Megan Hunt. Courtesy Megan Hunt (Twitter).
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Owning a gun isn’t a “God-given right.” It’s a slave-owning, misogynistic founding father-given right. I’m not against 2A, but be real – the Constitution was written by people! Today I’m filibustering a bill that would allow concealed carry without training or a permit

— Nebraska Senator Megan Hunt via Twitter.


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    • It sure sounds to me like someone has some ‘daddy issues’ (wink-wink, nudge-nudge)…

      *snicker* 😉

    • By her choice the constitution rewrite airhead drama queen megan hunt is a member of the democRat Party. Therefore megan hunt is member of the political party that owns the legacy of slavery, segregation, the KKK, Jim Crow, Eugenics, Gun Control and other race based atrocities.

      All of that drama coming from a blabbermouth who gets her panties in a wad over citizens having a right to wear a cover over a firearm or have one in a purse. Firearms that were purchased legally via NCIC anal exams.

      The drama queen megan’s time would be better spent holding her democRat Party monetarily liable for its history of the aforementioned race based atrocities.

      • More like the party of single moms. We used to call these parasites on society “unwed mothers”.

        She couldn’t keep her baby daddy, so now she became a lesbian/bi once she has no real prospect of finding a man after 30 and with a kid.

        I demand this woman disclose what psychiatric medicine she is taking!

        Debbie – you are divorced and overweight. STFU.

        • avatar Geoff "A day without an obsessed, obviously brain-damaged and mentally-ill demented troll (who deserves to live in New Jersey) PR

          You don’t have the balls to make her stfu, little boy.

          That takes a real man.

          And what a pathetic little boy you are! 🙂

        • thottwerp…Your zero contribution and zero guesswork says you are as dumb as a box of rocks. Speaking of rocks…Crawl back under the one from which you came.

      • Another Krazy Karen.

        Just like the squad, women are the driving force of tyranny today.

        Unfortunately, women like this are attempting to destroy America.

    • Neb has dimwit progs that rule, Omaha and Lincoln. The rest of the state is pretty normal (other than that entire Cornhusker thing).

      • College students should be required to vote in their parent’s county of residency unless they are paying full rent in a privately owned facility.

    • Don’t like the Second Amendment? Disagree with the USSC decisions?

      That Constitution, written by men, has you covered. Article V describes how to change it (don’t worry, dear: It’s a short article).

  1. LOL
    All twisted and backwards

    Owning a gun ISN’T a God-Given Right. Owning guns is a protected right.

    SELF-PROTECTION is a God-Given Right! Wether guns are used or anything else.

    Understand the difference is part of what is sorely lacking in so much of the discussion.

    • Yes, my god give life includes the God-given right to protect that life, and those of others round about me. HOW I choose to protect that rigth is MY decision. I happen to like firearms, Not so much crossoes, knives, axes, dyamiet, throing stars, etc, but I have the right to take up and use any of them and more.
      The right to ARMS was sprcifically named in the Bill of Rights largely because the order that sparked the War for Independence was General Thomas Gage’s named Officer in Charge whose underling captain Jesse Adiar, at the Lexington Commons on 19 Paril 1775, issued the order…”lay down your arms and disperse, ye damned rebels”. The entire missionio of 19th April to Lexington and Concord had as its goal the confiscation/destructions of ARMS thougth to be in possession of the colonists who lived in those two towne. They got the arms, alright, but not the way they wanted them.Seems they got the lead firstGeneral Gage had made three previous attempts at disarming the colonists, one marginally successfup for a tim,e the next two dismal failures, hat handed him with ridicule. SUrely the furth, throughly planned out, skillfully executed, in total secret, would turn the tide. Well, it did turn the tide… but instead of falling, the tide rose to flull flood. It eventually washed him and all his hired minions clean out of the American colonies… and left the right to keep and bear ARMS a sacrosanct right of the common man.

      This dimwit congresscritter needs to go and study some histiory, and get a solid reality check.

      • Biden was correct when he said that 2A does not guarantee anyone absolute gun rights in fact I might add 2A does not guarantee you anything, only the courts and the legislatures do. That has been historical fact like it or not.

        Anderson’s new book quotes the Criminal Founders of the U.S. such as the Incompetent George Washington, the hypocrite Jefferson and Madison etc. who were absolutely terrified of the slave uprising in Haiti and the overthrow of the French Government there. The Founders of the U.S. were worried that the White Slave owners who were fleeing and bringing their slaves with them would influence U.S. Slaves into an all encompassing U.S slave revolt which certainly had a big influence on the writing 2A, the most disingenuous Amendment of the Bill of Rights and it was meant to be that way. More on that shortly.

        2A was also written to cajole the States into joining the new Federal Government by promising them a State Militia independent of any Federal oversight (at least it was that way in the beginning). The Scoundrels that founded the U.S. were well aware of the rather low educational level and often low intellect level of the average citizen, it was almost as low as the current Trumpite Morons as well as the Qanon nut cases of today. 2A was political and gave the proletariat the illusion they had the right to own arms as individuals but nothing could have been further than the truth about the right to own arms for the individual.

        Militia’s did indeed take guns from some of their members who did not tow the party line and joining a militia required you to follow the orders of the people in charge of the militia.

        2A was written in disingenuous political claptrap to make the people think they had the right to own weapons when in reality it only gave the States the right to form a Militia to put down slave rebellions’ and form a militia independent of the central government (since rescinded by Federalizing the National Guard). Because 2A was deliberately written in the vaguest of terms it permitted the gun hating power mad courts to ban and or restrict guns and they have been doing that since 2A was created proving what an absolute farce 2A is. It has never been worth the paper it was printed on and the gun hating courts have proved that by blessing just about every anti-gun law ever passed. That is reality, that is history, like it or not.

        I might add that anti-gun laws actually increased after 2A was adopted and have continued to increase ever since and again almost all of them blessed by the corrupt gun hating courts

        • Yep. herr dacain the nazi is morphing into albert hall. Same phony. Different name. He did the same when he became vlad.

        • Fake dacian. You can tell by the juvenile prose, and the extreme digressions and sarcastic references to Qanons and Trumpites.

        • dacian, the Dunderhead, I have a red hot news flash for you. The 2nd Amendment is a personal right. For your further edification, the courts are to enforce the law not make it. I don’t know if you are the “real dacian the dunderhead” or not, but it sure sounds like your long winded diatribes about a subject you have only a smattering of knowledge.

        • Good God you are long winded. I’m just going to say tcourts and legislators don’t guarantee the 2nd Amendment. People willing to exercise it do.

        • So, if I were to say, the 1st amendment doesn’t mean that you have the right to post on the internet or to write anything but with a quill and ink on parchment. Would you agree? After all as you said the “Founding Fathers were of low education”; even though they had gone to some pretty good schools for that time, and well educated for again that time.
          And boofkighoo they owned slaves. So did 75% of the population and howthehelcares if they were slave owners. I wish I had a couple of them at times, but I am alone in a sea of males who have forgotten that we live in a house not a cow barn. After 3mts of bad rest … never mind…
          The 2nd amendment is really simple to understand. It really is if you look up every single word in a older dictionary. You know the ones that were published pre-PC when we didn’t use words like “issues” for problems. Ie if you look up for example the word Keep one of the definitions is/were ‘To own, to be in possession of. ” and the word Bear to use. The Right, will that is pretty self explanatory. Of the People, mmmm you know what that means don’t you. Shall not be INFRINGED, I’ll give you the benefit of doubt that you have more than a kindergarten education. The first part of the amendment, A well regulated, that means a well TRAINED, it does not mean anything about any government overseeing the training. Milita, that means every single man(at the time again whofuckingcares) and female who owns a firearm. For a free state, they were not talking about the Federal Government, That should be quite evident. Right now there are 50 states.
          While there are some states that see the 2nd amendment as a full Right, because they have been run by liberals for a very long time and IMO we should give up on them and give them back to Mexico, Canada etc. Or if our Congress critters get off their assets and pass good gun laws. Our lives would be a lot easier and better.

        • The origins of the 2A literally go all the way back nearly 2000 years ago from the Germanic tribes, the tribes that Anglo-Saxons from which the modern English speaking world springs. Tacitus describes this very right to bear arms among the German tribes.

          What I find most interesting in your writings, dacian, is your obvious hatred for America as a country and Americans the people. Yet you stay here. It’s almost like you don’t understand the world in which you live and tie yourself in pretzels to rationalize your clearly illogical beliefs.

          “2A was political and gave the proletariat the illusion they had the right to own arms as individuals but nothing could have been further than the truth about the right to own arms for the individual.”

          You are correct in that the 2A doesn’t give anyone the right to keep in bear arms, but for the same reason the 1A doesn’t give anyone the right to free speech and to freely, though peacefully, practice whatever religion you want. Literally NO right is “given” to anyone by any part of the constitution. The right to free speech, practice religion, to keep and bear arms, etc. are rights given by God and only recognized by the constitution.

          “Because 2A was deliberately written in the vaguest of terms”

          The 2A is very precisely and clearly written. The first half describes the reason for the second amendment. The first part of the second half describes what right is recognized. The last part describes the expectation of US governments to not deny that right.

          It is true, though, that corrupt politicians and judges see the US Constitution as an impediment to their desire to oppress Americans, so use whatever corrupt logic they can think of to decide that the US Constitution doesn’t say what it clearly says.

    • The problem, Prndll, is that there is no discussion. All the other side does is screech, whine, and cry, while calling us Nazis.

      • I know. The inevitable argument even interferes within families. I can speak to that personally as many can. Talking heads on the radio discussing national divorce and I can’t disagree. Electing a new president won’t change the fact the we are pretty evenly divided in this country. Half the nation truly feels dis’d no matter what. All I can say for sure is that I’ve chosen sides. Many have.

        I am fully aware of my mortality. I will die. If my life is to have any meaning at all…let it be for freedom, love, knowledge, and wisdom. And if you will…on loan from God.

        For those that come here to read, write, or just to put in your two cents: make the fight worth what we lost.

        • Prndll:
          “I am fully aware of my mortality. I will die. If my life is to have any meaning at all…let it be for freedom, love, knowledge, and wisdom. And if you will…on loan from God.”
          Thank you for that. I could not have said it better, myself.

    • “The gun is just a tool for that job”

      Something tells me she hasn’t seen a ‘tool’ in a very long time, if ever… 🙂

      • Well the two of you would get along famously, since you’ve never been with a woman in the biblical sense. How does it feel to know you’ll never know the pleasures of a woman?

        • nameless, brainless troll, YOU should be telling THEM how it feels, since you are our forum expert on “never knowing the touch of a woman”. Although I applaud you on coping with your daily circle jerks with MinorIQ and dacian the stupid.

          Go visit the cable “little” “man”. And go pound salt in your @$$. You remain too stupid and irrelevant to insult.

        • Keep dreaming, little boy.

          (Very little, I bet! 🙂 )

        • I am sure you and your anti-gun radicals would get along famously with Adolf, Benito, and a host of others.

  2. Megan Hunt (DemocRat Party) is a member of the Nebraska State Senate, representing District 8. She assumed office on January 9, 2019. Her current term ends on January 4, 2023. She needs to be voted out by the good people of NE..

  3. She should take an ear of corn and shove it in her pie hole. Send her to the streets of chiraq or SF or NY and let her walk around at night and see if she survives.

    • Yes, and since she can’t come up with a good argument against the Constitution, she just attacks the people that wrote it. Wouldn’t an intelligent person debate the actual issue at hand? Wouldn’t intelligent voters notice that?

  4. More lectures on morality from the party for slavery, the Ku Klux Klan, Jim Crow and segregation forever. Once they rid themselves of the Bill of Rights they will remove the other amendments and they can have slavery back, though their ideal free citizens resemble slaves so closely that normal people will not be able to see the difference.

  5. She managed to pack an amazing amount of stoopid into a single tweet.

    Which means she’ll go far in politics…

  6. From her Twitter account: “State Senator in Omaha’s District 8. Vice Chair of Urban Affairs. Bi queen. Abolish ICE. She/her.” Enough said.

  7. As I understand it the original intent of the part of the American constiution regarding the Right to Bear Arms was for the the formation of a disciplined and trained body of men that could be called upon at short notice to defend the Nation and that the States National Guard was formed for that purpose. Americans mostly do not appreciate that pre-WW1 the British had ever resriction of gun ownership that the Americans do today. The fact is however that few botheered and apart from the use of shotguns in the countrside and a few small calibre rifles I doubt that more that half of one percent of the civilian population ever set eyes on a privately owned pistol and maybe only one in a hundred on a full bore Rifle. The Police were unharmed and if a policeman was killed by a firearm the ‘perp’ received a mandatory death sentence.
    The public demanded a Draconian crackdown and got it. . We do not see those restrictions as a restriction on our Civil Liberties or as an assault on Common Rights . In fact the subject is seldom ever discussed.

    • “…and that the States National Guard was formed for that purpose.”

      That’s called an “error of omission”, Albert.

      The US Constitution lists 2 classes of the militia, the organized, and the unorganized. The organized militia is what the National Guard covers, while “We, the people…” compromises the unorganized militia.

      “The right of the people to keep and bear arms…” referenced in the 2A is the unorganized militia.

      Do you now understand, you obviously stupid limey? 🙂

      EDIT – In 1788, Tench Cox wrote this :

      “Who are the militia? Are they not ourselves? Congress have no power to disarm the militia. Their swords and every other terrible implement of the soldier, are the birthright of an American . . . . The unlimited power of the sword is not in the hands of either the federal or state governments, but, where I trust in God it will ever remain, in the hands of the people.”

      – Tench Coxe, The Pennsylvania Gazette, Feb. 20, 1788

    • And now you are subjects, forced to do your master’s bidding. There’s a reason we kicked you limeys out.

    • Albert Hall,

      Governments can and often do fail to provide for the common defense. The root cause of those failures can be resource limitations, honest mistakes, incompetence, laziness, insufficient funding, and even intentional betrayal of their own people. The Framers of the United States Constitution understood that simple fact and codified the Second Amendment (the right of The People to keep and bear arms) as an insurance policy of sorts for securing liberty when government fails to do so.

      And here is an incredibly important point that countless people overlook. Untold masses assume that the only “utility” of the Second Amendment is being able to respond to an invasion with a massive armed militia. What those untold masses fail to see is how many invasions our Second Amendment actively prevented when would-be invaders decided that they could not overcome our massive organized and unorganized armed militia.

      • Off topic but we are seeing this now.
        “and even intentional betrayal of their own people”.
        Bidens war on fossil fuels is meant to force people into submission. I can’t believe how authoritarian the democrat party has become. They couldn’t care less about the suffering they are causing lower income constituents let alone the rest of us. I can only imagine how they would act if not for the 2nd Amendment.

        • “They couldn’t care less about the suffering they are causing lower income constituents let alone the rest of us.”

          And to add insult to injury, they do it under the guise of ending some obscure future suffering that actual data doesn’t even predict. Death and suffering per capita due to weather related incidents has been DECLINING for decades. Note that the date the future suffering will begin continues to be pushed further into the future. It’s the gift that keeps on giving! When the Party of Science lies about current weather events being caused by global warming, even super woke NOAA had to step in and say there was no scientific basis for that. It didn’t matter because the sheep have already been programmed to believe the lies.

          This is nothing more than an excuse to control billions, and very soon trillions. Money equals power. The suffering they’re already inflicting, which will ramp up in the future, is icing on the cake to them. The poor won’t notice too much because they’ll be offered welfare. The wealthy won’t notice. Who does that leave? The middle class.

        • Dude,
          You are correct about this being all about power. If these demons truly cared about the people they would be talking about how a slight rise in global temperature is extending the growing season for the more northern and southern latitudes. Then they would work to take advantage of the situation. Providing more food sources for lesser developed nations. Power in the hands of democrats makes satan smile.

    • Albert Hall,

      There are other critically important ways that the United States Second Amendment massively increases our nation’s security.

      First: decentralization of firearms and ammunition
      Keeping giant firearm and ammunition caches in a few central government armories is a quaint idea. And it is a very bad idea. An enemy can easily destroy (via multiple methods) a few armories. An enemy could steal the contents of a few armories. And the contents of those armories could be largely unavailable for distribution after a catastrophe or attack. Our nation’s Second Amendment ensures that untold millions of firearms and billions of rounds of ammunition are evenly distributed throughout our entire nation–they cannot be destroyed and are already distributed for immediate use.

      Second: marksmanship and maintenance skills
      The overwhelming majority of professional government military servicemen/women get very little “trigger time” and virtually no time to practice, hone, and reinforce basic firearm maintenance skills. To be blunt, they fail to adequately maintain and improve their most basic and necessary combat skills. On the other hand, millions of civilians train and practice with their civilian firearms on a regular basis. The result: countless civilians can run circles around many/most of our nation’s professional military servicemen/women.

      Third: security through obscurity
      A foreign invader can easily determine their enemy’s central government military assets and liabilities–e.g. armory locations and contents, fighting forces headcount, fighting force skills, and logistics support. Thus a foreign invader can plan an attack/invasion with a great degree of certainty to ensure success. That goes right out the window in the United States. A foreign invader has no idea how many firearms we have, how many civilians will fight, where the fighting civilians are, how advanced civilian skills are, how many supplies those civilians have, and how long those civilians can fight. Planning a successful invasion and overthrow of the United States is a nightmare–more accurately an impossibility.

    • Albert Hall (shouldn’t your first name be “Royal” – if that’s allowed in your monarchy?),

      “As I understand it the original intent of the part of the American constiution regarding the Right to Bear Arms was for the the formation of a disciplined and trained body of men that could be called upon at short notice to defend the Nation and that the States National Guard was formed for that purpose.” Wow, so MUCH ignorance and sheer stupidity, combined with stunning lack of knowledge of history, in one sentence!!

      Read some freakin’ history, dolt of a subject. NO, the original intention (and even that was hotly debated, but then a subject never read the Federalist Papers, did they?) was to protect and INHERENT RIGHT from infringement by our government. At the time the 2A was passed and ratified, dumbass, “militia” is defined in federal law as “each and every free able-bodied white male citizen of the respective States, resident therein, who is or shall be of age of eighteen years, and under the age of forty-five years” and that definition, in large part, CONTINUES to be controlling federal law.

      Albert the subject, what you THINK you know about America and American history, and what America and American history ACTUALLY are, are so absurdly disconnected as to be laughable (I’d laugh harder, if we didn’t have so many of our own who CHOOSE to be subjects, like MinorIQ and dacian the stupid).

      Albert, we stopped caring about your opinion in 1776. Comments like yours prove how wise that decision was. Go tell the Queen she needs to take care of you.

      • Tom Selleck nailed it in Quigley Down Under.

        Speaking of nailing, Crazy Cora’s Cleavage was almost as entertaining as the Sharps rifle.

    • Albert Hall, you could not be more wrong. The “well regulated militia” is the PREAMBLE to the 2nd Amendment. Do you know what a preamble is?

    • In fact the subject is seldom ever discussed.

      Then why are you discussing it with us? It’s not like we even asked you your opinion in order to discuss it with you. Why would you even think that we care, what you guys aren’t discussing?

  8. MLK owned an arsenal and was denied a concealed carry permit. The answer of why he did is the same; Democrats/the KKK.

  9. Senator Hunt doesn’t need the second amendment. She can do way more damage to society by her irresponsible use of the first amendment without a license. Why are people who do things like this often so ironically named? Reminds me of that guy named Mullet that was going around shaving the beards off of Amish men a decade or so ago.

  10. She’s obviously just wants to avoid the blood soaked gravel roads we now have here next door in Iowa.

  11. Imagine if Ms. Megan Hunt had issued the following equivalent statement:

    Owning a gun petitioning government for a redress of grievances isn’t a “God-given right.” It’s a slave-owning, misogynistic founding father-given right.

    I’m not against 2A 1A, but be real – the Constitution was written by people! Today I’m filibustering a bill that would allow concealed carry petitioning government without training or a permit.

    • Do the 4th and 5th amendments now. Or hell the 8th, I mean we all know that slave owners were experts at cruel and unusual punishment.

    • I’m assuming she has a (D) next to her name so she’s most likely a staunch opponent of the First Amendment, as well as the rest of the Constitution.

  12. And I will be the one
    Hold you down
    Kiss you so hard
    Take your breath away.
    Well I knew what slave meant but I had to look up them other two words.
    Filibuster, that’s a funny word, reminds me of a nut.
    Mysogenist, why cant they just say woman hater, it’s a whole lot easier to say.
    What’s the word for someone who swears an oath to protect the constitution of their state as well as the constitution of the United States of America to the best of their ability and then doesn’t. I’m sure theres a fancy college word for bald faced lier.

    • avatar Geoff "A day without an obsessed, obviously brain-damaged and mentally-ill demented troll (who deserves to live in New Jersey) PR

      “And I will be the one
      Hold you down
      Kiss you so hard
      Take your breath away.”

      The weird thing is, Marsupial One, that lyric was sent to her (Sarah Mclachlan) by an obsessed ‘fan’ :

      “When an obsessed fan sent Sarah McLachlan a plethora of love letters, instead of recoiling in fear, she penned a song. “Writing the song ‘Possession’ [about the fan] was very therapeutic,” the Canadian singer told Rolling Stone. The stalker sued her for the unauthorized use of his private letters, but the lawsuit was dropped after he committed suicide.

      “It’s funny, because almost every letter I get these days, the writer says, ‘I’m not one of those psycho fans.’ But ever since then I haven’t gotten any letters that were freaky like that, which is great, because I used to get them all of the time.”

      So, with any luck, my obsessed, obviously brain-damaged and mentally-ill demented troll (who deserves to live in New Jersey) will eventually do the right thing and take himself out, improving the human species *immensely*… 🙂

      • avatar Geoff "A day without an obsessed, obviously brain-damaged and mentally-ill demented troll (who deserves to live in New Jersey) PR

        Possum, if you have the CD, ‘Possession’ appears twice on the album, if you let the last song play on after the end, there’s a pause, a bit of noise, and then a solo piano version.

        It’s a neat album, I played it a lot in the late 90s, when I was driving 70 miles each way to work…

        • You know to much about music, didn’t think anyone would catch those lyrics.
          When I seen Hunts filibuster it reminded me, ,,And I will Be the one, hold you down.

        • Here’s the whole story :

          From: ab…@FreeNet.Carleton.CA (James Hrynyshyn)
          Subject: OTTAWA X PRESS ARTICLE: Object of Obsession
          Sender: ab… (James Hrynyshyn)
          Organization: The National Capital FreeNet
          Date: Mon, 23 Jan 1995 13:26:37 GMT
          Lines: 197

          The Ottawa X Press story on Uwe Vandrei. It appeared jan. 18. Ottawa X
          Press is an alternative weekly news and entertainment magazine and can be
          reached at xpr… A web site is in the works.

          Object of Obsession

          Oh Sarah,
          Will I ever hold you on that shore?
          Or only live it in a dream?
          Will I ever tell you of my fears?
          Will you ever collect my tear?
          Uwe Vandrei
          Letters to Sarah, 1992

          And I would be the one to hold you down,
          Kiss you so hard.
          I’ll take your breath away
          And after I wipe away your tears
          Just close your eyes dear.
          Sarah McLachlan
          “Possession,” 1994

          by Jane Tattersall and James Hrynyshyn

          Few people noticed Uwe Vandrei’s disappearance
          last fall. His neighbors on Vanier’s Barrette Street
          most often described him as a loner.
          Only the chance discovery in November of his
          truck parked in the Manotick woods, his decomposing
          body inside brought to light the end of his tragic life.
          And yet Vandrei was not an entirely unknown
          quantity. Those that did know him at all could point to
          the source of his pain. But who could have predicted his
          love for Vancouver singer Sarah McLachlan would drive
          him to suicide?
          Vandrei’s obsession with McLachlan is not the
          first time a fan has gone over the edge. Indeed, the list
          of crazed fans is a long one. David Letterman has one.
          Jodie Foster has one who’s also a failed presidential
          assassin. Even some Ottawa musicians have been
          confronted with over-enthusiastic admirers. They’re
          inevitable. But there’s little anyone can do to help them
          and Vandrei’s case is a perfect example of why.
          Carey Stevens, an Ottawa psychologist who deals
          with obsessive-compulsive behavior, says fixations of
          any kind usually arise to fill a gap in someone’s life.
          If the problem is smoking or nail-biting, it can be
          treated through behavioral modification, says Stevens.
          As long as they’re a good reason to quit, the patient can.
          Fixating on a media star, however, is more
          difficult to treat because there’s no obvious incentive
          to giving it up. Its origins are also more mysterious.
          “I don’t know of a client who’s been able to say,
          This is why I do it.’ It’s something that gradually
          forms,” says Stevens. “I don’t think they
          understand – and I really believe they’re telling the
          Perhaps Vandrei needed an intellectual and
          emotional partner. For some reason, he couldn’t find one
          here and turned to McLachlan instead.
          Other obsessed fans have followed the same path.
          Many of those who’s tactics have ended up as fodder for
          the popular press have resorted to gruesome or
          outrageous strategies.
          But Vandrei’s story does not include dead animals
          or body parts mailed to the star. There are no threats,
          no signs of violence or otherwise dangerous behavior,
          just letters.
          Lots of letters.
          And a bizarre lawsuit asking for $250,000 and
          credit for supplying the material that he claimed
          McLachlan used as the basis for her song about an
          obsessed fan, “Possession.”

          Oh into the sea of waking dreams
          I follow without pride
          CAUSE nothing stands between us here
          And I won’t be denied.
          — S. McLachlan
          “Possession,” 1994

          As do many obsessed fans, Vandrei kept to
          himself. “We never saw him with anybody or saw
          anybody at his house. He spoke with my roommate once
          about the court case, but that was pretty much it,” says
          next-door neighbor James Buchanan.
          Buchanan says Vandrei’s home was well-stocked
          with computer equipment, and that the computer
          engineer was a well-known presence on several
          Internet newsgroups. (Psychologist Stevens says many
          obsessive loners are turning to the Internet to find
          some sort of social fulfillment.) In his basement he
          kept stacks of books and journals with titles like
          “Poems” and “Songs.”
          But he didn’t appear to have a social life in the
          physical sense. Details of his life — his age,
          birthplace, family — are hard to come by. His former
          landlord contacted Vandrei’s family after his death and
          promised to pass on a request for an X Press interview,
          but the family has yet to respond.
          Buchanan says he and his roommate only noticed
          Vandrei’s absence when junk mail started piling up
          outside his door. “We were cleaning it up for him. Then
          his bike got knocked over in the driveway and he didn’t
          pick it up. It just sat on its side for days. That made us
          start to wonder.”
          Even the building manager saw little of the man.
          He paid his rent on the apartment he lived in for three
          years with post-dated cheques. According to the
          manager, he told people in September just before he
          disappeared that he was going to Vancouver, which is
          where McLachlan is based.
          She described him as “a nice, friendly guy. He was
          incredibly intelligent, but misguided. There was no
          question in his mind that she [McLachlan] was as much
          in love with him as he was with her.”

          Let me repeat the lessons that you may not have learned
          well. Time and distance are IRRELEVANT! I am absorbed
          by, bound to you and I can wait a year, a decade, a
          lifetime. I will still be there, cherishing,
          contemplating, waiting.
          — U. Vandrei
          Letters to Sarah,

          Other neighbors tell of meeting Vandrei on the
          street and immediately finding themselves involved in
          a mostly one-sided conversation of the merits of
          McLachlan’s music. It was clear he was obsessed.
          His letters, the ones he sent to McLachlan over
          the space of more than two years, paint a picture of a
          lonely man who had nothing to live for beyond the slim
          hope of recognition from his idol.
          In one, he compares his life to the frozen Rideau
          River waterfalls, “except that spring is certain to come
          and my winter is eternal.”
          So desperate was he for McLachlan’s attention
          that he thought nothing of exposing his obsession to
          public scrutiny. He launched the lawsuit last
          September, then he sent copies of his letters to CKCU
          radio. All that mattered was reaching the siren of his
          Such behavior may sound irrational, but to an
          obsessed fan it makes sense. Police have come across
          similar patterns in stalkers, men who pursue women
          relentlessly. As an American detective told Details
          magazine two years ago, going to court is “like going on
          a date – he gets to be in the same room as her, gets to
          talk at her if not to her, learns new details about her
          Rodney Murphy, a Carleton University student who
          met Vandrei at a McLachlan concert in December, 1993,
          spent several hours talking with him. “He kept talking
          about how little faith he had in humanity,” Murphy
          recalls. “The court case wasn’t about money. He didn’t
          need it. He was very well off. All he wanted to do was
          meet her. He was in love with her music, her whole
          Nevertheless, Murphy felt it was for the best that
          Vandrei never actually meet his idol. “He wasn’t at all
          violent or hostile, but he truly believed everything he
          told me. He couldn’t see things straight. Meeting her
          would have made the whole scheme even more real to

          Oh you speak to me in riddles
          And you speak to me in rhyme.
          My body aches to breathe your breath,
          Your words keep me alive
          — S. McLachlan
          “Possession,” 1994

          McLachlan has always portrayed herself in her
          songs and videos as a mythic, remote figure. Through
          her management agency, she declined to talk about the
          affair, but in an interview on MuchMusic she described
          herself as a “sucker for tragic romance.”
          The image she has constructed has attracted more
          than one obsessive fan. In March of 1994 a restraining
          order was issued against a fan who moved to Vancouver
          to be near the singer. But even if Vandrei wasn’t the
          most troublesome fan, his death shows he was the most

          All these years your music kept me warm in that
          winter. You warm me so, and we have not even met yet!
          — U. Vandrei
          Letters to Sarah, 1992


          James Hrynyshyn *** ab…
          Centretown, Ottawa, Ontario, Canada
          (613) 235-9465 *** News Editor, Ottawa X Press”

          Please, PLEASE, obsessed, obviously brain-damaged and mentally-ill demented troll (who deserves to live in New Jersey), kill yourself and decompose inside your pickup OK?

          Thanks a million! 🙂

        • And yes I’ve got Pocessions, and two more. I like her voice,,,, music calms the ravaged beast

        • Dang guys, I figured I was the only Sarah McLachlan fan on TTAG. Yes, I know her ideologies and politics are opposed to what most of us believe. However, she sings and composes beautiful songs that are a nice distraction from the world we live in.

          BTW, been a fan of her voice since she sang “As the End Draws Near” for a band “Manufacture” on Nettwerk records back in the 80’s. Even more impressed with her work with the band “Delirium”.

        • My favorite: Angel from the movie “City of Angels”
          In the arms of the angel
          Fly away from here
          From this dark cold hotel room
          And the endlessness that you fear
          You are pulled from the wreckage
          Of your silent reverie
          You’re in the arms of the angel
          May you find some comfort here

      • It’s ironic that a disability receiving parasite who has taken so much more from society then he can ever hope to give would encourage anyone else to ‘take themselves out’ to ‘improve society immensely ‘. Lol look in a mirror to see a person who offers nothing…

        • avatar Geoff "A day without an obsessed, obviously brain-damaged and mentally-ill demented troll (who deserves to live in New Jersey) PR

          “Lol look in a mirror…”

          Take your own advise, moron.

          What a joke and a 🤡 you are! 🙂 🙂

          (And don’t forget, kill yourself! 🙂 )

      • …or traitor.

        Definition of traitor

        1 : one who betrays another’s trust or is false to an obligation or duty
        2 : one who commits treason

        (definition courtesy of Miriam-Webster Dictionary)

  13. She needs to shut up and assume the fetal position in one of her godless safe spaces.
    Google her shes a mindless pos.

  14. Ah yes, the old “topic is irrelevant” because they weren’t perfect everywhere else argument. Cancel culture at it’s finest most revolting low.

    Except Ms. Hunt, you also make mistakes yourself. By your own measure, using your position and playing by your own rules, oops, that makes you inapplicable too. You see, we can play by Alinsky’s rule book as well.

  15. Rural areas get these sorts of people way more often than you’d think. Some combination of relative insulation from the greater “cosmopolitan” world and a desire to emulate what all the fancy city folk are doing.

    • She’s STILL signing with the mask up emoji, she brags about being a “Bi queen” on her official PR account, and she lists her pronouns. Virtue signaling overload. Birds of a feather…

  16. Say her name 3 times fast and the truth will be revealed to you.

    Apparently, “An Education is a Terrible Thing to have…”

    • Wow! Thank you for posting this. It explains a great deal about this woman’s thinking. As I have said before. The sexually liberated/atheist are almost always s0ci@list progressive in their political orientation. They have never believed in Liberty. It terrifies them.

    • I watched the entire video 36 min long. And this woman is an example of what President Eisenhower was talking about in his final address to the nation. When he said the “enemies of the United States are atheistic in nature”. This atheist completely believes in the Democrat party’s s0ci@list Progressive agenda.

      And yes there are atheists who believe in Liberty and the responsibility that goes with it. But unfortunately you guys are far outnumbered by those who don’t really believe in messy freedom.

  17. The one of the very few times the term stupid white person applies here. She should really look up the racist history of gun control in Nebraska.

  18. By law elected officials should be required to pass a fundamental Civics exam. The Bill of Rights does not Grant rights, it handcuffs the government’s ability to interfere with those rights. Those rights come from simply being born.

    • “By law elected officials should be required to pass a fundamental Civics exam”

      you would allow an unelected agency to control who the voters could select to represent them?

      • We already allow unelected groups that operate for profit to pick who gets to run for office. Those groups are called the Republican party and the Democrat Party. We also have certain standards that people must meet to be able to run for public office. What does adding one more item to that list of Standards matter?

  19. Yes, our Constitution was written by men. And yes, some of them were slave owners. And most, if not all, were flawed. As are most, if not all people today are. None of us are perfect.
    The 2A refers to the militia. As with much else, the leftists are desperate to over complicate things. In common parlance of the time, the militia was defined as any free man of military age. Back then that could mean anything from 16 to 60. In todays parlance, it would be any person not otherwise restricted from ownership of firearms. Then, as now there are 2 types of militia. The regulated militia, meaning the national guard. And the unregulated. Meaning those who are able and willing to step up in time of emergency. Usually those who show up to help in disasters like the Cajun navy after Katrina. Or those who were digging people out of the rubble after the earthquake in Cali when the bridges collapsed. Those who jump in after a tornado or flood to try to rescue their neighbors without being asked.
    An example of how just the threat of private ownership of firearms may have prevented invasion was in WWII. When asked, a certain Japanese Admiral decided against invading the continental US was he believed there would be a man with a rifle behind every blade of grass. And he was correct.

    • Except the 2nd refers to the guarantee of rights to the PEOPLE, not to the rights of the militia. Yours is the argument dispelled in the Heller and McDonald case when SCOTUS came down with the individual, not collective, determination.

      • imitating the practice of the greek city states, the people were assumed to be participating in a well-regulated militia. “the people” means the able-bodied men age 16-60 participating in the militia, and their right to bear arms was presumed to be associated with the militia.

        • Actually, no. “The People” is used several times in the Constitution and Bill of Rights where the militia was not mentioned or involved. The 2nd has been declared an individuals right, not a collective right. It belongs to all persons, not just “the militia”.

    • White women who owned land were voting in the time before and after the founding of this country. Same for free blacks who owned land. It was after the war of 1812 that things began to change.

    • “In common parlance of the time, the militia was defined as any free man of military age”

      incorrect. the militia was defined as those free men of military age who participated in a well-regulated (well-drilled, well-practiced, well-led) militia organization, not just a bunch of individuals here and there acting on their own.

      • rant7, keep blowing smoke up your own @$$ with that nonsense. You always spout that blather, you have been schooled on why you are ENTIRELY wrong, for historic, textual, and grammatical reasons . . . and you keep dredging up that sorry shit. Please stop. Go read an actual history book, and maybe also a book on English grammar and sentence structure. Or just go join MinorIQ, dacian the stupid, and the nameless, brainless troll in their daily circle jerk. The 2A DOES NOT say what you claim. There is NO contemporaneous documentation that that interpretation was intended, and the Founding Fathers would have laughed at your stupid @$$. Just stop playing the fool. Or is it that you aren’t really playing, after all??? If that’s the case, Samuel Langhorne Clemens had some good advice: “Keep your mouth shut and let people think you a fool; don’t open it and remove all doubt.”

  20. Nebraska has a new promotional motto –
    ” Nebraska . It’s not for Everyone.” Works both ways, Megan is also Not for Nebraska.

  21. Welp; democrats being democrats. Don’t have a coherent point? Just throw leftoid bull-sh*t at the wall and see what sticks.

  22. “Owning a Gun Isn’t a ‘God-given right.’ It’s a Slave-Owning, Misogynistic Founding Father-Given Right.”

    I can live with that.

    • Of course you can; you’re an idiot. Who knows NOTHING of natural law, inherent rights, the philosophy of the Founders, common use of the English language in the 1790s, basic English grammar, or pretty much anything else. I repeat; you’re an idiot.

  23. “I’m filibustering a bill that would allow concealed carry without training or a permit”

    sounds good to me. “well-regulated” militia and all that.

    • the left is everywhere. and growing all the time, because it controls public education and thus produces a new bumper crop of leftists every year.

      • “…controls public education and thus produces a new bumper crop of leftists every year.”

        They don’t just control public education.

        Check out: Share of Americans who identify as LGBT from 2012 to 2020, by generation

        You can search it yourself. The filters probably won’t let me post it.

        In 2020:
        Oldest gen: 1.3%
        Boomers: 2%
        Gen X: 3.8%
        Millennials: 9.1%
        *Why the big jump from 3.8 to 9.1? Hmm…
        Gen Z: 15.9%

        Are you seeing a trend yet? Nature vs. nurture anyone? Remember when letting the television babysit your kids was a bad idea? TV doesn’t have anything on social media.

        • Clearly, Gen X groomed Millennials and turned them gay, in turn Millennials did this to Gen Z but with increased efficiency due to the interwebz.

          Quite obviously this means that Boomers are actually a bunch of pedos but in denial and were made that way by the perverts in the Silent Generation. Which, if we go back in time basically means that literally everyone in ancient Egypt was gay and at some point we started randomly hatching from eggs to avoid going extinct.

          Damn, there’s an NIH grant application in there somewhere!

          The odd part though is that less people identify as Catholic over time… (I kid the Catholics).

          Was Kinsey right or just a weirdo? Is it Live or is it Memorex?

          In all seriousness though, such surveys are a snapshot that’s kinda useless without a ton more data that’s extremely hard to derive. It surely changes over time but is that actually the underlying data changing or people’s willingness to be honest changing due to society? I mean, while the rates are down you still have a pretty unhealthy level of teen pregnancy from a social standpoint and do we really need to point out that this means that not all the girls are straight up carpet lickers? (Apparently not, since I just took one for the team and pointed this out.)

          In that regard it’s like drugs and mental illness. Do drugs cause mental illness or does mental illness cause drug-seeking behavior?

          Well, there’s evidence in both directions but no one really wants to take a look under the hood because they’ll get flayed alive by one side of the political aisle or the other no matter what they find.

          You see a this happen on a bunch of other fronts too numerous to name. It’s clear that something’s happened/happening but it’s not being seriously investigated because, ultimately, the answer is a political hot potato no matter what the answer ends up being.

        • “a snapshot that’s kinda useless without a ton more data”

          I think there’s enough there to mean something.

          “people’s willingness to be honest changing due to society”

          I can’t prove it, but I feel certain that only accounts for a small percentage of it. It makes sense when you look at the first three generations. Gen X grew up during/after the sexual revolution. I don’t think they have an issue with answering an anonymous survey about sexual orientation.

          “It’s clear that something’s happened/happening”

          And it’s escalating. I think at least part of it has to do with the rise of social media. If you look up the chart, they only survey the Gen Zers above the age of 18, which is appropriate. I think you’ll see Gen Z continue to climb as more are old enough to answer the survey. My son is only one grade ahead of my daughter. He said her class is “pretty much all gay.” He said school doesn’t really influence the kids, but social media does. *For the lefty snowflakes: this conversation is really about influences changing society, not just sexual orientation. It makes an easy example.

          “Do drugs cause mental illness or does mental illness cause drug-seeking behavior?”

          I’d say it’s a big depends on the situation. Some people can use drugs and/or alcohol their entire life without issue, some can’t. A childhood friend of mine just committed suicide. He was a lifelong user of pot and alcohol. He seemed to have a recent mental break and did many things that would have been out of character for the person I thought I knew. I understand you never really know someone. There were most likely underlying mental health issues without drugs. I think drugs made it worse. When things got bad, he probably ran out of coping mechanisms. Who knows? It’s a really sad situation. I’m depressed just thinking about it. I don’t think we should be so cavalier about drug and alcohol use.

        • “I think there’s enough there to mean something.”

          Something? Sure. What? Something meaningful? We can’t say unless we can figure out what “something” is.

          Polling is very hard because it’s quite well known that people will answer in the way they perceive the pollster prefers. To simply ask the question is to change the way the person’s opinion is presented.

          This is something so well understood that the double-blind study was invented when it was realized that the study participant’s reaction to the drug, or the placebo changed based on their interaction with the people running the study.

          Me knowing if I’m giving you a real experimental drug or not changes my behavior enough that you can pick it up and change your behavior to match. This can throw off medical studies by fairly wide margins, as much as 10% overall for the sample population. In this case that would automatically inject a Gen-Z error of ~66%.

          Generally speaking I’d say that the Social Media hypothesis is on solid ground if what you want to say is that it changes the outcome of polling for Gen-Z members 18+. Does it really change their behavior? Dunno. I interact with Gen-Z kids 18-22 all day most days and I don’t detect rampant homosexuality. Mostly, it’s the same as it ever was. Guys trying to get in girl’s pants.

          Honestly, I’d say that the polling is what’s been affected here unless someone can show me good data that says otherwise. People telling pollsters what they want to hear is a 100 year old problem. Insofar as this is the case, I’d suggest that we’ve reversed what was going on 50 years ago. Closeted gays, open heterosexuals becomes closeted heterosexuals and open gays.

          Or maybe they’ve just expanded LGBTQ+ so far that it basically covers nearly everyone. What exactly are the diagnostic criteria here?

          Stats for a long time have shown that men are pretty rigid in sexuality while women are more fluid. Which is to say that bisexual women are much more common than bisexual men. Men are a slim minority gay and mostly straight with very, very few bi. I doubt that this has changed because it would require a change in our genetics to build a different brain with different instincts and that’s a damned hard sell.

        • @Dude, eh modded for using proper terminology. Wait on it if you’d like to read it.

          You make some valid points. I simply address others.

        • Now that you bring that up, I heard of a young girl saying that there was social pressure to identify as something other than heterosexual cis gender. So there’s a strong influence to change children. It isn’t necessarily to bring them under the lgbt umbrella, it’s to turn them into progressives.



  26. ‘Owning a Gun Isn’t a ‘God-given right.’ It’s a Slave-Owning, Misogynistic Founding Father-Given Right.’

    Apparently this sexually liberated atheist does not believe that humans are born with the right of armed self-defense. Obviously she says that God does not exist. And believes that the state is where a person receives all their rights from.

    She really is an “Amazing Atheist”. And not in a good way.

  27. “It’s a slave-owning, misogynistic founding father-given right. I’m not against 2A, but be real…”

    So… she’s pro-slavery and misogyny because people wrote the Constitution?

    Well, maybe not pro-slavery or pro-misogyny but “not against” them?

  28. Inalienable. Intrinsic. Natural rights.

    Use whatever term can substitute for “God-given.” But they are, so f*ck off.

  29. Pro-slavery misogynist is not the phrase I think of when I see Harriet Tubman with her single shot percussion pistol with the 6″ barrel and ivory handled saber, both of which are on display at the Florida A&M University in Tallahassee, Florida. I’m sure the ivory is extra salt in the wound for commies.

  30. The bottom line is, she doesn’t believe in individual rights being inalienable. She believes they are granted to you by government.

  31. Misogynistic? About half of the 10, 11, 12 whatever million new gun owners the past two-plus years are women.

  32. OK, so “It’s a slave-owning, misogynistic founding father-given right” which protects the ability of non-whites and women to defend themselves against attacks by criminals in or out of government.

    I have to shake my head at the tweet comments which claim that constitutional carry makes the people less safe. There are 23 states which have constitutional carry, and blood hasn’t run in their streets. Are the people of the anti-carry states so much more violently depraved that allowing them to carry will produce different results?


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