Occupy City Hal in New York City - 7/3/20
Occupy City Hall in New York City. Demonstrators advocating for the New York City Police Department to be defunded by $1 billion.
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As we’ve noted time and again since the entire ‘defund the police’ movement gained traction and began to be implemented around the country (Minneapolis, Seattle, Oakland, San Diego, Austin, New York, Los Angeles, even Norman, Oklahoma), the biggest casualties of limiting, restricting or outright eliminating law enforcement in the cities that go that way will be the very minorities the politicians and activists say they’re trying to protect.

Case in point: New York City where the number of shootings and dead bodies have skyrocketed. The problem has now gotten bad enough that many black community leaders are re-thinking the ‘defund’ strategy and are asking anti-cop Mayor Bill de Blasio to end his ongoing jihad against New York’s finest, reject the Black Lives Matter-approved ‘defund’ approach, and reassemble the Department’s 600-man “anti-crime” unit that he destroyed last month.

Several black community leaders gathered in Brooklyn on Tuesday and called upon the mayor, the City Council, and clergy leaders to end violence ravaging their communities.

The activists disparaged the police reforms proposed by city officials and accused them of urging anti-cop activists such as Black Lives Matter to dictate city policy. They called upon de Blasio not to sign the police reform bill that the City Council just passed.

“The African American community is saying we don’t want crime here. Ninety-five percent of the people here are decent, law-abiding citizens, and the law is for the lawless,” Bishop Gerald Seabrooks told reporters Tuesday following a spate of five shootings early Monday night in Canarsie. “So, please, mayor, take your handcuffs off of the police. Let them police with professionalism, respect, and courtesy.”

– Kerry Picket in New York City black activists call on de Blasio and City Council to ‘take your handcuffs off of the police’

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  1. That’ll be interesting. I bet Mayor Moron will ignore them. What do y’all think?

    • Of course their pleas will be ignored. The idea is to keep the slaves in slavery, through discord and crime, so that they will remain dependent on the State.

      • As always, those who claim to care the most about the black communities actually couldn’t care less, unless it’s time for their votes, then they will pretend for a short while.

      • Their pleas should be ignored; let them suffer with high crime rates. This is what these self-centered, ignorant minority leftists want, let them have it. It will be better in the long run and lower the number of black whiners! When it has gone on for several months to a year, they will beg and possibly vote out the leftists that have allowed all of this anarchy.

    • Be careful what you wish for since you just might get it! That’s all that sums it up to me. I always thought it was illegal to defend oneself in New York?

      • Perfectly legal it’s just the ride is worse than the sentence depending on the county.

      • These crybabies haven’t seen nothing yet; this hasn’t even been going on for a month in NY. Let them suffer until November and maybe the ones that are left will vote these leftists out of office.

    • Fredo will do what the Five Families tell him to do. Through their representatives in Tammany Hall.

    • Hanlon’s Razor states “Do not attribute to malice that which can be explained by incompetence or stupidity.”

      Incompetence and stupidity does not sufficiently explain De Blasio’s actions and inaction. It can only be malice.

      • I wouldn’t say he’s acting out of malice…merely acting on the dictates of a poisonous (one could say malicious) philosophy. Progressivism is a progressive disease.

  2. Working on the problems of police brutality, militarization, tendency to escalate unnecessarily has all been drowned out by the big loud noise of of these delusional utopian “Defund” idiots. You do not solve problems by pretending they will or did go away. That’s exactly how we got into the mess we are in with our mental health system. We defunded it, put most patients out on the streets with no help for them. That pretty well finished up in the early 1980’s.

    Utopian Lunacy, people get it in their heads that the way to solve a problem is to pretend it is gone and remove the means that were in place to deal with it. That’s what is going on with the “Defund Police” thinkers.


    • Speaking of mental health…Let’s see how healthy your pea brain is…enuf

      A) Being as you have called the POTUS “excrement” on numerous occasions will you lay down like a self serving mealy mouth gutless wonder and vote for the communist party lint licker jim crow gun control democRat joe biden?

      B) Will you man up and vote for President Donald John Trump who has been slandered and libeled by treasonous demented democRats and useful idiots like you for the last 4 years costing taxpayers millions including hendering prosperity for all Americans?

      To be very clear the choice is A or B. There is no C, D or F so don’t go there, no spins it’s A or B.

      • 1. Donald Trump is excrement, the worst disaster ever seen in the Oval Office (and that’s seriously saying something) and should resign or be impeached for numerous crimes, bald faced lies and incompetence, displaying a deep preference for foreign authoritarian leaders over allies and failures of leadership too numerous to list here. Democrats however are much too wimpy, poorly led and incompetent to make any of that happen. So it’s this election or his health, that’s all there is.

        2. No way in hell I will vote for Trump. As always, will study the polling in detail. Most likely will select a write-in Republican. There is always a choice.

        The notion that it is either “A” or “B” is part of the madness of PARTY MEMBERS such as yourself. You may as well be toting around Mao’s little red book or wearing a photo badge of Marx or Lenin. You share the love of blind allegiance that they so depended upon, you may as well join the cult that suits your need for authoritarian, cult of personality leadership.

        • Debbie W. Is the winner here in the squabble between her & enuf,
          enuf was very wrong on the the worst president ever to be in the White House , that prize goes to OBUMMER…

        • My questionnaire was to let this forum know what a slanderous libelous democRat lint licking little man you are. Your reply was a spin. What part of no-spins don’t you understand? Simple A or B answer would have covered your omidirectional butt spew…Now gfy you worthless ratbassturd.

        • “impeached for numerous crimes”

          Are you so far gone that you actually believe the democrats wouldn’t impeach him for crimes? They did impeach him. Please list the numerous crimes that you think they missed. They wouldn’t leave any out. Any reasonable person can see the two “crimes” they listed were a joke. People with chronic TDS aren’t reasonable, they’re driven by emotion.

        • Whatever makes you happy.

          Debbie W. began this little campaign of hers. I’m just trying to help her feel fulfilled in her silly vendetta.

          As if shouting at me over the internet is going to make her feel better, the poor thing!

          Here, this is for Debbie W., only in the languages spoken by leaders who fit her dreams even better than Trump:

          Трамп это экскременты!


          ترامپ دفع است!

        • BTW enuf…POTUS bashing lowlife democRat lint lickers like you get the socialist, communist, gun grabber et al standing roaring applause. That’s chiseled.
          If your head wasn’t stuck up your mentally ill behind you’d know that. Now resume to gfy.

        • Last I checked impeached had to be for actual crimes not for your feelings being hurt lets break it down:

          1) numerous crimes? Like his impeachment?

          2) bald faced lies, not a crime unless under oath

          3) incompetence? Again not a crime

          4) displaying a deep preference for foreign authoritarian leader not a crime unless. POTUS has finial authority over foreign affairs.

        • enuf…News for you…I did not begin anything so pull your head out if your communist manifesto and wipe the finger pointing crybaby snot off your face and cease blaming others for what you are guilty of.
          You slandered and libeled the POTUS and in doing so you opened the door for a spanking little man. Where I come from people who cannot man up and accept responsibility for their slanderous and libelous butt spew are all hat and no cattle.
          Not only do I know who you are I know what you are.

        • Like it or not, we are in a 2-party system. A vote for anyone other than Trump is a vote for Biden.

          As for the crimes and other issues with Trump, while he can be a pompous ass, he’s not a Communist, and he’s certainly better overall than Obama, when you look at the entirety of BHO’s work over 8 years.

        • A write in candidate you are full of shit you are a biden supporter and you know it , You belong on this web site like a snowball belongs in hell

        • It’s interesting that you, enuf, chose languages from all America-hating nations (russia, china, muslime (probably iran-Persian)) to make your pointless statement about doo doo! Says a lot about your ideology!

  3. Defund the Police is a dope smoking dorm room guy communist agenda. With Black Leaders sobering up it looks like blm may be losing traction.

    TRUMP/PENCE 2020.

  4. “When people ask me ‘What does a world where we defund the police look like?’, I tell them it looks like a suburb,” AOC said.

    See, if you just remove the police, then all violent criminal activity ceases to exist. Inner cities become just like peaceful suburbs because no one is getting arrested, therefore crime doesn’t exist. Democrats are so fortunate to have such fine, problem solving intellectual leaders like the squad members.

    • Yep, the only reason there are criminals is cause there are cops around making them do all that bad sh!t. If we could just get rid of all the cops then we could continue skipping down the pink street, singing the #BLM theme song, as we head toward utopia where everyone gets cookies and ice cream for free everyday.

      You don’t have to be stupid to be a Leftist, but it sure helps!

      • The only reason we have crime is because of laws making things illegal. If we eliminate all laws, there are no crimes to commit. Without crime, police would have no job to do, so they can be eliminated. Prisons go away since there’s nobody to fill them. Problem solved and everybody is happen, right?

    • That is the sort of juvenile reasoning you get from an overtired toddler.
      Why did you hit your brother?
      Because you told me not to!
      I suppose those who never grow out of it eventually get to piercing things, self-medicating, indulging in tattoos, showing up to work late, wasting their money, blaming everyone else for their troubles and finally voting Democrat.

    • That’s the idea. If crime isn’t reported it didn’t happen. Even if it did happen to you, according to Progressive ideology you must have done something to deserve it.

  5. So, we’re openly discussing the fact that the “African-American Community” and the “BLM Marxist Insurgency Group” are two entirely different things?

    Does that mean BLM is falling out of fashion already?

      • BLM was acyually started by three self proclaimed marxist, that’s another word for communist and there cook book on how to take over a country is to sow dischord and start riots and overthrow the existing authority. Do you honestly think black Americans want this? There are too many of them that have made it to the top with good education and have a smart head on their shoulders for this. Black lives certainly do matter but BLM is as bad as bad can get.

  6. These people never ever think things through. They’re so stupid they’d pass a law against gravity and expect it to work.

  7. The backlash is in full swing. Hard right for the voters. Expect a Trump and gop blow out in November.

    • This November’s outcome is looking much less assured than back in late 2019. One indication is that the GOP has stopped publishing their internal polling. That is a sign the numbers they are getting have them worried.

      I’m making no predictions, just watching the weather.

      • What happened since then? Things were going well. The manufactured climate crisis wasn’t working for democrats, so they manufactured a racism crisis. From the moment the Floyd incident happened, they pushed the racism narrative non-stop. This is a serious question, because I may have missed it, but what was the explanation for that being called a racist murder?

        The other change was the virus we’re dealing with. Hindsight is 20/20, and every expert has tripped over their feet in dealing with this. What was that thing the country was focused on when we should have been focusing on the virus? Oh yeah, the manufactured impeachment crisis. The impeachment distraction was literally a national security risk. Now, they’re blaming every American death on Trump even though prominent democrats were encouraging parades and crowds and denouncing the travel ban as racist.

        Here’s another question worth asking. If Trump is so terrible, then why were things going better for nearly every group of people? Middle class income was finally beginning to rise and minority employment rates were the best they’ve ever been. Retirement accounts were fattening up. We weren’t out toppling dictators and starting wars.

        You know who wasn’t doing as well? The bitter, privileged Never Trump political consultants (Bush and McCain allies). They weren’t consulting. Trump embarrassed them by calling their policies stupid. Some were being paid by democrat media outlets to work as attack dogs. They started the Lincoln Project to…make money. They’ve raised over $15 million. Their overhead (salaries, travel, etc.) is….85%. There’s a sucker born every minute.

        • Look at the Clinton Foundation. An income of more than 100million results in less than 5% in actual charity. The primary beneficiaries appear to be William Jefferson Clinton, Hillary Rodham Clinton, and Chelsea Clinton. As well as the overpaid administrators, and travel and accommodation expenses.

        • “Hindsight is 20/20…”

          Bullshit. And predictable bullshit. The same people who have been screwing this up from the VERY beginning “it’s just going to disappear… like magic…” are now going to pretend like it was something that couldn’t be dealt with. Which is exactly what people who had a clue predicted would be the narrative (as can be seen in comments right here back in March).Dozens of countries have dealt with it. Every other industrialized country has dealt with it better than the US. Many have dealt with it enough that they have their economies back up and running because, spoiler alert, you can’t have a good economy with people afraid of dying.

          Imagine the mental contortions someone has to go through to see this happen in real-time over months, hear the idiocy coming out of the white house and administration lackeys (to the dismay of the sane citizens in the country who are not in the death cult) and the claim that it’s a problem of hindsight.

        • “Every other industrialized country has dealt with it better than the US. Many have dealt with it enough that they have their economies back up and running because, spoiler alert, you can’t have a good economy with people afraid of dying.”

          I’ve suspected it based on some of your previous comments, but you’ve just outed yourself as a consumer of Trump and USA hating mainstream media (also known as propaganda).

          The USA has a lower death rate than many other industrialized countries. We’ve also tested more than anyone else, even on a per capita basis, by far. Check the following link. Click on death rate and descending order.

          “you can’t have a good economy with people afraid of dying” -Which is exactly why the Trump and USA hating media is pushing this after taking a break to promote racism, division, and nationwide riots. Some other countries simply chose not to shut down like we did. Try dealing in facts instead of feelz.

      • enuf likes it when his betters lie to him constantly. Puts him in his happy place.
        The congenital liars of 2016 apparently weren’t “enuf” for him.

        • Debbie W and others are correct in their opinions/analogies. Anyone who cannot understand may be listening but not hearing the truth!

    • “Expect a Trump and gop blow out in November.”

      Yeah, maybe, if the Democrats were not going to cheat like it was their favorite pastime.

  8. Last evening Representative Sheila Jackson Lee (isn’t she woke enough to change her name? topple herself?) said that more background checks are needed to stop the violence in NYC. Expect more of this inanity.

    • Meanwhile…they’re submitting legislation to end gang databases. Does that make sense while simultaneously pushing for red flag laws?

  9. “Good” black folks need to arm up. They need to turn in their lowlife criminal relatives/friend’s. They need to not vote for evil dims. Not holding my breath…

  10. Is that so skinny white kids can call them uncle tom and Oreo to their faces and accuse them of sellout?

    Black cops don’t need that shit. Why would they put themselves in that position?

    They all need to be beaten with nightsticks and thrown in jail.

  11. From the Norman, Oklahoma article referenced :

    “Ahead of that decision, council member Alexandra Scott proposed a $4.5 million cut to the current Norman Police Department budget.

    Scott says that decision was made partly due to her own personal encounters with local law enforcement. Among a list of grievances, Scott claims police disregarded her reports that she was being stalked earlier this year.”

    So, the way you get over-worked cops to investigate your stalking complaint is to drastically shrink their budget by over 800,000 dollars?

    • Using a bad personal experience to justify retribution is the very definition of “conflict of interest.”

    • This is the Democrat version of those nutjobs that enter Republican state and local primaries with a platform that consists of “I have a grudge against the Sheriff’s department.” The difference being that Democrats actually elect said grievance-wielding nutbags.

  12. New York City Morons: “defund the police”
    New York City Govt: “the police budget is cut by 30%”
    Crime increases exponentially in NYC
    New York City Morons: “give us more police!”

    • …New York City Govt: Okay, but we will need to raise your taxes because you need us and we can.

      Betting they were planning that all along.

  13. I’d stick my middle finger up to those black community leaders and say you asked for it, you got it. Police your own.

    • And that’s called “taking responsibility for your own decisions,” which I swear to God I thought was a prerequisite for being an adult. Apparently not though, based on recent events and my Millennial peers.

    • Well that didn’t take long.

      What didn’t? A realization that these riots are Race Criminal Riots, not protests against so-labeled “Racism”,
      paint it White…

      The reality is that George Floyd would be alive today id he had done what the police told him to do.
      Think you are tougher than the Cops? They are the most powerful gang in the country.

      Don’t like being arrested? Sentenced to jail or prison? Don’t. it is as easy as that.
      Don’t be a criminal thug. Do not give The Police any reason to pay attention to you.
      Do what they tell you to do, right or wrong, and have all settled in court.
      You want to “Resist”? You are the one who might commit Suicide by Cop, because you are Stupid.

      Gosh, where are all the protesters hiding in the reality of Black on Black Crime?
      Black Children shot in playgrounds, walking a street, sleeping in bed.
      Families shot apart, dreams destroyed…
      Where is the outrage? Do not Black Lives Matter to Black People?
      Evidently not…

      Seems like this country also needs to be re-named.
      The United States of America to United Socialists of America.
      The Country is already surrendering to the enemies of our Second Civil War.

      • I think the northeast and western coasts would form the “Confederation of Socialist States of America”. The rest could be the “United Republic of North America”.

  14. great leadership the best money the democrat party cabal can buy, its time to arrest these seditious bastards and prosecute them for crime under color of law, and like the bitch in Missouri hates white people and uses law for her personnel gain.

  15. Hahahahah! Defund the police and send in more cops. How adorable! If these people were any more stupid they wouldn’t know how to flush a toilet.

    • Ever walk through the poor parts of a major city? Most of those places smell like they never flush, and San Fransisco has so much sh!t on the ground you have to watch where you step.

  16. I don’t get it. You mean there is such a thing as black on black crime? I thought black people don’t commit crimes? According to many Socialists black crime is merely an expression of frustration against the slavery of their ancestors. I thought the black community is the ONLY ethnic community in this country that has suffered racism and prejudice. Gee… you learn something new every day.

  17. The majority of big cities have been on borrowed time for years and modern commerce is the nail in the coffin. Anyone with the means is gonna hit the bricks for greener pastures.

    This leaves a handful of elite blue bloods, urban virtue hipsters and a slew of the subsidized downtrodden gobbling up limited resources. I wonder if the budgets are balanced?????

    COVID, civil unrest and the Defund the Police movement are just excuses for Big Business/Big Government (hand in hand) to cut their losses.

    They promised “racial justice” to the useful idiots and delivered just enough rope for them to hang themselves with. The old bait and switch….

  18. Crime doesn’t take a holiday! So smart their stupid!

  19. The obvious response will be “who do these black people think they are trying to speak for all black people and against the other black people who claim to be speaking for all black people.”

    • Who said they were in unity? There will be factions expressing various interests. The intercine conflict can be fun to watch.

      ANTIFA has lines of division between the Socialists, Communists, Anarchists, Environmentalists, the “Rainbow coalition”, and some other minor factions.

      • Yet at the end of the day, they’re all willing to vote together, march together, and even to swing a bike lock at your head.

        We could learn something from their dedication and coordination (and we wouldn’t even need the violence).

  20. Hell No. You don’t get it both ways. Somebody would put more cops in the streets and you’d want it back the old way. Vote Republican and you can maybe get it changed some day.

  21. If this entire situation wasn’t so pathetic it would be laughable. I fee for the people left flapping in the breeze and being put at more risk than ever – the residents of these crime laden areas. But here’s the deal. I can almost guaran-damn-tee you that those are the very people that put de Blasio and his cronies in office in the first place, and are almost equally sure to vote for him, or someone cut out of the exact same cloth, once again!

  22. “New York City Black Leaders Call on Mayor to Put More Cops Back on the Streets”

    With deblasio pulling $1B from NYPD, you really think they’ll be putting more LEO’s on the streets…??? OR even be able to find anyone that wants to be a LEO, especially in NYC…

  23. There are smart and funny comments on both sides of this discussion, instead of insulting each other you should be working together for a genuinely better option like that Andrew Yang/General Mc something ticket I heard suggested a while ago!

  24. The governor and the mayor of New York are on the right track to turning the city into a war zone.
    First of all, take all the guns away from the law-abiding citizens of the city.
    Second of all, give them all to the law-breaking citizens of the city.
    Third of all, remove all the Police Officers from the high-crime areas.
    Fourth of all, release convicted felons from prison so they can spread the virus and commit more crimes.
    Fifth of all, invite undocumented aliens into the city without checking any of their former records.

    How is the new plan working out, Bill?

  25. IMO

    NYPD to NYC ‘black’ snicker “leaders” snicker!
    Go pound sand we rather not have more officers on the street until you give up on “defund cops” sh—-it!

    AKA it more fun to watch your hoods self destruct!

  26. The new mantra is reap what you sow. This is me gloating over enjoying the safety and prosperity of mine and many others who are reaping the benefits of what we have sown, in our conservative, 2A towns with constitutional sheriffs and red, white and blue bleeding patriots that have believed and lived in service over self. Here is the worlds smallest violin playing. Haha reap what you sow!

  27. This was never about decreasing the number of blacks murdered, this is all about white guilt. Show me one liberal marching for a dead child.

  28. TBF, There were a lot of blacks to begin with who did NOT support this movement. However, those in positions of “power” should have been vocal about it before. The apology always comes after the fact, but only if they are caught fucking up. That goes for anybody.

  29. That fuckin Angry Birds hat staring at the piggies sums it up 😂😂😂

    Eric Swallowswell 2020

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