Pittsburgh Tree of Life Synagogue Shooting
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From CNN:

Authorities responded to a shooting Saturday morning near the Tree of Life synagogue in Pittsburgh, according to Allegheny County Sheriff’s Deputy Kevin Kraus.

Three police officers have been shot and there are fatalities, officials said at an impromptu press conference. The shooter has surrendered, they said.

“There are fatalities,” said Allegheny County Executive Rich Fitzgerald, but officials have not provided more details.

According to the UK’s Sun:

The gunman remained on the loose for some time before surrendering to police after being injured.

According to NBC, at least three police officers were shot at.

A number of people were trapped inside the building as police attempted to zone in on the shooter.

The shooter has been preliminarily identified as Robert Bower, a 46 years old, white male. As always, early reports in these situations are frequently incorrect. More as it becomes available.

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  1. Ah yes, perfect time for Democrats to remind everybody how much they hate both white people and gun owners, just a week away from election.

    I certainly hope everybody here that is thinking about sitting the election out is paying attention to this one. And before anybody can say it: No, he wasn’t a Trump supporter. He was immensely anti-Trump.

    • But he was Anti-Trump because Trump wasn’t nationalistic enough, and let da Joos into his family and the administration.

      • He’s anti-Trump because Trump is a borderline Heinleinian Civic Nationalist, not a National Socialist. Interestingly, the former is center right, while the latter is far left.

        • You are really good at parsing out the spectrum – please continue to add clarity to the discussions. I certainly appreciate it. We have quite a few of our brethren that presume that political leftists are the the only threat to freedom.

        • You will notice that while National Socialists aren’t “traditional leftists”, they are most certainly on the left. They are basically the end result of the KKK going the way of the dodo thanks to a much more conservative South that will no longer put up with their BS.

          This is why I find the entire Charlottesville incident endlessly hilarious. It was “Democratic” Socialists and Anarcho Communists slugging it out with National Socialists. Essentially three far left groups beating the piss out of each other.

          After re-reading the book for possibly the 10th time in my life, I’ve finally been able to put a finger on why I like Trump so much… He’s a Heinleinian Civic Nationalist. Basically, socially neutral center-right.

        • “….I’ve finally been able to put a finger on why I like Trump so much… He’s a Heinleinian Civic Nationalist. Basically, socially neutral center-right.”

          Unlike Heinlein, I am passionately neutral about everything; even that.

  2. Seeing as how they have the shooter in custody and haven’t started plastering his face all over the place, or even saying his name, I bet it’s a non-white or maybe even a follower of the Religion of Peace.

      • Usually, in America, this kind of thing is done by white males. It’s surprising how little attacks like this have been done by Muslims in America considering they could if they wanted to. I have figured one day some Muslim terrorists will make their way through the border of Mexico illegally to commit a Mumbai style attack; that has yet to happen.

        • Why would they have to come up through the border? They could fly commercial airliners from their home country’s in on work visas (like most illegal aliens) over stay them and have a sympathizer with permanent residence status straw purchase AR-15’s for them. Wait,… you know what, I’m sorry, forget I said that, that sounds crazy right?, way to far fetched.

        • @anon

          Because in Mexico you can get SAWs, grenades and C4. Also, the type of people who would and could do a Mumbai style attack are likely on a U.S. watch list already. If you plan such an attack in the U.S. you are more likely to get caught unless you have help from the government.

        • Ah, so more formidable weapons produce higher body counts? We’ll on that we agree. You sure belong on this site? The 9/11 hijackers were known about, though not on any “watchlist” and had quasi-governmental help from Saudi and Taliban. No one knew about the San Bernardino shooters except their neighbors. I would consider 14 dead and 22 injured close enough to a “Mumbai” style attack to qualify, perhaps you wouldn’t but I really think that’s splitting hairs.

    • Nah guy was a super Anti-Trump stormt@rd.

      In terms of optics this actually is probably the worst thing for the DNC right now, because their extremists are about to go full gun control and start cranking out the anti-white rhetoric they always do, because they can’t use the Trump angle now.

      It’s sad that we even have to consider these things this way though.

      • You might want to stay away from the word “optics” for awhile because the shooter stated he no longer cares about “optics” before he went to commit his act of terrorism. The Alt Right are always using the word “optics” to tell their supporters they have to maintain good PR for the sake of furthering their goals. The shooter could no longer wait…

    • Given that this clown called Trump a “globalist” and supporting a “[jewish ethnic slur deleted] infestation”, it’s going to be hard for anyone to claim that he was a MAGA supporter with a straight face. Seems like a fairly typical neo-nazi.

    • Or Anti Gunners other favorite whipping post the NRA but surely it’s one of the two’s fault,even though neither committed the crime.

    • Yes, but our Libtard governor issued a moratorium pending the outcome of a study by a commission. I’m confident the commission will not reach any conclusions on the death penalty while Gov Wolf is in office. If only we could give Philly to NJ, but they probably don’t want it either.

  3. Yeah, it was those evil black rifles, the fully automatic military weapons that fire velocity rounds that are the most destructive weapons on the planet, even worse than the atomic bomb ! It’s Pres. Trump and the evil NRA that are behind it. Guns are evil not people. All this crap will be repeated again like we never heard it before. If a person is realistic about it, there is no law that can prevent this sort of thing. Evil has always been among us and it still is. Be vigilant and prepared to defend you and your loved ones.

    • No law will prevent this from happening again, but that won’t stop some from trying to make laws that limit your safety even more.

  4. So, is a public emasculation followed by crucifixion considered cruel and unusual punishment? If so, I’ll settle for lethal injection, or failing that, life in solitary.

  5. It had to happen – received a call from B-I-L. Raving that this incident just proves we need to make it illegal for anyone to have any type of gun. Just for fun, I agreed with him. He was speechless for a moment, then asking , “Are you serious? You agree with me?” I told him I absolutely agreed we should make firearm ownership illegal right this moment. After he mumbled around a few seconds, I asked, “Now what? What happens next?” BIL said cops should just arrest anyone with a gun. So I asked about all those gun owners, all 100 million, who are not walking around with a gun today; what about them? BIL emphatically said, “Arrest them too.”. “Good plan,” I said, “how do the cops do that?” The question caused a long silent break in the conversation. BIL answered, “Just arrest them when they come out with guns.” I pointed out that with 100 million gun owners, it will take more than a day to arrest them all, that the word would spread, that guns would be hidden or concealed in all sorts of places.

    The long an short was BIL had no idea how difficult it would be to disarm the public, but he was most certain that “We have to do something.” So I posed, “Why not just shoot every criminal, every gang member, every person wearing gang colors and tattoos, on sight? Heck, why not just randomly shoot people because they might be doing something bad, today, tomorrow, or some point in the future”? BIL was enraged at my mocking him. So, I asked why he objected to something that may save even one life?

    End of phone call.

    Gonna be a cold Thanksgiving get together.

      • “Yeah. Cold Thanksgiving indeed. Be sure to let him know that you killed that turkey yourself.”

        When my wife finds out about the phone call, I will probably end up having T-day dinner at Waffle House.


        • I can think of worse places for T-Day than Waffle House. At least you won’t have to wash the dishes. 🙂

          Btw, while everyone is wringing their hands and whining that “violence must stop”, I’ve yet to hear anyone tell us exactly how violence can be stopped. To slightly modify what an ancient philosopher said: “Only the dead have seen the end of violence”.

        • “I can think of worse places for T-Day than Waffle House. At least you won’t have to wash the dishes.”

          Aye, there’s that.

          Leftists are humanists, believing humans are all the God there is. Thus, humans are perfectable, if they would just “do right”. Humanists believe if we can train humanity to not do violent things, punishment systems are unnecessary. So….until humans can be “fixed” to “do right” at all times, their means of doing wrong must be eliminated, i.e. since we haven’t fixed people yet, we need to ensure they cannot get their hands on tools to do bad things (as in guns and kitchen knives). It is a simple concept, when humans do great harm with one tool (guns), taking that away will reduce the harm. When humans begin to do great harm with a different tool, taking that one away will also reduce harm, und so weiter.

        • I take it saying ‘If I didn’t give him crap it would mean I don’t love him’ would not help you out.

        • “I take it saying ‘If I didn’t give him crap it would mean I don’t love him’ would not help you out.”

          Wife is the oldest, so the “protecting my little brother” thing is in there some place. She thinks it is just cruel that I know how easy it is to spin BIL up, and can’t seem to resist.

          Wife is also a retired Colonel, so there is that senior officer in the house protocol.

        • Isn’t the wife always the senior officer in the house… At least that’s what I hear from married guys.

        • “Isn’t the wife always the senior officer in the house… At least that’s what I hear from married guys.”

          Yeah. She outranked me when she was a first lieutenant.

    • Please. Sewage has no direction. It’s just sewage. The dude mailing bombs to Dems last week belongs in the same septic tank as the dude that try to kill Steve Scalise and other Republicans. Dude shooting Jews today belongs in the same hell as the dude shooting Christians a year ago, or the dude shooting gays two years ago. You can’t stick a political label on sewage.

  6. The timing is really good. Where do the dems get these guys? Is there some kind of list maintained and you call up for a guy?

    • Where are the usual “I am not a fan of cops” clowns?

      Oh well, the cops probably just did their job nothing to see here. Let’s just wait for the next TTAG article reporting that possibly questionable use of force…

      • Don’t be stupid. We have the right to judge/critique our servants and dictate how they are to operate in our society. Only fascists think we should shut our mouths and fall in line.

        I heard 4 cops were shot and 3 died. Don’t know where that detail came from, but the police are not talking yet. If that is the case, then those 4 were fulfilling their duty rather than using the “going home safe to my family” strategy

        • There are generally three different reasons people do this kind of thing: martyrdom/religion, infamy/social, attention/political.

          I think he fits in the attention category. He decided to go after people he thought were hurting him politically and he wants to let people know what that grievance is. He cannot die and do that, as people can simply ignore his writings. He needs to survive and speak while the attention is on him thus his message. An example would be the Norwegian terrorist in 2011.

          Martyrdom is usually Islamic fundamentalists.

          Infamy is usually “school shooter” types.

      • It appears he is one of those Alt Right guys that is triggered by the new Alex Jones and president Trump.

        In the past, Alex Jones used to say that the Israelis were taking over America through the politicians, so they can use the U.S.A. to fight their wars against the wrong kind of Muslims with the help of Saudi Arabia. So the shooter doesn’t like the Q Anon hoax, Youtube era Alex Jones and Trump with his Saudi-Israel connection. I assume he also doesn’t like George Bush and his “War on Terror” strategy.

        The people I hear talking like the shooter, these days, is the Alt Right and 4Chan crowd. They don’t like Israel because they think the Jewish people are trying to turn them into slaves, replace them at the top, ruin their “Western” culture, transfer control of the U.S. to non whites or something like that. I’m not sure if it’s about some biblical stuff or just group supremacy (I don’t take part in either, so I forget the story).

        People are going to say he is some kind of Neo Nazi Trump supporter. It’s hard to say that when he hates Trump, George Bush, Alex Jones, Q Anon, etc. Today he sounds more like a Leftist than a current day Republican, but with overt racial intentions. Hence the Alt Right label because the Alt Right are actually National Socialist/Leftists that base things off the white race as being superior and the rightful rulers.

        This guy is not on my side. These people have threatened to get rid of people like me with force if necessary, although my ancestors were here first. I suspect the Austin bomber was also one of these types, hence the refusal to release his 25 minute motive video or the transcript.

        Doesn’t seem like America is getting any better. Politicians and the corporate media are inciting the violence to start a civil war or marshal law. Factions have formed to start unrest in the streets. People are literally committing terror attacks to give their side a push start. Even Alex Jones is taking part is fanning the flames. With this new generations of idiots, I don’t see it getting better rather it will get much worse because group identity comes before good ideas/virtues/principles. Right now, America is a failure and Trump isn’t the man to fix it.

        • Gee maybe the Jews are going to infiltrate the US Alt Right movement via the Israeli Poor Boys chapter they just opened up in Israel. Bunch of numb nuts….

  7. Gee we’re nearing a trifecta. Dead Jews,so-called “rabid” Trump supporter and ??? If this ain’t a conspiracy I’ll be hornswaggled…ban gunz,ban white Hispanics and ban white boyz. Vote R if they’re WORTHY.

  8. We need to ban synagogues so it will never happen again. We need a nation where we all dress the same, think the same, enjoy our one and only media, and worship our great leader daily. I want to work hard for the mother land, ideally I would love to serve in the ministry of love. I will be proud the day my own kids report me to the authorities if I were to ever lose faith in the regime. Are you ready to enjoy a peaceful and prosper Amerika my comrades?

  9. This makes me think about my church’s security plan. Are handguns enough? If this happened in my church then this guy would be getting return fire from at least two handguns. Should we keep an AR locked in a quick access safe under the welcome desk?

    • Shoulda coulda woulda. Or the two armed fellows at your church would be running away, or would be dead as the crazy would have a tactical advantage and does not care about shooting other folks while you would have to avoid shooting Miss Jones and little Johnny running in front of you.

    • Here’s a good start Rambo. How about you suggest to your pastor that he takes some of that tithing and invests in some sort of select access entry system and a reinforced door? If you don’t do that tomorrow in church then you don’t really care about your congregations safety, you just like guns.

  10. @ Sam I Am

    “Humanists believe if we can train humanity to not do violent things, punishment systems are unnecessary. ”

    Ever watch “Serenity” ( the movie).? All about making people “better”. Didn’t work out like they expected.

    • “Ever watch “Serenity” ( the movie).”

      Haven’t any knowledge of that presentation. Sorta stopped watching movies after “Rush Hour 3”.

        • Morlock vs. Eloi, on steroids?

          Half the people in this country do not work, so I guess we are well on the way to “Serenity”?

        • The punchline :

          “We meant it for the best. To make people safer…”

          That right there is the ultimate Leftist goal.

          I prefer my freedom to be dangerous…

        • @ Sam I am

          “Half the people in this country do not work, so I guess we are well on the way to “Serenity”?”

          Simply not true. Half the country receives some sort of government benefit, that’s not remotely the same thing, many of them still work. Most of them are what’s known as retirees. I’m sure you’ve heard the word before, after all you are one. An other big chunk are “disabled vets”, your one of those too. You’ve effectively just denigrated yourself twice and didn’t even know it.

        • Yes, I worked, and earned my military benefits. But I don’t work now. So, yes, I would be included in the half that doesn’t work. Physically able, but spending rather than earning.

      • Isn’t that how it’s naturally supposed to be? As in, women raise the children and the men get worn down by work. Women are half the population.

        The statists want everyone to become “workers” to bring “equality” into being. They want everything even amongst the people and no religion other than statism. Essentially, they want the “planners” at the top and “workers” at the bottom. Just two classes of people like the old days, no individuality or independence, just your group/community and statism.

  11. “Morlock vs. Eloi, on steroids?

    Half the people in this country do not work, so I guess we are well on the way to “Serenity”?”

    Sort of. Isn’t making people “better” what all the progressives/socialists really want? It’s for the chirren, right?

    • He is more an Ethno Nationalist Socialist, which is on the side of Leftism. He wants nationalism whereas Antifa wants Globalism, he wants a predominately white nation whereas Antifa wants to make America brown again. They both want socialism for the country just for different people. We call those people statists.

      Don’t forget that Republicans are still very pro Israel/Jewish and anti Islam. This guy killed Jewish people and hated Trump for being part of their political plans. So if Trump is the Republicans party, this man hated Republicans enough to commit a terrorist attack against their allies.

      • Wow, you’ve alllmooooost got a cogent world view there. Much better than most guys here, ill give you that. You must be significantly younger than most of the booze and pill addled geriatrics posting.

        • “You must be significantly younger than most of the booze and pill addled geriatrics posting.”

          I am not booze and pill addled; I am addled by nature, no reinforcement needed.

  12. Never gonna happen, but what if after the convictions and appeals we had 100% certain street corner executions for all surviving, mass shooters. Guaranteed to prevent recedivism. Time to eliminate the middle (MSM) man. Live feed, real time, instant replay, continuous, totally unrestricted, broadband, worldwide, internet coverage of everything but their faces, names, causes, motivations and organizations. Let them die with a bag on their heads, anonymously and without any sick, twisted sense of honor. Repeat as necessary…-30-

  13. Some of my relevant posts from last week’s “A House Divided Against Itself Cannot Stand.

    A lot of white men claim they are the rightful rulers of all humans throughout the world. That they are the supreme of all races. That women are irrelevant to progress and should only contribute inside the home. That their religion should be the way of life for all. And whatever else the Alt Right spew out.

    Without an actual diverse group you are limited… Group identity and group think becomes strong, which leads to imperial conquest and tyranny against the other. Progression of the human species becomes stunted by tribalism over ideas. The potential for great leaps in human evolution is artificially suppressed for the more intelligent and ruthless to maintain control over the masses.

    Good ideas are more important than your environmental mutations. You should rally behind the proper ideas rather than people that look like you. If you genuinely think white people are more important than human rights under law, you would return to your people’s ancestral homeland to retain its greatness. If you stay in America you are here for the ideas not race, ethnicity, gender or religion.

    I wouldn’t artificially limit the 2A crowd to white Christian males. Sure, that was the beginning of the NRA, but it could also be the ending. Same applies to the country as a whole. If you can’t get the proper ideas into the heads of everyone you are doomed because the only other option is war.

    You should know by now that Democrats pervert the definition of words as one of their tactics. They redefined “diversity” to mean something bad. They successfully manipulated you into tribal politics instead of protecting human rights with all like minded people. If you continue to believe diversity of people united for liberty is bad, then you are telling me to GTFO, which is obviously self defeating division.

    You lose your country in war. You don’t only lose yourself and your family.

    You will be fighting for a Nationalist Socialist Imperialist party against a Globalist Communist Dictatorial party. I don’t see any winning there.

    • Sooner or later, it all comes down to what has to be the most pragmatic battle cry of all time…
      “Kill them all, the Lord will know His own.”

      Remember, before you strike the final blow…only the dead have seen the end of war. -30-

  14. Probably atypical “Deep State/ false flag operation” to undermine the US constitutional Bill of Rights… Of course, it will Target specifically the Second Amendment “, and collaterally, other Liberties. By linking this incident, or event to high crimes of this nature nationally. To provide momentum to self-empowered Politcians eager with ambition. To convince the masses into surrending THEIR rights, freedoms, and Liberties as a whole to infringe upon those who WON’T conform…The self-empowered politicians will attempt to initialize authoritarianism and tyranny through illegal legislation under the disguise of public safety…To restrict/prohibt/ban/regulate/eliminate, any 2nd Amendment freedoms and liberties a US citizen may have…Then the politicians will stack the *(KANGAROO)* court systems with like- minded judges so the aggrieved will not receive justice for the constitutional infringements…Then the self-empowered politicians will utilize the local/city/state paramilitarized, police departments to enforce draconian policies through Force of Arms by Big Government….Definition of Tyranny….

    • Life is so sweet, and peace so dear, we will gladly purchase both at the price of chains and slavery because….

      The government we have is our fault, our fruit, our master. At that freedom and liberty stuff is a huge mental burden to be dragged along everywhere you go. The Soviets (now the Russians) had it right – freedom requires too many decisions. With restricted freedoms, we can spend more time with friends and family, living in the same spaces. We must keep in mind those things that are really important to the family unit. Beats, Candy Crush, Alexa, all that stuff is nothing compared to sitting around a warm oven, drinking potato derivatives, singing the old songs, and swapping lies about the way things once were.


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