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America’s mainstream media, daily newspapers in particular, have done a very effective job alienating their mainstream American readers. Doubt that? Look at their sagging circulation numbers or the number of remaining publications. Or the layoff announcements.

Now the remaining ink-stained wretches at the New York Post appear to be going all in to keep the decline of dead tree journalism rolling. In the aftermath of shootings in Atlanta and Boulder, they published an op-ed demanding a nationwide ban on semi-automatic firearms. They’ve since changed that to a plea to ‘get weapons of war off America’s streets.’

The Post, New York City’s “conservative” paper whose own (former) staffers say is “dying,” has opted to advocate for making America’s favorite rifle illegal. And many more just like it, along with the most common type of handguns sold in America.

Springfield Armory 1911 TRP 10mm
This is a “weapon of war” (Dan Thurs for TTAG)

Will the Post soon come out for a prohibition on America’s favorite pastime of baseball and apple pie as well in future editions? Time will tell.

The paper’s lame screed (an apparent attempt to retain some relevancy) will not sit well with most Americans.

Eight slain in Atlanta, now 10 in Boulder. Your town could be next. Can the nation finally do something about weapons of war on our streets?

Even though Joe Biden’s team tyranny can’t stop a lone social misfit who can’t find a girlfriend in Atlanta or a hot-tempered Syrian refugee from committing atrocities, the Post wants to disarm the law-abiding, leaving more Americans vulnerable to nut jobs, terrorists and violent criminals.

Maybe if we banned cameras, we could prevent pornography, too. How well has the War on Drugs gone over the last 50 years? It would be interesting the hear the Post editorial board’s thoughts.

New York Post weapons of war
Courtesy New York Post

There’s more constitutional knuckle-dragging and mouth-breathing . . .

The New York Post does not see this as a conservative or liberal issue — it’s an issue of life and death. Curbing guns is what led to New York City’s three-decade reduction in murders. And, sadly, it’s the dismissal of that progress that has led to a rise in shootings here. Outside the city, the toll of semi-automatic weapons is a sad litany of cities and schools: Newtown, Parkland, Aurora, Las Vegas. It’s a national shame.

Curbing guns led to a reduction in murders? Have the Post’s clueless clowns looked at gun sales and background check figures in the past thirty years? Or the sales records set last year?

America’s decades-long surge in civilian gun ownership and concealed carry permits coincided with a historic nationwide decline in violent crime. New York just came along for the ride. And don’t think the city’s strict gun laws has actually kept firearms out of the five boroughs, either.

The Post’s hacks who haven’t yet learned to code — but might want to start soon — go on to to proclaim that an AR pattern firearm is “nothing that any civilian needs to own.”

Do they mean civilians like Stephen Willeford? Or how about these civilians who used America’s favorite rifle to save innocent lives.

Kyle Rittenhouse skateboard Huber
Anthony Huber beating Kyle Rittenhouse, who is on the ground, with his skateboard during the riots in Kenosha, WI.

Perhaps the NY Post meant civilians like Kyle Rittenhouse?

Or do they mean civilians like America’s police officers who use AR-15 rifles on a daily basis to defend their lives and other innocents? If “weapons of war” have no place on America’s streets, why should law enforcement officers have them in their cars?

Here’s another choice quote from the Post’s editorial . . .

When they enshrined the Second Amendment, the Founding Fathers could not have conceived of high-capacity magazines. Hunting and home protection are one thing — but what civilian needs an AR-15?

Really? The first ten amendments to the US Constitution are called the ‘Bill of Rights’ not the ‘Bill of Needs.’ Furthermore, the Post’s protection under the First Amendment to print its bilge exists to this day even though the Founding Fathers surely never conceived of high-speed printing presses or the Internet.

The Post’s brain trust has some thoughts on how a good “assault weapons” ban should be written . . .

Start by writing an assault-weapon ban that focuses on firepower — rate of fire, muzzle velocity, and so on.

That’s a recipe for outlawing all semi-automatic firearms including handguns.

Fortunately, the Post is just another dying dead tree publication. They don’t make laws and their editorials also have a steeply declining amount of influence on public opinion. That’s what results from having fewer employees, less advertising and fewer subscribers.

Maybe the Post should be more concerned with its long, continued decline in readership and revenue. After all, there’s a lot of truth to the expression, “get woke, go broke.”

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    • It’s really difficult to determine which is more sick…The CO perp or the ny compost turd who wrote that pasty mouth Jim Crow Gun Control Filth.
      I own firearms to protect myself and mine from such perverts whether they be in a grocery store or behind a desk in ny. If the compost et al does not like it they can call: 1-800- eat-poop.

    • I sent this to them:

      Got a tip for you guys. Conservatives everywhere had reasonable respect for the New York Post, but conservatives are bashing the NYP about this article:

      Conservatives everywhere were really surprised the find the NYP… The post! Ideologically against them:

      Others have picked up this story, not sure why you guys haven’t. You should have a news article – maybe titled: “New York Post Now Leftist Rag???” Then run this story. Maybe front page?

      I especially thought these statements were funny:

      “The New York Post does not see this as a conservative or liberal issue — it’s an issue of life and death.” – By Post Editorial Board

      Of course it’s a political issue! LOL. The left see freedom itself as the problem (the freedom to own a gun, or type of gun). And the right (as usual) see people as the problem (It is low quality people, with low quality upbringing, with low quality morals that cause this problem).

      “Curbing guns is what led to New York City’s three-decade reduction in murders.” – Post Editorial Board

      Are you sure it wasn’t the stop and frisk for any reason by NYPD? Nobody liked it – but it was very effective. The situation between now and then hasn’t changed regarding guns. New Yorkers can still jump in their car, drive to Pennsylvania, buy whatever they want, then smuggle them back.

      “The Supreme Court has ruled the Constitution protects guns “in common use,” not weapons of war.” – Post Editorial Board.

      This is not accurate, at all. Every gun in existence today, was modeled after a previous “weapon of war.” Pick up any hunting rifle – it is nearly functionally identical to a WWII German mauser 98. “Weapon of war” is a political term, not any clear term used in honesty, and I’m disappointed to find the post using it.

      “Our forefathers did not want every American to be capable of mass slaughter.” – Post Editorial Board.

      It is clear our forefathers wanted every American armed. And they were not trusting of a standing army, and they desired the soldiers of America to be the citizenry itself. So – disagree here. Conservatives today recognize that with freedom, every American is capable of mass slaughter. That is the price of freedom itself, which is why conservatives desire a high quality populace, rather than high quality restrictions.

      “Start by writing an assault-weapon ban that focuses on firepower…” – Post Editorial Board

      So the problem with this, is a mass shooter has already accepted their own destruction. It’s an existential problem for them – not a freedom problem requiring gun restrictions. Someone who has accepted total destruction of their own existence, one who already has accepted the consequences of a horrific crime like murder, is not going to care about a lesser crime like your desired laws restricting gun possession. This is why conservatives simply dismiss these types of topics. Because they are right in this case. It’s more of a people problem, rather a freedom problem. The second you make freedom the problem, then you have to restrict all manners of freedom that can possibly lead to harm. And for most, that type of cure is worse than the disease.

      • For all their retarded gun control laws, neither Sweden or Norway, among many other European countries, have banned semi-autos. Banning semi-semi autos is the dumbest sounding thing ever.

  1. My home town paper is dying as well. When I moved here 30+ years ago, the daily delivered paper was $12. It was full of ads, and plenty of news. Today, after its purchase by Gannet a couple of years ago, you can read the whole thing in half an hour because it runs about 12 pages. There are hardly any local ads (I guess everyone is on Craigslist instead), and it costs $54. There is a smattering of local news, a few national stories, and of course the comics and the crossword, but not much more.

    • I miss having a good newspaper to read. The local paper has lots of local sports, the police blotter, and a few comics, with 6-10 pages. I had been buying the nearest Big City paper since I first encountered it during my college days some 35 years ago, because it had decent reporting with a balanced perspective, with some left and right op-eds for color. However, the family that had owned it for generations sold out to some nationwide consortium, and within a month the new owners jerked the reins to the left and down it’s going. Can’t even stomach using it as a fishwrapper any more. Pfui.

  2. Except the FFs already knew about “high capacity”. Girandoni rifle and the Puckle gun. Others too. All years before the Second Amendment was written.

    • And if those weapons with higher capacity and rate of fire had been reliable enough, the Founders damn sure would’ve urged every single American to equip himself with one.

      “Nobody could have imagined thing X when the Constitution was written” is one of the most box-of-rocks stupid anti-gun arguments I’ve ever heard — and the progtard legions have a LOT of stupid to go around.

      If we’re going with that one, let’s start by requiring the press to literally be the press again. They can go back to inking a single sheet at a time by pressing a board filled with cast lead type onto it. When they’ve completed that transition, then I’ll consider giving up my repeating rifles.

      • You have to understand that to these idiots writing this dreck is that they think Ben Franklin and the founding fathers were slave owning morons. They actually can’t comprehend that the FF’s knew that firearm technology was bound to improve just like it had done in their own lifetimes.

    • I say ban the NY Post. Why should anyone pay more attention to those whores than to me? They have no authority and precious little sense, yet run their mouths like somebody cared what they think.

  3. I am hereby offering to one and all, I will take in any weapons of war on the streets. Give them to me, and I will provide a caring home for them, or can help re-home them so they have a place to go. No gun should be left alone, with no home or someone to care for it. Crisis solved.

  4. “Curbing guns is what led to New York City’s three-decade reduction in murders”

    Actually that was that curbing black males in their late teens and early 20’s via profiling and stop and frisk. Those programs were abhorrent to anyone who believes in freedom, but they was effective. There was also the broken window policing policy (not to be confused with Bastiat’s broken window fallacy) wherein petty crimes were not ignored and the citing of petty criminals lead to an overall reduction in crime, including violent crime.

    As far as what the founders could foresee, there were many repeating weapons available at the time. The race was on to see which weapons and which methods of operation would prove reliable and reproducible enough to become the standard. The founding fathers were well aware of repeating weapons, and absolutely foresaw the day when a weapon would be available that could fire as many rounds as the user desired without a reload. The utility of that would be obvious to men still subject to raids by injuns, oppressed by tyrants, and often required to shoot their own dinner.

    • I contend it was neither. It was gentrification, pure and simple. During the period that NYC touts a reduction in homicides faster than the national average, neighboring jurisdictions in NJ were nearly flat. New York City exported many of its dysfunctional poor, and diluted the remainder with an influx of wealthy people. That concentration of wealth also allowed them to field an exceptionally strong police force. NYC has a significantly higher number of police per capita than the national average. When you combine that with its high population density, it comes close to putting one uniformed officer on every Manhattan city block. If my neighborhood had the same geographic density of police, I would have a dedicated officer just for my property. My neighbors on either side would each have their own dedicated officer, and so would the family across the street.

      • Which came first, the chicken or the egg? I suspect the decrease in crime and criminals is what *caused* the influx of the wealthy, not the other way around. And, IIRC, that was the expressed promise of the politicians who pushed for stop and frisk, etc.

    • Quote: “Actually that was that curbing black males in their late teens and early 20’s via profiling and stop and frisk. Those programs were abhorrent to anyone who believes in freedom, but they was effective.”

      If I take this at face value it means that you do not profile people when you are walking down the street at night, or any other time. If you don’t you are setting yourself up for a very bad experience. If you do why are you lecturing anyone on it?

      Ask any military veteran about profiling. It is called situational awareness. Being aware of what and who is around you and identifying those who may be a threat to you and yours.

      In today’s world if you are not profiling you are the prey they are looking for.

      Be Prepared !!!

      • You are allowed to “profile” insofar as being prepared to meet or avoid problems, you are NOT allowed to profile insofar as shooting an approaching yoot because he looks dark to you. The government, OTOH, is allowed to do *neither*!!! The city’s description of stop and frisk was completely within rational guidelines, but a lot of testimony has said the actual program on the street was absolutely not! Which, if true, says the city (and its sworn police officers) was actively deceiving the courts. I could see all of that, and followed the question pretty closely for a lot of years, but what I could not see was which side was telling the truth.

  5. I can think of 6 million Jews who wished they had an AR15 and two million Cambodians during my lifetime. It’s not about hunting it’s about saving your family from the future Stalin & Mao’s of the world and anyone else who tells you “for the common good”

    • That’s just the tip of the iceberg. More than 200 million people were murdered by their own governments under communism in the 20th century — more than enough to verify that disarming for people who think Marx had the right idea is a very, very bad idea.

      • While Special Commissar Miner might note organized religions have killed more, they have had more time to work on it. Such as 1-2 thousand years at least.

    • omg…. six million MY A$ S… proof positive the government has been lying to the People for many many years….

  6. Mr. Boch:
    It’s one thing to let people know what the other side is saying and doing. All too often, I feel like TTAG uses the same sources to report ‘the news’.

    The New York Post = The New York Times = CNN = NBC = ABC = CBS = The LA Times = Bloomberg = Democrat Party = Twitter = Facebook = Amazon = The Associated Press = Google

    • The New York Post = The New York Times = CNN = NBC = ABC = CBS = The LA Times = Bloomberg = Democrat Party = Twitter = Facebook = Amazon = The Associated Press = Google

      You forgot to have the =SATAN at the end

      • Poor Lil satan working overtime because he knows he has but a short time to deceive the people lol. Victory and Life Everlasting thru the King of kings and Lord of lords Jesus Christ!!!

  7. Yes the white liberals in all the major cities want the guns taken away, from the majority of the law-abiding population. Because now mass shootings are starting to happen in areas where they shop. There were quite comfortable ensuring that people in poor neighborhoods and public housing projects were disarmed. The white liberals and the white left are as racist as Bull Connor.

    When the police come to do their job it is not very pretty, to look at. In fact enforcing the laws and protecting people can become very gory to look at. Law enforcement has never been a glamorous job. The New York city mayor who hates cops, and who has mixed race children. Has told his mixed race son that cops hate him. He told him they are racist.
    And yet he still has his children being escorted to and from school by uniformed armed New York City white police officers.

    He claimed he was saddened when Eric Garner died while resisting arrest for the New York City cigarette tax. Which the New York City white communist mayor said the police would continue to enforce, the collection of the New York City cigarette tax. The mayor, Warren Wilhelm Jr., Wants the government tax money collected. The Left is racist as well as irrational, and illogical in their thinking and policies.

  8. I guess the Post is what passes for conservative in the cesspool that is New York City, no wonder they are both in decline.

  9. I don’t know about you guys, by my AR mags only hold 8 rounds of .458 Socom. I think that’s plenty low capacity. Better yet, it’s not one of those “high power” rounds that a traditional AR-16/M15 shoots. It’s not even heat seeking with an explosive charge designed to blow up when it hits its target.

  10. Founding fathers probably didn’t think of the internet either. Maybe it’s time to put the same restrictions on the freedom of speech that we have on bearing arms. Background checks, fees, mandatory training, extra taxes on equipment, licenses for certain kinds of speech, age restrictions, etc could be the start of the “Rights Equality Act.”

    Maybe some of those fools would leave us alone then. Then again, maybe I shouldn’t give the idiots any ideas…

  11. The Left is running scared, especially since citizens entered “The People’s House” without their permission. Don’t doubt that unarmed protestors, demanding redress from their elected, scared the shit out of them. Many years ago, a member of Congress remarked, “If People knew what goes on in Washington, they would be here with pitchforks”.

    The Ruling Class must limit and eliminate, 100% the Right to Bear arms by regular people. Their agenda of control requires it.

    The reason they only act when a tragedy occurs, affecting regular folks is they can say, “It could happen to you…” This is that’s same reason the public is fascinated with the scum called “Serial Killers”, as they appear to target victims, they don’t know and are perceived to target victims randomly, including “regular people”.

    Murders in New York, Chicago and Detroit can’t be used as justification for gun bans, as most already have the liberal wish list in place and therefore proves that these restrictions are meaningless for killers. Criminals and Drug Dealers Kill People, something most people get 100%.

    Don’t want to be murdered in the United States; Don’t use drugs and alcohol, stay out of bars, don’t commit crimes or associate with criminals, live in a safe neighborhood, be home before midnight, as nothing good happens after that time anyway. Walk or better yet run away from abusive relationships TODAY, including family members. Finally, get training, carry a gun everyday.

    • Just about every cop, if you wish to commit mass murder smack a cop with a baseball bat and take his guns and ammo, you weren’t planning to live through this anyhow. The ONLY absolutely reliable defense is to be armed and ready to defend *yourself*.

  12. The Chinese keep demonstrating to the world, that you don’t need any kind of gun. Semi auto, bolt or lever action. Or a break action gun, to commit a mass murder with. They use sharp objects to get the murders done with. And they proved it over and over again.

    One of the first mass murders was actually done with a five-shot revolver. I believe over 20 people were shot within an hour.

  13. Weapons of war are exactly the sort of arms whose ownership by the people is protected by the Second Amendment.

  14. To fight truth decay, entrenched deceit, moral and intellectually dishonesty there exists several credible bulwarks against organized journalistic elitism, deception, class warfare, and disinformation. On the net:

    The Roseburg Beacon at [email protected].
    The New American at and, respectively.
    Newsmax Magazine.
    News With Views at
    Gun Owners of America at
    JPFO, Inc. at

    James A. Farmer
    Merrill, Oregon (Klamath County)
    Long Live The State of Jefferson!

    • Here in WA, we’re working toward separating from the putrid Puget Sound progressives and becoming Liberty State. The idea is very popular — 70% support in Eastern WA when polled — but very few are working to help it happen, and our politicians aren’t willing to speak up for fear of being called nasty names by the cool kids in Seattle and Olympia.

      Maybe we should get Eastern Oregon and Eastern Washington together and pool our resources. Put the two regions together, and you’d have a big, spacious state any freedom-minded American would be proud to live in.

      • Pipe dream. Northern California would join that movement, having desired to secede from California for decades (state of Jefferson), but the fact of the matter is that it is not politically possible to create a new Republican dominated state. Why? Because you cannot secede a) without permission of the State Legislature (which is controlled by Democrats not interested in losing any part of their power), and b) without the permission of Congress. You can be certain that Democrats would use the “Jim Crow Era” filibuster from allowing the creation of two new Senate seats controlled by Republicans (just as the Republicans will seek to bar admission of Puerto Rico as a 51st state and its two Democratic Party senators).
        The ONLY possible solution that MIGHT avoid these political road blocks is for these territories to join an existing state, e.g. Idaho. The number of representatives would change little if any, and there would be no new Senators. This has been proposed, but I don’t see that it has much traction yet.

        • I know the odds are so long as to be nearly impossible, but it’s still worth trying. Any tiny chance is better than not trying at all.

      • Pretty much most folks outside of the densely populated parts of Thurston, Pierce, and King counties would be for it.

  15. One of the main reason why traditional media are dying, they are reporting crap and not the truth.

    • Yup.

      If the Military fails and the Guard fail, it’s up to civilians. Why would you downgrade weapons?!
      Last ditch effort before losing your country and way of life, single shots and bb guns… HARD PASS.

  16. That was a long winded crack at someone who isn’t listening nor cares what anyone thinks.

    Again… They do not care, stop fighting the fight with facts and figures, they know what they are and do not care!
    Fight back by calling the paper out, call for the ban on printed lies, attack them the way they attack us.

    Its like a schoolyard fight and pro gun conservatives are trying to reason with the bully and find out why hes mean. Knock out a few teeth and it will knock him down a few pegs.

    • exactly…. unfortunately it’s obvious America is lost….. the People are all Sheeple and are all for being controlled…… the fake covid crises proved it… to the government…. they now are ramping up to disarm the populace…. and americans will tuck tail and run like the scared dogs they are….. what a joke….
      It’s over boys….. lay em down…. cause you ain’t gonna use em, so you’ll lose em….

  17. A well trained militia, being necessary to the security of a free state…is all the evidence one needs to establish that the Founding Fathers intended for The People to keep and bear “weapons of war,” as that is what the militia would be carrying if called out to defend the state, particularly when one reads the old state militia laws that required militia members–citizens–to own their own weapons, powder and flint.

  18. Seems to be that recently some website I frequent had a big issue with some opinion article and hid behind the “it’s an opinion” argument.

    Then instantly said they were right to publish opinions.

    Then instantly published counter opinions to prove their unbiased adherence to some old parchment.

    Then published this bullshit to bait people into attacking another publisher of opinions.

    None of which makes either opinion correct. But at least makes me backtrack a teensy tiny little bit in torching the new target.

  19. “Get woke, go broke”.

    No, leftist businesses appear to be doing quite well, thank you.

  20. The only people who read the NY Post are pedophiles and lazy liberaltards… nobody with any common sense gives a damn what the op-ed says.. it’s all socialist propaganda

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