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Ambien CR (courtesy

We’re blogging a blog blogging a blog. How post modern is that? From Grass Roots North Carolina:

Just as in the past when they have wanted such things as your DNA, the North Carolina Sheriffs’ Association now wants access to your prescriptions.

Feigning the need to know about your prescriptions in order to monitor for prescription drug abuse and the belief that this in some way will help them prevent overdoses, the NCSA is asking the NC General Assembly for access to the list of anyone prescribed a controlled substance. [NB: NC’s database contains roughly 53.5 million prescriptions.]

These would include powerful pain killers and sleeping medications such as Ambien. According to The Raleigh “News and Observer”this would affect 30% of the population of this state in the first six months of this year alone. This means that nearly a third of you would now have your sheriff examining your prescription records to decide if he thinks the types and amounts of your medications are appropriate.

If they are not, prepare yourself for that knock on your door from those looking to protect you from yourself.

Eddie Caldwell, lobbyist for the N.C. Sheriff’s Association, had this to say: “There’s a middle ground where the sheriffs and their personnel working on these drug abuse cases get the information they need in a way that protects the privacy of that information…”

We would agree with Mr. Caldwell on this point, although our interpretation is far different… that middle ground that protects you is called a **search warrant.**

Do you want to risk having your gun rights denied for having taken Ambien? This could happen if you sheriff is provided with this unparalleled fishing expedition.

And just in case you’re wondering what the sheriff can and can not do, check this from

A license or permit must be obtained to purchase, sell, give away, transfer, inherit, or receive a handgun by applying to the county sheriff in which the purchase is to be made or where the receiver resides.

A purchase permit is good for five years from the date of issue . . .

When the sheriff shall have fully satisfied himself as to the good moral character of the applicant, the applicant has successfully completed a criminal history check, and that the applicant desires the possession of the handgun for the protection of the home, business, person, family or property, target shooting, collecting, or hunting, such permit or license shall be issued.

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