Minneapolis city council security
Phillipe Cunningham, Andrea Jenkins and Alondra Cano (courtesy Facebook)
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In Minneapolis — where violence has skyrocketed — the City Council is doing its level best to ensure that in the future, all animals are truly equal. Which is why they’ve unanimously voted to dismantle their police department. But, as it happens, some animals really are more equal than the others…because they have taxpayer dollars at their disposal to ensure their continued safety and equality.

To the rest of the people who live and work in the city…good luck.

“My concern is the large number of white nationalist(s) in our city and other threatening communications I’ve been receiving,” Councilmember Andrea Jenkins told Fox 9 News — adding that she had been asking for private security ever since she took office in 2018.

The city has spent $63,000 on rent-a-cops for Jenkins and fellow council members Phillipe Cunningham and Alondra Cano during the last three weeks after the three said they had received threats.

But an MPD spokesperson said that no complaints of threats against them had been filed.

– Mary Kay Linge in Minneapolis council members who voted to abolish cops get private security

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  1. Wow! Did Orwell call this all or what?

    Some animals are more equal than others.

    So, by next week they’ll be telling us that 2+2=5?

    • by next week they’ll be telling us that 2+2=5?

      The “new math” did that years ago…

      • When has 2 plus 2 ever equaled anything other than 5? It does equal 5, it has always equaled 5, and will forever equ…… *hold on Nancy Pelosi is trying to tell me something ……..hmmm? ….. It equals 4 now?….. Like I was saying: 2 plus 2 equals 4. It has always equaled 4, and will forever equal 4.

        Eric Swalwell 2020

        • “Like I was saying: 2 plus 2 equals 4. It has always equaled 4,…”

          Eastasia has *nothing* on Comrade Eric.

          *Snicker*… 😉

        • Common Core is just the tip of the iceberg. Try reading Why Meadow Died by Andrew Pollack. What happened in Parkland, the failed systems, PROMISE, etc. is happening across the USA. It is a wonder things aren’t much worse.

    • The animals pictured will get eaten up and spit out by the criminal animals and they deserve it for what they have wrought on the citizens of Minneapolis.

    • Obama did say he will fundamentally I said Mentally change America. Common core or COVID Core?

      Take your pick as he was Involved WITH 3.75 MILLION OF OUR TAX DOLLARS and Ft Dedreicks Bioweapon lab and moved a Bio viral To Wuhan China in OBUMAS Second term, with “NIH’s Dr.Fuci LEADING THE EXPERIMENT and a video popped up thanks to Infowars SHOWING Dr.FUCI IN 2017 STATING let’s SEE HOW TRUMP HANDLES A PANDEMIC, YET VP PENCE LETS HIM OPERATE!

    • as an outsider reading MOST comments it is little wonder Minneapolis has been taken over by Marxist/Muslims. you would rather spit on ea other rather than seek unity to resolve issues. There is no way
      you are going to vote out this city council because the Somali ILLEGAL vote is controlled by Ilhan Omar.
      2+2 equals whatever Omar tells you what the equation equals from now on.

      • you would rather spit on ea other

        The “spitting” you refer to is often instigated by TROLLS paid for by hard left Marxists set upon the destruction of the American experiment much like BLM, Antifa, LA Raza, the NEA and many other left wing Socio/Communist organizations. Their presence here is meant to strike at the very heart of this Constitutional Republic, that being Freedom of Speech and the Right to Keep and BEAR Arms… They are the epitome of an exercise in futility, however some of the better ones will elicit a response until they are figured out then they just change their screen name and try again… It’s really quite an entertaining diversion from the more serious business at hand…

  2. Typical liberals. They’ve successfully put down the enlightenment in MN and have returned to Feudalism. Organized security only for the rich and well connected.

    And how much do you want to bet a lot of those private security folks are former MPD? You can’t make this shit up.

    • “those private security folks are former MPD”

      Now that’s hilarious, and probably true.

      • If the people in Minneapolis have half a brain, they would stop paying local taxes, stop abiding permits, ignore court orders and injunctions, and disobey all municipal signage. They might as well take advantage of the situation. What’s the government going to do about it with a defanged Executive branch?

        • Send out the newly formed (and well paid) SJW social worker squad to politely ask you to continue voting democrat?

        • people in Minneapolis have half a brain

          And therein lies the HEART of the problem…. As is typical of ALL deep blue/cities/states..

  3. Minneapolis city council spent $63,000 for three weeks of private security? That’s $21,000 per week, or $7000 per week per person assuming one armed security guard for each of the three council members who requested private armed security!!!!! Talk about fleecing taxpayers. I wonder if those private security workers are relatives or close friends of those city council members.

    It is with deep sadness that I am bidding adieu to the readers at TTaG since, as of tomorrow, I will be hiring myself out for private armed security at the bargain basement rate of $28,000 per month. Given the demands of private security, I will be unable to read and comment at TTaG.

    • Assuming all is as you presented it, that 7K per person per week is just about right. Remember that a full 24/7 requires a minimum of 4 men. At that point, divided by 7K shows it significantly closer to general security guard wages, particularly after the agencies cut (which should pay medical, insurance, and a bunch of other expenses.).

      It may be a little high, but not shockingly so. The outrage is better focused on the special treatment, not the actual price tag.

      • “(which should pay medical, insurance, and a bunch of other expenses.).”

        Hahaha, dare to dream.
        Most of these temporary security hires are contract employees. The “agency” providing the security personnel pay NONE of the above.
        If an agency were to hire direct employees (and employ the required HR group to support direct hires), then pay benefits, holidays, sick time, conduct performance reviews, with annual raises of course and………wow, reality check, it would quickly be out of business. Their operational costs would be drastically undercut by another agency (in the same zip code, no less) that hires contracted employees.
        It there was a shortage of ex-military and LEOs wanting this work, and/or training was prohibitively expensive, direct hires and benefits would be required.
        Added into all this is the fact that a contracted employee shields the agency from SOME legal liability.

        • Another eloquent post by the never mentally compromised peerless James Campbell. Thank you for letting us bask in your greatness!

        • “Thank you for letting us bask in your greatness!”

          He’s never gonna fuck you, no matter how much you beg… 🙂

        • So true Geoff.
          I don’t find whiner69er (regardless of the username he comments under), OR his troll farm/college students (that he uses to provide his posting content) all that attractive.
          This IP address and location stuff is so much fun. I’m just not sure which school whiner69er is employed by (there are two within a 10 or 15 minute drive from him).
          Whiners “I research all this content myself” is full blown BS. Just like EVERYTHING he posts.
          No matter, I have MORE then enough to doxx the turd.

        • Heed this warning from the unmatched James Campbell, for he is not one who would make ridiculously hilarious, impotent and not so veiled threats against a person(s) who got under his skin on a website comment section.

        • You’re a turd here on TTAG, so it’s not a bother to me at all.
          Add to that, the fact that EVERYONE on here KNOWS what a turd you truly are, actually makes this pleasurable.
          Don’t overestimate yourself, your ability to get “under skin”, or how you are viewed here.
          Glad to clear that up for you.
          Go and rule your day leftard.

      • Hasaf,

        First of all, I would argue that a city council member does not need 24/7 armed private security. Rather, they should only need private security when they leave home and are out for the day. In that regard, they would probably only need armed security for 12 hours a day on average, maybe 16 hours a day tops.

        Working 16 hour days, 7 days a week (without any days off) to earn $28,000 per month is certainly less appealing. I might have to split that with one other person. Working 15.5 days per month with 16 hour shifts at $14,000 per month may be enough to entice me to start that gig — especially if I alternated something like 5 days in a row on/off with one other person.

        • If they want ‘private’ armed security they should be self-funding it, not using taxpayers dollars…

          If they are not happy with that arangement they have the freedom to step down…

    • The easy solution is for residents to stop paying municipal taxes. No taxes, no money to pay for security. What are the city leaders going to do about it? Call the police?

      And no, I didn’t forget the /s.

  4. private security folks are former MPD

    More likely members of BLM… Those clowns are not going to put their security in the hands of the people they’ve been bad mouthing and trying to put in the unemployment lines for weeks….

    • That actually makes sense. They’ve probably hired a gang. No wonder it costs so much.

      “That’s a nice city council you got there… would be a real shame if something were to happen to it…”

      • The only ones who do protection rackets anymore are the Government thats why state sponsored terrorism was invented. The government is more of a threat than mason controlled gangbangers. They are dumb muscle who serve the elite at the lowest levels. #not this time.

  5. Sounds about right! Tassel loafer and poofy ear ring authoritarian tyrants of the Demo-TARD Nationist Party of Communists….They’ve got themselves a private army…Next stop THEY “BAN” ALL firearms and weapons for the common defense for all the citizenry—except themselves…Then they criminalize and round up all the conveniently made contraband with THEIR private army…Then THEY abolish the concept of “self-defense” for the citizenry…Except for “themselves and THEIR private army…” (Re: To squash political dissent, and rebellion by the peasents…)
    [Note: Yes the photo of the City Council speaks volumes…THEY all look like smug Looney LibTARDs…]

    • Yeah Andrea Jenkins (middle) used to be an Andrew….. can’t go after IT.. you’ll be labeled a racist, homophobic hater

      • You are claiming that there are two females pictured there? My eyes don’t work so well evidently!

        • No, I’m stating that Andrea is a Transgender..

          Andrea Jenkins (born 1961) is an American policy aide, politician, writer, performance artist, poet, and transgender activist. She is known for being the first black openly transgender woman elected to public office in the United States, serving since January 2018 on the Minneapolis City Council.
          Don’t know if IT has had THE operation (don’t really fucking care) or if IT is still a “functional” male…

      • Look on city councils in urban areas and the chances are strangely high that one of the members will be a man who thinks he’s a woman. Almost no one votes in tiny city elections but they have inordinate power over people’s daily lives and very little oversight.

  6. Why do the people/tax payers just stand by and let this happen? Those assholes still work FOR the people (Oops, can I call a Transvestite an asshole?) don’t care, they are put there by the people that they are now royaly screwing and they can be removed by those same people…

    • Its Progressives voting for progressives. Or to say it another way. The very stupid voting for those not as stupid as the voters. But still stupid. Minneapolis will end up like Detroit. But it took that city at least 25 years to decline. After its second big riot. The first one was in 1943(?)
      Minneapolis will be like Detroit in 6 years. And they brought it all on themselves.

      • No they didn’t. It’s Trump’s fault. This is all Trump’s fault. Watch the news. They’ll tell you all about it being Trump’s fault.

        Eric Swalwell 2020

        • Pro tip Eric: Avoid dairy and high carb products prior to interviews. You’re welcome. 😉

        • Ah I remember the bad old days when everything under the sun was George W Busch’s fault .

      • But it took that city at least 25 years to decline.

        Minneapolis got a head start when the Somalis moved “New Mogadishu” in next door..

  7. its time to get rid of these Democrats big surprise this November, whole north country voting republican

  8. I’m really not sure how anyone can vote for another person who doesn’t understand that tassels belong only in very specific places.

    Belly dancer outfits, certain hats, stipper’s titties in low end clubs, fancy drapes, the short ends of certain rugs and jingle trucks. That’s it. Not your ears. Ever.

      • Oh yes, Mons Venus.
        No batchlor party within a 20 mile radius of Tampa would be complete without a stop in Joe’s Place.
        Been there a time or two……or three…..or four.

        • …it’s not that James Campbell is an ignoramos who doesn’t know how to spell a word as simple as ‘bachelor’, but rather he decided to change the spelling to ‘batchlor’. Obey the whims of this man-god!

          • …it’s not that James Campbell is an ignoramos who doesn’t know how to spell a word as simple as ‘bachelor’

            Says the guy that can’t spell ignoramus….. hint, spell check is FREE….

        • Was stopped at a red light, AND having a conversation with the three passengers in my car.
          Not going to stop “ruling my days” to post only perfect grammar to a comment section retard.
          Typical comment section troll move, critiquing grammar and spelling of those you dislike, while adding ABSOLUTELY NOTHING.
          About sums you up here, nothing but leftard BS, served up like an old time circus barker.
          Was your mom the bearded lady?

        • Yet another witty comeback by the always mentally sound and never compromised James Campbell. That is what I expect from a war hero and former astronaut!

  9. And in walks Erik Prince and Blackwater , he been talking to Donald Trump about this for a few years, these Governors may not know what they want but he will give them what they don’t want

    • Thank you Steve for saying what needed to be said.

      They rebranded to Academi. Their pipe dreams off taking over private security N.W.O. style will go up in smoke. Your concern is unchecked power by armed goons. I do not believe in quasi legal agencies nor processes.I’m not going to help Trump. I am not going to help rival private security firms. Growing pains until people learn to coexist peacefully and settle their disputes without violence. THE WORST is better than police. This is a lame attempt to make people miss the cops. AINT GOING TO HAPPEN. THEY ARE NOT WANTED NOR NEEDED. EVER. They made a political enemy of me and thats that. The shooting and violence need to subside. IF blacks create a climate where they are outrageous with crime then they make everything I have worked for in vain. They undermine me and usurp my authority. they only create crime to make the police look needed not because they have an actual need to defend themselves. If they want to purge then government level ten and higher. They are breaking the rules.

      a) people live in harmony and I get what I want or;
      b)people purge in an attempt to create some sort of chaos hoping for radical social change headed by the US government deep state.

      If option b then they are scum and will be wiped out and replaced with hitler style eugenics. 150 million whites in america will die. All prince hall scum bag black masons will die. The population of blacks in America will rise to 160 million given fertility clinics and superior healthcare and live enhancing treatment. Why the fuck should I care about traitors?

      • You tell em’ Joe! Get rid of Trump! Get rid of the police! Down with the system! I’ll make sure to put you in charge of the Department of Love when all obstacles are out of our way.

        Eric Swalwell 2020

      • “Growing pains until people learn to coexist peacefully and settle their disputes without violence.”

        I believe this is the stupidest line I’ve ever seen on this site.

  10. Ah, don’t you just hate these darn white nationalists, running all around killing and maiming hundreds every week in black parts of Dem controlled cities?

    • Remember; being of Caucasian descent + being a patriot = “White Nationalist”. The SPLC has already labeled you for eradication.

      • The only hope for redemption for being born with the wrong skin color is left wing political activism. Pew research has estimated that only 1 in 6 BLM activists are actually black. Most of the actual terrorists out tearing down statues are white.

        • And just like in the 60’s movement, the communists are behind it. This whole thing is being done in South Africa but they are just farther along with their racist exterminations.

  11. I’m not sorry for them at all. I remember the news reports out of Detroit back in the 1980’s and 1990’s. They will have many sleepless nights with all the coming nighttime gun fire. Because the Freaks always come out at night.

  12. They used Aegis and Bel Com security firms. Aegis is a high end security consulting firm offering both armed and unarmed security for businesses to high profile clients. BelCom is a passive security firm that offers internet and security cam services based out of Italy.

  13. i don’t know what this has to do with Animal farm. Apple store and Target always hire rentacops. BLM make poor choice for private security because 1/2 are good and 1/2 are bad, they might fight each other and fall apart. Lucky without police harrassment crime will drop so we dont have to fear armed goons more incompetent than the police. City council did not have to hire more security but if it makes them feel safe I don’t see the problem. They only spent 63,000 which is far less than the 363,000,000 that seattle pays for police.

    This is a good thing and a bad thing. Ultimately I win so i don’t care. I should have read the article better. hiring a bodyguard is not the same as hiring a police force. I trust them to do bodyguard work but not have power of arrest. If I say anymore I’ll get in trouble. See steves comment

    • If target, a private company, decides to contract with another company to hire security because regular municipal police are insufficient to meet their needs, that’s one thing.

      But these are government officials who are dismantling the regular police force and instead directing that budget into PRIVATE security that only attends to them, personally.

      Do you see the difference?

      • Do you see the difference?

        The REAL difference is that Target or whomever is paying private security to protect private property with private (out of pocket) funds… These simpletons are using TAXPAYER money to protect their worthless asses from ALLEGED threats that are a direct result of their own stupidity and ineffectual governance…

        • You seem to have taken my post, reworded it, and made it seem like you are disagreeing with me. So no, I don’t understand your point.

          • HANNIBAL… actually I intended that response to Joseph Malone .. I was NOT disagreeing with you as It looks like we both said pretty much the same thing so, if you don’t understand my point, how can you understand your own…

  14. How do they know their private security aren’t racist?
    According to the left these security companies are made up of larping paramilitary militia joining neo Nazi types who cling to their guns.

    • There are plenty of apolitical and amoral people who will pick up guns and do the work if the pay is right. There are lots of cops like that. There are lots of military people like that. There are tons of security guards like that.

    • Oh, I wouldn’t be surprised if they are very familiar with the ‘security’ getting paid thousands of dollars. Maybe so familiar that they know them personally.

  15. They better have hired serious private security because they are truly on their own, they will quickly learn from this experiment however it will be most costly to those who can’t hire private security.

  16. If blacks are shooting blacks then they are traitors. Paid by cops to manufacture violence as an excuse to reinstate police. The message: Fund the police or we will terrorize you with violence. Trade security for freedom. It is a mafia style protection racket and like trump use fear to sell. Fear is not a strong enough motivator anymore. They lack talent ($) so use fear to rule instead of money.

    • That theory only works in dark blue liberal enclaves where a Koolaid drinking brainwashed population elects Koolaid drinkers in to office. Your scenario also requires a cynical calculating tyrant in a position of power who can manipulate the Koolaid drinkers. Who might that be? Hiram Abiff? Donald Trump? The dancing boy mayor who peed his pants at a BLM protest then walked away with wet pants? The establishment (D)emocrats thought they could be the ones who control the maniacs, but I think it’s beyond their control at this point. And Trump has been hands off, except for arresting a few radical leftist anarchists. I don’t see it bro..

    • If blacks are shooting blacks then they are traitors. Paid by cops to manufacture violence as an excuse to reinstate police

      The ANARCHY is strong in this one….

  17. The standing army frequently referred to as police can go fuck themselves. The 2A and private armed security is the only security a free see state requires.

      • Wasting your time, the majority of TTAG commenters love the Police State. Despite so many here claiming they are independent and don’t need to rely on Government especially because they own guns. Yet they turn into scared children when they can’t call an agent of the State. Ironically that agent has no actual duty to protect them or their property.

        • You’re right. The police protect the system that creates the frame work for prosperity, peace, and freedom. Look at you: you are free to speak your mind, over a broad communications network, on a computer, that you bought at a store, manufactured by a corporation, delivered to you on public roads, and powered by the largest man-made thing (the electrical grid) in history. Go to Somalia and do any of that. You going to get a Hindu Kush Tribal region manufactured computer at the Bakara Market and use a Haitian pedal bike generator? I respect the people who live off grid and don’t need the system, but those people don’t post on the internet bragging about how much they hate the system.

        • Actually, most of us already know this. And it was already expected. But the same people who blame us, hire us. Private security should tell them to fuck off. Eventually, they turn to hiring racists like Black Panthers. Most of us can defend ourselves. But when you have an area like Chicago, we’d like to keep that from spreading. You and I both know that the working class is not going to do it. Maybe now they’ll have to. But they should still tell these racist movements to go fuck themselves.

        • Wasting your time, the majority of TTAG commenters love the Police State

          Again with the fuckin “police state” bullshit, you are obviously some dumbass kid that has been spoon fed a bunch of BS by the Commie school system that has been working to undermine the U.S. for over 40 years… You have not a clue about what a real police state looks like…..

  18. They should have to go through the permitting process, waiting period and restrictions the rest of us have to before getting a gun. No subletting it out at the taxpayer’s dime. They’re not that important.

  19. Is Soros paying for it?..no way they can pay that with their salary..the city paying for private security is a conflict of interest or an ethics violation..that’s what police are for..besides they all should have been placed on milk cartons already..they are threatening a lot of people’s livelihood..

  20. Not surprising…. this is what happens when you allow the minority to control the majority…
    Do the words “wake up” mean anything in this context? Wtf is wrong with the majority in the USA?….

    • Wtf is wrong with the majority in the USA?….

      The “MAJORITY” is in charge in Minneapolis. Deep Blue city in a Deep Blue state… Dims electing Dims get what they pay for….

  21. socialism only works for the political and ruling class
    thats the way its always been

    • Federal politicians live like kings. Check out their insane individual office budgets.
      Average U.S. Rep allowance: $1,268,520
      Average U.S. Senator allowance: $3,306,570

      • The majority of that money goes to payroll for staff….. NOT to support a particular politicians lifestyle (they have “secret” gifts and corporate kickbacks to cover that)..

          • How many assistants does a King require?

            It’s called staff, it’s a competitive market and to get competent people you pay desirable wages.. It’s not just “staffing” an office in D.C., members of Congress also keep a full time office in their district and Senators have several offices around the state all which require adequate staff, rental payments, utilities, insurance etc.. You have apparently never run a business… In keeping with YOUR line of thought Mel Brooks said it best “It’s GOOD to be King”…..

        • Yes, and not to mention their donor money that the environmentally conscious (wink wink) champagne socialists use to fly private all over the country.

        • “adequate staff, rental payments, utilities, insurance etc.”

          No $hit Sherlock.

          I’ve run my own business for nearly 20 years, and before that I was a manager. Oh, and my stepmom worked in the local office of a prominent U.S. Senator, and my dad helped to run a campaign for another former U.S. Senator. I’m familiar with how they operate.

          Let me repeat that tax payer funded total for you again: $3,306,570. Have you ever been in one of their offices? Only the best will do. They think they’re royalty.

        • “It’s GOOD to be King”

          Sure. Why not? It’s grand living off other people’s money. Just like WLP and the NRA, people might be okay with it if they were doing a good job. You must be about the only person in the country that thinks Congress is responsible with money. There’s a reason their approval ratings are always terrible. I think there should be a law that they don’t get paid at all (including their office allowance) unless the budget is balanced every year. Let’s see how long it takes them to figure it out then.

          • Okay, let’s make shit simple enough for even YOU to understand.. I’ll use Senator Marco Rubio of Fl.. He has EIGHT local offices in FL. and one in D.C., w/50 staffers averaging $60,000.00 yr that makes payroll a harsh three mil annually add 8 offices @ $6.00 pus per sq ft per month (200 sq ft (small) = $1200.00 x 8 = $9600.00 x 12 = $115,200.00 yr.) before you add in about $30 grand for electric, another 20 grand for cable, phone and internet/wifi, insurance, office supplies shit DUDE I don’t know what kind of business YOU run but it ain’t cheap… And as far as that big time, fat cat office in D.C.? I want my Representatives to look successful when some clown from China, Russia or some third world shit hole comes calling, looking for something to go home and bad mouth the U.S. about, if you disagree good for you but if you still don’t get it then just stfu or find something else to bitch about, you’ve beat this one to death and nobody else really gives a shit if some Senator has a nicer desk than you.. If you really want to snivel about something how about a three term congressman or a one term Senator (minimum 5 yrs required to qualify} getting full retirement w/benefits at $67,500.00 yr & up to over $86,000 w/25 yrs service and what about that FREE airport parking and no SS taxes? And I never said shit about any asshole in Congress being RESPONSIBLE with anything don’t try to put fucking words in my mouth, you must work for MSDNC or the Clinton News Network..

        • No Maxx, you were pulling ASSumptions out of your a$$, and you were wrong about every single one of them. Like most businesses, I don’t have a multi-million dollar budget. It isn’t difficult for adults to have a conversation on here, but this being the internet, there’s always some keyboard warrior looking to be a condescending prick.

          “He has EIGHT local offices in FL. and one in D.C., w/50 staffers”
          That’s my point Maxx. Rubio doesn’t NEED eight local offices with 50 staffers. It’s completely out of hand in my opinion. Budgets = power. That would be fine if these people were killing it in Congress working for America, but most people don’t think that’s the case. Congress always makes sure they’re taken care of first. Opinions vary.

          • It isn’t difficult for adults to have a conversation on here, but this being the internet, there’s always some keyboard warrior looking to be a condescending prick.

            You have just described exactly what you have been doing since you posted your first comment on this thread… If you don’t like the way those feckless fucks spend your money get out and do something about it, bitching on here ain’t gonna fix it… I didn’t have a million dollar budget either but I was able to buy a new $100,000.00 Freightliner Classic every year after trade in and dealer perks. was it necessary? No, but I could so I did… Does Rubio need 8 offices? 21,000,000 plus population spread out over 66,000 sq miles.. Doesn’t matter, should he have/does he need 8 offices? Maybe, maybe not.. the point is CAN he/is it within the rules and limitations of the Congress? Yes, so change the rule, take your bitching to your Senators/Representative I’m sure they’ll get to work right away cutting back how much they are allotted for offices and staff… Either way I’m done with this, it’s a stupid and useless argument and I’ve already spent way too much time trying to help you understand how things work in the real world…

    • That’s the way it was designed to work.. Socialism was never intended to be permanent it was meant only as as a gateway to full blown Communism…

  22. Large number of white nationalists in Minneapolis?

    Asked why she hasn’t notified the MPD of the threats…too busy dealing with the pandemic and protests.

  23. I felt that headline disingenuous before I even read the article. The implication is that the leftists paid for it out of their own pocket. They didn’t hire anyone. The taxpayers did.

    And thus how we ended up with “gun violence”, “assault weapon”, and so on. Lie lie lie, sooner or later it becomes fact.

  24. White nationalist? Are they fucking serious?

    Of course, The liberals will never find out about it, because it will make the news, and even if it does they won’t care. They’ll find a way to blame white people.

      • Kinda cool actually.. Always felt I’d go out in a blaze of glory, still might get my chance… Bring it..

        • Yeah same. Now we actually have something to die for. Glad I made it through that bullshit OIF/OEF phase to realize where the real battle is. Honestly didn’t think it would be a sure thing back then, but now I do.

  25. This council has been elected to run the city for the people of their city. Instead they are willing to create a kill zone out of impoverished areas of the city. Who will answer when gangs are having shootouts in the street? Sending mediators will just increase the body count. All police know that domestics are the most violent and unpredictable situation that they can walk into. They are going to send mental health folks; more bodies.

    I actually feel sorry for the black people this is going to punish most severely.

  26. The Minneapolis Twinks hired armed security for their privates?

    Oh, wait. I might have read that incorrectly. Or maybe I didn’t.

  27. Businesses and people should start moving out of Minneapolis………vote with your feet! Don’t become a dead sheeple!

  28. It seems to be they , the council members seem to think THEY are MORE important than us little people and are against enforcing the law for ALL. Now the question is are the people going to put up with this sort of nonsense…..I sure do know one thing they sure the HELL wouldn’t get my vote. In fact there should be a change of council members because they are representing the people they are for themselves only.

  29. Well Dan what did you think was gonna happen?
    Just like Congress….Just like Hollywood……Just like any democ=Rat run area!
    Do as I say! Just not as I do……

  30. Just asking, if I tangle with one of these elites and their private security, will there be riots and calls to defund them?

    • Nah, they’ll just “disappear” you, toss you in an unmarked hole and let your family wonder what happened to you for the rest of their lives, no cops to investigate = no investigation = no problem…

    • “In today’s news, Icabod killed himself with a gunshot wound to the back of the head. Icabod was bound and gagged with his hand behind his back when he killed himself.”


  31. They wanted this , they should pay their own security , just like normal people . They do not belong to an elite ruling class , their life is not worth more than mine . All lives matter the same

  32. May the odds be forever in your favor.
    Obey and you shall be rewarded.
    Report rebellious thought. Group think is the way.
    Sound about right?

    • “May the odds be forever in your favor.”

      Yeah, Dan, that’s what they want for us all right…

  33. And I’m sure there was a careful bidding process to make sure the thousands of dollars a day being thrown around aren’t ending up in the pockets of friends or resulting in kickbacks, right?

    No? You mean there’s no accountability? Imagine that.

    Now if only every single citizen of the city could also get a ‘private’ security contractor to watch over them (and get paid by the city) we could really move on that whole ‘defund the police’ thing!

  34. they are worried about “white supremacists” in a city where close to 100% of the criminal violence is by blacks?

    have they captured any of the elusive “white supremacists” on camera, or is this like a ghost-hunter “reality” show where the ghosts never actually show?

    • have they captured any of the elusive “white supremacists” on camera,

      They keep them in a filing cabinet right next to the “clear” closeups of Bigfoot (the creature not the monster truck) and those videos of the UFO landing outside St. Paul…

        • montunabreath…This is no time for bigfoot smoke and blue mirrors. Don’t beat around the bush, which party will you be voting for in Nov? Whether you think so or not when you do not vote someone else votes for you. Chances are that someone’s vote may be the vote that helps cancel your rights and the rights of others. I suggest you wipe the self serving crybaby snot off your face and help pull the wagon. Or at least do something useful like take up knitting, etc.

        • Who or what party I vote for is none of your fucking business. Just know it won’t be Trump, and it won’t be Biden and it’s never been either of those parties. Are you mad because people think your loyalty to a failed party and a narcissist makes you look foolish? Get over yourself boomer bitch. Nobody is taking shit away, why? Because unlike you, I’ll kit up and take them back. We all know it’s inevitable, the only problem is you seem to think a vote will change it.

        • Also, Debbie, you’d be surprised how much we have in common and similar views, but your voting priorities are not one of them, and I’ve been calling you on it since you first showed up here waving your trump flag like anyone gives a fuck. Nobody does. But somehow you manage to derail everytime to make yourself feel needed.

  35. Want more and more Jim Crow Gun Control democRat demoCrap? Stay home and don’t vote.

  36. I cannot be the only one with Aerosmith’s ‘Dude looks like a lady’ running through my head….. even if I am – it is still pretty gd funny

  37. Ah, the Progressive Liberal commandment hard at work: “What’s good for me is good for me, but what’s good for you is not allowed.”

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