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You probably didn’t see this on the CBS Evening News or CNN. Dante Barksale, a Baltimore anti-gun activist, met his maker after someone shot him in the head while he worked to keep guns from out of the hands of the law-abiding in “The Greatest City in America.” He was shot in the head in broad daylight.

Barksdale’s job, aside from discouraging decent people from owning the single-best tool for protecting themselves and their families from bad people with evil in their hearts, was…to “de-escalate” conflicts.

It seems that he learned that talk is cheap when it comes to confronting a bad guy with a gun in one of the nation’s most dangerous cities. The lesson: don’t bring harsh words to a gunfight.

The Baltimore Sun reported on Mr. Barksale’s demise:

Dante Barksdale, the well-known face of Baltimore’s violence-prevention program Safe Streets who helped lead the crime-fighting initiative for more than a decade, was shot to death Sunday, city officials confirmed.

Barksdale, fondly known as “Tater,” was shot in the head in the Douglass Homes housing project around 11:15 a.m. A few weeks earlier, one resident said, he had delivered winter coats to families at the complex.

If “Tater” had only brought more than stern words with him, he might still be alive today. Then again, he wasn’t legally able to own firearms. Barksdale was a convicted felon who had spent many years in prison.

From the Sun’s story.

Barksdale had a personal connection to the systems of crime and aggression that he sought to dismantle. He had served time in prison, and was the nephew of Nathan “Bodie” Barksdale, the notorious Baltimore man whose crimes and run-ins with police inspired characters and storylines in the hit HBO series “The Wire.”

WBAL TV profiled “Tater.”

Barksdale’s attempts to reduce the level of violence in his city were admirable. But the only thing that stops a bad guy with a gun . . .


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    • Many thinks they can do anything, such as talking a psycho, or insane person or hardened criminal out of attacking them or any crime are delusional! This Fellow was recognized as anti 2A Zealot who wanted to disarm everyone, and in his deranged thoughts, apparently inspired by too many Bloomberg’s maniacal Mom’s Demand Action diatribes he thought he had Zen and could stop a criminal with just his persona and who knows what deranged thoughts rattling around in his head. The City of Baltimore, another Democrat Hell is not safe, and any Citizen with a brain and means escapes. If they have to be there or just like living in Democrat Hell, or war zone, they better be Kung Fu Fighters extraordinaire and able to dodge bullets, and gangs, or carry a firearm and know why,when and where to use to defend property and life, that will at least give them a chance to survive Democrats don’t like their Constituents being deterred from robbery and murder and possibly being killed while trying to rob and murder, so they come up with the ant i2A BS and label it gun safety, or safe communities and other leis. We need more dead Criminals and more Alive Honorable Citizens/Patriots

  1. Hey at least the guy was Trying to do good. He was supportive of his community and wanted to make it safer. Can’t kick him for that. and ANYONE wold have died no matter if they were carrying or not. Having a gun on you wouldn’t have made you bullet proof or immune. Be real. “I have a gun, no one’s gonna fuck with me!” pfft.

    • Exactly. Why would we listen to FBI reports for decades showing that your best chance for survival if assaulted is to defend yourself with a gun. Not meekly surrender. Not pray. Not defend yourself with anything else, or with bare knuckles, but with a gun. What do they know, anyway?

    • Except his mentality was “I don’t need a gun, I can talk my way out of anything.” Stupider than thinking the article is about being bulletproof because you carry. Unlike this moron, we, everyday carriers, don’t go looking for trouble or try to deter it. We carry for our safety when all else fails and as a last resort, and 99.9% of are the least confrontational people you’ll ever meet. His aggressive nature got him shot in the head, not his stance on lawful gun ownership.

      • People WITHOUT criminal records don’t get carry permits in MD. I doubt carrying a gun was an option he passed up in favor of “I’ll talk my way out.”

        • You don’t seem to understand the mentality. And I doubt with his, it’s a choice he’d have taken anyways.

        • I doubt you have more knowledge of the man’s thought process than I do, but pat yourself on the back for being so confident in limited knowledge, I guess?

    • Maybe he was but it’s a bit of a leap to assume that was the case until a motive is ascertained. If one is ever ascertained, as the homicide clearance rate in Baltimore isn’t exactly stellar.

      The reason I do not immediately accept the do-gooding narrative is that a strange amount of these ‘violence interrupters’ end up being charged with violent crimes themselves, or involvement in the drug gangs. Doesn’t mean this guy was. But it doesn’t mean he wasn’t in the game, either.

    • Yah dude. I don’t agree with gun control but I’m blown away at the people running him down. He was likely out in rough areas trying to make a difference. Agree with his ideas or not if half our country cared for their fellow people like this we wouldn’t be in such rough shape as a country.

    • yeah…. ok…… Charlie brown……
      nobody said he would’ve been bulletproof….. the point was he might’ve had a fighting chance….. you f u c ki n d um mfe r

      • so having a gun on you, won’t automatically prevent you from getting shot. Think a cop will have more of a chance to survive? no. If you did have a gun, think you’ll be faster than the other guy preventing you from getting shot in the head? no. People should never have that “Gonna have to draw” Mentality and de-escalate so it never gets to the point of killing someone. If you do have that cemented in you to always be on the edge of drawing, then YOU are the Problem. Don’t put yourself in that situation. “Fighting Chance”, Don’t be in the Fight in the First place. “Then again, he wasn’t legally able to own firearms. Barksdale was a convicted felon who had spent many years in prison” He couldn’t own a gun. Go troll someone else.

  2. Remember, with the defund police initiatives, SWAT now stands for Social Workers and Therapists. Good luck with that.

    • Depends upon what your definition of “culture” is, especially now that we’re living in Biden’s Brave New World where up is down, good is bad, man is woman, and 2+2=5.

      C’mon man!

      • It must understood that Chaos is Home of Liberal, Socialist, Democrat Leadership. If a problem doesn’t exist it is within their ideology to create one. In that way they can capitalize on it by wringing their hands, pointing fingers and proposing solutions which never resolve the problem and (wink wink) are Never meant to. It’s all about keeping to Racism, Sexism, Genderism, Nationalism, Xenophobia etc. Pot stirred. They realized decades ago the key to their ability to Control their Acolytes is to raise them from birth thru Education and manipulate their emotions by constantly pushing Chaos to the forefront. As long as the Leadership can make people believe they can’t survive without them. Those same people will believe any Dogma thrown their way as long as they think it will Protect them. Even when it clearly isn’t. People who live their life thru their Emotions are much easier to Manipulate and Control than people whose Intellect allows them to recognize what is Truly best for them. As well as recognize Bullshit when they step in it. Lenin understood this concept as well as Hitler, Stalin, Mao and every other Tyrannical Dictator who used it to Control a populace to their own Enslavement and Destruction. Keep Your Powder Dry.

        • Smartest comment here!!!!!
          And it’ll be overlooked on purpose…. it’s their way

    • It certainly is strange how some immigrants from Africa can arrive in the US as do significantly better in all metrics- economic, incarceration, etc- than minorities in urban centers who lived here all their lives.

      Certainly some of this has to do with a broken education system. But that’s not the whole answer.

      • All efforts are fruitless until you tackle the ~80% missing father problem.
        And that is pretty hard to do considering that Nancy Pelosi and the Left has banned the word father.
        We’re in full blown Idiocracy.

      • In Africa, they learn that America is the land of opportunity, so naturally they strive to get there and take advantage of what America offers. In America, they’re told that America is a terrible place, and they’ll never amount to anything because of the color of their skin. Who’s the racist? Why would anyone tell a child that?

        Black immigrants are more likely to have college degrees, especially from Nigeria and Kenya. The nuclear family is more likely to be intact.

        Any failure for a black American to succeed is blamed on slavery, racism, etc. Immigrants come here knowing that it’s up to them to make it, not some FOS politician.

      • The immediate immigrant, wherever he or she comes from, has not been psychologically destroyed by at least 3 generations of the failed US welfare system.

  3. Glad I go to go to the tank museum (field) up there now that its gone but the big B is another stink hole I will NEVER GO BACK TO.

  4. Just wait until the social workers start riding along to a domestic, And dont forget Black Lives Matter unless well you know ..your black.

  5. When I was in the service in the 70s and 80s (Marines, part of the Dept. of Navy) I had to pay regular visits to the Navy bases around Baltimore. Again, this was many decades ago.

    It was then and likely still is a sh**hole of a place. I was glad to be authorized to carry a sidearm.

  6. I live in Baltimore and this guy was doing a lot of good. The more shameful thing is that our teet-suckling of a mayor, Brandon Scott, would rather shudder the restaurant business in the name of the “coof” than kick down the doors of criminals. Such a shame, but hey…it’s Baltimore, the city where the corrupt profit and the law-abiding die.

  7. Don’t do that job if they don’t give you a gun, brass knuckles, bullet proof vest and helmet, training, and a very good insurance policy. Without that you might not walk away. But it seems that this is exactly what Rittenhouse did with firepower. Only this time, being somewhere that he had no business being got him dead.

    Caring, perhaps….maybe
    But absolutely not smart

  8. He served time in prison. Maybe he can’t gave a gunm?
    These kinds of shootings do nothing but make gunms look more bad. “Gunms look bad?” ,,Yup , it’s never the human, it’s the gunm did it

  9. This man had been stripped of a basic civil right, not just to gun ownership but also the passive defense of body armor, and still tried to do his part in the face of danger.

    But a gun, and even a vest, won’t save you if you are ambushed in the night and shot in the head.

    No gloating, no snark. Be humble, be sincere, and use this man as an example of what is wrong with our laws on the means of self-protection. Put in the work and try to win some converts out there.

  10. Efficacy of his tactics aside, have a little respect. Unlike the Pelosis, Bloombergs, etc. of the world, he wasn’t pushing civilian disarmament from the other side of a gated mansion and an armed security team. This man knew the danger, and still practiced what he preached. Stupid, and any civilian disarmament advocate is the enemy…
    but sometimess even the enemy has some integrity. I can respect that.

  11. “You probably didn’t see this on the CBS Evening News or CNN.”

    Yes, we did see it on CNN, eight days ago.

    “Dante Barksdale, who worked for more than a decade to keep Baltimore’s streets safe from gun violence, is shot and killed
    By Harmeet Kaur, CNN
    Updated 4:57 PM EST, Mon January 18, 2021
    Dante Barksdale, an outreach coordinator for Baltimore’s Safe Streets program, died on Sunday after being discovered with a gunshot wound to his head.
    (CNN) Dante Barksdale spent the past decade and a half helping to keep Baltimore’s neighborhoods safe from gun violence.

    On Sunday, Barksdale — who has been described as the “heart and soul” of the city’s Safe Streets program and a “beloved friend” to many in the community — fell victim to the very problem he worked to prevent.“

    I wonder why right wing media suppressed this story for so long?

      • and the stories about democrats saying that trump voters are domestic terrorists and seditionists and treasonous traitors and how purges and cleansing and deprogramming need to happen and how their kids need to be taken away and sent off for reeducation all the while calling for our guns to be taken away
        were in a wierd mashup of early 1770s and late 1850s america and 1930s germany right now

        • Just following the precedent set by Republican President Trump:

          “The billionaire businessman was asked by the hosts of Fox News’ “Fox and Friends” how to fight ISIS but also minimize civilian causalities when terrorists often use human shields.

          “The other thing with the terrorists is you have to take out their families, when you get these terrorists, you have to take out their families. They care about their lives, don’t kid yourself. When they say they don’t care about their lives, you have to take out their families,” Trump said.”

        • Yes, I can tell you the Democrats are grateful for the sweeping precedents set by Trump and his DOJ:

          Sep 16, 2020,
          03:59pm EDT
          AG Barr Reportedly Tells Prosecutors To Charge Violent Protesters With Conspiracy To Overthrow Government.

          Daniel CassadyFormer Staff

          TOPLINE Attorney General William Barr told federal prosecutors to consider charging violent protesters with plotting to overthrow the U.S. government, the Wall Street Journal reported citing anonymous sources, the latest move by the U.S. Department of Justice to crack down on demonstrations for police reform and against racism that have swept the nation.“

        • Miner, you ignorant slut. So are you trying to tell me you can’t see the difference between Muslim jihadists and American voters?

          Also, Trump *said* that, yes…he says a lot of inflammatory shit that neither he nor anyone else has any intention of following through. The difference between Trump voters and people like you is that we take him seriously, but don’t always take his utterances literally; the hyperventilating progtards take everything he says literally and take themselves far too seriously.

          But since you seem to be fine with treating fellow Americans like the enemy, how about we give the same treatment to everyone who’s known to be affiliated with antifa or participated in one of those “mostly peaceful” BLM gatherings? After all, if it’s good enough for Trump supporters, it ought to be good enough for the other side, too.

  12. I’m wondering when Chicago’s own Andrew Holmes will bite the boo-lit. Like a gadfly flitting everywhere. His own daughter was murdered at a gas station away from Chiraq. At least he’s on TV daily(fadda Pfleger accused by a second abused dude). Baltimore is basically just a smaller Chicago!

  13. the blue city blue state governance model has failed
    as a result the people who will suffer the most are the people that voted for it the most
    which is they way things ought to be
    i dont like being like that
    but i now know that those people hate me
    so im ok with letting them suffer the consequences of their own decisions

    • Your living in a fairy tale if you think THEY are the ones suffering or will suffer…..
      It’s people who won’t obey and conform who will suffer….. not the poors….. they’ve already been poor their whole lives, they’re used to it…… you’re not

  14. You dumb ass moderators here need to stop censoring everything….. acting all liberal….fkn morons

  15. This whole article is written with a “Haha told you so” mentality and frankly, it’s demeaning to the website.

    His politics were different than ours, but none of you would DARE to go into the neighborhoods he went into and try to help the people he tried to reach. Doing that unarmed takes courage.

    I love my 15 Glocks and 3 ARs, but they won’t do a thing to change the hearts, minds, and souls of a lost human being. Once again, he had different politics, but ultimately he wanted the same thing we wanted, for human beings to be kind and love another.

    But no, “HAHA AN ANTI-GUNNER GOT SHOT HAHA”. So disappointing.

  16. I too have noticed a remarkable difference in the “industry” of and the cohesion of Africans and their families compared to the notable deficiency of the same characteristics of many, not all, but many American black families

  17. I don’t know where “he worked to keep guns from out of the hands of the law-abiding” comes from. These programs target “high-risk” individuals, i.e. known thugs and thugs-in-training. In other words, people who aren’t law-abiding and have a high probability of deciding to resolve their issues by murdering someone. They’re counseled by reformed thugs, who have credibility with them. I’m not aware of program efforts to keep guns out of the hands of shop keepers, working adults, and other legal, responsible people.

  18. Simple enough. The death of an anti-gun (or anti-violence) activist by being shot in the head in broad daylight with no witnesses (with the exception of Dindoo and Nuffin, who are always around) is simply ironical. Having said that, I wonder if he wanted to defund the police so NO ONE has guns (except for the criminals) leaving honest citizens as the mercy of any group with baseball bats or crowbars who wants whatever they have and will take it. In the land of the blind, the one-eyed man is King…


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