Synagogue Shooting California poway chabad
Leslie Gollub, left, and Gretchen Gordon hug at a vigil held to support the victims of Saturday's shooting at Chabad of Poway synagogue, Sunday, April 28, 2019, in Poway, Calif. A man opened fire Saturday inside the synagogue near San Diego as worshippers celebrated the last day of a major Jewish holiday. (AP Photo/Denis Poroy)
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When the Christchurch, New Zealand shooter opened fire on two mosques in March, killing 51 and injuring 49, he also wrote a manifesto laying out his twisted world view. In it, the self-described eco-fascist gunman rambled on about minorities, capitalism, and the need to save the planet by “kill[ing] the invaders, kill the overpopulation and by doing so save the environment.”

He saw no democratic solution to society’s ills.

Therefore we must destabilize and discomfort society where ever possible.

According to his opus, among the reasons that he attacked the mosque was . . .

[T]o create conflict between the two ideologies within the United States on the ownership of firearms in order to further the social, cultural, political and racial divide within the United states. This conflict over the 2nd amendment and the attempted removal of firearms rights will ultimately result in a civil war that will eventually balkanize the US along political, cultural and, most importantly, racial lines. …

I chose firearms for the affect (sic) it would have on social discourse, the extra media coverage they would provide and the affect (sic) it could have on the politics of United states and thereby the political situation of the world.

Also . . .

To show the effect of direct action, lighting a path forward for those that wish to follow.

As it turns out, one person he set on that path was the 19-year-old in California who walked into the Chabad of Poway synagogue outside of San Diego about a month later and opened fire on the congregation. That, after a failed attempt to burn down an Escondido mosque and murder the Muslims inside.

According to media reports, the Poway shooter read the mosque killer’s manifesto and pronounced him “spot on with everything.”

From the Associated Press:

SAN DIEGO (AP) — Four days after a man killed 51 people at two mosques in New Zealand, court documents show a San Diego college student expressed regret in a text message that he missed watching the livestream video of the attack and praised the shooter’s writings as “spot on with everything,” and something everyone should read.

Five days later, authorities say John T. Earnest set a mosque on fire in Escondido, north of San Diego, where seven people on a retreat were sleeping inside and escaped safely. A month later, they say Earnest opened fire during a Passover service on April 27, killing one woman and injuring three people, including the rabbi.

The details in search warrants released Wednesday give the clearest indication yet that Earnest was inspired by shooter Brenton Tarrant and acted on that hatred within days of the New Zealand killings. A California state judge ordered the 338 pages unsealed at the request of five news organizations, including The Associated Press.

Earnest, 19, has been charged in state and federal courts that make him eligible for the death penalty if convicted. He has pleaded not guilty.

Federal authorities had previously released excerpts of Earnest’s online writings demonstrating his affection for Tarrant, but the search warrants give a detailed timeline showing how quickly the New Zealand attack turned his violent thoughts into action.

On March 19, four days after the New Zealand massacre, Earnest sent a text message to a person, whose name was redacted from the documents, complaining none of the links to the livestream video of the massacre were working and added, “I could’ve seen it live damnit,” according to the search warrants.

He went on to talk about Tarrant’s writings, saying “I’ve only read a little but so far he’s spot on with everything.”

On March 20, investigators in the search documents said he sent another text about the writings saying, “I think it’s important that everyone should read it.”

On March 24, Earnest drove to a mosque in Escondido and doused it with gasoline and sparked a blaze that charred a wall, authorities said. The fire started at about 3:15 a.m. when seven people on a spiritual retreat were inside sleeping, according to investigators. They saw flames coming through the crack of one of the doors, grabbed water and quickly extinguished it.

On April 6, Earnest opened an Amazon account and used the online retailer to make purchases for his attack on the synagogue, according to court documents. He bought an ammunition holder worn across the chest, a military-style duffel bag, a “GoPro” camera, a tactical helmet and other items.

The day before the shooting, he bought a Smith & Wesson AR-15 rifle from a San Diego gun shop, according to federal charges. Officials have said he bought the gun legally under federal law.

California bars anyone from buying a rifle under the age of 21 unless the person is a member of the military or has a hunting license. According to the search warrants, authorities seized a hunting certificate from his family’s home, indicating Earnest may have obtained a hunting license to buy the weapon.

Earnest walked into the Chabad of Poway shortly before 11:30 a.m. on April 27 and shot several rounds before appearing to struggle to reload the gun, officials said.

An off-duty Border Patrol agent grabbed the handgun of a parishioner and fired at least four rounds as Earnest ran out the door. The agent later put the handgun into a black prayer bag, according to the warrants.

Earnest killed a 60-year-old woman and injured three others, including the rabbi and an 8-year-old girl.

Shortly after the attack, Earnest called 911 and said he had shot up the synagogue and was willing to surrender, according to court documents. He then told authorities he had his weapon in his car, several rounds of ammunition and that he was parked outside a local barbecue restaurant.

Police arrived shortly after the call and arrested Earnest without incident.


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  1. Thank you, Lame Stream Media, for being so willing (and so able) to wave the bloody shirts and give these losers what they want: to be noticed.

    I’m sure that this endless press would never give any other losers any ideas.


    The Gun Ban / Anti-Rights Groups

    • Mainstream media was trying to (illegally/immorally) block all discussion of the guy’s writings & of course the live stream, hand-in-hand with authorities. Can’t blame this particular knock-on effect of generating copy-cats on the evening news liberals.

      Goes to show just how dangerous this particular killer was; most mass shooters are unhinged enough to be incompetent. This guy was quite methodical in generating an intentionally controversial manifesto (which borrows popular elements from several different philosophies, resulting in a tract that nearly everyone finds something to agree with, and plenty to hate utterly) and carrying out his attack while ensuring it would receive massive coverage regardless of society’s/authorities’ response, with the livestream. He was clearly logical & psychopathic enough, that I highly doubt he ever truly cared about his ’cause,’ and only created a manifesto & attacked this particular target in order to fan the flames of his celebrity & hopefully inspire others to continue inflicting the misery. It seems he was successful.

      • Wow, that was VERY well said. Screen capped (with your username of course, I always try to give credit when citing someone else’s words) for future reference

    • Rick the Bear,

      This situation is far worse than the proverbial “waiving the bloody shirt”. We have incontrovertible proof that our First Amendment rights are directly responsible for murder. Our federal and state governments must immediately regulate Free Speech for our safety and security. I demand the following common sense free-speech safety regulations:
      (1) No one can exercise free speech without a government issued license.
      (2) Only people who are over the age of 21, pass background checks, pass psychological evaluations, pass an interview with their local chief of police (which includes and in-depth evaluation of the petitioner’s social media accounts, including all of their private content), and who can show good cause, can receive free speech licenses.
      (3) Those government licensing authorities are authorized to charge several hundred dollars for free speech licenses and those licenses must be renewed every few years.
      (4) Free speech petitioners must attend and pass 16 hours of government mandated training before they can get their free speech license.
      (5) Free speech licensees cannot exercise free speech in “sensitive locations” such as schools, government buildings, churches, parks, bars, sports stadiums, and large entertainment venues.
      (6) Free speech licensees cannot transmit free speech across state lines unless they first transfer their speech through federally licensed free speech dealers at the state of origin and the destination state, and the speech cannot go through the U.S. Postal Service.
      (7) Before free speech licensees can disseminate their speech, they must first submit their free speech to a federally licensed free speech dealer and then wait for a 10 day “cooling off” period before they can disseminate their speech, in case they were just angry and wish to no longer disseminate their speech.
      (8) Free speech licensees are limited to one published speech per month.
      (9) Free speech licensees cannot use fully-automatic speech dissemination mechanisms. Rather, free speech licensees are limited to semi-automatic speech or fully manual dissemination methods.
      (10) Free speech licensees cannot use dissemination methods that are capable of disseminating more than 10 paragraphs at a time without having to reload the next 10 paragraphs manually.

      We must curtail our free speech rights immediately for safety and security!!! Anyone who opposes these common sense safety regulations is a monster!

      And for anyone who does not know me or isn’t thinking straight, the above is 1000% pure sarcasm, meant to illustrate that abuse of rights does not justify wide-scale infringement of rights.

    • “An off-duty Border Patrol agent grabbed the handgun of a parishioner and fired at least four rounds as Earnest ran out the door.”

      Not enough information. Was this a loose and inaccurate way of saying he *obtained* a gun from a parishioner who volunteered it, or did the agent literally confiscate it? There is absolutely no way I would ever hand over my gun to anyone during a firefight. I will defend my wife and myself. If the agent chose not to carry while off duty, that’s his problem. He can arrest and charge me with whatever he wants afterward. At least I’ll have a chance to save my wife’s life.

      • I wouldn’t react well to someone trying to grab my weapon as I attempted to fire at a spree shooter. I would have to assume said person was the spree shooter’s partner.

        Church falls under the same category for me as a concert hall. Too many people packed into too small a space, and all unarmed by law. I’ll pass thanks.

        • Hey, you’re invited to my Small Groups Bible Study on Sunday evenings. Instead of our usual morning chapel service with “too many packed people”, there are only about fifteen of us at most for this small gathering, and half are packing heat at any given time. You’re welcome to do so as well.

    • Many of them are shot dead by police while carrying out their foul deeds. Many that aren’t off themselves. Not much deterent there. For those that survive, we should repeal the 8th Amendment and subject them to being in a pit with 1000 starving rats, or make them listen to Hillary speeches 24 hrs a day at volume 11 for the rest of their lives.

    • You are dancing to the shooter’s tune. You know perfectly well Trump has never advocated for such violence, therefore you know that whether or not these “boys” support Trump is irrelevant. And yet here you are, trying to link Trump to these killers by grasping circumstance so you can claim he’s a mass murderer, or something.

    • Anti-Semitism has been mainstreamed by the left. Everybody across the political spectrum understands that the left controls the culture and if the left approves of killing Jews than others take it as a signal that it’s culturally approved behavior. Both Synagogue shooters attacked Trump as a “Zionist tool” so we can immediately exclude him as the problem.

      The guy in New Zealand is not a unique creature on the left. There are a lot of anti-Semitic eco-anarchist white supremacists in the Pacific Northwest. Take a look at your typical Antifa action in Portland. It is as white as any Klan event.

    • Orthodox Jews and Israelis like Trump. That’s why the media tries so hard to blame every anti-Semitic event in the world on Trump. Right after the Pittsburgh synagogue shooting, the evening news showed a few protesters yelling that they didn’t want Trump to come. Funny how they didn’t do a follow up story on the very kind words the Rabbi said about Trump, and how glad he was that Trump came.

    • If you read the manifesto, you would know the NZ Kabab remover wasn’t a fan of Trump.

      Trump also never called for any violence…

    • These are not Trump’s boys, but they used to think he was theirs. He just turned out to not be the next Hitler, contrary to what many liberals and fascists cunts may have wished for him to be. He’s just a regular, incompetent, and corrupt politician, you know, like the rest of them. However, fascist elements in society have been emboldened by the perceived tolerance of their ideas, and unfortunately, many of us do not call them out on this shit because we don’t want to be lumped in with liberals calling everyone a Nazi. Well, sometimes they are Nazis, especially when they go on about white genocide conspiracy theories and how the Jewish people are to blame for their lack of a girlfriend. POTG should be vigilant. These scumbags have been trying to worm their way into our communities, thinking we’ll go along with the “enemy of my enemy” type of thought. Well, I have plenty of ammo, and I don’t need to make friends with either, and neither should you.

    • When “Trumps boys” commit 1/10 the per capita murder rate that Obama’s nephews commit, let us know.

    • If you would have read the Poway murderer’s manifesto, you would have known the murderer hated Trump. Also, the murder victim at Poway was a big time Trump fan.

      That was a hell of a thing to say.

    • “kill[ing] the invaders, kill the overpopulation and by doing so save the environment.”

      That’s an extreme leftist position, wether you leftist like it or not.

  2. We have a whole generation being taught that the sky is falling in their schools. One failed prediction of climate doom after another seems to have no impact, the belief continues. So many young people are not saving for retirement or having kids because power-hungry collectivist authoritarians (and their useful idiots) have convinced generations that their world is ending. I’m amazed we don’t have more of these deranged nihilists acting out.

    Of all the things leftists have done in their unbridled lust for power, the AGW hoax may be the one of the most pernicious in the end. Some day, historians will be amazed that so many marks fell for it.

  3. As I said before.The Left will murder to get what they want. If they can’t get people to vote their way. And the Liberals and Socialist progressive will make excuses for them.

    Which makes them equally dangerous.

  4. While the Christchurch video was horrendous and acted as a “how-to” for would-be mass shooters, it also showed the rest of us how to best defend against these attacks. My conclusions were:
    1) you need someone in plain clothes on watch at the single main entrance of houses of worship, seeing who is coming and going, preferably behind hard cover; anyone unfamiliar will immediately raise a red flag in that person’s mind, especially if he is walking in with a visible weapon or a large bag.
    2) the person on guard needs to be armed, at the very least with a pistol but ideally with a small rifle-caliber suppressed pdw in the event the attacker has body armor; guns can make visitors uneasy and paints a target on the guard so these weapons need to be concealed yet readily accessible
    3) there ideally should be a second plain-clothed guard within the congregation that can respond to a sudden attack within the house of worship (say a person sneaks a pistol past the main guard and begins to open fire halfway through the service)
    4) there needs to be coordination and communication among the security team members and the leaders of the house of worship. There also needs to be a plan dictated to the parishioners that is simple to follow in the event of an attack.
    5) a large first-aid kit with tourniquets, nasopharyngeal tubes, chest seals, etc needs to be accessible in the house of worship and those with medical training should be known ahead of time to the leaders. Having an AED and Epi-pen isnt a bad idea either.

    • You need two armed defenders in the rear of the Church so that a shooter will have to turn his back on one of them. If your defenders are in the front he can see and engage both of them in quick succession. You also need to be carrying at least large compact because you aren’t going to be right in his face. I carry a 10mm in Church because it will cause serious, if superficial damage if the attacker is wearing soft body armor which can stun him long enough for people to escape and others to subdue him. See Paul Harrell’s video.

    • I’m part of the leadership for our church’s security team. We have multiple people (plainclothes) placed in standardized locations to cover all areas within the main areas of worship. One person’s primary duty is to cover the pulpit area, another’s is the main entry corridor, others are responsible for side entrances, another acts as overwatch (with line of sight of the entire area), etc.

    • Posting at the corner of the back wall makes those who enter have to turn 90 degrees to target them (preferably to the left). That’s usually the job of the 2nd or 3rd guy in an entry stack, depending on doctrine. The counter is to remain outside the room and fire through the doorway, so posting outside or away from the door with line of sight outside is also needed.
      Putting guys on both corners is bad. The bad guy has to turn his back on one, but that one needs to fire towards his colleague.

      • Perhaps, it they need to be positioned so that they are not firing towards the congregation, and they need to draw fire away from the congregation. Recognizing the threat as quickly as possible is paramount.

    • Well that’s interesting. I don’t think it was a 100% coverup to make him look like a Trump supporter. I think the media just automatically blames him for everything bad without actually trying to find the truth, and since 90% of the media do this, the general masses never hear the truth. Notice that video has just 300 views.

  5. How is this boy specifically “anti-Semitic”??? He tried to kill muslims 1st. By arson…the NZ lunatic got his wish. Just saw a yuuuuge crowd at Chiraq’s lakefront. Lalapoloser’s…they think they’re “safe”. Cops dontchaknow😫

    • Se·mit·ic
      adjective: Semitic

      1. relating to or denoting a family of languages that includes Hebrew, Arabic, and Aramaic and certain ancient languages such as Phoenician and Akkadian, constituting the main subgroup of the Afro-Asiatic family.

      2. relating to the peoples who speak Semitic languages, especially Hebrew and Arabic.

    • “How is this boy specifically “anti-Semitic”??? He tried to kill muslims 1st. By arson…”

      The Poway murderer hated, hated, HATED Jews. It was in his manifesto. He was/is a white supremacist, and blamed Jews for the influx of non-white immigration into Western countries. Ironically, it seems most of the congregants at Poway were anti-illegal immigration, at the least.

  6. The Republicans (prostitutes of the NRA) are responsible for the current weekly mass murders because they refuse to do anything about the problem.

    Republitards have:

    Refused to fund mental health care programs

    Refused to sponsor a mental health check for all who wish to purchase a deadly weapon.

    Refused to vet second hand gun sales which guarantee that any nut case or terrorist can buy all the firepower he wants 365 days a year and 24 hours around the clock.

    Refused to sponsor safe storage laws which lets kids take loaded guns to school to commit mass murder and also they often pick up loaded guns in the house shooting themselves or other playmates and in the case of teenagers committing suicide by handgun. As one First Responder said: I have saved many people who tried to hang themselves, drown themselves, overdose deliberately on drugs or gas themselves but I have never ever been able to save a teenager that blew his brains out.

    Refused to outlaw high capacity assault rifles and high capacity pistols which are the primary mass murder weapon in most of the horrific Right Wing terrorist nut case attacks.

    Refused to fund Federal grants to hire guards at schools. Children are considered expendable when it comes to filling their greedy pockets with tax money they do not have to pay as in their recently passed tax rape bill which gave them 2 trillion dollars in the pocket and bankrupted the country while they laughed all the way to the bank and today Moscow MItch McConnell said to pay for the citizen tax rape he will now cut their Soc. Security and Medicare programs which are already so obscenely low most other civilized countries have stated the U.S. is now being run by a bunch of Gangster Criminals i.e. the Republitards.

    Refused to fund Federal programs for child care for working mothers which all other civilized countries have already had for decades. Economic and work tensions in marriages often result in high divorce rates which further foster mental illnesses in adults and children.

    Refused to crack down on Right Wing Terrorist groups and encouraged the Charlottesville Trump Nazi’s by calling them “good people” even after they terrorized a local full of worshiping JEWISH SYNAGOGUE people and later ran down an innocent women.

    Are responsible for a huge rise in new Right Wing Nazi Flag Waving Hate Groups BY CONDONING AND ENCOURAGING SUCH GROUPS since Trump took power which in turn has encouraged RIGHT WING NUT CASES to commit MASS MURDER of minorities including JEWS AND BLACKS. Nazi Flag waving Dillon Roof being their living god and poster boy for attacks on Black People.

    • It’s people like you who are responsible. You mainstreamed anti-Semitism, not President Trump. Or are you saying his support for Israel and his Jewish daughter, son-in-law and grand children so provoked anti-Semites and pug them in a murderous state of mind? Here is what I think. You are Jew hater, like almost leftists today, and simply project that hatred others. You are an Iron Guardsman and Trump is King Karol. Do you what that means punk?

    • In 2009, the Dems had a House majority, a filibuster-proof Senate majority, and the President, so they could have done anything. They passed a reform of the healthcare system, yet they addressed none of those issues. They didn’t even fix mental health. They hold the House now, and they have done none of those things. They probably wouldn’t pass the Senate or get Trump’s signature, but they could show efforts that the evil Republicans are stopping. The Rep House under Obama passed Obamacare repeal like 60 times. Instead, nothing. Sounds like the Dems are at least as much to blame with not getting your agenda passed, and probably more so.

      • “They passed a reform of the healthcare system, yet they addressed none of those issues.”
        Is that what you call the ACA? More like a train wreck than a “reform”.

      • to anymouse

        quote———————–In 2009, the Dems had a House majority, a filibuster-proof Senate majority, and the President, so they could have done anything. They passed a reform of the healthcare system, yet they addressed none of those issues. They didn’t even fix mental health—————————-quote

        Debunking the Myth: Obama’s Two-Year Supermajority

        “President Obama was sworn in on January 20, 2009 with just 58 Senators to support his agenda.

        He should have had 59, but Republicans contested Al Franken’s election in Minnesota and he didn’t get seated for seven months. The President’s cause was helped in April when Pennsylvania’s Republican Senator Arlen Specter switched parties.

        That gave the President 59 votes — still a vote shy of the super majority.

        But one month later, Democratic Senator Byrd of West Virginia was hospitalized and was basically out of commission.

        So while the President’s number on paper was 59 Senators — he was really working with just 58 Senators.

        Then in July, Minnesota Senator Al Franken was finally sworn in, giving President Obama the magic 60 — but only in theory, because Senator Byrd was still out.

        In August, Senator Ted Kennedy of Massachusetts died and the number went back down to 59 again until Paul Kirk temporarily filled Kennedy’s seat in September.

        Any pretense of a supermajority ended on February 4, 2010 when Republican Scott Brown was sworn into the seat Senator Kennedy once held.

        Do you see a two-year supermajority?”

    • Vladimir. You keep using different sock puppets because statements are easily debunked. For example your claim that murder rose the past generation when it fell.

      In fact US violent crime is caused by the policies of the left. Democrats are more than twice as likely to commit violent crime.

      We know for an established fact that less gun laws, and longer prison terms for violent offenders cause dramatic decreases in crime.

      • to Pat

        quote””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””We know for an established fact that less gun laws, and longer prison terms for violent offenders cause dramatic decreases in crime.+++++++++++++++++++quote

        As usual you do no research. Typical for Right Wingers. It was stated yesterday on MSNBC News both Russia combined with China (which has 4 1/2 times the U.S. population) have LESS people in prison than the PRISON MAD country of CAPITALVANIA U.S.A. which incarcerates MORE people than both Russia and China combined. Obviously your theory has already been proven wrong. I might add both Russia and China also have way more gun control than the “Dodge City” shoot em up insanity of CAPITALVANIA. Again proving your statement wrong about less gun control.

    • “Dillon roof…”

      Dillon roof had more in common with Democrats. Dillion Roof would have been in prison when that murder occurred, and certainly prohibited from gun ownership for life, if not for Eric Holder altering Federal charging recommendations on distribution levels possession of hard core drugs.

      And Obama and Democrats encouraging and enabling mass murderers and mass shooters, persons assassinating police is a much larger problem. At least 112 murders by left wing “activists” last year.

      • “””””””””””””””””””””””And Obama and Democrats encouraging and enabling mass murderers and mass shooters, persons assassinating police is a much larger problem. At least 112 murders by left wing “activists” last year.”””””””””””””””””

        When are you going to quit pandering all this hogwash about Left Wing people committing more murders when every study done (some of which I posted this week) proves Right Wing Racist and Religious Maniacs are responsible for the majority of mass murder in the U.S.A.

    • “kill[ing] the invaders, kill the overpopulation and by doing so save the environment.”

      That’s an extreme leftist position Vlad, wether you like it or not. This one belongs to y’all.

    • “”””””””””””””””””””””””We should remove Muslims and Jews from Western society.

      They gotta go back.”””””””””””””””””””””””””

      There is one problem Herr Hauptman wearing your jack boots. Its against the Constitution to discriminate against minority races or religions in the U.S. The U.S. is not a Christian Caliphate nor are normal people who believe in the Constitution and the right to free speech and more than one political party ever going to condone such jack booted dogma.

        • to Herr Hauptman Schrade

          “”””””””””””””””””””””””””Islam is no more a religion than Nazi-ism was. Both are secular death cults.”””””””””””””””””””””””

          You had better go back to school Jethro Islam has been a religion for over 1,400 years genius. You obviously flunked history that’s obvious.

      • Islam is totalitarian ideology, no different than communism or Nazism. Also, the Constitution is not a suicide pact. Some ideologies are incompatible with classical liberalism and freedom.

        • To Flea brain

          quote———————-Islam is totalitarian ideology, no different than communism or Nazism. Also, the Constitution is not a suicide pact. Some ideologies are incompatible with classical liberalism and freedom.———————

          If you do not believe in freedom of religion than you are not an American

      • Supporting the constitution is actually a conservative position vlad. It’s you liberals that want to defile it. The constitution is also in fact the best legislation in place to keep fascism or communism from arising here. So if you don’t like Nazis or gulags, being a conservative is the correct stance to take.

        • To Hank
          quote””””””””””””””””” So if you don’t like Nazis or gulags, being a conservative is the correct stance to take.——————–quote

          Read Hitlers book “Mein Kampf” its word for word the Conservative ideology. They often post verbatim from it.

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