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Yes, I realize (now) that a 10-round magazine makes the Ruger CA and MA-compliant. D’oh! And I have an even better answer to my own question: the SR9c (with the 10-rounder) is ideal for concealed carry and combat-distance accuracy. You can then surmount the ammo problem by carrying two spare large (17 round) mags for SHTF-i-tude. Yes BUT— is there anyone out there with a compact gun who hasn’t seriously pinched the bottom of their carry hand when jamming in a new mag? (The rabbi has an actual scar.) Anyway, great gat (review to follow). What’s your take on this conundrum?

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  1. Good Work! My philosophy is the following:

    Summer = Walther PPS (I live in New York – if someone spots a gun they call in the SWAT Team)
    Winter = Glock 19
    War = Colt 1911

  2. Ruger already makes a full-sized version, the SR9. With the 10rd mag installed, the SR9c is almost identical in size to the Glock 26 – nuff said. I have one on order.

  3. A gun in a safe is an enigma. Safe from kids and theft, difficult to access when you need it. If you're buying a gun for home protection, you need to wear it around the house when you're awake. Otherwise, you'll never get to your gun in time if/when your home is invaded. And even if you do get to the safe, the adrenalin flowing through your system will make it VERY difficult to extract your weapon. So the question becomes: what gun would you be comfortable carrying around the house?

    First, concentrate on the carry system, rather than the gun. How big a gun can you carry around the house comfortably using the carry system you prefer? If you're carrying openly in, say, a paddle holster, consider a full-size gun. They've got plenty of bullets, you can go for a large caliber and they're much easier to shoot accurately. If you're looking for something more discreet, such as a gun in an inside the waist band holster, you might want to go with something smaller than the Ruger Compact. The Smith & Wesson 640 is ideal. The Ruger LCP is also an excellent choice. As are a range of sub-compacts. The Ruger SR9c and equivalent Sig appeal in that they're compact enough to carry in a variety of holsters (around the house) and they're still big enough to shoot well and enjoy at the range.

    if you're ignoring my advice about home carry, if you're sticking it in the safe, get the best, biggest gun you can. Springfield XD(m), Glock, Ruger SR9, whatever. Clear?


  4. I really like the trigger on the SR9c. For C&C, the 10 round clip is perfect and you can carry the 17 round to reload.


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