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Illinois residents along with other deep blue states have faced mask mandates for almost two years now. Obviously compliance has varied widely by geography and by location. It’s also evolved into furious virtue signaling by some.

One group who eagerly embraced masks didn’t really care about any purported health benefits of masking or virtue signaling. And now that almost all of the mandates have been dropped by politicians who can see which way the political winds are blowing, things have changed.

That small subset of mask wearers — violent criminals — will likely continue to use them. Bad guys will wear masks not to protect them from infection, but from cameras and witnesses. And given that a significant percentage of people in higher crime regions of the nation still wear masks, bad guys know that wearing a mask won’t attract any undue attention from most folks.

Home invaders wearing facemasks strike.

A pair of home invaders outside a residence in Arlington Heights back in April 2020. One of the pair was killed by the homeowner.

Or these guys, one of which shot himself with a negligent discharge.

Be wary of those who still wear masks and are acting in a manner outside the baseline of normalcy for their environment. Worries about the Wuhan flu may be the last of their reasons for covering their faces.

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  1. It’s a good thing criminals ain’t too bright. Hell, a 17 yo in Kenosha put 3 of the mensa society down.

      • not quite. Seems Kyle and his good friend Dom spent quite a bit of time at the range together. He had taken ut the rifle his friend had bought for a day at the pit together iwth other friends. He is far too good a shot to hve done all thati”straigint out of the box” I am a rifle safety and marksmanship instructore, and we get folks that bought their new rifle last night and have no clue even how to stuff the boolitz into them cage things.. then they don’t know where to stuff that thing. bu the end of a day they are zeroed in are comfortable firing it, reloading it, controlling it, and are putting their rnds into fairly smal =l circles at a pasasable rate of speed. Kye was light years beyond that level of skill we see after one day of intense training on the range.
        Young fiend of mine went into the Explorer Scouts at fourteen or so, then at sixteen into {olice Exlorers, working with a local large cit PD. Of course, his entire extended family are pretty deep into firearms, all are skilled shooters, and he was no exception. The time the coppers hosted the “boiys” at their training facility for a day of observation and some participation, this young man, at sizteen, along with the others, were invidted to try the handgun qualificationi course, the same one the officers have to shoot to a minumun score to be certified to carry as a cop. My young friend outscored the dozen active duty officers who had to”requal” that afternoon. They were ALL bo lown away…… I think his score was 295 out of 300, twenty points head of the next best. Wide eyes were seen in abundance. I know the kid.. he works hard a tt his marksmanship. Glad he is on OUR side. He had an inie to take up formal training to become an officer, but he declined.. seems that department, now nown nationwide but not in such a good way, was already devolving into the deadbeat force category. He saw SO muhc corruption, sleaze, power tripping, etc, he decided NOPE not what I want to dve deeply into. Smart kid. He will do well.

        Nope, Kyle had some seroisu training and experience over a long period of time before “that fateful evening”. Glad he did. Two dirtbags parmanetly “decommissioned” and a third taken down quite a few pegs off his high horse. SO glad tha tjury had the guts to do what was right.

        • Tionico,

          Kyle shot all of his attackers more-or-less at contact range. And he never had to reload (eject an empty magazine and insert a new one). In other words all he had to do was “point-shoot” without any concerns for aiming or reloading. That doesn’t require any prior training.

          I think the far more likely explanation is that Kyle is one of those people who maintain their cool under pressure and do not panic.

          Let me explain that previous sentence. I was driving home with several friends in the whee ours of the morning when I saw a car go airborne and crash right in front of us. I had no prior training on car crashes, trauma response, etc. I have no idea how or why, but I instantly had a very complex and detailed plan to do the following:
          — instruct one specific friend to call 911
          — instruct my friends to NOT run blindly across the road
          — grab a towel for an improvised “pressure bandage”
          — grab a flashlight
          — grab an ax to free trapped passengers
          — carefully cross the road to access the crashed car
          — inspect the surrounding area for ejected occupants
          — inspect the car for occupants and their injuries
          — order occupant/s to stay still/stable
          — assess occupant/s for bleeding and minimize
          — assess occupant/s for spinal cord injuries

          Where did all that come from without any prior training? I have no idea. Based on my experience, I believe it is very plausible that Kyle had no prior training other than how to insert a magazine and pull the trigger.

        • Yeah, thanks tionico, I’ll stick with my original comment which I qualified with the words “minimal if any…”. As well as Kyle managed that night, if you point a rifle up at a guy straddling you there’s a damn good chance you’ll score a hit, be you Seal Team Six or Gomer Pyle.

  2. I’m always wary. He!! a halfazzed gang did an armed robbery at the Family Dollar down the street. Didn’t get much as they drop $ into a safe quite regularly. Duh…

  3. dacian said the exact opposite of this just a scant three hours ago, so this story must be totally wrong… we all know that lil ‘ d never is.

  4. Even without politicians’ mandates, we still have a fairly long list of companies forcing masks on employees. This is happening all over the country.

  5. This is why I have steel doors, reinforced door frames and industrial locks.

    The third video was covered by TTAG on 28 Jan 2021…remember thinking at the time…”that’s instant karma for you”.

    Shame the punk didn’t hit his femoral.

  6. I live in Texas. Show up wearing a mask on my property at night, please be sure you have all your affairs in order. Yes there will be video.

    • Same here.
      I had a Bluetooth sprinkler system installed with a few extra zones. Those extra zones feed a pair of oversized ground lines routed to four hi-flow nozzles at each door. 😄
      I can drench everything at the doors of my home within a few seconds.
      The door camera system opens automatically (on my phone) in tandem with the door soaker system buttons when someone approaches.

      Funny thing was I had never heard of this until the sprinkler system installer told me about it.
      Said it’s a very popular upgrade in my area.

        • why? do you get lot’s of flaming jehova’s witnesses? spontaneously combusting girl scouts?

        • 🤣
          I can’t speak for ChrisT, but I did it to mess with any “porch pirates” who may come along.
          Was also done to give home occupants the advantage should an occupied home invasion be attempted. Getting soaked with cold water can be somewhat destracting. 😄

          Also, if God forbid, there was ever a fatal shooting of an armed home intruder, I want to have several levels of non-lethal deterrence to present in my defense.

          It only added around 15% to the cost of the system install.

  7. Half the bloody world werras face masks with little comment Only in the USA eh? wher wearing a face mask against the spread of a disease will get you shoot and the ‘good ole boys’ will be cheering on the sidelines. In the UK most OFFICIALS, like Local Auithority Officers, and the guys and gals who come and collect my BLOOD and SWAB samples that I donate once a month to the UK Office of national Statistics are still under instructions to wear face masks when calling. I can assure you that if I used any kind of violence, let alone a bloody firearm, against then I’b be for the very high jump inc deed violence. It just would not occur to anybody in the UK, or indeed ioin m,ost of the civilised worlld to shoot down somebody just because they are wearing a perfvectly legitimate face mask. The fact is that if the person wearing that facemask was of evil intent the overwhelming chance are that YOU would not get the chance for self defence of any kind anyway because they’ed likely shoot first and ask questions later. They may be ‘bad guys and gals’ but they are not that elfin stupid.
    Don’t keep quoting UKRAINE to make a point. Ukraine is at elfin WAR against BARBARIANS and the Citizens have real not imagineed enemies and I’d be betting that the very last thing they want is to be FORCED into becoming killing machines.
    The vast majority of us BRITS do not want to pick up arms and never have BUT as many over the last couple of hundred hundred years have found out to their cost is that when WE do go to bloody war we mean it and are among the MOST violent at war in the world. Ukraine is laying down the same foundations and no matter what happens from now on Ukraine WILL be as respected as RUSSIA will be cast into the international wilderness, Russia will not be trusted in any area of HUMAN ENDEAVOUR for half a Century and neither will those who have tacitly supported Russia. India and China, for example, will soon have to declare for one side or the other.
    All too many Americans take DEMOCRACY for granted. No working democracy was ever established with out a great deal of blood being shed when fighting the vested interests of the status quo. If PUTIN though that be declaring war on Ukraine that he would destroy any hope of democratisation he’s having the exact opposit effect. Ukraaine does NOT have to join NATO to establish treaties with member states either

    • “All too many Americans take DEMOCRACY for granted.”

      That’s because we’re not a democracy (and neither is Ukraine, BTW).

      We’re a republic.

      • OMG I love democracy! It is so great! Let me give a brief example of what democracy is:

        Imagine you are stranded on an island with 9 other people. You don’t like the other 9 people, and you would prefer to go it alone. You build a small hut, domesticate some animals, fence them, feed them. Plant a small farm and start producing edible fruit and vegetables. One day the other 9 people confront you and say, we “voted” and we want you to stay with us. You tell them, you are fine without them, and you would like to stay in the corner, by yourself, so you can do your own thing, and they are welcome to do their own thing. And if they would like, you can trade goods and services with each other. The other 9 say “no.” and then say: “We ‘voted’ for you to stay with us, and we are going to need your hut, your fence, your domesticated animals, your garden, your fruit, and your vegetables, and we are going to need “you” to continue feeding animals, and growing fruits and vegetables for all of us.

        Congratuations! You know understand democracy in a nutshell. Doesn’t it sound great???? #democracyrocks!

    • Any nation that does not allow it’s citizens the right to self defense or the means to is not civilized. The opposite in fact.

        • Lol is that what your masters at OAN tell you to believe?

        • I think sir albert of nuttingham sees what he wants to see…The article was merely trying to say more or less the remnants left from mask mandates will be criminals wearing/using masks. In other words pilgrims like sir albert won’t raise a read flag at the sight of mask wearing wrongdoers and will stand around like pacified Wildebeests.

        • I don’t know if it’s 3rd world, but it is a shithole, and I don’t want to live there. And since “Albert” thinks it is superior, he should stay there, and never leave. Ever.

    • Blah bah blah blablah, blag blag blah blah blah blah. Blah. BLah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah. Blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blahblahblah . Blah blah blah blah blah blah blah, blag blah blah. Blah blah blah blah blah blah blah? Blah blah blah, blag blah blah blah bla blah blah, blag blah blah blah bla blah blah, blahblahblah. Blah blah blah blah bla blah bla, blag bla blahblah bla blah bla blah blah blah bla, blahblablah. Blah blah blah bla blah blah bla blah blahblahblah. Blah blah bla bla blah bla blah bla, blag bla bla. Blah bla blah bla blah blah blah bla blah blah blah. Bla blah bla blahblahblah blah bla blah bla blah blah bla. Blabah bla blah bla blah blah blablablahblah, blag blah bla bla blah blah bla blah, blag bla blah blah blablah blag bla blah blah blah bla blah blah bla bla bla bla blah blah. Blah blah bla, babablah bla bla blah blah blah blah blah ah blah ah blah bla blah blah bla. Blah blah bla blah blah bla blah ba blah blah bla blah bla blah blah blah blah.
      Your welcome

    • This is too funny. In a jocular and ironic way.

      The first war of the Proto-US was to kick the shit out of our British Occupiers.

      And then again when they INVADED a few years later.

      And Britain was among the pompous euro-trash who allowed Hitler to invade where he pleased hoping it would appease his territorial appetite. Of course we know how that ended and who rode in to smack him down. (And yes, the US profiteered on selling supplies to the brits – who were woefully under armed.)

      Britain is now the nanny-state of epic proportions. I wonder how well brits will defend themselves with blunt kitchen knives and airguns if they are invaded. My guess is the their government will tell them to bite the pillow and not fight back.

    • @Albert Hall : We kicked you Brits out of America quite a while ago, so we don’t care what you think. BTW, we keep guns to keep our liberty. If not for American lives and guns, you Brits would be speaking German right now.

      • Righteeoh, and the barmy fools tried taking it back after “seller’s remorse” set in a coule decades on. But we did the same to them that time, packed them up put them into their leaky ships, and sent them back accross the puddle to go play with Unca Nappie one last time. Outbound only tickets.

        • Clarification; “you” did no such thing… your ancestors did that, and only if your family has been there since day one at that.

    • No salient points. Just rambling. Aimless roaming from one topic to the next. I was left confused what the message really was.

      • it worked. You were left confused.

        Net time simpl refuse to play. There are no rules, and it makes them

        IUgnore it.

      • Very good Chris, now look up “public education system”, “the separation of church and state” followed by “the First Amendment”.

    • @Albert Hall

      The United States is a republic with a representative democracy presidential form of government.

      The United Kingdom is a constitutional monarchy (a form of tyrannical monarchy) with a unitary parliamentary democracy.

      In a parliamentary democracy there is a Prime Minister, who is first elected as a member of parliament, then elected Prime Minister by the other members of the parliamentary legislature. The Prime Minister remains a part of the legislature and thus has a hand in law-making decisions.

      A a unitary parliamentary democracy is a unitary state, or unitary government, which is a governing system in which a single central government has total power over all of its other political subdivisions. In a unitary state, the political subdivisions must carry out the directives of the central government but have no power to act on their own. In other words, its a diluted form of a tyranny government.

      Albert Hall, you literally live under a diluted form of tyranny because your government has a single central government that has power for arbitrary use of power or control, and still has a monarchy – your government has the power to suspend or remove any rights the people may have when they choose to do so.

      This is one form of what feudal tyranny of days of old develops into when the concept of ‘democracy’ is inserted – a diluted form of tyranny. Don’t worry though, its not just the U.K., its all of Europe with each having their own forms of diluted tyranny.

  8. Thankfully we went back to not wearing masks some time ago here in GA. But I can tell you the first time I walked into a bank with a gun on my hip and a mask on my face while wearing sun glasses and a hat to make a withdrawal it felt strange. Yeah it was money out of my own account and they couldn’t see the gun, but still strange.

    • Yep, walking into a bank with a gun and walking out with (your own) cash is always an interesting feeling.

  9. The moral of the story is to keep your booger hook off the bang switch of your pocket gat when trying to kick a door in. Classic mistake.

  10. Face masks are now a permanent part of Americana.

    I used to think it was kinda strange the way the Japanese were heavy into masks, but not any more.

    I still use one on occasion, if I want a small bit of anonymity in new places…

    • I think the mask wearing will.phase out a bit as time goes by and also Americans have a little more breathing room then the Japanese do. Yes wearing one when one desires a little anonymity is a plus, I’ve seen some videos of the Japanese holding a mask on a stick for that reason.
      With facial recognition and cameras everywhere it is kinda nice.
      How strange, I thought what has America become when I must wear a mask to keep from dying this isn’t freedom, and then at the same time feel a sense of freedom because I can hide my face from surveillance .

      • I remember very well the conservatives who were against the police wearing cameras. But it was the Libertarians the Liberals and the Left, who said you can’t trust the police. And they demanded the police to start wearing cameras and any kind of recording device.

        It was the Three L’s who started this country on a path losing our privacy. And turning America into a surveillance state.

    • n gthey are NOT a permanent part of LIfe in the USA. Get used to it.
      I never wear them, and few round about me do either, More in my county, but the next one south? SPent a whole day there recently and did not see one mask. Another coutny south of Portland OR wher I spend a lot of time.. no one wears them there either. The local Sheriff has declared that enfocring the mask mandates is a “health and wafety issue” a not a “aw enforcement issue”, and direct all calls about HE DOAN HAVE NO MASK or thEY”D TOO MANNY PEEPLES I DAT HOUSE” sorts of calls to the state helth folks.. who work from home these days, would rather not tke calls, and are even then sortstfaffed. HThey dont take calls outside of regular business hours and rarely return lessages oeft on the silly machine. Mighty pleasant and peaceful county, that. Hah my frind lives right next door to a Captain of that Sheriff’s Dept, and he thingks the whole mask bidness is a joke, He’s enver enforced it….. and won’t.

      Talk about a great neighbour……

  11. I’m out here several miles from the paved road, and 15 miles from the nearest town. With a quarter mile of driveway from the road. Show up at my door wearing a mask and you will be greeted by a grouchy old dog and an old man with a shotgun. As for the property I own down near the gulf, my kids who live there know how to defend themselves and the house was constructed to be pretty much hurricane proof. Impact resistant widows and solid steel fire doors, brick walls and a metal roof. If you want in bad enough, it is possible, nothing is completely secure, even the gold depository at FT. Knox. Now, my house is foot thick logs, with solid oak doors and a metal roof. You may be able to burn me out, but, again, since we are off the beaten path out here, you got to find me first. As for the idiots virtue signaling with their little rag masks, more the fool them. And the KN95 masks are uncomfortable and your ribs start to hurt in about an hour from the effort of breathing through them if properly worn. As for the thugs and punks who are using the masks for cover, well, lets just say most people of that class tend to be a little short on brains and ambition.

  12. Hello! Security doors exist for a reason! Especially if you live in a suburb or an urban cesspool. And for God’s sake, don’t open the door for anyone.

  13. You know who else wears masks? Ugly people. They love ’em. Especially the ones who look like they fell off the ugly tree and hit every branch on the way down.

  14. “That small subset of mask wearers — violent criminals — will likely continue to use them…”

    Violent criminals are, by and large, not smart people. Some may wear masks, but a surprising amount do not. Often the same ones that transport drugs but neglect to put their seatbelt on.

    I’d be careful trying to judge potential threats based on mask wearing. There’s a lot of better indicators.

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