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 “The terror regime in Iran may be near creating a nuclear bomb, but their Shaher sniper rifle has already arrived,” reports with understated aplomb. “Hopefully, its 14.5mm (.57-caliber) rounds won’t be hitting any US servicemen or servicewomen.” Roger that. “The Shaher sniper rifle weighs 48.4 pounds, is 72.83 inches long, and has an effective range of 4,000 meters . . . Construction quality and functionality are anyone’s guess as the Jihad terrorists of Iran aren’t known for their artistry or technical capability.” Now that’s just mean. “Not so much an anti-personnel sniper rifle, its use would most likely be to take out slow moving targets such as the CH-47 Chinook and other large objects such as bunkers and tanks.” I wonder if Iranian snipers taking aim at a CH-47 know those big boys can shoot back?  

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  1. Who wants to guess how many helos in Afghanistan and
    Pakistan have 14.5 mm holes in them by the end of the year?

  2. Can’t speak for this modern generation of “helos”, we called them choppers, but it took a lot less than a 14.5 to put holes in the old choppers. I always felt naked riding around in one of those choppers.

  3. F*ck these guys. Seriously. I know it’s academic because we’re unlikely to see a conventional war with Iran but frankly even our reserve component forces would rape their military in an open, conventional fight. An insurgency would obviously be trickier but ol’ Snipey McHadjipants there is f*cking toast and I don’t give a d*mn what kind of POS Hadji rifle he has.

    Nice trucker hat too, douche. I hope I can live to see the day when the Israeli Army marches into Tehran.

    • Don’t be so quick to underestimate the military prowess of Iran. Remember, they were a first world nation, with a first world Army. Hell, some of their older generals were probably trained by us. Remember that the Soviet Union AND the US worked together to help Saddam take them down in the 80s, and we failed. They have a strong economy, respectable education, large domestic manufacturing base, an intelligent and tech savvy youth capable of hacking our drones (and possibly more), and shit tons of oil available right on their own land.

      Then of course there are their big friends, Russia, and China. Both of whom have said they will side with the defense of Iran.

      • Strong economy? Iran? Don’t kid yourself. Their oil exports are way down, they have only ONE refinery in the entire country, are surrounded by enemies of all types, and the people hate the leadership greatly.
        This is why they are pursuing The Bomb because it’s the only thing that will save the leadership.

        • and the country is mostly mountainous, has a strong military, and a population that will quickly join the fight against a foreign invader. They also have Russia and China on their side.

          Anybody who underestimates Iran is a idiot. There is a reason why the joint chiefs arent enthusiastic about going to war there.

          Thomas hammered the nail on the head.

    • Reply to Hal !
      islam is not truth !
      but iran destroy all of israel nearly!
      We destroy all of israel nearly!
      understand ?

  4. I sincerely hope that some fool uses this to ‘take out’ an Abrams or MRAP with one of these. He won’t do much damage (other than maybe shoot off the rear-view mirrors) but he’ll certainly get a quick trip to the afterlife. Whether or not 72 virgins will be there to service his shredded, rotting corpse is a matter of some debate.

  5. “Construction quality and functionality are anyone’s guess as the Jihad terrorists of Iran aren’t known for their artistry or technical capability.”

    They’re state actors, so they can’t be terrorists. If they were terrorists, then every time the US kills someone in a country with which we are not at war then we would be terrorists.

    And to suggest that Iranians aren’t known for their artistry and capability is one of the most profoundly ignorant statements I’ve read in years. Iran has been renowned for art and technical ability since well before 500 BCE…hell, they damned near dominated the known world until the fall of the Achaemenid empire.

    • Past performance does not guarantee future results. Also much like China and their revolution, Iran has worked hard to exterminate elements of their pre- Islamic past. Don’t believe me? Go find me Zoroastrian temple in Tehran. The modern day State of Iran is about as divorced from its proud past as it could possibly be.

      • +1001.

        The glory days of the Persian empire are long gone. Just like the glory days of Iraq, Egypt, and the rest of the great ME empires of the past. They can’t build their nukes without help from China and Russia. The cream of the Iranian brainpower left a long time ago. At any rate, I doubt this 48 pound hunk of sh1t will do anything useful except kill a few of their own when they try to employ it. I am guessing most of the folks here have a clear idea of what kind of training and skill goes into making a 1000 yard shot. Quadruple that for 4000 yards. They’ll never trust any of their own citizens wit that kind of knowledge. Even if they find one or two that they’ve secured enough family members to ensure their loyalty, they’ll use it at 1500 yards or less due to the quality of thier optics and then have to abandon when they are engaged back due to it’s weight and the weight of the rounds it requires. You’re giving up every advantage a sniper as with that thing and gaining nothing. The Taliban fighting us will laugh if the Iranians give it to them.

      • He is right though, their domestic manufacturing base has proven itself to be more than capable. Making replacement parts for their f14s, f16s, making their own naval light destroyer (Even the US needs to import parts for our ships), even their general infantryman has a kevlar helmet, and an AR that shoots 5.56.

        • I remember hearing many of the same and/or similar arguments about Baathist Iraq… on two occasions both of which ended in us beating the sh*t out of those c* nts. Just sayin’

        • I like how Iraq is thrown into the argument, which is a red herring.

          The two are NOTHING ALIKE.

          Iran is a real country. its borders date from the time of xerxes and they actually are capable of creating immense resistance.

          Do some homework on how less than stellar Bradley IFVs and Abrams tanks performed in OIF and ODS. Iranians also can bring the war to their mountains.

  6. The Persian sniper rifle is probably not up the same standards as what the American military currently has yet it can still probably be deadly effective. Iran has taught the Palestinians how to make an anti-tank mine that destroyed an Israeli Merkava tank supposedly the safest tank in the world.

  7. To be fair, we were trained on the Barrett “sniper rifle” (not actually a sniper rifle because it’s not capable of sub-MOA accuracy). The whole rationale behind that weapon is that it is not anti-personnel, it’s anti-materiel. And according to the lawyerly consideration of the ROE and the Geneva Convention, “materiel” includes uniforms. It just so happens that when you put a hole in a uniform, it also puts a hole in the guy wearing it. C’est la vie!

  8. 11Bravo30, M82A1 Barrett, high ground!!!
    We proved more than once that Jihad works both ways in Desert Storm.. More than once.

  9. Looks like a pre-WW2 Russian anti-tank rifle with a scope. Dangerous? Sure, but danger is a two-way street.

  10. The machine gun arrangement in the CH-47 shown in your link is archaic.
    Gunners, only protected by a bulletproof west cover behind or lean out of barn door sized apertures of the fuselage.
    If you were am Iranian sniper… what would you shoot first?

    If I remember well helicopter vulnerability is mainly caused by RPGs, isn’t it?

  11. Terror regime of Iran? give me a fucking break. Iran doesnt control 2/3 of the world nor does it have over 1,000 military bases across the world. Iran doesn’t want any part of our paradigm. I cannot blame them.

    weapons like these are very deadly against uparmored humvees, strykers, and bradleys in many cases. That is not even getting into helicopters.

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