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While millions of Americans enjoyed the Thanksgiving weekend holiday, the Mexican drug cartels invaded and shot up a small town in a “safe” Mexican state. In the end, twenty-two people died in the violence, including two innocent civilians and four police officers. Plenty more suffered bullet wounds.

The mystery here is…how can this kind of thing happen? Mexico has imposed Beto O’Rourke and Joe Biden-style gun control upon its citizenry. The entire nation south of the Rio Grande has exactly one gun store that sells shotguns and .22 rifles.

To own a firearm, a person has to jump through endless hoops at great expense of time and money in order to apply. The nation has bans on “military caliber” guns, along with magazines. Even possession of a single round of ammunition will earn a person a long prison sentence.

Yet even with all those gun control restrictions in place, violence in Mexico keeps growing worse, with that nation on track to easily exceed 30,000 homicides this year, up from last year’s record carnage.

Even the mainstream American news media have started reporting on the mayhem, albeit irregularly.

From CBS News:

A Mexican border governor said Monday the death toll from a weekend battle between drug cartel members and security forces has risen to 22. Coahuila Governor Miguel Riquelme said two additional gunmen died overnight. He did not say whether they had died of injuries from Saturday’s gunbattle or in subsequent operations.

Police and soldiers have been sweeping the area around Villa Union for those involved. Riquelme told Radio Formula Monday that all hostages have been rescued.

Riquelme said 16 gunmen and four police officers were killed. He said two civilians also were slain by gunmen after being abducted.

mexico gun violence

A pickup truck with signage identifying affiliation with the “Northeast Cartel” in Mexico. Image via YouTube.

This happened in the a Mexican state considered the third-safest in the nation.  From CBS:

Coahuila state itself has been far from the worst-hit part of Mexico amid violence in recent years. The government census bureau’s survey of public perceptions of security found that Coahuila ranked well this year, with only three other states having a higher public perception of safety.

Just imagine what the most violent state looks like.

Yes, even with the strict, utopian gun control laws that many Democrats so desperately want to see here in America, the violence in “gun-free” Mexico makes the gang-infested neighborhoods in Chicago seem absolutely bucolic.

Image via YouTube
Image via YouTube.

The Mexican drug cartels have little or no fear of the police or military.  And certainly not the hard-working, law-abiding civilians, either.

The cartels even openly badge some of their vehicles. Clearly, they not only freely possess even military grade firearms (along with endless supplies of magazines and ammunition) but they also happily use them to violently suppress their opposition.

Interestingly, they prefer American guns…because they work.

Image via YouTube

In a nutshell, the bad guys in Mexico run roughshod over not only the disarmed citizenry but local police as well.

In October, the increasingly bold cartels took on the Mexican federal military and won a decisive victory. Last month, they slaughtered American women and children on the side of the road.

This may change soon as Donald Trump is reportedly considering slapping the terrorist designation on the Mexican drug cartels. While cartel technicals with .50 caliber machine guns mounted in the back terrorize Mexican citizens and non-corrupt local and federal police, they would prove no match for Hellfire missiles or the rest of America’s military might.


In the meantime, the violence south of the border should serve as a real-world example of the utter failure of gun control to reign in violent crime.

Gun control disarms victims, not criminals.

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    • Exactly. Either carpet bomb it, or wall it off. Although I’m not against against arming the Mexican citizenry if they show a clean record with no ties to the cartel. It might be better to do it through the auto-defense movement

      • Unfortunately the Auto Defensa movement is dead. I watched its progress with great interest but at this point nearly all the key players have either been imprisoned or killed, or they’ve become the exact thing they started the fight against.

        • I followed this with great interest when the Autodefensas started springing up. They actually did some good in the early going, but they were systematically persecuted and their leaders imprisoned by the Mexican government. And those who cooperated with the government, disarming and working with the policia and federales in return for official recognition and protection, received no protection at all and were in fact brutalized almost as much by the government as they were by the cartels.

          To make a long story short, in Mexico, ordinary people are not allowed to stand up for themselves. It makes the government look bad.

          They had to fight the cartels *and* the government, so of course they lost.

        • “To make a long story short, in Mexico, ordinary people are not allowed to stand up for themselves. It makes the government look bad.”

          Which is what you get with gun-control. This is also the exact reason our founders provided us with our 2nd Amendment. An armed citizenry can stand up for itself. Concord Bridge = Bundy Ranch.

        • ““To make a long story short, in Mexico, ordinary people are not allowed to stand up for themselves. It makes the government look bad.”

          Which is what you get with gun-control.”

          It’s far worse than that, it’s Progressive-ism run amuck.

          Example – Duty to retreat laws, where defending yourself can make you the one charged with a crime…

      • Wall it off!

        If you drop one bomb then 30 million “refugees’ will RUN to the border in a day for all the FREE shit we stupidly hand out! AND the UN will talk shit along with every bleeding heart until we let them all in and care for them 100%
        then our nation falls from the mess

        but on the bright side, we americans can overrun the candian border and free load there till they fall!

  1. If the Mexicans wont fix their own problem Trump will fix the problem and the Mexicans will pay for it! Those missiles cost $ don’tcha know?

    • Once Trump gets involved he opens the border with refugees status for every Mexican resident. Don’t go messing with another country’s business if you don’t want to deal with the consequences.

      Take action against Somalia next thing you know you have a town in America full of Somalis. Don’t like Somalis? Don’t try to fix their problem by starting something.

      Some drug cartels have access to rockets and large caliber guns that can take down aircraft. They are willing to plant bombs on public transportation to send a message.

      Only American special operations could put up a fight against Mexican cartels. American cops and general military don’t stand a chance. Drug cartels have armor piercing rounds, RPGs, grenades, night vision, belt fed machine guns and armored vehicles. They will hunt down government or anyone that tries to mess with them. They will kill your entire family. They love to fight and make music about it. Their life is about hunting humans and making drug money.

      Didn’t die from the gunshots the first time? They will hunt you down and take your head the next time.

      • Hey you want to put abject fear into these morons attact attack and attack again ie General Patton show the same kind of mercy they do NONE and when they cry we surrender gun them down

      • You just touched on a critical point. We follow the rules, they don’t. And Mexico is a helluva lot closer to American soil than Afghanistan is, and the Cartels have powerful allies stateside. This would be a terrible idea for a ton of reasons, but if we were to launch a full scale invasion of Mexico, expect to see the families of American service members butchered on a regular basis. No, it would have to be an all or nothing proposal. Either we don’t invade (frankly, I would be all for declaring war and then using that as a pretext to harden the absolute shit out of the border with a wall, minefields, machine gun nests, snipers, etc and declaring it a free fire zone) or we do it in the most violent and bloody way possible. Force is the only thing these monsters understand so we’d have to be even more brutal. I’ll bet at least some of the cartel gunmen have people they care about. Kids, families, homies, etc. Target them in brutal reprisal strikes and sanction extra judicial executions against even suspected cartel members. Target their families, target their hometowns, and brutalize anyone who even tacitly supports their activities.

        I’m not advocating for that, but anything less than a Soviet, WW2 Eastern Front style of total war wold ultimately be doomed to failure.

        • ….. and yet when Philippine president Rodrigo Duterte does this exact samr thing against the Drug Cartels in his country, people here in the USA wannts him charged with human rights violations.

          What about the human rights of the Filipino and Mexican victims?

        • “What about the human rights of the Filipino and Mexican victims?”

          I think an expedient solution is for the US to start covertly sending guns into Mexico to arm civilians. When the cartels start running into armed Mexicans willing to fight back things will rapidly change. Besides, how can things in Mexico be any worse? We have lots of guns to send so this would be a cheap and easy solution.

      • Only special ops stands a chance vs the cartels?

        Our regular military doesn’t stand a chance?

        I know those guys run the show down there, but It seems preposterous to say they could go toe to toe with a super power and not only succeed, but apparently wipe the floor with our regulars?

        • I think that as long as we use the rules of engagement that Trump would likely use, we’ll win easily.

          If we go with the classic left wing rules of engagement, we’ll be nothing but a target for every sicario hitman.

        • As with the other post you’d need someone like Mattis in charge and tell him to “go eat.”

      • “Only American special operations could put up a fight against Mexican cartels.”

        The American military has been at war against terror full-time for nearly 20 years now. Utilizing a *lot* of special forces personnel. Tens of thousands of them.

        When they retire out, they go home. Many to rural areas, and live their lives. If you don’t think those experienced combat veterans aren’t capable of organizing and training other retired combat vets from the Army and Marines and mount a formidable response, you have a very rude surprise coming your way…

        *snicker* 😉

        • Cartels will target the families of the soldiers for execution and will bomb the hell out of the average soldier on patrol. They have trained snipers and use Barrett rifles to kill Mexican soldiers. There is a portion of cartel members that were government trained or at least have survived many years of gun battles. They can actually hit what they are shooting at. They are happy to take the fight to the government instead of letting the government dictate the engagements. They ride around in armored trucks and SUVs ready for military combat like private contractors did in Iraq.

          The average soldier is not ready to fight, what is essentially an urban specialized force that rides very low profile, on their own territory. They are used to fighting villagers that can’t zero their guns and being able to call in air support.

          I have seen the cartels take over a town and execute an entire family of someone they didn’t like. I think they killed about 8 of the family, including small children and women. They pushed out the police and raided the target’s home. They setup checkpoints/security to stop the government from preventing the execution of the family.

          They do all kinds of stuff that American gangsters wouldn’t even dare to imagine. They assassinate judges and politicians. They attack government building with a swarm of men. They hunt down police chiefs regardless of his personal protection team. They kidnap, torture and execute family members of targets that won’t come out of hiding. They ambush the patrol cops to send a message to the other cops to quit their job or follow cartel directions.

          I always find it laughable when American cops say their job is very dangerous. In Mexico the criminals hunt cops for fun. Imagine standing around a DUI checkpoint when a cartel pulls up in armored SUVs with 9 guys mag dumping their rifles at every uniform they see. Imagine seeing your SWAT team killed as they think they are on their way to raid the house of a cartel member just to run into 6 guys with rifles and grenades.

        • “The average soldier is not ready to fight, what is essentially an urban specialized force that rides very low profile, on their own territory. They are used to fighting villagers that can’t zero their guns..”

          That’s complete bullshit. What you described is literally the type of war Afghanistan and Iraq were. It’s complete bullshit that they were just “villagers that can’t zero.” You’re a complete Fucking moron who doesn’t know shit about the Middle East. ISIS was a far more capable enemy then the cartels ever were.

        • lol, wtf you think the Mujahadeen are bro. I guarantee you that the average muj who’s been around a minute isn’t some pushover. They probably either fought the Russians or were schooled up by those who did, and they’ve fought Americans now for almost 2 decades. The cartels are no joke and they’re often filled with crooked mil/LE or former mil/LE but nonetheless will get rolled over by regulars and superior equipment. If they’re smart they’ll quickly abandon they current MO of running around flagged and uniformed with their cartel colors and acronyms and resort to the terror campaigns you describe, because that will be their only option. They’ll likely have some successes but will by and large get BTFO conventionally and cease to exist in the fashion they do now openly controlling swaths of territory.

        • Stop the money; stop the problem. All you have to do is solve the U.S. drug problem, cut off their money, and the cartels will wilt and die. If the U.S. people want shit smuggled from Mexico, then there will always be a cartel problem. Easy right? /sarc/

        • Remove limits and restriction on our warriors, active duty or not, and don’t ask questions. Patiently wait until it’s over and don’t question how it got done.

          That’s how we won WW2 and we lost Vietnam doing the exact opposite. The ME should.ha e been a cakewalk but for the enemies at home .

          Mexican cartels don’t have a monopoly on anything, they just don’t have restrictions.

      • You’re under the impression that a Spec Ops team could take on the cartels, but if we send the proverbial armored fist in the form of a couple of ACRs they don’t stand a chance? That is a very odd view, and I don’t think it stands up to any level of scrutiny. Not that I’m saying we SHOULD mount a full scale invasion, but if we did I think those forces would do quite well against the cartels.

      • Your love of the cartels is showing. There’s no way the cartels could stand toe to toe with regular American military. Not a chance. The US military just spent 20 years fighting this exact kind of war and they are very good at it. Even the most piss poor NG pog platoon can call in air and artillery strikes. This thing you keep saying about targeting families wouldn’t work either, as Americans that typically just enrages us more, and our response would look something like Mai Lay times 10 on the cartels families. Plus we’d be constantly raiding and drone striking the cartel leadership into oblivion. Further more, the Taliban, Al Queda, and ISIS were all far more extreme and harder then the cartels, and we managed to destroy all of them but one, and even that one suffered even more casualties then they did fighting the soviets. The reason you keep seeing the cartels own up on the Mexican military is because it is literally that bad, and that corrupt.

        • I live near Fort Knox and when my friends went overseas, they knew I was there looking out for their families as needed.

          I don’t know if I’m dangerous or not to the Mexican Cartel or anyone else, but I have a suspicion that it would be best for everyone not to find out the hard way. I’m squared away with dry powder and a stocked larder, ready for what comes.

        • Merle O.,

          Sure, the U.S. Military could steamroll a well defined enemy in well defined locations — which is NOT the Mexican drug cartel situation. Who are cartel henchmen? Who are cartel leaders? Where are these henchmen and leaders? Where do they keep their military assets?

          And how do we identify and neutralize their tens-of-thousands of foot-soldiers in the U.S. who are ready, willing, and able to wreak havoc here on our politicians, bureaucrats, law enforcement, their families, and our infrastructure?

          Two monumentally important principles that Sun Tzu spelled out for us in his famous work Art of War are:
          (1) Know your enemy.
          (2) Always engage your enemy on your terms.

          And when Sun Tzu said, “Know your enemy.”, he did not mean identify your enemy. Rather, he meant that you should fully know and understand your enemy’s background, mindset, objectives, strengths, and weaknesses.

          I highly doubt that we truly KNOW (as Sun Tzu means it) Mexican drug cartels inside and out. And if we do not KNOW them, we cannot develop an effective and efficient strategy.

          • The American military would overwhelm the cartels they would piss thier pants they are not muslims their god is money they die screaming what a joke to believe they could enen mount an offensive against our military p a pipe dream of the Obama morons

        • Merle O.,

          Furthermore, I cannot see the U.S. Military being able to call in artillery and airstrikes into Mexican population centers, which is where cartel leaders and henchmen are almost certain to be. For one, the collateral damage would be too great. Second, I don’t believe the Mexican government would stand for it. The first time an airstrike killed dozens of innocent civilians, the Mexican government would demand our immediate extrication from their nation.

          And then there are simple logistical problems. How do we set up artillery batteries all over Mexico? And that won’t be a political problem? And where do we set-up forward-operating air bases? Do we take over farmland to do that? Do we take over Mexican airports to do that?

        • Ok in regards to all of your responses, let’s define the scenario here because I think this is starting to get confusing.

          1. We can rule out a scenario where the cartel invades the US at least while Trump is president. They simply wouldn’t have the pull, resources, man power, and civilians would put up a fight here. Now, a hypothetical future where a democrat president allows them to invade, would be a bit different but I think that’s too speculative for this discussion.

          2. The scenario we discuss is either A: a full blow Iraq style invasion of Mexico, or B: US involves itself to crush the cartels on behalf of the weak Mexican government in exchange for free oil.

          I see scenario B as the most likely. A is too unrealistic and would change the parameters of the debate. (You’d have to take into account mexican nationalism, anti war protesting in America, Chinese and Russian influence ect.. in other words it would strictly be America vs the cartels anymore)

          So let’s go with that scenario: America intervenes to help prop up the Mexican government and stomp out the cartels.

          American special forces, drones, cruise missiles and air strikes would begin to decimate cartel leadership. This would be relatively easy for the American forces. We’ve already proved the ability to successfully hunt down such types on the other side of the world with great efficiency. The cartel leaders aren’t exactly hiding in caves deep in mountain ranges or in non combatant countries either. This ability to kill and capture cartel heads and put them in GITMO would be a game the cartels aren’t used to playing. They bribe this enemy. They can’t coherece or our fear into this enemies hearts. No amount of threatening families will change that. I know this because I’ve personally dealt with this with jihadist detainees during the war terror. Believe me, the interrogators at GITMO have heard it ok before. This is very different then we they get captured by their forces in their country.

          Next, the foot soldiers of the cartel fight for different reasons then jihadis do. They really are essentially mercenaries. They aren’t fighting for God, country, or family. They are expendable criminals who are in it for money. They are brutal yes, but battle hardened by actual warfare? No. There’s a big difference between muderering civilians and killing piss poor mexican military and fighting a trained opponent who kills more of you then you kill of them. And believe, the US will kill more of them then try kill of us. American forces haven’t faced a foe that’s achieved a higher kill to death ratio since they fought Robert E Lee. The kill to death ratio will likely be 20:1, or even higher. The past 20 years it’s been 30:1. Yes, 30:1.

          Next, the economic factor. The cartels will take severe hits to their income once this all kicks off. And wars are *expensive*. Remember cartel soldiers won’t be fighting for free, like the vast majority of insurgent forces. People join cartels for money and prestige.

          Now the logistics of American forces in Mexico. According to this scenario the local government has welcomed American help. America can therefore put bases and fly wherever it needs too. Allowing complete dominance of Mexican skies to the military. US military operations of all kinds can operate around Mexico at will.

          After a matter months, the cartels open presence is all but gone, and their firepower and open displays of executions are gone. They have to retreat into the shadows greatly diminished, their fearless leaders long dead. At that point however, is when they’d likley be relying on their government co conspirators, to hide them until America leaves. And that right there, is the real challenge.

          Like with any war in recent memory, the conflict will boil down to wether the local population and government are willing to take up the responsibly themselves. With American help, could the government reach a solid degree of competency? With the cartels gone, would the people take the opportunity to try and oust the corrupt government from power? Will then America try to nationbuild? All those are fairly unanswerable.

      • “Take action against Somalia next thing you know you have a town in America full of Somalis. Don’t like Somalis? Don’t try to fix their problem by starting something.”

        Globalists have had Somalians settling here since before the U.N. intervention. Somalians are not here because of intervention; the globalists think they can use them to destroy the West.

  2. While this article highlights the futility of gun control, it seems to me the same could be said of drug control.

    • Aye, most of their money comes from drugs, and the drug markets exist because they are illegal and the taxes are high.

      • To Arc
        Those high taxes you complain about have ALWAYS been promoted by the drug legalization crowd. They are socialist progressive in their political orientation.

        And that is why many of them have moved to low tax Colorado. Unfortunately those same potheads also support gun control.

      • While I support legalizing weed, legalization of any or even all drugs wouldn’t put a dent in the cartels anymore. They’re far too established and rich to simply go away now. Not only do they have other sources of income like human trafficking, they in fact impose their own taxes in the areas they operate.

    • Aye, most of their money comes from drugs, and the drug markets exist because they are illegal and the taxes are high on product.

      Make sure your reps know to support House Bill 3884: The Marijuana Opportunity, Reinvestment, and Expungement (MORE) Act. It will de-schedule cannabis and put a dent in the cartels.

        • It won’t what? De-schedule cannabis form the unconstitutional controlled substance act? Read the bill language, its literally the first line in the bill, more direct language in the text body.

          It absolutely will put a dent in the cartels because people will be able to grow their own without fear of having their lives destroyed by the tyrannical state. People won’t have to buy their weed from local dealers who might be sourcing from the cartels rather than their own grow. As long as you aren’t taxing it to death, most people will buy from a head shop that has farm to shelf tracking and inspections. Less money to Mexico is a good thing.

    • Making drugs legal is a Libertarian Utopian fantasy.
      These people are criminals. They are already murdering business men to take over the avacado market. 19 dead and counting.

      Your a liar or a fool if you believe and or say the cartels will disarm and become good legal business men.

      So you Libertarians also believe the New Zealand gangs will also disarm. Because the government asked them to????

      This is about “power flowing out the end of a gun barrel”.

      And since when has any criminal just given up their power?

      If you want to say people have the right use intravenous drugs then fine. But don’t try to tell the world that it will be a safer place with fewer criminals, by making it legal. Because it won’t.

      There are people who really enjoy the criminal lifestyle. They’re not going to give it up.

      • Dang you really hate we libertarians.

        fyi: we mostly agree with you, only thing is we don’t think we need to use American troops to solve a domestic problem. Sell them guns, hell…give them guns arm the crap outta the civilians if that helps, but going to war in Mexico to fight a domestic criminal organization is not a worthy use of our military.

        • I personally hate the simplistic naivete of liberals and Progressives. They think if drugs are legalized the crime and criminals will go away. Did the Mafia disappear when prohibition was repealed?

          While drugs are profitable, it is one of many activities criminals are involved in. Just to name a few criminal activities the drug gangs could turn to: extortion, kidnapping, hijacking, smuggling, counterfeiting currency or other items such as pharmaceuticals, prostitution, human trafficking, fraud, cybercrime, slavery, and much more.

        • To kyle
          The Libertarians are deceivers. For decades they have told people the crime problem would disappear if drugs were made legal.

          Crime has gone up in areas where drugs have been made legal or the laws not enforced. San Francisco. Seattle. Oakland. Etc.etc.
          Libertarians seem to be the only ones who know of “functioning drug addicts”

          The rest of us have only experienced disfunctionly drug addicts. Attacking people and stealing to pay for their habit. It seems no one wants to hire a drug addict.

      • Drugs and prostitution is legal in Amsterdam. Is it a Utopia? No. Still crime, abuse, misery. If you give candy to a bad kid, will it make him a better human being? No.

  3. These are the same people that are flowing through the west & east coast borders, sanctuary cities & states are letting this happen,,, all run by Democrats, then they throw up laws that make you the criminal if you try to protect yourself, family, or stuff. Libs SUCK…!!!

  4. The Mexican president has said he will solve the cartel violence problem with hugs.
    Good luck with that Obrador.

    • The cartels have probably already given him the choice of either the “silver” or the “lead”.

  5. Mexico used to be a great place to vacation. Short trip, (for me), great food, good prices on stuff, really terrific scuba diving on the Caribbean side.

    Now, you couldn’t pay me to go there.

    • Same here.
      I must have done around 2 dozen scuba trips to Mexico between ’85 and ’00. Did lots of drift diving and a few cave dives (even the Temple of Doom with Mad Dog Expeditions, Mike Maddox). Won’t go near the place now.

  6. This is what life is like under generations of leftist government. This is what residents of Detroit, Chicago, St. Louis, Baltimore and other American cities can expect if they don’t wake up. They are already well on their way to living in the same kind of socialist utopia.

    • @huntmaster;
      Funny you didn’t mention any calipornia cities. LA, San Fran, Santa Clara come to mind right off the top of me head.

      • Compared to LA and SF, Santa Clara is still halfway decent. Silicon Valley rich people wont condone the homeless inTHEIR backyard. That is still California’s living room. LA is the bathroom and SF is the Septic tank.

        • Nice comparison and yes, a very affluent county. BUT, over 45% of Santa Clara voters are registered Democrats. Rich idiots that can’t find their asses in the dark with both hands, but large checkbooks for donkey donations.

  7. 30 thousand homicides
    100 million people
    do the math:
    9 times worse than america
    they lose the equivalent amount of people of a vietnam war every 2 years
    they cram 10 years of killing into 2
    its likely to get worse before it gets any better
    we dont want the wall
    we NEED the wall
    AND troops on the border
    with as many m27s m38s m39s m240s m249s and m134s as required to constitute overkill

  8. this is the reason I am going to stay my but on the US side of the border heck I am staying away from the border states even have not lost anything over there if I have to fight Mexicans I will do it in the USA we have too many here

  9. So the Mexican government doesn’t want out our help? They didn’t in 9116 either even though that wasn’t as successful as we could be now. Get a geosynchronous satellite over Mexico and watch everything.

    • Yeah that’s curious. I guess they work both sides of the border. The southern border, or lack thereof, is astonishing.

    • Cartel members vacation in America, they work in Mexico. Well, at least until the U.S. government decides to label them terrorists so the Republicans can send their standing military to wage war on terror.

      Cartels love American trucks and SUVs. They seem to be status symbols like they used to be in Korea.

      • Because American trucks are made down there. Dodge Rams- Saltillo. GM Silverado/Sierra – Silao & Guanajuato and up until 2014 Ford F series were made in Cuautitlan.

  10. Mexico is an oil rich nation. The average
    Mexican should be doing very well economically. The problem is the government is morally corrupt. The mexican government is a criminal gang. And the cartels are just fighting that gang for control of Mexico itself.

    If this was going on the other side of planet Earth it wouldn’t matter to the United States. But Mexico sits on our Southern border. So that makes it our business.

    Build that wall. The Libertarians are wrong. Human beings have no right to travel wherever they want to go.

        • Edit
          Venezuela is also an oil-rich Nation. But look at the political situation in Venezuela now. Are the nation’s resources being administered to help the citizens or for a Selected Few?

          Their government has already confiscated The Guns of law-abiding people.

  11. “The mystery here is…how can this kind of thing happen? Mexico has imposed Beto O’Rourke and Joe Biden-style gun control upon its citizenry.”
    It is no mystery. “When guns are outlawed only outlaws will have guns.” I think I heard that long ago when Florida was considering anti 2A laws in the 1980’s. When their national government imposed restrictive gun control on Mexico, they opened the way for a foreign power (the Obama Administration via Operation Fast and Furious) to arm the Cartels in an effort to undermine (to put it lightly) the legitimate government.
    Whew! Makes Russian and Ukrainian stories seem like children’s nighttime tales in comparison.
    As the Bloomies, Soorys, and other leftists aim to, and seem to be succeeding in, disarming us, who are they making way to disrupt Democracy? Not likely the drug cartels (unless you consider pharmaceutical corporations as such; I do), not likely Antifa (they are just a bunch of 21st Century brown shirters).
    Obviously, the left is clearing the way for someone…Stalin is dead, Pol Pot is long gone, Fidel is no where to be seen, even the Che has left our world some time ago. Maybe Kim Jong-un or maybe Juan Guaido or Nicolás Maduro.
    With the American populace disarmed, it would not be just a threat from within, but to a treat from without that the left is opening the Sally Port to the invading “army.”

    • Who is aiding the invading Hannibal with his Elephants against our empire?
      When will the invasion become obvious to the public?
      Who are our modern Quintus Fabius Maximus, our Philip V of Macedon, who will be our Scipio Africanus?

    • Bushed started Fast and Furious, Obama continued it. Bush wanted to ban modern rifles from private ownership.

  12. The drug Ganges own the corrupt Mexican government. Arming the people would do little good as they would have to fight both the Drug Gangs and the Army both.

    Drug Ganges exist because the U.S. unlike most civilized countries criminalize drug addition. Until this changes drug Ganges will rule Mexico and not only continue to supply the U.S. drug market but drug Ganges in the U.S. will become more powerful and violent. This will result in a call to ban or severely restrict all legal gun ownership in the U.S. which of course will not solve anything.

    Legalizing drugs will be difficult because the Republicans never do what is best for the U.S. but pander only to their uneducated ignorant base who for the most part are backward people who tend to be frugal religious fanatics. They do not realize that it costs much more in tax dollars to fund the police and lock up people who are addicted rather than pay for Social programs that would actually help people and get them off of drugs. When programs give out free drugs with treatment the market for illegal drugs drys up very quickly. European Socialistic Countries have been far more successful with their drug problems than the U.S. has because most of them do not treat people addicted as criminals and lock them up. But this is beyond the comprehension of the Neanderthal Conservative mind. If we always used an outdoor shit house we do not want to move to indoor plumbing.

    • Traitor.
      You forgot to mention vaccines and Autism.
      Go back to your other planets or at least resume wearing your tin foil hat to prevent foreign rays from corrupting your thoughts!

    • Wow, that was stupid.

      Normally I ignore spelling but “Ganges” is a major river in the world. I will leave it to you to look up where.

      “Drugs Addition”? New math? Do we also have “Drug Square Roots”? “Drug Calculus”?

      Meth, heroin, fentanyl and other addictive drugs are tools of enslavement and death. The problem is not people who smoke a little weed on the weekends, the massive problem is the enslaving of millions of people with highly addictive drugs that lead to massive financial burdens, destruction of health and ultimately death.

      Just so we are clear: Enslavement, Addiction and Death are bad things. When they are being promoted as profit making business enforced by blood thirsty savages with the firepower to shoot down military helicopters, it is modern warfare.

      Against us.

      • We wouldn’t see nearly as many street drugs if people could get access to natural plants more readily. I don’t see death in the streets in countries where weed, mushrooms, cactus, Salvia Divinorum, Mimosa, etc, are legal.

        Next they will be saying Ginko Trees and Ginsing make people run out and eat tree bark.

      • The American mafias were our own creation thanks to prohibition, unfortunately they expanded into other markets. They lost most of their power in the alcohol market after prohibition since John Doe could brew his own or buy it once again in at a liqueur store.

        Of course, the damage is done and they moved into many other markets before prohibition ended. The Mafia is essentially criminal enterprise, business men, and you may go out of business if you over specialize. The Mafia expanded to lucrative businesses, like money laundering.

      • @Merle 0

        Most fighters in Iraq and Afghanistan were not very experienced and trained. Nor were they well organized and equipped. It took many years of taking heavy casualties to learn how to “fight” Americans. Most of their success was from not fighting straight up. Murder holes, suicide bombers and IEDs.

        My friend died in Ramadi not because the fighters were very good at combat and dodged every bullet coming out of his SAW. They blew him up with an IED. They did not want to get in a shootout with the western military forces only the police and local military because they were not capable of fighting competent soldiers. It didn’t matter if they had RPGs and PKMs because usually they missed.

        The better fighters came from outside of Afghanistan and Iraq. They came to fight in the holly war. A lot of them were eventually killed. At one point there was a lot but they really wanted to get martyred.

        When America decided to draw down forces and hang out in their bases fighters were able to take over more land and acquire American weapons and armored vehicles from the local police and military. This allowed them to gain combat experience fighting a weak enemy and build their forces. They got arrogant and started up ISIS.

        I don’t think Mexican cartels are as incompetent as uneducated young believers or local farmers. I seen enough cartel operations against the Mexican police and military to say they are better fighters. They also have more organized men and equipment. They don’t have a religion that makes them do stupid stuff that will get them sent to paradise. They fight for money, glory, reputation and influence. You can’t enjoy those things when you are dead.

  13. Every day the world travels another mile down the road leading to Bellum omnium contra omnes. And there are no off ramps.

    “Hereby it is manifest that during the time men live without a common Power to keep them all in awe, they are in that condition which is called War; and such a war as is of every man against every man. In such condition there is no place for Industry, because the fruit thereof is uncertain: and consequently no Culture of the Earth; no Navigation, nor use of the commodities that may be imported by Sea; no commodious Building; no Instruments of moving and removing such things as require much force; no Knowledge of the face of the Earth; no account of Time; no Arts; no Letters; no Society; and which is worst of all, continual Fear, and danger of violent death; And the life of man solitary, poor, nasty, brutish, and short.”

    • Gunny Gene, you described the dark ages, about 500-1000 AD.
      Five hundred years of what you described, and we are heading there if the left has it’s way.

      Semper Fi

  14. The problem is not Mexico, the Mexican government, the cartels, or drug war. The problem is Mexicans. They were a brutal violent people before the Spaniards showed up and they still are.
    Wall it off and deport whoever has already made it into the US or begin a campaign of extermination. Half measures are only going to make the problem worse.

    • Your right out of Hitlers Germany. He too did what you want to do i.e. build gas chambers. Every wonder why normal people call the Far Right a bunch of Nazi’s. Your a living example.

    • Indeed, A wall might not be enough to save America, we have let in over 25,000,000+ illegals. The next time I democrat gets into power, we will get amnesty 3.0, and civil war will follow it.

  15. The problem is unchanged in what is needed but has grown enormously in scope. Over 35 years ago I was part of a technical rescue team (vertical work, mines, the wild places) requested to go into northern Mexico and aid the Federales down there in extracting a pile of murder victims from a deep shaft. In the end they decided to limit the number going and I as a newbie, stayed back on the American side.

    Today those dozen or so bodies woujd be small potatoes in the grand scheme of cartel killing.

    Cartels have been slaughtering each other, kidnap victims, government workers, migrants, pretty much anyone and everyone for decades. It has simply grown to where American news media and our general public is taking notice.

    What it takes to combat this is not complicated. The problem is for all the billions spent and all the lives lost we have never taken the matter seriously enough or applied the resources needed in the ways they are needed. What I am talking about are security of the Border and Ports of Entry.

    This starts not with politicians yammering for first place in who wants to deploy the most National Guard troops for the longest period of time in support roles. That’s all public relations bullshit. Where it starts is in setting a goal. The goal being by what percentage will the illegal back and forth on the Border and thru Ports of Entry need to be reduced to starve the cartel’s of operating cash?

    Before doing anything else, that question must be asked and answered. Once it is answered that becomes the goal by which you design your response. Instead of flailing about with no particular goal in sight, you set the goal and work to achieve the goal. Not something these fucking politicians ever think of.

    What would it take? Well, not “Built The Wall” that’s for damned sure. “Build The Wall” is a political chant, it’s narrative spinning and simplistic. It will take a well designed system of barriers and armed patrols on the Border. It will take a massive increase of hands-on inspectors opening up every truck, shipping container, private auto, aircraft cargo hold and train car moving north and south.

    It would take the sort of commitment we made in Iraq at first (and should have kept in Afghanistan, fuckwit NeoCons!).

    It would take a major increase in air and sea patrols on our coastlines. Interdicting and inspecting vastly more craft at sea. Following private aircraft and inspecting upon landing.

    What all this boils down to is that we still have not learned a key lesson: The nature of war hasn’t simply changed from nation state against nation state, it has expanded to be non-state organizations against nation-states and populations. To include profit oriented criminal organizations. The function of narco cartels (who’s criminal enterprises go far beyond drugs) is focused on enslaving large numbers of Americans and using them as profit producing livestock.

    That’s right. The business model of a narco cartel is chemical dependency creating a relationship that is alike to a rancher raising cattle. Except that a rancher has far greater regard for his cattle and their value as living critters than does a narco cartel over its human “customers”.

    Think about it, that frog in the pot that starts out with cool water and is warmed up slowly … Were a military force to enter the USA and enslave this many people, cause this much suffering and death, we’d have a Declaration of War (Authorization to Use Force) right quick. But as cartels have been building this business of enslavement over many years, and as they are not showy about it on our side of the Border, it is seen as far less a thing than it truly is.

    We need to state for the world that the nature of warfare has grown. We need to declare that war and accept the massive resources it will take to win it. We need to force the Mexican government to accept our special forces raiding cartel strong points, targeting cartel leadership and soldiers. We need to add our naval and air power to halting arms and ammunition shipments coming in by sea along Mexico’s coastlines.

    So far all we get is spin, braggadocio, rationalizations. I really do not expect this to change. I do not expect the typical voter to demand any better than for their chosen politician to continue feeding them the fetid swill of their lies.

    One final point for those that just want to wall off Mexico or carpet bomb it or some other dumb shit. Mexico is our largest trading partner. About 15% of our economy is trade with Mexico. Worth in excess of $600,000,000,000 a year based upon the first six months of 2019.

    In all the dumb, ignorant, half baked pronouncements of what to do about it, have you any idea how screwed we’d be to have a collapsed country embroiled in civil war on our southern border? Our number one trading partner flat busted? A population of 128,000,000 people fleeing the fighting and the chaos? With the massive economic hit to the USA all that would entail?

    Can you say Great Recession, again, or worse?

    You should feel threatened. You really really should feel threatened.

    • Build a wall? Really Enuf?

      Your as ignorant as they come , a true Trumpster fallen for his lies and propaganda. Engineers have already declared due to the terrain and meandering of the river its impossible to build a wall to keep out people or drugs. A cost study also proved it would not be financially even possible to build a wall clear across the border from one coast to another.

      Whenever you are dealing in billions in profit are you dumb enough to believe that drugs will cease to flow into the U.S. because of a wall that drug gangs can tunnel under , go through, go over, go around and come in by sea and by air.

      I think you should get off of drugs so you can think clearly and with some logic.

      • So you read only three words, took them out context and you think I’m a “Build The Wall Trumpster”???

        Do a Google search on the words “reading comprehension”.

        That’s all, just that.

  16. Granted, my 18 months in Mexico were designed to be unpleasant but from what I’ve seen there’s really nothing there worth trying to save. Sounds heartless, and it is, but best case is just keeping Mexico in Mexico. People there would literally steal the doors and windows out of your house after ransacking it if the walls weren’t high/dangerous enough.

    • They were cutting people’s hearts out by the thousands before the Spanish arrived. Not much has changed.

      • Good argument for not having religious government run your society.

        Most of the natives in the Americas that did very bad things were religious peoples. They did it all for their religion. Some people broke away from those tribes and created their own that didn’t have a religion but was spiritual or nothing.

        Even today religion is causing death and destruction world wide. Centuries of the same people infringing on human rights and murdering.

  17. Close the border…

    Send the 1st and 2nd Marine divisions to seal the border. Shoot to kill.

    All illegals back south of the border, anywhere as long as they are not here.
    Any illegals found after the final date for leaving will be convicted of a felony and deported permanently.

    Set up a simple process for obtaining a worker visa to come here, available only outside the borders. Any significant law violation gets immediate permanent deportation.


  18. The Cartel gets what they pay for! Not my country, Not my care, Not my problem. Everyone needs to fight their own fight.

    • @American Patriot:

      “Not my country, Not my care, Not my problem. Everyone needs to fight their own fight.”

      That’s just what the America Firsters had to say just before the Japanese attacked Pearl Harbor, or have you forgotten???

  19. Funny thing is Mexico and Guatemala are the only other countries in the World with ‘constitutional’ rights to firearms…

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