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Nashville armed robbery thwarted robbers come in guns blazing, leave with blood leaking

Three armed robbers stormed in the back door of a Nashville sneaker shop Thursday evening. They meant business too, firing off shots from the get-go. A single armed person inside the store drew his own heater. With care and precision, the good guy applied some ballistic deterrence to each of the scofflaws. Suddenly, and with great urgency, the three formerly brazen bad guys sought a rapid retreat.

The business, “Hot Kicks” sells pricey, popular sneakers. It all happened at about 11pm, as the hoodlums came in through the back door, two hours past the store’s closing time. They thought they’d take the occupants by surprise and get away with a big chunk of change and maybe some kicks. They thought wrong.

Robbers wanted money and shoes

In the end, one baddie collapsed in the doorway. Two others abandoned their fallen comrade and scooted (limped?) over to a local hospital for treatment.

WKRN has the story:

 Metro police said officers found one man near the back door with several gunshot wounds.

He was transported to Vanderbilt University Medical Center with life-threatening injuries. He later died at the hospital.

According to police, two other alleged suspects later showed up at TriStar Centennial Medical Center with gunshot wounds.

At least one of them is in critical condition.

Once again proving that the only thing that stops bad people with evil in their hearts is a good guy with a gun.

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  1. The story doesn’t say anything about there being an armed person inside the business; it says that someone inside wrestled a gun away from one of the assailants and then exchanged gunfire “with at least one” of the trio. So despite the good outcome, it sounds like the person inside the store may have shot an unarmed intruder as he fled–or that the intruder got shot by one of his buddies in the exchange.

    • At least the important thing is the bad guy was the one shot and the good guy is still alive. But this site certainly needs to read the stories it published a little more closely.

    • “So despite the good outcome, it sounds like the person inside the store may have shot an unarmed intruder as he fled…”

      Fled, or ran a few feet to gang up with his friends and attack you again?

      This is not the sort of scenario that created the ‘fleeing felon’ case. If the good guy can take the gun away from the bad guy, the bad guy can take the gun away from the good guy.

    • Has this story been edited since you wrote that? I didn’t see anything about someone taking a gun from an intruder???

    • Mark N. Has this story been edited since you wrote that? I didn’t read anything about a gun being taken from an intruder???

  2. But I thought that a good guy with a gun NEVER stops a bad guy with a gun. Well this dude stopped three bad guys with a gun in one incident. Evidently didn’t freeze up and put rounds on target in a stressful situation (shots already fired). I wonder what Shannon the Idiot would think? Probably would rather have seen everyone in the shop killed to try to push their false agenda. Good shooting man.

  3. 18 and 19 year old bad guys. More children fall victim to senseless gun violence. Oh the humanity! They entered the store to invite the occupants to Sunday School. The saintly grandmothers of all three BG’s will swear that those “babies” were upstanding Christians and turning their lives around to enroll the next day in Bible College.

  4. Jeez…you guys really need to read the actual news story before popping off. No one inside the store was armed. They wrestled a gun away from one of the robbers and exchanged a few rounds.

    This isn’t the first time you guys have misrepresented a news story.

  5. Getting yourself killed over what amounts to a pittance, shoes or both is the kind of stupidity that makes me wonder how this species has survived as long as it has.

    Sad that these people would throw their lives away like this, but hey, they made their choices. It’s not like they didn’t have multiple opportunities not to commit this crime.

    • We’ve survived as a species in spite of our self destructive nature due to the simple fact that both the male and the female of the species can have an orgasm.

        • Unlike most species sex is fun for the male human and the female human. We use it as recreation/sport/time killer on a lazy afternoon.

          So babies get made. Sometimes on purpose and sometimes on accident. But we reproduce for fun, not just to satisfy some natural imperative. Which we also do.

          That’s why there’s always so many of us. It’s nearly impossible(so far it has been impossible) to remove the human species from the world.

    • Our species has survived because we breed like rabbits, with no “in season” breeding period once or twice a year. You know, like rats and hogs. (Makes you wonder if we are just a very aggressive “prey” species like the foregoing.) Incidents like this are merely thinning the herd. (Once upon a time, war was too.)

    • Our species survived because we’re social beings. If we lived like animals we’d be wiped out in a few years. A female is practically incapacitated for the last several weeks of pregnancy and the child is totally dependent on the parents for years. We spend a far greater portion of our lives in sexual immaturity than any other animal. Without wearing the skins of other animals or woven substitutes we could only survive in the most tropical climates on earth. We simply could not exist with the physical bodies we have without society. If our existence is due to serendipity, than we must have formed society before our bodies evolved. Otherwise, God knew what he was doing.

      That and trichromacy and opposable thumbs.

  6. This article doesn’t jive with the newspaper article it’s linked to……. Where did you guys get the information that someone in the store was carrying a firearm? The news link says that someone in the store grabbed a gun from one of the attackers…… I choose TheTruthAboutGuns because I trust you to get it right, I’m seriously questioning whether you got it right on this.

  7. I just want Yankees to know this is a daily occurrence in Nashville and you shouldn’t come down here unless you want to experience Nashville yutes taking all your stuff and kicking puppies.

  8. The thing in the story that makes me wonder is why the heck was the back door unlocked? An inside job perhaps?

  9. “The business, “Hot Kicks” sells pricey, popular sneakers.”

    Brand and model determined late at night?

  10. So either the perps came through the backdoor and got dropped by a citizen with a gun or the perps came in through the backdoor and a citizen took a gun away and dropped the perps, or it was a drive-by. It’d be nice to be able to read the police report to know what happened. I can’t believe these sources can be so at odds with one another. The store was likely closed at 11pm when this went down so why was anyone hanging out inside the store? It’s not a great area of Nashville.

  11. What’s fun is that the dead waste of skin pops up on and The lefties love them some criminals.


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