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Image source: Los Angeles Sheriff's Department web site
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Oh, boy! Los Angeles County Sheriff Alex Villanueva says he is willing to increase the number of concealed carry permits he issues by 400%. Sounds impressive, eh? Good news for gun owners in the state’s most heavily populated county.

Not really. That would bring permits up from 19.3 per million residents to 96.5 per million.

For comparison, the state of Georgia is somewhere around 71,428 licenses per million. Another way to put is that the permitted percentage of the Los Angeles County population would increase from 0.0019% to a whopping 0.0096%.

Why does this make me wonder if he’s simply signalling that he’s just more open to bribes than his predecessors and fellow may-issue sheriffs around the state.

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  1. What Commiefornians don’t put up with,if it pleases the Communist crown may I carry a firearm.

    • How much of a “campaign donation” is the sheriff requiring for a license to exercise your RIGHT?

  2. Unless this is a matter of assigning more employees to process applications it makes no sense to talk about increasing ccw licenses by a certain amount.

    When people come in to apply do they enter a lottery to see if they happen to be one of the additional people to receive them?

    Otherwise how do you decide who gets them? Do you grade potential victimhood on a curve? Oh, sorry sir, I know that you were robbed and assaulted last year and you WOULD be in line to be one of the 400% additional licenses but unfortunately there was another person in here earlier who has an order of protection out against their ex and we’ve decided that while you need one, they need one more and we only have a certain amount we’re going to process.

    • The real important question is, if one applies and is denied, is their application fee refunded?

      Or is it like NYC, where they don’t?

      • The important question is where in the Constitution does it say permits are required and that he gets to determine how many are issued?

        • No where as all gun control is un Constitutional,as in “Shall Not Be Infringed.”

        • avatar Montana Actual aka Suspicious Fisherman, Knowbody, UnKnown, Everyday Carrier, Threeper, 3prcntr, B.D

          I love you 3000.

        • it says “shall not be infringed”. isn’t it clear that’s what it means, the sheriff gets to pick 20 people out of 95 million who get to bear 1 arm on the approved list of arms?

        • Gus said

          It says “shall not be infringed”. isn’t it clear that’s what it means,”

          It is clear to all but the mentally diseased Leftards.

    • Actually, another source I read stated that officially there are 197 CCW permits on record, out of a total population of 10.2 million residents within the (huge) county population.

      So if a 100% increase represents a doubling, then a 400% increase represents a quintupling (NOT a quadrupling, as so many are incorrectly stating).

      That means our Overlord Villanueva has generously forecast that he might allow himself to approve as many as 788 new carry licenses. We are so blessed. [/sarc]

      • I Haz a Question,

        You know where those additional concealed carry licenses are going to go, right?

        Answer: they are going to fabulously wealthy entertainers (actors/actresses, musicians, and sportsmen/women) and politicians, and maybe a handful of Mega-wealthy business executives.

        • Yep. All those woke actors who are concerned about “gun violence” in a while new way.

      • No offense I Haz a Question, but you need to work on your primary school math before you correct others. A 400% increase is exactly a 4X increase. To convert from percent to real numbers, divide by 100. Then multiply this number by your base amount. Example 10 increase by 400% is 10 * 400 / 100 = 40. Still, the result in terms of CC permits is a joke for a county the size of LA.

        • No offense taken, good sir, but let’s remediate the basics of math percentages:


          An increase of 50% of an original amount equals a result of 1.5x.

          An increase of 100% equals a result of 2.0x, which is a doubling.

          +200% is therefore a tripling.

          +300% is a quadrupling.

          +400% is a quintupling, or a result of 5x the original amount.

        • It depends on: A) whether the final number issued will be 400% of what has been issued or B) whether the number issued will increase by 400%. In A the total number issued is 400, assuming for illustration that 100 were previously issued (4 × 100). In B the total number issued is 500 (100 400).

        • Doc:

          It should be shall issue, so this discussion shouldn’t be nearly as important a point as it is.

          However … given this sheriff, I’d bet it will be the lower number.

        • If I got $1 for every time ‘I Haz’ has gotten powned on this site, I’d have at least $10. Step your game up, bruh!

        • @Consequence,

          Actually, I wish we were ‘constitutional carry’ here, like 16 other States already are. Even if we were ‘shall issue’, you still need to register a firearm with the CADOJ, you must declare which gun(s) will be attached to the permit and are limited to using only those specific gun(s), are extremely limited as to any modifications you’re allowed to make (trigger, barrel upgrades, etc), and must take the class, pay the fees, etc. For those of us who prefer to remain private and off the CADOJ database radar, we’d like to see a return of open carry (for our more rural areas or for mountain trails) and a permitless carry system.

  3. Yeah but the beaches and hand bag stores are so nice. It’s totally worth it;-)

    • Stay away from Santa Monica beach, though. It gets closed down every Spring for a few days due to the heavy rains that flush all the sewers and send the bacteria to the ocean.

      Not kidding. It’s really a thing here.

  4. Is this like looking a gift horse in the mouth or lifting it’s tail and looking up it’s ass?

    • Our rights are not gifts from anyone.

      CA people need to make a lot of cultural changes if they want to communicate that to their government effectively.

      • Dave
        You are absolutely right that our rights are not a gift. I was trying to be a little sarcastic. IMHO what needs to change in California is their critical thinking skills. I live on the Western Slope of Colorado and we have had friends from Cali move here incessantly complaining about the politicians and the policys in California and proudly state to me that they are voting for same kind of politicians that they moved to escape from.
        It makes me want to drink more beer.

      • I used to live in LA county where I worked at a gun range while in law school. I was not granted a ccw permit and the economy sucked hind teat, so I left. Best decision I ever made, other than marrying right.

    • Not really. It’s more like checking the given horse shoe from the horse that was stolen from us earlier.

    • avatar Montana Actual aka Suspicious Fisherman, Knowbody, UnKnown, Everyday Carrier, Threeper, 3prcntr, B.D

      Lol this was the first thing I thought of.

  5. I’m getting with the program — I’m going to pay 400% more for my free subscription to TTAG!

    No need to thank me, Dan, and I mean it.

  6. that’s how democrats make money.

    1. create a barrier
    2. it costs money to get past the barrier.
    3. ?? don’t they love their democrat overlords ??
    4. profit!

  7. Someone commented that Californians are going to have to make a “cultural changes”. That’s a very optimistic view. Check out this video to see what you’re up against if you’re hoping to ‘edumacate’ voters to value their liberty. Good luck with that.
    Jay Leno’s Jaywalking Citizenship Test

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