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“Supporters believe early indications show that Maryland’s gun control law has been successful,” reports (although the lead in the station’s video report makes no such equivocations). “Gun deaths in Maryland have gone down 24% in just the first five months of 2014, according to Maryland State Police and the Governors Office of Crime Control and Prevention.” The crime fighting wunderbill in question: SB281. The post-Newtown bill banned the sale or transfer of “large-capacity ammo magazines” and 45 types of semiautomatic weapons. Now you may be wondering . . .

how banning the sale or transfer of Steyr-AUG-SA rifles (for example) would reduce crime. Or how many less standard capacity ammunition magazines are now in the hands of Maryland’s criminals, and what difference that could possibly make to the type or frequency of their criminal activities. Or how making it more difficult for non-criminals to get a concealed carry permit would lower crime.

Let’s ask high-fiving gun control advocate Vincent Demarco of Marylanders to Prevent Gun Violence . . .

Vincent Demarco of Marylanders to Prevent Gun Violence said the law was not entirely responsible for the decrease in gun fatalities, but he said gun control works.

Ladies and gentlemen, there is the exact kind of “thinking” that transformed a passel of unconstitutional provisions into law. Demarco has nothing, nothing, factual upon which to base his conclusion. His agenda is powered by nothing more than blind faith. And when your faith is blind, everything is a sign that you’re right.

If Maryland’s firearms-related crime had gone up, Demarco would have simply insisted that the new laws weren’t tough enough. And continued his campaign to destroy Old Line Staters natural, civil and Constitutionally protected right to keep arms, free from any government infringement.

As we reported back in the day, Free State (really) law enforcement officials knew that SB281 was security theater (at best). The Governor’s aid muzzled State Police Commander Captain Jack McCauley when legislators asked if the bill would reduce crime. I repeat, he was told not to answer the question. Which means this statement should come as no surprise.

Wicomico Sheriff Mike Lewis said he receives an executive summary report every day detailing the amount of gun fatalities in Maryland and homicides are down across the entire state, but he says it isn’t related to the law.

“I commend law enforcement largely for the reduction of homicides. It has absolutely nothing to do with the passing of the Firearm Safety Act of 2013. Nothing at all,” said Sheriff Mike Lewis.

Former police officer Michael Levy says the Firearm Safety Act has adversely effected law-abiding citizens making it harder for them to get guns. He said gun sales have remained steady in Maryland for a number of years.

“Now that we have more armed citizens in Maryland that are legally allowed to be armed that’s a contributing factor to the reduction in handgun crime, but overall death by firearms has been going down repeatedly for ten years in this country,” said Michael Levy.

That’s pretty convincing, yes? What’s a pro gun control newspaper to do with that kind of expert testimony? Wave the bloody shirt, of course!

As a mother of three Tracy Linsmeier of Ocean Pines believes the world is getting to be an unsafe place, and any law that could help protect her children is a good thing. She believes the act has been successful.

“I think the new law probably directly correlates to why there is less gun violence and less deaths, because maybe some of the wrong people don’t have those guns and then they’re not committing those crimes,” said Tracy Linsmeier.

A hearing is scheduled for Tuesday in Baltimore to discuss whether to dismiss challenges to the law in Maryland.

What’s the bet the challenges will be dismissed as easily as the legislature dismissed rational thinking, factual evidence and common sense?

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  1. I’ll get in before Dirk and say that at least the reporter is cute…article really doesn’t quite match the tone of the headline tho does it?

      • 🙂

        She is cute, but I bet she is not whiny and maintains control within her home by withholding sexual favors. like Shannon.

        • Sexual Favors?

          I’ve never heard of those. At this household, there’s frequent mutually agreed sexual activity. No obligations, but no inhibitions either.

          Ex: Her: Studying for miniboards.
          Me: “Let’s go”
          Her: “Gimme an hour, and you can rut me like a dragon.”
          Me: *schwing*

  2. I wish there was a way to redirect the grabbers’ energies into something useful.

    I know … How about getting them to lobby for setting pi equal to three? (Or 22/7 if they’re feeling frisky?) Think about how many more children wouldn’t feel discouraged by math!

    • Or,,, capping volcanoes. There are approx. 1500 active ones around the globe at any one time. The first five minutes of an eruption from any of them spews more noxious gasses and solids than created by all of mankind ever by a multiple of 200x. It would help them achieve a balance with their environment and would be a good way of reducing their carbon footprint.

      • Bullsnooze. The U.S. Congress emits more noxious gas in a single day than all the volcanoes in history. Everybody knows that, it’s just common sense.

      • @ Joe R: Maybe you’re hyperbolizing but the fact is that per year humans put 100 times more carbon dioxide into the atmosphere as all volcano eruptions combined. Hell, cars and pickups alone put out 10 times more CO2 than volcanoes. This is known because it has been measured.

        • Fun fact from science:

          Trees take in carbon dioxide and emit oxygen. The forests and fields act like lungs for nature.

          Carry on – Honey Boo Boo will be on soon.

    • Yeah, the gun-grabbers could get a higher return on investment with their time and resources by focusing on other problems.

      Say, for example, hospital-associated infections, which number over 700,000 a year and result in over 75,000 deaths.

      No rights would be violated in tackling that problem.

      CDC Healthcare-associated infections

    • Agreed. I could definitely use some volunteers to help collect signatures for my petition to stop plate tectonics. It’s for the continents! Won’t somebody please think of the continents?!

    • Indeed. “Sticking their fingers in wall outlets” and “Playing in traffic” come to mind immediately.

    • Maybe get the leftists on board to ban dihydrogen monoxide? It’s everywhere, even in our food supply! If you swallow too much it can kill you! People die every day from dihydrogen monoxide poisoning!

      • Absolutely! Dihydrogen monoxide is also know to erode the earth’s surface and if too much of it comes in contact with brakes of motorized vehicles( including school buses), it can cause them to fail resulting in possible injury or death.

        We need more people to band together to rid this poison from our country. The people of Maryland should lead this charge for the school bus children everywhere!

  3. Ah, yes, “expert” opinion from a gun-fearing mother of three, because having children makes you an expert on firearms and the law…

    • I’ve always wondered about how much a woman changes once she becomes a mother. They all change to some extent but it seems to me that the majority of women who I knew as young women without children became intolerable to me when they became mothers.

      • But show a woman how to protect herself with a gun, and she will change dramatically. It is amazing to watch. Her confidence increases and her fear decreases. She learns that she no longer needs anyone to protect her, that she is free.

      • After my wife had our second child she changed for the better. She realized I’m not home during the day, or with her when she goes to town, and that there is no way she could try and escape from someone trying to do her harm while towing two children around. So after a lot of training and range time she decided she wanted to get her CCL.

      • Yeah, some of them become experts on anything that could pose a threat to their kid(s) (which is literally everything) after they become mothers.

      • My wife went the opposite direction (with some help from me). She didn’t like guns when we first met, but now ten years later, as a mother of three, she’s all about anything to protect her kids.

      • I think it’s a reflection of our soft, marshmallow culture. Mothers naturally want to protect their children, but our society has fed woman a constant stream of anxiety-inducing messages and advertising. So women don’t know how to engage their protective impulses.

        Women (and men) in this country used to have grit, now they have double-latte espresso frappacino mocha blends at $10 a pop.

        She just needs to be invited to a gun range so she can feel how empowered she can be defending herself and her children with a firearm.

        That’ll lower the anxiety level.

        I speak from experience in observing my wife. She has come home all “kick ass” after having taken various shooting classes from NRA instructors who are mothers.

        Separately, I’ve also taken a defensive pistol class from a different mother NRA instructor. I’d want her in a firefight; better than a few male instructors I’ve had.

        • You’re definitely on to something. The classic paradigm of marriage was, among other things, that it served to civilize men and to protect women. Well.

          Now the men are overcivilized to the point of being emasculated and neither willing nor able to lead the protection of their families. Meanwhile, women have been conditioned to accept that deficiency and expect the government now to fulfill that function.

          The problem is, there are still some seriously uncivilized guys out there who will smash your face and trash your place to get what they want when they want it. Latte swilling milquetoast husbands aren’t up to the job of protection, and with police response times being what they are, well, you get the picture.

  4. Gun control is a cult just as you eluded too. These types worship it and they are perfectly willing to sacrifice rights and even life to achieve their progressive vision. IMO these are the types of people that would have been nazis or Bolsheviks back in the day.

    • They are Nazis and Bolsheviks, they just don’t have the government they want yet to set their plans for utopia in motion.

  5. Obviously give the belief of a woman on the street more credibility than the Sheriff that receives reports every single day and is engaged every day in crime prevention because she has three children. Why don’t they say how many children the Sheriff has? That seems to be a crucial material point for them.

    • They would say that the sheriff is busy working all day so he doesn’t really raise any children, his wife does.

    • I know, right? Five minutes ago, the antis’ argument was, in the case of may-issue carry permits, that the chief law enforcement officer was omnicient and provident and clearly the one whose opinion should matter most on firearms laws.

      Yet, when it comes to assessing the impact of phony security theater firearms infringements hopping on the band wagon of long trending decreases in crime, then suddenly the CLEO’s expertise gets trumped by someone who managed to give birth a few times.

      • Especially in Ocean Pines, which is where the libs from DC and the Maryland burbs go to await the Grim Reaper after they retire.

  6. This episode of “Security Theater’ has been sponsored by the good folk at Marylanders to Prevent Gun Violence.
    It’s scary to think that people actually believe this crap makes a difference…

    • That’s because if they didn’t, they might have to actually do something real and hard to make a difference.

  7. Wait, did Maryland actually ban Desert Eagles, or is that just the first image that popped into their heads when they thought “guns”?

    • I did not see them on the list, and there were a few for sale at a shop in Timonium.

      Give them a year. They’ll add it to the list.

    • Handguns can only be purchased after getting the Handgun Qualification License. To acquire it, one must get fingerprinted, pay a state fee of $50, and get State mandated training if you don’t already own a regulated firearm in Maryland.

      There’s a second lawsuit on deck aimed towards the HQL…

      • Handguns can only be purchased after getting the Handgun Qualification License. To acquire it, one must get fingerprinted, pay a state fee of $50, and get State mandated training if you don’t already own a regulated firearm in Maryland.

        How is that significantly different from a Poll Tax?

      • That’s only step one. Step two is applying separately to carry. I feel like I dropped back into 1970s Illinois.

  8. This makes me cringe like a man watching undulating lies. Which describes my situation. It’s terrible, it’s why I’m not ever going to that state.

  9. I think some commenters have hit the nail on the head – gun control really does act like a cult. You feel good about yourself surrounding yourself with people of the same belief system (“common sense gun control voters”), you demonize anyone outside of your cult/religion/gang (“gun nuts who worship at the altar of the NRA to make up for their lack of manhood”), and you reject anything that disproves your belief system (“no effect on crime? Lies! Heresy! Infidels! Next thing you’ll do is say that the Earth is round!”).

    If they thought they could get away with burning us at the stake they would – for the children. As long as Shannon could get a cropped photo op showing “broad grassroots support for the burning of the infidels by common-sense believers.”

  10. You can see it every day on all the cable news channels. You can see it on the broadcast channels evening news shows. Journalism, if it ever actually existed, is dead dead dead. You have 23 year old numbnuts who have never lived a life reporting with all the emotion they usually muster up for the latest indie band. They are all shooting for the big network gig and the big money. They couldn’t describe buying a soda without using hyperbolic language. Sad part is that the rest of society has picked up on this knee jerk adrenalin charged reaction to every single event in life and world. So if crime goes down, scream about it. If crime goes up, scream about it. Our side is not immune either. How many “home invasion” stories do I get on social media or blogs every day. TERROR !! They are coming for you ! Chicago is aflame !! TERROR ! Everyone’s guns are going to be taken away !! TERROR ! It never stops….

  11. Same stuff, different state. Emotions > Logic, Reason or Facts. If they can tug at your emotional IQ they know they can make your mental IQ = 0. It really is that simple. They also believe that if they repeat the same lies over and over again that somehow it becomes true.

    I will defer to George Costanza — “It’s not a lie, if you believe it.”

    It must be interesting to live you life telling one lie after another.

  12. They have also changed the way crime gets reported , so that some items are not listed as major crime, they are cooking the books to look good …the oldest scam ever. Maryland is controlled votes, when I was there the Dems. gave out walk around money, a big food and BEER event to get votes…

      • No I am not a Dem. and never voted DEM… I said Md. they buy the votes and it’s legal as it’s not called vote buying just a little party , now in Fl.. but know people in Md. and Md. is a liberal gate to hell…in all forms..

  13. “They have also changed the way crime gets reported , so that some items are not listed as major crime, they are cooking the books to look good …the oldest scam ever.”

    Also known as Bloomberg Math.

      • I’m kind of puzzled why New Hampshire doesn’t have Constitutional Carry yet. I’d think the FSP folks that are getting elected into the state legislature will get that done eventually.

        • Because progressives have been relocating there from the failed utopian dream called Massachusetts.

          Once in New Hampshire, they will do everything possible to avoid learning from their mistakes, and will foist their enlightenment and wisdom upon the backward natives.

  14. Ya know, I kinda have to go off on a different tack here. The report did not have to include that interview with the sheriff or the former cop. If you look at it, they showed three people, and two of them said the new law had nothing to do with the decline in shooting deaths. And those two were cops. And they didn’t talk to any pseudo-intellectual policy wonks from the local gun-grabbers outfit, as they well could have (presumably). Are they really that sure that one mom with no data behind her trumps two cops, who they were careful to point out actually look at the related data? Maybe we should cut these guys some slack on this one. You certainly can’t accuse them of not giving the gun rights side of the story.

    • But what’s her expertise on the subject?

      “believes the world is getting to be an unsafe place”
      (Belief, not data. Probably result of media bias. Most people think crime is up, when in fact it’s down.)

      “any law that could help protect her children is a good thing.”
      (Anything that could conceivably protect children? How about banning cars and swimming pools.)

      “She believes the act has been successful.”
      (Belief vs. being able to point to causality.)

      “I think the new law probably directly correlates”
      (Probably? Where is the research to support the correlation?)

      “because maybe some of the wrong people don’t have those guns”
      (Because maybe? Some? Sound like magical thinking. Like “gun free zone” signs.)

      Apologies for duplicate comment. Fat fingered the keyboard.

    • Well, exactly, that’s kind of my point. She isn’t presented as any kind of expert. And they didn’t present any gun-grabber ‘experts”, who should be a dime a dozen. I mean, maybe they (the newsies ) really believe one “mom”, with no other claim to any expertise on the subject, will nevertheless trump the two “pro-gun” side cops. But that’s hard to believe–cops, the one set of government employees that everyone, statists included, presumably likes and trusts? From the actual content presented, this actually looks more weighted toward the non-anti side of the issue.

      • Agreed, Robert.

        Given that it’s a broadcast about Maryland, they could have found some “expert” on gun control if they’d really wanted to … although this is the Delmarva news station, not Baltimore or DC. The eastern shore of Maryland (counties east of the Chesapeake Bay) aren’t strongly pro-gun control, certainly not as much as the central part of the state.

        • If they’re going to find a liberal under 30 anywhere in the Delmarva area, it has to be in Ocean Pines. The place reminds me of “The Village.”

  15. the number of people murdered in 2012 with all types of rifles was on the single digits. Somehow banning a sub-class of rifles has decreased the murder relate by 25% so far?
    Just wait we still have plenty I time or Baltimore to pick up the pace and make up the numbers.

  16. Good article. Not only does the spokesperson for a state law enforcement group state that the law didn’t have anything to do with the decrease in crime, but the spokesperson for an ANTI gun group agrees the law hasn’t done anything. The feelings of a Suburban mother of 3 evidently trumps everything else though…

  17. “What’s the bet the challenges will be dismissed as easily as the legislature dismissed rational thinking, factual evidence and common sense?”

    With the judge a Clinton appointee….odds are 5:2 against

  18. This law has done and will do nothing for Maryland crime. The criminals in PG and Bawlmer aren’t blasting each other with ARs and AKs, nor are they bothering to get a HQL for their gats. Of course it’s easier to demonize us Maryland gun owners than to address the real problem – grinding, cyclical poverty and the failed drug war. Truth doesn’t matter to Annapolis.

  19. Funny,

    Leading up to October 1st, the state was complaining that the number of background checks for guns what at it “Highest Ever.” So yeah, I guess you could argue the law was a success. Tens of Thousands more MD residents have taken their personal security into their own hands, and maybe the criminals are realizing it! It was a veritable “Frenzy!”

    “So far this year (August 2013) there have been more than 72,000 firearms applications. This year on average, 2,300 new applications come in each week–triple the number of applications they were handling each week in 2010.” from this website:

    Or how about these two quotes from a June 8 2013 article (

    “An unprecedented surge of applications to purchase guns has overwhelmed Maryland’s system for checking out the buyers.”


    “The rush to buy guns began in Maryland after the December shooting at a Connecticut elementary school sparked talk of tougher gun control laws, and it has continued at a record pace. In the first four months of this year, more applications were filed than in the entire period of 2008 to 2011. More than 57,000 applications had been received by the end of May.”

    Yeah, record numbers of Maryland residents have firearms now. John Lott would approve. But as stated above, Annapolis doesn’t care. The liberal spin is winning the weak minds as they spread their lies.

  20. Gun control advocates proclaiming victory? Reminds me of Wimp Lo from Kung Pow: “I’m bleeding…making me the victor!” If they’re winning, everyone’s losing.

  21. Amazingly, I can’t find the referenced report from the Maryland Governor’s Office of Crime Control and Prevention. Shocked, I know.

    Anyway, knowing the actual numbers from said report is critical to assessing the impact of Maryland’s gun-control law, which from what I can tell, primarily banned so-called “assault” weapons.

    Since we don’t know the actual numbers without seeing the report, let’s go with aggregate FBI statistics, which show that so-called “assault” weapons are used to commit fewer homicides than the common hammer.

    (In 2010, there were 12,996 murder victims, of whom 8,775 are listed as a firearm being the cause of death. Of those firearm-related murders, 6,009 were committed with handguns, 358 were committed with rifles, and 373 were committed with shotguns. For comparison, 745 murders were committed with bare hands/feet, and 540 were committed with clubs/hammers.)

    So, logic would dictate that the vast majority of a 24% reduction in gun-related homicides must come from a reduction in *handgun*-related homicides.

    Yet: handguns aren’t a part of Maryland’s gun-control law, which banned so-called “assault” weapons.

    What we really need to see, then, is the change in rate of deaths by guns actually banned by the law. Have they gone down? If so, at what rate? And is that rate significantly different from the rate at which such deaths have *already* been declining?

    (Questions only John Lott can answer, perhaps?)

    • The contention that a decrease in the homicide rate is related to a gun ban passed only five months earlier is provably fallacious. First, the “time to crime” for any given gun is usually measured in years. Most people don’t run out, buy a gun, and then use it to shoot someone. Typically, the gun is stolen, sold and resold in the black market, and ultimately recovered at a “crime scene”. Second, as noted, few rifles are used to commit crimes, much less semi-automatic rifles with or without “extended magazines.” Third, there is no factual–or logical–basis to suggest that someone who cannot buy a semi-automatic rifle will be deterred from committing a crime, as opposed to using some other more available firearm (like a handgun). And finally, any reduction caused by the law would necessarily have to be predicated on a reduction in the available supply of such rifles in the state, and since the law does not seize guns, there has been no reduction in the supply other than those weapons seized by the police (a number that must be assumed as being negligible compared to the total number available).

  22. The black suits on the supreme court have already indicated that the 2nd Amendment only applies to the Federal government. They are basically cherry picking which parts of the Constitution apply only to the Federal government, and which parts apply to all levels of government. How else are they going to justify their lavish pay and lifestyle?

    Expect the Federal courts to continue to allow the States to infringe on your 2nd Amendment rights as much and as often as they choose.

    • The black suits on the supreme court have already indicated that the 2nd Amendment only applies to the Federal government.

      Where do you get that? They just slapped Chicago and D.C. for violations, neither of which is the Federal government.

  23. If you want a laugh, follow the baltimore police twitter feed. They post a selection of firearms they have confiscated. Some of them are pretty, er, vintage. Duct tape, rust, faux mother of pearl grips right from the 70s…

    Thankfully, there has not been a single murder since Oct of 2013. In my neighborhood, anyway.

  24. “As a mother of three Tracy Linsmeier of Ocean Pines believes the world is getting to be an unsafe place,”

    The next time someone wakes up and thinks that thought, they need to stop and think again. Is it really logical to believe that armed psychos are out to get you and your children more and more every day? Or is the terror they are really feeling the death of their child like innocence as they become parents and thus become more aware of the truth of the world around them.

    Dear Parents of America,
    The truth about guns is: they have been around all along. Just because you are only now becoming aware of it does not make the world more dangerous. And does not mean people are out to get you or your kids. It means you haven’t been paying attention. Time to put on your grown-up pants and teach your children to deal with the inevitable risks of living. Before you raise a future generation that won’t be able to wipe their own asses without government approval. Remember, “The ultimate result of shielding men from the effects of folly is to fill the world with fools.” -Herbert Spencer

    • FTA:

      “”Assault weapons are a subclass of unreasonably dangerous firearms developed and adopted for their military effectiveness, with features appropriate for military and some law-enforcement purposes, but which are not commonly owned generally, or commonly used for self-defense,” Fader and his colleagues wrote.”

      …which is why our military are all running around with AR-15s? Oh, wait…

      Oh, and under the second amendment: anything appropriate for law-enforcement purposes is equally appropriate for private ownership.

  25. Ocean Pines? Really? A retirement/golf community on the other side of Assawoman Bay from Ocean City sheltered from reality? No wonder she thinks that way.

    Maryland is a lost cause anyway hence why I moved to Florida. When you have a 75% urban population that always votes one way then you get the one party corruption that is Maryland.

    However what is the scariest part of it all is where I grew up in Montgomery County, the center of progtard land. A county that charges a bag tax because D.C. did it. One of the highest taxes in Maryland (shocker). Where old rich Bethesda meshes with new rich Potomac wall to wall with elitism all up and down the I-270 corridor. Where the price of a single, shitty townhouse could buy several other single family homes in the unsheltered part of America. Where speed cameras mesh with traffic cameras to run a money – making scam. The epitome of NIMBY, self-entitled, self-righteous, arrogance on a level that is beyond comprehension.

    I say this for two reasons:

    1) This county runs Maryland and home to the elite thereof. It was the main driver behind the FSA. There are more people living here than in Baltimore as well as more money.

    2) It is the future of America my friends. Something the federal government looks forward to as a model of indoctrination and keeping the herd in check.

    So be afraid, be very afraid.

    • Nope for #2 – the future of America is DC. They try it there first because it isn’t a state and is a manageable size with a docile population that accepts everything they are told.

  26. According to a Baltimore Sun article I found, five people were killed with rifles in Maryland in 2012. Based on those numbers, I’m curious how the anti-gun analysts managed to twist anti-“assault rifle” legislation into a large reduction in crime rates.

  27. After years of reading news articles on “gun control” I have finally figured out there is a sort of “formula” that’s followed. When there is actual, numerical evidence to support some contention by the gun control lobby they will cite it early in an article with attribution (e.g. “According to the CDC….” or “based on a study by Harvard medical…”). But when they have no concrete statistics it doesn’t stop them from throwing out some magical numbers, usually attributed to unnamed “studies” or non-specific sources.

    But any time they feel there isn’t enough evidence to support their cause, they trot out “the weeping woman” — in this case it’s a fearful mother who believes, incorrectly, that crime is on the rise — towards the end of the article so you remember that, not the lack of stats. Other times it’s some tearful mother lamenting the loss of a child “gunned down on the street” by murderous gang members or other criminals.

  28. So, in short, “we don’t have any actual evidence to back up our claim, so here is a random person off the street who has no credibility or understanding in the subject saying that they’re absolutely sure that this gun control has made people safer.”
    That feels like CNN saying “we couldn’t find anyone official looking to back up our claim that the sky is falling, so here is this crazy homeless guy from the street corner who is just sure that the sky is indeed falling.”
    Sure, the CDC and the FBI might have great studies backing up the pro-gun side that guns are used way more in defense of people and property than they’re used in crimes, but the anti-gunners have this random Mom telling us how evil guns are!

  29. A Country Founded by Geniuses but Run by Idiots!

    If you can get arrested for hunting or fishing without a license, but
not for entering and remaining in the country illegally — you might 
live in a nation that was founded by geniuses but is run by idiots.
    If you have to get your parents’ permission to go on a field trip or 
to take an aspirin in school, but not to get an abortion — you might 
live in a nation that was founded by geniuses but is run by idiots.
    If you MUST show your identification to board an airplane, cash a 
check, buy liquor, or check out a library book and rent a video, but not
to vote for who runs the government — you might live in a nation that 
was founded by geniuses but is run by idiots.
    If the government wants to prevent stable, law-abiding citizens from 
owning gun magazines that hold more than ten rounds, but gives twenty 
F-16 fighter jets to the crazy new leaders in Egypt — you might live in a
nation that was founded by geniuses but is run by idiots.
    If, in the nation’s largest city, you can buy two 16-ounce sodas, but
not one 24-ounce soda, because 24-ounces of a sugary drink might make 
you fat — you might live in a nation that was founded by geniuses but is
run by idiots.
    If an 80-year-old woman or a three-year-old girl who is confined to a
wheelchair can be strip-searched by the TSA at the airport, but a woman
in a burka or a hijab is only subject to having her neck and head 
searched — you might live in a nation that was founded by geniuses but 
is run by idiots.
    If your government believes that the best way to eradicate trillions 
of dollars of debt is to spend trillions more — you might live in a 
nation that was founded by geniuses but is run by idiots.
    If a seven-year-old boy can be thrown out of school for saying his 
teacher is “cute,” but hosting a sexual exploration or diversity class 
in grade school is perfectly acceptable — you might live in a nation 
that was founded by geniuses but is run by idiots.
    If hard work and success are met with higher taxes and more 
government regulation and intrusion, while not working is rewarded with 
Food Stamps, WIC checks, Medicaid benefits, subsidized housing, and free
cell phones — you might live in a nation that was founded by geniuses 
but is run by idiots.
    If the government’s plan for getting people back to work is to 
provide incentives for not working, by granting 99 weeks of unemployment
checks, without any requirement to prove that gainful employment was 
diligently sought, but couldn’t be found — you might live in a nation 
that was founded by geniuses but is run by idiots.
    If you pay your mortgage faithfully, denying yourself the newest 
big-screen TV, while your neighbor buys iPhones, time shares, a 
wall-sized do-it-all plasma screen TV and new cars, and the government 
forgives his debt when he defaults on his mortgage — you might live in a
nation that was founded by geniuses but is run by idiots.
    If being stripped of your Constitutional right to defend yourself 
makes you more “safe” according to the government — you might live in a 
nation that was founded by geniuses but is run by idiots.

    If the media panders to your openly socialist leader while the IRS targets groups with dissenting views— you might live in a nation that was founded by geniuses but is run by idiots.
    If your government ‘cracks down’ on legal gun sales to law abiding citizens while secretly supplying illegal guns to Mexican drug cartels— you might live in a nation that was founded by geniuses but is run by idiots.
    If your local government (Chicago) outlawed gun ownership for ‘the safety of its citizens’ and now boasts the worst murder rate in the country — you might live in a nation that was founded by geniuses but is run by idiots.
    What a country!
    How about we give God a reason to continue blessing America?
    This was borrowed from another blog, please spread it far and wide!

  30. “… Tracy Linsmeier of Ocean Pines believes the world is getting to be an unsafe place, and any law that could help protect her children is a good thing.”

    So how about a law that all infant children have to be lobotomized? We would have a safe, violence free society in just over a generation. Think of it. Peace in our time! Wait, didn’t some other guy once say that?

  31. I’ll say this short if anyone is for gun control, then imagine your family when someone breaks in…
    Wait 20 minutes for cops to come while your family suffers. What if, they killed you? How about call 911 and wait 20 min for them to assess and clean the mess because you chose to protect your family and no one died except possibly the one who tried to rob your family’s lives? Think about it…


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