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These days, it just doesn’t seem like a real warrant service without Fido or Sparky taking a parabellum or two. So when a couple of Memphis’s finest were executing (no pun intended) a warrant yesterday and came across two large dogs in the residence, they knew what to do. One of the canines, a pit bull, was crated and even internal affairs might have looked askance at a dog being plugged while safely confined to its cage. However the other pooch, a Cane Corso, was loose and, according an MPD spokesnoid, charged one of the cops. As reported by, “One of the officers attempted to shoot the dog, but missed and hit Officer Willie Bryant, 32, in the back . . .”

“Bryant was wearing a protective vest at the time,” but the round must have penetrated as he underwent surgery and is reported to be in critical condition. Here’s hoping he makes a full recovery.

After Bryant was taken to the hospital Animal Control searched the home. They found two more Cane Corsos in the backyard, as well as a dozen fish inside the house. Memphis Animal Services took all four dogs.

The “charging” dog apparently wasn’t so aggressive as to continue his attack after Bryant was shot by his partner. There’s no word as to any threat posed by the fish.

The Memphis PD doesn’t have what most would consider a stellar record as of late. Once the un-named officer is ID’d — if ever — we’ll be sending him an IGOTD trophy as a conversation piece to show his buddies while he’s on desk duty. The fish should probably count themselves as lucky.

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  1. ” In today’s news two officers were presented awards for
    surviving a deadly animal attack. The dog in question,
    which was described by the officers as – Cujo on steroids,
    was found quaking in fear under a bed. Three other dogs
    were also taken into custody, however 12 fish were caught
    but later released. All leashes and squeaky toys were
    confiscated as they present a distinct danger.”

  2. Not to pee on your good humor men, as God knows we’re gonna need plenty over the next 4+ years, but to me this gets more un-funny every time it happens. Thank goodness he missed the dog. Not to say I’m glad he shot a fellow officer, ’cause I’m not. It was a needless accident, but I love dogs. I wish our politicians were as loyal to the Constitution.

    • Agreed, but putting a serious tone on this sort of thing
      doesn’t seem to change behavior or pressure others to
      train harder. Maybe we should try mockery and abject
      derision. Personal shame at a national level (via net)
      may at least force individuals and/or depts to train more
      just to stay out of the limelight. Or like the LAPD or
      NYPD they may not give a crap, which is just as

      • Wishful thinking….

        What if we drop a note to those animals above humans humans over at PETA about these cop killings…. let them make the stink about it.

        Nah… they (the cops) would tune them (PETA) out as much as we do.


  3. More information:

    Quite frankly, this shows that the officers aren’t terribly well trained. Tight space+charging animals+partner in your field of fire = a very sporty environment, which means you don’t start pulling your heater and lighting it off hither and yon.

    Of course, I’m past the blue-on-blue incident and I’m wondering: What happened to the warrant and the search or arrest they were supposedly effecting? Completely forgotten in all the excitement? Or was the warrant not really all that important?

  4. Finally, a cop vs. dog story with an ending that didn’t turn my stomach. Sorry that the cop got shot and I hope he pulls through quickly and completely, but that’s what happens when a trigger-happy dude thinks that a badge is a license to kill.

  5. Cane Corso Mastiffs are big dogs that, by intent, have a loud “intruder alert” bark. They’re bred for it, among other traits.

    I’d bet the “attacking” dog was bounding towards the cops and barking in a very intimidating way… while hoping to meet some new friends and maybe get a treat, right up to the point where the cops acted aggressive.

  6. When in pepper spray instructor training, one of my teachers was a cop who supervised a LOT of drug search warrants. He said he’d seen dogs shot by .38s, 9mms,.357mag., .45acp, and 12ga. He said pepper spray worked better. Just the week before, a pit bull was shot in the left hip with a 12ga and kept coming until hit by OC spray,whereupon it ran under the bed and stayed until the vet came.
    In the instant case, I’ll bet the cops had OC spray but only thought about guns. Deficient training? It brings to mind the adage,”If your only tool is a hammer, pretty soon every problem starts to look like a nail.”

  7. Sadly, this is one case where the dog getting shot would have been a happy ending. I am sure it has been resolved by now as it hasnt been in the local news for some time but Memphis Animal Services, particularly the shelter has a history of animal abuse and encouraging dog fights. It got so bad that webcams were installed in the shelter and given public access. Shelter workers STILL tried provoking fights even knowing about the cameras.

    Like I said though, it may be resolved now.

  8. When trespassing cops enter the backyard of a house where dogs are kept it seems like a death warrant for the dogs. Maybe the cops should learn how to deal with animals or stay off the property.


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