Orthodox Jewish people listen to N.Y. state Assemblyman Dov Hikind speak in Monsey, N.Y., Sunday, Dec. 29, 2019, following a stabbing late Saturday during a Hanukkah celebration. A man attacked the celebration at a rabbi's home north of New York City late Saturday, stabbing and wounding several people before fleeing in a vehicle, police said. (AP Photo/Allyse Pulliam)
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[ED: See our post from last night regarding the stabbing attack in Monsey, New York. There were conflicting reports at the time, some identifying the location of the attack as a synagogue. Here’s the latest report from the Associated Press.]

By Ryan Tarinelli, AP

A man stabbed and wounded five people as they gathered at a rabbi’s home north of New York City to celebrate Hanukkah, in an attack that the governor said Sunday was fueled by intolerance and evidence of a “cancer” in American politics.

A suspect is in custody at the Ramapo Police headquarters and will face five counts of attempted murder and one count of burglary, according to Police Chief Brad Weidel. Police identified him as Grafton E. Thomas, 37, of Greenwood Lake, New York.

The Saturday night stabbings north of New York City on the seventh night of Hanukkah come on the heels of a string of attacks targeting Jews in the region, including a massacre at a kosher grocery store in New Jersey earlier this month. The rabbi’s home is in Monsey, a town not far from the New Jersey state line and one of several in the Hudson Valley that has seen an influx of Hasidic Jews in recent years. The Rockland County town is about 35 miles (56 kilometers) north of New York City.

N.Y. state Assemblyman Dov Hikind speaks in Monsey, N.Y., Sunday, Dec. 29, 2019, following a stabbing late Saturday during a Hanukkah celebration. (AP Photo/Allyse Pulliam)

One person was very seriously wounded, the governor told reporters, and remained in critical condition. The rabbi’s son was also injured, Gov. Andrew Cuomo said. His status and that of the other victims was not clear.

Authorities have not provided a motive for the attack, but Cuomo said it was an example of larger problems.

“This is an intolerant time in our country,” he said to reporters outside the rabbi’s home on Sunday morning. “We see anger, we see hatred exploding.”

He added: “It is an American cancer on the body politic.”

He said he thought the crime was an act of domestic terrorism and expected it to be prosecuted that way.

Police said the stabbings happened at around 10 p.m. A witness saw the suspect fleeing in car and alerted police to license plate number, Weidel, the police chief in Ramapo, which covers Monsey, said. That allowed police to find his vehicle as he entered New York City, where police apprehended.

“It was critical to the case,” said Weidel.

The Orthodox Jewish Public Affairs Council for the Hudson Valley region tweeted reports that the stabbings took place at the house of a Hasidic rabbi during a Hanukkah celebration.

The large home on Forshay Road remained cordoned off with yellow crime-scene tape early Sunday. According to public records, the home belongs to Rabbi Chaim Rottenberg, who leads the adjacent synagogue. Several state and local officials had described the location of the stabbings as a synagogue.

Aron Kohn told The New York Times he was inside the residence during the stabbings.

“I was praying for my life,” said Kohn, 65. “He started attacking people right away as soon as he came in the door. We didn’t have time to react at all.”

The attack drew condemnation from top state officials, including Gov. Andrew Cuomo and Attorney General Letitia James, as well as from Israel’s president and prime minister.

“Israel unequivocally condemns the recent expressions of anti-Semitism and the vicious attack in the middle of Hanukkah on the rabbi’s house in Monsey, New York,” Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said. “We send our wishes of recovery to the wounded. We will cooperate in every way with the local authorities in order to defeat this phenomenon. We offer our help to each and every state.”

Cuomo, who called the stabbings a “cowardly act,” directed the New York State Police hate crimes task force to investigate.

“Let me be clear: anti-Semitism and bigotry of any kind are repugnant to our values of inclusion and diversity and we have absolutely zero tolerance for such acts of hate,” he said in a statement. “In New York we will always stand up and say with one voice to anyone who wishes to divide and spread fear: you do not represent New York and your actions will not go unpunished.”

Jewish communities in the New York City metropolitan area have been left shaken following a deadly Dec. 10 shooting rampage at a Jersey City kosher market. Six people — three people who had been inside the store, a police officer and the two killers — died in the gunbattle and standoff that New Jersey Attorney General Gurbir Grewal has said was “fueled” by hatred of Jews and law enforcement.

Last month, a man was stabbed while walking to a synagogue in the same town that was the site of Saturday night’s attack; he required surgery. It’s unclear whether the assailant has been arrested.

And this past week in New York City itself, police have received at least six reports — eight since Dec. 13 — of attacks possibly motivated by anti-Jewish bias. Mayor Bill de Blasio said Friday that police presence would increase in Brooklyn neighborhoods home to large Jewish populations.

“I am so sad for this openly #orthodox #Jewish community & the ones across the region,” tweeted Evan Bernstein, the regional director of the Anti-Defamation League of New York and New Jersey who went to the scene in Monsey. “When will a break from this hate come? When will the community be able to be relaxed again? #Hanukkah will never be the same for so many of the #Jews impacted.”

Tree of Life Flag come and take it.
Come and take it.

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    • The usual liberal talking heads will start blaming this on ‘white supremacists’ in 3… 2… 1…

        • Thank Trump for all of this hate as hate crimes have skyrocketed under his watch. At least Obama did all he could to unite the country. He even had a televised news conference showing Muslim students and how much they had achieved and how hard they were working to make America a better place to live.

          Contrast this to Trump and Ted Cruz who refused to even meet with any American Muslim Organizations because it was not politically acceptable to their racist core base of glazed eyed followers.

        • And VT proves my point! Black dude attacks Jews and it’s those damn racist white Republicans’ fault! This is why nobody with an IQ in the double or triple digits pays any attention to these fools.

          BTW, O’Bama was the most racially divisive president we’ve had since Woodrow Wilson.

      • “”””++++++++++++++BTW, O’Bama was the most racially divisive president we’ve had since Woodrow Wilson.++++++++++++++

        You show your absolute ignorance and hatred of Blacks. Compare hate crime attacks under Obama v/s Trump. There is no comparison. End of Story.

        The only people who hated Obama were the far Right Racist Radicals and White Supremacists and they did not deny it one bit, they bragged about it as you are doing right now. You fool no one but yourself.

        Obama was hated by the Far Right before he was even elected. And we he was elected the White Racist Southerner Mitch McConnell’s first racist words to the new President were “Look we do not like people like you but we will have to learn to deal with you”.

        • That was not about Obama’s black half – it was about his political orientation(which was main stream communist, not even Marxist).
          His mentor was a “tear it down and burn everything” revolutionary with nothing but hatred for the American system. It sure didn’t take Obama long to enjoy the money that was coming in, just as any capitalist would.

        • You show your absolute ignorance and hatred of Blacks. Compare hate crime attacks under Obama v/s Trump

          Actually I’ve done just that, and hate crimes have been flat for several years, according to the National Crime Victimization Survey.

          The FBI stats are another story, those are the stats being referred to when you hear about hate crimes increasing 17% year over year. How could the two be so different?

          Well, for one thing, the number of agencies reporting to the FBI hate crimes database keeps increasing, so you get an increase in reporting mislabeled as an increase in hate crimes. Comparing FBI hate crime stats from one year to the next is basically statistical malpractice.

          But that’s not the worst of it. According to the FBI hate crime stats from 2018, Washington State had 666 hate crimes, California 1,222, Massachusetts 474. Mississippi had 5. Five. Alabama had zero.

          Do you think that’s accurate? Do you really think that Alabama eliminated hate crimes in 2018? That certainly isn’t the headline being blared from major newspapers. And who can blame them? It simply isn’t credible. Clearly the reported numbers are far more indicative of the political sensibilities on local law enforcement than they are of actual hate crime levels.

          But that also means the “Hate Crimes Increase 17%” headlines are lies, just as much garbage as the idea hate crimes were stamped out in Alabama. All we can say on the basis of the FBI statistics is their data were garbage before and they remain garbage today.

        • “Look we do not like people like you but we will have to learn to deal with you” That’s an adult’s position. No pussy hats, no public displays of dismay.
          Compare that with Democrat’s attitude toward Trump. Not only they mocked him before he was elected and hate him ever since he won, they are not willing to learn to deal with him – they want him out by any means necessary. When two years and and tens of millions spent on investigation didn’t get them anything, now they come up with first presidential impeachment in history with no crime named.

  1. “This is an intolerant time in our country,” he [Cuomo] said to reporters outside the rabbi’s home on Sunday morning. “We see anger, we see hatred exploding.”

    He added: “It is an American cancer on the body politic.”

    How right he is, as can be seen from this unfortunate and horrific incident, to the recent Saugus High School mass shooting perpetrated by a 16-yr-old, to increasing political divide, all the way up to our Federal Congress, where the House Democrats are drumming up anything they can muster as Articles for the impeachment of a man they hate.

    We truly are fracturing in a way not seen for over half a century, and are headed toward a form of Fourth Turning.

    • You have correctly, Haz. Let’s list everything the Democratic party is doing to unite this country:

      — Maxine Waters continually calls for harassing Republicans at restaurants, airports, any public place.
      — #HuntRepublicans
      — Organize and fund caravans of people to illegally enter through our southern border.
      — Support and encourage Antifa
      — Two year of the Mueller investigation.
      — Do everything possible to shut down conservative news outlets.
      — Collude with big tech to censor conservative voices.
      — Sham impeachment.
      — FISA court fraudulent warrant applications.
      — Call everyone with whom they disagree a racist, a homophobe, or a Russian spy.

      What else?

      • Call for disarming the legal lawabiding CITIZENS of Virginia even calling for military (National Guard) forcing citizens to surrender their firearms. And, of course, having ZERO coverage of this volatile situation by “main stream media”

  2. The #Squad must be so proud today. Send him on a long boat ride. East of NYC with handcuffs,PFD and a bag a chum tied to his ankles.

  3. How did the media report mix-up Synagogue and House? Makes you wonder what else they’re wrong about.

    • The attack was in the house of the Rabbi. After the attack the scum bag attempted to enter the synagogue next door. Fortunately those inside were able to lock the door. Looks like it’s time to #Arm Up instead of turning the other cheek. #Learn From History.

    • They’re just following the lead from Louis Farrakhan and Al Sharpton. You know, the guys Obama poses with and invites to the White House.

  4. “Hurr durr, he’s black so they’re just gonna let him go!”

    So much cowardly racism and “boo hoo, I’m a victim too” in TTAG’s comments section. All. The. Time.

    Toughen up, buttercups.

    • obviously a member of black hebrew group, utter nincompoops that revolt against the idea that black history and heritage is a bleak reminder of how victimized theyve been, prefer to believe that africans were the ‘true’ hebrews and advocate rape, murder, ethnic cleansing and other amazing acts of terror. Your calls for moderation paint you as a target in the best light, and probably a white guilt fetishist in reality.

    • It’s not racist if it’s true. If it wasn’t true, Chiraq wouldn’t be the third world hellhole it is now.

  5. Wait a minute. This absolute failure as a governor has the ability to read minds an assess that this guys motivation was fueled by “intolerance and evidence of a “cancer” in American politics.” How is the Hanukkah does he know that? We already know that the governor has shown that he is an anti-Trumper who is fueled by intolerance and evidence of a “cancer” in American politics, that the leftist progressives have birthed during the eight years of POTUS forty four. What an absolute sham for the news article to report his vitriolic comments, that emanate from the pit of hell, without pushing back on this failed governors statement. The Main Stream News Media is the enemy of the American people.

  6. “When will a break from this hate come?”

    When has it ever?

    The simple fact that people love to overlook is that no matter who you are there’s someone out there that hates you and wants you dead for some reason or another. That’s the nature of our species.

    • Antisemitism has been on the rise in and around NYC. The media has reported this but pretends it is because of Trump, in spite of the fact that it is well known who has been committing these crimes (it ain’t Trump supporters).

        • Just pointing out that the quote “When will a break from this hate come?” is a joke because the media and politicians and certain anti-hate groups haven’t acknowledged what’s really been happening because it’s politically inconvenient.

        • Fair point.

          There are a lot of things people don’t want to discuss because they’re uncomfortable/inconvenient.

          Unfortunately the gun community isn’t immune to this problem either.

      • With these recent publicized attacks there is the issue of gentrification, hasidim moving into areas with black immigrants, poor to middle class blacks and fringe psycho black religious groups. This stuff is nothing new. Back in the 90’s in NYC I heard a scream somewhere outside my house at around 11pm. Didn’t see anyone outside. Maybe a week or two later the FBI knocked on my door asking if I saw or heard anything and that a Jewish kid was stabbed badly by a black guy. Everyone doesn’t hate each other but lots of people have issues with other groups. All the hasidim I’ve ever known just kept to themselves, were cordial if not friendly and worked constantly.
        I can’t remember the name of the event but back in the late 80’s or early 90’s there was a traffic accident and a Hasidic driver hit a Black pedestrian child in Crown Heights. Kid died I think but not right away and the first ambulance on the scene was the Hasidic community EMS only tried to treat the driver who had minor wounds and left the kid who was obviously very much in need of help. There were big marches and someone killed a random Hasidic guy walking down the street or something. So there’s a history of conflict in the tri-state area between these groups but I’m not aware of any Hasidic overt violence against blacks except for their fake cop patrols roughing someone up.
        Too bad leaders from these communities can’t work things out. Lots of hard working religious people who just want to live in peace on both sides. Even if they did not sure it would stop the Walmart Israelite psychos if that’s who’s behind this.

        • “…Walmart Israelite psychos…”

          I’m not familiar with this term. Could you explain what this means?

        • African American groups calling themselves Hebrew Israelites walk around cities in the Northeast wearing homemade robes and often go to downtown areas of major cities with bullhorns, mic+speakers and biblical artwork. They then proceed to say nasty racist crap. They often pick on White women pedestrians. I think they’re various groups not one church or organization. They’re the chosen and white people are evil.

          I think Dollar Store Israelites is a better description. They’re budget religious zealot dbags. They dress like disco era rappers like Afrika Bambaata. They’re on YouTube. Hebrew Israelites.

        • OK, I know who they are I’d just never heard them referred to with the “Walmart” moniker before.


      • A good chunk of what gets passed off as Anti-Semitism is actually Anti-Zionism. The media is too lazy to learn the difference, so it all gets conflated into Anti-Semitism. There is a significant difference, though.

        Not saying this comment has anything to do with the current incident. Probably doesn’t. But I thought it might be worth making the point anyway.

        • The ADL working definition of antisemitism includes and criticism of Israel or Israeli policy. Any criticism of Jews or a Jewish person. Saying that Jews killed Jesus. Yes, the new testament is anti-Semitic.
          Antisemitism is a very broad brush.

    • Exactly. There was an Israeli guy going around the country stabbing Black people a few years ago (maybe more like ten? can’t recall). Wherever there are people there’s going to be animosity. We’re built to have those feelings. Some control them better than others. All the more reason to be armed. Stay strapped or get smacked with a machete by whoever hates whatever you are.

      • I remember a Jewish kid vandalizing Jewish cemeteries a few years ago. He wrote anti-Jew graffiti , Nazi symbols. Everyone was looking for a right-winger. Nope. Didn’t the same thing happen on Michigan Univ campus? The hate crime was committed by the, oops, wrong person. Remember the “Spotted Owl” scandal?

        • Victoria

          Yeah there was even a writer for Bezos’ Intercept who was writing about antisemitism, black kid, who was going around vandalizing Jewish cemeteries.
          There was a girl in North Carolina who said she was attacked and they carved a swastika on her forehead. Well it was backwards because she carved it herself while looking in the mirror. LMFAO People suck.

        • I’m not sure I’ve ever heard of one of those Jewish cemetery vandalized stories that didn’t turn out to be self inflicted.

  7. so is this “black man” off islamic decent, or from Somalia, or saudi Arabia or born in NY ? Is he member of the black hebrews clan or muslim jihadi? or just a New Yorker gone mad? Or is he just another example of the typical liberal socialist democrat voter?

    Not much real info to go on yet,IMO.

    • I’m Jewish ( let the hate replies roll)
      But the sect these belong to is very alien to me.
      They wall themselves off from society and are antagonistic towards those who do not meet their version of how to practice the faith or who do not dress according to their standards. Having my wife spit on in Brooklyn by assholes who were upset she was in shorts almost resulted in my arrest when I knocked him on his ass. Luckily the officer explained to him that his pressing charges meant his arrest too since my wife could also press charges.

      I imagine the blacks around there have learned to hate them due to they way they treat them.
      And the orthodox are why I would never visit Israel.

      • So these Jews are too orthodox for you? Got it. And you wonder why anti-Semitism is so pervasive. I heard the same diatribe from a certain former Chicagoan claiming those orthodox hanging out around Touhy ave weren’t “Jewish”. Hitler didn’t care. Neither did Stalin. Or most muslims…

        • Oh they are Jews, its just their Ultra Orthodox version of Judaism is not tolerant of others. They wall themselves off and teach their children to fear outsiders.
          Where in the books does it say to spit on those who do not meet their dress codes?
          Or to look down on or dismiss as animals others?

          I imagine many blacks up there understand the meaning of the words vilda chaya, schvartzer or neger, words I heard spoken when young blacks were playing on the street as a few of them spoke about them like they were vermin. I guess they did not realize the normal dressed touristy looking folks walking down the street just might understand yiddish.

        • Did you read his original post? It’s not that they are too religious for him, the problem is they assaulted his wife in public.

          The issue isn’t about religious or cultural or ethnic differences, it’s about the behaviors that human beings engage in.

          Is Thomas Jefferson once said, “what difference does it make to me whether my neighbor worship one God or 20, it needs her brakes my leg nor picks my pocket.”

          The problem is when people use their delusional religions as an excuse to attack others. From the Hebrews‘ attacks on the land of Canaan to America’s ‘manifest destiny’, humans have always come up with ways to justify attacking their neighbors and taking their land.

      • Why would you “knock him on his ass”? Walk away. Who starts a fight with a street idiot?
        That’s like a bar fight. People loose front teeth over an insult. Are these people your peers?

        • Victoria – those Orthodox will follow you, kick your ass or even stab you. They can get pretty nasty. Walking away isn’t going to work so the time with the psychos.

        • So you would be ok when someone called your SO a shikse a whore while the three of them blocked her path and one spit on her? I left the 2 elderly gents alone and went after the spitter who was from looks around my age. The look of surprise on their face that anyone would react to them and his trying to get the policeman to arrest me then realizing he too would be arrested was in a way funny. He went from almost crippled by my blow to fully animated. I did think about translating to the policeman what he was calling him, perhaps he understood and choose not to show it.
          Our mistake sure to be in THEIR neighborhood, my wife grew up there in the early 60’s long before it changed and was showing me the apartment building where she grew up.

      • I ran into them on 42nd Street in the late 90’s while walking down the street. They were spouting their bullshit. So I had a conversation with the loud guy in robes and showed how they were taking the biblical references out of context. Shut them up. They were pissed but had no comeback. So my friend and I continued on our walk to a restaurant. A block later we see two of them (out of the dozen) were following us. My friend and I turned to approach them and they left. I guess they weren’t used to people who aren’t small or women reacting aggressively towards their bs.
        At least you got to hit one. They’re f’n cowards and racists. You’re a cool customer. I would have lost my mind if they spit on my old lady.

      • LMAO sorry name changed i thought you were talking about the Hebrew Israelites group not the chasidut nuts. I’ve tried telling people how the Orthodox treat other Jews in Israel if you’re in their neighborhoods. Most don’t believe it.

        • We had them in Miami. They wanted to kill all us white devils, religious affiliation did not matter. White devils all needed to die.Ours had a leader called Yahweh and they carried big sticks to beat people with.
          The funny thing was the black muslims hated them.

      • All people of the gun are welcome by most on TTAG. JPFO is one of the best. Shalom aleichem.
        There are “orthodox” sects of all religions who are intolerant of others. I was brought up Pentecostal. Their way is the only way. Sort of a Shiite version of Protestants. At least, in the 70s and 80s. They never spit, shot or bombed anyone they disagreed with, though.

      • Name Changed…the dbags go after anyone who looks Jewish. BTW…not all orthodox Jews are isolationist. Chabad is an outreach organization and they have been targeted too.

      • Look at then as the Jewish version of Jehovah’s Witnesses, who in turn are regarded as Christian Taliban.

  8. “Hate crime” is a bit too close to “thoughtcrime” for my taste. I could give a damn about motives. We should punish the act.
    I don’t suppose ol’ slimy Cuomo would allow armed victims, huh? That would decrease dependency on his corrupt regime.

    • Cuomo will allow the second amendment to work as intended from the inside of a jail cell and not a second before.

    • Technically they could have been armed inside that home. But carry permits for the visitors wouldn’t happen without bribes or connections. But who is ready for that kind of attack on a major holiday with friends? Most CCL holders probably aren’t.

      • Chicken Wing,

        I would be. I am always armed at home and vigilant when people are coming and going. Their safety on my property is my concern.

      • It looks like it is outside NYC so rifle or shotgun unless someone has a pistol permit. Of course for any of the guests from NYC they need permits for longarms and we have a supreme court case regarding pistol transportation outside of the city so it may be a sad guess to say possessing arms let alone using them is not an easy thought.

        • @safeupstate. If they publicly pressed Cuomo for carry permits he’d be on the hot seat but they haven’t been very interested in big public displays. I know some Orthodox carry guns but many don’t and refuse to even serve in the military so 🤷‍♂️
          Even if the Scotus case goes our way they’ll probably pass some onerous state law that requires five safes in your car and ammo stored in the gas tank.

          I respect your diligence. I try to but I often settle for something being close by. I’m aware of it when I’m slacking off though not that it’ll help me if something happens. My wife has changed her attitude and is getting her CC so that’s a plus.

  9. He added: “It is an American cancer on the body politic.”

    He is a part of that cancer,leftardism will take over the mind and eventually kill it,leaving nothing but a shell of a useful idiot.

  10. ““I was praying for my life,” said Kohn, 65. “He started attacking people right away as soon as he came in the door. We didn’t have time to react at all.””

    I reached for my pistol and suddenly remembered that we ain’t allowed to have no gunz. For the children. Putzes!

    Yup, we must crush all the citizens from a few to save them. Grrrrrrr.

    This Jew is packin’!

    🎵🎶 Take me to NY, Let the State run all my life, No sodas, gas cars, pepper spray, No guns to use for strife. In other words, you’re fucked. In other words, don’t go there. 🎵🎶

  11. It amazes me that so many Jews are members of the democratic party, constantly voting in those who we all know wish to take our ability to protect ourselves away from us. You would think we would have learned an important lesson from WW2, about giving up our weapons and becoming sheep, while the wolf with his fangs wants to do us harm. And we KNOW the wolf is out there… But no, we gladly vote gun-grabbers into office. In the article above, Mr. Kohn says he was praying for his life. Maybe he should have been praying for a handgun! Remember the very true cliche, “when seconds count, the police are minutes away”. And it makes me smirk…with the image of the Jewish star, the cannon, and the words, “come and take it”, because that’s what we are doing at the polls, voting in those who wish to disarm us, telling them yes, please come and take our guns. If the statement is taken in it’s proper context, as a threat to those who wish to disarm us, it’s funny again, as how can one take it seriously, when we give up our right to protect ourselves voluntarily by our votes. How can one dare the enemies to come and take our guns when we don’t have enough in circulation in our community in the first place.
    And, in NYC especially, it’s next to impossible to get a permit to carry on your person, let alone while outside your premisses or at a range.

      • Wait we are doing that too? I thought that was just Cali and we got rid of the box on job applications.

    • Wait till after the new year to see how bail reform goes. I am thinking the 80’s and 90’s are coming back into style.

      • Would need to double check as the various legislative agendas all blur together but he might be able to vote from jail.

      • Ok double checked and so long as he is convicted of a felony you are correct, has to be out of prison and not on parole before voting as a felon. It was misdemeanor convicted criminals that can vote from jail.

  12. It is ironic that this had to happen during Hanukkah celebration, the holiday that commemorates the act of small band of armed Jews that refused to be victims.

  13. Racism? So what. Anti-semitism? So what.
    Guess who said, “to every Jew a 22”?
    Learn it. Have it. Train with it.

    Jewish ACLU lawyers made sure bigots with guns have free speech decades ago. They also helped to disarm jews and everyone else.

    • Jews don’t carry guns. You’re not Jewish, are you?

      Schwartzes are getting uppity. The goyim know. This isn’t good for the Jews.

      Also- both the black Hebrew Israelites and the Khazar Ashkenazi are both fake Jews.

      • This one does, 3 Ar15’s, 4 10-22’s a Marlin model 60 , and 16 handguns. And what would be called a shitload of ammo. My Grandparents taught me well. As he did my brothers and relatives.
        Never again

        • Practice Practice PRACTICE brother !!!
          Get very proficient..not just static paper targets either…shoot on the move..shoot from the prone position shoot from cover and above all PRACTICE !!!

      • For over a thousand years the Jews have been arguing over who is “a real” Jew. It has made Jews very easy to distract from more serious matters.

        Like avoiding being stuffed into an oven.

        Not to worry. The Christians will save the Jews as they have always done in the past. The Jews might be very good with numbers. But Christians are even better with guns.

        Because of my stepmothers heritage I know I would qualify for a one way ride in a cattle car during WW2.

        • My grandfather was the only one of his family who remained after the Shoah and war had run their course.
          To many had moved over to Germany during the Great depression joining family there as there were jobs or family who could help and all died.
          He had remained in the U.S. as he had a job, not a good one but it did help a bit along with whatever else he could do . Of those who remained here he was the only one who survived the war. He and others quickly signed up to fight. Since he spoke fluent German he was at several camps and it affected him.
          He was not religious, to him there could not be such a thing as god as what god would have stood by and permitted what had happened. And if there was such a being he was not worthy of being worshiped.
          But one thing he hammered into my father was do not trust, watch and be prepared. And grandchildren and others too he insisted, do not trust, watch. If he were alive now I suspect he would be preparing.

    • That’s why they’ve managed to get nearly every single thing they wanted to done over the last 50 years.

  14. MSNBC, CNN, ABC, CBS and NBC how come you’re not ranting “hate crime” if the races were reversed you’d be beating this story to death as a hate crime. The only way to stop racism is to stop it in both directions not just one.

  15. While profiling his picture I suspect the following:

    He does not have negroid features
    He does not have arabic features
    He is brown
    He resembles many Pakistanis
    He has a Muslim style beard

    My conclusion is he is Pakistani or an American who converted to Islam in prison and decided to take up jihad. Allah Akbar !

    I vote for helicopter interrogation.

  16. If anyone can post a link here showing news / pols calling for banning and confiscating of knives I would be very appreciative.

    • For the US it will be slim pickings and isolated areas (may change soon). Now you go on the BBC for England you have over 20 years of various calls to restrict knives with the more recent proposals resembling a Monty Python skit.

  17. Here is a simple question, what percent of American Jewish people vote in favor of the right to bear arms and free speech and what percent of Jewish people here oppose it? Why is it that Jewish people in the USA are an overwhelmingly anti freedom and anti second amendment and pro democrat voting block?

    • “Why is it that Jewish people in the USA are an overwhelmingly anti freedom and anti second amendment…”

      I’ve asked this to a few of my gun-nut friends who happen to be of the Jewish persuasion. Their explanation, though I cannot say for certain that it’s correct, is that many Jews are pro-gun control because they incorrectly believe that gun-control is violence control. They support “violence control” because of violent anti-Semitism that they’ve been told of or experienced.

      One of my friends basically said (Close paraphrase) “They [referring to Jewish people who are anti-gun] believe that if Jew hating people like Neonazis didn’t have guns then they wouldn’t have the balls to fuck with us. So if we get rid of the guns then the problem disappears because the cowards don’t have something to hide behind”.

      Again, I don’t know if that’s right or not and I don’t spend a lot of time in the Jewish community, but it’s what a couple of Jews have told me about the situation and on the surface is kinda makes sense.

    • Gun control = goyim control.
      Historically government led pogroms have been the exception. Most were more grassroots in origin. It is safer to keep the populace disarmed lest they tire of your presence. The government will still be armed and able to keep the mob at Bay.
      The irony is they may decide to get rid of you specifically because you keep trying to disarm them. Seem Bloomberg as contemporary example A.

  18. But wait, there’s more!

    From deep in the heart of Texas…

    “Authorities responded to the shooting Sunday morning just before 10 a.m. at the West Freeway Church of Christ on Las Vegas Trail.

    A witness told CBS 11 News the gunman walked up to a server during communion with a shotgun and then opened fire. According to the witness, another church member shot the suspect.”

    • Yes commie that’s how it’s supposed to work, evil asshole does evil thing. Good person shoots him 3 seconds later.

    • Two people have been killed, and one critically injured after a shooting took place at the West Freeway Church of Christ located in Texas.

      MedStar spokeswoman Macara Trusty confirmed that one person died at the scene of the shooting, and one person died en route to a hospital. A third victim, believed to be the shooter, was transported to a hospital in critical condition.

  19. Call Dave Chappelle. I bet Clayton Bigsby and the rest of the black white supremacists are responsible for this attack.

  20. Too bad Cuomo’s “one voice” isn’t saying, “We support citizens’ rights to armed defense of their families, homes, and places of worship, such as happened in the recent church attack in Texas.”

  21. You think it’s bad? Wait until we reach the same proportion of Islam loving creatures they have in parts of Europe, then they’ll show the values of the religion of peace even more

    • They will take violent offence to what they consider rampant Christianity and overt Jewishness. The infidels need to know their place. Convert or dead.

  22. Well, that didnt take long! A black man attacks Jews, and it’s Trump’s fault. How fuc*in predictable. Got news for you folks who foolishly think Trump is the great divider, your messiah, Obummer trashed fifty years worth of race relations in eight years. Just because didnt stand on the podium and scream racial epithets like Farrakhan, doesnt mean all his sly little innuendos and smarmy references didnt do just as much harm or more. Got a little money that says he’s still workin behind the scenes with the usual suspects, to fan the flames.

    • Who brought up Trump? The guy is signing a defense pact with Israel and opened bases in Israel. His daughter is a convert. I guess he made it rain today too. These people are insane.

  23. n the wake of the terrible events in the Jewish stabbing— Gov Cuomo, the politboros head son of a bitch, blames it on the current politic situation and has little real sympathy for the victims– well, after all, this is the town that Dem/politburo hack Jessie Jackson called hymietown and we are well familiar with the way in which Obama treated Israel– the dems are pretty quick to condemn attacks on some parts of society but never apologized for Ruby Ridge or the murder of innocent children in Waco— I am so sick of them damn them all—

    I attend the Holocaust memorial every year. Not a self serving comment, it is the right thing to do. The hell with them using such a tragedy for political ends. Prayers for our Jewish Brothers and sisters.

  24. Rest easy, Cuomo will release a calming statement that puts the blame for this machete attack by a Black Israelite where it belongs; white people, the NRA, and Trump.

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