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While some still try to sell gun control after nationwide rioting, looting and a few high-profile police misconduct cases, Americans aren’t buying it. Instead, they’re buying guns and ammo at a record pace. In fact, they are buying so much that gun shops simply can’t keep product on the shelves.

In the Chicagoland suburbs, one big gun shop sold out of two pallets of 9mm ball ammo in three days after the rioting started, 128,000 rounds.  While full metal jacket ammo makes for good practice ammo, in a pinch it surely beats nothing for those without defensive ammunition.

Image by Boch for TTAG/GSL.

Meanwhile, in the middle of flyover country, stores like the Stock and Field farm store photographed above from Pontiac, Illinois tell the tale.  While they have a few boxes of .40 S&W remaining, their stock of common self-defense handgun calibers remains nil.

The most popular self-defense calibers like 9mm and 5.56 sold out long ago. They printed up a bright sign to answer the most commonly asked questions at their gun counter.

They haven’t added .380 or .38 Special to the sign. And the only .45 they have comes in $200 battlepacks of ball ammo.

While practice ammo can occasionally be found, self-defense loads tend to sell out within hours of hitting the shelves.

Firearm selection among common self-defense calibers also remains quite thin. Sure, you can buy a single-action revolver in .22 caliber or maybe .45 Colt, but finding your preferred 9mm pistol in Middle America will prove…challenging.

The buying surge has even garnered some ink in the USA Today documenting the real world conditions on the ground at gun shops across America.

Angel Rambert, 26, bought her first gun on Monday after weekend protests tore through Atlanta, demolishing storefronts and stirring civil unrest.

An AT&T store across from her apartment in Buckhead, Georgia, was ransacked, Rambert said. And owning a gun would give her a greater sense of safety.

“During the times we’re living in, you just never know what might happen,” Rambert said.

She was met with long lines at two nearby gun shops when she went to purchase a pistol. “At first, I was surprised at the number of people, but I was happy to see so many of us exercising our amendments,” Rambert said.

…Gun and ammunition sales have lifted since mid-March when the pandemic was declared. And higher-than-average sales continued through May. Now, there are signs that gun sales may start to surge again in June.

Local media in Alabama reported an uptick in gun sales on Monday after peaceful protests took place in downtown Birmingham. And gun stores in the Los Angeles area also have had customers lining up to buy, captured across news reports.

When USA Today covers the run on guns — and people exercising their amendments — you know it’s really bad. Or good.

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    • When you look at the economics of the Revolution and find out that only 3% were patriots and %2 were Tories, you come up with %95 not having a “heart” for either cause….. and I guarantee %100 of that %95 were armed anyway.

      • I never agreed with that 3% claim. If that 3% was accurate it still fails to account for the numbers of folks that fed, clothed, armed and paid those 3% that were at the sharp end of the stick.

        • Tomahawk wielding Mel Gibson was a 95%er until they killed his son and burned his farm. Then he stabbed all the British to death with an American flag pole thus single handedly winning The American Revolution.

        • Very true. My father was seriously into study of the American Revolution, had numerous books and papers on it. Many magazines and journals. I recall as a kid reading of the support given by all kinds of people. Farmers, fishermen, shopkeepers in towns, craftsmen and property owners. Even doctors and lawyers and local politicians. Many mre supported the fighers than did the fighting.

          This is true of any army really. Especially so in time of war, those doing the fighting have many more than their own numbers back home providing material support.

        • Right… they are called support. They are not the tip of the spear. The 3% is the tip. Sometimes, all it takes is just the tip 😉

        • “Right… they are called support. They are not the tip of the spear.”

          If you don’t have substantial support, you can’t wage an effective war.

          And they waged effective war. It wasn’t an easy slog, but they kept going when they had to…

        • Does that change the smaller percentage being the riflemen? Pretty sure it doesn’t. Sure, there was probably closer to 30% of the population in direct support, give or take… but the number of actual fighters amassed to around 3%, and that is where the name comes from and why. That’s all. No need to really look too far into it as most of you seem to be.

          “See old friend, I brought more soldiers than you did”.
          (it’s a joke, don’t get butthur or take it too literal either)
          Thanks for the support.

        • This is for California Richard. The Patriot is one of the greatest movies ever made and more movies about the American Revolution should be made. The part I liked, besides the battle scenes, was how they depicted life during those times. The movie was great with great actors but the critics hammered it hard so it wasn’t as successful at the box office as it might have been. My understanding of the colonists was that 1/3 were for the war, 1/3 were neutral(ish), and 1/3 were Tories. The best third won!

      • Even look today for our modern army it takes 6 people to support one unwashed hard charging army grunt, plus the extra coloring books and canyons for the marines when they deploy.

        • clearly,..”The Patriot” took some liberties with history…as they did with “Braveheart”…what is it with Mel Gibson and the Brits??????

        • I really can’t substantiate this story but a nurse in my nursing home told me that when she was in the navy serving aboard a carrier. She had to stock up on Snoopy bandaids for the pilots.

        • My Crayon eating days have long since passed, but Green was the best… amirite?

        • I always knew Marines were ballsy, but DAMN! They carry their own damn CANYONS when they deploy? Like the natural terrain is for wimps?

          And Snoopy bandaids for pilots makes perfect sense.

          And Not Larry from Texas, why the hell not?

        • Lol , tired , can’t spell , auto correct fail and and a goof.

          :: concedes defeat on this one :::

    • I’d like to hand out some advice to everyone here:

      Keep in mind *right now* is actually the most dangerous time of this SHTF scenario. Right now is actually the best time to avoid a fight as much as you can.

      Right now the Left is able to operate at 100% full octane, firing on all cylinders. They have the power of the mob, and the media at their back, and they have all levels of government terrified.
      The government still maintains a degree of authority, but only toward those the mob finds undesirable.

      Right now there’s still enough government to come after you for having to defend yourself. Right now there’s still enough infrastructure to maintain a media machine that has the power to find you guilty on the spot.

      This is why the left *right now*, is at their zenith. The wind is at their back and the feel invincible…

      This really is the time for you to stay out of the cities. Let me repeat that:


      If you are in the city right now, you should seriously consider bugging out. It’s only going to get worse before the damn breaks.

      You do not want to be in jail when this all comes down.

      The Left’s seemingly invincible gains over the last month will come to end, one way or another. Most conflicts actually work like this. The side that initiates the war comes in with the momentum and looks unbeatable, but they get cocky, get bold, over extend themselves.. and then they run into a cold hard wall of steel and lead.

      ISIS was the same way. Suddenly they blitzkrieg’d through Syria and Iraq, and many thought all of Mesopotamia would quickly succumb.. but where is ISIS today?

      Nazi Germany and imperial japan worked on the same principle, and where are they today?

      Napoleon also rapidly conquered a continent, and how long did the “continental system“ last?

      Let the left have their cities. Let them feel invincible. This war isn’t going to be over by Christmas and when they really get what they want, when the government is truly neutered or non existent, they will learn just like many that cane before them.

      • Let them have their cities? No. That is not how America works. Your advice for the most part is pretty obvious, not going to argue there, but let them continue to oppress innocents? No. There will never be not enough government for them to punish whoever they want to punish. The difference is when you allow them to.

        • I am not going into the cities to hunt them down at this point, though I believe that will come. But if I lived in the city (the thought makes me shudder), I certainly would not be allowing these fruitbars to do shit. There are many opportunities to do small but destructive things to them, from puncturing their tires to making anonymous phone calls, without serious risk.

        • Yeah, and it’s sad it will come to that, but war is hell, and they would not second guess doing it to you. Disable them in any way possible. And I agree, it is inevitable if this continues, that these groups will be met with force, possibly even full time militia style patrols thus rendering their “defund police” movement a reality, which of course, they won’t like, but since they had no clue what they are actually pushing for, maybe it’ll be a reality check they deserve.

      • right now they “own” the cities…but not the countryside…time will tell who will prevail…..

      • Napoleon failed in Waterloo because of the rain slowing down the deployment of his artillery, and it took SEVEN coalitions to stop him! But I get your point and it’s a great post, where I am not sure I agree is when you seem to imply the wind will eventually stp blowing their way, I wouldn’t count on it too much. Stay safe.

        • Agreed on Napoleon, who in my opinion is easily the greatest military mind of all time. Even Surpassing Alexander the Great, Gehngis Kahn, and Caesar. The guy routinely made short work of massive armies that were technological equals and was often times outnumbered. Because the world wars have happened since that era, I believe a lot of that history is sadly forgotten.

    • This is exactly why you need a 40. In both ammo dry spells I have found 40 for both target and self defense.

  1. Look for a rightish backlash come election time. Most of these guns and ammo are being bought by folks that are not really ‘gun people.’ They are simply afraid of the animals running loose in the streets.

    Look for a big demand for law and order and an increase in police funding come November.

    • Took another newbie to the range last weekend, who ended up preferring the G19 (good choice). However, I cautioned him that he just chose the most popular Glock model, which may or may not be available when he goes to our local Turner’s to buy one. Same for the 9mm ammo.

      I said he might need to settle for a similar striker-fired gat, and I’ll train him on how to properly shoot and disassemble/clean/assemble. I also said it’d be wise to buy as *much* 9mm as he can afford (or that the store has available) at the time of the gun purchase.

      • I can buy Glock 19s all day long online. is a great source for finding current guns.

        • We looked all over the Internet and found no Gen 3s. Remember that Gens 4 and 5 are not legal for sale in CA because they don’t conform to CADOJ’s safety standards. We’re still battling our “Unsafe Handgun Roster”.

        • Clarification: NEW Gen 4/5 Glocks aren’t available to the general public. Non-sworn citizens can only buy used guns thru private party transfers, but nobody’s selling their Glocks here in CA right now.

    • I don’t know, the left has the means to win the election one way or another, particularly if it involves fraud. They already control the media and “education,” and get away with anything within local governments. There are a lot of folks who hate Trump, it was really close in 2016 and I think with what’s going on more leftists might show up on Election Day. You have to consider those 4+ years of brainwashing from the MSM, and now they can blame the horrendous impact of the COVID19 fraud on Trump, as well as the current tensions and civil unrest. It sounds silly but thousands of voters are stupid enough to believe it’s all Trump’s fault.

      • 2016 wasn’t as close as the media would have us believe.
        While Hillary won the popular vote, that’s not what elects presidents. Trump swept the Electoral College.
        It’s possible the left is smart enough to figure that out, and work harder to win Electoral College votes instead of the popular vote.
        But the left isn’t smart enough to figure out that burning down businesses in minority neighborhoods hurts the very minorities they claim to be helping, so I wouldn’t count on it.

        • The factoid I love most about the 2016 election is that Trump won *80%* of the counties in the country. I have tossed that out several times to the “popular vote” screechers, but somehow no one has fallen into the trap of claiming that is irrelevant, yet. I keep hoping, so I can point out that the popular vote is also irrelevant.

      • The progs in the demtard/left have real problems in Nov

        1. A moron candidate. Even worse than Hillary
        2. The coven of special interest pawns has problems – They have shit on/taken for granted “their” blacks for 50yrs and delivered nothing of value. If 10% of their blacks stay home the demtards loose.
        3. The current manufactured ethnic rioting does NOT play well for normal Americans. The demtards still have a significant % of their crew as white working brainwashed libs.

        The Rep Party/Trump just has the RINOs/swamp critters to contend with.

  2. 9mm ball is a poor manstopper, but I guess it’s better than nothing. These new gun owners need to work on their shot placement.

      • It will take more than a pistol to prevail..wonder if they realize that….shotguns and rifles will prove far more useful…..

    • If medical care becomes sketchy would you want to risk a ball round? Having your guts rot out a few weeks after getting shot seems an extremely unpleasant means of death.

      • FMJ tends to do through and through holes in you. Hollowpoints do more internal damage. And I think that the idea is to give but not receive, so use cover to your advantage.

    • Sometimes I am suckered in by my own tendency to buy on a whim. Cabela’s/Bass Pro had Herter’s 9mm 115gr FMJ, brass case on sale at $85/500 rounds. Soooooo…… money got spent …..

      Took a while to come in, but they honored the sale price well after it ended.

      • If hilliary rotten clintoon were POTUS you wouldn’t be able to buy a box of ammo a month. And you come on this forum talking gun stuff and then call President Donald John Trump “excrement.” Then you turn around and blabbermouth about purchasing 500 rounds of ammo. News for you…That 500 rounds that you take for granted is on the backs of us who got DJT elected. Apologize you democRat lintlicker.

        • Dear Debbie,

          If Biden gets elected this go-round it will because of people who supported Trump leading into the Republican Convention of 2016. This situation was blatantly obvious to anyone who had paid attention to Trump’s career. That he is not a conservative, not a Republican, not a gun person and frankly lousy example of any sort of American.

          Trump is a con artist, a charlatan, a narcissist, a reality TV host, a fraud who lives of debt instruments while claiming to be a billionaire, a fake who pretends to be a leader but interprets all issues foreign and domestic for how his image and brand are affected.

          He is by far and away and exceeding every measure the worst President in our history.

          There is increasing potential that his innumerable failings will lead to a victory of the political left at a time when their side is riding high on Hoplophobic Fever. We’d of been a damned sight better off if he’d been convicted in the Senate, booted out and it ws Pence now facing off against Biden. Not that that’d be any sort of sure win, just not as trending into the sewer as our situation currently is.

          Hell yes, Trump is excrement. Knew it way back when, many years ago when he first rose to media prominence. Followed his career and have never seen reason to vary my low esteem of the bone spurred turd.

          Also, it was two cases of 500 rounds each, not one. Because I do think far ahead and plan accordingly, I am supplied for all my remaining years for a certainty. What I do not use up, already has assigned inheritors.

          So thank you very much and the rest of you foolish short term thinkers and lovers of image over substance for picking Trump over some actual sane person to beat up on Shrillery Clinton.

          Hell, just the YouTube video alone of her having to be picked up and loaded into that big black SUV cost her the election.

        • One more for Dear Debbie. This from a Republican insider who has worked in multiple Republican administrations and campaigns. I’ll let you figure out who said it, but it’s spot on target:

          “Donald Trump has been the worst president this country has ever had. And I don’t say that hyperbolically. He is. But he is a consequential president. And he has brought this country in three short years to a place of weakness that is simply unimaginable if you were pondering where we are today from the day where Barack Obama left office. And there were a lot of us on that day who were deeply skeptical and very worried about what a Trump presidency would be. But this is a moment of unparalleled national humiliation, of weakness.

          “When you listen to the President, these are the musings of an imbecile. An idiot. And I don’t use those words to name call. I use them because they are the precise words of the English language to describe his behavior. His comportment. His actions. We’ve never seen a level of incompetence, a level of ineptitude so staggering on a daily basis by anybody in the history of the country whose ever been charged with substantial responsibilities.

          “It’s just astonishing that this man is president of the United States. The man, the con man, from New York City. Many bankruptcies, failed businesses, a reality show, that branded him as something that he never was. A successful businessman. Well, he’s the President of the United States now, and the man who said he would make the country great again. And he’s brought death, suffering, and economic collapse on truly an epic scale. And let’s be clear. This isn’t happening in every country around the world. This place. Our place. Our home. Our country. The United States. We are the epicenter. We are the place where you’re the most likely to die from this disease. We’re the ones with the most shattered economy. And we are because of the fool that sits in the Oval Office behind the Resolute Desk.”

        • Enuf, if you believe all that, then I suppose you might as well support Biden. But keep in mind someone is likely just lying to you.

          Vote for Biden if you want, but when you are standing in line to turn your guns in at your new Antifa Law Enforcement chapter, don’t complain about the “good old days.”

        • “If Biden gets elected this go-round it will because of people who supported Trump leading into the Republican Convention of 2016.”

          You sure about that enuf? Have you kept up with the people that DIDN’T support Trump in 2016? The so called “real” republicans? The reason we have Trump is because the people were sick of the long list of spineless do nothing coward “real” republicans. McCain? Romney? Next I suppose we’re going to eventually get bandwagon race baiter Nikki Haley.

          Let’s check in on those “real” republicans that didn’t support Trump in 2016:

          “Republican former U.S. national security officials are forming a group that will back Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden. It includes at least two dozen officials who served under Republican Presidents Ronald Reagan, George H.W. Bush and George W. Bush, with dozens more in talks to join, the sources added.”

          What did I say the other day about Bush allies? “Real” republicans are back stabbing cowards that will sell out the people that voted them in.

        • Enuf, you don’t prove a point by quoting someone’s opinion, especially someone like Steve Schmidt. He’s one of the typical NeverTrump “real”(fake) republicans. He was a Bush and McCain ally. You have to understand where these people are coming from. Many have made a living simply by trashing Trump for the past 4 years. They’re bitter that they no longer have connections to power. Many of them are also bitter that Trump made them look like fools by pointing out the obvious: their foreign policy ideas SUCKED. THAT’S what they care about. They want to be relevant again. If you want to debate, then you debate policy ideas. Getting caught up in this MSNBC / CNN drama is a distraction, which is what they want. They want people to have an emotional reaction.

        • “That he is not a conservative, not a Republican, not a gun person” . . . The conservative insurgency you so smugly deride went looking for an assassin and in Trump we found exactly what we were looking for. He was hired to do a job and understands that perfectly well. And now, almost four years into the job, he’s done everything he was asked to do. None of the candidates in the last election could come close to accomplishing what Trump has done. The Deep State, the UniParty, the Hard Left, and “moderates” hate him, of course, but for us red-necks out in flyover country that’s just icing on the cake.

        • Enuf: Explain to me why Trump is the worst president ever. Please compare and contrast him to other bad Presidents. Compare his effectiveness to Obama, Carter, Nixon, Wilson, Buchanon and Andrew Jackson.

        • Debbie… just stop. Enough with the “Thank your president” mentality. Both sides are idiots. Trump is not responsible for us being able to buy ammo… if he was, states like CA would not have a fucking waiting period or a background check… so who exactly is “we”? God damn you a naive with your politics.

        • tdiinva:
          All presidents are con artists. Republican, democrat… doesn’t matter. Hasn’t been a stable one since George Washington. He saw where this was heading, and even he waved the white flag. So if you are going to talk about bad presidents, don’t forget the other 38.

        • Garrison:

          “He has done everything we have asked him to do”

          Like banning bump stocks? How about locking H. Clinton up?

        • enuf… just stop man. What are you trying to prove? These are some hardcore FUDD thin blue line trump waving motherfuckers… and the “might as well vote for biden” mentality is also about the dumbest shit ever. Don’t give the far left, or the far right a fucking inch.

        • @MA: Sounds to me like you are an anarchist. That explains why you support BLM and ANTIFA. To you they are just a mechanism to eliminate government. And once government is gone it will be all unicorn and rainbows. But will you do when mommie and daddy aren’t there to protect you?

        • Tdiinva:

          An anarchist because I don’t vote for your two party system? Or because I don’t support leading by tweet. Geez… if only there was a middle ground party that was completely corrupted by super pacs, billionaires, and the intention of the founding fathers to find someone with actual uncompromised leadership…

          Shut the fuck up. You just make shit up because I prove you to be biased, constantly. You are butthurt as fuck every time. Facebook style. I just tore apart every commentator on here including the one you are refutting and your first thought is that I must support some chaz style life? Get fucked you boomer cunt.

          BTW, the last member of my family, my father, passed away last year, and I moved out on my own when I was 18. Military, then I learned a trade, now I make your fucking weapon internals. Suck it.

        • This is a reply to the first post of Enuf:

          What you said about Trump may all be true. Maybe he is the greatest con man of all time. BUT, he is a businessman first and foremost. And he knows his customer base and what they want. So in many ways, he has the better mentality compared to your typical politician, because a politician will tell you anything you want to hear so long as he gets your vote but he will avoid making any decision as much as possible in order to not upset anyone or any of his donors. Trump on the other hand? As a businessman, he knows that if he does not deliver for his customers, his customers will walk. So the trick is to make sure that customer feedback is very loud and clear as to the direction we want him to go.

          I will add this. As a Cruz supporter, Trump was obviously not my choice but I did vote for him and I will continue to support him because as an old WWII resistance fighter who fought the japanese told me, “you go into the fight with what you have and then you pick up a better gun when you can”.

        • enuf:

          Donald J. Trump is president and you ain’t neither are any of your substandard alternative choices the commander-in-chief during these trying times. POTUS Trump has been and will continue to lead our nation, he’s a “strategic thinker” and a “winner” you on the other hand are a “loser” in a myriad of ways…. Trump will crush this rebellion which I predict will get far worse upon his re-election (the second results are announced the Left will lose it big time), what we’ve witnessed so far is “child’s play”.

          Again Trump is president, there is no one I’d rather have at the helm at this point in our nation’s history, that’s enough for me to be secure in the knowledge that “Right” will prevail.

          Now cock your wrist and go “Resist” in a closet somewhere.

        • To Montana Actual:

          Oh, is Ross Perot running this year?

          The way how things are, this election really is a binary choice. But feel free to stand on your principles. Just remember that principles without consideration of strategic goals may not get you the desired result.

        • Enuf is an idiot. He knows a “republican insider” like I know the Queen of England.
          What really pisses off all those swampers, democrat and republican, is Trump exposed their game, came in and showed that ANYBODY with reasonable skills and good instincts can go to DC and do the shit they try to make look so difficult. Despite every possible headwind imaginable, internal and external forces, he has been pretty damn effective, opposition at every turn. Don’t believe Bolton’s bullshit, he just disagreed with Trump on big issues, he got booted, and now he’s running his washed-up mouth. Swampers in general are highly offended that this non-politician came in and did politics better than the lifers. They just pull and push against each other ad infinitum to look like they’re fighting for us. The founders never designed our government to be a “career,” it was designed for We The People to elect our chosen representatives, they have a go, and then GTFO. People like Pelosi, Biden and, yes, Graham and McConnell, have been sucking on the DC tit for way too long, all they care about is staying in the game. Give me a guy like Trey Gowdy who is sickened by that bunch and opted out. Come back, Mr. Gowdy, nice to see you on Forensic Files.

        • What those who say that Trump shouldn’t be reelected forget is that there are two people running for president: Trump and Biden. One will win.
          What I don’t hear when people want to dump Trump is that they want to replace him with Biden. All they want to do is get rid of Trump.
          But getting rid of Trump means Biden becomes president.
          Biden has demonstrated a decided inability to string words into a coherent sentence. His mental faculties are, rightly, being called into question. Wanting such a man to deal one-on-one with foreign heads of state would, to me, display a wanton disregard for our country.
          Which leads or another scenario altogether: will Biden, one way or another, resign shortly after being inaugurated? That would, of course, make his VP president. And that VP is being chosen on the basis of gender and race above all other considerations. That does not bode well for anything.
          So, yeah, Trump is certainly not perfect, by any means. He’s boorish, crude, runs his mouth (and thumbs) before he engages his brain. But he gets the job done.
          Get rid of Trump, and Biden becomes president. A man whose mental state has been demonstrated to be, shall we say, weak. His VP, who may well become president, is being chosen on the basis of being female, and black, with other considerations taking a back seat. This is no way to chose someone who may well become the most powerful person in the free world, and possibly the entire world.
          Choices have consequences.

        • By any rational measure, Obama was the worst President in history, whupping Carter’s ass by a good margin. And I’m just addressing the things he worked on/accomplished while in office, ignoring the massive fraud and corruption involved in his 2 elections. And just BTW, I consider Clinton pretty damn good as Prez, particularly after he got his ass handed to him in ’94, and realized that the voter was not on his side, thought he should stick to what he was elected to do.

        • @MA

          A legend in his own mind.

          Well if you make internals for my pistols. With the exception of my 1911s my pistols are made in Italy.

        • Big Bill, not much chance of Biden making the decisions. If he is elected, his Vice President will take the reins shortly after the inauguration. I can see the 25th Amendment exercised within 30 days of Jan 20th.

        • Mat:
          You talk about strategy but I think you fail to understand the fact that there are more than two parties. If you keep “strategically changing nothing” then how can you criticize someone for standing by the principal of independence from those parties?

      • The GOP and DNC are both rotten, the simple fact we had to choose between Hillary and Trump is a complete disgrace. I don’t mention third parties candidates because in our system they are irrelevant, have zero chances, they can’t even get their names on the ballot in some states. I voted AGAINST Hillary more than I voted FOR Trump, that’s what it has come down to sadly. I never bought into the “drain the swamp” and all the lies. Trump became POTUS because the left was divided (lot of bitter Bernie’s supporters), too confident, and millions were fed up with the “system” and punched a ticket for the Trump train. I agree the magic has died and I can see Biden winning, or “winning” the WH.Trump was also careless to resort to name calling week after week, (such as posting “Adam Schitt” on Tweeter) the constant “fake news” is also a washed out excuse, and he has picked the wrong people for his admin, that’s a lot of bad stuff going on. The system is broken, period, the SCOTUS, Congress and most local governments are dysfunctional and never held accountable for their actions. Trump was never the solution, he just spared us Hillary, the answer at this point will certainly not come from the ballot box.

      • Here I’ll get my swipe in:

        Nobody wants your neoliberal cringe garbage anymore. Had the Republicans spent way more time building this country instead of all that time wasted trying to “bring democracy” to 3rd world nation’s that didn’t want it we wouldn’t be in this situation today. Literally all the conservatives you worship are 100% responsible for being both weak, spineless and pathetic and allowing the modern day left to propagate.

        So, in short, you’re dumb if you refuse to see that. Nobody is buying what you are selling and I highly suggest you get it into your thick head that times have changed, you just look like a numpty otherwise. When the left takes over and takes your social security because you’re white, you will have nobody to blame but yourself, because you are the one that supported the same trash heap that brought us here.

      • enuf, i find it interesting how you look at Trump with shit-colored lenses, as if establishment politicians would have been better.

        The beltway establishment hates Trump not for his venality, but because he smacked the gravy ladle out of their hands, at least for a little bit, and he made a show out of it. Clinton is venal, Biden is venal, Obama is venal, Pelosi is venal, Schumer is venal, they just like to do it within the social rules of the beltway.

        The Bush-and-Clinton beltway groupthink got us mired in the 2nd worst war of choice in America’s history and sent manufacturing and intellectual property overseas. meanwhile all of the major players on both sides of the aisle got fabulously wealthy with their private foundations, sons and daughters with no skills or experience getting sweetheart jobs with china, ukraine, DC lobbying firms, etc.

        The “unprecedented” weakness I see was Obama giving money to the mullahs, letting ISIS rise from the dead, accepting wholesale destruction of the American middle-class as “the cost of business” in a global economy, and using the state apparatus to go after political rivals.

    • Ball ammo worked in a few wars. I for one wouldn’t feel defenseless if that was all I had.

  3. Up and up it goes, no end in sight. 50cpr 9mm ball by August? $1 a round brass FMJ 5.56 in September? Any ammo of any type at any price is still, three months after the panic started, blinking out of stock within minutes of restock.

    • The Great Toilet Paper Panic of 2020

      …followed by…

      The Great Guns-n-Ammo Panic of 2020

      As preppers and POTG already well know, the time to buy is long before you actually need the thing, when everyone else is focusing elsewhere and prices are low.

  4. Pretty happy I stocked up before the recent kerfuffles…in fact mebbe I could make some dough on the 200round value packs I got CHEAP at WallyWorld’s fire sale😃Yeah that’s the ticket😏😏😏😏😏

    • I’ve thought the same, I’ve got about 15000 of 9MM, and I toyed with selling a case or two of it for some other gun projects. But when I really thought about it, the ammo is literally worth probably more than the guns right now. Depending on how the election goes in Novemeber, it may have to last me a loooong time!

      • people are buying these things because they want to be secure in their homes…in that limited capacity it should suffice…but no battle was ever won with a pistol….

    • Same here. Bought another 1k rounds of 9 mm, 1.5k of mixed 5.56 and .223, 400 of .40, and a couple hundred rounds of 10 mm at the Black Friday sale at the local Cabellas. I probably should feel bad about it. But somehow don’t. Was back in that store in late March, and gloated when they asked if I was there to buy guns or ammo.

      • 50+thousand properly cached in several locations. Turned out to be a good investment. Always knew investing in precious metals was a good idea. To the yahoo (Jimmy Beam) who thinks 9mm ball is a poor choice of self defense ammo. Come on by and take a couple center mass. If you survive then I might listen to your opinion.

        • Considering that most people under stress aren’t going to hit squat when they are shooting at someone. I rather 17 rounds of 9mm in my Glock instead of 10 or less in a 45 acp. Same for 308, you can hump that heavy pig of a rifle around and no you aren’t going to hit someone 400 meters when the lead is coming back at you. Everyone should read , ” On Killing: The Psychological Cost of Learning to Kill in War and Society,” it was definitely a eye opener for me.

      • 9mm, 5.56, and .300 Blackout is so hard to come by I’ve decided to switch to something I can find ammo for: .458 Socom.

  5. I would like to hear some educated opinions if Ammunition supply could *potentially* be back to *normal* any time before the election from someone in the industry. I understand that we have to make some assumptions about demand.

    Though I have hoarded a significant amount, I hate to expend ammunition I can’t readily replace so I’ve been shooting mainly .22 and 12 gauge this year.

      • This is a good idea. A pneumatic ‘bolt action’ (loading) gun can fire a .22 pellet at impressive speeds for cheap- factor in the hand pump. Larger calibers if you want to pay.

        • I went with .177. It’s just for the fundamentals of marksmanship. I need to get off my lazy butt and get a .177 pistol for the same use.

        • I’ve got a .177 for plinking and a .22 for varmits. Plus probably two or three broken .177s that I havent’ fixed or scavenged for parts yet.

          I do have to get into reloading though… as much as I like pellets, it’s not the same.

      • I think the .177 is about all you need. The energy has to be real close between .177 and .22, the air chamber on mine is the same for either caliber. The .177 is just faster. I am currently using mine (been ignored for 15-20 years) to assassinate ground squirrels, shooting them at around 30 feet it drops them like a rock, longer shots would be very rare with such animals, who spend their time mostly underground. My neighborhood is not conducive to rifle or shotgun, and after they did $875 damage to my car, it became clear that ALL GROUND SQUIRRELS MUST DIE!! Out comes the old air rifle, only disadvantage is the damn thing is heavy compared to my .17 HMR, which I would MUCH rather use. Mine is a one-stroke, BTW, I think it’s supposed to be around 1100 fps. But the air rifle is more dependable than my memory at this stage, so don’t bet your life.

    • Ammunition will not be back to normal for a long time.

      The last time this happened it was about a full year to year and a half for most calibers to come back to pre panic prices.

      .22 took about 4 years to come back to pre panic prices.

      Also keep in mind after the election there will be another round of panic buying, even in a resounding Trump victory, because these riots are small potatoes compared to what they have planned for in that scenario.

      • you ain’t seen nothing yet…if the dems win gun sales will go through the roof!…….

    • In my 50s I bought my very first BB gun. And I love it. Boy did I miss out as a kid!!!

      • My dad recently shared with me a letter he kept that I wrote to Santa when I was 7. I asked for a BB gun (among other toy weapons, the letter was pretty funny). I never got one either. That was probably my mom’s decision.

        • I am the proud owner of my fathers BB gun. He bought it in the 50’s. Similar to the red ryder only with plastic stock and forend. Fired through the chrony last winter at 450 fps. Not bad for close to 70 years old.

        • Bob, you got some damn balls! Or maybe you just have your own chrony, huh? I’m just trying to picture going down to the range and using the chrony to test a BB gun, you might just kill someone from laughing so hard. Love your post!

  6. So far I don’t have an issue finding .45 Colt or .45-70 ammo. .45 Colt actually seems to have decreased in price in my area a little. 40 can be squirrelly at times but never as hard to find as .223, 9, or .22 when people panic. Go big bore or go home 😉

    • Simple result of supply and demand, friend. It seems that most users of those particular calibers like to “roll their own” for substantial gains in cost and performance.
      That doesn’t really apply for more common loads, though .308/7.62 seems available, which tells me that its simply priced too high.

    • Surprisingly those are gone and only restocked by order request in my area. 12 Gauge is still good to go.

  7. Something else that is in relatively short supply – AR-15 build kits. Esp for pistol length builds.

  8. Good time to own a weapon in a less popular but still effective caliber like 9×18 Markarov or .303 British.

    Especially .303. My Australian friend Harry just swears by the stuff…

  9. Everyone had 3 yrs to stock up on some of the most cheapest ammo there has been in years. I started buying in 2016 & stopped in 2019 probably enough for the rest of my lifetime…..

    If you didn’t well guess you be outta luck!

    • Same here. Except I bought a ton of ammo just before the state I live in started taxing online sales (saved me $20 per order). That, the shortages and price hike makes me glad I bought when I did.

  10. People who insist on calling FMJ “practice ammo” really need to take a couple of rounds of said “practice ammo” to the chest from about ten feet just to cure their stupidity. Far more people have been killed stone cold effing dead from “practice ammo” than “self-defense” ammo.

    Reality. Try living in it instead of the local gun range.

      • Slice the tip of off of ball ammo with a Dremel and bore a hole with a hand drill, and you have improvised hollowpoint.

        At bad-breath range, it will work. (First round, anyways. Reliable multi-round feeding is not guaranteed…)

        • I’d feel a lot more confident shooting someone with a regular FMJ than trying to modify it into something else.

    • Ahh yes, I guess that’s why American combat troops haven’t been criticizing their issued ball ammo for 10 years right? Nobody’s saying ball ammo is useless for defense, but that it’s a VERY poor substitute for modern hollow points. Which it is, objectively. And the people you y’all about who have been killed by the truckload with ball ammo have mostly been taken down by rifle rounds. You understand there’s a big difference between a muzzle velocity of 1,000 FPS and one of 3,000 FPS right?

      • When medical resources are scarce any wound in the torso and quite a few in the thigh and bicep will be fatal. It is just a matter of time.

      • “Nobody’s saying ball ammo is useless for defense, but that it’s a VERY poor substitute for modern hollow points. Which it is, objectively…”

        But is the former sufficient? Remember, most people are not getting into firefights over 50 meters. If you shoot someone a couple times in the chest with a FMJ do you think it won’t work?

        That’s the crux here. Sure, I’d pick a modern hollow-point over FMJ for these applications. But if I had to carry FMJ I wouldn’t be that worried. Maybe just worried enough to shoot an extra round.

      • The difference between 1000 lb/ft and 3000 pretty much disappears when either one passes right through the target without slowing down significantly. Myself, I am perfectly happy shooting ball at enemies100+ yards away, inside of 10 feet I want HP, thank you.

    • I guess you’ve got it all figured out. You must carry $.16/round Winchester white box as your EDC instead of all the suckers falling for the marketing hype and using $1/round HST, Critical Duty, or similar. Is FMJ your choice for hunting too?
      Nobody is saying ball ammo isn’t lethal, but defense is about stopping the bad guy as soon as possible, not making sure he’ll die in the near future. I’ve done forensic testing on a .25 ACP FMJ bullet pulled out of a dead gangbanger’s skull, but that isn’t the first choice for what I’m going to grab if my life depends on it. The permanent wound channel of pistol ball is the bullet diameter the whole way, so.there is less tissue destroyed than an expanding bullet. That means less bleeding and less chance of hitting a critical organ, blood vessel, or nerve. If it takes an extra 10 or 20 seconds for someone to lose consciousness or otherwise be incapacitated, that’s 10-20 more seconds of them shooting, stabbing, throwing a Molotov, etc. Shot placement does matter, and the bullet has to touch enough vital tissue to disrupt the functiong of the target. If you can get a central nervous system hit on any moving target, at any range, and any angle, then any ammo is going to be almost instantly effective. I’m not that good a shot, so I’m going to use the best ammo I can get. I’m going to be aiming for the middle of the chest because it’s bigger, doesn’t more as much, but still has some pretty important equipment. I’m hoping to interfere with his circulation, breathing, or maybe even spine if I’m lucky. Making a .60 hole gives me almost 4x the area of a .355 to do it, so I have a better chance of hitting the vital tissue and doing more damage if I do. Bigger hole = more bleeding = faster pressure loss/de-oxygenation of the brain = less time the bad guy has to hurt me.

  11. I don’t see prices coming back down before the election. Then if Trump wins, the dems will fight him tooth and nail again, BLM will find a reason to kick up and before you know it, most ammo will dry up again. I liked it when a box of 9mm was under $10 and the .45s were under 30 cents each for practice ammo. but I too have resorted to a CO2 pistol for practice at home. Now Wally World has gone completely anti-gun and CO2 and BBs have dried up as well. If they ban ordering stuff on line I may have to go back to making my own black powder and hitting up junk yards for scrap lead to cast.

    • Yup. I practice drills with a Glock-licensed CO2 G17, modified to “shoot” only puffs of air with no BBs. Same with a Colt-licensed CO2 AR-15. Great for safely practicing drills and room clearing. The real guns-n-ammo can be saved for range targets.

    • Yep, it is gonna take a couple of years for the price and availability of the most popular ammo to come back to normal. Problem is that some of the stuff like lead has to come from outside the US and we are in for a massive amount of inflation due to the years of excessive spending by the politicians. There is a good chance that we will never again see prices as low as what we had before March of this year.

  12. “….Then if Trump wins, the dems will fight him tooth and nail again, BLM will find a reason to kick up and before you know it, most ammo will dry up again….”

    When President Trump gets re-elected there is going to be bloodshed if 2016 was any indication. All those who want progressive B$ such as tearing down statues, riots, ect will lose their bloody minds.

    I can see it coming in the metro areas….the media MSM will be right there supporting too.

    I’ve been buying a small supply, one or two boxes, of kinda common calibers I don’t even own such as 45-70, .45 long. Might be able to trade at some point, never know about the future.

    • “I’ve been buying a small supply, one or two boxes, of kinda common calibers I don’t even own…”

      I did that a decade ago, and for the same reason (possible trade). A couple of boxes each for 7.62×39, .303 British, .380 ACP, 20-ga/.410 shells, .270 Win, .22 WMR, .357 Mag, .44 Mag, etc.

      Eventually, I realized that nearly everyone I associate with has gradually standardized to common calibers, just as I have. 9mm, .223/5.56, .22LR, 12-ga. So when I attempted to literally give away all those other cartridges a couple of years ago, it took a while to find people who had guns for them (even .45 ACP, believe it or not). A few boxes **still** sit in my storage.

      Starting around 2016 – upon our former CA Governor Brown’s signature of our infamous AB63 “ammo BGC” law that went into effect last year – I began to back up the truck and buy tons of standard ammo in only the calibers I actually need. Very glad I did, as I have enough to last me for a few years’ worth of normal training.

      Or a small war.

  13. My last range trip was 100 rounds of .22lr. As 9mm is so hard to find, I buy when I can and store them. I’m actually seeing more .223 around here then 5.56 or .380ACP. Stores here seem to have quite a bit of 357 and 38sp. I’m seeing a whole lot of 6.5CM, 7mm, 350 (likely too new), and 300winchester still on shelves. If you buy a right kind of rifle, you will be ok.

    This is not a good time to buy any gun in 9mm unless the store has is for a good enough price. 40 is a hit and miss so if you want that, keep an eye out.

    Houston has a very large number of gun stores. I am noticing though that no one seem to be getting fresh stock from Magpul. Most of these stores can’t seem to sell many shotguns. After the pumps were sold, people leave all the rest. All that stock of bird shot and steel shot barely looks like it’s been touched. But then…of course. I’m sure that’s how it is everywhere else.

    • last weekend the LGS had a mint Sig P210 on sale, had I not just bought a new lever gun I would’ve walked out with that. 9mm be damned. My CZ-75 fits like a glove in the hand but this thing was contoured in all the right places and just felt like an extension of my hand. Not a big SA only fan but this is one of the guns I do hope to own one day. If I can just get a nice set of wooden grips contoured similarly for my CZ in .40 it will placate me for a while.

      • Yep, CZ75’s are nice. I haven’t bought anything since early December. It’s hard to walk away from them. It’s certainly on the list.

  14. Don’t have any needs when it comes to ammo.
    Wants? Yeah. Currently, .45-70 components. Fairly easy doing mail order.

    • now that I have caliber in my stable I’ll eventually get around to loading one day. I thought 45 colt was pricy but that .45-70 isn’t exactly cheap either. I was breaking/sighting it in the other day at the range and had a nice little crowd that was watching and kept asking what it was. the ladies shooting to my left retired early, I think the boom was a bit too much and it bothered them. Always fun to bring out a lever gun when everyone else is shooting plastic fantastics of ARs. Guns are meant to be wood and steel…and big bore 😉

      • I have a lot of 45-70 because it is not a fun round to shoot. I bought a Marlin Trapper SBL, once I made sure it was hammering on target at 100 yards with Skinners, I put it up. DAMN, I thought my turkey gun with 3 1/2″ kicked hard, that Marlin kicks harder. And I am not recoil sensitive, I shoot a lot of big bores. I shot the Trapper once more in deer season (DRT @ 40 yards), and not going through any more of that ammo. Not a plinker.

    • Thank you for mentioning components. Been doing that for years. Not cheap to get started but nice to have.

  15. A large supply of reloads or factory practice ammo is not a bad thing if you own automatic firearms.

  16. I am happy to see so many people deciding to have the means to defend themselves. For too long the anti’s have had their way. With two million or more gun owners it is that much more chance that we will keep our gun rights. Especially when the see videos of felons walking around with glocks and others pointing AR’s at law abiding citizens in Minneapolis.

  17. About finding ammo, my method has been working since the big scares post-Obama1 and Sandy Hook. Simply subscribe to Cabela’s and Bass Pro emails and use their credit card for as many purchases as I can. They have had ammo on sale even during all the crazy panics. Not in stock but still on sale.

    Why does this work?

    Simple. Back-ordering. They honor sale prices and normal prices alike on back orders. I’ve used it for .22LR, .22WMR, .38 Special, 9mm, 5.56 / .223 and .30-06. Use free ship to store for picking it up.

    Also use the Club Card points when they build up to pay for stuff.

    Works for a huge percentage of the USA. For places too far from those stores, it adds shipping costs. Still, you get the ammo. Not as timely as you’d like but it does come in.

  18. unless they are looting the place I wouldn’t call them locusts. I think we can just call them enthusiastic shoppers with an eye for value.

    Fortunately I am all set for just about anything between reloading supplies, ammo (factory and my hand loads) and spare parts. about the only thing I realized I was running short on was cleaning patches but a 3 pack of cotton tee-shirts takes care of that problem if I can’t find them.

    I have noticed that while everyone is buying firearms and ammo I haven’t seen anyone buying cleaning supplies. I doubt people are burning that many rounds right now (the streets of Chicago aside) but it could be a problem if people actually start using their new firearms with any frequency even Glocks need a little bit of lube once in a while.

    • Clean and lube with stuff from the auto parts store. Brake cleaner, Aero Kroil, Mobil One Synthetic.

      • The lube for all the six spindles was just plain old 10W-30. Those machines saw more friction in an hour or a day than most firearms will ever see.

    • many people are buying guns without the vaguest notion of how they work or how to use them…or how to maintain them…..

    • Agreed. Calling them locusts is incorrect. Aren’t they helping the gun industry and LGS buy buying up guns and ammo? Whether or not the new gun owner’s trully support 2A remains to be seen. Like many here already mentioned, most of us are stocked up for when the SHTF. If there’s an itch to buy a new gun or bulk ammo right now, maybe consider buying more mags, optics, body armor, IFAK’s, built a battle/range belt, more/better eyes and ears protection.

      • Yes, yes, and yes.

        The best time to buy is when the herd is focused elsewhere.

  19. Forget the stores, online is the way to go . Might take a while but you can refill the bins after a training day.

  20. There is no ammo shortage around here. I think most folks stocked up after sandy hook. It taught them a lesson. Including me.
    And a reminder for everyone. Invest in ammo cans! You need proper storage of your ammunition too.

    • Sheee-it. I have WAY too many ammo cans, from old days of buying cans of ammo, and an inability to throw them away! And several full ones even now, 5.56 and 7.62. I got some 7.62 w/bandoliers and stripper clips somehow, lordy, I don’t even have the M1A to use that any more, have to switch it into bags of singles to use it. I even have a couple .50 cans, don’t remember where I got those.

  21. “During the times we’re living in, you just never know what might happen,” Rambert said.

    Sure we do. Democrats, as always, will incite racial violence so they can declare new ’emergency’ powers.

  22. I have had way too many gun owners ask me in the past several weeks “what kind of AR should I buy?” Sorry chumps, you missed your chance and you’re on your own. I’ve flippantly told them “whatever one you can actually find.”

    Anything semi automatic and rifle is gone around here. Handguns are low stock but findable. Ammo is gone unless you’re stocking for a bolt gun, a shotgun, or rim fire.

    I have a stash, because this is my third ammo shortage and I wasn’t born yesterday. I tried telling those same people before that then was the time to jump on it. “Oh it’s just a toy, maybe later” they said. Until they didn’t.

    I don’t expect to see ammo back in supply until the end of the 2021 war. I imagine that 2020 will be one crisis after another. If Trump wins, they’ll go even more nuts. If he loses, the Obama scare will look like a minor hiccup in the era of “hell yes we’re going to take them”. Personal politics aside, I hope Trump wins so we can get this back to normal around mid-2021. It may never go back to normal the other way.

    • Did an inventory back in April, stopped counting at 100k rounds, and still finding some here and there. I’m sure there are people on here that have multiples of that.

      • I’ve never gotten that crazy. I just make sure I have adequate supplies of 5.56, 7.62, and 9mm firearms, plan to collect ammo as I go if SHTF. The enemy will supply millions of rounds.

  23. No worries, unless you didn’t learn the last time around, and in that case, I have NO sympathy for you, you’re on your own…

    Learn to load/reload…

  24. I stocked up on SD ammo, thinking that would be the first to go instead of ball. I just checked a few locations and right now self-defense is just about all you can find at most online retailers. I did buy some target ammo too, but I am beginning to regret not having purchased / stockpiled more during the past 3-4 years.

    • But I did convince myself to pick up two new handguns! A CZ PCR and a steel framed P-01 (no decocker). Now I have to worry about feeding them at the range!

    • Love it. My wife has 30 years on this young lady but the exact same sentiments, and she’s not normally a big commenter on current events. Just solid as a rock, day in, day out. Lots of people thinking like both of these ladies, including myself. One thing about Zoomers, they’re not afraid to speak their minds. Wish more of them were aligned with us.

  25. Pity. I can’t afford ammo so I just have to wait. I’m so broke that I’m ordering used trail shoes on Ebay. But, things are looking up.

  26. Just a thought, how many successful gunfights do you think you are going to have before your luck runs out? If I make through my stock of 9mm I am f-ing Rambo. And I have 45, 380, 10mm , 223 and an assorted bunch of Fudd Calibers.

    • For many of us, it’s not “how many gunfights are we getting into” but also “how many animals will I need to harvest, in my lifetime, to feed my family if the entire system collapses from this.”

      It’s a combination of training (at least until we recognize that the ammo situation is permanent as opposed to temporary), self-defense, hunting (you can hunt with a 5.56 in a pinch), and other general survival. It isn’t just about those gunfights at the OK Corral.

      • You aren’t hunting with 9mm.

        There is more small game that large game. You need rimfire. I got lots and lots of rimfire. And you Fudd calibers for hunting. I probably need to triple my 6mm Creedmore aka .243 Winchester.

      • It’s not about preparing for a siege (but that’s OK), its about get what you can because at some point you may not be able to get any more. Stack it deep and high. And keep stacking.

      • it’s unlikely the system of trade will completely break down. people like to make profits. they will usually find a way to get back to some sense of order and property rights.

        unless we go “full mogadishu.”

  27. The actual, real world performance of hollow points verses FMJ is not so profound as to make the latter inneffective as a self defense load. Don’t hesitate to buy it and use it.

    • Shoot, for my SAA I’ve got lead .45 LC RNFP, it’s a .45, don’t need no stinkin’ tricky ammo!

  28. Good to see so many POTG prepared. I just don’t go shooting and keep my guns in good shape. It’s all gonna change when I get new glasses in a few weeks. And later get my cataract’s out…😩

    • @ Water Walker
      ” get my cataract’s out”

      You will so enjoy it after,I promise.

      • No shit. My bride had 20/200 vision, wham-bam the huge glasses disappear and 20/40. With possibility of improvement over time.

    • Sounds like you have it backwards after I had my cataract surgery I no longer needed glasses. Been over two years and last months exam said I was still 20/20.

  29. Leftards own the reason for driving We The People to arm themselves as never before,Leftards for arms salesmen of the year 2020 and it’s only June,just imagine the possibilities.

  30. I’ve been saying for years here at TTAG to learn to reload. I’ve been pooh-poohed all these years. Now you know why I’ve been telling you to reload.

    First, even if you don’t reload:

    Don’t let someone else get your brass for free at the range. Even if you do nothing with it, it is worth money. Say you police up all your .223/5.56 brass at the range. Each one of those cases is worth at least $0.05/each in dirty condition. Tumble them to a shine, you can get $0.10/ea for them. 7.62 brass? You could get double. ’06 brass? You could get over $0.30/ea, dirty. But if you don’t reload yet, but you’re planning to? Squirrel that brass away. It ain’t gonna get cheaper in the future. Or keep your brass and trade it for a discount on ammo from someone who does reload.

    I see people who show up to a range with a belted magnum rifle, fire 50+ rounds to practice for hunting season, and leave all that brass on the ground. I’ve even seen people do this with Weatherby cartridges. That’s like leaving half-dollar or dollar coins on the ground, especially the nickel-plated stuff. I, being a thrifty old crank, will police up that brass after people have left, push it through my tumbler, and sell it locally for cash. It reduces my cost of shooting.

    Second: If all you want to do is make pocket change from snapping up other people’s brass, go get a vibratory tumbler, some walnut hull media, a little polishing compound, and run your scrounged brass through the tumbler to make it look pretty, then bag it 25 or 50 pieces to a Ziplock heavy sandwich bag. Slap a price on it and sell it. Think about it: If you could pick up 100 7.62 cases in 15 minutes of effort on the range, and then clean them up for another 15 minutes of effort (most all the work is done by the tumbler – you just have to pull the cases out of the media), and you sell them for $0.30/ea, you’ve just made $30 for a half-hour’s work – or $60/hour.

    How many of you are making $60/hour?

    • “I see people who show up to a range with a belted magnum rifle, fire 50+ rounds to practice for hunting season, and leave all that brass on the ground.”

      I was at the range a couple of years ago and some dude left 3 boxes of 257 Weatherby on the ground. As he was leaving I asked him if he wanted them. He said “Nope, don’t reload”.

      257 is my deer and goat round. And, I do reload. It was a good day overall.

  31. Montana must be off his meds today. Why just the other day he was buttering up to his favored commenters. The guy pops in to troll a few weeks ago and never leaves. He’s like Randy Quaid in Christmas Vacation, dude SHITTER’S FULL!

    • Dude I have been here for 3 years.

      Buttering up? You mind finding common ground? Debating and conversing is not trolling, you fucking tard. Are you just mad because you have nothing to contribute and cannot debate me? Go ahead. I’d welcome the challenge. Maybe you could try maturing before you call me out though, since you made zero points here and the attempted belittlement was more of a way for me to pinpoint an enemy. Expect opposition on every comment you leave from here out, same as tdiinva, ron, and the other boomer fudds you associate with. Oddly enough, I am sure some of the opposing sides to them I have also been vocal against on these forums, so it’s not about choosing sides for me… just know that before you try doing whatever it is you aim to do. Good luck!

  32. Forget ammo.
    Buying ammo retail is for suckers.
    I can’t find any damned PRIMERS anywhere.

    • I have 2000 CCI400 SRP and over 2000 CCI200 LRP I bought a couple years ago and haven’ used them yet.
      I just don’t have the money for brass and bullets right now.

  33. Enuf, turn in all of your guns now, stop writing on here, we don’t need any communist supports here. go smoke some more weed. NOW, as for the rest of you , it may not be a bad time to start reloading. and I am sure if you can go to the range ( some states still cant) you would find plenty of spent brass on the floor. I have to check out the supply of compoinants and see if they are still readily available. but places like Midway and Cabales is not a bad place to start. go out and vote, and lets keep this country free .

  34. Just got back from Bass Pro. There was almost no ammo, just a little .17HMR and a bit of .22LR. Plenty of shot shells in 12, 20 and 16 gauge, but no buck or slug. Few handguns, just the most expensivist (sic) revolvers and a couple of pricey pistols.

    This particular run on guns and ammo cannot be heavily attributed to new buyers. In MA, you not only need a license to carry a gun, but also to buy ammo. And you would need a training class to get the license. At best it takes 40 days, at worst the process takes 120 days or more.

    Thus, it is very unlikely that there are many newbies hitting the supply in MA. It’s us, bulking up on firepower. Which shows that we are not stupid. My ammo locker is stuffed full. I hope yours is too.

    Then I went to Stop & Shop, which had plenty of TP. So basically, we traded one shortage for another.

  35. There is almost no ammo, and of what there is, at those prices, forget it. End of story ..

    Ned Pepper says: … June 24, 2020 08:42

    Montana must be off his meds today.

    tdiinva says: … June 24, 2020 at 12:25
    @MA A legend in his own mind.

    MA > These are some hardcore FUDD thin blue line trump waving motherfuckers…/You just make shit up because I prove you to be biased, constantly./I just tore apart every commentator on here…/

    ___ This above just today here, and of course it’s just a small sample of MA’s ttag ‘material’. I add to my on going profile of him, but the conclusion that he suffers from a deep psychosis was reached fairly early on. MA off his meds today? That’s the problem; that he’s probably not on any meds. Even so he, “just tore apart every commentator on here,” in his ~mind he did anyway; so it’s a psychosis in combination with a megalomania of some sort, i.e., a mental state characterized by delusions of exaggerated personal importance, wealth, power, or goodness – as a megalomaniac. Worse yet, clearly there’s a narcissistic personality disorder (NPD) present as well, i.e., a personality disorder characterized by a long-term pattern of exaggerated feelings of self-importance, an excessive need for admiration, and a lack of empathy toward other people.

    • The WebMD TTAG Therapist nobody asked for everyone. lol. Still at there old timer? I thought maybe you got your door kicked in by some “darkies” – that’s what you call em, right?

  36. enuf says: 20:15

    And he’s brought death, suffering, and economic collapse on truly an epic scale. And let’s be clear. This isn’t happening in every country around the world. This place. Our place. Our home. Our country. The United States. We are the epicenter. We are the place where you’re the most likely to die from this disease. We’re the ones with the most shattered economy. And we are because of the fool that sits in the Oval Office behind the Resolute Desk.

    ___Actually, the TRUTH is, and isn’t it all about the TRUTH here, after all …? The blame goes almost 100% on the country of CHINA. The Kung Flu/Wuhan virus is more similar to the last zoonotic virus SARS. Both originated in bats and share 80 percent of their genetic coding; however, add to this the fact that the Wuhan virus shares part of its genetic structure with HIV/AIDS. Such a diabolical thing was not created by nature but was, without any doubt, made in a lab. It could have been, and should have been contained but it got out. Then China figured that if they have to deal with it then others are going to have to as well; they allowed flights to come and go from Wuhan and said nothing; soon, by this, the virus spread around the world. Further, NOW the truth has come out that the virus is the creation of Dr. Shi Zhengli, known as China’s batwoman. She tried to cover her tracks after it escaped. She will go down in history as one of the mass murderers along with Hitler & Stalin. Many like ‘enuf’ are ignoramus types and blame DJT. Many will have doubts, but just go to the link or what part of the link I can post and get educated about the FACTS. To read all of the technical material linked to would take you hours. You can’t make cheit like this up. Also don’t over look the fact that ‘enuf’ brought this cheit up and blamed DJT.

    wwwlifesitenews DOT com/blogs/was-the-coronavirus-created-by-chinese-scientist-who-tried-to-cover-her-tracks-and-failed

  37. I haven’t bought one round of ammo or any weapons since this crap started. We have what we need. The only thing that’s changed is no more casual range time. I wish everyone well but these criticisms of each other has to stop! The people you criticize might be the person lining up next to you. Grow up! Because shit is getting serious and we need all hands on deck… Rant over, Semper Fi…

  38. I have finally knuckled under and retired my EDC SIG 220 in 38 Super. When I started carrying this, 38 Super was not an “Oddball” caliber. Now it is.

    I just bought a two-tone Kimber Pro Carry II in 45. Now I have to buy dies, brass and bullets. I have a zillion small primers so I’m good to go there. Oh – and since it’s a nice gun, I’m going to need nice leather for it. Any suggestions appreciated.

  39. Very interesting take from everyone.
    I also have a few opinions, and due to my age which confers great wisdom, I am of course always right…. 🙂

    1) Our upcoming war ( which WILL happen), will most likely be fought at less than 200 yards.

    2) Although I have both an AR15 and an AR10, I only bought these on the off chance that I might need some longer distance capacity from time to time. I have all softip bullets for these.

    3) My Marlin 1985 GBL, shooting 45-70 405gr (2000FPS) flat faced Buffalo Bore Magnum bullets will tear up EVERYTHING it hits under 200 yds. Although it kicks somewhat, it’s still softer than the 12 gage over and under.

    4) Handguns? Hornady 357s and 38+p’s are great. 9mm’s, got tons of Gold Dots. Gotta have 1 of each ON YOU when SHTF.

    5) Ammo, well packaged, stored in 50 cal steel ammo boxes, will last a lifetime and more. I have been stocking since Barack Hussein lied his way into power.

    6) STAY OUT OF CITIES AND NEARBY SUBURBS! My closest large city (60,000+) is 50 miles away. Stay close to a good water source. I’m 3 miles away.

    7) The China Virus was designed. It was accidentally released. If you study real virus numbers, you will discover that a great hoax has been perpetrated. It really is just a tad more deadly than yearly flu numbers. I have personally not had any flu in over 50 years.

    8) Anyone who thought Trump was saint, you were in error.
    However, he cannot be beat when it comes to fearless actions, good or bad. I voted for him to dismantle the elitist power structures, and he’s done better than any other president on that score.

    9) If you don’t vote, or vote democrat, your head has been filed with claptrap propaganda by whatever source you listen to. You are therefore a lost cause. As per Samuel Adams:

    “…go home from us in peace. We ask not your counsels or arms. Crouch down and lick the hands which feed you. May your chains set lightly upon you, and may posterity forget that ye were our countrymen”

    10) My most important advice is this: Love GOD as you love yourselves, and when your time comes DO NOT go quietly…..

  40. There are obvious issues on both sides. That said…a vote for Biden…incompetent…should’ve been put out to pasture a long time ago Biden…is a vote for the Far Left…period. It’s doubtful that Biden will even be on the ticket when the time comes….the bait and switch will come. And you can hate Trump all you want…but he’s done more in his short time than the lifers have done in decades. The fact is…that the Left has been taken over by the extremists…the lunatics are running the asylum. The Pelosi’s and Schumer’s of the party are pandering to the crazies…thinking it will save them. It won’t….the Far Left will take care of them if they get control. The Left has a false sense of security and will continue to push…because they haven’t had any push back to speak of. And just like the Antifa morons…who start swinging at people who oppose them….the reality of the situation will eventually be undeniable.

  41. I hope that these people buying for the first time get some training on how to handle their new tools.

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