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This is TTAG’s weekly roundup of legal and legislative news affecting guns, the gun business and gun owners’ rights. For another look at the topics discussed here, check out this week in gun rights at FPC

District of Columbia sues Polymer80

Build your own ghost gun
Polymer80 kit gun (Travis Pike for TTAG)

On Thursday, D.C. Attorney General Karl A. Racine filed a lawsuit on behalf of the District of Columbia, alleging that the defendant, Polymer80, has violated D.C. law by “by falsely representing that its weapons are legal in the District and by selling illegal firearms.”

In the District’s complaint, it says customers “can purchase the lower receivers of rifles or handgun frames, along with other materials — generally, the trigger barrel, and firing pin, all of which are available, if in stock, on Polymer80s website — needed to complete the receivers and handgun frames into fully functional firearms. The consumers then receive those material [sic] via mail.”

If you’re gonna file a lawsuit, the first thing you should probably do is, I dunno, some research? Polymer80 doesn’t sell “firearms,” they sell products which, with some work, can be transformed by the end-user into an actual firearm, kind of like how a pipe, block of aluminum, or spool of 3D printer filament can.

While I certainly hope this case will be thrown out, if it isn’t, I hope the court realizes just how insane the A.G.’s legal claim is. We’ll be keeping an eye on this one, and you should, too. 

Maryland’s background check system fails

computer system fail

Apparently forgetting to oil its big, wheezing bureaucratic machine, Maryland State Police announced earlier this week that its background check system suffered a “catastrophic” failure. Blaming a hardware issue, the agency said that its ability to conduct investigations for “regulated firearms” purchases (read: scary guns), handgun qualification licenses, and carry permit licenses had been disrupted, causing delays beyond the state’s seven day mandatory waiting period. 

Despite the failure being the fault of the government, the Maryland State Police Licensing Division sent out an email directing gun dealers to delay sales beyond the statutory seven-day period. A spokesman for the agency admitted that gun dealers are not required by law to wait, and that a procedure would be in place for them to document the release of the firearms if there are any issues when the system is restored. 

Apart from it not being the government’s business who’s buying a firearm, the delay the state police have requested is indefinite, which would mean anybody trying to buy a firearm is stuck in limbo. I guess Maryland didn’t learn any lessons from Pennsylvania.

Considering the individuals attempting to purchase state-regulated firearms are already required to possess other licensing, it’s a wonder that any gun store would hesitate completing sales transactions. After all, can’t they rely on state licensing, for all the good it purportedly does? The system is redundant, antiquated, and places a burden on constitutional rights and the ability of business owners to make a living.

16 Attorneys General support background checks for ammunition purchases

ammo ammunition feat
Dan Z. for TTAG

Ammunition control is dead, but Attorneys General from the following states didn’t get the memo: Connecticut, Delaware, the District of Columbia, Hawaii, Maryland, Massachusetts, Michigan, New Jersey, New Mexico, New York, Oregon, Pennsylvania (hi Joshie!), Rhode Island, Virginia, and Washington.

Top cops from these states filed an amicus brief in support of California, which recently passed a law that requires background checks for all ammunition purchases. That’s right, every time you want to buy a box of ammunition to do some target practice, California redcoats want you to wait for their permission.

Of course, limiting access to arms and ammunition necessarily puts people at risk, but the purpose of the law isn’t to make things any safer, it’s to inhibit the ability or willingness of people to buy ammunition. To put it simply, ammo control is gun control, full stop.

Unable to apply critical thinking skills, or at least lacking a basic understanding of microeconomics, the AGs for these states want a system in place that restricts the supply of ammunition, which means people will either find black market sources or off-the-books methods to acquire what they want. Just because you constrain a supply doesn’t mean you diminish demand. People will cross the border to buy ammo in other states or they’ll slap together a reloading bench like they should have done years ago.

Just like you can’t stop the signal, you can’t stop patriots from acquiring ammunition.

Permit applications soar in Illinois as Chicagoans buy guns, lot of guns

If you’ve been following this weekly or the news, you’re well aware of the chaos in Chicago, with police leaving communities unprotected from things like gang shootouts, massive protests and rioting. The Windy City has always been a dangerous place, the kind of place where you’d probably want to carry for your own protection. But despite legislative impediments from the state’s anti-gun politicians, Chicagoans are finally coming out to exercise their right to keep and bear arms.

During the first two weeks of June, over 40,000 people applied for firearms owner identification cards in Illinois, 500% more than this time last year. Unfortunately, the sudden rise in applications is straining the state’s background check process, just like what’s happening in Maryland.

Wait for processing, which are statutorily set at 72 hours, are in some cases taking longer than a week. In addition to the spike in permit applications and gun sales, dealers are noticing a spike in the sale of self-defense ammunition, which to me is a pretty good indicator that people are realizing that they can’t rely on government to keep them safe AND that they can and should take steps to protect themselves and their families.

While it’s unfortunate that it took this level of calamity to get people to make a move, it’s a step in the right direction.

Albuquerque parks declared “school premises” to ban firearms

Albuquerque Mayor Tim Keller
Albuquerque Mayor Tim Keller (AP Photo/Juan Labreche)

The mayor of Albuquerque, New Mexico, has issued a declaration claiming that all of the city’s parks are now “school premises,” forbidding law-abiding gun owners from carrying while they enjoy the public spaces that they pay for with their tax dollars.

State law allows municipalities to assert that properties used for school events are school premises, so Albuquerque believes that this means they can indefinitely ban gun owners from entering parks by issuing a decree declaring ALL of these spaces as school premises.

Here’s the fatal flaw in their argument: first, the statute they’re referring to specifies that the grounds in question are only school premises while they are being used as such – not generally. Second, the state constitution forbids municipalities from passing rules or ordinances which affect the right to bear arms (preemption), and I may just be a small town constitutional lawyer, but I’m pretty sure that telling people they can’t carry firearms in open, public grounds runs afoul of that provision.

The spin never stops: gun grabbers say lawful gun ownership to blame for police brutality

Derek Chauvin George Floyd
Courtesy Darnella Frazier

Did you know that if you own a gun, it’s your fault when police kill and brutalize people in your community? Neither did I, but apparently this is the latest trend in gun-grabbing propaganda, with would-be authoritarians justifying acts of government violence against civilians by saying things like “a higher prevalence of guns owned by citizens leads to a higher local rate of shooting deaths by police, suggesting that America’s gun violence epidemic is a large part of police killings.”

Correlation does not equal causation, despite your political agenda. 

By attempting to imply that reducing civilian gun ownership will reduce police brutality, team gun control and their political cronies are arguing that we should surrender our ability to protect ourselves to the same state that would murder us for something as trivial as passing a counterfeit $20 bill. Or having tinted windows.

Restrictions on gun rights affect all of us, often more disproportionately if we live in disadvantaged communities. Gun control doesn’t keep us safe from violence and, if this year has taught the country anything, there is no evidence to show that affording the state a further monopoly on the use of force will keep any of us safe.

Rhode Island ghost gun ban carries a ten year prison sentence

In an unsurprising, but still unfortunate turn of events, the Rhode Island Legislature has passed a bill banning spooky ghost guns. More specifically, the law bans “manufacturing, selling, offering to sell, transferring, purchasing, possessing, or having under his or her control” firearms that don’t have a serial number or are made substantially using a fused deposition model or other 3D process.

The bill was backed by — you guessed it — the Rhode Island chapter of Moms Demand Action. Violation of the new law carries a sentence of up to ten years in prison and a $10,000 fine.

Here’s why this is a mistake. First, the home manufacture of firearms has a long and storied tradition dating back to at least the colonial era. So the law runs afoul of the text, history, and tradition analysis under Heller, and is therefore unconstitutional.

Second, it’s largely unenforceable. Government can’t even stop criminals from buying guns on the black market, but they think they’re going to stop a bunch of tech-savvy guys from building them in their basements using materials you can’t regulate?

Third, it’s a waste of resources. Even if you could somehow figure out who’s manufacturing these firearms, it’s a massive waste of taxpayer dollars and labor hours that could be dedicated to things that matter, like solving rapes, murders, and training police officers to refrain from assaulting civilians.

Even more, the law is preposterously vague. “Or other 3D process?” I had thought existing in three dimensions was always a prerequisite for being a gun under the law.

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  1. So there is little philosophical difference between checks for guns or for ammo. Because the Left knows what freedom advocates do best is bitch and then obey, it will spread nation wide eventually.

    • No I don’t think it will spread.

      1. ” $35 BG check for a $ 3 box of handgun ammo.”
      In my area .22 caliber bullets can also be found for less than $2 a box of 50 rounds.
      2. “$35 BG check for a $ 500 handgun”.

      After this is explained to the general public. I think this idea will go nowhere.

      • In the occupied territory I used to call home (California) the cost for the background check to purchase a box of ammo was about $1. If you purchased multiple boxes, you only needed to do 1 background check for the entire purchase. I never bought any ammo after the background checks were ratified.

        Thankfully I fled to Texas (don’t worry Texans, I’m on your side).

        The ammo background checks were a complete failure. Xavier Bacerra (California state attorney general) said in January they stopped 750 people from illegally purchasing ammo. They claim it’s a win, but not so fast. Im not sure if the actual numbers are available, but let’s say that now they’ve stopped 3k people from illegally buying ammo. Out of a state of 39.5 million people, they’ve stopped .0076% of the population.
        This number is not a win.

        • Compare it to the false “positives,” of which there have been thousands, and 750 is a pitiful number.But I think they’re looking at the error ratio as a feature, not a bug…

        • I wonder how many people just out of boredom and a sense of rebellion against stupidity have stood at the counter of a Walmart, or some similar store, and bought 10+ boxes of .22 one at a time so they could make the salesperson run the background check over and over.
          I would do it just to see if the system would start smoking or something.

        • Ammo background checks in CA may only cost the buyer 1 dollar, but the store has to eat the extra costs in lost productivity and compliance costs.

          The guy and Bass Pro said they now are losing money on ammo. That right boys and girls, the space set aside for ammo is no longer profitable.

          Not a problem now, cause its…now.

          Wait a decade and that ammo section will start to look like a computer game section at a Game Spot (aka anemic and mostly gone.) Oh, they’ll aways carry the mainstays (.22, 9mm, .38, 45 etc) but your choices will become slim.

          Thats the real cost of the Ammo background check. We’ll pay more, get less options.

          Meanwhile the banger who only cares that his gun kills will buy whatever is available, or steal it…like always.

      • I wouldn’t be so sure about that Chris. Although gun sales have increased lately, which includes a lot of new gun owners, the pro gun control crowd is still strong. Most of these folks cannot care less if you’re taxed $1 per box of ammo or $500. Their mindset is a mess to begin with, they believe that what they don’t need or want you probably don’t need either, and government should restrict or prohibit it. Why would these tyrants care about how much the background check fee will cost? Actually, the more it costs the better for them.

        • I wonder how “they” would respond if “they” had to pay for a background check conducted on them every stinkin’ time they purchased their dope, alcohol, sex toy, abortion…or whatever…and then, the State can build a database of their “habits” and peculiarities…it’s for the children…if only one is saved the effort and expense is worth it.

          How about a B.G. check every time an EBT card is presented in order to verify the user’s ID and eligibility?

  2. Will be a run on ammo now….again.
    May be time to invest in reloading supplies as well. Just in case .

    • They will eventually regulate primers because that is the key component that can’t be reused or even made at home. If you shoot a lot I would buy thousands of primers. That are small and easy to store, low cost, and keep for years in a proper environment.

      • You can make primers at home.. it is actually pretty easy. The cup can just be punched out of some sheet.. and use potassium chlorate, easy to make..
        Of course, this is extremely dangerous.. I’d feel safer gargling with nitro glyceryn..
        There are a few lead based impact explosives that may work, and are stable when wet..
        Better to just wait for the memorial day sales and buy everything you can afford.. stored properly they should last decades..

        • Unlike the other components primers are best bought. Gunpowder can be made if you are careful. I know someone who makes his own bullets and is quite good at casting them. Wheel weights are abundant.

  3. “On Thursday, D.C. Attorney General Karl A. Racine filed a lawsuit on behalf of the District of Columbia, alleging that the defendant, Polymer80, has violated D.C. law by “by falsely representing that its weapons are legal in the District and by selling illegal firearms.”

    The AG being a typical Leftard thus brain dead, isn’t aware he is trying to ban a pice of plastic, not a firearm.
    He would also be clueless that Americans have been building firearms for their own use before we were a nation, oh to be a brain dead Leftard and holier than thou.

    • I don’t think the average gang banger is putting these together. I suspect that a group of individuals is buying them up and selling them on the street. I think the suit is more to go after polymer 80’s records than anything else. I would be interested to see in polymer80 had been shipping out large orders to gun runners.

      • I don’t of the validity of bangers or not although the quality of the end product may vary..

        Polymer 80 PF940SC Completed | Glock 26 | build and shoot | 80pbuilder Upper |*Alot of malfunctions*

        • I’m proud of the kid exercising his 2nd amendment right. I see some good potential here for our side. Likely this is his first gun. He got some of the rules down with a bit of practice he could be a great marksman.

          Most impressive is he took the time to learn to build it himself and understands the failures mechanics. He’s got a future in manufacturing and I could see a career for the kid in fabrication.

          I suspect you were making fun of him but all I see is a kid getting started in our hobby. I think that’s a win in any book given all the opportunity here.

        • I’ve never experienced so much as a hiccup with my P80 G26. It’s been super reliable for me.

        • No not at all ,however if he had read the building instructions/ information available prior to his build he could have skipped most of his associated function problems.

          I didn’t write his title for his vid clip,he did.

  4. Apparently they didnt teach constitutional law at their schools, eh!? Dont just drain the swamp, disbarr anyone who who even hints at “tweaking” the bill of rights!

  5. When I read an article a month or so ago about how in CA, they raided houses of those with failed background checks and found guns, I knew this was on the horizon.

    • Failing an ammo background check gives PC for a raid looking for guns. It gets them the warrant they need. They will take the guns and the owner gets a court date in return.

      So if you are denied, even if it was a mistake and you are approved later you could be placed on the List. Don’t assume otherwise.

      • Bingo. Exactly this.
        Next step, just like the no fly list, it’ll take months and lots of money to get your good name corrected.
        It’s a future feature, not a bug.

        • I can see them justifying a raid because AT ONE TIME you failed a ammo BCG. It’s the better safe than sorry excuse.

          A raid just for having guns won’t fly, there needs to be a trigger.

  6. Fine with me! The way the government screws everything else up, I’m always up for a good comedy show.

    • Meh. We dealt with authoritarians and power grabbers before. Until we clear the swamp, I’ll be on Bunker Hill (Actually the Bunker Hill battle occured on Breeds hill). I’ll be the one with the musket.

  7. If we make it through this period and get back to plentiful ammo again at reasonable prices the smart people are going to buy way more than they will ever need. Think of it as something else to leave your children.

    • I just got back to being financially able not only to take a range trip every couple/three weeks, but also to replenish and increase my meager ammo supply — not all at once, but buying three or four extra boxes every payday — at the beginning of the year.

      And then what happens, but COVID… and then the crisis where suddenly people are burning and looting because reasons… and next up is the election.

      At least I do have enough ammunition on hand to repel invaders, but no range trips for me in the foreseeable future. It’s very depressing. You can bet that the second ammo is back on the shelves, I’m (re)starting a buying program that’ll keep me stocked up for years.

      • Until last year, I used to shoot competitively in three different pistol disciplines. I bought reloading supplies as part of a group buy, where we split the hazmat and shipping fees among the whole group of us…as many as 20 guys buying “stuff”. Typical order would be 100+ lbs of powder, 130k to 180k primers and 10s of thousands of bullets. There is a price discount on those quantities. Last time I checked, I had north of 50 lb powder (I know about the restrictions. Not all in one place), 90k primers and and the weak link in my chain is only 35k bullets. Brass is the same as or a bit more than the bullet count.

  8. [Governments] think they’re going to stop a bunch of tech-savvy guys from building [firearms] in their basements using materials you can’t regulate?

    Governments can easily determine which people are building firearms with 3-D printers in their basements if those builders download CAD files from popular Internet sources.

    All any government has to do is realize that a web source is a popular repository of firearm CAD files — then that government acquires the Internet addresses of all the people who download CAD files from that source, convert those Internet addresses to physical addresses (via Internet service providers), and then send the local police to execute no-knock search warrants. It is amazingly easy and cheap to do.

    Unless people meet person-to-person in diners, bars, pubs, and parks to share firearm CAD files on flash drives, it will be exceedingly easy for any state or federal government agency to know who has visited and downloaded firearm CAD files from obvious Internet sources.

    • assuming VPN proxies don’t exist (they do)
      assuming people won’t just download the files whether they have a 3d printer or not (we do)
      Are they going to knock on every door and ask about files you downloaded on the internet?

      • Sian,

        See my comment below about VPN tunnels/proxies.

        With respect to merely possessing firearm CAD files, we are a simple stroke of the pen away from mere possession of those files being a crime — just like “mere possession” of other files (e.g. child pornography) is a crime. And Heaven help you if you have firearm CAD files and a 3-D printer with filament. (Government agencies like to prosecute you at that point using a legal strategy called “constructive intent” — look it up.)

        And back to the “mere possession” of files idea, we also have to remember the mantra, “You can beat the rap, but you won’t beat the ride.” Or, stated another way, “The process is the punishment.” If you download the files and then delete them, government can show that you downloaded them, they can acquire a search warrant, and then ransack your home looking for those files. Since those files could be on a tiny flash drive which someone could hide virtually anywhere, the agents executing the search warrant would be empowered to literally tear apart anything and everything and effectively destroy your entire home and all of its contents. Think about that.

      • They boot doors in for all kinds of internet activity. Adding gun blueprints to the list is easy.

    • And before anyone chimes in claiming that we can all secretly share firearm CAD files via peer-to-peer networks, VPN tunnels, or other obscuration methods, I recommend a huge dose of caution.

      With respect to peer-to-peer networks, once again someone has to publish and advertise their library and the general public has to be able to find it. That means government agencies will be able to find it and once again log the Internet addresses and activity of the participants.

      With respect to VPN tunnels, they are useless if someone uses one to access a publicly available and advertised library of firearm CAD files and continues to use it for a long time. Government agents would track firearm CAD file downloads to the VPN endpoint and then track the downloads from there to the end user.

      Finally, with respect to other obscurity methods (such as the Dark Web), do you really think that government agencies (especially fedzilla) are unable to peer into such methods? I would not bet my life on it.

      As with everything else, government agencies are pretty good at tracking down anything that is generally available and static, no matter how someone tries to camouflage or obscure it. If government agencies cannot use technology to crack such networks, they can use good old-fashioned human intelligence (informants).

      Thus, our only way to share firearm CAD files without significant risk of government agencies knowing what we are doing, is if we use dynamic person-to-person methods — just like modern day illegal narcotic distribution enterprises do.

  9. Don’t worry everyone. The scotus with Thomas and Kavanaugh will never never let this stand…oh wait. Nevermind.

    If anyone is surprised by this thank the recent scotus moves. We got fucked harder than $2 Tammy.

    • I think a lot of conservatives realized that Trump was all talk, just like most politicians. What did he seriously accomplish? He got played with the covid 19 hoax and it ruined the economy; he has been incredibly inapt in finding reliable people for his admin, they either get fired or resign after 3 months, or they stay and screw everything up; he spends his time whining about the media and posting stuff on tweeter; the wall will not be completed and the next rino or democrat in office will put a halt on it with executive orders; he did not find an alternative to Obamacare; Hillary is certainly not going to prison….other than my negative opinions of Biden, I cannot find a legit reason to vote for Trump again. It’s the same b.s every election, lies, lies, and more lies. Of course Justice Kavanaugh is a useless cuck, like most republicans are, weak and useless.

      • I share some of your sentiment. Trump played suck-up and suck-ass to the Establishment GOP whom do nothing but play suck-up and suck-ass to The Democrats.

        Trump’s Son-in-law, Jared Kushner is having a good ‘ole time Whining and Dinning away with Silicon Valley Democrat Billionaires too, all the while that they keep censoring out the Political Right.

  10. No matter whut ILLinoyed does I can drive a few miles to Indiana for ammo. And it’s cheaper than anything in Crook County. I’m OK now but more is better. ILL will get much worse…

    • I think you’re right. It’s going to get a LOT worse before it returns towards normal.
      I think this ammo drought will last a very long time.

      Even online is getting tougher. A half dozen places I normally rely on for components are typically out of stock. I’m OK, but my normal buying practices aren’t normal anymore.

      Improvise, Adapt, and Overcome.

      • I’m just not going shooting Tom. EZ when I can’t see very well. Getting bifocals & cataract surgery…then adapt. I hope!

      • Today (6/28)
        Local Academy Sports has .22 to spare, no 5.56, no .223, no 9mm anything. 6.5 of all types stacked.

        Local Sportsman warehouse has no .22, limited 5.56, no .45 or 9mm range ammo, only defensive rounds.

        Parts shelves at both that usually held Mloc or MOE stuff is empty, I was looking for QD sling hardware instead of going online.

        I’ve reduced my range time to two days a month. The Covid and Riots are surely getting on my last nerve.

        Maybe I should be looking at something in 6.5 cause there was no 168gr 308 to be found locally. Good excuse as any.

  11. That’s it, I’m gonna build either a 2D or 4D gun and blow everyone’s minds. Breaking the laws of both man and physics.

  12. “The grid says:
    June 28, 2020 at 12:15
    I think a lot of conservatives realized that Trump was all talk, just like most politicians. What did he seriously accomplish?”

    Very well said. Thanks.

  13. “a higher prevalence of guns owned by citizens leads to a higher local rate of shooting deaths by police…”

    In other words, it’s your fault you got raped; you shouldn’t have worn that skirt.

  14. I wouldn’t trust any treasonous deceitful crooked state attorney general who pontificates and imposes this vile “LBJ/KGB” anti-gun socialist class warfare shit! They are all scum! They likewise remain sworn enemies against our constitutional republic, morality, decency, personal autonomy, freedom, liberty, and the public in general! No doubt there is big money behind this. It’s an elite who despises the common people. And no, it has nothing to do with crime control, but instead is Soviet style “people control!”

  15. 16 more tons of demented Jim Crow Gun Control. Want more? Forget about mountains of democRat Party warts and manure and focus bitterly on POTUS tweets, stay home, be a snot nosed spoiled bRat and don’t vote.

  16. 16 Attorneys General support background checks for ammunition purchases

    Let’s see, D.C., MD, VA., N.Y., CT., IL., MN., CA., OR., WA., N.M., CO,. N.H., R.I., VT., MI.?? Did I come close?… No big shocker in any of those, probably a couple more waiting to sign on…

    • Close? Not really. You have 5 errors of omission and 6 errors of commission. That’s eleven errors out of a list of 15 (yes, 15) states the article listed. And DC is not a state, yet.

      Sorry, no cigar.

  17. Debbie W. says: >>> June 28, 2020 at 17:10

    16 more tons of demented Jim Crow Gun Control. Want more? Forget about mountains of democRat Party warts and manure and focus bitterly on POTUS tweets, stay home, be a snot nosed spoiled bRat and don’t vote.

    __focus bitterly on POTUS tweets? Twitter is all he has got; it has been that way from the start; the MSM is 100% run by democRats and reports and spins everything 100% in line with the agenda of the democRats.

    __ stay home, and don’t vote? That’s why McCain lost to Obama. Too many GOP voters stayed home plus more than 90% of blacks voted for Obama.

    __ Jim Crow Gun Control? These are blue states, democRats, wanting background checks for buying ammo. Where is the connection to Jim Crow?

    __If DJT voters stay home and don’t vote in any significant percentage DJT can’t win. This is a fact and is a given. I’m now almost convinced that the United We Dream, hispanic soros funded group, can make the difference and give Blooper Biden the victory. Then dirty Kamala, skank b! +ch, is certain doom. Her VP may be Michelle Obama so then you’ll have two of a kind in control. Plus Kamala is nothing more than an Obama puppet.

  18. Defective Citizen behavior over a career has much to do with any police brutality. It’s a form of PTSD from dealing with Defective Citizens every shift for 20+ years. LEOs actually face more stress than military due to the long exposure

  19. On bullet control you haven’t seen anything yet. The agenda and playbook of the left on this comes from . So many things coming and in the works – if Uncle Joe wins in November. Read this article, it’s long and detailed, and well worth the read. Don’t read it and remain in the dark and clueless.

    BTW nice well written article by Matthew Larosiere.

  20. jram01 says: >>> June 28, 2020 at 14:21
    “The grid says: >>>June 28, 2020 at 12:15
    I think a lot of conservatives realized that Trump was all talk, just like most politicians. What did he seriously accomplish?” Very well said. Thanks.

    __What did he seriously accomplish? LMAO … COMPARED to WHAT? Obama or Hillary would have done ~much better – right? You’ve never had it so good under Trump, and the Kung Flu is on China not Trump.

    Only an Obama third term with Kamala will open your eyes. And you just may get it.

  21. Just talked to a guy from New York today. He has his grandparents in another state order it for him.

  22. You can make priming compound And gunpowder from match heads, Potassium nitrate from urine and straw (or from stump remover), charcoal from wood, sulfur from most gardening stores, nitrocellulose from fertilizer, and everything to build a firearm from your local hardware store. You just need scrap metal, a drill press, and a basic welder. For black powder firearms, you can even braze with a bernzomatic blowtorch.

    It’s also not that hard to cast bullets from lead, or other metals, and you can shoot almost anything out of a shotgun.

    Good luck with those universal ammo background checks. Gun laws are stupid and pointless, like trying to prevent the clap with a broken prophylactic.

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