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The winner of this week’s contest will get a free download of the incredibly handy FirearmSafe app via iTunes, courtesy of Bob Reck, the wizard behind the program. [NB: dying is easy. Comedy is hard.]

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  1. Check it out, dawg–my bro works at Cabela’s, and he hooked me up with all this sweet stuff from the back; I’m totally gonna cosplay as Connor from Assassin’s Creed III at ComicCon.

  2. It’s Alaska, brother. The babes have scarcity power. Of course I wear my prescribed man-Burkha.

  3. Combining his love of hunting and Furry Cos-play, Big Dan McGrew was always a popular guest at the Kennedy Compound

  4. I think this picture shows what to bring while hunting grizzly bear like a man.
    1. Your fists, for killing the animal.
    2. A gun, to use if the animal is out of range of your fists.
    3. A knife, for separating your clothes from their previous owner.
    4. Deer antler, for best meat to flame ratio
    5. The skin of those that challenge you, to be used as a hat

    • In this short moment I could agree Zora. But I’m Gun owner and not PITA nor a tree hugger.

      Idiot man of any period with wolf head dressing on him is a wonderful target of the moment in the wild or public .

      My wolf friend WAYA on his head = a well vented a$$ on a well sharpened impalement pike in front of the lodge, and his / her jewels as snacks for his pups.

  5. “You guys might not know this, but I consider myself a bit of a loner. I tend to think of myself as a one-man wolf pack…”

  6. “Go afield with a good attitude, with respect for the wildlife you hunt and for the forest and fields in which you walk. Immerse yourself in the outdoor experience. It will cleanse your soul and make you a better person.”

    – Fred Bear

  7. Wolf-Elk-Venison-Charlie laughs heartily after finally figuring out how he can integrate a snakeskin into his wardrobe.

  8. In our society, you keep what you kill.


    Happy Wolf loves it when you wear him!

  9. Meet Bear Grylls older brother, Bob(cat) Grylls. He tried to teach his lil bro everything he knows, obviously Bear didn’t pay too much attention -it takes a true man of the wild to come out of the woods fat and laughing.

  10. So you think my helmet and body armor are cool huh? Just wait till you see what i use for a cup!

  11. And they said the radiation leakage from Fukashima would have no long term affect on people.

  12. Frustrated after his latest psycho babble therapy session, Mike Bloomberg decided he could go undercover and infiltrate the local NRA meeting himself, in hopes that someone there could give him a clue.

    • I believe it was,”Do you know how to skin grizzer bear, Pilgrim?” And moments later,”There’s your grizzer bear, Pilgrim, now skin him!” Jeremiah Johnson.

  13. After the outing of their “West Virginia Hunter”, The NYC employees at MAIG found a much better disguise so no-one would recognize that their newest pro hunting/anti 2A spokesperson was actually the out of work Al Borland form Tool Time.

  14. “Yes, I have been partially eaten by an elkhound. Thanks for asking. Now, could you please direct me to Men’s Accessories?”

  15. Coming this summer, it’s Forrester the Mountain Man, only on the WB! He is not LeBoeuf; he is a riot!

  16. Awesome hunting sketch! Happy from who has drew this photo sketch. In this petite instant I may perhaps agree with comment of Zora. Its occasion to obtain a glance on the astonishing and fascinating hunting photograph at enormous motivate. Inspired photography jointly to build an impact. So Now I should have to make my own sketch.

    Gun Holsters Unlimited

  17. Internet legends suggest that the bloodline of the mall ninja can be traced to this man and his 19th century tacticool clothing.

  18. Shortly after the start of hunting season in New Jersey, Jeremiah discovered the downside of forgetting his “hunter orange” vest …

  19. R.F. assimilates to residing in Texas in record time, while winning the beard growing contest.

  20. After years living alone in the mountains, Uncle Charlie (Manimal) Jones had gender down pat, but suffered from species confusion. So he figured he be all things to all creatures large and small.


    Saint Francis of Assisi’s evil twin.

  21. Wow, so many good ‘uns this week. Honorable mentions go out to Mark, JWM and sightpicture, but this week’s winner is SkyMan77 for his apt “Hangover” reference.

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