Minneapolis Mayor Jacob Frey
(AP Photo/Jim Mone File)
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Mayor Jacob Frey
Minneapolis Mayor Jacob Frey (AP Photo/Jim Mone File)

Since Memorial day, there have been 111 people shot in the city of Minneapolis. That may be only a single weekend’s total for their large neighbor to the southeast, Chicago, but the City of Lakes has less than a quarter the population and is well on its way to achieving Windy City-like levels of mayhem.

Minneapolis is becoming a shooting gallery. In one incident early Sunday morning, 1 person was killed and 11 wounded in a progressive mass shooting that wound its way through city’s uptown area. On Monday, three more shootings wounded nine more people. According to citypages.com, Minneapolis’s ShotSpotter system has recorded more than 1600 gunshots in the last month.

In a press conference yesterday, Minneapolis’s Zoolander-like Mayor Jacob Frey, described what the city’s police officers are encountering when they respond to 911 calls.

From citypages.com:

“There have been several instances in which law enforcement, and our police officers have responded to a very serious critical incident, in some cases involving loss of life, where they’ve been surrounded, pelted bottles, rocks, or even worse,” Frey said. “That is not a dynamic that will lead to success, that is not a dynamic that will lead to public safety. And it certainly does not serve the victims of shootings or any other form of violence.”

You don’t say. Given the ineffectiveness of the city’s police force in the current circumstances, Frey announced that he’s called for help from state and federal law enforcement agencies.

The mayor said the city will receive assistance from the Hennepin County Sheriff’s Department, Metro Transit Police, the State Patrol, the FBI, the Secret Service, and the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms (ATF) to investigate the shootings.

As we’ve pointed out, defunding or otherwise neutering the effectiveness of local law enforcement inevitably has a disproportionately negative effect on…black people. But that didn’t stop the city’s far-left city council from voting to do just that. Unanimously.

The predictable impact of this on the city’s minorities has been unmistakable so far.

Joining Frey at his Monday press conference, Minneapolis Police Chief Medaria Arradondo pointed out “many” of the victims in recent shootings are Black.

“The number of gunshot wound victims, specifically to our African Amercian community, in young men — their lives are not disposable,” Arradondo said.

He added: “This cannot become our normal, as a city. This is unacceptable, and as your chief, I cannot tolerate this here. People have to be held accountable when they come in and do harm to our communities.”

Blah, blah, blah. Meaningless platitudes by the man who heads a department full of hobbled, demoralized, reluctant officers who can’t possibly be effective in responding to — let alone preventing — crime in the toxic atmosphere that pervades the city. The Chief’s words carry zero weight and every Minneapolitan knows it.

Will calling in the Secret Service, the FBI and the ATF make a difference? Will they be patrolling the city’s streets in such a way as to deter more gunfire and bodies? Or will it take armed National Guard troops on every corner to make a noticeable difference? Is that a step Mayor Frey is willing to consider? Or will his preferred solution be to send in an army of social services workers to heal the city’s population?


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    • Yeah. The first – and only – word that comes to mind upon opening this page and viewing the photo is “derp”.

      • “The ‘Derp’ is strong with this one.”

        Was my impression… 🙂

        • BTW – *Big* primary today – New York – AOC faces off against Michelle Caruso-Cabrera, a TV finance personality who is actually likable.

          Also, Kentucky is today…

        • After they call in Trump for help, then they will accuse him of police brutality for helping. Best not to bother with them.

    • He’s the Mayor. His job, his problem. Why is he asking for other people to do his job?

      He can ask the governor of MN for national guard.

      But asking feds means I have to pay for it. Pass. This is like two belligerent neighbors two towns over from my town, argue, one takes a s**t in the cab of the others truck, then later asks me if I could help pay for the damage. F No.

    • Mayor Zoolander.

      Reminder: Governor Ventura, Senator Franken, Representative Omar, AG Ellison.

      Minnesota, time to get your drinking water tested. There may be something in it.

    • Nuke the site from orbit. Keep nuking cities until they finally get socialism right.

      *note* I would say “roll in canisters of CN20”, but we don’t know how effective nerve gas will be on the hive.

      Eric Swalwell 2020

    • They have a chance to change a bit of it in the fall (as does my area) hopefully we will make good use of it.

      • And the good people of that city get to choke on his shit sandwich…

        • Well a large number of them voted for the representation they have at all levels. They were warned I’m sure and dismissed it all.

        • The majority got exactly what they voted for, now they are reaping the rewards of their vote and the DemoCommie party.

        • And that is why democracy sucks and the founding fathers hated the word.

          About 50% of eligible voters don’t vote, because they don’t see it accomplishing anything. Those that do vote are split right down the middle, 50% for each party or 25% of the total of eligible voters for each party. So 51% of the people who vote, or about 26% of those eligible to vote pick the fuckers that ruin the lives of the other 49% of those who vote or 76% of those eligible to.

          Remember when we had a Republican house, Senate, and president with Trump, and before with Bush? Did the Republicans repeal the GCA? The NFA? Did they enact nationwide reciprocity for carry or even constitutional carry? When they controlled the entire state government in my state the Republicans didn’t get anything done.

          And it isn’t just guns. I hear the same complaints from people on every issue.

          (Sarc) Oh yeah, democracy, great idea. All of the people who live in these areas clearly deserve whatever they get(/sarc)

    • One thing for sure he’s proven he’s one leftist who doesn’t know what’s best for everyone else because he’s a clueless Leftard ,luv it when Leftards self destruct.

    • Mutual aid should be in effect at officer discretion. So if a cop is surrounded, in imminent danger and calls a signal 13 (or whatever code they use) I would expect troopers and county to get there.

      But to cover the basic policing that the city has insisted it has no need of?


  1. Mayor Frey wants the Feds to come in to clean up his mess after his city commissioners neutered his police force by promoting defunding the police.

    • “Jacob Frey, described what the city’s police officers are encountering when they respond to 911 calls.”

      Police are actually still working there? I’m surprised 95% of them didn’t walk out while the ink was still wet on the “defund the police bill”.

      • Takes time to get hired at other departments. And I’m sure there’s a GLUT of cops from the city applying in other places.

        Unfortunately not everyone can walk out on a paycheck. So they’ll do the most they can to avoid getting killed or arrested in the meantime.

  2. Bullshit. Every agency has some form of Mutual Aid agreement with surrounding cities, counties and the State itself. Or, mutual aid is built into long standing lae. There is no excuse to be crying for Federal Cops when resources readily at hand have been ignored.

    As for demoralized cops. It’s their own damn fault. Ignoring excesses by officers for years has led to this moment.

    • That is if only they other departments have the available resources or their command staff say no. I doubt the state Police or if MN has county sheriff deputies want to wade into the waist deep 💩 storm.

      • They asked the county, and the Sheriff politely said no f-ing way.

        And who would blame him? Or any cop? Or anybody asked to step in to BE a cop in this mess? That’s 4-year-old-at-a-birthday-party logic. “GO AWAY!” “WHY DID YOU LEAVE! SOMEBODY BETTER COME BACK HERE SO WE CAN YELL AT THEM SOME MORE!”

    • Ah, but do you remember those surrounding area agencies making public their intention to not respond to mutual aid calls for assistance after the mouthy broads on the city council called for “defunding the police?”

      Yea, that. They’re alone.

      They broke it, they bought it.

      • Didn’t that happen to some extent in Georgia a few days back, with Atlanta’s walkout?

      • What was it the smartest man in the world said, oh yeah they built this and now they own it.

    • Those agreements are not working because the county and state police aren’t stupid enough to send their guys to be lambs for the slaughter because the city council wants some more cops as trophies.

    • It’s partly their fault. Illogical hair brained over reactions from perpetual victims and opportunists are mostly to blame.

    • Yes it’s a cops fault for negros running wild!

      Lack of Pre frontal vortex devolopment is a cops fault.

      Low iq is cops fault

      Ridiculously high testosterone is cops fault.

      Public demanding safety from orcs a cops fault.

      Cops being trained by JIDF a cops fault.

      There is always an asshat that comes to a gun forum to spout bolshevik shyte

  3. Absolutely No help from the Federal Government. It’s his and the city counsel’s mess let them clean it up. All they are looking for is for President Trump to send in the cavalry. Then when the shit goes sideways they can blame him for all the problems. Let Minneapolis burn. The same with all the other liberal cities who’ve allowed the inmates to take over the asylum. After the mayor of Seattle said they would retake the autonomous zone and restore order she allowed to happen. Now she says she will ask nicely for them to just go home. Olly Olly Ox In Free. I believe this is why President Trump has been so hands off on all the violence in these bastions of Liberalism. Let the people get a mouth full of the bullshit their leaders have allowed to happen. And see how they like the taste. Keep Your Powder dry.

  4. Pappa Trump, please bail us out, we had no idea it would get this bad so quickly.

    After you save our collective asses, we will continue to hate you and blame you for everything hat has gone wrong with this country over the last 50+ years.

    The appropriate response from the Feds should be, “suck it up, buttercup”.

    • I was going to remark much the same thing.

      And I loved the passing dig about Zoolander in the piece above. Quite apt.

    • I literally thought it was a photo of Trudeau. Did Fidel Castro impregnate other Western commies?

  5. The problem is the PO-lece are too powerful and too mean to poor ethnic criminals who feel that they can break any law they want and should suffer no repercussions. Not one Federal penny should be spent on the sh** storms local municipalities caused and let happen. They made their beds, let them lie in it!

  6. Girly-man stuck his head out of his mommy’s basement, saw the shitstorm he and his fellow “Progressives” have created and freaked the hell out… Screw you Frey you made it, you deal with it…

  7. If only Frey would have cried a little harder at Floyd’s funeral, maybe this could have been avoided. Perhaps getting on his knees and apologizing for being white will help? I heard that’s the key to progress.

    • Perhaps getting on his knees and apologizing for being white will help?

      Didn’t he already try that?

      • Well is he giving $10 to every black person he sees? Has he willed his estate to POC? I’m pretty sure he isn’t trying hard enough.

        • I’m pretty sure he isn’t trying hard enough..

          Yeah, when you’re right, you’re right…

  8. Yeah, but he was voted the cutest/hottest major metropolitan mayor by the likes of Elle magazine. You can’t argue with that!;-)

  9. This is yet another DIY project. Since the “professionals” can’t handle it the residents will have to step in if they’ve got the nuts and the tools for it.

  10. “” “The number of gunshot wound victims, specifically to our African Amercian community, in young men — their lives are not disposable,” Arradondo said.””

    HA! To whom do “black lives matter”?

    It would seem not to a large number of gangsta blacks. And since no real and constructive discussion in search of an actual solution is allowed lest someone be branded a racist bigot of at least comparabilty to Adolf Hitler, I presume we’ll never know the answer.

  11. Neutering, trash talking, and defunding your own Police Dept. and then expecting surrounding law enforcement agency’s to clean up your mess is laughable.

  12. FOAD

    Send in your social workers, or better yet, let the community self-police since that’s what they rioted for.

  13. “There have been several instances in which law enforcement, and our police officers have responded to a very serious critical incident, in some cases involving loss of life, where they’ve been surrounded, pelted bottles, rocks, or even worse,” 

    I don’t understand. Burning, Looting, and Murder (BLM for short) is all about awareness and justice for all. This must be fake news. We all know BLM would never agitate or use violence to promote racial (black suffering). Why they wouldn’t even take over a city block. Um… oh wait…

    • Correct. That’s the liberal way; if your insane position isn’t working out as planned, you clearly haven’t embraced it enough and need to double down.

      No police at all inside the city limits is the obvious solution.

  14. These people are like the worst kind of spoiled toddler.
    “I hate you! I hate you! I hate you!”
    “Help me! Help me! Help me!”
    And like the worst kind of enabling parent the fed is always there to coddle them.
    This whole world has gotten way to comfortable with putting up with other peoples shit.

  15. 20 years ago, when I abandoned a well paying job in a PNW big city and moved to a spot in the woods in MS, I advised everyone I knew that big cities would become death traps in a few years, and they should also get out while the getting was good. Hardly anyone believed me back then. I wonder if they believe me now?

  16. This guy is the very definition of the word “cuck.” When he was shouted off stage and out of the scene by the mob, he lost all authority, moral and otherwise. The only possible good thing about this situation is the people of Minneapolis and Minnesota are being red-pilled in real time.

  17. Oh, by all means, being in the BATFERBF. There might be some mentally challenged high school kids who haven’t been entrapped yet.

  18. For everyone who was against this crap, good luck and God bless. For everyone who was apathetic, WAKE UP. For everyone who was for it, eat shit and die, you deserve every second of misery. Truth hurts, wear a cup princess.

  19. A couple of days ago aso wine said that the police do not stop any crimes. If that were true why is crime racheting up when the police either have been told to stand down or decided they aren’t going to risk their lives or freedom to deal with gangbangers?

    • A couple of days ago aso wine said that the police do not stop any crimes. If that were true why is crime racheting up

      Could it be a coincidence that crime is raTcheting up in conjunction with the issues you suggested??

    • It’s true. They do not stop crimes. They investigate, collect evidence, and arrest AFTER a crime occurs. Their presence, just like laws in general, may deter some crime because a crime only occurs after an act, but ultimately it’s up to the criminal to decide if the risk/reward is worth it.

      • Wasting your time trying to explain it to these two. If you really want a laugh ask them for references or comprehensive studie, hell anything that shows Police stop crimes in progress.

        Watch the response, it will be hand wringing and but the Police protect us (no they don’t and have no legal obligation to do as such) without any actual evidence.

        The posters on here has a serious disconnect with reality and common sense. Ignorance is bliss as they say.

  20. President Trump’s should remain calm and silent until we have multiple cities going up in flames just like the LA riots. Then and only then should he agree to send in troops. More importantly, Trump should issue executive orders shielding citizens from criminal prosecution as well as civil liability for defending themselves.

    • The most Trump can do is instruct US attorneys not to prosecute people who defend themselves. He can’t do anything about suits in federal court. Neither can he do anything about prosecution or suits in state courts or prosecution in municipal courts.

      The prosecutor in Douglas County, Nebraska has a long history of supporting self defense. A few years ago, a couple of guys, armed with a sawed off shotgun, tried to rob a pharmacy. By chance, one of the customers was an armed security guard who had stopped in on his way home from work. The guard shot to death the robber with the shotgun and held the other one for police. The county prosecutor ruled the shooting justified. The city has its own ordinance against concealed carry without a state permit. For a while, the city prosecutor made noises about charging the guard because he was only authorized to carry openly.

  21. “People have to be held accountable when they come in and do harm to our communities.”

    This clown is still trying to make people believe that this is somehow the work of outsiders. When you tell people they aren’t responsible for their own behavior, this is what you get. I have no sympathy for him and only a little for the people who live with his mismanagement since they voted for him and that pack of jackals they call a city counsel.

    • accountability is the LAST thing social justice warriors actually want.

      they want whites to pay for things done by people who are long dead, but they don’t want to be accountable for their own crime and conduct today.

      there will likely never be accountability for minneapolis except maybe for the cops who were restraining George Floyd when he died. black people of minneapolis have committed far more harm on their community than the police did.

  22. black-on-black shootings skyrocketing in Minneapolis, hundreds of businesses destroyed by BLM and ANTIFA, many of them black-owned businesses and/or businesses that employed black people.

    it won’t matter how many woke white folks chant “black lives matter” if black folks don’t act like black lives matter.

    Jacob Frey is a weak and useless leader. He seems to think good intentions for social justice are the most important thing, and some of his constituency seems to think the same. Good intentions and dancing in the street with black constituents aren’t going to bring back businesses and jobs

  23. The Minneapolis police chief isn’t the bad guy. Last year, Chief Arradondo wanted 400 additional officers by 2025. The mayor and city clowncil shot him down, and approved only FOURTEEN more officers.

    This chief inherited a broken police force from a previous police chief who was more about being a virtue signaling pandering SJW than a leader.

  24. The mayor is in an unenviable position. Elected city-wide, he’s a moderating force compared to the batshit insane city council who depend on tiny electoral turnouts of people and probably a corrupt local democratic party machine.

    But that’s the mayor and city’s problem. It should not be the problem of anyone else. The city has made its bed, let it sleep in it. Come election day maybe they can re-evaluate. Until then call the council and have them organize some community activists to deal with the situation.

  25. Mogadishu; don’t they have community leaders of faith, social workers and War Lords?

  26. “Defund the police” is an unfortunately named battle cry. A better one, already successfully used by Camden, NJ, is “Start Over.”

    1) Dissolve the police department / Tear up police union contracts
    2) Start new police department up. Everyone must reapply. Police with past problems not accepted.
    3) Never again let the police have too much control. If a police chief fires a cop, he/she stays fired and the cop can file a court case to get their job back. No forced arbitration. No NDAs with weapon or signals intelligence suppliers etc. The police are held accountable.

    This solution is not perfect. Better than what we have now…remember, it was the police that lit this powder keg; it did not light itself.

    In general, I am a union supporter. This Minneapolis police union, however, deserves to be destroyed.



  27. It seems that the natives are killing each other. Why does anyone want to stop this? The people of Minneapolis said this is what they wanted. Or are the good people finding out that the thugs and liberals have taken full control of the city? I really do feel sympathy for the people who work and try to better themselves. They are the ones paying for this in more than one way.

    • How about USAF intervention. B52s on an Arc Light strike.

      Clean slate for urban renewal.

      • 1000 pounders on Seattle? Good way to clear the area to start building a NEW city.. Nighttime Arc Light is a pretty thing from four or five miles away..

      • Talk to Philly about that. They didn’t use B52s but they did drop bombs from an aircraft onto an occupied structure… I wonder if it’s the only time since Pearl Harbor that has happened?

        • I remember when they used a helicopter to drop that bomb on the MOVE people. Unfortunately the Philly black mayor was never held accountable.

          Before that it was Tulsa Oklahoma where “black Wallstreet” was bombed. When the white control city government bombed the black section of the town.

          And then the coal miners in West Virginia. Who where bombed by a combination of county government supplied bombs and private coal company aircraft.

  28. Unfortunately, if I were a police officer today I would ignore any traffic infractions, if I got a call about a shooting I’d ignore it for about 45 minutes while I got coffee and a dozen donuts….then I’d run out of gas…..

    • The cops aren’t bothering to even get out of their cars anymore. The most they can do is arrest somebody but they can either pay $74 on the spot or cool their heels downtown for 3 hours before a judge lets them out on their own recognizance. We have revolving door justice here.

  29. The people of Minneapolis are American citizens and abandoning them to this is a non-starter. But a basic condition to send significant (and expensive) help should be the resignation of the mayor and the entire city council.

    • I can get behind that. At least the council. The mayor is probably similarly incompetent but he’s nowhere NEAR as nutty as the council. That’s why he got booed out of the protests… he knows that the police have a purpose.

      • I agree with you. But if he is the cream that floated to the top in that city. They are a lost cause. Only time will tell if a strong man mayor, can eventually take control of this socialist Progressive city.

  30. Stop electing progressives and pajama boys into leadership positions! They lack the skills and experience to run a city, work through basic problems, or handle a crisis. This guy is in so far over his head.

  31. This is what you get when you neuter or defund their police. These dumb asses were elected. So, any civic leader who does this needs to be removed and police need to be reempowered. This is the tyranny that we as gun owners are arming themselves against. They come at me or my family, they get dead.

  32. They REALLY do eat their own……….
    Marxist (progressive left) protesters turn on their own when they “assaulted” an openly Gay Democratic Minnesota State Senator as he took a photo of the protests after they tore down a statue of abolitionist Hans Christian Heg who died fighting for the Union during the Civil War….. Wisconsin State Senator Tim Carpenter has posted video of the moments before he was “punched and kicked in the head” at June 23 protests in Madison, Wisconsin. A local journalist said he called an ambulance when Carpenter collapsed shortly after. The senator said he is currently locked in his office at the State Capitol in Madison after he was attacked by “8-10 people.”

      Correction: Carpenter IS a WISCONSIN State Senator not Minnesota as I first stated (just had Minnesota on my mind when I started), Eh, shit happens, The rest is accurate but need to add the initial attacker was a fukin GIRL… all better now?

  33. “Since Memorial day, there have been 111 people shot in the city of Minneapolis”

    Only 97 of them were by police officers! That’s some good work, Lou, now let’s go get some smoothies!

  34. I feel sorry for the Taxpayers in that City. They will foot the bill for the clean up and damages. A good grant writer could get them some money.

    Other than that, I’d say taxpayers have no business paying for any damages outside of their own state. That would seen fair since who is really responsible?? Mayors Governors and Law Enforcement!

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