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Well of course Red Jacket Firearms is messing around with an anti-aircraft gun. You do know that RJF was deeply involved in Project Babylon (building Saddam Hussein’s super guns) and that they’re shooting the next season in Syria, right? I don’t think I’m supposed to talk about the railgun in the RJF In Space original movie quite yet, but, uh, oops.

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    • Totally agree, but cut RF some slack. He’s in the middle of moving himself across the country. Once he is all settled in in his new Country of Texas residence, he will realize the errors of his ways.


      • Obviously you don’t get it. What I am saying is that I often disagree with the points RF makes, but we seem to agree in our loathing for Sons of Guns.

  1. Like every other gun guy I watched it when it first came on. They lost me at the 1,000 yard AK episode when they said, “Our boys in the sandbox might have use for such a weapon.” Yes – they do have a need for an accurate rifle delivering a sizable payload at long distances. And they’d never in a billion years go for your dumb-ass 1,000 yard AK. Then Gun Tests reviewed one of Red Jacket’s Saiga models…epic fail. Plus the daughter is annoying – so there’s that.

  2. The sad part is that they didn’t even really build the gun. They just cleaned up a WWII antique. Any halfway competent gunsmith can do everything they do.

    • Right….

      You do know they have a very large production facility and what you see on their show is only a *very* small part of what Red Jacket does.

      Get over yourself, guy.

      And, as for your assertion that “any” gunsmith could do what they did on the 20mm, you don’t know many “gunsmiths” do you?

      • I know quite a few machinists and mechanical engineers. (Being both) Restoring a weapon with published blueprints and a full machine shop is not difficult. And I am less than impressed by their “very large” production facility. Putting together ARs and AKs is so easy a drunken monkey could do it.

        Honestly, I was far more impressed back when they did original suppressor and muzzle brake work. It was took far more brains and showed that they had some engineering expertise.

  3. Wait, this cr@p is back on with new episodes!? I thought it was cancled because guns are evil and Discovery didnt want to look like they promote evil. Dont get me wrong, I disagree with why it was cancled. But this show was rediculous, I think I would rather watch a soap opera.

  4. I don’t give a damn about Will and company. But that 20 mike mike would be a fun toy to have.

  5. Come on guys……

    You know you actually love the show. Sure, it may be the gun show you love to hate, but…come on!

    It’s Obama time.

    We actually get to sit on our butts and watch a “prime time” show devoted to… guns.

    They shoot cool stuff.
    They build cool stuff.
    They blow “stuff” up.


    Get the BLEEP over yourself already and enjoy.

    You know YOU would be out there enjoying pulling the trigger with Will and crew.

    My son got a chance to meet most of them out at a show and they were totally cool to him. Down to earth, friendly and loved talking guns.

    So, pull that huge rod out of your butts, get a grip and chill.

    • “You know you actually love the show”


      “It’s Obama time.”

      What does this even mean?

      “They shoot cool stuff.”

      If I wanted to watch idiots pulling triggers, I’d subscribe to FPS Russia

      “They build cool stuff.”


      “Get the BLEEP over yourself already and enjoy.”

      Better get over the fact that I have more interesting and productive things to do with my life.

      “You know YOU would be out there enjoying pulling the trigger with Will and crew.”

      AT Will and crew

      “My son got a chance to meet most of them”

      So they must not be idiots, right?

      “So, pull that huge rod out of your butts”

      Insecure much?

      Paul: Sit down, shut up. We thank you for it.

    • If it was only about the guns and less about the people in the shop, (not that it isn’t all scripted) I would have probably kept watching it.

      Say what you want, but I changed the channel and never went back as soon as Will pulled the stunt where he started firing blanks in the shop at the crew. A couple major issues with that:
      First, follow the freaking 4 rules. Say what you want about blanks , it won’t bring Brandon Lee back to life.
      Second, from what I have seen, Will is capable of going postal. I would have been returning fire.

      Additionally, for a shop full of gun guys, why don’t any of them carry?

      Those reasons alone are enough for me not to care enough to watch it. I don’t bad mouth it in front of People Outside of the Gun who think it is an “Awesome Show!!!” because hey, if they are enjoying a show that is bringing firearms into a more normalized setting, that is all well and good. But for the PotG that gather here and read this blog, I find it interesting that you can honestly say it is appealing. Just my thoughts.

      • I think you may be onto something with the “postal” remark. But a thought. Two, actually. With so many guns around, maybe they feel no need to carry. Or maybe the producer forbids it.

        Maybe they found it interferes with the shop work. OK… that’s three.

  6. I like watching Triggers better. While cheesey and geared toward the COD crowd , they do a good job of showing the evolution if many weapon systems. They also don’t try to make it look like they didn’t use explosives when they did.

    • That’s the annoying part. Every single “test” is just firing rounds at a target packed with remote fireworks. Anyone that has shot a gun knows two 5.56 rounds won’t make your target explode (unless you pay and setup tannerite). Seems like just another subtle way to convince people not in “the know” that guns make everything in front of you explode. Despite technically about being guns I feel it hurts gun culture more than helps, especially if someone really expects their AR to make derelict RVs explode.

      • That’s just it. Uninformed non-intelligencias don’t know so it really can be counter productive in changing mindsets, or developing worse ones.

        What I dislike most about the show is the attitudes portrayed.

  7. Man, I dont know if you guys remember “Tales of the Gun” from the history channel, but that was one of my favorites.

    This show isnt too bad considering what passes for entertainment these days( here comes honey boo boo, Jersey shore, and Teen Mom, are you fu*king kidding me?!)
    I’ll watch SoG any day before I watch that other crap.

  8. I used to think Sons of Guns was a good show, then they went all “reality tv” and started using all the fake pyrotechnics.

  9. We’re very lucky that the law makes it illegal to own such a gun. It would be a clusterfuck of epic proportions if anyone could just buy this and shoot.

    • “Just anyone” could neither afford the gun nor the ammo.

      The law doesn’t make it illegal, either. Just difficult.

  10. This show lost me in the 1st season when Papa-dunce bought a Ma Deuce kit for 6k and his daughter sat there answering the phones with horrible snaggle teeth.

    Dude, get the girl some orthodontia, -then- you can get the M2.

    Also, it is my belief that these jokers do nothing to bolster the MSM image of gun owners. “Hey Marge, look at the mouth breathing, redneck dolts on tv with machine guns!”
    “My my my, we should do something about that! People like that shouldn’t be allowed to own guns like that!”

    Give Colion a Class III and a show. I’ll watch that.

  11. Babylon gun/satellite launcher= WANT. I got yer deterrence right here… Maybe not for actually stopping the threat, but I suppose I could use my blowgun (which I am obviously expertly trained in the use of) to sedate the bad guy, then load him in the breech and, voila! Douchebagsssss innnnnnn spaaaaaace! See if that story doesn’t make the rounds and make all the other criminal jerks think twice….

  12. Didnt that guy get in trouble for not having an FFL, and the shows producers had to bail him out?

  13. Anyone watching Top Shot tonight? The new season is a lot more enjoyable now that it’s 99% free of silly interpersonal drama. Perhaps a bit more bland, but all in all an improvement..

    • I am, but I DVR it and skip to the good parts. That’s a learned behavior from the first couple of seasons, and it has stood me well.

  14. NAWWWWWWW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I want and want them to build the 280mm Atomic cannon! LOL!!!!!

  15. Never seen the show except for this clip. Now I know why I haven’t had TV in 9 years.
    As soon as the clip started this horrible sounding “music” came pounding out of my speakers. I had to quickly turn the volume down to nearly zero. Then all I saw was a bunch of boys slapping hands and yelling woo hoo. And pretending they were excited about a restored WWII AAC gun. (I hope they were pretending or acting). Then we put about 70 or so total rounds through the gun and made something blow up. That’s it. What crap. What idiots think that a few High Fives and all the make believe excitement about this useless gun is what “men” want to see? This is the formula for success? Total garbage, worse, brainless garbage. Then add in that horrible sounding crap and sink it to an even lower level. No wonder we have low information voters, we have a low information society.

    • +1

      Modern television is utter garbage, and that garbage, which people apparently watch avidly, is a reflection of the society which produces it. And then we honestly wonder why the average voter, who honestly can’t even tell you who George Washington was with any clarity, naively thinks the world would be a better place if we just impose some gun bans…

      Brainless entertainment created by, and intended for, brainless people.

  16. I have pretty much given up on sons of derp. After the staged vince this vince that, it became full retard.

    I do own a RJ KMP-15 which is just a plain ol DI ar-15 with magpul furniture. For the most part(and I have heard horror stories from others, It shoots great and eats anything I put in it even steel junk like wolf, herters etc.

  17. RJF is a firearms show made by bro’s, for bro’s. It’s the readily available “gun show” for the masses that know nothing of guns and/or shooters culture. It’s so unfortunate that the producers went ahead and completely misrepresented everything about the shooting culture and personnel that live by the gun.

    Instead of getting a logical show about shooting sports and the competition, we get 90210 meets trailer trash firearms building 101 for liberals. “Look, me make guns, and blow up fake models of tanks!”

  18. Well, if you can’t have your own show…guess it’s just as good to criticize someone elses…:)

    IT’S ENTERTAINMENT FOLKS…give it a rest. No better than a Hollywood blockbuster film…SSDD.

    Only bright side it that it’s GUNS!! ON TV!!! Exposing the world to the fun of firepower…

  19. One question on this and American Guns – I’ve not seen much, but the cablebox guide gives this description occasionally:

    “(Gunsmith for the show) takes in someone’s prized rifle and make it full-auto”

    “(Gunsmith for the show) builds a parts kit into a machine gun”

    I might be missing something here, but wouldn’t the first example be illegal in the States? Okay, the description’s probably off, but if they do have the FFL that lets them make autos, aren’t they prohibited to sell them?

    • With the proper 07 license you can build one. But here in lies the problem, you can’t sell to anyone except another 07 dealer of a law enforcement agency. Having worked for a law enforcement agency they are not going to buy an old machine from you. This is my big problem with the show, they make it sound like if you want one just build it and there you are. Nice idea but……………

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