New York City Mayor Eric Adams
New York City Mayor Eric Adams (AP Photo/John Minchillo)
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Over the next three weeks, Adams said the city will launch Neighborhood Safety Teams focused on gun violence in the city’s 30 worst precincts responsible for 80% of the city’s violence.

The blueprint drew a connection between the new teams and the city’s old anti-crime units that former Mayor Bill de Blasio disbanded last year after decades of complaints.

The city will hold a series of listening sessions in key neighborhoods around the city about how to prevent abuses of the past units, while providing additional training, supervision, analytics and risk monitoring, according to the blueprint.

Adams said the use of video technology, particularly officers’ body-worn cameras, alterations to the “plain clothes” dress code with the use of clear NYPD markings to better identify officers, and the recruitment of different officers than in the past to man these units.

“You must have the right training, the right mindset, the right disposition, and be, as I say all the time, emotionally intelligent enough,” he said of the new units’ officers. “We’re going to make sure that they’re the best fit for the unit.”

Addressing the apparent contradiction in a plain clothes unit wearing identifiable markings, Adams said the unit’s unmarked cars provide those units’ real strength.

Adams said more than 400 officers would be assigned to the new units, along with a number of additional steps he intends to implement at the local level.

On law enforcement, the city will work to identify inefficiencies in the department that allowing the transfer of officers from desk and event duties to patrol, Adams said they’d also work to increase NYPD and state police presence around interstate transit hubs like Manhattan’s Port Authority Bus Terminal where many of the city’s guns come in.

— Paul Liotta in Here’s how Mayor Adams will address NYC gun violence

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  1. “You must have the right training, the right mindset, the right disposition, and be, as I say all the time, emotionally intelligent enough,” he said of the new units’ officers. “We’re going to make sure that they’re the best fit for the unit.”

    LOL, do you want cops or social workers? Cops will just go to an agency that lets them be cops, and social workers have no desire to be police.

    • The pay will attract someone who needs it but the department is likely not to need them. I have never been so happy that I don’t need to deal with NYC affairs at work.

  2. Well….this reminds me of the old saying about how there is nothing wrong with communism…it’s just never been implemented correctly.

    • need to define communism or look it up in Wikpedia LOL. Communism does not equal more cops and data analysis. Hannity taught you well though.

      • Voters full of demoCrap are clearly the problem in NYC. They had their chance and they blew it so too bad too sad. Of course as long as Jim Crow Gun Control joe and his ilk are at the helm America circles the drain. November cannot come soon enough…Be there or be square.

      • acmed We know darn well what Communism is. Communism (which is not actually communism at all. It is GOVERNMENT CENTERED Socialism).

        Sean Hannity has more on the ball than a Lefty like your sorry posterior.

        You are like Jeff Dunham’s dummy, Acmed the Terrorist. Actually, Jeff’s dummy is probably smarter than you.

        • Only a brain dead mind corpse like WEB III would think that fake patriot and Barney Rubble looking coward Sean Hannity has ‘balls’. WEB III is almost as worthless and Geoff the Florida Pervert. Almost…

        • An Absolute Dud, Sean Hannity has more “balls” in his little toe than your sorry posterior has in your whole decrepit body. Of course that is not say much for Sean.

          Quoting Shakespeare, “His garments are rich, but he wears them not handsomely.” (The Winter’s Tale)

        • Southern Cross Overly simplistic but somewhat accurate. the correct term is National Socialism. The difference is the one you describe, Nationalistic Socialism would imply that the nation’s socialism is based on nationalistic policy. National Socialism would be Socialism withing a given country? Germany would be an example of NATIONALISTIC SOCIALISM. Australia, Great Britain, and other European types are National Socialist (socialism within their own country not wishing to spread the “illness.”

      • And YOU need to define ‘analogy,’ or look it up somewhere. It will be helpful the next time you read an ironic comment making a comparison between “attempting communism over and over again in slightly different ways in an attempt to make it work even though we know that it can’t” and “establishing an undercover police squad that wears an easily-recognizable uniform, because nothing says ‘undercover police squad’ more effectively than wearing an easily-recognizable uniform while undercover.”

  3. In with the new boss, same as the old boss…

    Claiming that Washington (DC) must do something? To stop guns from being stolen? Sheesh what a fool…

    • they seem very concerned with “illegal guns”….probably because so few legally possessed ones exist there….

    • I fear that further necessary steps will not be taken, alas. Surely the city must ensure that all recruits to this super-secret stealthy undercover organization are young, Caucasian males who are clean-shaven and can blend naturally into their surroundings, if they are surrounded by other young, clean-shaven Caucasian males who happen to stockbrokers or FBI agents. Suits, ties, and wingtip shoes at a minimum for the dress code, of course.
      The cars, although unmarked, will have Government plates, and be chosen at random from all of the other generic municipal-contract vehicle fleets, be they Toyotas, Fords, or Chevrolets, in assort shades of beige, tan, light earth, or sand. White would be a good alternative, too.
      Bloody idiots.

  4. They just don’t want to admit that education in and the economy of a community are two critical factors missing in most of these war zone areas. You can’t expect people to trust Government when the same government doesn’t provide them with jobs, quality education, and a sound economy. When they did away with many of the street crime units they left most of the folks in those communities to the wolves. Additionally, going soft on crime and releasing criminals was a blatant blunder. Mayor has still not addressed the real problems. Criminals need to be locked up and there should be zero tolerance for crimes. Their policies simple do not work and they don’t want to admit it. This includes their gestapo Covid-19 rules.

    • Identifying witnesses and victims to the perp as well as their addresses pre trial didn’t help much either.

    • “…when the same government doesn’t provide them with jobs, quality education, and a sound economy.”

      Well, there’s a problem right there. People should stop expecting the government to provide those things.

  5. More ops and analepticsare fine. But the time for “listening” is over. It is time for law enforcement action. Bring back “broken windows” policies.

    • Not with the current Mayor/council/governor. You are right but I don’t see it happening anytime too soon barring full on anarchy and appropriate response.

  6. Well – his plan is not crazy. You want security then have more security officers patrol and look at your data. I’m sure tomorrow he’ll blame guns and the NRA more but it’s frankly a little refreshing that he started with things that make some sense.

    • Acmed, the anti-gun nut. We dpn’t need “security guards” as we have firearms to protect ourselves.

      The NRA is not to blame for any of the nonsense the criminals are doing. They are protecting our right to bear arms.

  7. I’m a little slow on this.
    “they’d also work to increase NYPD and state police presence around interstate transit hubs like Manhattan’s Port Authority Bus Terminal where many of the city’s guns come in.”
    If they actually know this is where many of the city’s guns come in, why did they wait this long to think about doing something about it? I’m not faulting Adams, he just got there, but the people before him had to know and apparently did damn little. Quite frankly, I hope he turns NYC around if he can do that without stepping all over people’s rights. Of course, without prosecutions, arrest don’t really matter…

    • These people are not interested in fixing these issues. Nothing he does will accomplish much of anything of constructive results. People like this are a big part of the problem.

    • Randy jones The only way to turn this situation around is arrest the bad guy snd put then in jail where they belong.

  8. Look at the pic with this article, see how the Mayor is looking up while talking?

    Its almost like he’s going “Please God, let them buy into this. Yes God, I know that we let the criminals out as soon as we catch them.”

    • Can’t even laugh as it hits a bit too close to reality. Oh and it will be believed and celebrated even when the data shows it to be less effective than advertised.

  9. What was once old and bad is now again new and good, street squads are coming back after another failed socialist-democrat’s experiment in “justice”.

      • “….can “stop and frisk” be far behind?….”

        People with vaccination passports will be exempt.

        Think of it as shutting down the pandemic of the deplorables.

      • frank speak It is not “stop and frisk” as you seem to think. It is STOP QUESTION and FRISK Big difference. Stop and frisk infers the officers just stop people for no reason at all. Stop, Question and Frisk is a whole different ball game. First the officer OBSERVED something that makes him suspicious of what he has observed. Second, he stops the person and QUESTIONS asking questions about what he has observed. Third IF he has developed PROBABLE CAUSE to believe that he is in danger or that a crime has been committed, he then frisks.

        You are spreading Leftist-Socialist propaganda that you have read in some new article or saw on the boob tube. Don’t be so gullible

  10. I have an idea, why doesn’t he lock up the thugs when they get arrested and keep them in jail until their trials. Don’t let the dirtbags out so they can commit other crimes. Then again, that would remove a lot of the voting people in the city.

  11. So……”listening sessions” will be social workers and “interrupters” as we’ve learned have accomplished little more than establishing their own criminal organizations in cities they’ve been tried, “analytics” or “data” which is always racist so that’ll be ignored when inconvenient and good ol’ “street cops” which went from hated tools of oppression to targets behind enemy lines in a few fiery but mostly peaceful years.

    I imagine this will all work out well.

  12. I’m amazed that this moron presumes that criminals can’t simply load a few dozen stolen guns into the trunk of a car then drive to NYC where they can then be sold out of the trunk of the car just like drugs. It would also be nice if he could acknowledge that most of the New Yorkers who possess guns without the requisite licenses are decent folk who just want to be able to defend themselves but can’t do so legally because of the unconstitutional gun control laws that have been imposed on them.

  13. … and the recruitment of different officers than in the past to man these units.

    This is the important part. They selectively purged the old guard to be replaced with officers that follow the party line and doctrine. Now, more “woke” officers will be on the front lines to provide “equity” in justice.

  14. This is nothing but liberal performance art.

    All the policing in the world won’t do any good if DAs don’t prosecute the perps and judges don’t sentence them to the maximum permitted by sentencing guidelines.

  15. Yeah, background checks for criminals purchasing guns. That’s the ticket.

    New NYC, same as the old NYC. (Well, except for the identifiable plain clothes officers and detectives)

  16. New Yorkers of TTAG, what is your plan for setting this clown straight? Certainly you cannot afford to suffer a second Di Blasio.

    • Thankfully, I do not live in NYC. The last time I was there my wife had to go to the Philippian Consulate so she could renew her Philippian Passport. It was impossible to find a parking space. While most of the people were somewhat cordial, there was an air of superiority. More like condescending.

      If they don’t get their act together down there, it is going to become a third world country. Just observing, you could see certain people were on the prowl looking for a “mark” to rob. I left NYC some 45 years ago and I can truthfully say, I have not regretted the move.

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