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“I really do try to be open minded,” MSNBC’s Chris Hayes opines. I guess Chris doesn’t understand that it’s hard to be open-minded when your arms are windmilling furiously, waving the bloody shirt. I invite Chris to contact TTAG ([email protected]) to learn about the responsible use of firearms by children, teens, adults and seniors; all of whom have particular needs and challenges. It’s one thing to paint the NRA as champagne swilling ignoramuses, it’s another to be an ignoramus lampooning people far more educated on a topic than you are. Just sayin’ . . .

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  1. Note from Mediaite’s site that this guy’s ratings are even lower than Ed Schultz, the guy he replaced in the time slot.

    • I think maybe this guy’s and Schultz’ shows are some kinda loss leader for NBC. It’s hard to see how they can be making any money. Government subsidies?

  2. I thought you were exaggerating on the arm movement until I actually watched the video. Every time I see one of these completely avoidable, negligent firearms stories it kills me.

  3. The condescension just drips from his mouth. He found another incident that fit his narrative exactly: the tragic death of a child. Even better, the family of the gun owners speak with a slow southern drawl and the incident occurred in ramshackle home. Guns cannot be good, cannot be worthwhile, if every positive benefit they contribute to is ignored. Like many statist douchebags, they only see guns as a problem.

  4. There really isn’t one gun culture in the US. There are at the very least three different ones. There’s gun culture 1.0 (based on the old rural and frontier traditions), gun culture 2.0, and the ghetto gun culture. The reason people like Chris Hayes prefer to talk about gun culture as if it were one monolithic entity is that ghetto gun culture has little to do with political advocacy, gun culture 2.0 has little to do with crime, and gun culture 1.0 has little to do with either. They want to blame gun rights advocates for gun crime by way of “gun culture” and they can’t do that if they take notice that the advocates belong to an entirely different gun culture from the criminals.

  5. What a fool. There are youth rifles and shotguns from many manufacturers, and teaching proper firearm use is safer and easier when the tool fits the user.

    Just as with any potentially dangerous household item, parents are the ones responsible to make sure their young children do not have access to harmful tools. The gun should have been locked up or otherwise inaccessible.

    Whether it’s his own gun or his father’s gun doesn’t matter — for all intents and purposes, the child’s gun is his to use when it is out of the gun safe, but should not be his to access throughout the day without his parents’ supervision, at least at that age.

    Irresponsible parents are “the sickness”, whether there are guns involved or not.

  6. Let me choose: should I be a right-wing gunnie, or a left-wing metro-sexual like Chris? Hmmmmmm. I’ll have to think about this one. Nice glasses…for a girl.

  7. uhg, this sounds SO familar, proclaiming to be SO worldy and open minded, while in the same breath talking about grabbing.

  8. And the award for Biggest Douche in the Universe goes to…

    If this underwear stain actually knew anything about the NRA, he would know that its primary mission is gun safety.

  9. Chris Hayes can’t stay on-message over a one-week period.

    First, he can’t read basic stats and concludes this means gun sales are slowing (when, at most, it means a smaller percentage of a larger group, a net increase):

    Now he claims that gun sales are at an all-time high.

    One wonders what goes on in that adorable little tousled head of his….

  10. I said it in another post … the gun grabbers are trying to destroy “gun culture” through onerous laws and outright demonization of people of the gun. Remember the key part of the Second Amendment, “shall not be infringed”. Unlike the Fourth Amendment that specifically mentions “reasonable” searches and seizures, the Second Amendment provides no such latitude to our illustrious government.

  11. Didn’t look to me that the mafg. was targeting 5 year olds. Maybe 10 year olds. And they were supervised the entire time. Plain stupidity with this liberal.
    Because a parent is negligent guns should be banned. Why doesn’t the media sensationalize house fires started by children, or accidental deaths of children caused by drowning, etc. If this child had accidentally used a crossbow, would they be talking about banning those too? The media is the enemy. Americans have been hypnotized. It’s time to wake up and remember that his county was FOUNDED on Liberty and Freedom.

  12. & the cure is Chicago, its going really good there. One kid gets killed & everthing must change. One lady gets killed & her daughter is raped & nothing needs to be done. Perhaps chris could run forward really fast & maybe stand a chance of getting his head out of his ass, Randy

  13. I’d rather be a proud member of the gun culture than a sub-human devotee to the victim culture.

    Leftists are the only creatures on earth that willingly allow themselves to be victims that abhor violence for defense. Hamsters have more self-regard and common sense than leftists. Truly unnatural beings.

  14. Where he fails is in understanding our history. America has a gun culture because that is how we won and maintained our freedom. Guns are a big part in why certain states exist and how many families fed themselves. The idea and values of the minuteman should be passed down to all and for all to become riflemen. For personal security sake, for self preservation, and for the resistance of tyranny. Please get this guy a history book.

  15. You should have seen the show right before this on Thursday night. Larry O was even worse. I wanted to pull an “Elvis” on my $1000 TV.

  16. In 2009 (the only year I could collect all the data) there were:

    138 fatal accidental shootings of children (Children’s Defense Fund)
    3,533 children drowned in pools (CDC)
    3,588 non-fatal accidental firearm injuries of children (Children’s Defense Fund)
    8,631 serious brain and spinal injuries to children playing football (Center for Injury Research and Policy)
    21% of contact sport injuries are brain/spine related (CIRP)

    If a Cricket rifle is a thing of evil, so is Little Leage, Pee Wee football, Youth Hockey, and virtually every other physical activity that adults can intorduce their children to.

  17. Well, I’ll give him some of what what wants. Leaving a firearm – particularly a loaded firearm where it can be accessed by a 5 year old is irresponsible, stupid, dastardly, incompetent and more. There is nothing in the handling of that firearm in this situation that I would recommend or teach. As a member of the “gun culture” I’m appalled at the lack of responsibility shown by those parents.

    With that said; if the potential danger of injuring someone in your own household isn’t enough of a deterrent to poor gun handling and storage techniques, I don’t know what another law will do

  18. MSNBC is a sickness on the American people who lets certain Politicians get away with MURDER. And some day, very soon I hope, they will see the fruit of what they have done… Or did not do these last 6 years. Their children will suffer, and I’m sorry to say, along side mine and I hope all the executives of MSNBC, ABC, CBS, CNN and cronies are roasting in hell when it finally happens.

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