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If you haven’t seen the original Thrift Shop music video you’re behind the curve by about 352 million views. Whether you’re familiar or not, this firearms and knife-friendly take-off is the funniest thing I’ve seen today—and I just looked at the clothes I’m taking to Texas.

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  1. Pawn shops are the thrift shops for gunnies. I got my cherry Mossberg 590 for three bills flat at a pawn shop.

    Best of all they mentioned the khukuri. Everyone should have one.

    • The only thing missing was a bayonet on the rail, and then a massed “over the top” charge at the zombie targets.

    • Funny and also a Federal felony under the NFA, as it turns a pistol into an AOW (any other weapon). Unless they registered that pistol as an AOW, of course, but I find that really hard to believe. Nobody in their right mind would do that for a cheap .22 lr pistol and wait the 6-7 months for the tax stamp and have it so heavily regulated and controlled.

    • It’s actually a thing of beauty: taking the hipster “no mainstream fashion” look and turned it into the most popular song on the radio, thereby ruining it for hipsters everywhere. Well played Macklemore, well played.

  2. After viewing that video I have decided to renounce my lifelong support of 2a………..just funnin’. Gotta love that Ford. Salt on the road to control snow and ice gives cancer to vehicles. My old mans Ford looked at least that bad.

  3. the original U toob viddy has 353 million hits. That means that every man, woman and child in the US has prolly seen it and now I have. Just sayin’…

  4. It might be funny if they didn’t record it on a a laptop microphone while whispering lyrics through a paper towel tube.

  5. The original link is gone, video removed by owner or some such.
    Found it here:

    Both Macklemore and the “Gun Show” parody are 100%, grade-A silly.
    Comedy may be hard, but silly is a bloody difficult act to pull off,..well.
    Production values notwithstanding, it takes a different mindset to play
    the silly card. Sometimes you get rewarded with Macklemore, and other
    times, punished with Yankovic. The silly spirit was with the “Gun Show.”
    Sendin’ it out to friends now.


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