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“I think the issue is the normalization of violence. Rather than actually taking any serious steps towards addressing why students are so scared to go to school every day without a gun, we’re just talking about creating more violence, which is not a transformative or restorative solution whatsoever.” – University of Texas alumnus and founder of Cocks Not Glocks Jessica Jin quoted in Bulletproof T-shirt makers encourage students to question gun carry laws [via]

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  1. The way that the riots in Berkley are going, the GOP congress is going to get pushed into withholding funding.

    When they do this, it should be required of all schools that receive public money that they guarantee *all the rights in the bill of rights*… first amendment rights, second amendment , due process.. etc. If they push and let bullies stop speech, we should hit back harder and ensure campus carry (lack of due process when accusations fly is a big problem too).

    Let’s not stop at discrimination or the first amendment. All of them!

    • Can someone tell me WHY we allowed in people like this?

      If we still had the Immigration Act of 1924 in effect this leftist`s parents would be kept out and we would not have to do with her dildo induced non sense.

      • nah, progressives have been trying to disarm people based on “public health” since at least the late 1800s. The difference is, back then they were giving away land so you could vote with your feet.

        Gun control is nothing new under the sun, at all.

      • I’m willing to bet her family has been in the country as long, if not longer, than yours. Xenophobia is anti-American.

  2. She should be a lot more careful with her trigger discipline on that thing.

    Whoops thought this was a weekly photo caption contest.

    • IDK, let him do so? Because violence is bad, so for her to resist his violence with more violence just propagates violence and more violence is bad. Right?

  3. Violent crime rates are down across the country, except Chicago. The only thing “normalizing” violence are the fear mongers on the 24 hour news channels.

    This is the typical mindset of anyone too lazy to actually study the evidence: I believe I am smart and I do not like or understand this thing, therefore this thing is wrong.

  4. Campus carry isn’t normalization of violence rather it is the acceptance of the reality that violence exists on college campuses just like anywhere else and being prepared to do something about it besides just being a victim.

  5. The other day I saw a picture of a leftist “protestor” – an anarchist – throwing glass bottles with M-80’s in them – yes, grenades – into a crowd. If I recall correctly, it was Berkeley, and it was an anarchist group the campus “police” have made no serious effort to stop. This leftist violence is getting worse and it is spreading. How dare these Liberal Fascist lecture anyone on violence especially since they are the primary source of violence on campus.

    • BobProg,

      What you described should be no surprise at all: all Progressive “It is wrong to …” statements never apply to Progressives.

  6. I was going to say something about how much fail there was is so few words, then I saw the link came from The Guardian.

    On an unrelated note… thank you to the many contributors on the TTAG Team for slogging through all that crap at places like The Guardian so the rest of us don’t have to.

  7. Is that 13 year old girl legally able to own one of those high caliber weapons? Maybe she isn’t 13, but wearing little kid clothes aren’t going to make me take you seriously. Kind of like how chairman hitlary wears those north Korean space age pantsuits. Yeah granny, because you are going into the office today on the moon to do some really important work.

  8. “I think the issue is the normalization of violence. Rather than actually taking any serious steps towards addressing why students are so scared to go to school every day without a gun, we’re just talking about creating more violence, which is not a transformative or restorative solution whatsoever.”

    1. In islamist circles violence is quintessentially “normal”. It’s not just “normal” it’s an IMPERATIVE.
    2. Honey, what’s your “restorative solution” to getting run over and stabbed by some asshat screaming “Allahu akhbar!”?
    3. I hope she sees the next “car and knife jihad”, up close and personal. Lets see if she still prefers “a transformative or restorative solution” to somebody with a loaded firearm.

  9. First, 99% of firearms owners have and will never fire a weapon in anger. Second, nobody cares about a transformative solution, they want an effective solution and they are very different. Third, a weapon does not represent or normalize violence any more than an erection represents or normalizes rape. Finally, your feelings of fear do not trump anyone else’s right to defend themselves or carry a weapon nor the rational thought process of preparing for self-defense.

  10. I identify as an Attack Helicopter (AH) and I think she is oppressing me with her hateful, anti-ammosexual view point. I am so triggered now, I have to go to my safe space at the range.

  11. I think you are a naive tool, who lives in a fantasy land. Violence is a fact of life and can no more be ‘normalized’ than we can ‘normalize’ the sun or moon rising and setting. How one chooses to deal with ‘reality’ says a great deal about our character, upbringing, and education. E.g. Choosing to strap a phallus on your backpack is more reflective of your normalization of delusional thinking than it is an effective form of protest. Just as screaming ‘he will not divide us’ for four years won’t remove the sitting president from office. In short, grow up, Ms Jin. You’re at grave risk of being another deluded, out of work millennial screaming about injustice and utterly failing to develop essential survival skills.

  12. Rather than actually taking any serious steps towards addressing why students are so scared to go to school every day without a gun, we’re just talking about creating more violence, which is not a transformative or restorative solution whatsoever,” she said.

    If everyone carried guns everywhere they went, all the hot head violent impulsive people would eventually be completely removed from the gene pool.

  13. The aim was to highlight the perceived absurdity of rules that make brandishing sex toys potentially illegal, while the state’s Republican-dominated legislature has given its blessing to young people attending classes or entering a dorm room with a holstered revolver.

    Ok… Jin. How about you openly carry your dildos with no permit, and we openly carry our guns with no permit. We’ll tolerate you and you can tolerate us. How’s that sound? Something tells me you guys won’t be satisfied with that though.

  14. If she thinks that pink double entry rubber dildo is a fearsome weapon she needs to do more research on what the bigger girls are buying.

  15. I think the issue is the normalization of violence. — Jessica Jin

    Yes, we absolutely should be normalizing violence when it is in response to attackers who are actively trying to maim and kill us.

    … we’re just talking about creating more violence, which is not a transformative or restorative solution whatsoever. — Jessica Jin

    WRONG! A violent response to attackers who are actively trying to maim and kill us actually is a transformative / restorative solution for the victims.

  16. Well let’s have a look at the math on this situation.

    Far left activists in Berkely star fires, beat people with bricks, and fog people with bear mace because they hear an opinion they don’t like.

    Far left activists in Texas where guns are not unilaterally banned want to keep guns off of campus so they can have a ‘safe space’… to start fires, beat people with bricks, and fog people with bear mace without worrying about being shot.

    Yeah I personally can’t really think there’s any way to make a better argument for universal constitutional carry from coast to coast.

    • Exactly.

      Do you think ANTIFA would be starting their shit shows in Texas if we didn’t have campus carry? Maybe. Maybe not. But I am fairly certain they will never do anything in Texas because we DO have campus carry.

      This is more projection on the left. Look at Berkeley and how quick they resort to violence. And for what? Because someone is going to speak on their campus and say things they don’t like. They’re not encouraging anything illegal, they’re not attacking people, fhey are expressing different points of view. The liberal response is to mask up, gang up, start fires and riots, hit and run attacks, and they do it all the more knowing you don’t have a gun to defend yourself. Doesn’t hurt they have the mayor on their side, money from Soros, and know the police have stand-down orders.

      I don’t ever want to see any of that in my state. I don’t think we will either as long as we have campus carry.

        • It’s that way in Canada. You don’t want to be like Canada. Protesting scares me because someone might recognize me in normal life (big sunglasses help at least). If you add violence to the mix (iow, these are not actually “protests” but straight-up riots) then there should be a law against wearing a mask to conceal your identities, but that’s different from even walking around with picket signs, chanting, and possibly peaceably carrying slug weapons. Either way, Democrats will use any laws such as that to harass our side.

  17. I wonder if she is one of those who think that it is morally wrong to harm someone who is doing immoral things to you?

  18. Why won’t you people acknowledge little Jessica’s commitment to her beliefs?

    She is packing one seriously trans formative and restorative sex toy .

  19. “I think the issue is the normalization of violence…”

    The issue with students carrying is the normalization of taking care of yourself. Can’t have that.

  20. “dammit, dirk! now i’ll never get the monsanto smell out of it.”

    i would like to hear her scream, “touch my fuzzy hearts!”

  21. It doesn’t normalize violence. Nothing about campus carry authorizes one iota of violence beyond what the law already allows. It does help normalize weapons. Weapons are not violence, an inescapable fact well-known to anybody with the slightest acquaintance with either. The only question here is whether you’re trying to hide this truth from yourself, or from others.

  22. University of Texas my ass. There aren’t but hand full of true Texans there. Hollywood types, nothern libs and foreigners is all I see when I have been near campus. Austin is lost.

  23. >>Bulletproof T-shirt makers

    And each T-shirt comes with 16-page disclaimer, written in exquisite bureaucratese, explaining that “Bulletproof” in product name is not…and blah-blah-blah.

  24. “I think the issue is the normalization of violence. ” Really? Funny, I was thinking the issue was letting our education system turn the last couple of generations of kids into the biggest bunch of pussies to ever walk the earth.
    You can call me racist all day long, but if it wasn’t for all the lgbtf and ethnic social warriors out there it would be hard for them to be able to make this an issue.

  25. I carry a fire extinguisher and medical kit in the trunk of my car. It’s not that I’m so afraid of fire that I won’t go anywhere without it- it’s that I want to be prepared should the need arise.

    If she wants to carry a dildo around in case the need arise for her I’m fine with that too. But leave my med kit and carry firearm alone.

  26. I question gun laws.

    I think there are way too many of them and they are counter to their stated intent.

    We need fewer gun laws, centered around the concept of protecting the Rights of Americans, not denying those Rights.

  27. I’m not scared. I just carry everywhere else. So why should carrying at one more place be an issue? Because there are other people my age there? Because alcohol and drugs are there? Don’t be rediculous. Those same things are on the streets I walk everyday.

  28. “transformative or restorative solution” to violence.

    IOW, they don’t have a solution so they are throwing around meaningless buzzwords.

  29. She’s not… ENTIRELY wrong.

    I’ll come straight out and say that I’m a northern California liberal. The fact is that gun control is a red herring for the absolute failure of the Democratic party to distinguish itself in any meaningful way from the Republican party. “We are basically exactly the same as the other party, but we want to ban guns! Look how different we appear to be!”

    Any other liberal who gets in my face about guns gets an earful from me about the Democrats failing miserably, and often not even trying, to address the real reasons why people are popping each other at such a prodigious rate. “But muh suicide statistics…” You fucking fool, have you wondered why all these people want to step out? Have you thought about the absolutely miserable state of healthcare, particularly MENTAL healthcare in this country? For god’s sake, people are crowdsourcing their fucking medical bills on the internet. If that’s not the sign of a failed system, I don’t know what is. People are killing themselves with guns and crowdsourcing their medical bills for the SAME FUCKING REASON, you dipshit. Why don’t we figure out what that is, fix it, and we’ll have killed three birds with one god damned rock.


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