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 Michelle Obama (courtesy

Anyone who thinks the Senate vote on a federal gun registry expanded background checks was the be-all and end-all of the federal push for civilian disarmament take note: the anti-gun spin machine is still revolving faster than Mercury. Michelle Obama does her bit to viva la revolution, affirming her husband’s promise to revive gun control ASAP ’cause kids living five miles from her childhood home are living in fear. “Every day they wake up and wonder whether they’re going to make it out of school alive,” Barack Obama’s main squeeze tells CBS [via]. And that means “lawmakers have an obligation to these kids to try again.” And it’s not just a few thousand Windy City kids in “gun-free” zones who put the onus on the pols to grab guns. Nope  . . .

“We have millions of kids living in these kinds of circumstances who are doing everything right,” Obama said. “And we, as a nation, have to embrace these kids and let them know that we hear them, and see them. One kid told me he felt like he lived in a cage, because he feels like his community is unseen, unheard and nobody cares about it.”

See what she did there? Clearly, the First Lady is a card-carrying member of the Cult of Victimhood. Whereas The People of the Gun understand that armed self-defense is the key to both individual and communal self-reliance.

One country, two philosophies. Place your bets now. Oh wait. You already have. Then watch this space.

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  1. I teach all my kids great gun control. The two daughters are pretty darn good. Oh wait you meant something else???

  2. If the parents of these kids cared, then leave the indignent sesspools that are the inner city! Flock to communities that are safer & pro-gun, like where I live… That is the answer, not tske my arms so the sesspool migrates my way!

    • You DO realize it’s not always an option for poor families, RIGHT?

      “Let them move to gated communities.” – Marie Antoinette. Just sayin’ lest you labor under the delusion that everyone is of sufficient means.

      • They could stop voting for the liars that keep them impoverished, dependent and without hope.

      • Before the metastasizing cancer of socialism created the ghetto culture, being a parasite was voluntary. It’s hard to break the vicious circle of dependency – I should know, I’m a recently dried-out alcoholic.

        And it’s exceedingly difficult to get anyone to work for wages when they can get paid more sitting on their fat asses collecting welfare.

  3. To Mrs. Obama, these children already live in an area of the country with the strictest firearm laws, and heres a hint they are at the most risk of being affected by violence! So if you haven’t noticed, criminals don’t follow your stupid laws! So Mrs Obama “Heres your sign!”

  4. What this dope, Moochelle Obama, doesn’t get is that we are armed to protect ourselves and especially the innocent.

    “If there must be trouble, let it be in my day, that my child may have peace.” – Thomas Paine

  5. Since when was the election of a comnander In chief considered “commander & chief & his loud-mouth lieing spouse”?

    They have their grandure balks, all decked out in pomp & circumstance, whete indignataries flock to pay homage, Costing tens of thousands of dollars, yet 10 miles away in the lowly existance of a poverish portion of DC, examples of these “children” they so convincingly apear to love, go hungry or impoverishedly clothed?

    Examine YOURSELF WOMAN! &let not your indifference lead you to my doorstep!

    • ‘Since when was the election of a comnander In chief considered “commander & chief & his loud-mouth lieing spouse”?’

      That would be 1992. Remember “Hillarycare”?

      • My favorite was Barbara Bush–still is. Then there was Eleanor Roosevelt. Ballsy gals. Wife of the Potus long ago ceased to be a cameo job, but instead has become an important unpaid functionary of the government with a busy schedule and a full-time staff. Live with it, cause you sure ain’t going to change it.

      • And my favorite Hilary quote: “Well that’s why Bill and I ran for president!”

    • Seriously man. If English is your second language, you’re owed some slack. If it’s your first language, consider taking some night classes.

  6. Why does anyone even begin to listen to anything that comes out of the mouth of the “wife” of the potus?

    She is a NOBODY!

    FOAD, manchelle!

  7. I too, taught both my kids about gun control.
    Son was expert at every qual in the Marines. Daughter was a disappointment as she only obtained her sharpshooter badge. /sarc.
    Couldn’t be a prouder papa.
    Michelle can KMA.
    I will continue to fight every day with time, effort and money.

  8. This from the beyotch who said that the day her husband was nominated was the first time she ever felt pride in her country. That’s kinda funny, since the first time I ever felt despair for my country was the first time her obnoxious jack@ss of a husband was elected.

    • The nation falling for Hope and Change 1.0 was disappointing, and Hope and Change 2.0 was a real head scratching affair.

      And if the First Lady thinks we “don’t see” children unless we embrace gun control, she is even more of a dumba$$ than I originally thought. I’ll put it in language that she might be able to understand – I will protect my own family just like Secret Service will protect hers, and I don’t appreciate her efforts to continually minimize the tools available for that protection.

      • I don’t appreciate her efforts to continually minimize the tools available

        So are you saying that the Secret Service are “tools.” If that’s your sentiment, then I have to agree. Except for the Colombia chapter, which really laid down the law. And everything else that moved.

  9. First the media onslaught against gun owners led by the professional victim parade of Bloomberg and Giffords, with the approval of the White House (not to sound insensitive to Gifford’s plight, but I’m still pissed off about the damage they did in Colorado). Now the gun grabbers are playing the “mom card.” By the way, Michelle Obama is not a MILF.

  10. her husband just went to mexico LIED that Americans were reponsible for running guns to mexico, no mention of F&F wake up, shove it back in their face, expose the hypocrisy

  11. What we have here is a failure to communicate. I don’t give a sh.t about your wonderfull criminals. You can slide your garbage past me upside down etc. & its NEVER going to be reasonable. Stop protecting criminals & we don’t need to have this convoluted dance every 3 f’n weeks, Randy

  12. First, for those parents who actually care about their children, sending your children to public schools increasingly amounts to parental malpractice.

    Second: All this posturing by the Obama administration and the gun grabbers in DC is for the purpose of keeping the press diverted from the policy disasters starting to encroach on the bubble of the Obama administration. Obamacare’s true cost is starting to come into view, Afghanistan is increasingly a disaster, the Euro zone is imploding rather quickly (and shows the limits of the “progressive ideal” for social spending) and the results of “smart diplomacy” in the middle east are starting to stink like three-day-old fish.

    How to keep the press off all these topics? Talk about something that the press loves to fantasize about: gun control. Talk about gun control and you can keep reporters and the Sunday screaming face TV shows off all these other unpleasant topics and talking about your administration with glowing approval and enthusiasm.

  13. “lawmakers have an obligation to these kids to try again.”

    Lawmakers have an obligation to uphold the law, you stupid, hideous, tyrant-fvcker.

  14. With the stroke of pen and a little wishful thinking we can solve any problem – wait it’s not even that. It’s political theater! For the dumb masses!

  15. My 8yo son gripes about Michelle because the new school lunches only give you 4 chicken nuggets instead of the former 6. Great work they’re doing there.

  16. Moochelle had to surrender her law license “voluntarily”in 1993 to avoid ethics proceedings by the state bar in IL related to insurance fraud.She’s just another Chicago crook like her husband’s friends.Certainly not someone with the credibility to prescribe behavior to the country.She better stick to stuffing her ugly face like she did on the Paula Deen Show(funny story about what a pig she made of herself)

  17. For the record, Mercury is tidally locked to the sun and doesn’t spin at all. A more accurate astronomical metaphor for the rotation rate of the anti-gun media machine would be the pulsar. Scientists have discovered the pulsar named PSR J1748-2446ad, in a globular cluster of stars called Terzan 5, located some 28,000 light-years from Earth in the constellation Sagittarius is spinning 716 times per second, or at 716 Hertz (Hz). By comparison the fastest speeds of common kitchen blenders are 250-500 Hz.

    Although I think you’re right that the spin of the anti-gun media machine would put even PSR J1748-2446ad to shame.

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