Monsey, New York synagogue stabbing
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[ED: See update post here.]

Reports and video are coming in of a mass stabbing attack at a Jewish synagogue in Monsey, New York. According to the Jerusalem Post, “…a black male entered the synagogue and pulled out a machete, then removed its cover and started stabbing people.”

This is what happens to a disarmed populace.


The Orthodox Jewish Public Affairs Council for the Hudson Valley region said on Twitter, “At 9:50 this eve, a call came in about a mass stabbing at 47 Forshay Road in Monsey (Rockland County; 30 miles North of NYC). It’s the house of a Hasidic Rabbi. 5 patients with stab wounds, all Hasidic, were transported to local hospitals.”

It’s difficult to conceive of a congregation — Jews in particular, but any denomination, really — that wouldn’t provide some form of armed security to protect its congregation at all times.

See our posts on church security here, here and here.

After the attacks in Pittsburgh, Poway, and multiple individual assaults in New York City, no synagogue should be without some form of facility access security and armed defense.

Because of the virtual prohibition on concealed carry permits there, (legal) armed congregants are almost impossible in the city of New York. That means the only choice for armed defense there would be private security or off-duty police. That’s not an inexpensive proposition.

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    • This has got to stop. Now is the time for common sense knife control. Ban and confiscate all assault knives. Restrict cutting knives to 10 serrations or less (no one needs a knife that can cut through a whole steak – or arm – with one swipe). All knives must be registered and knifeowners subjected to comprehensive background checks.

      End all “private sales” of knives, all knife transactions Must involve a properly licensed dealer and both parties must undergo background checks. All knife makers must be regulated and supervised with federal government knife agents on site – at the expense of the knife maker – to insure all knife production regulations are followed and every knife has a serial number and proof of shipment location.

      Only with these measures can we hope to end this horrible cycle of mass knife attacks and ugly knife violence. Please join Grandpas against knife violence in stopping this plague of violence. Your contribution of $100,000,000.00 to “GeorgiaBob fights knife violence” will help end this epidemic.

      • Here, here! And no knives should have sharp points. Knife points should be rounded and dull to prevent stabbings.

      • We joke about the “Knife Safety for Everyone Act”, but such foolishness has been proposed in England!!!

      • ….oh yeah and now victims of knife attacks can file lawsuits against knife manufacturers for criminal misuse of their products.

      • I tip my hat to GorgiaBob and all of the people who replied to his comment for excellent use of sarcasm — and some downright humorous reading in light of such an ugly, tragic, and senseless act of an evil person.

        • uncommon_sense,

          what else can we do? They tend to object when we shoot liberal politicians and that appears to be the only way to stop them from trying to disarm the population and promoting their hate and racist bias. ;<(

    • Ban the knives. Common sense knife safety laws, do it for the children 👶. Only permit dull knives and only to those who can demonstrate a compelling need to own one. No one has a right to have a knife in the home and no one has a right to bear a knife outside the home unless they belong to the National Guard or active military, except retired LEO, of course. Nobody needs a sharp knife of war. Ban kitchen knives with blades longer than 2 inches. Nobody needs separate bread, filleting, chefs, paring and boning knives.

      • Of course “May Permit” because who knows what a knife owner might be tempted to do if involved in a road rage incident. And, a densely populated city who knows how many innocents could be incidentally injured were someone to deploy their knife.

        • The irony being that this is literally all law in the UK. You have to present ID to buy anything from chef’s knives to pocket knives to plastic tableware packets. The carrying of a fixed blade of any type or length in public without a permit (i.e. you are a chef and can prove it to the government) is strictly prohibited. Folding knives which lock open are strictly prohibited. Folding knives longer than two inches are prohibited. Even a straight razor requires a permit to carry in public, and you have to prove that you have to shave outside of your home to get a permit for it. There is literally no end to the Progressive (capitalization deliberate) restriction of posession and transportation of things which may potentially be used as weapons. Fertilizer, charcoal and household cleaners are now restricted substances in the UK (much in the way dextromethorphan and other amphetamine precursors are in the US) ostensibly due to acid attacks and anfo bombings by a particular segment of the population which rhymes with “hackistani”.

          Bottom line: whoever you are, wherever you are, the rich and powerful will seek to separate you from whatever you might wield as arms, under the pretense that it’s for your own safety because criminals use that thing to commit crimes.

      • It never ends, passing laws to restrict common tools just because some wacko might use them for violence. Guns, knives, hammers, screwdrivers, glass bottles and cups!

        It isn’t just Britain. “ New South Wales state liberal MP Greg Smith has called on the state government to strengthen the law on glassing offences. Glassing is the name for an attack, usually alcohol-related, involving the use of a glass or a glass bottle as a weapon.”

        • Crap, we’re in real trouble here in South Beach, the liberal government last year banned plastic, now the future wave is to ban glass. I bet all the nightclub owners are rejoicing as that would only leave paper, and we all know how long before your drink soaks through onto the floor and you need to order another.

    • Soon Cuomo and DeBlasio will just require all residents to wear straight jackets while in public to prevent anyone from assaulting others with any hand-held items. Then they will add the requirement to wear a “Hannibal” face mask for the biting attacks.

  1. Jews are taking this very seriously, I assure you. But armed security is beyond the budget for most synagogues in NYC. And its damned near impossible to get any carry permits in this city. Even training as an armed security guard and carrying as an armed guard with an NYPD carry guard permit takes about a year long process and thousands of dollars in training and licensing costs.

    People are so desparate there are classes being given teaching Jewish congregants how to throw axes at terrorists, since pistol permits WILL NOT BE ALLOWED by the awful government of NYC.

    • Then get the biggest truckermother in the building to sit in the back by the door with an old table leg. Thicc men can do some damage when its called for. Replica weaponry is not terribly expensive and TMK, using it as a historical art display is not illegal.

      • Tomorrow we will hear from all the well-informed politicians that this was a typical case of machete violence, using a military grade gas operated assault machete that had a barrel shroud and a 30 round clip. It may even have been the fully semiautomatic variety with the thing that goes up.

          • Don’t laugh or joke about this knife or whatever edged weapon it was. Back in the 90s in the city of New York they elected a jerk name Dinkins for Mayor. There was a stabbing in the subway and he clamored for more gun restrictions. The last time I lived in that shithole New York, unless you were a cop or very affluent with the right connections you COULD NOT legally obtain a handgun.

    • Maybe crossbows? It may sounds kind of crazy, but a few broadheads should stop most scum bags. Plus you can load it and it’s ready to go, unlike a bow which requires a draw and space. Of course they are probably illegal in the city.

      • Posession of a bow (or any other weapon) with the intent to cause harm to a person (in self defense or otherwise) is a crime in New York City. This would also extend to antique or replica weaponry. Cudgels as well, improvised or not. So no, whatever weapon you choose it is technically illegal in NYC to posess it with the intent to defend yourself or others.

        • Better to be judged by twelve than carried by six. There comes a time when you need to take care of and defend your loved ones… no matter the cost, it is less than the loss of their lives.

      • Let’s meet and have a little test. I will attack you with a machete and you can run to nearest fire extinguisher, take it off the wall and use it to defend yourself. I bet you will be wishing that you carried a pistol before we’re done.

        • Depending on the type of fire extinguisher, I have seen some serious incapacitating facial injuries caused by use of a fire extinguisher. Nasty painful chemical burns that make OC spray look like honey.

    • “But armed security is beyond the budget for most synagogues in NYC. And its damned near impossible to get any carry permits in this city.”

      As I understand it, in NYC, a business owner may carry a gun on their person in their place of business.

      Can the synagogues designate members to be ’employees’ or co-owners so they can carry?

  2. Jewish people should not tolerate this. No one attending any sort of a religious place should tolerate this shit. There is always some mad dog animal with a sick grudge desiring vengeance to whatever religion or ethnicity you are a part of.

    The Jewish people of NYC have a hell of a lot of political power. I wish they would use it to fix the fucked up people killing laws they live under.

    • In most places that have those laws, Jews either wrote them or bankrolled those who did. Aside from JPFO’s heroic and unnoticed dissent, American Jews overwhelmingly *want* exactly what they’ve got; they deserve no sympathy in that regard.

  3. Orthodox jew here. This is initially why i got my IL CCL, to carry to shul/temple on shabbath.
    My shul has at least 2 guards on duty from 730a to 12p every Saturday for prayers. My nightmare has always been what happened tonight, an attack on friday night or saturday night during prayers when there is no guard.
    I now carry everyday at work and at home.
    I will not be a victim. And if i do become a victim gd forbid and my P229 has anything to say about it, im going to give just as good as i get.
    How any jew can be anti gun after every fking thing we have been through historically is infuriating and confusing.

    Im sitting with my wife and i said to her this i why i carry and she kinda nodded. She’s not 100% behind my carrying yet but she gets a bit more on board everytime something like this happens unfortunately.

    • At my Baptist church, we have armed security present at every service. They aren’t paid security, but are armed and trained church member volunteers. In addition to that, there are a number of regular church members who regularly carry. I always carry at church. Granted, it is just a .38sp (642) or .380 (LCP), but they are better than nothing.

    • Good on you!

      This is what happens when Jews replace their love for G-d with love of gov’t./secularism. How many times does the Torah show the results when we do this? Kinda like that whole socialism thing… it NEVER works out…

    • Most non-religious Jews seem to be ardent leftists and hate themselves and their homeland with as much zeal as any white, self-hating democrat.

    • With the pointy part? The bevel has to top out somewhere. Unless you have a literal flat above that (the back of the blade takes a full 90 degree bend to cover the top of the cutting edge) you’ll have a stabby bit where you run out of blade to bevel.

    • I’m sure it wasn’t really a “stabbing” incident. I imagine that it was a “hacking” incident, since it was a machete. News media is wrong all the time, and probably just label any assault with an edged weapon as a “stabbing”.

      • Yep. The media is terminally clueless about these things and initial reports are usually wrong about most things anyway.

        No need to put too fine a point on it.

    • The news may (probably did) misreport details, especially right after an event in the rush to be first to print. For all we know, it was a Somali or Rastafarian who use machetes as primary weapons, and who cut and slashed his way into the crowd until he couldn’t swing it anymore. Britain and Germany have the equivalent of gang wars where they use machetes out in the streets. Usually illegal aliens from central Africa.

    • Don’t tell me you’ve never gone through your garden in the fall and stabbed down all the corn stalks and sunflowers! Or have I been doing it all wrong? It does seem to take forever.

  4. The liberal death wish being fulfilled, voting in gun grabbing liberals and then wondering how you are going to defend yourselves…Pure stupidity. de Blasio is going to protect you

  5. A says:
    December 28, 2019 at 23:01
    “Orthodox jew here. This is initially why i got my IL CCL, to carry to shul/temple on shabbath.

    How any jew can be anti gun after every fking thing we have been through historically is infuriating and confusing. ”


    I am not Jewish, not really into religion myself though I recall well my childhood being raised Roman Catholic. While the history is plain that the Jewish people have been heavily targeted by madness and hate, it is true too that every religion and ethnicity have good cause to be wary when coming together in close quarters and large numbers.

    I know people in Evangelical and Baptist churches where the congregation quietly put together a self defense plan. Same with some Muslims in a nearby suburb. All have experienced violence brought to their door and all now take precautions.

    In a Free State, it really isn’t all that hard.

    In the ruins of the greater NYC region, I can only imagine it’d be a hell of a challenge to protect religious institution under existing laws.

    • Yes- everyone hates Jews for absolutely no reason at all.

      Wake up boomers. There is a reason for the 109 expulsions.

    • “Upstate” may be a big of an exaggeration given it’s the most southern county that isn’t NYC…

      • Believe it or not, there is a such a stark difference in telhe demographics and politics of NY State as soon as you are north if NYC’s borders. People in the 5 boros refer to that area as upstate bc north of Manhattan there are trees, wild animals, and scariest of all, Trump voters!

        I live in NYC and have a second home in the mountains 2 or 3 counties (1.5 hours) north of the city. It’s a different world, with American and Gadsden flags on peoples homes, and essentially a shall-issue approach to the 2A, etc.

  6. I’m thinking the machete had a capacity higher than ten in a .223 caliber.

    This guy obviously didn’t get his weapon of war from Dick’s since they have destroyed what they carried or from Walmart since they refuse to stock them anymore.

    Did he buy his from a gun show using plastic straws or off the street using the internet?

    If this only could have been in Virginia, Northam could have prevented all this senseless death.

  7. Are people blind today. This whole facade about disarming the public in the interest of safety is leading to another holocaust. What has always amazed me the area I used to live in was comprised of mostly Jewish people from New York and they were opposed to ALL and ANY type of guns. Well as the saying goes ” those that fail to recognize history are doomed to repeat it.”

    • Jews have a huge amount of political power in the US. Private gun ownership is only helpful for groups without political power. They feel safer disarming the masses knowing (hoping) they will retain the government guns.

      Again knowing history is important, the Jewish strategy historically has been to imbed themselves in the political class of a Nation.

      • As a group, Caucasians have historically retained the largest portion of political power in the US. Caucasian people in the US are also the largest single group buying and owning guns.

        That’s not to say that no one else can or should. I’m saying that this is what’s happening.

        • PRNDLL,

          I think that is changing; the demographics in my favorite gun shop this holiday season would seem to indicate such. Twenty minutes north of Allentown, PA, up in solid Trump country, twice this Christmas season, the two times I went to the gun shop, the majority of shoppers were Hispanic, Black, and Asian. It was a great experience to see such a diverse group appreciating and supporting their 2A right.

  8. Love Deblasio’s “outrage” face. How many years did it take him to undo Rudy’s crime rate? And what’s the reason the “media” neglected to tell us who’s doing this sh*t?

  9. Wnployee at a gas station here sprayed a robber with wasp and hornet spray it was incredibly efficient. 20′ spray distance or more is a comfortable distance from an attacker. I’m sure bear spray is a class 3 weapon in NY along with sports and the tools that come with play-doh kits.

  10. “…a black male entered the synagogue and pulled out a machete, then removed its cover and started stabbing people.”

    It’s all good, Comrade DeBlasio recently announced that a task force of sorts was being assembled to battle just this kind of white supremacy.

  11. What I don’t get is people who claim to be Jewish and yet they push for gun control. Hello Chuck Schumer?

    • Because most (but not all) American Jews have abandoned the G-d of the Torah and replaced Him with the god of gov’t.

      I’ve all but stopped going to shul because I cannot tolerate the amount of condescension and stupidity I had to hear on a regular basis before, during, and after services. If I had a nickel for every time I heard “Well, on NPR the other day…” Oy vey!

      • It seems the European Jews are as passive as many USA Jews. The Israeli Jews live under much threat and so, embrace responsibility for their own protection and safety.

      • Doc Samson, maybe it’s time to try a traditional orthodox shul. Totally different vibe. Most people there will never even have heard of NPR, let alone care about what they have to say. You will have an authentic shul experience again!

  12. Contrary to most media reports the attack didn’t happen in a synagogue but took place in the home of the rabbi. The perp attempted to gain entry to the synagogue but was unsuccessful. While I am a defender of 2A in this case it probably wouldn’t do much good. Even if the victims were regularly armed they probably wouldn’t have been at a small intimate gathering in someone’s living room.

    • Why wouldn’t they have been armed while in the living room? When I visit friends and relatives, I am armed while in their living room (except for those living rooms in NewJersey).

  13. Israel has very strict gun laws, but guns are ubiquitous on the streets; Israeli citizens know they must defend themselves. I do not understand why so many American Jews oppose a well-armed society. My father was Jewish. He and every one of his relatives that I met, were anti-gun. Even during the four years he spent as Police Commissioner in Jackson Township, NJ, he refused to carry a gun.

    I do not understand why the USA Jewish community seems so adverse to strong self-defense.

  14. Do another 6 million Jews need to be gassed before the Jews WAKE THE F#CK UP???? Jews as a group are socialist progressive in their political orientation. I have no sympathy for anyone who refuses to take the steps to defend themselves and their own family. Especially in a country with a 2nd amendment. If they read their own bible they’d learn there were “guns” in the hands of jews for self protection.
    I said it before. And i’ll say it again. It seems christians are destined to save the Jews as christians have been done in the past. At at a great cost in blood and treasure.

    My thoughts and prayers of the victims and their families.
    How are those $18,000 Jewish only gun permits working out in New York????

    “NRA-ILA: New York City Has One Gun Law for the Rich, Another for the Poor”

    “Alex Lichtenstein wasn’t the only one paying bribes to get gun licenses (which he boasted of selling to customers at $18,000 apiece)”

    You can choose to keep blaming a dead white man, Sullivan and his Law, for the problems in New York. Or you can hold the living white folks who have passed the current and most recent gun control laws. Former Assembly Speaker Sheldon Silver for example. A jewish lawmaker who helped get even more gun control laws passed in the state.

    • Thanks for writing what I was thinking…get your chit together. About to go to my heavily protected Baptist church in a crappy part of Hammond,IN. Oy Vey indeed!

    • This happened during Hanukkah celebration, the holiday commemorating small band of ARMED Jews taking a stand refusing to be VICTIMS.

  15. One guy got it correct, anti-Semitism espoused by members of the House of Representatives especially by Muslim members and one really severely undereducated member with a Hispanic name. This is no joke, members of Congress deliberately encouraging people to be illegitimately envious of others and then accuse the right of dividing the country. Let this happen at an Iman’s residence and see what happens with the hollering and yelling from the left.

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