‘Violence Prevention Advocate’ and Journalist Arrested for Attempted Murder in Shooting of Louisville Mayoral Candidate

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[Quintez] Brown was an MLK Scholar at [University of Louisville] and is the founder of From Fields to Arena, a group committed to providing political education and violence prevention training to youths engaged in hip-hop and athletics. …

He recently announced he would run for Metro Council in District 5.

In his Twitter profile, he said: “We have one scientific and correct solution, Pan-Africanism: the total liberation and unification of Africa under scientific socialism.” 

In a separate Jan. 10 post, Brown wrote what he called a “Revolutionary Love Letter” saying, “I am writing this to remind you how great you are. During our short stay on this glorious planet we all have been collectively dehumanized and reduced to political talking points — Black, white, liberal, conservative, Christian, criminal, boss, worker, activist, etc.  

“We have been educated to use our minds narrowly and forced to identify ourselves with roles that trap us in a collective perpetual state of anxiety,” he said.  “We have forgotten how harmonious this thing called life is and have fallen victim to a vicious circle of pain and suffering. Many of our friends are suffering from a deep feeling of alienation.” 

— Andrew Wolfson in Activist Quintez Brown charged in attempted shooting of Louisville mayor hopeful [Craig] Greenberg


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  1. Bizarre. A bunch of quotes from the suspect, with nothing about the actual shooting, victim (whose name isn’t even mentioned except in the quoted headline), suspected motive, police / gov / community reactions, etc.

    • Here ya go :

      “A Louisville activist has been identified as a suspect in Monday’s attempted shooting of mayoral candidate Craig Greenberg.

      Quintez Brown, 21, was charged with attempted murder and four counts of wanton endangerment after Greenberg was shot at in his campaign headquarters Monday morning in Butchertown, LMPD spokeswoman Elizabeth Ruoff said late Monday.

      Brown, a civil rights activist, is a former intern and editorial columnist for The Courier Journal.

      A police report says a man later identified as Brown entered the building and fired a 9mm Glock handgun at Greenberg before fleeing the building.

      Greenberg was not injured, but one of the bullets struck his clothing, Chief Erika Shields said earlier Monday. Police evacuated Greenberg, a Democrat, and his staff from the building and eventually took a person into custody, she said.”

      Enough context for you?

      • Geoff PR,

        Greenberg was not injured, but one of the bullets struck his clothing, Chief Erika Shields said earlier Monday.

        Whew! Since the attacker did not actually injure Greenburg, his lawyer can claim that it was a failed armed robbery attempt without any injuries: thus it should be charged as a misdemeanor, the attacker should be released immediately with no-cash bail, and the attacker should be able to plead guilty and get a sentence of two years probation without any jail time.

        Or the prosecutor could declare that it was mutual combat and refuse to charge either of the parties involved.

        Isn’t Progressive Criminal Justice system grand?!?!?!?

        Then again, this did not occur in Los Angeles or Manhattan, New York so the attacker may actually spend some hard time behind bars.

      • Yes, that’s what a synopsis looks like – thanks!

        Greenberg’s party affiliation (and the gun-grabber quote TrueDisciple posted) makes this a completely different story than one involving a target with e.g. an NRA or police background. What’s missing both here and in the linked article is some analysis of what led Quintez to shoot someone who likely pays at least lip service to many of his own positions.

    • No its your ignorance Jimmy boy.

      FBI stats show the overwhelming amount of violence and murder are committed by far right Lunatics. The murders and shooting up of planned parenthood. Doctors murdered. The attacks on and murders of minorities, refugees and immigrants. The political violence. Intimidation at voting places. Armed groups of thugs like the Proud Boys who tried to overthrow the U.S. Government on Jan 6th. All were organized and carried out by Far Right Nazi Lunatics.

      The Nazi torch light parade and murder at Charlottesville was carried out by far right Nazi Lunatics all yelling death to the Jews.

      The Current Far Right book banning’s in Texas mirror that of the Nazi looting of libraries and book burnings.

      The current storm trooper Republican voter suppression laws mirror that of Adolf H and his gang of thugs.

      The wish to privatize public utilities and government agencies mirror that of Adolf H.

      The destruction of workers Unions mirror that of Adolf H.

      • Oh, the Fat, Bald, and Ignorant say that, do they, dacian the stupid??? Is this the same FBI that lied on numerous court filings, lied before Congress, conduct illegal surveillance, etc.?? Same bunch of fascist goverrnment thugs???? Maybe they got their thug friends at BATFE to give them some pointers???

        You are too stupid to insult. Go pound salt in your @$$.

      • Typically libatard bs, how about you post a source ??
        Oops, you have none.
        Proud boys is run by a mixed race black man, blows that narrative away.
        And if using the word overwhelming the info better have numbers to match.

      • dacian,

        FBI stats show the overwhelming amount of violence and murder are committed by far right Lunatics.

        Wow, that is unexpected. The very same FBI tells us that violent criminal gangs (such as the Bloods, Crypts, and MS13) cause about 80% of all violent crime in the United States. Who knew that violent criminal gangs were Far Right Republicans? (Mind blown!)

        That explains why I saw so many gang colors at the last Republican National Convention.

      • dacian,

        “FBI stats show the overwhelming amount of violence and murder are committed by far right Lunatics.”


      • Dacian, stinkin’ up the place again. You should go live in Canada to get your authoritarian rocks off. You’d fit right in with the commies.

      • LOL, Why you guys always lying? Vast majority of crime, especially violent crime occurs in blue cities/states, especially assaults against minorities. (ie attacks on Asians and Jews) Liars like you are a poopstain on humanity…As for censorship, the left won’t even let books be printed or people speak, and you guys burn cities, not books….

      • Dackie Boy yuou prove you are stupid enough to take what FBI (and BATF) spew as truth. WHY then should anyone heed your rantings?

        That clown that shot up the prayer meeting might be labelled “far right” by FBI but if that’s the case I must be far LEFT, as I am polar opposite that clown.
        Go and learn about NewSpeak. You cite a number of examples of it.
        WORDS!!! shouted the Queen. Words mean precisely what I SAY they mean, nothing more, nothing less”. And ALice said “yes ma’am,” and slinked off into the shadows, knowing the conversaioin could go no further.

      • ” FBI stats show the overwhelming amount of violence and murder are committed by far right Lunatics ”

        You wanna supply a link to that, skippy? Because all the data I’ve been looking at (FBI, NYPD, etc.) tells a radically different story about the racial makeup of the perpetrators.

        • he dont have squat and he knows it
          98% of stats provided by leftists are made up on the fly, 87% of everyone knows that, LMFAO.

      • Sorry dipship there is video of a leftard proffesor bragging about how he brandished a rifle at Charlottesville and spooked the guy into driving into the crowd. So there us your one specfic example out the window. Meanwhile we now have footage of a capitol cop beating an unconscious woman to death after her cause of death was lied about twice.

      • youre full of crap, son and its VERY easy to prove
        go into ANY prison and ask the violent offenders who theyd vote for, boy…Trump or Obama.
        $1000 says 99% of the killers, rapists and pedophiles would go with obama.
        I know it….you know it…we ALL know it.

      • actually, liar…real fbi stats show that 50% of murders are committed by black males.
        who do black males vote for again, bubbles? by VAST majority…90% or more…its DEMOKKKRATS, not Repukes.
        ifyoure going t lie, son…try to make it believeable next time

  2. I’m with Umm… Nothing about the attempted murder, nothing really tying the event into gunzez, just some out of context quotes. I suppose we could go digging around for the original story, but c’mon ttag- you can do better than this.

  3. Lol
    “We have one scientific and correct solution, Pan-Africanism: the total liberation and unification of Africa under scientific socialism.”


    This is an example of a twisted liberal re-education taking place. What this article describes is exactly what the problem is.

      • “It also exposes another wannabe fascist. Rule all of Africa and kill anybody that objects.”

        That’s just for starters!

        “Scientific Socialism” sounds so altruistic, doesn’t it? Well, hospitals won’t really be needed in a scientific socialist utopia, since medical procedures are very expensive, and that money can be spent on feeding and housing the poor.

        The majority of ‘medical procedures’ in a scientific socialist utopia will be forced sterilizations, and the euthanasia of anyone that the ‘Death Panel’ says is no longer useful to the collective.

        “Scientific Socialism” is probably the purest form of fascism… 🙁

        • Utopia is just an undefined number of massacres away. Lil’d is hoping to bring Social Justice to the masses through his “Caravan of Death”.

    • Yeah, dumb customers, providing tangential, irrelevant snippets and directing the customer to go find the 5 “Ws” is the essence of effective reporting!

      • Irrelevant to whom?

        1. Who – BLM Fucktard
        2. What – Tried to murder a mayoral candidate
        3. When- Recently
        4. Where – Louisville
        5. Why – Because he’s a BLM Fucktard

        That covers it all.

        • Yes, news outlets write articles, and blogs like this one summarize them. TTAG usually does an outstanding job of summarizing, and also highlighting the story’s relevance to the main themes of the blog. In this case various commenters showed how easy it was to write a concise synopsis of the relevant facts, but the post itself did not.

  4. An avowed Progressive Socialist tries to murder a fellow Democrat candidate…oh my, you can’t make this “stuff” up.

    “Scientific Socialism”…I guess that I can add another B.S. expression to my ever-expanding list of Progressive Newspeak terms.

    I find it humorous that the acronym initials – SS – mirrors most Lefty’s deepest, darkest desires and inclinations…

    • It is the old black racism rearing its ugly head. It is not enough to elect the Democrat who is running, if he is white(or worse – white and Jewish), he needs to be put down because other lives do NOT matter.

      • Well, we’ve seen just a taste of how ‘Follow the Science’ can be corrupted against a perceived political enemy… 🙁

        • @Geoff

          For two years Saint Faucci, Biden’s White House and their Media sycophants have been harping on me to follow the Science…but, they still don’t make sense according to classic Scientific Observation and Theory.

          …today I figured it out.

          They meant “follow the Political Science”…

    • He had liberated himself from the need to follow rules and laws, and had didn’t want to be constrained by labels like criminal or good guy. He should be able to kill who he wants and still run for office, don’t judge him right?

      Strangely if they both won election they would have been working together, mayor and councilman…

  5. But, Leftists tell us that the greatest threat to democracy is “far right extremists”. Shirley, this story is just some kind of mistake? /sarcasm

    • No, you have the narrative correct. It is why the this will be totally ignored. Now if it were ‘the greatest threat to America’, it would be front page news and all the tissues in the world wouldn’t stop all the liberal tears…..OH, THE HUMANITY OF IT ALL!!!!!!

  6. He advocates for overthrowing literally every government in an entire continent to replace them with communism and we’re surprised that he’s violent?

  7. Huh, my comment from 7 hours ago has aged well.
    “Honestly the people behind these things must really want the shooting to start. The next step will be targeted political assassinations. Everyone in power would do well to do some research on bleeding Kansas, The Troubles in Ireland, and the Balkans. This is not a good road to walk down, since reprisals become more certain with every action.”

  8. “We have been educated to use our minds narrowly and forced to identify ourselves with roles that trap us in a collective perpetual state of anxiety,”

    sounds like dacian and the rest of the gun control freaks, that collective perpetual state of anxiety they are always in from being fed a steady diet of hatred towards other through fascists control of rights.

  9. Journalist?

    At one time in the past he was an opinion editor for the Cardinal, the student newspaper for the University of Louisville where he was a student at the time.

      • Yeah, Dan, but he was an OPINION columnist, not a “journalist”. Labeling him a journalist is an insult to ACTUAL journalists everywhere.

        He was an activist, Black Nationalist, racist, scumbag. Wasn’t aware you got a “Get Out of Jail Free” card for that.

        • TTAG has opinion columnists, and I respect them a great deal more than the “ACTUAL” journalists propagandizing through TV and print “news”. Quintez’s opinions suck, but at least he admits they’re opinions.

        • Umm,

          Yes, there are very good opinion columnists (and very crappy ones), but they are NOT “journalists”. But the MSM tags the “journalist” label on anyone they consider a fellow Leftist, because they think the appelation “journalist” confers automatic status and credibility.

        • Lamp,
          I read your previous comment “Labeling [an opinion columnist] a journalist is an insult to ACTUAL journalists everywhere” as “ACTUAL journalist > opinion columnist”, implicitly accepting the idea that “the appelation ‘journalist’ confers automatic status and credibility.”

          In 2022, “journalist” is practically synonymous with MSM presenters stating their opinions as facts, and acting as though reading teleprompters for a living uniquely qualifies them to shape world opinion. To me, an opinionator whose opinions are founded on falsehoods is at least marginally more sincere than an opinionator who presents himself as a conscientious champion of facts.

  10. If society is going to tolerate “red flag” type laws as a mechanism to strip you of your rights nonsensical tirades riddled with doublethink and newspeak should be factored in so clowns like this don’t fall through the cracks.

    Self-medicating schizos in cardboard boxes and academics in ivory towers have a lot in common in this regard.

  11. If you don’t know it by now you will never know that most of these Leftist Democrats are nothing but hypocrites and opportunists as well as the worst racists this Country has ever seen.
    The only thing that counts with them is their illogical agendas, power and control and they are more than likely before all this is over going to get a very severe butt kicking from those of us who are simply fed up with their aberrant behavior and narcissism.

  12. Hmm, what have we, here?? A well-known “black activist”, racist, anti-gun “journalist”, with at least some history of mental health issues, decides to try to kill another Dimocrat politician. One Leftist/fascist trying to kill another, while preaching against guns. Quelle surprise!!!

    Leftism is a mental disease – just look at dacian the stupid.

    And you can tell it was a Leftist/fascist from the outcome – several shots fired, and no one actually hit. That sounds like dacian, too. Perhaps the fascist Left should spend less time on polemics, and more time on target practice.

  13. Relevant quotes from the heavy dot com article linked above:

    From Greenburg:
    “Today is not a day for politics. But it’s not lost on me that the violence my staff and I experienced today is far too common in our city,” Greenberg said. “Too many Louisville families have experienced the trauma of gun violence. Too many in Louisville were not as blessed as my team and I were today to survive. Clearly, much more work has to be done to end this senseless gun violence and make Louisville a safer place for everyone. Together I know we will get there.”

    From Brown:
    During protests over the shooting death of Breonna Taylor by the Louisville Metro Police, Brown emerged as an outspoken Black Lives Matter activist. Brown told Louisville Magazine in 2020, “During the pandemic, a lot of people have really started exposing the infrastructure of America, really started questioning our healthcare system. A lot of people feel more vulnerable right now. You also gotta think: We have Trump in office as well, so a lot of people are really doubting the legitimacy of this American project. It feels like a perfect moment to do something, a perfect moment to be outraged.”

    • So. If quintez had been a tad more accurate we would have scored a double. 1 waste of skin in the ground and another in prison.

      • It shouldn’t surprise anyone the Mr. ‘Hitler had the right idea’ jwm wants journalists and people of color dead…

        • Low effort, intended victim was white. Try again using anti white racist meme and you may get your 10 cents for the post.

        • Total lies peegee white nationalists. But you haven’t told the truth since big pharma bought your soul. You’re just another monsanto mommy.

        • Hey, nameless, brainless, racist troll, how’s it hangin’ (Oops, sorry, didn’t mean to embarrass you)?

          You are unoriginal, uneducated, uninteresting, unwashed, unnatural, and unintelligent, as well as ignorant and moronic. Go visit the cable. You are too stupid to insult.

  14. Just because they found him a block away with a gunm and clothes matching the description doesn’t mean he was the one who did the shooting.
    And if in fact the bullet matches the gunm that doesn’t mean it was his, for all we know he could have found it in a trash dumpster .

    • Nah, possum, someone planted it on him . . . probably the cops He’s an upstanding citizen . . . why HE WAS RUNNING FOR OFFICE!!!!

        • Hi, nameless, brainless troll!!

          To the extent I am ever angry (seldom), it would be the frustration of dealing with ignorant, uneducated, witless trolls, such as yourself.

          If my supposed “anger” troubles you, you could alleviate a great deal of it by simply absenting yourself from this forum. You add nothing by your witless, drive-by, middle school “insults”.

          You are too stupid to insult. Go pound salt in your @$$.


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