According to, President Obama told Texas Christian University student Simone Ridford [above] that he practices rifle shooting with the secret service. We knew—and didn’t bother blogging—that the President gave a shout-out to the TCU rifle team who “may be able to give the Secret Service a run for their money.” But this is way, way out there. “Surprisingly, Obama told the TCU team members that he, too, practiced shooting with a rifle. ‘He said he practiced with the Secret Service,’ said Riford, who graduated from TCU in May and now works in Fort Worth.”

Did the Commander-in-Chief throw some lead downrange with the Service once? Several times? Regularly? Imagine Barak Obama with a fag hanging out of his mouth squeezing off a few rounds from a sniper rifle. Tea Party that!

Or is this pure B.S.? What did the President shoot and when did he shoot it? This one’s gonna hit the MSM in three, two, one . . .


  1. If he does actually practice with the Secret Service, then he is partially living one of my fantasies that I would do if I became President. I would personally see if I could get some training and shoot-house time.

  2. Queen Elizabeth II personally enjoys shooting, and according to an interview some years ago she regularly carries concealed. She's said to be a very good shot; too bad she forbids her subjects the same freedom.


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