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Crazy Uncle Joe Biden can’t go a day without sticking his foot in his mouth any more. At a $2,800 per head event in Seattle this weekend, he asked rhetorically, “Why should we allow people to have military-style weapons including pistols with 9-mm bullets and can hold 10 or more rounds?”

What does Uncle Joe cite as the reason for such an ignorant belief?

From the Seattle Times:

Joe Biden raked in campaign cash at two private Seattle fundraisers on Friday, including one at the home of a top Amazon executive, where the former vice president ever-so-gently raised the role the company has played in the loss of some middle-class jobs.

Speaking at the Queen Anne neighborhood home of David Zapolsky, Amazon’s general counsel, who introduced him as someone “who can bring stability,” Biden lamented the Democratic Party’s failure to speak to working-class constituencies who have grown pessimistic about their economic futures…

While saying he supports the Second Amendment, Biden called the absolutist arguments of some gun-rights supporters “bizarre.” Noting people can’t own machine guns or bazookas, Biden said, “Why should we allow people to have military-style weapons including pistols with 9-mm bullets and can hold 10 or more rounds?”

Joe’s other gaffetastic talking point:  We protect Canadian geese more than we protect our children.

From the same Seattle Times story…

Mentioning his own shotgun ownership, Biden talked about Delaware goose-hunting restrictions that limit hunters to three shotgun shells. “We protect geese from Canada more than we do people,” he said.

So, does Uncle Joe think we should limit school spree killers to three rounds? He mumbled onto other topics before he could address that question.

Biden apparently knows more about Ukrainian gas than he knows about guns. Or geese.

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  1. Biden was selected as VP for two reasons:
    He’s as stupid as a box of rocks and he’s loyal.
    Not surprising that he doesn’t know anything about guns or gun safety after his statement about shooting a shotgun in the air and yet he shows this haughty arrogance that we can’t be trusted.

  2. Standard shotgun worked in the naval yard shooting pretty well if memory serves right.

    That out of the way, I’m going to voice my amusement at Biden going after what amounts to the fastest growing segment of the gun marketplace; concealed carry handguns. I think besides rifles being a requirement for revolution the other easy that they are targeted is there is less resistance to it. There’s way more concealed carriers than rifle owners at this point and you’d find more resistance to going after those concealed carriers who in many if not most states undergo the miracle “background checks” to get their carry papers.

      • Not all states require a permit to carry anymore man, a number of states have passed some bold legislation removing the restrictions on bearing arms like permitless carry + honoring out of state permits so I would assume every pistol owner in those states with permitless carry are carrying at least some of the time and a lot a people these days only by pistols a shotguns as they are they don’t hunt.
        Yes I understand that rifles are in most scenarios more effective due to being more accurate & having more ballistic power but a lot of people who are new to or outside of the gun community don’t know these things and then you get people who know can’t afford to buy a decent rifle (I was disability retired and I live in CA where guns cost a fortune &, with all the ridiculous restrictions on semi auto rifles + magazine caps I would rather spend the money on a pistol & a shotgun cause I can always run slugs in a gauge)

  3. “military-style weapons including pistols with 9-mm bullets and can hold 10 or more rounds”
    (this has been brought up a million times of course but)
    If 9mm hand guns (which im assuming he is referring to since that is the most common caliber of round and therefore what most people think of when they think “gun”) are now “military style weapons” then everything that has ever been used in war is now a “military style weapon”. Knives, swords, bows and arrows, hands…….

    I see 80% lower purchases sky rocketing eventually, even higher then they are being sold now….

    • “If 9mm hand guns (which im assuming he is referring to since that is the most common caliber of round and therefore what most people think of when they think “gun”) are now “military style weapons””

      You do realize that the word “Parabellum” when referring to caliber 9mm Parabellum literally translates from Latin to “For war”?

      • @Geoff “Run, Bloomie, run!” PR:
        You do realize that the word “Parabellum” when referring to caliber 9mm Parabellum literally translates from Latin to ‘For war’?”

        Yeah, but there’s more to it than that. I looked it up and…

        The whole phrase is: “Si vis pacem, para bellum,” which is loosely translated as: “If you want peace, you should prepare for war”.

        It is my belief that the great majority of people having a 9mm pistol want peace.

      • I’m sorry, were you attempting to make a point, there?? If so, take the “L” and move on.

        Virtually EVERY traditional caliber has been used “for war” at one time or another – and that means exactly diddly squat. The US’ STANDARD battle rifle in WW1 was the bolt action Springfield in .30-06. Nothing like that has been used for any organized military in, at this point, around 100 years. Also in common use, in the trenches of WW1? 12ga. PUMP-ACTION shotguns. Also in use in all US wars up to and including Viet Nam?
        Revolvers. Usually .38.

        The fact that a weapon was, somewhere, somehow, used in combat means . . . weapons kill people. Duh. Now, since you’ve already made this idiotic and irrelevant point, allow me to put you some knowledge. Do you know what weapon has NEVER been a standard issue military weapon to any army, anywhere???? The AR-15 ‘super-powerful, weapon-of-war, assault weapon’.

        Do us all a favor, and try to get your illogical, idiotic, ahistoric, false-to-fact and bomfozzlingly stupid talking points in order before you start your word-vomit. It will still be stupid, but it might be less insulting to our intelligence.

        • The 30.06 was used in war up until the Korean War where the military still used the M1 Garand! The rifle that won WW2. That’s not even close to 100 years ago.

        • “The US’ STANDARD battle rifle in WW1 was the bolt action Springfield in .30-06. Nothing like that has been used for any organized military in, at this point, around 100 years.”

          My Mosin Nagant would like to have a word with you.
          While not in .30-06, it’s damn close.
          Germany fielded several bolt action Gewehrs.
          Great Briton fielded the Lee-Enfield.
          Japan fielded the Arisaka Type 99.
          Italy fielded the Carcano.

          I don’t think that was quite 100 years ago yet.

      • Im aware of the history of the 9mm round and its origination. My point is that the 9mm round is NOW, and has been for a very very long time, associated with hand guns and NOT with scary “assault rifles” in the minds of John Q Public. People are not nearly as scared of a hand gun as they are of an AR15. The 9mm round is not a round used in war. the 5.56 round used in an AR15 is the same round used in a M4 by the military, AKA a “weapon of war” colloquially speaking

        • the 9mm round is not used in war????? do you actually believe that? it is the standard security roving patrol firearm for the us navy or it was as of 2005 when i got out.
          On January 19, 2017, it was announced that a customized version of the SIG Sauer P320 had won the United States Army’s XM17 Modular Handgun System competition. The full-sized model will be known as the M17 and the smaller-sized carry model will be known as the M18. caliber 9*19 ie 9mm.

        • Not to mention all the submachine guns chambered in 9mm from Bergmann to HK MP5. If John Q Public doesn’t associate 9mm with military, but is scared of ‘evil military style assault weapons’, he has been totally brainwashed by the mainstream media.

        • Im aware that the military uses the 9mm round in the Beretta 92 and the new M17 by Sig, I have a P320 and a 92fs I have converted to a G model.
          My point was more general and I didn’t want to muck it too much.
          The 9mm is hand gun/side arm ammo (and yes Sub machine gun ammo as well).
          to the main point though: Side arms are not associated with war in the way the left is using the term “weapons of war”. That has been the sole preview of the AR15/AK47/Assault rifle.
          Also, thank you for ur service. no sarcasm. Thank you. you and all service members sacrifice so we can have these pedantic arguments.

      • Yeah but that discounts the simple truth that armies don’t wage war with pistols as the primary weapon. Also 9mm parabellum is called the 9mm parabellum because Germany was at war when they designed the guns they were going to shoot the round from and, the inspiration for the models was to make lighter easier to move guns so it seems more appropriate to say the attachment of the word parabellum was because of the gun not the round and the name stuck over time and, I thought Browning actually invented the 9mm

    • So a fully automatic machine gun = 9mm

      Bazooka = 9mm

      Biden = Dementia

      I hope that he is not really suffering from age related Dementia. My grand father had it bad I would not wish this anyone

  4. When the MRAPS start running over unarmed American civilians as they did earlier this year in Venezuela. I’m glad that the Second Amendment refers to “Arms” and not just guns. The disarmed Venezuelans sure could have used an anti-tank rifle or bazooka to defend themselves against a tyrannical government bent on murdering them.

    The Democrats under President Obama made sure that police departments all over the United States. Received select fire rifles, machine guns, and grenade launchers. And armored fighting Vehicles known as MRAPS.

    • My county sheriff’s justification for an mrap was all of the dangerous people who keep moving here. Asked why he doesn’t arrest these bad people, he said because they don’t break the law.

      The bad people to the sheriff are Whites, who are moving to the area to be around other Whites, as the safety in heavily armed White culture, is most definitely superior to minority cultures.

      • LOL , (smile)
        The police stay out of minority cultural areas because they’re so heavily armed.
        And those Superior white people you speak of voted Obama into the office. In fact they’re so Superior they re-elected him. (Smile)

        Vlad, you are so weak. It’s really easy to smash you up. (Smile)

  5. More lives have been destroyed because of government policies than all of the guns in the world. I think it’s time to ban politicians.

  6. What good ole joe doesn’t get, is that 9mm “bullets” are .355″ dia, while .38Super “bullets” are .356″ dia, and .357M/.38Sp “bullets” are .357″ dia, which is more deadly joe…???

    What a dolt…I can’t believe for the life of me that his “people” let him go out in front of a crown being so misinformed, all I can figure is that they’re sitting in the back/wings laughing there asses off whilst he make an ass of out himself…

  7. this Is probably one of his senile gaffs, but I can’t help but worry that maybe, just maybe, it’s intentional. What if this is a ploy by the talking heads of the left as an attack on “common use”. They’ve been trying it with the AR and other semi auto rifles, but now they’re coming after one of the most popular types of firearm in America.

  8. Someone should update Uncle Joe about the USFWS’ and Delaware’s rules on using unplugged shotguns for the snow geese that regularly slam his home state.

  9. Wow. So if you had to choose between being Joe Biden or being the mop at a nickel porn theatre, what brand of mop would you choose to be?

  10. Just another step or attempt to
    go for a complete gun ban and
    leaving the public unable to protect.
    Themselves also another step of being stupid

  11. Biden talked about Delaware goose-hunting restrictions that limit hunters to three shotgun shells. “We protect geese from Canada more than we do people,” he said.

    We literally allow people to lawfully hunt them for sport. But you think they’re “better protected” because you’re only supposed to have three shells loaded at a time.

  12. Somebody should tell Joe that owning a functioning Bazooka is not illegal. It is a destructive device and you can buy one the same way you buy a silencer or a pre-1986 machine gun.

      • That is a State Law, not Federal Law. Biden was making a blanket statement which clearly shows he doesn’t anything about the laws that be voted on.

        • Oh I know I used to enjoy reminding friends from Delaware back when I lived in PA. Jokes on me now I need a permission slip for a loaded black powder revolver (unloaded is good to go). And that is why I hope Joe or Mike takes the primary being more broken or unlikable than Hillary respectively

  13. Dumb & Dumber, What kind of fool would spend $2,800 a plate , to sit and listen to snowflake Joe mumble on about anything ?

  14. And this schmuck wants to be PRESIDENT?? Somebody should show him a .357 SIG or a 40 S&W, and guess he never heard of .45 ACP. Is he really dumb enough to think there is something extra special about 9 mm. He evidently doesn’t know about pistol caliber carbines.

    • Actually I think he would be cool with banning pcc, 9mm, .45, and .40 (more of a police caliber than military for us anyway).

      Probably would like to go with a 9×21 arrangement like some countries have. 9×19 for military and police, and make a civilian legal alternate caliber. Ban sales of all regular caliber ammo and theoretically we have to switch to all these new, friendly civilian calibers, and rechamber all our old guns. Or turn them in when we get our one a month smart gun.

      Of course you will all happily turn in all you old military caliber ammo, and not hide or retain any, Uncle Joe’s orders or ELSE!

    • right now he’ll say anything to gain the nomination…a gaffe like that could cost him dearly in the general, though…

  15. “why should we allow” = “why should government allow”

    Not surprisingly, Joe has it backwards: according to the Constitution, it’s the people who allow government to do things, not the other way around.

  16. “We protect geese from Canada more than we do people”

    Meanwhile New York State has just passed special laws to make it illegal for schools to arm anyone except cops and professional security. Maybe if we’re concerned about protecting people we should stop doing the opposite.

    • Just the other day a union worker asked Jie about having Beto head of gun policy. Joe actually called him an ass. The guy answered and said you work for me. Angrily, Joe replied, I don’t work for you. Guess he needs a wake up call but then again Democrats have never thought they work for us.

  17. Its a good thing we have freedom of speech. If Biden was limited to intelligent conversation, he wouldn’t be allowed to speak.

  18. Uncle Joe is so dumb he thinks Red China is a set of dishes and the Mexican Border pays rent!!!! Try buying a handgun in New York State and getting a Concealed Carry permit, got 6 months to wait? ( Ex: 4 notarized Character references, Fingerprint at Sheriff office on a card that goes to the FBI and NYS Police, Mental Health check from Albany, Form to the Family Court to see if there are any issues, Brady check and more). If every state did this a lot of the shootings would be eliminated and YES I am an NRA Member, a Multi State Concealed Carry holder and a Second Amendment supporter. The Democrats need to get their collective heads out of their asses look around.

    • Steve, you list all the infringements in NYS and suggest that they should be implemented in other states too. Then you call yourself 2A supporter. I can’t wrap my head around that. Maybe it’s lack of college education on my side.
      Then again, all the other gun grabbers, from Bloomberg to Shannon Watts call themselves 2A supporters too.

      • My point was that most of those who go through that process have been thoroughly scrutinized for the major crimes relate,d to gun violence. Or as you apparently are in favor of just allowing anyone to purchase a weapon with little or NO checking of character. I have no problems with the NYS check system.

        • “Or as you apparently are in favor of just allowing anyone to purchase a weapon with little or NO checking of character.”

          Agree. Deep, wide and continuous background checks on gun owners should be mandatory. Going along with that, every person should be required to prove they have good character before being permitted to exercise any individual right that is protected by the Constitution. We can’t allow just anyone to exercise their rights under amendments 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, and especially 10.

        • “You obviously do not comprehend my point as stated.”

          Possibly. I took your statement to mean that there should be some restrictions on law-abiding citizens purchasing/possessing a firearm. Was I wrong there?

        • Let me put it this way, I have no, or did I have a problem complying with the requirements for concealed carry. If compliance is such a bad word for all those “sovereign citizens” maybe there is a reason they prefer to remain unrecognized.

        • “Let me put it this way,…”

          You are correct; I misunderstood your meaning. Thanx for the clarification.

  19. Wait. What?

    For years, I heard 9mm was the minimum effective self-defense round. Now, Biden wants to leave us with only the higher caliber (and higher power) ammunition for self-defense?

    Oh, yeah, right. Biden is a high capacity, full-auto gaffe machine. He probably got it upside down.

    • It used to be, however modern powders and bulletz technology changed all that. Its now the primary arm of the SpaceForce. American citezens do not need a gunm used in space, Joe hunda bidden is right

  20. “We protect geese from Canada more than we do people”

    I live in Delaware. I know a lot of bird hunters. I don’t know a single one that has a license to kill people.

    I live in Delaware. I’ve known for decades that Joe Biden is a complete idiot. He’s not losing his mind… he never had one to begin with.

  21. Why should anyone listen to that old bastard He should be in jail along with his butt buddy Obama These 2 should have been on the FBI’s most wanted Biden is a pervert and he use to show off with it but now the old bastard cops a feel A criminal who is talking about banning something We should be banning Joe’s ass to federal pen

  22. There are a million waterfowl fudds and trap shooters out there who worship this guy and think he’s a genius.

    That tells you everything you need to know about people who shoot clays or ducks.

    • Oh, that’s a big, broad brush you’ve got there! I’m a 2A absolutist. If you are not in prison or mental ward, carry your machine gun anywhere you want. But couple of years ago I found out that clay shooting is great fun.

  23. to phuck y’all you sure as hell don’t know what you’re talking about. which guy are you talking about . how about making some sense.

  24. Allow??? Wth? I don’t care what he wants to ban, bubble gum for all I care. You are not our dad, nor do you own us. Allow, again, wth?

  25. Yep, ole Joe is worried about the safety of children, that is why he is okay with abortion. He’s out of his mind. And don’t let him fool you, he is NOT for the 2nd Amendment. He is lying about that along with everything else.

  26. Joe Biden shows by his ignorant comments about gun control in the USA
    We get it Joe. Just take all the guns away from the law biding citizens ~ NOT!

  27. I wonder if I was planning a mass murder if I would actually go out and buy a firearm, I kinda doubt that, more likely I’d steal what I wanted to use.
    Actually I wish dead people, at least the ones killed by gunfire, could talk. I’d really like to know if the caliber that killed them was all that important.
    Can you imagine the dilemma a multiple gun owner faces if they contemplate suicide? Do you use your favorite or the one you least like? The biggest caliber or the smallest? Pistol, shotgun, or, rifle? Stick it under chin, in mouth, or hold it to temple, maybe a heart shot? Hope ol uncle joe don’t decide to do the decent thing, he gonna be screwed.

  28. His party loves stupidity. I bet he got a round of applause at this retarded statement. It seems the more stupid remark the more ratings for them go up. Maybe Joe is actually a smart politician. Maybe He makes stupid remarks on purpose to get more votes.

  29. I try to keep an open mind as I watch ALL politicians let things just fall out of their mouth, BUT, I really wonder if taking a senile test should be a requirement before you run for office. REALLY!

  30. If Biden knew just 1% of what hes taking about you can legally own a bazooka and a machine gun if you have enough money for the purchase and the 200.00 tax stamp on each weapon and pass a FEDERAL BACKGROUND CHECK but there are stupid people that believe the bull shit


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