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Around the country there is no shortage of elected gun nuts gun-nutting for the camera. Rep. Majorie Taylor Greene of Georgia, RepMadison Cawthorn of North Carolina, Sen. Ted Cruz of Texas and many others have demonstrated an inability to resist the urge to strut with weapons.

What these extremists fail to grasp is how weak such posing makes them appear. People who are confident in their strength don’t need to peacock. An elected official posing with a weapon is a micro version of a military parade — if you’re tempted to be impressed when a member of Congress showboats with a firearm, just think of Kim Jong-Un.

But as silly as these leaders make themselves look, the message they send is dangerous. When elected officials extol instruments of death, they reinforce strains of violence in the country’s political culture and encourage lethal aggression. It’s easy for most Americans when they see gun cosplay from their leaders to laugh it off as the antics of children. But disturbed and aggrieved viewers will derive inspiration from such displays, with bloodshed too readily the result. It’s still unclear what motivated the shooter on Monday, but initial indications are that he espoused far-right political hatred, and it’s reasonable to suppose that right-wing celebration of firearms helped clear space for his murderous rampage.

If you feel you need it for personal protection, go ahead and carry a gun. If spraying bullets into a target makes you feel tough, no one’s stopping you. But if you prefer to live in a safe community, and want to appear strong — not playground strong, but actually strong — leave the camera at home.

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  1. So the gang bangers in Shitkybo are just trying to emulate Ted Cruz. Got it.

    • Why I do declare…The sight of gun toting carpetbaggers was too much for quentin young and caused poor quentin to soil himself. Now quentin has regained his composure and has taken the time to put down in words the sights behind his odorous accident. In quentin’s mind the very view of Americans exercising a Constitutional Right is simply something proper people cannot accept. Such centuries old activities as target shooting prompt nothing but violence and such activities should be kept behind closed doors, void of cameras or better yet, banned forever.

      By quentin young’s very own words of drama one can hear and see his cry for help…For if quentin young ever gets his hands on a gun the sights of people with guns that haunt him may cause a disturbed quentin to commit uncontrollable violence. A fact to consider before losing it and going bananas quentin must be made aware during treatments for his insanity that there are Americans like those in the photos who can legally defend themselves against all forms of violence…Best to picture that fact first before proceeding quentin young.

    • Yeah. Much as I have little love for most career politicians, most of them (hint, wink, nod) running and holding elected office in most states in the US are American (as in, US) citizens so why should they be treated any differently than the rest of us? The Second Amendment covers us all.

      Of course, one might also ask: Why aren’t the career politicians treated the same as the rest of us as well?

  2. “What these extremists fail to grasp is how weak such posing makes them appear.”

    Only to people with embarrassingly-small genitalia, like my mentally-ill demented troll.

    Dance, troll, I order you to humiliate yourself… 🙂

    • They do seem to have a fixation on male genitalia that jumps out in twisted ways when someone dares to be armed.

      • It’s a classic example of ‘projection’, they assume everyone else has their inadequacies.

        Remember – Ammosexuals never shoot blanks… 😉

  3. lol
    upside down and backwards.

    If anyone struts around peacocking is the left. I can’t think of a better description of those walking around wearing female genitalia on their heads.

    The last I heard, all those mentioned in the article are Americans that fall under the US Constitution.

  4. Funny! What the fools fail to grasp is Kim doesn’t walk (strut) around “armed”, he has a military solely under his control, much like what’s being attempted here!!

  5. Click on the link at the bottom and go to the original article on ‘RawStory;’ You GOTTA read the comments! THIS is where Derpian, Minor69er, and Jsled spend their time when they’re not here pleasuring themselves.

    • That isn’t hyperbole. Lil’ d literally quoted a few articles from RawStory the other day. He was so proud of it, he copied the same comment and links on different TTAG posts.

  6. Clearly he hates guns, and anyone who blatantly demonstrates support for the 2nd Amendment by being photographed with their entire families holding assault rifles and machine guns is an affront to his delicate sensibilities. He is so offended that he must pull out his best pseudoscientific jargon they taught him in Communications 101 while he worked on that dreadfully hard journalism degree it took him five and a half years to get. Still his mother’s basement is comfortable while he waits for NBC or CNN to make him an offer.

  7. Trying to find the original article….This Young guy is editor of https://coloradonewsline.com/author/Quentin-Young/

    “..What these extremists fail to grasp is how weak such posing makes them appear. People who are confident in their strength don’t need to peacock…”

    It does send a message. Whenever in the past I’ve seen ads for politicians, especially those of the Left in rural America doing the typical ‘Bird Hunting’ ad. Walking through a field with the trusty dog, shotgun broke open over the shoulder giving out their 15 point plan to save America. I always look at the clothes, the brand new clothes are a true give away that this guy/girl has never set foot in this environment. Brand new boots and looking as if they stepped out of a LL Bean catalog.

    That! is weakness!

    Politicians who actually know firearms sends a message of strength and knowledge. No different than posing in front of a car when one’s hobby is restoring old cars. I would rather vote for someone who has knowledge of how to do things outside Washington politics. Things like firearms. Neither the current resident of 1600 or his drugged out son could repair a flat tire if their lives depended on it, let alone field strip any firearm for cleaning.

      • The way I understand it, it’s a third party automated system. The approval is manual. They may not even look at all of the comments set aside for moderation.

        • Just tried two comments, and it appears you’re right about at least one the trigger words. I can only guess that there’s a vast amount of spam connected to that gambly word.

          Except that I can’t for the life of me figure out which epithet for Bernie Bros might do it (what do you even call those people, except for stupid?).

        • You also can’t mention Bolshevik Jews. I guess that’s because neo-Nazis use the association for anti-Semitic purposes, which is something I didn’t know until recently. Makes it very difficult to talk about certain periods of history.

        • Nah, it has to be some combination of socialist plus other words, and/or the length of the comment. I’ve talked about socialists and socialism many times before and never been moderated.

          Similarly with the Bolshevik thing. Just say it once, it seems, and you’re fine. Leave a paragraph in which it’s a key feature, and you get 86ed.

          Whatever they’re using to filter comments for spam/moderation, it seems to have a very high false positive rate. It’s like the COVID PCR test of blogging software. Very frustrating.

        • Crapola, got moderated again! Seems to prove my hypothesis, though…

          Except for the gambly word, it’s not any single one of those words (Bolshies or the synonym for Bernie-ists), but multiples and combos that get the 86 treatment.

          Whatever lame-ass software they’re running, I wonder if it’s really worth all the false positives. Half of my longer comments get moderated or flat-out disappeared, and I’ve been commenting under the same identity here for almost 10 years. Meanwhile, it doesn’t seem to hinder regressive leftists like Miner49er, Dacian the Demented, or Ant7 in the least.

    • You ought to try posting a response comment on ‘RawStory.’ All I did was call someone an effete Liberal metrosexual hamster, and they got all upset! Apparently, hamsters are a protected class.

      • I read the comments…Can usually tell a stupid person when I see ‘small penis’ posts. Because females never own/shoot/compete with icky guns. Heck, I drive a lifted 4Runner. Guess that puts me in the ‘no educated’ Redneck group. I’m ok with that. The hood mounted ditch lights probably confuse them. lol

    • Welcome to the club, Manse. It’s been happening to me more frequently over the past year, with some comments being removed entirely a few hours after being posted, even though I cannot imagine how I could ever have run afoul of TTAG comment policy.

      Complain about it, and the admins will tell you it’s WordPress’ fault. Complain too much, and Jeremy will trash talk you.

      • If you want to take the time, you can find the trigger word.

        Try saying [another word for a Bernie bro]
        or [a place where you gamble]

        • I don’t even know what people call Bernie bros…unless it’s just to say they’re stupid. Nincompoops? Morons? Red Diaper babies? Useful idiots? Commies?

          I have noticed that any post I make that mentions the fascists vs. commies conflict where antifa originated, especially if it mentions Bolsheviks and Jews, gets mod-binned. Never mind that my point is not “oh noe, da Jooooz…” but instead a big, fat NO to ALL the flavors of European totalitarianism. Several replies to that fascist idiot Ant7 just never showed up at all.

          And you can’t say casino either?

          Well, we’ll see.

        • Okay… So, was it the casino reference that tripped the filter? Problem is, I put so many potential mod triggers in that there’s no telling which one actually did it.

        • My post was posted in it’s entirety. The only thing I see is *maybe* it flags outside links?? Dunno.

    • Very bottom, highlighted in blue–some effete Liberal metrosexual hamster named Quentin Young. The comments are PRICELESS.

      • Wow. The comment section is just another example of how the “Kalifornia Lotus invasion” and pot heads has changed Colorado for the worse.

        • looks like the Lord has taken a hand in burning out those human anthills that dot the horizon…

      • So they complain about lack of diversity within the gun owing community (old fat white guys) for however long, juvenile/underdeveloped behaviors, calls for violence, incendiary accusations and memes, and groupthink. I head over to their comments section (couldn’t find the one you mentioned) and found everything they bitch about us doing in the first 3 screens of comments they posted. Self awareness, creativity, and logic fails abound and it would be funny if any of it was satire.

        • I’ve notice Quentin Young and people like him never complain about non whites or white liberals who open carry. Because sometimes they do.

        • Chris we both know the former are the “right” people and that latter are merely “misguided needing better direction”. Hope the drop cloth caught the sarcasm there. Now back to reality where half the time my wife and I go to the range near Albany we are the only white people there and less out of place than when we are at work.

      • Ahh RawStory… I remember when that site went live in the ’00s. It was one of the most extremely nut-job left-wing websites on the internet. To use their language they’re the Taliban of leftoid websites.

  8. First off those folks are not extremists. They are conservatives not skin heads. Second, everyone is entitled to their opinion and many interpret their show of interest in firearms as support for the 2nd Amendment. These are not weak people as they are some of the only ones who actually fight for the Constitution and do a good job of it at that. I think the author is misguided and quite simply disagree with his point of view. He sounds like a Leftist not a conservative.

  9. The article really hit the nail on the head and is about 95% accurate.

    Generally speaking and as my college professor used to say “All Generalizations are false including this one but we make them anyway to try and prove a point”. The point being is that the more a man flaunts how big a gun he has above or below the waist and the more he openly expresses panic and hate against gay men and women simply proves that on his sub-conscience level he has deep doubts about his own masculinity. He therefore feels compelled to constantly prove to himself that he is a virile male. The beating of ones chest is not confined to just the hairy great apes but to the naked apes as well. Its only the naked apes that make themselves look like fools.

    • lol
      That pretty much sums up Biden and Harris.

      Harris was not capable of winning without a white man helping her. Biden said so himself. She was primaried out. Now we see Biden beating his chest and touting how much better he is.

      • And everyone else whom he called an idiot during the primaries now has a cabinet post of some sort. Evidently, idiots like being surrounded by other idiots ! At least Joe is starting to get it.. quote – ” Let’s go Brandon”

      • To Herr Hauptman Schmitto

        quote———–Spoken like a greasy Roma psychologist.———–quote

        Spoken like a racist Nazi pig. fk you.

      • to Herr Hauptman Schmitto

        Quote————–I didn’t mean to upset you doc.——-quote

        You are not even a good liar. Try again.

        • Okay, dacian the stupid,

          I have no idea what Klaus intended (and I won’t put words in his mouth), but I have every intention of mocking you unmercifully, and I HOPE you get offended. Maybe even offended enough to tuck your mangy tail between your legs and leave. You contribute exactly nothing to any discussion on this site except Leftist/fascist hate and disinformation (which is why you quote ONLY Leftist “sources”).

          The cable is waiting. Go visit her.

    • dacian the stupid,

      Yes, please tell us more about your “college professor” (I usually had at least 4 or 5 each semester, so what’s up with that???). What was the subject? Part of your major, or a requirements subject you had to take? Did you pass? What university? What year? What major were you pursuing? Did you finish your degree??

      dacian, seriously, ess tee eff u about your vaunted “education”. That you are NOT an educated person is manifest in every comment you write, but, frankly, none of us give a shart whether you managed to squeak out a degree from Northwest Louisiana State Teacher’s College at Rainpuddle – you’re STILL an ignoramus (actually, you are an ignoranus).

      “Blah, blah, blah . . . I’m so stupid I still think socialism/communism works!” Thanks, dacian, but we’d already figured out that you are a lackwit. No need to keep thrashing that expired equine.

      And, no, that article not only isn’t 95% correct, it is PERHAPS 5% correct (perhaps you inverted your fraction??? Sounds like something you would do.).

      The cable is waiting for you.

    • dacian the stupid,

      Please further illuminate your intellectual inadequacy with more drivel. We await another faux-intellectual t*** dropping from your fingertips onto our screens with breathless anticipation . . . of further opportunities to mock your uneducated pontification.

      The cable is waiting.

        • To Herr Hauptman Schmitto

          No just tired of arguing with Neanderthals like you. If you had a brain you would be dangerous instead of just plain laughable.

        • Neanderthals did have higher cranial capacity than modern man so by some of his eugenics arguments…………

      • To the Lamp that went out in his head

        You need some more rancid butter for your lamp is not even smoldering today.

        • Wow! dacian the stupid,

          I’m sure that massively substantive response was a labor of hours, for you. And worth every second you spent on it, as it kept you off this site for that period.

          The cable says you’re cheating on her with MinorIQ.

          As for your “response” to Klaus, you’ve never argued with someone on this blog . . . and probably never in your life. You make categorical assertions, almost always without support or citation, and when you do cite something, it is always to a Leftist s***hole of a cite like Vox or Salon or some similar nest of Leftist idiots, and the underlying research, if there is any, is shoddy and poorly presented. “Argument” requires both understanding and ratiocination, both of which you categorically lack. Also requires research and analysis, which . . . HAH! You couldn’t analyze your way of a Chinese finger puzzle.

          Just go away, dacian. Even tormenting you is becoming boring.

        • Yes Lamp that went out in your head. That is why its always so easy to make a fool out of you. Its not even a challenge.

        • Well, dacian the stupid, if it’s so easy, you should have managed it at least ONCE during your insane rants.

          So far, you are batting zero.

          Do better (if you are capable, which you aren’t).

        • to Southern Cross

          Only a guy like you that engaged in such things would have thought up that kind of a demented response. Did you enjoy it Demento.

        • dacian lies about his alleged “education” on the daily. IF that nitwit ever got a degree (which I doubt), he got a meaningless degree from a second or third tier college AT BEST. His protestations of intellectual adequacy are belied by his insanely idiotic and fact-free posts. Let him comment; it gives all of us a laugh, and then we get to mock his ignorance.

      • As much as he hangs on his education and his attempts at giving us lessons and his outdated political thought, I think he’s the recipient of the best education that someone like Nicolae Ceaușescu could provide. But even if he had a PhD from that system (and he may very well), I wouldn’t trust him to teach anyone from second graders to grad students anywhere.

        • To Herr Hauptman Schmitto

          Yes your idea of a good education is to leave out and white wash much of American History. Storm Troopers like you call it “building patriotism” so brain washed kids can later as young adults be used as cannon fodder in the U.S. wars of rape, pillage and conquest.

          Your greatest nightmare is that “critical thinking” never be taught in schools. That is why Nazi’s like you panic at the thought of “Critical Race Theory”, heaven help us if we taught the truth about the history of racism in the U.S.

        • Poor dacian the stupid,

          Everyone is calling your bluff, and your only response is more invective and ad hominem. Simple solution: put up, or shut the eff up. Tell us all the details about this alleged “education” of yours. Frankly, your writing, knowledge of history, knowledge of guns, knowledge of improvised weapons, knowledge of chemical and biological, oh, heck, just knowledge generally, would embarrass a well-educated middle-school student. You may be the stupidest alleged “smart” person I have ever encountered.

  10. Whenever an article claims to be giving helpful advice for politicians to stop doing certain things because they are hurting them in the polls you can be assured the advice is coming from someone who desperately DOES NOT want them to do well in the polls.

    As though a Conservative who purposefully stopped supporting the Second Amendment and posing with their personal firearms would somehow magically begin getting support from Liberals and Progressives!

  11. There are realities to all of this.

    1) Being an elected politician has nothing to do with anything. The only reason being a Republican means anything in this context is for the fact that the mere sight of a gun sends Democrats over the edge.

    2) These kinds of public displays of owning firearms places a greater target on people. People have been photographed with their guns for as long as there have been cameras and painted with them before that. It has always been normal to do this but with the Democrats going insane, we see a different kind of reaction now.

    3) Were it not for the extremism on the left, we would likely not be talking about Washington Republicans openly carrying guns at all as it wouldn’t be happening in the first place. Just like Democrats getting elected usually translates to higher gun sales, all this anti-constitution carzyness just creates more pushback on the right. AOC does not understand that. Democrats in general don’t understand that either. All this insanity we see is a direct result of the Democrat party losing their minds and going unhinged. There does not seem to be a single one of them that does not hate America. Yes I said ‘hate’. If the left would stop trying so hard to destroy America then there would not be any issue. But it’s in their nature so the options are somewhat limited.

    • “There does not seem to be a single one of them that does not hate America. Yes I said ‘hate’. If the left would stop trying so hard to destroy America then there would not be any issue.”

      Nailed it.

      Flat *nailed* it. It’s hatred. They are being played, and they aren’t aware of it. The ones that are, and are doing it anyways, are the real enemies.

      This is the root of ‘Critical Race Theory’. As far as they are concerned, ‘racism’ is so deeply rooted in America, the only way to save it, is to kill it, and replace it with a new order, that is in reality, evil.

      Look at the article here in TTAG the other day about re-writing the first and second amendments. They are already publishing their manifesto. They are telegraphing their intentions on destroying this nation…

  12. Key difference is Kim doesn’t want anyone but him and his crew armed.

    Also, gotta laugh at an ideology comprised of flag-waving, business-burning, pride-parading, performance-“art”ing, yard-signing, mask-messaging, mis-gender-schizing, perpetual-cam-aiming, onlyfans degenerates trying to call somebody out for “peacocking.”

    These people would wither and die if they couldn’t make spectacles of themselves 24/7.

    • It’s tempting to stand and laugh, but they are deadly serious about destroying this country…

  13. I do not think the writer had spent a week in NoK. Probably would have enjoyed being torture to death.

  14. I can partially agree with the author on one issue . . . I have rarely photographed any of my guns, and NEVER shared any such photos publicly. It’s simply nobody’s damn business, and “the first rule of Fight Club is never talk about Fight Club”. A person of malicious intent will obtain all the information about my weapons they need . . . but are unlikely to be in a position to do anything about it.

    So, aside from the potential security risk of public displays of your firearms, what “message” does it send? That the politican in question is more likely to be supportive of my RKBA than other politicans. Thanks for that input, but let me hear your ACTUAL position on the 2A and federal “gun control” legislation, because that’s what I will base my vote on. Any politiclown can parade with a gun . . . and then vote for gun control because it is “sensible gun control” (another oxymoron). Am I persuaded of ANYTHING by such pictures? No. Do I give a shart if someone posts them? No.

    If I’m going to get my knickers in a twist about an idiot politician with a firearm in their hands, let’s start with the NUMEROUS pictures of Dianne Feinstein displaying horrendous lapses of basic firearms safety protocols in public press conferences. Let’s talk about THAT display of idiot ignorance and bad judgement, Leftist/fascists. At least Loren Boebert and her kids had their dang booger-hooks off the bang switch!!!

    • hey look,..guns are fun!…fast cars are fun!…and hot women are reealy fun!!….[get out the camera]…..

    • “…I have rarely photographed any of my guns..”

      I think you, and everyone, should for insurance purposes. I also keep a list of serial numbers.

      • Manse,

        Well played, sir! Those are the EXACT instances in which I’ve photographed my guns. But that’s pretty much the only reason to do so. I share them in person with friends, gun range buddies, etc., but I see no need or reason to send pictures of my guns to anyone. That’s just (to me) kinda dumb. Big potential risk for no discernable upside AFAIAC.

    • To the Lamp that went out in his head

      quote———— I have rarely photographed any of my guns, ———–quote

      You humiliate yourself without even trying. Only an idiot like yourself would not have a library of photographs for insurance purposes in case the house burned or they got stolen. But hey this type of thinking is too far advanced for a Neanderthal like you who thinks “I will be lucky” I will never need proof of my firearms collection and I am upholding my stingy tight wad Conservative nit wit brain by being too cheap to purchase insurance either so I do not need pictures. You are really a laugh a minute.

      • Look at my response to Manse, you vapid idiot. “Rarely” and “never”, what’s the difference????

        Boy, you’re to stupid to breathe. Do you, like MinorIQ, have an homunculus on your shoulder to remind you to do so???

      • Oh, by they way, dacian the stupid, I was tempted to include in my response that (i) assumption is the mother of all f*** ups, and (ii) “when you assume, you make an ass out of you and me” . . . but you’ve found creative new ways to f*** up, and the only person you ever manage to make an ass out of is . . . your pathetic self.

        Burn on, big river, burn on.

        • Interns get that lecture from me the first time…”Question..Did you see X, did you put your hands on X?” No?

          Assumption is the mother of all f*** ups!!!! “We don’t do magical thinking here!”

        • Sorry Lamp that went out of your head. You cannot lie your way out of this one. You never even mentioned taking pictures for insurance because you are too stupid and cheap to have insurance otherwise that would have been originally mentioned that in your comment in regards to taking pictures.

          The insurance made up story only happened after you were attacked because you did not first mention it.

          Nice try on trying to save face but you failed.

        • Oh, gee, dacian the stupid, I didn’t anticipate your stupid comment by addressing an issue that hadn’t been raised??? You sorry sack of excrement – what I do, and what I don’t do, with my own firearms is exactly ZERO of your business, and I have no reason to pay attention to a fatuous dimwit such as yourself. (If you can afford a dictionary or a thesaurus, feel free to look up fatuous; I’m relatively certain that’s a new one to you.)

          The cable misses you.

      • This idiot owns two guns, a Super Soaker he uses with the other teens in the community pool in Piedmont, N.D. where mom’s place is, and that German Luger his uncle hid under his hat during the Bataan March… yup, we all are that one up you tool.

  15. Don’t pose with clothes on because it promotes child slave labor?

    If we look into the history of photography, there is a lot of posing with a favorite weapon, gun or not, by not just politicians, but also regular people.

  16. This guy would be in a labor camp for saying that stuff about great leader in N Korea.

    Or executed via anti aircraft gun.

  17. For the life of me, I can’t tell the difference between Quentin Young and Ana Navarro. I think they’re the same person.

  18. Young just showed how shallow and foolish he really is. As have a couple of the usual suspects on here. Took the bait hook line and sinker. Do these fools honestly believe there wasn’t a plan behind the politicians showing off their firearms? The intent was to do exactly what it did. Trigger another snowflake melt down over how these people are just trying to show how bad, tough, dangerous, etc. they wish they were. Along with the usual small penis crap. Or how any woman with a firearm must have a case of penis envy and is also somehow compensating for not having 1.
    People have been depicted with weapons for centuries.
    Of course, I’ve never understood the irrational fear of an inanamate object. Nor do I understand the fear of someone carrying a weapon. But then I don’t fear large animals either. I do have a healthy respect for what a 1800 lb bull or a 800lb bear could do should they choose to. Just as I have a healthy respect for what any weapon could do should the person carrying choose to act. And know I have the tools and ability to defend myself from man or beast if needs be. Guess i’m just a little more old fashioned in my attitudes and mind set. I refuse to live in fear of anyone or anything. Nor do I expect anyone to fear me. I have no desire to domminate anyone. But, I will not allow anyone to domminate me. I may consent to be governed, but will not be ruled.

  19. The Left loves to display “marital aids” in public. But they hate the open carry of not just guns, but long guns, by law abiding people.

  20. ” Around the country there is no shortage of elected gun nuts gun-nutting for the camera. Rep. Majorie Taylor Greene of Georgia, Rep. Madison Cawthorn of North Carolina, Sen. Ted Cruz of Texas and many others have demonstrated an inability to resist the urge to strut with weapons.
    What these extremists fail to grasp is how weak such posing makes them appear. ”

    idiotic nonsense.
    apparently young does not understand “shall not be infringed.”
    exorcising your god-given rights is never “posing.”

  21. I guess he conveniently forgot all about the number of Democrats who do the same thing in their campaign ads (John Kerry) to try to mislead voters into thinking that they are supporting the voters 2A rights and then get into office and vote the exact opposite way in their respective chambers.


  23. Ole Kimmie Boy doesn’t carry the guns. Like most leftist politicians he just makes sure only the thugs on his payroll have them. Like the police and the military who are only there to enforce his agenda. Kind of like the Democrats want it to be here.

  24. So we talk about de-stigmatizing guns BUT when politicians try and signal gun pride Dan is joining in the opposition’s hate ? This is sad.

    We need to stick together and not let the other side divide us. That’s exactly what is happening here.

  25. My beloved Pestident Joe theBiden has a double barreled shotgun, and he’s no Kim Jong-Un.
    This freedom of speech thing needs some restrictions.

  26. The constant attack by the Liberal left against everything Conservative, Christian, and Republican continues on and on from every direction. Just another attempt to indoctrinate the sheep in America that anything ‘gun’ is bad, and those who like guns even worse.

    I’m proud that my state has a new young and strong Republican with Green!!

  27. Who WROTE this GARBAGE piece?!? . . . tell them to quit toking his BONG before writing! Thank you, POLITICIANS, for showing US our 2nd Amendment RIGHTS. One Enlightened Patriot. Team Trump And His Allies 2020 – MAGA (WE’RE NOT going away!).

  28. Quentin Young wrote:
    “People who are confident in their strength don’t need to peacock.”

    Mr. Young should have added:
    “Neither would they demand additional police protection for themselves after defunding police and thus denying protection to those they’re supposed to represent.”
    But the hypocrite and would-be ruler chose not to.

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