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Me? I’ve got plenty of remorse. I am twice divorced after all, with four daughters. But there are people out there who have no remorse. No pity. No humanity. You see them on Criminal Minds. But these people are worse than that. They don’t have the interesting quirks or deep psychological issues that fuel TV drama. They’re just people who don’t give a damn about you, your life or your family. “On August 9, 2009 Nathan Burris drove to the Richmond-San Rafael Bridge toll plaza and shot and killed his ex-girlfriend Deborah Ross and her friend Ersie Everette Jr.,” reports. “Burris—who is representing himself in the capital trial in Martinez—took to the witness stand and described for the jurors how he did it, and why. ‘I have no feelings about it,’ Burris said. ‘I have no regrets about it. I am not going to get on my knees and ask for mercy.'” If you’re unfortunate enough to encounter a man like Burris in a life-or-death situation don’t show them any mercy, either. And if you have a gun, so much the better.

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  1. There’s always going to be animals amongst us. If your plan for dealing with them ends at a 911 call and hoping for the best then your survival is going to be just a matter of luck.

  2. I read an interesting book a couple of years ago titled “The Sociopath Next Door.” It was enlightening in a number of ways – namely that roughly 1 of every 25 people is sociopathic: no sense of empathy, remorse, or conscience. None. It manifests in different ways, too. Could be serial killers, random thugs like this guy, corporate raiders, politicians…in fact you’re more likely to find such people near the top of the political and corporate ladders. Their nature leads them to think only of themselves and use people as just objects to be manipulated to get what they want.

  3. I had dealings with a girlfriend’s ex husband that was a diagnosed sociopath. I discovered that it is really hard to deal with someone like that in the usual way. This guy had 2 failed marriages, a failed carreer, a dishonorable military discharge, and lost his home all due to his problem. And if you ask him, none of it was his fault, because he was perfect in every way. As far as I know, there is no cure, no real treatment, and when they go criminal, the best thing that can happen is that they catch a bullet in the head. I feel very sad for this guys victims’ families, and can only hope he spends the next 100 years in prison being someone’s bitch.

  4. I do not agree with what he allegedly did and believe he should be held fully accountable. Having read more of the details to the linked story, I somewhat understand why he did it. It wasn’t right yet his actions of wanting to attack a man whom he saw as having an affair with his ‘woman’ or ‘mate’ that he still lived with was possibly an expression of his primordial self or an expression of his rage at a violation of how one man is not supposed to cross another man’s boundaries. Modern society can be confusing and lacking in structure for many people to function within. Bottom line: 1) be armed. 2) be aware of your girlfriend’s past and the dangerous baggage that it might include.

  5. I have read The Sociopath Next Door and I would like to recomend Evil Genes which explains the Nature/Nurture aspect of the creation of a sociopath and how prolonged stress, even illness can affect how the human brain develops leading to Sociopathic tendancies.

  6. He sounds like a prime candidate for a firing squad of blind men and M60’s. May take awhile to kill him but it will happen sooner or later. Any other way is just too quick for him.
    I found out my spouse was cheating, got proof and divorced her. No news to shoot her or beat her, not worth the cost of a bullet or the sweat worked up whacking on her overly fat ass!

  7. I will never understand how anyone can go through life willing to rely on the police and dumb luck for their own personal safety.

  8. You have all pretty much summed it all up, for me, having read this stuff for about two weeks.
    Went out and got myself a high powered rifle, Mosin Nagant 1891/30 (Ishevsk 1943) and 2000 rounds of ammo with 180 Russian made clips, circa 1946-1953. Added to the Marlin 60 .22 I got a year ago, with it’s 1300 rounds, Spee-D-Loader, so, now, I will want a shotgun, and then, pistols! AND, huge amounts of ammo, for practice…

    I’m retired Air Force, with my Marksman Ribbon and two devices. Also, trained and competed with all NATO weapons, from the M1 (in Basic Training) through all the EU weapons, in Germany, 6 Jahren. I find that I really enjoy the Curio & Relics!

    Cheap Russian, Bulgarian, etc. ammo appeals to my base instincts. Why not, being that I faced them in conflicts you never knew of!

    Spend frugally, so that there is more ammo to hoard for SHTF!

    If 1 in 25 of us are psychotic mentally, with no conscience, doesn’t that conflict with the
    “2 friends Rule” that I live by? “If one in three humans are crazy, and you look to your two
    friends and neither of them is, than it must be you!”

    Over 20 years+, in the USAF,, I was under the Human/Personnel Reliability Programs, and mentally tested on an annual basis, to handle and repair Nuclear Weapons and all their launch controls. Observed when working with one other tech., also.

    At the Launch maintenance level, I was in a position of trust to where I know how to launch them with only a single point of control! Officers need two keys, but the maintenance folks only need access to the wiring! Which we have, but, under the NO LONE ZONE program,
    they are counting on one of you to be sane and NOT do anything “stupid”.

    So, it can’t be me! Proof? No nuclear weapons launches since 1965…

    In one of my many serial polygamies, I think it was #3, she made me so crazy that I gave my gun collection away to close friends whom I thought weren’t too crazy…Veterans all, some from the Trident Program… others were ex-silo buddies. Never again!

    She had been committed, then released (upon me!). My efforts were to compromise and sympathize, protect and nurture! Failed mission, really…

    So, as I go towards 66 years, I am thanking God for my guns, Bible, and sanity, in a crazy world! I hope that I never have to use them to:

    “I, XXXXXXXXXX, do solemnly swear (or affirm) that I will support and defend the Constitution of the United States against all enemies, foreign and domestic; that I will bear true faith and allegiance to the same; and that I will obey the orders of the President of the United States and the orders of the officers appointed over me, according to regulations and the Uniform Code of Military Justice. So help me God.”

    (The UCMJ specifies that orders MUST be legal). So, Obama had better observe “oathkeepers”.

    God Bless America.

  9. Wow, 2 Exes and 4 daughters. The kids are what give us hope for the future. Congrats on the daughters. 🙂 You should show pics.

  10. “The Sociopath Next Door” is a great book that everyone should read. it is has an awakening type of effect on the the other 96% that are normal. In the book she says that is conceivable to imagine great success or even hitting the lottery, but it is not even possible to imagine what it is like to live without a conscience. This is the bottom to these people, the other 4%, they don’t possess a conscience. They can fade it real well as they have done so all their lives to get by and they know how to read and manipulate people. But they have no regret and no heart to those lives that they have devastated.
    We must uphold our Constitutional right to keep and bear arms just to have some form of protection against the Nathan Burris’ of this world…

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