grade”.

    “military-grade’ weapons and weapon parts are only manufactured for the military. A rifle that has function or appearance similar to that of a military rifle does not mean the rifle is “military-grade”.

    • “Military-grade” aka, “pay-grade” is the designation that is the equivalent of military rank. Grades range from E-1 to E-9, W-1 to W-5 and O-1 to O-10 (in the U.S. military).

      Rank is the title assigned, based on grade. Examples from the U.S. Army are; E-1 = Private, E-6 = Staff Sergeant, W-4 = Chief Warrant Officer 4, O-3 = Captain…

      I think that the people that try to make things seem scarier than they are, tend to use “military-grade” when they are in fact referring to Mil-Spec (military specification).


      • Sorta like the cryptocurrency military grade online data protection that is bragged about in the 5 part PT Barnum story currently in progress here ?

      • He means ‘grade’ in the function sense, for example, ‘commercial grade’ is sturdier than ‘consumer grade’.

        There is no such thing as an AR-15 or AR platform or their parts that is/are commercially manufactured for the civilian market that is “military-grade”.

        A “military-grade” firearm is one made just for the military that meets all military testing specs.

        “mil-spec” is standard to achieve standardization, interoperability, and materials standards commonality for its military function. The term “mil-spec” in the civilian AR-15 market applies to materials and some commonality in function as applied to a semi-auto rifle, but not to the standardization, interoperability, and materials standards commonality for a military function which require military testing and acceptance to determine. When such standardization, interoperability, and materials standards commonality for a military function testing and acceptance is performed for the military and the firearm passes it is then “military grade”.

        • In the civilian world, for civilian uses, the term “military grade” means nothing. In terms of firearms; The term is applied loosely in the military testing as a general idea to encapsulate the concept that a firearm has passed the required testing and meets standards for its military function, in other words meets 100% mil-spec for its military function.

          As Pb_fan59 kinda pointed out above: The terminology “military grade” as applied to “cryptocurrency online data protection” is a bogus claim. An item can only be considered ‘military grade’ as an idea concept if its been tested by and passed military testing AND is being used in its military context. If its in the civilian consumer world the term ‘military grade’ means nothing.

        • “Military grade” generally means “lowest bidder.” It’s not necessarily bad, it will generally hold up to abuse well, but it’s not necessarily the best, or even all that great.

        • “He means ‘grade’ in the function sense…”

          Oh, really? Are you a mind reader?

          What gives you any indication this kid knows any more about firearms than Biden? Pretty big stretch there thinking he came up with all this himself and from his own convictions and principles.

        • Whoever can provide the military what they want in a reasonable amount of time for the lowest price, is who tends to get the manufacturing contract.

        • @Craig in IA

          Don’t need to be a mind reader. Its obvious in context with his statements he is talking about weapons function and not a pay grade. with…

          “use military-grade assault weapons…”

          Did u got to dacians school of reading comprehension?

        • It seems obvious what the article’s author was implying. I know he was using the term “military-grade” to instill fear in the common reader.

          I just decided to be a smartass and point out that “military-grade” does have an actual meaning and that the author is misusing the term. I certainly didn’t mean to create a kerfuffle.

  4. Canada aaaa? Trudeau aka Castro’s kid(look it up)is a would be dictator. They’ve ignored Mr blackface on this. Not so much on covid. It’s kinda hard in an enormous country with a tiny population to crack down effectively on gats(see:Australia).

  5. I usually try to not attack one on his/her/it’s appearance and stick with the issues, but doesn’t little Justin have a slight resemblance to Mick Jagger with a clear complexion and a little more meat on his frame?

    Wasn’t his momma Maggie out banging half of the pop culture celebs back around the time of Justin’s conception? IIRC, she had a long. highly-publicized to-do with Jagger when Justin’s “father” was PM up there. FAS or FDS would make sense, more than his policies in a free nation.

    Sins of the father; or mother…

    • Craig in IA,

      Actually, in that second photo with Veep Harris, Trudeau has an uncanny resemblance to actor Woody Harrelson.

  6. O Canada…that brief interlude between the northern USA and the North Pole. A guy I used to work with, who lives in Malta, MT, jokes that the only thing between him and the North Pole is three strands of barbed wire on the border.

    All jokes aside, the Canadian Provincial campgrounds in B.C. and Alberta are much better than just about any State campground in the US…clean, dedicated well-drained tent spaces, hot showers, laid-out and landscaped for a bit of visual privacy and very reasonably priced.

  7. It still kind of blows my mind that people keep clinging to this fiction that Canadian’s are ‘nice’. Canadians can be real a-holes, especially towards Americans. Probably because of how a large part of the Canadian identity is so tightly bound up in just not being American.

    • “Canadians can be real a-holes, especially towards Americans.”

      They have *nothing* on the French, especially the French ‘youth’, for their hatred of Americans.

      I saw that in person in 1981 when I was there…

      • And definitely the Quebecois who think they are more French than mainland France and the French aren’t French enough.

        • BINGO I used to visit Quebec Province (for work) frequently and they seem to be stuck in 18th century France in their mannerisms and language. A woman told me that her family had been living in that little town for over two hundred years. I replied “and you can’t speak English yet?” She wasn’t happy with my remark.

    • Spent several years shipping military equipment, from small stuff to large rolling stock, to Canada and back for OUR use in joint exercises up there. GOVERNMENT up there is full of them — assholes, that is — from border people to pencilneck higher-ups. You would have thought we were shipping aircraft ground power units and refueling trucks up there to sell on the black market.

  8. Protip for confiscaters: run your scam during periods of relative peace and comfort. You’ll find people react more strongly to one-off disasters like mass shootings and will by virtue of their comfort and stability have greater trust in the government.

    Pulling shit like this while the media is rambling on about spiking crime, world ending colds, climate disaster bringing mass starvation, war with Russia/China, dicks swinging low in your daughters locker room, etc…. isn’t going to encourage people comply with a government that apparently let all these doomsday things happen in the first place.

    • “Protip for confiscaters: run your scam during periods of relative peace and comfort.”

      That’s what Rham Emmanuel meant when said to take advantage of such opportunities. Exploit a tragedy. He said that at the beginnings of Obama’s administration. It was sheer good luck for us that Sandy Hook didn’t happen until 2012, when the Leftist Scum were neutered as a result of having ‘Obama Care’ rammed down our throats. There was nothing Obama could do but cry fake tears at the podium when he couldn’t get the votes for an AWB and other gun control crapola…

  9. I predict that after the turn in period expires the government will ignore the law, except to put additional charges against someone who commits a non-PC crime or commits the political crime of being a conservative.

    Second prediction, they will start complaining about illegal guns being smuggled in from the US and they will copy the rhetoric from trash Democrats b!tching about “the iron pipeline” meaning guns bought legally in free states like Georgia or Tennessee and driven up I-75 to be snuck across the porous border.

    • They’ll probably say guns are coming from Indiana and Mississippi like lori litehead complains about guns coming into chiraq.

  10. In photo #2, why is Justinboy playing pocketpool with himself when Cammie is at his elbow. He shy with hookers?

  11. Once the legal machinery is in place you will see railroad cars full of guns confiscated and melted down in Canada just as happened in Australia and since then there never has been a mass murder with 50 or more people killed showing the Australian gun ban did work and work well. Its much harder to mass murder people when your firearm is of limited magazine capacity.

    People will turn them in because the price of breaking the law is just too high. Loss of a job and imprisonment is not what the average citizen is willing to suffer.

    When the first people are arrested and imprisoned the guns will flow like water over Niagara Falls.

    “Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it” George Santayana

    • darcydodo…railroad cars full of guns, railroad cars full of Jews…you think just like a nazi because you are clearly a nazi minded twerp who cannot remember beyond yesterday much less recall dead red coats.

    • Perhaps in Canada which I doubt but not here in the USA. Different culture and far different history. And you are wrong about it working in Australia because they are now running the Country like Nazi Germany and trust me there are probably plenty of firearms hidden all over the place in Australia. If the Australians are whimpy enough to give in then they deserve what they get. If one follows the pattern of most dictatorial countries those folks who didn’t fight back paid a far greater price than those who did. If you have no way of defending yourself against a dictatorial regime what is the sense of even living in a Country like that. You are nothing but a slave to the Government’s whim.

    • ” people will turn them in because,, ,,,”. No, not going to prison, and my dad told me “never let them take your gunms” because his dad seen what happened in Germany when they did. So I just cant.

      • Sorry Possum you flunked history classes as most of the Far Right do. My Father fought with Patton’s 3rd Army and Hitler only prevented Jews from owning guns not the general population. Hitler actually relaxed the former German anti-gun restrictions.

        My Father said he saw thousands of guns take from the German civilians and then buried with bulldozers because the Americans did not want even the civilians possessing guns. The U.S. Officers got first choice for souvenirs with many sending home engraved shotguns. The G.I.’s got what was not wanted by the Officers. And their were tons of pistols and rifles too that you could choose from. My Dad brought back 6 European Pistols and two 1911 pistols but threw the 1911’s overboard in the harbor because they announced anyone caught taking home U.S. weapons would go to prison. And my Father said other G.I.’s also threw their 1911’s overboard as well.

        I might add British troops had their captured pistols taken from them in Europe before going back to Britain and they threw them over a bridge into a river.

        One of the German Officers who was with Hitler Claimed he stole a Walther PP Pistol out of Hitler’s room after he killed himself and later claimed he threw it into a river but others claim he probably really did keep it. Hitler often carried a .25 acp pistol in a specially sewn in pocket in his pants and he owned several PPK pistols as well.

        • Oh I got angry,,, but there it is people, the Nazis only took the gunms from the Jews , so that makes it alright .
          Your pathetic dacian

        • to possum
          quote————-Oh I got angry,,, but there it is people, the Nazis only took the gunms from the Jews , so that makes it alright .
          Your pathetic dacian———-quote

          I never said that what I did post was that you were in error in claiming Hitler took guns from the German people which he did not he actually enabled them to buy more by weakening the previous laws that were passed before he took power. But again I pointed out he did pass laws against Jews having the right to own firearms.

          We saw similar laws that were passed in the U.S. against minoirites buying guns and some actions that were not laws that prevented minorities from buying guns easily just the same. During the riots in California in the 60’s many gun stores that were naturally white owned would tell blacks that they were out of stock when they wanted to buy guns.

          Conclusion, when it comes to the Far Right in most countries including the U.S. they scream about their gun rights but turn right around and take gun rights away from minorities. They are truly Hypocrites in about everything they do.

        • If your father served with Patton, good on him. I’ll give him a nod of respect. Unfortunately, he seems to have jerked off near a flower pot, and grew a blooming idiot.

          The Nazis, just like the Communists everywhere, created and enforced GUN REGISTRATION. Then, they kicked doors in, and confiscated guns that belonged to any and all political opponents. THEN, they loaded those political opponents onto trains, to join the Jews in concentration camps.

          Oh yeah. Gun registration didn’t end when political enemies and Jews were rounded up. Nazis kept a close eye on gun owners, gun sales, gun transfers, etc etc, so that they could round up any weapons they deemed to be in the “wrong hands” at a moment’s notice.

          I won’t argue your conclusion that US gun laws are racist in nature – that part is correct. But you have the Nazis figured wrong. Again GUN REGISTRATION is the ultimate evil when it comes to guns. As soon as you register a gun, you go into a database, and you are scrutinized. The moment you become non-compliant with the ruling regime’s dictates, you and your guns are subject to confiscation.

        • to the Unreformed Nit Wit

          quote—————–Again GUN REGISTRATION is the ultimate evil when it comes to guns. As soon as you register a gun, you go into a database, and you are scrutinized.———-quote

          As usual the Far Right are not only totally ignorant of the past they are ignorant of the present as well.

          The Governments in the past did not need registration to confiscate guns as when they make the penalties severe enough the people turned in their guns by the railroad car full.

          And the ignorant Far Right live in their own present myopic world not realizing we now live in the electronic age and the government because of this already knows you own weapons. If you ever bought a box of ammo on credit you are on the hit list. If you ever subscribed to a gun magazine you are on the hit list. If you ever logged on to a gun forum on your computer, you are on the hit list, If you ever attended a gun show the government probably already has your license plate number and again you are on the hit list.

    • dacian, ROFLAMOBT! You are going to be in for a very rude awakening. There are people in Canada who are just as pro Gun as we Americans are. Your railroad cars will be as empty as your head.

      • To Walter

        Like most of the Far Right you ignore the history of gun laws and of the psychology of people. Tough talk is cheap on the internet and huffing and puffing and beating your chest is even more ludicrous than the actions of hairy apes but the naked ape is even dumber because he should know his actions are useless but often doesn’t especially if he is a Neanderthal of the Far Right and you are a poster boy for being ignorant of history.

        As the German Nazi’s used to say “you will obey or else” and everyone knew what “or else meant”.

        Mao Zedong once said “Power comes from the barrel of a gun” meaning that the Government has the most firepower so guess who wins?

        • Dacian says “Government has the most firepower so guess who wins?”

          That explains how a bunch of peasants in Vietnam thwarted the will of the US government. And, it explains how a different bunch of peasants in Afghanistan accomplished the same.

          You’re about as sharp as a bowling ball, aintcha boy?

        • dacian You should know about Mao. Isn’t he one of your heroes ? Like most Far Left individuals, you want to take firearms away from law abiding citizens.
          You bet talk is cheap and yours, is the cheapest of them all. It is very easy to see right through your agenda. Disarming America means that you Lefties can impose your regime on freedom loving Americans. You Lefties will not be able to impose your will over true patriots. Actually, most gun owners are not “Far Right” as you Lefties like to claim. According to some articles I’ve read, you Lefties are among those of us buying new firearms. Don’t you just hate that when it happens?

      • To Unreformed Nit Wit
        quote—————Dacian says “Government has the most firepower so guess who wins?”

        That explains how a bunch of peasants in Vietnam thwarted the will of the US government. And, it explains how a different bunch of peasants in Afghanistan accomplished the same.————-quote

        When it comes to firearms, revolutions, and just plain history as its obvious you flunked all three subjects. And by the way you forgot to mention the American Revolution so let’s talk about them all Jethro.

        In order for a revolution to succeed against a government the revolution must be financed from outside sources i.e. countries willing to spend large amounts of money and send in large amounts of weapons and ordinance. Without that the revolutionaries have no chance to succeed. That example includes Vietnam, Afghanistan, and the American revolution just to name a few. Your fantasies about the peasant with a cheap $60 AK47 in his right hand and a handful of rice in his left hand is North Vietnamese propaganda or the U.S. propaganda of the Minute Men and their Moron leader Washington Crossing the Delaware shows that you swallowed all this propaganda hook, line and sinker.

        Go back to school you need remedial courses.

        quote———–You’re about as sharp as a bowling ball, aintcha boy?———-quote

        And you just proved your as dumb as one. Try again Jethro.

        • If you knew American history, the Continental Army worked in tangent with local militias to tie down and wear Royalist forces, whether it was the British expeditionary forces or rival loyalist militias. So while Washington was far from impressed with militia performance by itself, he was aware of using them as an augmented force when needed. In fact, militia attacks on Hessian forces prior to the Battle of Trenton tricked them into thinking they already faced the American attacks tipped off by a spy, exposing them to the main attack. The militia was also crucial to the Battle of Cowpens, when British forces and loyalists we’re tricked into pursuing “fleeing” Patriot militia only to be enveloped by waiting Continental troops and other militia forces, causing a British collapse.

          It’s never too late to learn new things, but that requires a certain degree of humbleness.

        • to Yellow Devil

          You can cherry pick a few battles all you want to but the fact remains that the American Revolution would never have succeeded without huge amounts of French money, and the French army and Navy.

          Washington was an arrogant and incompetent Military Commander from his days in the French and Indian War and later the Revolution. Washington lost more battles than he won and was almost captured twice. This was not a formula for a victory of the British if he had fought the war alone and without French Help. That is historical fact and trying to glorify a few battles is disingenuous in the extreme.

        • dacian, Like how your Russian and Red Chinese allies supported the North VietMinh?

    • “Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it” George Santayana- Interesting quote, Dacian. You and your lib comm-symp friends have chosen to ignore it.

  12. The insane knee jerk mindset when some individual or individuals using an inanimate object to break a laundry list of laws suddenly everyone who owns a firearm or a group supporting firearm rights is somehow “guilty too and needs to pay” needs to end. If it takes a bloody war to end such witch hunt insanity then so be it. One thing is for certain the pencilneck justin will not be on point leading the charge. He’ll be in hiding and hoping his sicko goons prevail.

    When people attending a parade were mowed down and murdered by a madman in Wisconsin where was justin and the fraulein shannon watts and their calls to ban and turn in the obviously very much more lethal motor vehicle?

  13. Hey dacian, the Canucks said fuck you to turning anything in after it was revealed that hiding in your basement while a fake character ( sound familiar?) pretending to be a cop ran roughshod for 13 hours killing a disarmed public and setting their homes on fire. There will be NOTHING turned in, regardless of how much your Socialist asskissing self wishes and believes it to be so. ” Fuck Off and Die”.. fed-up Canadian citizen.


  15. Old joke from up north:

    Why do Canadians pour oil on their lawns?

    To keep their guns from rusting.

    • Believe it or not, that joke is actually Russian in origin…

  16. I don’t know whether or not the Canadian Constitution deals with the right to bear arms or not but ours does and I think I can speak for millions when I say if such a thing occurred here it would meet with a similar response plus. Not only would our people not give up their guns but most would fight anyone coming to take them by force. In both NY and CT where they tried to force an AR15 registration program it was estimated that 85% and 95% of the people in those two states did not comply. In both cases the Supt. of both State Police Units indicated they would not go door to door looking for firearms but would deal with it should another crime be committed and they happened to find the weapons. Smart men as they knew the risk to their officers who are vastly outnumbered. In NJ they instituted a large capacity magazine ban and the Supt. of State Police said he would go door to door collecting them if people missed the deadline. After having almost zero magazines returned he recanted and said they would only enforce the law while dealing with another crime. Again another smart man. Additionally, the term assault weapon and military grade are totally inappropriate for AR15’s. The AR15 has never been approved as a military weapon in this Country. We use the M16 and M4 which have a select switch on them for semi automatic, select automatic (3 round burst) or fully automatic. So when these politicians talk about military assault weapons the AR15 is not one of them and never has been. I think most Americans would say Molon Labe or Come and get them to anyone who thinks they are brave enough to do so. They are not going to confiscate or otherwise get American Citizens firearms, period. It will be over their dead bodies not those of American Citizens.

  17. Every time I turn around, the Aussies or Brits are holding an “amnesty period” no questions asked “buy back”. Few people take advantage of those programs.

    Our local PD held a buy back wherein you would get a $50 Applebee’s card. People were waiting outside and paying real money for the good stuff people were bringing. The police said that was legal and they wound up shutting the event down.

  18. Saskatchewan is chock full of lakes, rivers and streams. More sandy beaches than you can count, and on fresh water not salty ocean. I’d love a good deal on beachfront property in Saskatchewan!

    Of course, I’d need a boat and a big magnet and a winch to go treasure hunting all those Canadian boom sticks that were lost in a tragic boating accident … strictly for environmental reasons you understand … 🙂

  19. But the Royal Canadian Mounties always get their man… those poor canucks ain’t got a prayer.

  20. Does not this moron Trudeau know he can’t have a buyback if his government did’t sell the guns in the first place? A buyup maybe.

  21. Canada is a place where a person might be attacked by a pack of wolves in forested areas.
    It seems that an AR 10 or a VZ 58 (legal AK type in Canada) would both be an excellent tool to have in that situation.
    That is a time where a bolt action hunting rifle would not be sufficiently fast.

    • That has ben happening wiht wolves in Stanly Park in Vancouver!!! I’d not go out in that place without a firearm myself. And since I can’t do that I”ve just decided to NOT venture north ofthe “boundary”.
      I know handguns are largely banned/heavily restricted up there, but I also know quite a few folks in more “remote” areas keep handguns well hidden yet ready to hand in their homes. Not sposed ta do that, but their odds of getting caught out are VERY low. ANy miscreants wandering about perpetrating evil seem likely enough to get disapppeared . If da Mounties won’t “get their man” the locals will have to. Sad they don’t get paid for their great public service.

  22. By the time the War of 1812 happened, 70% of Canadians were of US stock.
    Glad we separated the shaft from the wheat. Those people are pathetic.

  23. When push comes to shove we will see if the Canadian gun owner has the courage to do what needs to be done.

    • Gun owners up here number less than 10% of the population while in the US it’s closer to 30%, probably far more. So just remember that when the shooting does start us canucks are displaying approximately 3x the amount of courage required of the typical US owner, probably far more. Please. Thank you. Sorry.

  24. So how many models of the banned weapons were there in CANADA in the first place? Just quoting a number means exactly bugger all. If you take the example of the banning of hand guns in the UK there were less than 5000 registered ownerships on handguns in the UK and most of them were held under Special Circumstance for security reasons by properly authorised persons anyway. So in numbers very few were handed in.
    The fact is, that even when the possession of fire arms was legal in the UK, basically before WW1, the owning of firearms, apart from Shotguns out in the countryside, was an extreme rarity. I doubt that one adult person in 500 hundred had either a Rifle or a Pistol and guncrime was almost unheard of. People certainly did not see them as a nessessity for personal defence or to be used against some imaginary ‘invader’ or to uphold ones Civil Rights which are just as important to us Bbits as they ever are for Americans even probably more so.
    Under our system you cannot ‘buy’ your way into Government and you certainly cannot buy your way in as an EXECUTIVE HEAD OF STATE.

    • Albert Hall,

      Many people would point to England’s paltry firearm ownership rate as a virtue.

      It wasn’t such a virtue after the evacuation of Dunkirk in 1940, was it? The fact of the matter is that England was begging private citizens of the United States to donate firearms to England for England’s national defense because England did not have enough firearms to defend against a Nazi land invasion. I am having trouble thinking of anything more pathetic than that.

      I am quite happy that something like 33% of adults own firearms in the U.S. Sure, violent criminal gangbangers murder each other in droves in our nation’s urban Hellscapes. Subtract them from the numbers and the U.S. violent crime rate is astonishingly low. More importantly, armed U.S. citizens outnumber any other nation’s armed force by a factor of about 100 to 1. I’ll take that national defense insurance policy in exchange for a bunch of dead gangbangers every time. And given our nation’s overwhelming popular support for firearm ownership, it would appear that countless millions of citizens agree.

    • Albert I have often pointed out to the the American Flag waving and largely ignorant Hillbillies that their revolution in 1776 was the worse mistake they could ever have made. You are correct about our government. We ended up with the most corrupt government in the Industrialized world and we lost forever our right to a true democracy and a multi-party parliamentary government. If the damn French had kept their noses out of our revolution the incompetent George Washington would have been hung by his dirty balls and America today would not have half the problems it now has.

      • It’s hard telling how the future would have went. It could have went, the United Kingdom defeated Washington, and Germany, Russia, China, pick an adversary, defeated us all..
        The USA has faults, nothing is ever perfect, I like the freedoms afforded us in this country.
        It’s kinda like dont cuss a farmer with your mouth full.

      • Alfred E. Neuman, you are a piece of work- no facts, just hatred and poison-pen invectives. Spewing vile pus and making no point except that of a hatred of Constitutional liberties. Be so kind as to quit the country- if indeed you are a United States citizen.

      • Hey dacian you vomiting little turd: “If ye love wealth better than liberty, servitude more than the animating contest of freedom…” but then I’m sure a lying, sniveling rat such as you is more than passingly familiar with that particular quote. Aren’t you? Your type are the exact reason why stocks were invented and rotten fruit handed out in the town square. I’d sarcastically say your parents must be proud but then I suspect that they actually just might be. Gotta be some reason yer mommy keeps lending you her laptop. Or do you steal it and sneak it down into your hole under the house when no one’s around?

    • Those numbers are hugely off dude.

      There were well more than 5k and also handguns aren’t banned in the UK its just for reasons of arbitrary bollocks we can’t actually have our rights in most of the UK.

      Northern Ireland can still have handguns on a sec1 and can.still own guns for the express purpose of self defence. That PROVES it was never about deterring crime.

  25. Any government that doesn’t show trust in the ordinary citizen, the ordinary citizen is a law abiding type, doesn’t deserve the trust of the above mentioned citizenry.

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