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On a late summer evening, friends of John Stettin gathered at a bar called Kitty Cohen’s in East Austin to say good-bye. A carrot cake with “Good Luck” written in orange icing softened in the heat, but as far as they were concerned, the occasion was his birthday. “You can’t say, ‘Happy going away!’” said Jeff, his best friend, greeting him with a hug. “We’re just not happy. We’re all very sad about it.” Good-bye parties are inherently not that fun. They’re even less fun when they’re driven by a far-right takeover of the state government.

“Tell him he can’t leave,” whispered a woman seated under an umbrella. “There are too many Republicans…” 

To hear Stettin tell it, that is precisely why he is moving out of what Rick Perry once described as the “blueberry in the tomato soup,” a predominantly Democratic city full of liberal expats like himself seeking progressive politics and an urban lifestyle at a red-state cost-of-living discount. “It was easy to just be in Never Neverland, floating with a bunch of other transplants having a good time,” said Stettin, who relocated from Dallas to Austin five years ago.

But then 2020 happened. As the pandemic raged, Governor Greg Abbott banned municipalities including Austin from implementing COVID measures such as mask mandates. The following year, amid a brutal winter storm, the state’s electric grid failed, killing hundreds and leaving millions freezing in the dark, and it has yet to be fixed. That summer, Abbott codified permitless carry and further restricted voting access. This past February, he ordered investigations into the parents of trans children for child abuse. By June, when the Supreme Court overturned Roe v. Wade, Texas was ten months ahead, having already effectively banned abortion with no exceptions for rape or incest and topped it with a $10,000 reward for informants.

“It’s like how a frog boils one degree at a time,” Stettin said. “They trigger-banned all abortion and they’re offering a bounty! What more do you need if you are a remotely liberal person to get the fuck out of here?” His destination was Massachusetts. “At least if I’m going to get into an argument with a guy in Boston,” he said, “he’s probably not carrying an AR-15 in his trunk.”

—  By Casey Quackenbush in Austin Has Been Invaded by Texas The progressive paradise is over for some, and they’re fleeing to bluer pastures.

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    • Please, someone tell all the Kalifornias in Arizona it’s not safe here either. Been here 10 years and the Libtards leave the ruins of their socialist paradise and bring their politics with them, unbelievable!!! We have bumper stickers that say, “Don’t California my Arizona”, so it’s getting pretty bad now.

      Gonna have to move again, I guess.

      • From a fellow Arizonian, I agree. This state is now full of democrap libturds who fled their states just to drag the same failed democrap poicies with them. We have officially lost our once red state to the transplants. I for one, am stunned. Where do I go now ?!?!?

        • I refer to it as “Crapifornia” due to all of the human feces issues and the just generally smelly politics over there.

          I’m a Texan from Comal County living in Arizona and have had just about enough of these move-ins thinking they can come into our back yards and dictate to us how we need to think, believe, and live our lives. It’s about time they got a dose of their own medicine. I’m with the OP…don’t let the barn door hit ya in the derrier on the way out…bless their heart!

      • As a life-long Masshole, I can tell you with confidence that there are plenty of ARs in trunks in Massachusetts. Hope springs eternal for our idealistic transplant!

    • “Don’t let the door hit in the a$$ on the way out.”

      I’d like to dedicate a song to them :

  1. Attention all Democrats: get out of Texas while you still can! It is rampant with Republicans and
    AR- 15s and B-B-Q! SAVE YOURSELVES!!!

  2. Makes Texas more Red and Mass More Blue. I Have two homes one in NY the other in SC. See this pattern repeating first hand. There is a gradual migration based on politics happening.

    • TommyGNR,

      There is a gradual migration based on politics happening.

      Agree. And what really cracks me up is that Progressive True Believers (TM) are leaving their own failed utopias behind. Notice this quote in the source article from one of the very Progressive True Believers moving out of Austin, Texas:

      … that is precisely why [Progressive True Believer] is moving out of [Austin] a predominantly Democratic city full of liberal expats like himself seeking progressive politics and an urban lifestyle at a red-state cost-of-living discount.”

      (Also notice how Progressive True Believers move TO Conservative success stories which inevitably lead to lower costs of living.)

      On the other hand, Conservatives are not moving out of their own failed Conservative utopias because there are no failed Conservative utopias. Rather, Conservatives are also moving out of Progressive failed utopias.

      • “leaving their own failed utopias behind”

        no. they’re not.

        see, their utopia consists of them controlling other people and getting those other people to work for them. their utopia is not a place, it’s a system – a system where they dictate and others make it happen. more centrally, their utopia is themselves – everyone else is just the help.

        so no, they’re not abandoning their utopia, they’re refreshing it, renewing it, advancing it.

        • ^This.^

          Also note that when they discuss how “well traveled” they are that if you get into the details what they’re really doing is moving their cocktail circuit around. They might go to a dozen countries but they only go to the places full of people like themselves.

        • they are neither insane nor damaged. they are predators, and you are the prey. they pose as citizens of your nation in order to loot it, and then move on. it’s brilliant, and they’re having a great time.

      • Yep, they want their cake and eat it too. Can’t have it both ways. Hoping that more people like this Mass bound former Austinite takes more of his kind with him.

        We won’t miss you Stettin. Maybe there’s hope for Austin after all.

      • Progs – locusts. When a horde of locusts has destroyed an area, they move on to another area that has not YET been destroyed. The repeat.

        Have to be exterminated.

  3. “Lefties are Leaving Austin for Safer Locations Like Boston Where There Are Fewer AR-15s”

    “At least if I’m going to get into an argument with a guy in Boston,’ he said, ‘he’s probably not carrying an AR-15 in his trunk.’

    1. What a idiot. Its not the AR-15’s in the hands of law abiding people you fool. Its the crime/criminals that will get you, and Boston is full of crime/criminals.

    2. Boston (and Chicago, and New York, individually on the east coast) has the nations highest incidents of assualt-during-argument, and they don’t use AR-15’s when they do it. They use either improvised weapons, hand/feet, or sharpened pointed objects.

    Once again, its not AR-15’s. Its the crime/criminal you idiot.

    • They don’t really care. It’s beyond virtue-signaling at this point. No masks, no abortions–what to do??? The HORROR! “There are too many Republicans,” she whispered. YES–and you are surrounded. Time to get the F*CK OUT!

    • Maybe he needs to avoid getting into arguments and scraps that escalate to the level of the other person wanting to kill him…I try to avoid having arguments with strangers or drunk people, I would rather avoid provoking people, not sure if he likes to provoke people for fun?

      He’s either a bully who wants to hand out beat downs without anyone fighting back or of the misguided belief that MAGA Republican kill squads roam around in trucks looking for liberals and minorities to shoot.

      Fun fact – law abiding gun owners don’t want to kill anyone, an AR doesn’t come with a License to Kill, murder is still murder. Most gun owners keep a low profile and try to stay out of trouble, as trying to get into gun fights is the quickest way to lose your life, freedom, money, and guns.

      • TheUnspoken,

        Maybe he needs to avoid getting into arguments and scraps that escalate to the level of the other person wanting to kill him …

        Well, that is a quaint idea. The trouble is that Progressive True Believers are horrifyingly comfortable with the idea of killing “others” without any prerequisite arguments or scraps. All that is necessary is that someone fails to embrace and celebrate their Progressive platform. Commit that “cardinal sin” and Progressives want you dead.

        • rant7,

          I do, indeed, realize how true my statement is.

          I have seen and heard Progressive True Believers express that sentiment countless times.

        • Most progressives are always wanting to argue or fight over something, most of the time its about their own opinions which most time of certain subjects, like guns, are simply not true. A progressive will look you right in the eyes to tell you about guns, every word of it will be a slant or an outright lie or something trying to bait you into either letting them continue or into an argument. They want you to get riled up, will try to goad you into it, don’t fall for it.

          Its best to just not argue with them, and wait until they turn their back. 😁

  4. why dont they all move to haiti or jamaica? then we could have a nuke accident there and the world would be so much better off

      • we should trade Venezuela 100 libs for every one of theirs already here. at least most of the Venezuelans can probably do something productive

  5. “As the pandemic raged, Governor Greg Abbott banned municipalities including Austin from implementing COVID measures such as mask mandates. ”

    Not an issue. The CDC has since then decided they made a gross error by dictating masks and ‘recommending’ governments force mask mandates, that masks were not overall effective and that simply staying six feet away was more effective than masks. Governor Greg Abbott kinda made the right call.

    • “staying six feet away”

      Bureaucrats made that number up because it sounded reasonable. Remember when the CDC changed the six feet rule to three feet in classrooms? They only did that because the six feet rule was getting push back. It was all arbitrary. Remember the Puppet’s brilliant plan to save America? 100 days of masking (LOL). Where’s the science on that? What a joke! It’s sad that people actually take these clowns seriously and practically worship St. Fauci. The “conspiracy theorists” had it right from the beginning.

      • I had read somewhere early in the plandemic that the 6 ft “rule” had something to do with the ability of mobile phones to track precise locations of individuals for contact tracing.

        • Nah. It has to do with the calculation for how many people you can have in a store. Birx covers this in her book/confession.

          The original number, floated by Birx’s crew was 20ft. That was deemed asinine and you had an argument about 10ft vs 5ft.

          Five wasn’t enough but 10 was deemed by the WH too be too much because a 10 radius diameter circle is 314 square feet while the area of a 6 food radius circle is 113 square feet. Since a building admitting people in to go shopping calculates total square footage/people to arrive at sqft/person tripling the number of square feet was not considered acceptable to [big] business.

          6ft was entirely a political number. Politics of big box store square footage was the only consideration.

        • Funny thing, in Europe they started out with one meter and stayed with that.

          Funny thing, though, it didn’t matter how close two people were but a whole lot more on wind direction,n direction of face, and all manner of other little things. Contact time was also key. Two people standing face to face and talking for thirty seconds could not “swap enough cooties’ to matter, they’d have to stand their and jaw for ten minutes or so to transfer enough viral particles to infect anyone.
          Masks? The N95, the “good ones”, were a joke too. I do body and metal and paint work, amongst other similar things, sandblasting, etc,, and wear them to protect my lungs from soaking up all that fine dust and grit. Not healthy for anyone. I cant wear them for more than half an hour or so, as I go hypoxic. But when I DO take the mask off after 20 or 30 minutes, the prt of my face under the mask is covered with silt and grit, coloured powder from what I’m working with is up my nose and I cal feel the grit on my teeth. Those particles that make it past the GOOD mask are somewhere around a milion times larger than a corona virus. If the N95 mask cannotkeep that dut and grit out of my mouth and nose, what kind of insane to they think I am when I say the same mask can’t stop that virus?
          Yeah its ALL about control and powermongering and WE SPEAK YOU JUMP soviet style tyranny.

        • Get yourself a welding respirator. The masks leak too much around the edges. (I personally use and recommend the Miller LPR100 for half-face work. Cartridges are pricy compared to a 3M but totally worth it IMHO. For full face coverage, basically a gas mask, the 3M 6000 is good but the 7000 series is bomb as fuck. The 5400 isn’t bad on the lower end of the price point. I’ve used all of them fairly extensively for various things.)

          I used to end the day with a nice clean triangle around my mouth and nose (when running the LPR) and everything else except my eyes was black or blackish. It’s all about the seal around your face. Beardies need not apply, obvs.

          The N95 with the right cartridge design and on a proper mounting platform is pretty damn good for the type of particulate matter you discuss.

          None of those will do shit for viruses unless you have a charged filter and something to apply the opposite charge to the incoming particles and trap them via electrostatic interaction.

        • “6ft was entirely a political number. Politics of big box store square footage was the only consideration.”

          Now that was a tasty nugget, and will get some use in the future… 🙂

        • “will get some use in the future”

          indeed. strych9 is one of those people who can lay out the facts clearly and simply, a rare skill.

        • @Tom Collins and Tionico

          “I had read somewhere early in the plandemic that the 6 ft “rule” had something to do with the ability of mobile phones to track precise locations of individuals for contact tracing.”

          No, false.

          Basically, not to post all the science with the diagrams with lines and circles and math, it comes down to in simple terms;

          Its because 6 feet is the average distance overall moisture droplets (big and smaller/finer) can be projected from a persons exhaled breath with a normal breathing and speaking pattern in still air before evaporation of the moisture (which the virus can not live without). The COVID virus can ‘travel’ in those moisture droplets outside the body.

          “Funny thing, in Europe they started out with one meter and stayed with that.”

          In Europe they used one meter because they based it upon the minimum distance for the very big moisture droplets. In reality the finer sized moisture droplets spread it a lot more and more quickly because they remain in the air longer not being as heavy but they also evaporate more quickly. In the U.S. we used six feet because of what I posted above this.

          and for both concepts …. in reality, the size of the moisture droplet determines how far it travels in open air. There are a lot of variables, air currents (which carry and spread out the droplets in air currents which may decrease concentration below a level where a viable infection can happen), temperature, amount of moisture in the droplet, etc… that determines how viable the virus would be if it were inhaled before the moisture droplet fully evaporated. You can’t say “well, I got closer than 6 feet and I’m fine so six feet is a bunch of BS.” because that’s not it at all and is by laws of physics and scientifically impossible to be it.

          six feet is pretty much the recommended distance for all respiratory system based viruses. Its nothing new and invented just for COVID to make peoples life a living hell. It is a scientific and laws of physics and scientifically proven fact that if people would stay at least six feet from others in public places AND wash their hands at least four times a day during waking hours over 90% of respiratory diseases (e.g. colds, flu) would not happen.

        • I’ve always wondered if this arbitrary six foot rule was chosen to match the “social distancing” for lepers as mentioned in Scripture. Four cubits was the “law” that was followed, a cubit being approximately eighteen inches.

        • @40:

          I’m sorry but if you believe any of that I have a bridge to sell you.

          This all falls under the “plausible due to study but still bullshit IRL” heading.

          They had/have models built on some data and a bunch of assumptions. Those models fail to show predictive power, which is a nice way of saying that they’re shit models peddled by liars for political reasons of feigning competence. And if you take a real view of this you’ll find they use the same argument as the Commies do.

          “Well, those aren’t the REAL models because we didn’t have the data.. ” Then WTAF are you basing your model on? Oh, they get quiet when that question comes up. Real fuckin’ quiet.

          They know this is all nonsense. Anyone who’s looked at the data knows this. Every bio prof and PhD biology researching I know (quite a few) LOLs at this shit.

          The strongest argument the WHO (or anyone) ever made was for the 1m distance and that was based on a study of TB transmission by one William F. Wells, which has about zero to do with viral transmission because biology. The work was done in the 1930’s and homeboy’s been dead since the early 1960’s. And he did this work with TB. T-fuckin-B. (Which I’m repeating for a reason, because it’s ginormous and a bacteria.) There has never been any work cited by anyone of note that backs up “1.8m/six feet” because no one ever did any work that showed this. In fact, by May 27, 2020 “Reducing transmission of SARS-CoV-2” (Prather et al) was calling bullshit on “six feet”.

          There was work for 24 feet out of MIT in 2020 too, but that was rapidly found wanting too because real world experience didn’t support it. The authors of that paper admitted that it probably had to do with viral survivability and infective dose, only one of which they knew much about. That work piggybacked on 2014 MIT work, Violent expiratory events: on coughing and sneezing, published in the Journal of Fluid Mechanics on sneezes transmitting disease via a cloud that acts essentially as a gas.

          Even in 2021 this bullshit continues even when NCBI is hosting papers like “Simulating near-field enhancement in transmission of airborne viruses with a quadrature-based model” which states “Transmission of airborne viruses depends on factors that are inherently variable and, in many cases, poorly constrained, and quantifying this uncertainty requires large ensembles of model simulations that span the variability in input parameters. However, models that are well-suited to simulate the near-field evolution of respiratory particles are also computationally expensive… In more than 50% of scenarios, the physical distancing needed to avoid near-field enhancements in airborne transmission was beyond the recommended safe distance of two meters… though this distance defining the near-field extent was also highly variable among scenarios.

          IOW, “Thanks for the grant money, suckers”.

          I could go on and on with citations for this.

          The short version being: These are the same people who told you they had a great model for airplanes. Turns out it was completely and utterly wrong. And for grocery stores. Again entirely wrong. And for outdoors. Again entirely wrong. They say six feet but also 24 feet, because data. Well, which is it? Does this act more like a spray or a gas cloud? Well that depends. On what? Circumstances. Oh, well can we make general rules from knowing the circumstances? Not really. Oh, fuck, what shall we do? Make shit up so we sound like we know what we’re talking about.

          I’m old enough to remember BuT RuNnErz nEeD 15 FeEt eVEn OutDooRz BecAuZe dA hEavY bReatHing is something they actually pushed at the same fucking time when they already knew the *life* expectancy for CoV-2 in those conditions was less than half a second because it’s an ssRNA virus and they knew they had zero cases of outdoor transmission. Yet, they pushed this for a long time. But wait, 15 feet? What about 6/23 feet… those have data too… well, one does… sorta… but the authors admit that it doesn’t pan out IRL. bUt MuH foMitE trAnZmiSSion tOo!!!

          But watch, here’s published work on 10m distances from APRIL 2020:

          Now we have distances ranging from 1m to 10m and a bunch of ranges in between but no 1.8m/6ft evidence at all. In fact, nearly all papers say that if you’re going to go this route you need to go way, way farther than 6ft.

          All of which, by the way, argues AGAINST lockdowns. Another thing they knew wouldn’t work right up until five minutes before they announced it. If you’re really worried you want to maximize air volume, not corral people in the few businesses that are open. Duh!

          The reality is they didn’t have useful things to say because they didn’t know shit about how this thing moved from host to hose but felt they needed to appear that they did to maintain their status as “experts”. So they lied. Constantly. They’re still doing it. By June 2020 they knew that 80% or more of transmission was taking place in the home but they refused to say anything publicly. Who’s taking responsibility for that little clusterfuck?

          I mean, it was in the peer reviewed lit, Da GoLd StAnDaRd! at the time. You could say exactly the same thing about jab side effects today. Loads of peer reviewed “gold standard” papers but it’s somehow still just a “conspiracy theory” even though it has the molecular biology (full disclosure, my world these days) servers spun the fuck up for the last year.

          I guess some gold standards are moarer equaler than others?

          This is all bullshit and spin. They lied about their assumptions and outcomes of the models. They made predictive models that failed and then refused to admit the failures until they had to. Mostly they didn’t really admit failure, they just stopped talking about it and moved on. They intentionally fucked with data to boot.

          Not to mention, as I pointed out, Dr. Birx has written pretty extensively on this in her book. She’s not just admitting that they did this: SHE’S BRAGGING ABOUT IT. And it’s also one of the few things that other people actually agree with her on in terms of the history, include Dr. Atlas who hates Birx and has no reason to back her up on anything.

          Everything they pushed like this is backed by an appeal to authority, that authority being science. But science doesn’t work that way. A fucking D- level freshman in MCDB could dismantle these arguments with a quickness.

  6. That’s great news! Has anyone calculated how many extra conservative votes Florida got from NY? Considering how many people left NY, it’s actually impressive how well Republicans did there this election cycle. Now we need conservatives to move to AZ and VA. This strategy should be seriously promoted. We win by controlling states. A well run state will also offer a measure of protection against federal overreach.

    • We lost the governor race here in NY by less than what has moved out of the state over the last 2 years. For the conservatives that move out you will be getting a lot of people that think the Republican party is getting way too liberal. For the Democrats that move out………. sorry but we don’t want them either.

        • We flipped several districts for federal and state but yeah we are on court battles for the next 4 years at least. Broke the supermajority though so it will not be as quick a slide into madness.

      • I’d like to see ” Take Austin Wierd Shit Someplace Else ” on Tshirts. Blueberry in a bowl of tomato soup? Nope, more like a ratshit dropped on an apple pie.

    • Not for a while, unfortunately. (I live in the hills west of town, just outside the Austin city limits.) The hard left is still firmly in control of all aspects of Austin city government and most Travis County positions, and likely will remain so for years. And we have a Soros DA . . . .

      The *only* thing that has prevented Austin from going full Portland / Seattle is that the state government (GOP holds all statewide offices and has supermajorities in both houses) has not been shy about bitchslapping Austin when it goes too far. Austin passes a ban on uBer and Lyft? State overrules it. Austin passes a hyperbroad tree ordinance? Overruled.

      Best example was in 2020, when Austin was going seriously for defund the police, not arresting / prosecuting Antifa violence, allowing CHAZ-type encampments, etc., GOP promptly passed a bill providing that if a city with a population of over a certain amount cut its police budget under certain conditions (unambiguously directed at Austin), then all areas that said city had annexed in the last decade must be allowed to vote to be de-annexed. That would almost certainly have resulted in HUGE parts of Austin being allowed to leave, and take a gigantic chunk of Austin’s tax base with them. Austin backed down.

      You also saw bills being drafted that would simply have taken over the Austin police department and put it under the supervision / control of the state police (DPS), with the costs of running APD deducted from Austin’s share of sales tax revenues (which are collected by the state). Again, while they grumbled about how “unfair” that would be, Austin knew that the Texas GOP would happily cram this down their throat. So Austin quietly backed down, and Antifa took its roadshow somewhere else.

      Frankly, the article appears to be clickbait. I strongly suspect most of these snowflakes simply have been priced out of the absolutely insane Austin real estate market, and their claims to be leaving out of principle is nothing but post facto virtue signaling.

        • All ‘news’ articles on any web site are clickbait.

          Clickbait: Content whose main purpose is to attract attention and encourage visitors to click on a link to a particular web page.

          You clicked on this article title link to get to this articles comments section didn’t you?

          The whole internet is basically one big chunk of clickbait.

  7. We’re all heart broken that the Yankees are moving out, I tell you! /sarcasm

    It’s at least 20 years ago, that I observed there were more Yankees than Texans in and around Dallas. Especially on the west, around Fort Worth, and north. They’ve turned all the ranch land north of Dallas into housing, all the way up to the Oklahoma border.

    Seriously, Texas doesn’t need a bunch of liberals, or Yankees, or Californians. Let them stampede back to Boston, Vermont, New York, and the rest of the nasty north east. Or, back to their craptopia California.

    • Before that the invaders turned all the ranch land between Dallas and Fort Worth into one big endless city.

      Some people probably aren’t old enough to remember this….

  8. Just a reminder to any of you libs leaving Texas, don’t even THINK about moving to Florida. It’s way *worse* here for you and you’ll be totally miserable. I mean, alligators on the golf courses and everything! 2 million people walking around with a valid concealed carry license and you don’t even need a license to keep a gun in your car’s glove compartment! The horror!

    • And no matter how attractive the real estate prices are in the Three Cs suburbs don’t even bother considering Ohio – heck, even phony Red State Timmy Ryan couldn’t get elected here, no matter how many times he name-dropped the Evil Orange Man! We’re armed to the teeth, everyone has at least three red ball caps, two pickup trucks in the garage and a Baptist church on every corner so just look elsewhere – if you can’t swing Portland Taxachusetts sounds perfect for ex-Austinites…

  9. Over night is the House race…

    Democrats gained one and are now at 212
    Republicans are still at 218 and have (majority) control of the house reaching 218 first.

    428 of 435 races have been called

    The tightest race still running is Colorado 3rd. Lauren Boebert (R) has maintained a lead and currently with 50.1% of the reported votes (163,758 votes) and the challenger Adam Frisch (D) has 49.9% of the reported votes (163,207 votes). 99.0% of the votes have been reported leaving 1% remaining to be reported. Yesterday Boebert had a 0.4% margin lead over Frisch, over night Frisch closed by 0.2% which is what separates the two right now. This was an exceptionally brutal race, and interesting because Boebert defied the various predictors odds and not only held her own but gained a lead in a very hostile election political environment. But, the campaigning is done and its up to the votes now.

    • Oh, by the way… the Colorado 3rd race between Boebert and Frisch is now hovering in the zone for a recount. The latest count had Frisch trailing by 551 votes. Yesterday Frisch got 123 votes out of 914 ballots from rectified signature cures, military/overseas voters, inter-county transfers and ballots held back from last week’s counts to preserve anonymity.

      Last evening San Juan, Moffat and Otero counties had not yet reported final results. There are less than 200 total outstanding ballots in those three counties combined, this wouldn’t be enough to enable Frisch to change Boebert’s lead.

      A recount is possible, but need to wait and see.

        • …and Frish bitterly complained the Democrat party has abandoned the rural vote…

          *snicker* 🙂

        • In Colorado, it appears that a re-count is required, despite “concession”. Any idea what happens if a conceded race actually proves to be a win?

        • “Any idea what happens if a conceded race actually proves to be a win?”

          That is the ‘Mountain West’, is too much to hope that the remedy is a duel with pistols at ten paces? 🙂

        • “Any idea what happens if a conceded race actually proves to be a win?”

          What matters is the count. The concession has as much bearing on the legal outcome as one of our ever present trolls giving their opinion on it.

          The recount is automatic if the margin of victory is 0.5% or less. Last I checked this is at ~0.2%.

          Bluing continues. Boebert won that district in 2020 by 6.2%.

  10. When Settin gets to Massachusetts, sticker shock or a dude breaking a beer bottle over his head and being released without bail will send him back to Texas.

  11. Now, if we can just get the rest of the idiots who put Jon Ossoff in the Senate two years ago to head out of Georgia! We have a good start by telling the election denying Stacey Abrams to go back to writing smut. If Kemp can get Walker over the finish line it will keep reminding everyone just how stupid Kamala Harris looks.

    • They *really* don’t want to go there, as the natural logical extensions will really fvck them up.

      Logic such as, “a free press” applies only to a printing press powered by a human arm, one page at a time, and not to a telegram, radio, television, the internet, or any future advances in communication-related technology.

      • “Logic such as, “a free press” applies only to a printing press powered by a human arm, one page at a time, and not to a telegram, radio, television, the internet, or any future advances in communication-related technology.”

        Think “they” have firmly established that principal, already. But only regarding “deplorables”.

        “Freedom of speech” only applies to legitimate speech, and “they” decide what “legitimate speech” is.

        • ““Freedom of speech” only applies to legitimate speech, and “they” decide what “legitimate speech” is.”

          Indeed, they would *love* to make ‘hate speech’ a felony criminal offense, with mandatory federal prison time the penalty… 🙁

        • They’ve been regulating speech by telling Big Tech who should be silenced. This is a huge scandal that’s being ignored.

      • I’m confused as to why they wouldn’t want to go there.

        Selective 1A enforcement is something they already love more than cashew cream sauce on soy pancakes and a plate of vegan “corn beef” hash.

        Why would that change?

  12. Great. May all douche bags go to Boston, NYC, SF, Portland, etc. The only way forward for this country is a return to federalism. They can all live in their overpriced s****holes and leave the rest of us the hell alone.

  13. This is good. By making them feel uncomfortable it has motivated them to move out of a free state to a more communist like state. The Battle for Freedom is at a state level. If you want your communism/ drug legalization, then move to California or Massachusetts. But if you want your freedom then move to a Southern state. The southern region of the United States has become the freest part of America.

    I know it drives the Libertarians Liberals and the Left just crazy, that the two states that led the way in resisting the “covid tyranny” came from Republican governors.

    From 2019

    “[The proposed law] doesn’t break new ground. It simply says that people do indeed have the right to keep and bear arms,” said Gov Bevin. “… For those people who are offended at this idea and don’t like it, there are other places in America where they could live.”

    Kentucky Gov Matt Bevin: Those Offended By Second Amendment Rights Can Live Elsewhere

  14. This is what we need more of.
    More cities and towns, flying the American flag.
    Have 1stA and 2ndA rallies, followed by a big BBQ contest, live bands and fireworks later in the evening.
    Make it a truly Family Friendly event.

    • Yes indeed. Flying the American flag makes them uncomfortable. The Public displays of patriotism makes them uncomfortable. Let’s have more of it. And make them so uncomfortable that they will leave and move Illinois. Or California. Or Colorado. Or some other communist slave state.

      • “Illinois. Or California. Or Colorado.”

        used to be great american states – reagan won california in 80 and 84. do you really think texas can stand alone while so many states around them go under? or do you think only that texas will last long enough for you personally? “peace in my time”?

      • Been a Coloradoan all my life. it’s been truly sad to watch my once fair State turn into Commiefornia, thank to California Arse Spelunkers.

        • it’s not californians. it’s a subset of the population that views the entire universe, including you, as being created for them. california, colorado, they don’t care where they are, because it’s all, including you, theirs.

    • he does. but it’s the “right” kind of crime, the kind of crime that struggles against a racist america that is trying to keep the black man down.

      and if he falls victim to it, that’s your fault, not his and not the criminal’s.

  15. “At least if I’m going to get into an argument with a guy in Boston he’s probably not carrying an AR-15 in his trunk.”

    he’s more likely to have a gat in his pants.

    (sounds like an argumentative guy)

  16. Austin is just like Nashville and Memphis, TN with a large contingent of radical Liberals living in a state that is primarily Conservative. Most of us in Tennessee are more than happy to see those who do not agree with Conservative principles go back to where they are the norm like New York and California and where the consequences of those beliefs have resulted in high crime, rampant voter fraud and even higher taxes. Florida is another example where Liberals fled the high crime and taxes of the NE and then tried to impose the same kinds of stupid politics on Florida that they had just fled. The recent election results in Florida where many independents and even Democrats voted for Conservatives showed that some of them had regained their senses and realized they were just turning Florida into a carbon copy of NY by taking that approach.

  17. “Lefties are Leaving Austin for Safer Locations Like Boston Where There Are Fewer AR-15s”

    Now, THIS is a Win.

    And proof AR/AK style rifles are good for defending against deadly threats.

    • More guns = fewer Liberals in your area. As with criminals even the thought of the law abiding with guns, makes the Left go away.

  18. “More guns = fewer Liberals in your area.”

    Kind of a broad brush, that. There are plenty of guns in Chicago, and plenty of liberals living there.

    Anti-gunners accept the blight of guns in liberal enclaves, but not in Red States. And they do not see that as an illogical mindset.

      • “It’s not illogical when you consider what their goals are.”

        Indeed. Everything, including the illogical, is logical when obtaining/maintaining power over others.

    • You missed the part where I said the law abiding with guns. Unfortunately in Chicago there are very few law abiding people allowed to have guns.

      But the chiraq criminals have plenty of guns.

  19. @Geoff “I’m getting too old for this shit” PR
    “That is the ‘Mountain West’, is too much to hope that the remedy is a duel with pistols at ten paces?”

    Apparently Bobert’s opponent lives in Aspen, thinking more likely he would insist on frisbees at 10 feet.

  20. @Geoff “I’m getting too old for this shit” PR
    “Indeed, they would *love* to make ‘hate speech’ a felony criminal offense, with mandatory federal prison time the penalty… ”

    The concept of “hate speech” has no origin in the constitution/amendments. All law must derive from authority of the constitution. The fact that Republicrats have yet to attack “hate speech” as a form of legal restriction tells us that elected officials aren’t oriented as to principles, but as to bribing the electorate for votes.

    “…make no law…” is the analog of “…shall not be infringed.”

  21. …..” argument with a guy in Boston… probably not carrying an AR….”…
    Pretty bold of the melting Austin Snowflake to assume that people on Massachusetts don’t carry (lawfully or otherwise)… I’m an old Boston guy,lives in NH these days…. still work in Boston (or other municipalities)on occasion and still travel back and forth at least once a week….and I carry every day (both work and off shift)… of course,I don’t actively seek arguments OR the escalation of them into Strenuous Disagreement… because I grew up there in The Bad Old Days (or were they the Good Old Days.) when people would hurt you if 1) you made your problems THEIR problems 2) you didn’t ” look both ways before crossing the street (or opening your mouth)….
    neighborhood level stuff was handled” in house “….call it Quality Of Life Enforcement in the Pre Woke Era….

  22. Texas keeps threatening to leave the Union. If they do its the best thing that could ever happen to the U.S. Texas could then establish their own little Nazi fiefdom complete with baby making farms and a white dominated dystopian state with Abbott as Der Reichsmarschall . I am sure he would make the Twisted Cross the State Symbol.

  23. Good riddance. I live about 25 miles west of Austin and haven’t been there for well over five years. One could literally see the urban decay eat away at what used to be a fun place. Mayor “Addled Adler” and his DemonRat city council have destroyed every semblance of what once was among the finest large cities in America.

  24. And I pray he and his fellow Travellers don’t choose to land here in Alabama. We have enough of that kind of crap in the 3 major cities we have. Huntsville, Birmingham and Montgomery. Mobile is still a red shade of purple.

  25. @strych9
    “What matters is the count”

    Meaning Bobert can be defeated, still.

    What a joke US elections have become. Kinda like someone wants the country reduced to a banana republic.

    • “Meaning Bobert can be defeated, still.”

      I’d rate that as unlikely but, yes, she can still be defeated.

      “Kinda like someone wants the country reduced to a banana republic.”

      Is it your contention that we have not already achieved that goal? Rule of Law is dead, the dollar’s on the precipice, we have more debt than can ever be paid off, the economy’s in the shitter, the Fed’s out of tools, the country produces basically nothing of value and Brazil has a better election counting system than we do.

      • “Rule of Law is dead, the dollar’s on the precipice, we have more debt than can ever be paid off, the economy’s in the shitter, the Fed’s out of tools, the country produces basically nothing of value and Brazil has a better election counting system than we do.”

        And the bad news is….?

        • Food, fuel and power are in increasingly short supply.

          That doesn’t bode well for Lefty life expectancy.

      • Since we still have our guns. And they seem to be terrified of coming to take them from us. We are not quite at the level of a Banana Republic just yet.

        Yes our montary policy is self-destructive. However USA is not 1920s Germany. Or England. There are far too many guns in the hands of the citizenry. So a collapse of the American government would look very differently than any other society on Earth.

        Especially since there has been such an anti police movement in this country. The defund police movement has been effective at causing thousands upon thousands of police officers to quit, retire early and move to friendlier areas.

        For years both Chicago and Detroit had “no go zones”. During certain national holidays. Now imagine what it will be like after the defund police movement has had its effect.

        • A banana republic is usually defined as having an unstable government and a limited number of exports (usually raw materials) that bring in hard currency.

          We’re definitely unstable and mostly dependent on “financial services” to deal with USD denominated commodities markets. People walk from the USD and we basically have nothing to speak of.

          Our export of high-end manufactured goods is limited and mostly unusable outside the rest of the West, which btw, is currently falling apart even faster than we are. [Germany’s banks are stockpiling cash in preparation for bank runs when electronics have no power so ATMs and online payments can’t be used.]

          If we’re not a banana republic now, we probably will never will be one because people will refuse to use the term no matter what the situation is.

          I’ll split the linguistic difference though. “Forth rate shithole full of morons, psuedomoralists and con men”.

    • I’m not so sure about that. There have been plenty of stories of rich people getting robbed. Where they live.
      Former California senator Barbara Boxer was mugged on the streets. Knocked to the ground and her purse was stolen. Nancy Pelosi’s husband had a hammer taken to his head. And a very rich person was murdered in her own home, in the Hollywood hills in California. And that woman had an armed guard!

      But the killer still got her.

      • “There have been plenty of stories of rich people getting robbed. Where they live.”

        The elites haven’t yet sensed that as a group they are threatened with adversity.

        It would be goo, though, if the elites could come together and energize Musk’s plan to colonize Mars. Where the elites can escape Earth, and create a utopian society.

    • “The elites will take good care of themselves.”

      Hey, that Paul Pelosi guy gets a DUI and still gets hammered, right in front of the cops too! So, maybe you’re right.

      • “Hey, that Paul Pelosi guy gets a DUI and still gets hammered, right in front of the cops too!”

        I saw what you did there.


  26. @strych9
    “If we’re not a banana republic now, we probably will never will be one because people will refuse to use the term no matter what the situation is.”

    Excellent re-statememt, yours: “Treason doth never prosper. What’s the reason? For if it doth prosper, none dare call it treason.”

    • True of all big-mouth, Beta males and internet trolls. Looking at the stupid things they say, they wouldn’t dare say those things face-to-face. As for the idiot woman who spewed, “Too many Republicans…”, now you know how some people in Blue states feel about DemonRats destroying those states from within. The proof is what you read about every single day, especially since this current Squatter-in-Chief took up residency in the WH. I hope Abbott follows through on what he’s doing. Following what the Constitution has clearly spelled-out, it’s what we have to use right now. The CBP agent killed by drug smugglers yesterday is yet even more blood on the hands of Chancellor Joey.

  27. The candy assed douchbags can go anywhere they want. Just get the hell out of Austin and the state of Texas. I wonder if the fact that Tex Gov.Greg Abbott just destroyed Beto bozo in that election helped make up their minds to leave? It’s time to take Austin back!

  28. @strych9
    “I’m sorry but if you believe any of that I have a bridge to sell you. ”

    Thanx for that review, you right wing, white supremacist, MAGA deplorable, conspiracy theorist.

    It is settled science: science is whatever science says it is, for however long it is useful.

  29. Ironically the price of housing and taxes have gone through the roof in Austin. It also seems to coincide with progressives migrating to it.

    Texas really is not that pro gun, you see no gun signs everywhere. This guy should feel right at home, unarmed, high cost of living and surrounded by progressives.


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