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In the face of a global pandemic and the recent police killings of black men and women, NAAGA has seen a spike in membership. With over 34,000 members and 75 chapters around the country, NAAGA’s popularity is surprising to many, including its founders.

“Good people should have a fighting chance to defend themselves. And if they want our assistance in that process, we’re here for them,“ Phil Smith, NAAGA’s president, told VICE News, “I’d rather have a good guy with a gun than a good guy without a gun.”

– Lea Scruggs in The NRA for Black People Wants to Get Political

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    • Rhetorical…but…shoulder holster…belly band…thunder wear…bra for the ladies…,ankle holster

    • all summer long with shorts and a tee I use either a pocket holster or a belly band.
      This isn’t rocket science.

      • Yeah, but a pocket holster won’t help the guys that wear their shorts half-hanging down.

        Someone needs to invent some kind of ‘suspenders’ so they can have the look of their underwear showing without the whole mess falling to the ground… 😉

        • “Yeah, but a pocket holster won’t help the guys that wear their shorts half-hanging down.”

          Those are called prison shuffle pants. They serve a preparatory purpose.

        • hmmm… “sagspenderz.”
          they allow you “tupac” while hainesful.
          sixpak fershur.

  1. So if I start a White Gun Owners Association that would be OK, right? No one would accuse me of racism, right?

    • You could start by joining the National Association for the Advancement of White People; founded by, no doubt, your hero, David Duke.

      • No that would be the KKK, a Southern Democratic formed and promoted organization, or more PC today the Democratic Party….aka DNC…the Democratic Party Cartel You know the one that predominantly had slaves on the Cotton Plantations, which the predominantly Conservative Northerners fought to free. Then, the DNC realized that there is much greater control, power and wealth in Government than Cotton. Hence the thriving Government Plantation Cartel. You know, the Cartel that’s getting into the drug business in many states……gotta keep the dwellers dumbed down and subservient. And, they realized they could tax others to pay for the sow belly and collard greens and shanty shacks…, food it EBC…. and Section 8 Housing. That’s why they are removing all Confederate historical references/statutes to revise history…..shhhhhh….don’t tell the dwellers.

      • My brother is a member of a Aryan German Business Association. I laughed when I found out about that one.

    • Have thought about starting a NAAWP….National Association For The Advancement of White People……for years. Seems like a great scam just as the NAACP has been for its leaders and racist schills like Jesse Jackson and Race-Baiters-In-Chief Al Sharpton and Obummer.

      • At work, we have groups for every denomination, color, and gender except for white. I thought about filing a request for Work White Peoples Group, but I’m pretty sure I would get fired. Especially since HR is made of black people now.

        • That’s the great thing about HR – don’t really have to know/do anything or contribute to the bottom like. Sit on ass/yappin overhead. IE: Welfare

        • I worked for a semi-autonomous government agency. I knew I wasn’t going to succeed the trial period when the division manager said the section was too white and too Male. He wanted more diversity. Although I tried and had numerous commendations from the customers, my employment was terminated at the end of trial period.

        • You could try “Sons and Daughters of Vikings”. They ranged widely enough, from Ireland to Russia to Greece to Spain, that by now in the U.S. pretty much everyone white has a trace of Viking blood.

      • Actually, the NAAWP already informally exists…….complete with secret mantra known among members as……. personal responsibility, self sufficiency, initiative, freedom, American pride, conservative principles……..
        Kidding aside, as we all know, there are many non-whites that are charter members as well.

    • …or if we dare to wear shirts and hoodies with slogans like “White Excellence”.

      Humans are tribal by nature, and I’m all for healthy association. As long as I’m not ever lambasted for doing the exact same thing as what others are socially “allowed” to do. Gay and own a gun, looking for others like you? Form a group and train. Black and own a gun, looking for others like you? Female? Young or old? Physically disabled? Form a group and train.

      But please respect ALL lawful gun owners who want to protect our collective rights, and recognize my own right to associate with whomever I myself choose, even if they’re a bunch of heterosexual white guys who don’t look the same as your own group.

      • MMA fighter Cain Velasquez famously has “Brown Pride” tattooed across his chest. I’ve often wondered how that would go over with white instead of brown. We all know the answer. The first step to getting rid of racism is to treat all skin colors equally, but unfortunately that isn’t the goal.

        • Nope, it sure isn’t. Patrisse Cullors (co-founder of BLM and admitted trained Marxist) stated on video interview last week that the goal is “to oust Trump”.

          Somehow, we all already knew that.

      • “Birds of a feather flock together.” All species tend to gather with others of similar traits. The greater the characteristics disparity, the less inclined to relate and connect. A tendency even overwhelmingly greater among none homo sapiens. Chickens don’t typically pal around with coyotes; wildebeast with the crocodile. Individuals do nice things, help, hire, refer other individuals that they know, trust, like, and with which they readily connect… networking. There’s over 7 billion homo sapiens on this planet. I don’t have enough heart beats to connect with every one of them. As a general rule, I choose to expend my heartbeats to connect with others that I find interesting, having similar interests/traits…feathers. (I know those wonderful Wokes out there will flame me saying Diversity is oh so PC mandatory. Well, appears Diversity is Libtard for Dilution….Sameness.) Most homo sapiens won’t make the cut. Skin color is pretty much irrelevant choice characteristic. It is oh so much more about what is between one’s ears and in one’s heart. If I can’t understand your mumbles, you insist on showing me your dirty skid marked panties, use drugs/smoke or drink excessively, can’t align your head and hat, aren’t interested managing Yourself, Inc, choose tompass on initiative/personal responsibility/self respect, think rape/killin’ rap is music, are dependent upon someone else/government for your personal well being/needs/safety, and et el……you probably aren’t ever going to make my cut list……and you probably are just as glad. We’re just birds of different feathers. Not bad; not good; just different feathers. If you think my cut criteria is unfair, discriminatory…….change your damn brand……you, not me, created your brand as your submission to my cut criteria. However, Dem Libtards capitalize on skin color as the great divide so they can segment certain shades as victims, and certain shades as bad guys….so Dems can position themselves as Saviors…..all for the Libtards control, power, wealth agendas.

      • If we can get people to behave, then these alphabet organizations can revert to being tribal government agencies, rather than tribal people groups. BLM used to be the Bureau of Land Management.

    • According to their website anyone is able to join so I don’t see a problem.

      “Anyone who can legally possess a firearm is eligible to join the organization. The organization is open to people of all races, genders, religious backgrounds, sexual orientation, and political views.”

      • I’m sure you will be down with a group which welcomes everyone, but with the word ‘Black’ in its name replaced by ‘White’.

    • “The National African American Gun Association provides a network for all African American firearm owners, gun clubs and outdoor enthusiasts.

      The goal of the National African American Gun Association is to have every African American introduced to firearm use for home protection, competitive shooting, and outdoor recreational activities. We are a pro 2nd amendment organization focused on the preservation of our community through armed protection and community building.

      We welcome people of all religious, social, and racial perspectives.

      We especially welcome active and retired African American members of law enforcement and the military.”

      They’re literally open to anyone who wishes to join them, their focus just happens to be black gun ownership. Don’t be a fool.

  2. As I mentioned in a comment yesterday, in the last couple months I’ve been asked for advice from 3 people about buying their first gun — each was motivated by fear of police, and 2 of the 3 are black. I suspect any NAAGA membership bump is for similar reasons and not out of some underlying epiphany of support for 2d Amendment related causes — they’re scared of the police, and for good reason.

    • Re “for good reason” … The FBI crime stats tell a rather different story. Media hype, isolated incidents (which happen to people of all races) and race-baiting aside, the easiest way to get into bad interactions with police is to be a criminal, or hang out with criminals. If you do the latter, at some point you will become a victim, a witness or an accomplice.

        • True, and I thought about not posting this, in fact.

          But I refuse to be silent.

      • Absolutely, media hype and political convenience is what’s driving this narrative. Last year, twice as many unarmed white men were killed by police than black men. This is despite the fact that black men punch above their weight in committing violent crime per capita. That doesn’t mean that black people shouldn’t be concerned, but let’s be honest about the why.

        I just read a NYT Op-ed yesterday that was calling for journalists to abandon objectivity in the name of “moral clarity.” In other words, journalists (he is one of many) are asking to just become political activists. Those of you who pay attention to the news know that this is already the case, however they don’t admit it. The old standard was separating opinion news with objective news.

        • NYT Op-ed yesterday that was calling for journalists to abandon objectivity

          Why are you reading a newspaper from the 1970s?

        • It’s mostly garbage these days, but it gives you a good idea what and how the left thinks.

      • “…at some point you will become a victim, a witness or an accomplice.”

        Concise and to the point…(hope you don’t mind if I co-opt your phrase).

    • The idea of arming yourself against the police seems like a really bad idea, regardless of race.

      • The whole purpose of the second amendment was to stand as a bulwark against the authorities, which includes the police. As we’ve all seen in videos, it doesn’t take much to defeat the police…. you don’t even need guns. You do need guns to fight tyranny, whether that tyranny be a lawless warlord in a leftist utopia or an ultra right wing tyrant or some hobo that’s willing to stab you for your phone (aka deprive you of life and property via force).

      • You sound like a real FUDD. As someone above me mentioned, the second amendment was intended to ensure that the populace remains armed to act as a counter to overzealous authorities. Guess who enforces the will of the authorities in authoritarian regimes all over the world. I’ll give you a hint: It starts with “Pol” and ends in “ice”.

        • While that little screed sounds cool on the Internet, I live in the real world, and here, aside from a few blue shit holes, life for the rest of the country is business as usual. People aren’t even starving yet, let alone under the heel of some authoritarian regime.
          Now go touch yourself while looking at plate carriers or whatever it is that you keyboard commandos do, and let the adults talk in peace.

        • Sorry, internet comments don’t work that way. People can call you out. Don’t like it? Ignore it. That said, it’s true whether you like it or not. That is the real world. You can chose to ignore it and it’s business as usual, but standing up to enforcement of laws, which btw, can be any number of things that limit your freedoms that allow your business as usual mentality, is the purpose of gun ownership in this country, among things like self defense, which, depending on how you chose to live your life, could mean standing up to the government and it’s enforcers. So instead of kicking other gun owners for realizing the true purpose of the second amendment, you should be thanking them. It’s highly doubtful these people are out their rioting and looting, and for the most, are “law abiding” good people, like you claim to be. Don’t just make the assumption because they realize why law enforcement exists (which again, limits your freedoms – like owning guns). You seem comfortable in the “support” bracket, so when someone wants to be the tip of the spear, maybe your support would be better than criticizing them for owning body armor. Ok elmer?

  3. Anyone not prohibited from owning a gun is more than welcome to one .
    Train and be responsible with it/them.
    Store them properly when not being carried or used.
    Same rules and common sense applies to all gun owners.
    Welcome and encourage others to do the same.

  4. Gun control: good stance…both hands on the gun…good sight picture…squeeze the trigger
    And practice…practice….practice.

  5. Funny – David Duke was kicked out of the KKK because he changed from a DEMOCRAT to a REPUBLICAN. KKK was and still is a DEMOCRAT group. KKK is credited with killing 39,000 people, of which about 13,000 were WHITE REPUBLICANs.
    Funny – The Union side freed the slaves, but the ANTIFA folks want to tear down LINCOLN and GRANT monuments. Note – Grant freed the slave he was given by his father-in-law as a wedding present. He was hated for doing so.
    Funny – DEMOCRATs released thousands of Felons from jail because of the virus, and want to eliminate Police Department.
    Funny – DEMOCRATs hated MLK Jr., but the NATIONAL RIFLE ASSOCIATION members marched with MLK Jr. Even the then NRA President at that time, (also famous actor – Mr. Heston).

    Wonder why the push to eliminate the SECOND ADMENDMENT???

    • Charleston Heston wasn’t NRA President when he marched with MLK. He was President from 1998-2003, 3 decades after MLK was assassinated.

        • “That is properly pronounced “RAAY-YAY-YAY-ciss!””

          Only in “the South”, where every single syllable word is morphed into multi-syllable by inserting a “Y”, or “W” (boiz = bo-weeze; floor = flo-were). And “yonder” has three meanings.

  6. In Dallas this past weekend, the number of black folks was higher than I think I’ve ever seen at a gun show and they weren’t looking, they were buying.

  7. NAAGA FAQ Page:

    Who can join the organization?

    Anyone who can legally possess a firearm is eligible to join the organization. The organization is open to people of all races, genders, religious backgrounds, sexual orientation, and political views.

    If I have a felony conviction or a misdemeanor conviction for domestic violence, can I still become a member of NAAGA?

    No. If you have a felony conviction or if you have a misdemeanor conviction for domestic violence (and the conviction has not been pardoned or expunged and rights to possess a firearm restored), under federal law (and under most, if not all, state laws), you are not legally allowed to possess a firearm and therefore are prohibited from joining the organization.

    That’s interesting.

    • Which part? If they barred someone based on race, sex, etc., that would be illegal. They also don’t want an illegal, prohibited person shooting firearms with them, because they have respect for the law and don’t want the potential liability. None of this is out of the ordinary, or did I miss something?

  8. It’s all about the racist police isn’t it? There couldn’t be any aspect of this due to people seeing their neighborhood businesses looted and burned at all.

    • Didn’t you hear all the rioting and looting was done by white supremacists. Sarcasm aside if that tripe is what lead to this particular spike that is a hilarious hard fail for propaganda.

      • White people dressed in all black. And carrying hammer and sickle flags. Yep, white supremacy.

        • They tried not to be that obvious about it up here but a lot of the instigators caught throwing the initial bricks, firebombs, and fireworks did fit large chunks of that description. The looters were overwhelmingly locals and a bit of a wake up call for the rest of the region.

  9. This is anti-NRA propaganda. When i heard that a “reporter” was from NY i stopped watching.

    • They told no untruths about the NRA. Change is needed at the NRA and it needs to start with ousting LaPierre and his grifter cohorts. They accomplish very little for gun rights and often take pictures at the rallies of groups like VCDL with the only goal of advancing their grift.

        • “Waaaaaah. Stop dividing the people of the gun.”

          If I understand this…some POTG should ignore that other POTG are wasting money on an organization that produces nothing of value? POTG who do not know of the duplicity of NRA should not be wakened from their slumber? And that somehow moves the POTG game ball forward?

        • Sam:
          “SuPpOrT tHe NrA!!1”
          And you have to put a bumper sticker on your vehicle to show you are a “patriot”, by supporting the Negotiating Rights Aw… I’m sorry, National Rifle Association.

        • Yo. I will waste my money on any damn thing I please, and it will still be none of your business. Worry about someone spending YOUR money wastefully, or simply mind your own business.

  10. It’s all for naught if they keep voting for the party that doesn’t respect their new found rights.

    • Yep it sure IS…but I agree with arming yourself to and above po-leece “standards”. Like using armor piercing ammo,flash bang grenades & full auto AR’s. And armored vehicle’s.

      • I agree with the need for this organization and realize the NRA has worked in tandem with politicians to deny gun rights for blacks. I just think pointing out the NRAs history while ignoring the democratic party’s is short sighted.

        • Care to enlighten us and provide some examples of the discriminatory legislation they pushed?

        • California’s Mulford act was supported by the NRA and was a direct consequence of the black panthers. The NRA has a history of embracing gun control rather than fighting it, starting with the National Firearm Act of 1934 and the 1938 Gun Control Act.

        • Neiowa,
          Pointing out history doesn’t make me an idiot or a troll. I’m simply stating members of NAAGA are justified in their NRA beliefs like the NRA silence on the shooting of Philando Castile. Personally my problem with the NRA isn’t it’s members, it’s the executives lining their pockets instead of using funds for gun rights.

        • neiowa:

          The NRA did in fact support gun control up until 1971 when Kenyon Ballew was paralyzed. He is historically correct. Also, the NRA has done pretty much fuck all for guns rights since then. They are in fact a corrupt organization, and you are shelling out money for their willingness to compromise. Plain and simple. Doesn’t make anyone a troll for knowing this, it just makes you willingly ignorant. They have enough political influence and money to do drastic things, but instead, they are more concerned about public image like most politicians are. They are useless and each day that passes for the past couple years has done nothing but prove this. So calm down buddy. Look for another pro-2A group to support. There are plenty who take a zero tolerance stand and are not concerned with their “image”.

    • Forrest Gump was as smart as Albert Einstein. They both have a famous saying; “Stupid is as stupid does.” and “Insanity is doing the same thing over and over expecting a different outcome.” As I always observed about black Congressman from Missouri, Lazy, Crazy Lacy Clay, the only black person better for Clay being in Congress is …….drum roll please……Lacy Clay. Et tu Maxine Waters, Barack Obummer, Elijah Cummings, and every other black politician. It’s not about their constituents’ benefit…regardless of color…’s about capitalizing upon their Useful Idiots’ Gump Stupid and Einstein Insanity.

      • In general, once the politicians aquires more power they become elitists and are above us common folk. Another fine example of an elitist is Chicago’s Lightfoot.

        • “You’re thinking white politicians are somehow different?”

          As a group, politicians are smarter than their voters. Who keeps electing whom?

  11. Start a group called guns are for everyone instead of a group with skin color, sex, or orientation in its name.

    Just because someone is gay does not mean they have anything in common with other gay people. I would hope the same would be for women or black people. It has so little to do with who you are as a person. It should not even be a factor in a group.

  12. I find this amusing since the Left appears to be for open Segregation… _again_. But if I had to choose between giving money to the NRA vs the NAAGA, it’s not even a consideration so long as Le Peu is in power.

    • Funny but the NRA sent me a copy of American Rifleman the other day-after my NRA membership expired. Guess WHO was on the cover?!? Old Wayne LaPew pew begging for buck’s.

      • Same on the First Freedom mag. I’m still a “member” since I bought my membership decades ago for a lump sum. Haven’t financially supported the NRA for years due to it’s negotiate Our Rights Away approach to the 2nd A. Joined GOA in January and support state and local efforts. Working with a couple of candidates for state office and one for HOR in D.C. We’ve been fairly successful at the state level in getting positive 2A issues passed into law. We welcome all 2A supporters and have begun to see more 1st time owners join our fold. It takes more than sitting behind a keyboard and commandoing. To get things changed. Keep Your Powder Dry.

  13. I don’t get the negative comments about this article. This is another 2A advocacy group adding members its a great thing. The vice title is ridiculous thought the NRA is for all people. Just for the record NAAGA also excepts members of every race creed and color.

  14. They want guns so they can protect themselves from cops? I guess NAAGA hasn’t figured out yet that the cops they’re worried about are agents of the politicians elected by prospective NAAGA members.

    Insanity is voting for the same party time after time and expecting not to get bent over.

      • And even less from the Republicans over the last 50 years.

        Ever since Republican governor Ronnie Reagan signed the Mulford act into law, the Republicans have been fighting minority rights.

        • Never forget the white Liberals support the Mulford Act. They endorsed it in the early 2000’s. Reagan is a dead president. Liberals own it now and they like it. And it was co written by a jewish lawmaker, and member of the ACLU board of Directors.

    • That’s in no part to the Left brainwashing the gullible masses into thinking that the Democrats aren’t the party of slavery, racial intolerance, Communism, Facism, hatred for Jews, racial internments, racial segregation, Jim Crow, the KKK… all the while gleefully lining their pockets.

      • Nancy Pelosi is doing her part to hide the truth. She’s been in Congress how many decades now? All of a sudden she has submitted a list of mostly democrat statues to be removed. Not only that, but she removed the portraits of four previous House Speakers since they supported the Confederacy. Oh yeah, and they were all democrats. Pelosi has looked at their portraits for over 30 years, but all of a sudden it’s important to discard them. Why is that? Democrats are self-cleansing before the mob comes for them.

  15. Still race based. Kinda sad. Just shows there will never be true unity, even with like minded people. Also, the entire cause is to protect themselves against cops… so, like bloods and crips? Why can’t they target the real enemies? Why does it always have to involve race? America will NEVER evolve beyond race bases issues until someone basically makes them illegal. Sad but true.

    • Silly Rabbit making something Illegal doesn’t/won’t stop it. Racism is and has always been a factor in the human experience. Racism is just hate with color being the excuse. No different than Nazi hating Jews or the KKK hating Blacks,Browns,Yellows and even some Whites. No different than Muslims hating Jews or other Muslims. Shia hating Sunni. Bloods hating Crips. Hate is the condition. Difference is the excuse. Hate is a choice. Hating allows the hated to live in ones heart and mind rent free.

      • The WORLD will never evolve beyond racism. I personally feel it goes without saying, but was only talking about America for purposes retaining to the article and current events. Although, good point, and I guess that puts it in a good perspective. It would be nice to see those shouting in the streets realize it too. They are part of the problem, and not the solution. It still needs to be called out though. Like you said, it’s hatred. It would be nice to see someone as famous as Beyonce call any race based organization or movement out and actually gain support for it. But we all know, that will never happen. It’s easier to be angry and blame anyone but yourself.

      • Well said about hate. There are just different excuses, however lets not give people an excuse to hate. I do not believe there is that much hate in this country as we are led to believe or brainwashed.

        It is mainly promoted by the media, which does it for increased viewership which translates into more advertising money.

        What I don’t like about this group is division based on skin color. I believe that will cause division and animosity towards people that look different from that group.

        People of the black culture don’t seem to want inclusion when they start a group like this and then show support for Black Lives Matter. He says we are family. So that means no non-black people. This gives fertile ground for hate to grow.

        I don’t know of any 2A rights organization that will not accept membership from anyone. The NRA has defended black people, watch Colion Noir’s youtube videos and his article in Skillset magazine.

        • This group has a reasonable concern about unjust treatment by racist elements, both private citizens and government officials:

          “WINSTON-SALEM, N.C. — Three members of a North Carolina police department have been fired after a department audit of a video recording captured one of the officers saying a civil war was necessary to wipe Black people off the map and that he was ready.

          The Wilmington Police Department took the action on Tuesday against Cpl. Jessie Moore, and officers Kevin Piner and Brian Gilmore. Each was accused of violating standards of conduct, criticism and use of inappropriate jokes and slurs. After conferring with the city council, Wilmington City Manager Sterling Cheatham cleared Police Chief Donny Williams to release the details.”

        • Miner… c’mon man, what tf does that have to do with this comment section? Stop hijacking.

  16. I don’t comment often, but this thread really has a tone to it I don’t remember this being a thing 6 years ago when I first came here. Regardless of what we think about political correctness, taking this tone is self-destructive in the context of gun rights (what drew us here in the first place).

    I really think the name of the organization is much less of a big deal than people are making it out to be. NAAGA is named what it is because of what it does- promote gun ownership and gun rights support in black communities. Why not white communities? The answer to that is pretty simple, and it’s not because everyone there hates whites; it’s because American gun ownership and gun rights support are already strongest in white communities, and support for gun ownership and gun rights doesn’t show up in the same way in black communities. NAAGA focuses on a particular group of people because that’s where they can actually make community inroads, gain converts to build out the POTG and hopefully build a block that supports gun rights. Really, why are we trying to alienate them? This is auto-cannibalism.

    • Good point. I just watched the Colion Noir interview with Rogan from the other article and they both cover this topic very well. It makes sense, but I do still wish we could just not involve race to begin with. Let those who do continue down their extremist path and the rest of us can just acknowledge the diversity instead of the false sense of equality that will never happen when you involve racial matters. I think it goes without saying for most decent human beings, but in recent years it seems like the manipulation has created a very odd form of serpent, and it’s still not clear how do deal with it. I mean, BLM is actually a marxist led political ideology, so when a bunch of suburban white kids run around screaming it at the top of their lungs, then rioting and looting takes place, it’s hard to ignore that they need the race baiting slapped out of them. I don’t see it as destructive, although, some trollish comments on this article are – no surprise, I see it as an opportunity to move forward.

  17. We need more black gun owners, to protect citizens from thugs like these:

    “Glynn County’s Grand Jury has indicted Travis McMichael, his father, Greg McMichael, and William R. Bryan on malice and felony murder charges in Arbery’s death, Cobb District Attorney Joyette M. Holmes said at a press conference.
    “We will continue to be intentional in the pursuit of justice for this family and the community at large as the prosecution of this case continues,” said Holmes, the specially appointed prosecutor in the case.
    The charges also include aggravated assault, false imprisonment and criminal attempt to commit false imprisonment, according to the indictment.”

  18. If the “gun community” had not given up the battle for rifle teams and 2A education in the public schools decades ago. Nearly every race, creed, color, or any national origin american citizen, would be supporting the 2A now. And be a gun owner.

  19. The NRA has done a far superior job of defending the gun rights of blacks than any single group. No matter what color the leader of the group is. As far as california goes. I’m not surprised that black woman had a problem in that blue state. In grew up in california. I know the state history very well. I’ve watched black customers being treated very well in the former confederacy states.

    Besides the former slave states of kentucky and Mississippi are Constitutional carry. I wonder when that will happen in a blue state like california?

    Redstone Firearms was on the Concealed Carry Radio podcast last year.

  20. But really, is there any REAL evidence that shows police departments are corrupt?

    Here’s one man’s opinion about the PD involved in the Arbery case:

    “The local police and the local prosecutor saw no reason why the McMichael’s and their good buddy should be charged with a crime at all, much less indicted for murder. Prosecutor George Barnhill wrote a nice long letter, detailing the many reasons why the McMichael’s were operating within the confines of the law and were totally and completely within their legal rights to run down an unarmed man and shoot him on a neighborhood street, in broad daylight.

    The shooting took place on February 23rd of this year. These 3 knuckleheads were running free, until the middle of May.

    Glynn County PD is extremely corrupt; in preceding years, they have been formally accused of “covering up allegations of misconduct, tampering with a crime scene, interfering in an investigation of a police shooting and retaliating against fellow officers who cooperated with outside investigators.”

    After Ahmaud Arbery was fatally shot, the chief of police was indicted on charges for covering up a sexual relationship between a Glynn County police officer and an informant. A grand jury report issued in November 2019 condemned the Glynn County PD for “officer misconduct and poor coordination with the local sheriff’s office”; the chief had been brought in to clean up the Glynn County police force but proceeded to make an even-bigger mess of things; the department was described by the county manager as “poorly trained” and characterized by a “culture of cronyism”.

    Glynn County PD should never have been involved in the case, from the get; Gregory McMichael is a former officer and worked in the prosecutor’s office as an investigator. They should have RECUSED themselves, from the beginning.

    Arbery’s death also prompted re-examinations of the way prosecutions of shootings were handled by the Brunswick Judicial Circuit District Attorney’s Office. In 2010, two police officers fatally shot an unarmed white woman through her car windshield. Four former prosecutors who worked under Brunswick Judicial Circuit District Attorney Jackie Johnson have publicly stated that Ms. Johnson shielded the officers from criminal prosecution. A 2015 investigation revealed that Ms. Johnson had agreed to not show the grand jury a draft murder indictment, and had “allowed the officers’ department to present a factually inaccurate animation they created, showing the car escaping through a gap and running over the officers (which did not even happen). Prior to his retirement, shooter Glenn McMichael reported directly to Brunswick County DA Jackie Johnson.”

  21. Most of you are missing out on a golden opportunity to bring black shooters into the fold. Making gross generalizations about blacks will keep them from joining the NRA and such. I know that you know not all blacks are dindo-nuffins with their ass cracks showing as they run from the police,…. just as not all whites have mullets under their pointy hats while they bang their sisters. Each is a generalization that will keep us apart versus bringing us together under the 2A umbrella. The more minorities that shoot means the more that don’t want big brother taking their stuff. The more blacks and Hispanics (who traditionally don’t like firearms) that take up arms to protect self, family and home will be less minorities that are beholden to the Marxist/Progressive/ Democrats who rely on blacks to be a part of the Government Plantation and voting for those who give “free stuff”. Lets come together as one and celebrate being American not isolate and separate such as the Demoncrats and Marxists do (remember Obama). May God bless one and all. Be well during this time of WuFlu.

  22. Are these the same people spray painting “kill whitey” at the current “protests”?

    Marx was all for the revolutionaries having guns.

  23. The NRA was founded to ensure that black Americans could exercise their right to keep and bear arms against the cross-burning, murdering freaks. I’m glad that there is another gun rights .org that is helping the brothers exercise. The more the better, and the more difficult for democrats to strip all of our gun rights.

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