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A Georgia high school coach is facing suspension after going hands-on with a female student with a gun in her backpack. Supporters say he saved lives, but the video tells a slightly different story.

Citing a violation of staff policies, the district initially terminated Tri-Cities High School Athletic Director Kenneth Miller, but later reversed course and suspended him in part because of an outcry from parents and the community in support of Coach Miller.

Tri-Cities High School. Courtesy Fulton County Schools.

Fox News has the story:

Miller said that on Aug. 20 of last year, the school’s principal called him to her office about reports of students on campus with guns

“During that process, we located guns. We saved lives,” Miller told Fox 5.

Miller confronted one female student while in the presence of police officers. Miller and the officers were unaware the student, who eyewitnesses described as belligerent and aggressive, had a gun at the time of the confrontation.

The situation escalated when the student hit Miller with a stapler, News 19 reported. Miller then grabbed the girl and restrained her until officers stepped in and took her into custody.  

And here’s the video:

It doesn’t seem as though exigent circumstances existed for the coach to go hands-on with the student like he did. That’s almost certainly why disciplinary action began against Coach Miller. On the other hand, his supporters have a point that he deserves credit for a willingness to confront a student who was suspected of being armed. And indeed a gun was found in her backpack, maybe two.

Also from the FoxNews story:

“The district administration does not support Mr. Miller’s actions relating to this event and believes his conduct failed to meet the professional expectations it has for employees. Mr. Miller inappropriately intervened in a student matter being handled by school administrators and law enforcement. Mr. Miller acted outside of the scope of his authority and responsibilities,” Fulton County Schools said in a statement to Fox News Digital on Thursday. 

“Mr. Miller’s conduct resulted in an escalation of a physical altercation with a student in crisis, which conflicts with district expectations to deescalate in these types of situations. Mr. Miller has not exhausted his due process rights at this time and remains on full, paid administrative leave.”

Time will tell what happens to the coach. Frankly though, Tri-Cities High School could have a lot worse when it comes to school staff and security officers.

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  1. I’m old enough to remember a teacher picking up a disruptive student’s desk, dumping him on the floor, and then placing him in a wrestling hold. The student had been throwing objects at other students and the teacher during class. The disruptive student’s parents commended the teacher for disciplining their son.

    In that same school, the principal kept a hard rubber strap, about two feet long, hanging on the wall of his office. He rarely had to use it because the intent was obvious, and it worked.

    At this same school, high school students would keep rifles in their unlocked vehicles in the school parking lot. No one shot anyone.

    Maybe, just maybe, there’s a connection.

    • Children kept loaded firearms in their wall lockers because they were loved and disciplined children. Who had a mother and a father. And children we’re expected to obey the instructions of the adults around them.

      But when adults who have no children start telling other people’s children that they don’t have to obey the rules. That they can question authority. And they were told that they did not have to deal with the consequences of the bad decisions that they made. That is when the school systems began to disintegrate.

      Also these adults without children we’re the ones who created the welfare industrial complex. Replacing the father when a welfare check. And replacing the father’s love, his disclipline, and his guns with the guns of a big city police department.

      Adults like the childless Tom Ammiano. A proud g@y man. Who ran for the San Francisco School Board with the attended purpose to dismantle the 2A education program and to terminate the rifle teams in the public school system there.

        • Yes removing these did eventually cause serious problems in the schools. But I prefer to list the things that the Childless, and unmarried secular atheists supported. That caused Great harm to the family in general and specifically in the public education system.

          And they are currently doing the same type of interference/damage, to the State of Florida education system.

        • muckraker (how fitting in this case), neither you, Chris T the atheist hater (again, how very Christian of you both) nor the rest of you wanna be religious petty tyrants want to go there. You keep your superstitions and cults to yourselves. You want to indocrinate your children with your poisonous dogma you go right ahead but don’t you dare try to force it on my or anyone else’s children. Don’t you dare.

        • quote—————–They removal of prayer and corporal punishment was the start of the downfall.————quote

          The Far Right bronze age religious fanatics scream incessantly about their rights under the Second Amendment but do everything in their power to destroy the 1st Amendment.

          There is a separation of Church and State as Thomas Jefferson stated and it should be a very high wall. People not only have freedom “of religion” but freedom “from religion” .

          The U.S. is a multicultural society and their are Muslims, Hindu’s, members of the Shinto religion, there are Atheists, and Agnostics, just to name a few. None want the Christian religion shoved down the throats of their children in Publics schools.

          I might add the errant behavior of children in schools these days came about after the Gangster Criminal Republicans destroyed Unions which then did not have enough money to pay off prostitute Congressmen to keep tariffs high to keep out cheap foreign goods. When the standard of living plummeted because wages were stagnated for the last half century both parents had to work which resulted in children growing up by themselves, know as latch key children. The stress of the lower standard of living also resulted in an out of control divorce rate as well which led to 1 parent households. None of this was a benefit to the raising of children.

        • Separation of church and state
          Primary tabs
          Separation of Church and State is a phrase that refers to the Establishment Clause of the First Amendment. The phrase dates back to the early days of U.S. history, and Thomas Jefferson referred to the First Amendment as creating a “wall of separation” between church and state as the third president of the U.S. The term is also often employed in court cases. For example, U.S. Supreme Court Justice Hugo Black famously stated in Everson v. Board of Education that “[t]he First Amendment has erected a wall between church and state,” and that “[t]hat wall must be kept high and impregnable.”

        • I will state what an in-your-face truth that deep down you probably know is right rider.

          If there is no moral law giver there is no moral law. There is no beauty, no right, no wrong, no justice, no poisonous dogma, no cults, no superstitions, nothing, nada.

          You need a god and/or religion for any of those things to be true – or to even have truth itself. If you start putting forth “moral” propositions as true, even if you got said propositions through philosophical reasoning, you are in the process of creating a religion.

          Kids have gone bonkers to put it lightly and that happened not too long after objective truth was discarded by academia. One cannot conclusively put the blame on getting rid of things like prayer and the ten commandments but we can most definitely state that secular thought did not prevent this mess from happening.

          There are indeed many religious tyrants (wannabe and actual) as there are many atheistic ones. Men, women, and mankind tends towards tyranny. Either following tyrants or being one. Man does not want to get rid of the bible, he wants to be it . . . as you demonstrated.

        • There is no right to a separation between church and state in this country’s founding documents.

          However in our founding documents it does state that you have a right to rocket launchers, land mines, Bazookas, grenades, flamethrowers, machine guns, archery, knives, hand guns, long guns, tanks, armed water craft, and any Arm that you as a law-abiding citizen choose to obtain.

          We would have a much safer society if there were 200 to 300 million new machine gun owners in this country. And we would all be much nicer to each other as well.

        • And I almost forgot. You have the birthright in this country to mount a flamethrower or a chainsaw to the long gun of your choosing.

        • Damn,isn’t that the truth.Also,when they took parents rights to bust their kids’s asses away.I went through that with my 14 yr old son that got in my face.Only ONE time. ALMOST went to jail,but I lied a little & said he chest bumped me & I took that as a sign of aggression.

    • This kid slaps the phone out of the teachers hand. When I was a kid l, if someone were to show that level of disrespect, they would drag you to the principles office, and he would beat you with a hardwood board with holes in it.

      I just don’t understand how parents can send their thug kids to school. Keep them at home and teach them yourself. Make schooling a privilege again.

      • You hit the nail on the head. When I first started teaching the principal asked me to handle the discipline problems because he didn’t have a VP and felt over taxed with opening a new school. I was given 6 ping pong paddles to use if needed. I thought he was kidding at first as those are toys. When I brought them back broken after the second day he was speechless. I offered to relinquish the duty but said lets try it for another week or two. The remainder of the year there were only two paddles broken and we had no major discipline problems. I guess the kids got the message.

  2. “A Georgia high school coach is facing suspension suspension after going hands-on with a female student with a gun in her backpack.”

    Suspension suspension?

    His suspension was suspended? 🙂

    • This ‘man’ has the time to comment on every story (several times) because he’s a lardo on disability. What a parasite lol.

      • “lardo on disability“

        Is that the best you got? Lame…

        And why would you ridicule a disabled person, it just reveals your lack of character rather than display some witty literary skill.

        Scalawag, scoundrel ne’er-do-well, there are endless flowery and entertaining insults you could’ve chosen but you went for the disability jab, how pathetic.

      • And you, nameless, brainless troll, seem to feel the need to comment on every one of HIS comments. Who is the greater fool?? (You, of course, because Geoff frequently makes SUBSTANTIVE comments, not just playground insults. Sucks to be you, dunnit??)

        Go find the cable; it has a need to be micturated up. Also, go pound salt in your @$$.

        • “And you, nameless, brainless troll“

          Wrong, please allow me to introduce myself, I’m a man of wealth and taste,
          Miner49er, a genuine redneck from the hills and hollers of West Virginia.

        • Minor, I’ve been to West Virginia. If you’re from that state you must be a Pariah there.

      • “This ‘man’ has the time to comment on every story……”

        Yet YOU wait for him to post a comment, just so you can 🐒🤡troll him.
        Seems the “parasite” is obvious to anyone who has been on TTAG for more than a few days.

        In your head…… free! 🤣

        You may as well have Geoff’s address tattooed on your forehead. 🤣

        Dance 🐒🤡, your 🍌 awaits.

    • “Student in crisis”. An interesting term for someone carrying firearms in their backpack.

      But then the precious snowflakes can’t be stigmatized by descriptions such as “spree killer” or “mass murderer”. It might hurt their self-esteem

      • as “spree killer” or “mass murderer”.

        sadly these terms are not stigma in these times. They are badges of “honour” to be zealously sought after and prized. How we got t this twisted and perverse state of affairs is another matter, but this teacher put his backbone behind his desire to keep the OTHER students on ht campus safe from harm.

        WOnder how the traceson those guns she had in her packpack turned out? Daddy’s guns? “Hot” street guns? Hoep SHE grts busted for underage with concealed firearm, firearm on school property, maybe possession with intent todo harm…… meanwhile the hero gets pilloried. What if he HADN”T dealt with her, and she had “found” that gun and used it agasint her schoolmates or staff? Not like THAT has’t ever happened before….. ever…..

  3. You do what you do, when faced with a potentially life threating situation. If he thought she had a gun within reach and therefore had the intent to kill him or students, he would have been in the right to kill her on the spot. We have seen video’s where police and others hesitated and it cost them their lives, when an “unarmed”, who was uncooperative retrieved a gun and shot them. These incidents took seconds to unfold.

    I’d rather be alive and be terminated from my job, than dead. Schools are afraid of people that take action, they want passive sheep that are easy to control. Not all but most administrators fit that mold. Which is why parents who dare to challenge the school boards are labeled as terrorists, etc.

    • “If he thought she had a gun within reach and therefore had the intent to kill him or students, he would have been in the right to kill her on the spot“

      Well alrighty then, let’s just work this on out…

      “If he thought (anybody) had a gun within reach and therefore had the intent to kill him“

      Having a gun within reach one therefore has the intent to kill?

      Watch out you open carriers, this one believes you have a gun within reach therefore you have the intent to kill.

      As a reasonable member of our society, I really don’t think you should have ready access to lethal weapons, giving your insane views on just who should be shot immediately.

      • Since WHEN, MinorIQ, could you possibly be considered a “reasonable member of our society”???? In the first instance, you are a Leftist/fascist, so you are not a member of ANY society I adhere to. In the second instance, no one has EVER accused you of being reasonable. In the third instance, you insufferable dolt, the young lady in question was not only a legal carrier, SHE ISN’T EVEN 21, you complete buffoon.

        I would ask, “Now, don’t you feel stupid??”, but you are obviously incapable of that sensation. You are so stupid, you believe yourself intelligent. You are a pathetic joke of a fake “Progressive” – which you simply assert as camouflage to attempt to distract from your rampant Leftist/fascist true beliefs.

        Go join your buddies for your daily circle jerk, Leftist/fascist. We get enough bulls*** on the daily from your buddy dacian the stupid.

        • Lamprey, you posted line after line, paragraph after paragraph, and yet you still do not address the continent of my comment.

          Personal insults are apparently all you have, and those are rather juvenile in nature and rather unenlightening.

      • what HAVE YOU BEEN smoking? Here she was, inside a public school facility where NO ONE but LE could lawfully possess a firearm. WHY ELSE would she have that gun in her knapsack, if not to kill or harm? Angry violend person has gun where no guns are allowed? WHAT ELSE could be her ientent? Not to mention she is underage to be in possession of any concealed firearm (gun in backpack is by law and definitioin concealed). Let’s wait to see the trace results to lear n WHO owned that gun, and how she came into possession of it. I’ll lay very igh stakes at very long odds she did NOT come by that gun legally. Add one more “indicator” of her evil intent.

        Further, he DID indeed have the right to kill her as a credible lethal threat facing him and others with great bodily harm as intent. The fact he CHOSE to deescalate rather than using what would have been lawul lethal force tells much about his character, andintent. If she HAD taken the gun out in that setting, she COULD and perhpas SHOULD have been shot DeadRight There on the flor of that school office. No way she did NOT know what she was doing was ilega, dangerous life threatening……what WAS her intent? Kids tdo this sort of thing because they get off with it. This time she got caught and her pore widdow hand got slapped. She should be jailed for her “gun crimes”. Bet she’ll be back in that school long before he is. And they will call this “justice”.

        • Watch the video. She slapped his hand and he clearly reacted out of anger to getting his hand slapped. They just happened to find out later she had a gun in her backpack. Since they didn’t know she had a gun, no one had any right to shoot her.

          He might have been tense and had his fight or flight response triggered because they suspected a student may have a gun, but, again, there are no grounds here to shoot a teenage girl.

        • “but, again, there are no grounds here to shoot a teenage girl.”

          No one shot her, Einstein.

          And why was she in the office in the first place, and why was it being recorded if she wasn’t already at least suspected of having a firearm?

          Lastly, who ties your shoes for you? Or do you wear crocs for just that reason?

      • When I was in the 2d grade a bad boy was called up to the front of the room. He then punched the teacher in the abdomen. He was immediately taken to the principal’s office where he received a serious paddling. Then at recess several of us beat him up.

  4. Anyone who carries a gun into a prohibited area deserves to get smacked around by a government actor. Comply or pay the price!

      • Yeah, MinorIQ, he VERY effectively hoist you on your own petard – you’re all about “common sense” (according to you) gun control. “Control” of any variety, implies and requires ENFORCEMENT. So, if a school staffer (who is acting in loco parentis for this charming young lady AND all the other students) REASONABLY believes she is carrying a gun (illegal on school grounds, generally; illegal for her, ANYWHERE), he has not just a right, but a LEGAL OBLIGATION to act appropriately to defend himself and the other students. If he’d whipped out his own pistol and shot her, you MIGHT have somewhat of a point. He didn’t; you don’t.

        OTOH, if he HADN’T done anything, the young lady had pulled her gat and started shooting, you would be among the FIRST to decry the “lack of common sense gun control”.

        I disagree with both limiting handgun ownership to persons 21 or older (if Congress, in its INFINITE wisdom, determined that 18 was the age of majority, by what right do they prohibit ADULTS from owning handguns?????). I also disagree with schools being “gun free” zones (the entire concept is stupid). But those are the laws, today. So, stop being a flaming hypocrite, and try to actually think before you race to your keyboard and pound out another witless snarkism-that-isn’t. You fail more than Senile Joe Biden, MinorIQ.

        Go visit the cable. All you are accomplishing here is showing your @$$.

        • “she is carrying a gun (illegal on school grounds, generally; illegal for her, ANYWHERE)“

          What a hypocrite, haven’t you said the constitution does not have any restrictions on age or where a person may ‘bear arms’?

          And why would it be “illegal for her, ANYWHERE“?

  5. Notice at least one, if not two, mask wearers with the mask below their nose. Not that cloth or ill-fitting masks do anything anyway. As a matter of fact, they do more harm than good. This is consistent with what I’ve seen others doing since the beginning of the mask wearing craze. Now imagine those fools teaching your children.

    • Thanks for the morning laugh!

      And I’m pretty much OK with the coaches actions, it seems he had a reasonable suspicion that she was armed and by smacking him, she demonstrated her aggressive and dangerous intentions.

      I think there should be a professional investigation and testimony by witnesses, video and evidence discovered.

      Of course, I’m sure most on this list will believe that as an American citizen under the constitution, there should be no restrictions whatsoever upon her ownership or carrying of a firearm in any location.

      By their lights, this young lady would’ve been entirely justified in drawing her handgun and killing the coach because he had physically assaulted her and she was in reasonable fear of serious bodily injury because of his size and physical strength.

      Thus, the polite society… He would be much more polite next time, if he survived.


      • You done summed it up just right, you limp wristed liberal fairy.


      • The coach responded to aggression initiated by the student. The student clearly needs mental help. The coach should be commended for possibly preventing another school shooting. Of course, no way of knowing if a shooting would have occurred that day, but with the coach’s actions we know there wasn’t one.

        • “The coach responded to aggression initiated by the student”

          As an American citizen, she had a constitutional right to bear arms and the coach, under color of law, was attempting to deprive her of that right.

          Do you folks mean to say that she needed a ‘mother may I’ card and she should’ve obeyed the ‘gun free zone’ signs?

          Fascinating, why is the situation different from so many others that are mentioned on this list?

    • About as often as I see people wearing masks under their noses, I see people wearing masks on their chins.
      I got to watch a physician’s assistant pull his mask down and cough into his elbow. Then he scratched his scalp and picked his nose. In a hospital.

  6. I am 110% in support of Montel. Student swings and hits phone student gets what student asked for. I would liked to have seen some ground and pound.

    My daddy would have killed me if I ever took a swing at a teacher. Mom would plea for mercy:) Nonetheless Montel is receiving majority support and he certainly deserves that.

  7. “Children”? Those are fully grown and trained criminals. Planning to go to college, of course. To continue their training…

  8. He got bully and by golly she bulled right back, I think the cops should have let mutual combat.
    High School ain’t no place for a gunm unless your Alice Cooper.

    • Wait a minute, high schools are public property, shouldn’t the Constitution and the Bill of Rights hold sway certainly on public property?

      I mean, I get private property owners could restrict carrying guns, but on taxpayer owned land shouldn’t you be free to carry a gun any time?

      Court rooms, why sure! Maternity wards in hospitals, you bet! Political events and rallies, that’s freedom!

      Opossum, why would you want to keep guns out of the schools? Wait a minute, you may not be a opossum, you’re a liberal mole. Sure, they’re both small mammals, but there are some differences in philosophy…

      • Most high school drop out wannabes are under the age of 18, assuming she was 17 an 7/8’s years old, No she shouldn’t be carrying a handgunm in a purse.

      • So you were against the law that President Obama signed allowing people to carry firearms in national parks???
        The last time you commented on this you celebrated the signing of that law.
        Or have you changed your mind again???

        • And you Chris T are apparently against the law that separates church and state. How unfortunate for you and your atheist hating self. Again, show us on the doll where the bad atheist touched you, religious sycophant tyrant.

        • “So you were against the law that President Obama signed allowing people to carry firearms in national parks???“

          Nope, I am for expansion of gun rights for adult who’ve demonstrated adequate knowledge of the rights and obligations and demonstrated their proficiency on a live-fire range.

          But I have read many folks on here who believe any gun laws are unconstitutional, and ‘we the people’ have a completely unrestricted and unlimited right to keep and bear arms anytime, anywhere.

          How is this different?

          Do you folks mean to say that she needed a ‘mother may I’ card and she should’ve obeyed the ‘gun free zone’ signs?

          Fascinating, why is the situation different from so many others that are mentioned on this list?

        • to Rider/Shooter
          Let me try and be nice about this. Perhaps you are seriously completely devoid of History when it comes to modern gun control?

          It has been atheists who have supported gun control in the United States. Former Congressman Barney Frank a gay atheist voted for gun control. The congressman Pete Stark from California another atheist also supported gun control. Tom Ammiano another atheist wrote and passed gun control in the state of California.

          You need to be honest with yourself. You know there has been an atheist war against civil rights in the United States. They do not support the First Amendment. And I do not support the Second Amendment. Here on TTAG we have talked a great deal about the Christians who seemed to be the primary supporters of the Second Amendment.

          And it has been asked on TTAG why is that???

          So I ask you have you ever voted for a Christian before who supported the Second Amendment? Or do you only vote for atheists who are against civil rights?

        • edit
          And they do not support the Second Amendment.

          I need to be better a proof reading.

  9. Honestly this is a tough call.
    I think in the end the action is justified.
    I would like to know, was this student a problem prior?
    A lot of times we see a video with a snippet in time and we don’t have the full history.
    Maybe coach saw this student threatening to shoot everyone the day before, and now he thinks it’s really going to happen.
    That one little thing changes one’s entire perception of the encounter.

    • Dan’l, you are correct, there are many unknown factors.

      Hopefully the suspension is a temporary measure to allow time for a proper investigation to be conducted and the findings released publicly.

    • The way that girl knocked the stapler? (Icouldnt tell what it was) away I’d say she has a temper, and by pushing back the way she did shows a fight not flight demeanor, cause the more ‘they’ push dah meaner she gets.

    • Daniel Silverman,

      I agree that this is a tough call.

      The embedded video indicates that the female student swung at the coach and smacked the coach’s cell phone out of his hand (rather than striking the coach with a stapler). While that is certainly very aggravating, I don’t think that alone warrants going hands-on with the student.

      I also understand and empathize with the coach’s instinct: the student had clearly lost control, lost respect for the coach, and was getting physical–and that warranted physically restraining the student rather than allowing the student any opportunity to escalate.

      Without any other information available, I could potentially support a minor disciplinary action against the coach (maybe a two-day suspension and forfeit two day’s pay) although I do NOT support firing the coach.

    • Spent time as an S.R.O. in a couple of tough high schools. Tenth graders that can vote. If you know what I mean. I loved staff like that. But, they understood, I go hands on first. Especially if weapons were involved/suspected. I’ll let you know if I want help. If so, don’t hesitate. Actually, had that understanding with Dean White, Principal Griffin, ALL the coaches. Prevented one school shooting. Recovered a Ruger P series 9mm. Stolen out of Tampa. That particular student was involved in a homicide, off campus, not long after. 17 year old girl. They’ll kill you too.

  10. Mr. Miller’s conduct resulted in an escalation of a physical altercation with a student in crisis, …

    The language they use to make the aggressor into a victim. Must be society’s fault.

    • How do they know that Mr. Miller wasn’t in crisis. What happens if two people in crisis run into each other on the street? A) Chicago. (I also hear that the subway in NYC is full of people in crisis.)

      • Indeed. Perhaps on a grander scale…

        “Ukraine’s conduct resulted in an escalation of a physical altercation with a Putin in crisis, …”

  11. The coach must be canceled. He is obviously a white black who attacked a student when he should have been teaching critical race theory.

  12. Get a Job. That was an insensitive remark and smacks of stereotyping. I wager you know nothing of Geoff except that he is someone for you to antagonize.(You ought to mention that to your therapist.) You accuse him of being unemployed because he has time to comment throughout the day on this site. Yet, you always seem to have time to reply. (Yeah, we know it’s you. That stupid clown head emoji you like to use is appropriate for your comments.) And really. Comments about being on disability? According to Dacian that is just the kind of program that should have us all groveling at socialism’s feet. In fact, I find your comment insulting personally and on behalf of the disabled community. Even minorities in general. You see, my dad was crippled by Polio when He was 8 y.o.a. He spent the the rest of his life on crutches or in a wheelchair. How about if Geoff busted his ass all his life, never asked anybody for anything, built a retirement and is now enjoying it? Like me. If you have time to reply to Geoff all day; maybe you need a job. I’ve always believed that if the shoe fits, kick yourself in the ass with it. BTW, Dad never accepted a nickel in disability.

  13. I’m very comfortable with a school teacher or coach putting their hands on a female student with a gun. Just as I am very comfortable when a police officer, who puts a bullet into a teenage girl, with a knife in her hands. Who is in the process of getting ready to stab another teenage girl.

    “After The Ma’Khia Bryant Shooting, Why Would Anyone Want to Be a Police Officer?”

    If this coach’s termination is upheld??? Then I don’t see why any competent person would want to teach in a so-called “bad school”.

  14. The situation escalated when the student hit Miller with a stapler, News 19 reported. Miller then grabbed the girl and restrained her until officers stepped in and took her into custody.

    Sounds like a reason to go physical to me.

  15. The video is pretty clear. Student assaults teacher, teacher takes student down. That’s the way things should work. Only in dem/lib/progressive lala land do you want the inmates running the asylum.

    Coach would have been justified if he broke student’s jaw, and laid her out cold.

    • “The video is pretty clear. (School authoritarian attempts to unlawfully deprive citizen of their constitutional right to keep and bear arms) Student assaults teacher, teacher takes student down“

      Did the student somehow surrender her constitutional liberties when she was forced to attend school?

  16. Had the girl done that to a cop, it would have been fine if the cops tackled her though!!! People can’t win. Police too much, people complain. Police too little people complain. If they let her go and she shoots up the school, everyone screams that the school didn’t do enough…

  17. pops always told my teachers not to hold back. some were inclined to do so. the old nun lady would slap both sides of your face. that made the kid with braces’ mouth bleed. the jamaican one would chase you around the track field with the wooden chalkboard pointer stick. and he was fast.
    learned alot from him.

    • I can’t believe ANYONE is siding with the gun toting chickdude…the teacher is a hero. TTAG needs to get handle on the brain-dead trolls.

    • ” the old nun lady would slap both sides of your face.”

      Oh, man, you had nuns for teachers too? The ones I had in the third grade carried an oak hardwood ruler, and knew how to wield it.

      Crack you upside the head they would! 🙂

  18. I am not sure but would suppose that throwing a stapler at someone’s head was grounds enough.
    School kids learn that they can get away with violence against adults early and it carries over into adulthood.


  20. When I went to school we were afraid of our teachers, hence we respected them because if you did not you got knocked on your can. This is what is lacking in our world today is discipline. Just look back 40 years ago in schools and you will see the difference.

  21. Let’s be real. He wasn’t grabbing her up because he was worried about his safety. In that moment, he was pissed that this twerp was assaulting him.

    And you know what? That should be ok. He didn’t break her chin. He didn’t risk serious injury to her. Eventually someone who acts like that girl needs to learn that she will be physically stopped. Otherwise eventually she’ll get killed when she does it to the wrong person in the wrong place.

  22. Dacian wrote:

    “There is a separation of Church and State as Thomas Jefferson stated and it should be a very high wall. People not only have freedom “of religion” but freedom “from religion”.”

    Letter to Baptists in Danbury a decade after the ratification of the Constitution isn’t how we amend it. States literally had their own churches at the time of the ratification, and afterwards.

    Just because you don’t understand the Constitution, doesn’t mean that I have to suffer your ignorance.

  23. “a gun was found in her backpack, maybe two.” Maybe two? Is the education so poor there that they couldn’t count how many guns she had?

  24. The employee didn’t feel safe enough to wait for management to get their sh*t together to take action after the committee meeting with law enforcement and management/LE now gets no credit for the capture. So let’s punish the employee instead of giving him employee of the year. Typical government response to actual work that produces results.

  25. By itself, having your phone smacked from your hands is not sufficient justification for violence. However, the video cannot show the things that would have determined the level of aggression the coach expected from the student. Those cues do not show up in video. If the perceived threat is high enough, action is justified.
    My wife is a school teacher, and I know her school system says they will protect a teacher for any “reasonable” action.
    The question is, do we live in a world where necessary force to defend yourself is no longer reasonable?

  26. It’s wrong what the student does, but it’s also wrong what the teacher does. Instead of responding like this, the teacher should have disciplined the student. He should not respond to brute force with brute force. basketball legends game.

  27. I think it’s wrong, the instructor didn’t mean any harm to the student. I am sure that students’ psyches are unstable right now, especially after the recent pandemic, and only God the Creator anchorGet more info and essay sample saved the participants in this story from the consequences. I’m sure there needs to be some kind of extra teaching to the kids in all schools and address the issues of gun availability in today’s world.

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