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By William Shanahan of Mom at Arms

Here we go again! The mask nazis are using local law enforcement to harass Fenix Ammunition over the manufacturer’s non-compliance with Governor gretchn Whitmer’s executive order mandating mask usage in the state.

I wonder if any of the elected officials who are allied with Moms Demand Action are involved in this latest incident as they were the last time law enforcement was used to harass Fenix Ammunition.

Fenix Ammunition posts a notice on their front door informing anyone who enters that masks are not required.


This article was originally published at Mom at Arms and is reprinted here with permission. 

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        • Just got back from a cabin stay in the Arkansas Ozarks. It’s beautiful and everyone minds their own business. I’d be happy to have a plot to put a trailer, or anything else, out there.

          As someone born in the midwest and who’s been all over the world, I can’t stand when Midwesterners and yankee’s shit on anything close to or below the Mason-Dixon using sterotypes, but it does indicate who is a bigot who’s probably never left their hometown and has opinions in the same value tier as course grit sand.

      • I wouldn’t call all of them assholes, but everyone I’ve ever met who was from Michigan thought being a Michigander made them God’s gift to the rest of us. It does seem to be a thing…

        • Hey. pal. I’m from Michigan. We know how bad it is. The majority of the electorate is stupid. So we’re a blue state.

      • Been a long time since I was in Mich. Did some design work for Kellogg Foods in Battle Creek years ago. The people I met there seemed quite sensible. As mentioned, this was quite a few years back.

    • They say one of the employees there set this up because they were afraid of catching Covid from one of their co-workers. So it was an inside job.

        • Not bullshit, a lot of people are saying it. In other news GOP rep Steve Stivers R-Ohio says the next round of stimulus checks should go to people who have received the vaccine.

  1. If I was living there I would be calling the police on EVERYONE I see without a mask. Overload the system when you can’t beat it with logic or the courts.

    • If I ever catch government officials in Ohio attempting to force that on me, I will file CRIMINAL charges against them for violation of ORC 2921.52 (Sham Legal Process) – Felony of 3rd degree. and also U.S. Code Title 18 Chapter 13 sections 241 and 242 (Infringement on rights under color of law) – Felony of 1st degree.

      I won’t waste time with civil actions.

  2. The sooner this hypochondriac’s twisted fantasy is over, the better. Anonymous complaints from these lunatics have taken jobs and businesses. In the real world the accused has the right to face their accuser but this is insane and ridiculous.

    • Being hypochondriac’s is not the base problem,the problem is due to being braindead Marxist totalitarians, next would be petty tyrant.

    • Technically the “accuser” was the police officer. And when you have a governor’s executive order, ignoring it is one thing, but posting a sign saying you are ignoring it is definitely an unnecessary asking for trouble. That governor is drunk on power, using it to oppress those who are not criminals, and the voters should do better.

  3. The gun industry in the most broad sense, needs to stop doing business with anyone, or any state. That doesn’t support civil rights.
    All they are doing is becoming “the last capitalist to be hanged by the communists, with the rope he made”.

    In this case the last gun maker to be shot by an anti-gun government. And they sold their executioners the guns.

    • we’ve all been saying that for years. Its a valueless threat unless 2-3 companies play ball: SIG, S&W, and of course, Glock.

      As soon as they discontinue service with governments that dont honor the 2nd amendment, then many of these things might change…

      …after of course the myriad of lawsuits and attempts to seize the companies through questionable methods by those same paragons of liberal virtue.

      • Any government contract is great for a big, all at once, infusion of money. Into a private company. It’s like crack cocaine for a private business owner. And just as addictive and very unhealthy. But its the civilian market that has always kept the gun business alive and well. And its civilian innovation for civilian use that has helped the government. Not the other way around.

        Personally I’m not interested in buying guns from the companies you listed. I know that puts me in the minority. I just don’t want to give them my money.

      • Kyle is right. They need to do what big tech/media is doing to conservative voices – don’t do business with them. One company doing it won’t make a difference. All of the companies doing it stands a better chance of success. It needs to be ammo manufacturers too, not just the gun manufacturers. Who is going to lead the charge? NSSF? NRA? GOA?

  4. Baron von Munchausen’s mask and isolation and distancing policies are insanity and designed to control people. Nothing will put a stop to it other than mass noncompliance or hanging politicians. But if you don’t have the stomach for noncompliance you’re not going to suddenly string up a politician.

    PS, if you’re not sure how to be a nonconformist, it’s easy. All you have to do is dress like we do and listen to the same music we do.

    • Fox seems to be having great fun showing photos of FPOTUS at the Lincoln Memorial without a mask after signing order for EVERYONE to be masked on Federal property, but they don’t mention that there are plenty of photos of the senile doofus unmasked WHILE HE WAS SIGNING the order. And when is someone going to ask him if he and the bride wear masks to bed each night, since they are sleeping on Federal property, and how well do masks work in the shower. Nobody can be that stupid, there has to be a commission involved.

  5. Geez I have covid…probably got it at the gun range. This bs is real enough. This is a non-story. Try harder TTAG!

  6. “…He was dispatched due to an “anonymous complaint” made by some Karen….”

    FOIA for 911 recorded call, matter of public record.

  7. Just wait….there is about to be much more folks; in order to go nearly anywhere you will need your .gov papers, microchips and QR codes that prove you took all of Daddy Gates’ big needle loads of juicy mRNA jizz shots. And on que we will be hearing “But Muh private Biznussez can demand whatever they want in terms of service.” The same justifications they made for the purges of wrongthink and speakers on Twatter and the like, but now it will be physical locations and essential services, grocery stores, banks, airlines, you name it. I expect we will additionally be looking at a steady rollout of a type of social credit score system like the Chi-Coms have. Welcome to Pedo Joe’s “Build Back Better” courtesy of your technocratic overlords and all their best friends In D.C. and Beijing.

    • Seen Shotgun Joe’s EO about masks? Anyone on Federal Land has to wear one. So if you’re out hunting on Fed land you are in violation of that EO. And if you see a deer without a mask you need to shoot it since it’s probably a super spreader of something or other. 😉

  8. They will continue these police policies for as long as they can. Or at least until another new bug shows up.

    Welcome to the new normal.

  9. These guys are way in the back of a very non-descript industrial building complex. You don’t just stumble across them. This is targeted harassment.

    Fenix is great, by the way. Great group of people. Once the ammo drought ends, give them some of your business. I recommend the frangible ammo. Buy the big bag, you’ll need it.

  10. Not selling to law enforcement? Great, I might be able to by some. Eventually. May be 2022? Does Fenix need more emplyees?



  12. I’M 83 AND HAVE NOT WORN A MASK YET!!! And I will never wear one of those dirty GERM catcher that could ruin my health & possibly kill me..

    • TRUTH!!!

      Think! Do you know anyone who has died of so-called COVID-19?

      Of course not! It’s just a hoax, as Rush Limbaugh said, “it’s the ordinary flu, folks!”

      Don’t let them muzzle your free speech!

      Like some little piece of cloth is going to stop a virus, if that was true then doctors and nurses would wear masks during surgery to prevent infection spread.

      Did the patriots stopping the steal at the United States Capitol wear masks?
      No, they bared their face before God and country because they are proud Patriots!

      True patriots don’t hide their face with a mask, they are proud of who they are and ready to shout the truth!

      So pack the pews at your church, elbow to elbow at the bar with your friends, shoulder to shoulder at political rallies to support those candidates who refused to be muzzled by the mask of Tyranny!

        • Another pearl of wisdom from our friend Monty!

          Check out the defaced and desecrated American flag he has for an avatar, now there’s respecting the Star-Spangled Banner!

          Monty will never take a knee for the national flag, he’s too busy smearing paint on it to make it just reich.

      • Miner said : “Don’t let them muzzle your free speech!”

        WOW, Miner is becoming conservative….. 🙂

        PS. We know the truth about Covid, and the truth about Miner.

    • They needed something new, the climate change hoax was wearing thin, once people began to understand we’re talking about the weather.

    • It’ll never happen. They have found so many ways to “enforce” these “mandates”. It’s part of health codes, it’s part of uniform policies, it’s part of (insert anything you can think of here). It’s a fucking joke. The sad part is all these thin blue line weenies acting like cops support them. Never have, never will.

  13. You mean an ammo company has to abide by the same laws as everyone else, as set forth by the state (to which such powers are reserved)?


    • Just because you’re too stupid to take whatever precautions you deem necessary based on your own research and need Big Daddy government to mandate to you what kind of clothes and accoutrements to wear when you get up in the morning doesn’t mean everyone else needs to. Harder Daddy State, Hannibal has been a naughty boy!

  14. Your right to ignore science and public health edicts ends where my elderly mother’s right to stay alive begins. Start behaving like the good citizens you claim to be.

    And don’t give me that crap about “people who are willing to give up freedom for safety don’t deserve either”. That would be applicable if we were all headed for the gulag, but we’re not. All we want you to do is put a little square of cloth over your mouth and nose when you are in public. It’s no more a loss of freedom than having to cover your genitals in public too.

    Quit sniveling and get with the program. The life you save may be your own.

    • No. Just wear your own mask and goggles then decontaminate when you get home. I didn’t expect others to protect me when I was concerned about this thing.

      • The result is the same. You’re wearing a mask in public. As for motivations, whatever works for you is fine by me.

        • Need brushup on reading comprehension. He’s saying to dress up Mom in a HAZMAT suit if you are so concerned, and leave him alone, you do not have the authority to order him to wear a mask in a free country.

        • I stand corrected.

          Don’t look at it as a mask. Look at it as a fashion statement. Get one that says Molon Abe (don’t know how to type Omega on this thing).

        • If the government can make you wear pants, they can make you wear a mask, what’s the difference?

          Are you just rolling over on the pants thing because they hide your lack of endowment?

        • State laws prohibit indecent exposure. There is ZERO federal laws stating what you can and cannot wear. And state law is very vague, as we have seen on peopleofwalmart.com… you know, your people.

          And no, we have “truck nuts” to piss snowflakes like you off into thinking about our junk.

    • Science and health edicts given out by the likes of one Richard Levine, the WHO, and the UN?
      If you don’t know who that guy is, you’d better learn. One wonders how Idaho Transplant and millions of other humanitarians managed to get along without cringing in fear about the common cold and flu for years until the overlords of degenerate freaks like Dick Levine became medical authorities within the last year.

    • First of all you have no right to stay alive. You have a right to try to stay alive, that’s all. And nobody else is obliged to help you. Someone might volunteer to help, but that’s up to them.

      • I beg to differ. If you see somebody dying on the street, you are morally and legally obliged to help them.

        If you don’t, then you are nothing but a piece of shit.

        • Neither of those is true. There is certainly no legal obligation unless you are a licensed medical professional (MD, EMT, nurse, etc.). As to the moral obligation, that’s between you and your Maker, if you believe in one. If you don’t believe in one, then morality doesn’t really exist so there can be no moral obligations on anyone to do anything.

        • I stand corrected on the legal aspect.

          For all you folks who can walk past someone in distress and not help them, you are either pieces of shit or New Yorkers.

        • “If you don’t believe in one, then morality doesn’t really exist“

          No, I would say atheists have the higher morals than any dogmatic religionist.

          No atheist has ever killed another human or animal as a sacrifice to a mythical God.

          The inquisition, the Salem witch trials, the holocaust, all brought to you courtesy of the religionists.

          Same for 9/11, The Charlie Abdo attacks, truck attacks in Nice, all brought to you by humans following the directions of their sky daddy.

        • Allow me to acquaint you with a section of the Penal Code known as depraved indifference, which relates directly to endangering another’s life by recklessly spewing a pathogen that can sicken or kill those you encounter.


          (Depraved Indifference)

          Penal Law § 120.10 (3)

          (Committed on or after Sept. 1, 1967)

          (Revised December 12, 2006 1 and June 5, 2012 2)
          The (specify) count is Assault in the First Degree.
          Under our law, a person is guilty of Assault in the First Degree when, under circumstances evincing a depraved indifference to human life, that person recklessly engages in conduct which creates a grave risk of death to another person, and thereby causes serious physical injury to that person [or to a third person].3
          The following terms used in that definition have a special meaning:4
          SERIOUS PHYSICAL INJURY means impairment of a person’s physical condition which creates a substantial risk of death, or which causes death, or serious and protracted illness.”

          This does not apply in every jurisdiction, this particular law affects about 10 million Americans.

      • A person may still be able to shed the virus if they are immune. Or not. We just don’t know. Until we do know, it would be nice of you to mask up.

        Make it a fashion statement! I’m sure there’s lots of masks available with slogans and graphics that would appeal to folks. Don’t think of it as a mask, think of it as another place to put a motto.

        It would be nice if Velcro worked so we could hang morale patches on them, but that would restrict airflow. (Please, nobody try that at home).

    • Who’s ignoring science Idaho Boy? Why do you think our advanced civilization is just now discovering the usefulness of masks to stop the spread? Why aren’t we doing this every year to prevent flu deaths? Are you okay with 40,000 needless deaths every year? Why aren’t we masking up to prevent that? Maybe, just maybe, it isn’t that simple?

      Any study of masks should include the crappy, ill-fitting masks that I see most people wearing. Just this morning, I grabbed a biscuit at the drive-through. Both the cashier and the cook were wearing those crappy Chinese non-surgical blue masks. Both of them had their noses hanging out in the wind. I’ve noticed prominent pols like Joe and even the CDC director handle their masks by touching the inside with their hands.

      The entire idea of stopping the spread by using masks means that the spread is via asymptomatic carriers. So far, the science is on the side of little to no spread unless you have symptoms. If you have symptoms, then you should be staying home right now. The CDC published a document suggesting that the spread is MOSTLY from asymptomatic individuals. That’s scary, right? Look at the document. They used assumptions and statistics to “arrive” at the their conclusion. They also have a vested interest in the outcome. Meanwhile, an actual study followed 10,000 individuals. That study of actual people, some of which tested positive, found zero asymptomatic spread.

      Lefties have been trained to think that science means doing whatever the government tells you to do. People that actually follow science like to look at the evolving data and draw their own conclusions. You want to follow the science? A properly fitted and properly used respirator mask will most likely keep you from catching an airborne virus, but the CDC doesn’t want us to use those.

      • *None of the above is to say that I agree with them going against current rules in their state. I said from the very beginning that these lock downs were the dumbest thing we could do. It was supposed to be for a few days, then they figured out they could tank the economy and print money their way out of it. This will go down in history as one of the dumbest policies ever. From the beginning I said to let the businesses open with policies of distancing, hand washing, surfaces cleaning, masks, etc. The numbers are worse now than last spring, yet more businesses are open now. The DC mayor just opened up indoor dining. What’s different now? That proves the powers that be have no idea what they’re doing. If we have to have restrictions for awhile, so be it. Just let people work!

        • You can’t hear it Dude, but I’m clapping for you. Well said sir, on both posts and by all accounts.

        • “Up to 50% of people who had COVID-19 in Iceland were asymptomatic after health officials did broad lab testing of the population there.
          Nearly 40% of children ages 6 to 13 tested positive for COVID-19, but were asymptomatic, according to just published research from the Duke University BRAVE Kids study. While the children had no symptoms of COVID-19, they had the same viral load of SARS-CoV-2 in their nasal areas, meaning that asymptomatic children had the same capacity to spread the virus compared to others who had symptoms of COVID-19.
          And, a study from Singapore early in the COVID-19 pandemic showed that people who were asymptomatic still were spreading SARS-CoV-2 to others.
          “Asymptomatic spread definitely plays a role in community spread,” said Dr. David Beckham, an infectious disease specialist who studies viruses in a lab he runs at the University of Colorado School of Medicine.“


        • I replied to each document / study listed in Miner’s post, but Dan’s spam filter won’t let me post it. I’ll try just the end of it:

          The *ACTUAL* studies that follow real world data instead of assumptions and statistics (which are often manipulated in order to arrive at a predetermined conclusion), are finding asymptomatic spread to be rare. Don’t take my word for it. Let’s listen to a SCIENTIST:
          “It still appears to be rare that an asymptomatic individual actually transmits onward”


        • Dude, respectfully, bullshit.

          I post an article from the university of Colorado health and you post a Twitter link?

          I post research from the American medical Association and all you have is Twitter?

          You know, you say all this modern medicine is a hoax, but I bet when you get hurt you go right to the hospital ER and expect those members of the American medical Association to patch you up.

          You must live too close to a 5G cell site.

        • Miner, remember when I said you attack the messenger without attacking the message and you asked for a specific example? Well here you go. You refuted nothing contained in the Twitter link.

          Like I said, I responded to you but it didn’t post. I’ll try breaking up the response later. Busy at work now. Watch this space.

        • Miner, The question raised was how much spread is coming from asymptomatic people. If you take the time to read your sources, exactly NONE of them confirm this.

          First link
          “Up to 50% of people who had COVID-19 in Iceland were asymptomatic”
          This actually links to a CNN article. This was back when they were screaming that more testing would solve the Covid problem. As soon as the US got more testing, they moved the goal posts. We also later discovered that these tests weren’t exactly the most reliable tests in the world. Lastly, the mere existence of 50% of testees being asymptomatic does not in itself prove asymptomatic spread.

        • Second link
          The conclusion wasn’t that asymptomatic spread is happening. The existence of a similar viral load does not in itself prove asymptomatic spread without assumptions. There are also some importan caveats listed:

          “Conflicting data have also been reported with regard to associations between nasopharyngeal viral load and illness severity”

          “However, we found a strong association between the timing of symptom onset and nasopharyngeal viral load, similar to what has been reported previously in adults in whom viral loads are highest around the time of symptom onset”

          “Further, viral loads from nasopharyngeal swabs are likely affected by sampling technique.”

        • Third link
          This is discussing presymptomatic spread, not asymptomatic spread. If you “believe in science,” then you’ll note the difference between the two. I said they’re using the fear of asymptomatic spread to justify masks. That means carriers that never know they have it, but are spreading it. Furthermore, you never addressed the issue of the crappy, useless masks and poor handling of masks that over half of mask wearers are guilty of. An important caveat is listed by the CDC for this link:

          “identified seven clusters of cases in which presymptomatic transmission is the MOST LIKELY explanation for the occurrence of secondary cases.”

          Most likely = assumption

          They would never be able to push the lock downs without the fear of asymptomatic spread. The CDC is fully invested in this. The director said that masks are more important than vaccines.

        • “exactly NONE of them confirm this”

          Of course there’s no confirmation or exact knowledge about the virus, we’ve only been working with it for one year and it’s an incredibly complex organism.

          To require some kind of 100% certainty about any particular aspect of the virus is ridiculous, we have to go with our best assumptions, educated guesses, based on the data as it comes in. Of course the protocols will evolve over time, as we learn more about the virus and how it spreads and makes humans sick.

          And nothing you have linked proves there is zero asymptomatic transfer.

          The point is, there is evidence that asymptomatic transfer is an issue and we should take precautions based on that data.

          And what physical or mental harm does it do to wear a mask around other people, I’m having difficulty understanding how an adult could have objections to wearing a mask like surgeons and nurses use to protect from infection.

        • Miner said:”And nothing you have linked proves there is zero asymptomatic transfer.”

          Here’s the link. Most studies show very low spread from asymptomatic cases.
          “All close contacts of the asymptomatic positive cases tested negative, indicating that the asymptomatic positive cases detected in this study were unlikely to be infectious.”

          Here are others showing low, not zero:
          “We also noted that persons with asymptomatic infections appeared to be less effective in transmitting the virus.”

          “These findings are consistent with other household studies, reporting asymptomatic index cases as having limited role in household transmission.”

          “It still appears to be rare that an asymptomatic individual actually transmits onward”

          Miner said: “The point is, there is evidence that asymptomatic transfer is an issue and we should take precautions based on that data.

          And what physical or mental harm does it do to wear a mask around other people, I’m having difficulty understanding how an adult could have objections to wearing a mask like surgeons and nurses use to protect from infection.”

          Yes, it can be an issue. Something hitting your head can be an issue as well, but we don’t walk around with hardhats on. The point is, we manage risk every day of our lives. We can’t make the proper decisions without being well informed. Like I said above, I don’t necessarily have a problem with a mask under certain circumstances. The problem I have is politicians and the media, and even the health professionals lying to us in order to politicize Covid-19. The lock downs were objectively an absolute failure. They pushed this onto us by fearmongering over asymptomatic spread. That’s the problem I have with it.

          Now Gov. Whitmer and Mayor Bowser are ready to open indoor dining, yet the numbers are worse now than when the extreme lock downs were going on. Gov. Cuomo is talking about the need to open up, yet the numbers are worse than last spring. So, I ask again, what is different now? Who, in their right mind, really believes they’re following the science? They have completely ruined people’s livelihood. They picked winners and losers. I have a major problem with that.

        • Miner, that’s already out of date according the CDC.

          Per your link: “Masks are worn to protect others,” said Dr. Correa

          Per new guidelines issued by the CDC one week after the November election:
          Cloth masks act as “source control” to block virus particles exhaled by the wearer and provide “filtration for personal protection” by blocking incoming infectious droplets from others, the CDC said in its new guidance.

          Is it a coincidence that this changed right after the election? The CDC wouldn’t be political would they?

          I don’t even necessarily have a problem with a mask. I keep some in my vehicles. I would just like to see some consistency and honesty from the CDC and the media.

        • I will try my best to follow any mask-use law, as passed by a legislature (state or Federal) and signed by the relevant executive. To my knowledge there are none, nor are there any persons who are legitimate dictators in my country.

        • I don’t want to give the tyrannical governors an excuse to arbitrarily decide who can work and who can’t.

        • If you believe in the science of wearing a mask. But you don’t believe life begins at conception. Then you don’t believe in science but a political ideology.

    • Show me a right that allows you or anyone to “stay alive”.

      Also, You can simply social distance. Or, if you don’t feel safe, maybe you should stay home.

    • Funny how a little digging by someone who just doesn’t swallow the BS the rest of the simpletons on this site swallow uncovers a completely different take on the “facts”. Well Done Sir.

  15. Fenix makes a point of being more than an ammo manufacturer, which is fine. Also lands you on the radar. Sucks to live behind enemy lines.

  16. “Anyone on Federal Land has to wear one. So if you’re out hunting on Fed land”

    Whining about wearing mask but you ignore the bigger issue, Obama/Biden is why you can go hunting on federal land.

    Ronald Reagan banned the carrying of firearms in national Forest and BLM lands, but Obama/Biden signed the CARD act in 2009, opening up millions of acres of federal lands to legal gun use.

    Just how did trump expand your gun rights during his presidency?

      • Monty, this is a public forum where open discussion of topics is encouraged.

        I can understand your confusion, reporting for work every day at Wendy’s is probably mindnumbing but relax, you’re off work today because they only gave you 10 hours this week.

        So today, you get to clean your own bathroom!

        • I actually agree with Monty on this one. We stray off topic far too often, myself included.

          “Sir, this is a Wendy’s” is a harmless and humorous cultural reference from The Office. Well played Sir, well played.

    • “Anyone on Federal Land has to wear one. So if you’re out hunting on Fed land”

      Who are you replying to with that quote? The EO directs the department head to come up with their own rules. It isn’t a blanket federal land = mask rule. I don’t see the USFS, etc. requiring masks for hunting / hiking on federal land.

  17. “There’s no reason to be walking around with a mask. When you’re in the middle of an outbreak, wearing a mask might make people feel a little bit better and it might even block a droplet, but it’s not providing the perfect protection that people think that it is. And, often, there are unintended consequences — people keep fiddling with the mask and they keep touching their face.”

    — The Great Anthony Fauci (March 8, 2020)

    Did he lie to us then, or is he lying to us now? Either way, he’s a lying sack.

    • The answer is in your copy pasted text, that quote is from March 8, 2020.

      COVID-19 is a new virus, and early in the epidemic researchers weren’t clear on the airborne propagation potential of the virus.

      Once more data had accumulated, it became clear that airborne transmission was a more significant threat than initially thought.

      That’s the difference tween science and religion, the scientific method requires research and a change in theory based on new data.

      Religious doctrine stays the same, regardless of new discoveries or more valid data.

      • Boy, is that wrong! The cast-in-stone, absolutely correct in every particular, mask truth changes nearly every day, swinging wildly from one extreme to another, and don’t forget Fauci has admitted deliberately lying to the public on the subject.

        • “The cast-in-stone, absolutely correct in every particular”

          They ain’t no such animal.

          When it comes to medical research, or any type of scientific research, nothing is absolute because we develop new research methodology and discover new data every day.

          Nothing is absolute, nothing is 100% confirmed, that standard will never be reached in practical life.

          So yes, we make assumptions, based on the best available data and move forward with those protocols until we develop newer, better protocols and practices to meet the changing situation.

          Why is it so difficult to grasp?

  18. I love seeing people screaming about Karens while they compare wearing a mask to Nazi ID papers.

    Like it or not, wearing a mask reduces the distance airborne particles can travel from your stupid, mouth breathing face. Basic physics. Wear the mask around people until there’s a good vaccine (which is apparently soon), then you don’t have to wear it anymore. Easy shit that can potentially save a life.

    • No. Cloth or surgical masks simply direct the exhaled air out the sides and top, instead of directly in front of you. Same-same. If a virus is truly airborne, then it’ll float around like a dust particle in your home. You know, the ones you find everywhere in your house.

      And as soon as you touch or remove your mask, anything that’s collected on it is simply released back into the air.

      Only a real respirator will actually capture the viruses. The mask thing is all about fear and control. Not saving lives.

        • Surgical masks are a useful part of the entire surgical procedure, where the mask is worn by healthy people who are wearing sterile clothing, have washed themselves thoroughly, never touch the mask once it’s placed on the face, and are in an operating room with tightly controlled airflow patterns and highly filtered air. The mask directs the wearer’s breath away from the patient and their open wounds, and the downward flow air pattern within the room carries it away from the patient.

          Wearing a mask without all of the other pieces is largely useless for healthy people. Sure, those who have compromised immune systems should wear them. Every little bit helps, but universal mask mandates do more harm than good, creating more anxiety and tension that is bad for the immune system. The associated shutdowns have stopped treatement programs for recovering substance abusers and those with PTSD and other issues.

        • Surgical masks are also useful outside of operating rooms because they protect the wearer from direct exposure to body fluids, like spit and blood that may be sprayed, coughed, or sneezed out, but they do nothing for airborne viruses.

          Please note that some surgeon are now wearing respirators when performing hip replacements because of the fine particles released when sawing bone, understanding that the controlled airflow patterns and surgical masks are not sufficient against an aerosolized hazard.

          The universal mask mandates are about fear and control.

        • I love it when miner gets fed his own feet. Too bad we have to force feed him with a tube and funnel.

  19. I saw paintings of the middle ages during the plague, and it was common knowledge that wearing bird-beak masks will stop you from getting the plague, and proven by the best scientists to be a viable solution.

    Today, we have a virus that escaped from a Level IV containment facility, that supposedly can be stopped by paper masks….

    Pro-maskers are simply little children that believe the government knows all and will take care of them..

    I myself am advanced in age, and without ever receiving ANY flu shots in my life, have never had the flu, nor do I expect to get any in the future. If I sometimes wear a mask, it’s to be able to buy groceries, not because of any irrational fears.

  20. Someone in the police locker room didn’t have their mask on when they changed clothes and put on their protective vests. Anon.

  21. Get the name, address and contact information of the police officer serving the “notice”. Pay him a visit and give him a “good talkin’ ” to…

  22. Wear a mask or stay home, it’s real simple.

    I’ve no sympathy for idiots thumbing their nose at a simple medical necessity.

    • “There’s no reason to be walking around with a mask. When you’re in the middle of an outbreak, wearing a mask might make people feel a little bit better and it might even block a droplet, but it’s not providing the perfect protection that people think that it is. And, often, there are unintended consequences — people keep fiddling with the mask and they keep touching their face.”

      St. Anthony Fauci (March, 2020)

      • Exactly, that was in March 2020 when we had been experiencing the virus for a few months.

        But as we developed new data and research methodology to learn about the virus transmission, we learned that airborne transmission is a much bigger danger than surface so of course, the protocols changed.

        Why is it so difficult for conservatives to understand the scientific method, changing theories as new data is developed?

        It is really weird, like their brains solidified at an early age and can accept no new information.

        • I know plenty about science and one thing I know is it can be heavily dependent on people. People also like funding for their research, and can be heavily motivated by politics to get that funding, fame, and recognition. Decades worth of research showed that masks do not work for stopping the transmission of viruses and can have negative side effects. Then all of a sudden in the middle of a heavily politically charged event, that changed. That’s not science, thats politics. I have read some of the studies too. One study actually showed a cloth mask being worse than no mask and they even acknowledged there were factors they didn’t test that could make it even worse. However, in their conclusion they said they despite the data, there’s still more research to do so still wear a mask, if they didn’t say that in their conclusion I suspect their chances of being published were 0%. Many of the methods in these studies are very flawed. We can also look at the fact that mask usage is in the high 90%’s and yet the virus is still transmitting heavily. If masks worked as good as they say or even at all, with that high of mask usage there should be almost no transmission. That is another indication masks don’t work.

        • “Decades worth of research showed that masks do not work for stopping the transmission of viruses and can have negative side effects.“

          Link to these ‘decades worth of research’ please?

        • You just admitted they are theories, miner. That is not scientific proof. It’s a guesstimate at best.

        • Maxine, I’m not surprised you don’t understand the scientific method and what a scientific theory actually is.

          In science, there is no proof, only theories to fit the available data.

          Science realizes that the concept of absolute proof is a fallacy, always subject to change. That’s why science utilizes the hypothesis and theory model.

          Have you ever heard of the germ theory of disease or the theory of gravity?

    • Don’t like me not wearing a mask? Stay the fuck away from me. It’s real simple. I have no sympathy for people thumbing their nose and trying to invade my personal space over a .003% chance they will develop a cough.

  23. Let’s turn this around. Let’s have a contest to see who can create the best “Own the Libs” mask. As a Certified Lib (on all things except unrestricted concealed carry for law abiding citizens) I will happily judge each mask by my level of outrage at being Duly Owned. All you have to do is provide a picture of you wearing it in public.

    How about Molon Abe in blood red on a black background? The Gadsden Flag? C’mon folks, the sky is the limit.

    I’m dead serious. If folks started to use masks for their ability to convey political messages, that would be absolutely OK with me. T-shirts get covered up in cold weather, but masks are always out there, and at eye-level no less. It’s time to get in get in peoples faces by getting something on your face.

    • Bless you my son, I admire your concern for your fellow citizens, bravo!

      Personally I like the anonymity of the mask, a big middle finger to the facial recognition software that is even now rolling up the US Capitol insurrectionists like an old linoleum rug.

      Best way to screw Big Brother is by wearing a mask, sunglasses and a hat everywhere you go.

  24. It is a violation of OUR Rights for free choice, the justice system must remember and up Hold OUR constitutional rights to have a choice.

    • I am not familiar with “OUR constitutional rights to have a choice.”.

      Could you please cite the article or amendment in the constitution that supports “OUR right to have a choice”, Thanks!


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