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Leave it to American ingenuity to fill market demand for a useful product. As you no doubt know, the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms, Explosives and Really Big Fires, at the direction of the Trump administration, arbitrarily banned so-called “bumpstocks” a couple of years ago. Now a new company has a new solution designed to make lots of noise that America gun owners want: the COLD FINGER Fingertip Aperture.

Guski Works LLC has developed a new device called the COLD FINGER, what they call a “garage based side venture.” And they have a video on YouTube (at least for now…it’s probably not long for this world there) showing off their product in action.

Here’s how they describe their product (proudly made in Alaska) . . .

Fingertip Aperture is a novelty hand posturing device, that configures the users hand(s) in such a way as to help the user to more easily learn the skills required to bump fire a two handed, semi automatic firearm. (Makes bumpfire easy)

The universal, ambidextrous design allows for use in conjunction with a large variety of semi auto platforms, such as AR, AK, Mini14, sub pistols, and more.

Fingertip Aperture was specifically designed to NOT be a firearm part or attachment, to alleviate the need for modification of the firearm, allowing use with OFF THE SHELF, factory stock, semi autos.

Always practice safety when handling any firearms.

Rapid fire capability for the price of filling a magazine.

WARNING: Users will soon need more ammo.

Now made with UNBREAKABLE, high impact nylon.

Colors may vary.


The plastic contraption is obviously not a firearm, but we know that the BATFE once ruled a shoe string was a machinegun, so take that for what it’s worth. The device also isn’t a firearm part or attachment which, in the real world, would preclude the government regulator from having any jurisdiction over it. But then again, BATFE reportedly has filed charges against people over washers and wipes before as well, claiming they were silence parts.

Yes, for $124 you can get yourself a 10-pack of Cold Fingers. They’re a little late as stocking stuffers, but there’s always next Christmas. Time will tell if buying one will land you on BATFE’s radar after Guski Works’ transaction records are seized.

Of course, you can also accomplish much the same thing with a rubber band.

Look for heavily armed BATFE tactical teams to raid an Office Depot location near you soon.

It’s possible that the Guski Works plastic device could force the BATFE (and RBF) into more regulation. Regulations that might make a $15 piece of plastic worth about 20 years of one’s life. Unless you’re a felonious gang-banger…then it’s probably free.

Look for 3D plans for these to be posted on various sites by the end of the week. The bottom line remains that the men in black at BATFE (and RBF) still can’t stop the signal. And never will.

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  1. It will not take the BATF long to regulate it as “verboten”. Remember they even outlawed a piece of leather called the ‘wallet holster”.

    • Aren’t you supposed to back in Middle School this week? Christmas vacation is OVER (or the K-quasi holiday).

  2. Thought for the day.

    As we approach the anniversary of Herr Drumpf’s Beer Hall Putsch to establish a one party Nazi Government the thought for the day is: “When stupidity is considered Patriotism it is unsafe to be intelligent”. And there is no shortage of stupidity among the jackbooted Trumpite’s.

      • I can’t believe I’m saying this, but be nice to lil ‘d today. Mom made good on her threat and kicked him and Miner out of the basement for bouncing the room and board check. I just got done running a trace on where he’s posting from now, and apparently it’s coming from the phy ed office at Piedmont High School. I guess after he flunked out of college, he stayed in contact with his old alma mater and wrangled a job there, and is able to sleep overnight in the dirty towel bin without arousing suspicions. I guess being voted Most Likely to Fail Miserably has its perks.

    • Democrats see themselves as an enlightened bunch while they select an Alzheimer’s patient to lead them and take medical policy guidance from career bureaucrats instead of actual doctors.

      Frankly, some of the dumbest people I’ve ever met are Democrats. They are adult children who refuse to live up to the responsibilities of adulthood.

    • I’ll be interested in it, if you’re able. I’m not one for full auto (didn’t like it upon trying it), but for it’d be fun to have one of these for kicks & giggles out in the SoCal desert. But then, I’m also not rushing to be in the crosshairs of the our dear friends at the ATF, should they decide a piece of unattached plastic suddenly meets the definition of a machine gun and my online order is demanded from the vendor.

      (umm…the TTAG site just underwent a spasm again…went from normal HTML layout, to basic, to code, then back to normal…this is the only site that’s ever been exhibiting problems, and more frequently…)

    • I wonder why he holds it sideways when he shoots it from the shoulder looking through the sights.
      I had a similar device on several of my guns called the znap fire.
      That was gun specific and snapped onto the trigger guard.
      The one for the CZ scorpion showed you just how amazingly fast that sub machine gun was in full auto.
      The nice thing about the znap fire was you could easily shoulder and look through the sights while easily shooting anything from three round burst to full mag dumps.

      Florida has passed a law prohibiting any “rate increasing devices”
      So both bump stocks and these type of trigger bump fire devices are both illegal in Florida.

      • “Florida has passed a law prohibiting any “rate increasing devices”

        Yeah, and it sucks.

        You do realize a simple drop-in trigger like a Timney might be considered a “Rate-increasing device” depending on the political bent of your local DA?

        I’m half-tempted to write AG Ashley Moody and ask if drop-in triggers like the Timney variety expressly qualify as “Rate-increasing devices”, but I’m a touch concerned the answer might be ‘yes’… 🙁

        • “I’m half-tempted to write AG Ashley Moody and ask if drop-in triggers like the Timney variety expressly qualify as “Rate-increasing devices”, but I’m a touch concerned the answer might be ‘yes’… ”

          Ask about shoe strings, rubber bands, and belt loops.

        • You can rapid fire a single action revolver (with no accuracy whatsoever) by holding down the trigger and “fanning” the hammer. Would the palm of your off-hand qualify as a “rate-increasing device”?

        • That capricious & arbitrary line is the source of much consternation. I mean, technically, a more slick lube would fall afoul of that, firearm dependent.

          Not so much worried about my AayK patterned weap0ons, I can outrun the cyclic rate without my fancy AayLG triggahs, so nothing increases the RoF there. Unless they get a hair up their asses & start doing timed splits with the sh0tgumn variant that has a Ti carrier, piston, & puck, then I might be screwed.

  3. Getting brass knuckle paperweight or belt buckle vibes.

    It is just a weird ring after all and there are plenty of four finger rings out there that aren’t brass knuckles.

  4. And I can tell from my own experience with the tech; that item has obviously been made on a 3D printer. Even if big daddy government throws a fit they’ll never be able to get rid of it.

    • AAnndd it say so in the article… that’s what I get for running to comment before reading the article. 😛

      • Schematics on the chans pending. Joking aside (well not really it’s probably already available for download) I would not be surprised to see these for sale at a few gun shows with some angry alphabet onlookers. Too poor to afford the ammo or potential court costs for this kind of thing but happy to see it all the same.

  5. Why don’t you just buy a bag of 500 rubber binders at Office Max for $2.95 ? 10 apiece for you and 49 of your buddies.

  6. “Leave it to American ingenuity to fill market demand for a useful product. ”

    It is not a “useful product”.
    It is a “Fun Product”.

    Also, it is all part of the vast Alien Vampire Zombie Virus Apocalypse Conspiracy!
    … Ammo Supply Depletion division!!!

    • A John Ringo plotline came to mind for some odd reason………. right useful product………umm increases demand on ammo encouraging development of additional production while normalizing the idea of full auto(ish) firearms in civilian use moving towards common use for a future NFA legal challenge. Doubt any of that which was pulled out of thin air but gets my contrarian argument out of the way for the week.

      • Ringo would have something Machiavelli like that in his plot wouldn’t he. Like live free or die. The guy sets up the whole industry of maple syrup for the aliens so they’ll protect earth from the other aliens. Genius!

  7. Oh hell yes, by golly I’m going to get one of them, sheeet yeah.
    Perfect. Not a part of the gunm. Oh lordy lordy.

    • I thought you just used your tail inside of the trigger guard… no trace of evidence when Mr. ATF says ” empty out your pouch”.

  8. The “gun community” is terrified of the middle class and the poor getting machine guns. And they will work with and support the State when they try and ban this new invention. They all will try to keep any device that enhances the firepower of the majority of the law abiding citizens. Especially if this enhancement is of a very low cost.

    Don’t forget the Sten Gun only cost $10 to make. A Tommy gun cost about $260. Plus a $200 tax stamp.

    This thing maybe even better than the bumpstock. Because it can be used on many different platforms. The bumpstock only worked for AR’s and AK’s.

    A “cheap” machine gun is better than no machine gun at all.

      • Likely the same ones that have charges dismissed when they assault a cop or anyone who misgenders them. Rules for me and not for the transvestite pedo fascist class. It would be interesting to see what would happen without police to protect the commies from normal people.

  9. If the State can ban s3x toys and 30 round magazines, then they will ban this as well. And the Libertarians will support the multi-billion dollar private communication companies then they take down this gun accessory maker’s web site and videos.

    Also the libertarians will support the private banks when they refuse to process the costumer purchases. Or they refuse to process this manufactures financial paper work.

    • edit
      And the Libertarians will support the multi-billion dollar private communication companies when, they take down this gun accessory maker’s web site and videos. Libertarians have a very long track record of supporting billionaires who work to crush people who are of a lower economic class.

      But they do support making sure the middle and lower economic classes become drug addicts and drug dealers.

    • Libertarians also support the “right of human movement” in direct conflict with their supposed support of property rights.

      Libertarian policies are a bit like socialist policies – they sound great to young people with no real-world frame of reference.

  10. “Cold finger he’s the man the man with the midas touch”…not at $11 for a box of 223.

  11. I have been experimenting with the “USA 1 shot” that I purchased. This device was previously reviewed on TTAG a few years ago. In my experiments I have been able to adapt this device to other handguns, not just the Glock 19 that it was originally designed for.

    And just like the cold finger bump device, the USA 1 shot does not physically attached to a handgun. Therefore it does not make your handgun an NFA item. And whenever I take this device to the indoor range with me, I get lots of questions from the gun range staff as well as fellow customers.

    Essentially the USA 1 shot turns almost any handgun into a short-barreled rifle with the added butt stock. No tax stamp required.

    The next step is to shoot it at the local outdoor ranges of 175 to 400 yards.

  12. The Second Amendment only covers firearms “of the day”; flintlock and the like. It has been reported that is the best of circumstances, a well regulated infantryman could routinely (under non-combat conditions) fire four rounds per minute. Thus, no modern firearm should permit/allow for any firearm that can fire more than four rounds per minute. Any material, object or device that would result in a rate-of-fire greater than four rounds per minute are illegal firearms, in and of themselves.

    In addition, it should be required that as part of owning or purchasing a firearm, a person’s fingers must be tattooed with a serial number, and the fingerprint and serial number must be registered (along with a $200 tax stamp for each registered finger). Belt loops, shoe strings and rubber bands likewise must be registered.

    Enforcement of the laws regarding rate-of-fire will be done by deputizing all FFL holders to detain for arrest any person violating the rate-of-fire restrictions.

    And don’t start up with “what about the First Amendment” crapola. That is different because it benefits me, and is not subject to correlation with the time of the ratification of the Bill Of Rights.

    • “The Second Amendment only covers firearms “of the day”; flintlock and the like.”

      Yes, and “Freedom of the press” applies only to a printing press powered by a human arm… 😉

      • Powered by a human with the life expectancy of about 40. Better be a fully vaxed and boosted guy running the press.

      • “Without a doubt the dumbest post of the day. Congratulations!”

        Without a doubt, skim-reading will lead one astray.

      • “The Japanese figured out the finger ID method. Ask the Yakusa.”

        Don’t remember reading that those fingers were fitted with a serial number, and registered anywhere.

        But you sparked an idea for improving the regulation I proposed: a firearm, and any ammunition used, must be micro-stamped with the serial number associated with the registered finger. This will facilitate not only tracing the firearm to the owner, but provide proof positive that a stolen gun was used in a crime.


        • Does this mean that I can only own 10 belt loops, shoe strings or rubber bands? (Depending on how many fingers I have left, of course.)

    • Umm, if yer sh00tzen hand is bouncing back and forth, relative to the gun, how you gonna hang on to said gat?

    • Do I need to post the video showing just how controllable a full auto glock is???
      And why is nearly the entire government apparatus so anxious to get glock full auto switches off the streeets if they are so inaccurate?

      • “And why is nearly the entire government apparatus so anxious to get glock full auto switches off the streeets if they are so inaccurate?”

        Because “nice” people are afraid they will be “innocent bystanders” at their “nice” places, shot by an inaccurate rapid firing firearm. The people you identify are not concerned in the least about innocent bystanders in the inner cities.

        • The “nice” people you are referring to are not concerned about the unarmed inner city residence. They in fact live miles and miles away from the inner city. And the inner city folks already have to deal with stray bullets.

          Col. Jeff Cooper said “give the people of the inner cities guns and they will solve their own problems”. But that is something that the so called “gun community” is not interested in supporting.

          Those “nice” people who never wanted guns, they do want them now. But it’s the “nice” people who voted for gun control.

        • Also I forgot. Freedom is messy. Sometimes you have to deal with or accept stay bullets. Just like you have to deal with or accept. Legalized Drug dealers and drug addicts. And all the rape, murder, and crimes they commit.

  13. Look for them to show up at gun shows where they will handed out by the thousands as labeled promotional items. Like bumper stickers.

  14. Next up you’re going to see some idiot in Congress demand that all 3d print materials include microcheming (like microstamping but for PLA) and the AFT will be keeping a database of all purchasers, just so us peons don’t go and get uppity and think we can bypass all their tyranny!

  15. I notice they sell them in packs of 5 or 10 in addition to the $24 singles. Just in case you need to ahh use them as stocking stuffers next xmas.

  16. What if those “cheap no good” Hi Point long guns, all of a sudden became a low cost rapid fire weapon???

  17. The designer might consider publishing the 3D print files for all before the KGB bans their sale. Once in the public domain it becomes like air. Kinda hard to vacuum it back up.

  18. I know it can be fun to bump fire, but personally I don’t see a reasonable practical “non entertainment” use for this device.

  19. Years ago there was a guy that made a glove w/ an artificial “finger” that was attached to a motor. I am not sure how it actuated but the finger would go in full auto. The maker primarily marketed it for airsoft and paintball players. He also had the BATF review the product (or schematic) and guess what . . . they ruled it a machine gun. But hey, if words do not have meaning then a work around tyranny (including the 2A itself) can be shot down.

  20. Used to have a ClassIII license. Full auto weapons are fun, but, outside of cover/supressive fire in combat, they are not much but range toys. Yes, it is fun to be able to hose down the target butts, or riddle a target with rapid/full auto fire, but, even with cheap, surplus ammo back a decade ago, it got expensive quick. Not that I’d mind having something with a giggle switch to play with, but just not a practicle piece of kit for the average firearms owner.
    Originally got the ClassIII license so I could get parts to repair the full auto weapons of a couple police depts. when I had my gunsmith shop. Let it expire and sold off my full auto collection when the insurance costs went nuts and the state I lived in made things a royal pain in the rear on storage and other issues.

  21. @onestab
    “Does this mean that I can only own 10 belt loops, shoe strings or rubber bands?”

    Yes, fingers would be restricted to ten (thumbs as “fingers”), but you would be allowed an unlimited number of shoe strings (no boot strings, no strings longer than an arbitrary 15in, no strings other than shoe strings readily available at existing retail outlets) and an unlimited number of rubber bands.

    Once a shoe string or rubber band is determined to be put into use as a rate-of-fire augmentation, it must be serialized and, and an NFA stamp be issued. Each change of string or band would require subsequent NFA permission. The registrant/user would be subject to no-notice, no-knock inspection by law enforcement (any type of law enforcement that believes it has a compelling interest in controlling string and rubber bands used to augment firearm rate-of-fire).

  22. I’m not sure about the legality of this device, but one thing I do know for sure:
    The music in that video is a crime against humanity.

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