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 Uberti Silverboy in .22 Magnum

Uberti has been selling SilverboysYellowboys and Henrys for many moons. The Italian arms maker has just added a new model to satisfy America’s swelling number of levermaniacs: the .22 Magnum Silverboy. Uberti’s presser (after the jump) touts the new gun’s unique selling point (other than the new chambering): “Uberti’s Silverboy lever action brings a brand new twist to an old, but ‘tried-and-true,’ design. A unique cartridge-control mechanism inside the action allows controlled-round-feed so that the gun can be fired while held at any angle—the action will cycle reliably, even when upside down.” Trick shooters need apply. And, yes, it’s a good first gun for young ‘uns—once they achieve the appropriate stature. Six bills buys you the gun and not a single cartridge more.

ACCOKEEK, MD (May 3, 2013) – Uberti proudly announces the introduction of a new caliber for the Silverboy™—the ultimate small-bore lever-action rifle. An Italian designed, all-original lever-action firearm, based on the classic styling of the “Old West” lever-gun. The Silverboy embodies the best features of the proven lever-gun design that goes back as far as the mid-1800s, when lever-guns were chambered for pistol calibers like the .44/40 and .45 Colt. Now Uberti adds the .22 Magnum caliber to that illustrious list.


Uberti’s Silverboy lever action brings a brand new twist to an old, but “tried-and-true,” design. A unique cartridge-control mechanism inside the action allows controlled-round-feed so that the gun can be fired while held at any angle—the action will cycle reliably, even when upside down.

The Silverboy™ is a perfect first gun for youth shooters as well as a great firearm for teaching people of all ages how to handle and shoot a rifle. In the right hands the Silverboy’s excellent accuracy makes it a great gun for varmint and small game applications. The Silverboy is also ideal for the cowboy-action shooter that wants to put in lots of shooting practice without breaking the bank buying ammunition. Pair the Silverboy™ with a couple of Uberti single-action Stallions in .22 Mag and you’ve got a great training rig that will cost pennies on the dollar to shoot compared to a standard cowboy-action rig. This is a beautiful, great handling gun with a lot to offer both beginners and experienced marksmen.

SPECIFICATIONS: Caliber: .22 Magnum Barrel Length: 19” Sights: Fixed Rear Sight; Windage-Adjustable Front Sight Metal Finish: Blued barrel; Chrome-finished Alum-Alloy Receiver Stock Material: Walnut Finished Hardwood with Straight Grip Average Weight: 6.4 lbs. Overall Length: 36” Length of Pull: 13.2” MSRP: $599

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  1. Lovely, except for two things. First, .22 magnum(if you can find it) is $15 a box. Wouldn’t it make more sense to make this in .22lr? Not that you can find that any easier. Second, for that money, wouldn’t most of us buy an American-made Henry’s?

  2. .22 Magnum? I’ll admit, I do not like the standard .22 rimfire in any situation short of introducing newbies to firearms, but am a staunch believer that there are too few guns chambered for .22 magnum. I might need to look further into this.

    • My dad’s Ruger with. 22 mag is a real noise maker. We had to check to make sure we didn’t have the. 357! It is a fun cartridge to fire and I wish some if the .22lr guns could also fire the magnums.

    • In my care, it’d be dinged up.

      I love levers and love 22 mags, but I’m a bit off by the price; damn near might as well buy an actual Henry!

    • Good luck with that. 22WMR auto loaders are as rare as hen’s teeth. The 10/22’s are almost impossible to find and go for $600+

    • Heh, heh, heh,
      As a former FFL holder and one still in touch with the community you might collect Social Security before one becomes yours. Those things remain on perpetual backorder and demand an unreasonable mark up for those that do appear. To be honest I received two as a dealer and intended on keeping one for myself but in both cases was offered well over the MSRP for both when people found out I had one.
      I currently own a early production run M77 SS which I love and shoot when I can afford the ammo which has always been overpriced. The bolt gun seems more in keeping with the .22 mag usage which is truly a rifle round and very accurate from a long barrel. That being said the semi was lots of fun while it lasted and I feel your pain…

  3. I have both rifles in 22 mag and I favor the Uberti more out of the box it handles a lot better than the Henry and is more balanced believe me its worth the money!

  4. How about making one in .22 as well. I have only one .22 mag rifle left (early production ruger M77) the cost of the ammo keeps getting in the way of shooting!
    Uberti has a reputation of making well crafted firearms at reasonable cost, unless Henry has improved their fit/finish and quality control I would say there is no comparision. Feedback from those who actually own the Henry would be nice as the ones I handled a few years back only looked good from a few feet away but were a dissappointment when handled and all the Uberti’s I owned were hands down a better feeling/shooting weapon.

  5. VERY nice looking rifle! Uberti’s bluing is top notch. I would love one if it was chambered in the new 17WSM !

  6. Recently purchased a new 22 mag Silver Boy. Love the gun except for one thing, the sights. Smooth as butter and much better balanced than the Henry. However it has one major flaw that you’ll want to add in to the cost when purchasing. The sights suck! I’ve got it in the shop now spending about $60 to have a true buckhorn and bead sight installed that will allow for elevation adjustment, because what came on the gun shot high when the back sight was at it’s lowest possible setting.

  7. Are you kidding?!?. That was a double reprint of the Mfg advertising biline! I have really liked the effort (appearance of effort) that you guys purport(never used that term bedore) to put forth. Thats gone!

  8. Just bought a 22mag uberti silver boy. Paid 520.00 for it .Can’t wait to shoot it. A great-looking rifle. 22 mag is easy to find my local Academy sporting goods has many a cases. Winchester Mag $ 10.49 a box. Bought 2000 rounds. I also have a Charter Arms 22 Mag Pathfinder. Excellent pistol. Have just as many rounds threw that.

  9. Of the 22 mag lever guns currently available, (only Henry and this one)the Silverboy is more appealing to me . . . however, why silver? Am I the only one who’d like to see this piece in blue STEEL, and/or color-case hardened STEEL? Seems kind of silly to me to be trapseing around in the woods with a shiny rifle. C’mon Uberti, let’s make it look like a real firearm.

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