KY Governor constitutional carry permitless
Kentucky Governor Matt Bevin. AP Photo/Bryan Woolston
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Kentucky’s Governor Matt Bevin tries to work cooperatively with everyone in the Kentucky General Assembly.  But regarding the debate over constitutional carry in the Bluegrass State, he’s heard enough doomsday hyperbole.

AP Photo/Bryan Woolston

So when push came to shove, he offered a very pointed and memorable bit of advice to those who tried to talk him out of his support for the Second Amendment.

Bevin told WKYT-TV last week:

“[The proposed law] doesn’t break new ground. It simply says that people do indeed have the right to keep and bear arms,” said Gov Bevin. “… For those people who are offended at this idea and don’t like it, there are other places in America where they could live.”

Ouch.  That will leave a mark.

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    • Michigan needs leaders like him. They put pot on the ballot last fall here and brought all the nuts out to vote. We ended up with a whack job leftist kook for a governor.

      • His reply that you are free to move about the country means you also Kentucky’s nice

        • Well, If Gov’ Whitless “I’ll fix the damn roads” has her way, we won’t be able to afford the gas to leave the State.

    • Amen to that, we could use him here in the democrat paradise of Illinois, governor toilet man hates guns

    • Here in Kentucky, even most of our Democrats are more pro-gun than 90% of the Republicans in the US Congress. We have only a handful of rabid anti-gun Democrats in the state legislature (unfortunately elected from the state’s three major urban areas).

      Kentucky isn’t quite a pro-gun paradise, but we take pride in our “F” grade from the gun grabbers and we keep trying to find some way to get them to give us their first F-minus

    • Gotta love our Ky governor. If you don’t like our guns and our right to carry them you can leave…right now. I went to the NRA annual meeting in Louisville a couple years ago. Over 80,000 people attended that weekend, the majority carrying concealed and no one got shot! Isn’t it amazing!

      • Tennessean here. I’ve been so damn envious of Matt Bevin and Rand Paul for so long now… Corker, Alexander and Haslam, the hapless 3 never trumpers we’re the sorriest excuses for representatives. Alexander actually has a lower conservative rating than Bernie Sanders. Thank god we’ve finally got Bill Lee for Governor here, here’s hoping we are Constitutional carry state # 17!

  1. It never seems to work that way. The anti’s and all around statists in so-called free states never move to the so-called slave states. They just work to ruin their free state and when it becomes a slave state they move to another free state to ruin.

  2. Touché. For those that aren’t aware, I have no doubt these comments were an indirect response to the Leftist Terrorist, Cuomo, in NY, because he essentially told gun owners they weren’t welcome in NY.

      • Because my memory sucks, and it’s been letting me down more frequently lately, I hedged my comment with “essentially” because I wasn’t 100% sure. I could’ve been imagining Cuomo said such a stupid thing, after all.

      • Well they ARE listening.

        Out-migration from NYS is epic.

        Nobody wants to live in the blue states now that SALT is going away and the gravy train is over.

        “You mean I gotta actually PAY for all this liberal BS? I’m OUTTA HERE!!”

        • “Out-migration from NYS is epic.”

          I’ve heard state tax revenue is down over 3 *billion* dollars since they decided “The rich need to pay their fair share”.

          Soooooo. What’s a state to do? Easy-peasy –

          Jack taxes up higher on the ‘rich’. (Funny thing though – what they consider ‘rich’ is now more and more ‘upper middle-class’. Soon to be regular middle-class.)

          Leftist-controlled states consider who they decide is ‘rich’ is an inexhaustible resource to be milked for all they can, as long as they can. And then act all surprised when the people don’t like it and vote with their feet.

          Unfortunately, their feet take them to conservative-run states, where they start to vote for… wait for it… more Leftists. I fear the only way out of that national fiscal death-spiral is to get a divorce from ‘those kind of people’…

        • One day maybe they’ll realize that people have something in common with money insofar as that when given the option to move both end up where they are treated best.

    • Yes, that’s what I was thinking. He’s taking a page directly from Cuomo’s remarks. Perfect slap in the face of that tinpot little shit.

  3. Finally a governor with a pair. Wish ours would tell NorthEasterners your money and bodies arent welcome here south of Jacksonville. Except as tourists on a 3 day visa.

    • ….but it gets cold up here…and I find myself yearning for warm sand and a palm tree!…

  4. What no cries: “THERE WILL BE BLOOD IN THE STREETS !!!”

    Just like in the 15 other states that has Constitutional carry

  5. said Gov Bevin. “… For those people who are offended at this idea and don’t like it, there are other places in America where they could live.”

    I think we just found a future president.

    • Beat me to it. I wonder if Benito Cuomo will try to capitalize on this remark.

      “Move to New York City. We hate guns! We’re going to be like Venezuela but with snow!”

  6. 2024? Why not 2020? Trump has been ok so far. But I’ll take this guy over Trump any day.

    • I would too, but the Republican party would be spitting votes and the Democrats would win instead.

      Really what we need is a President, Congress, and Supreme Court full of children of liberty. In other words secular, complete freedom activists but we all know that will never happen. All we will ever see is liars, thieves, and dictators that precariously balance between strong control and complete tyranny.

  7. This my friends is the definition of a mic drop. If someone in Kentucky doesn’t like their 2nd Amendment rights I am willing to swap houses with them in Illinois. We aren’t that far apart. I can get my 2nd Amendment rights back and they can have all the gun laws they want.

  8. The problem with this is all the anti gunners will move maybe to your state, but they never leave there hate for guns or their politics behind,,, they bring that 💩 with them to maybe your state, like Californians did to Washington & Oregone,,,

  9. There are 50 states in the United States. So you have 50 different places to choose from where you want to live.

    Historically Americans have traveled to a different state to find a better life. The Mormons for example had to leave the states they were in because they would be murdered, on orders of the government, if they stayed. Black people left the states that they were living in in order to find a better life because they also could be murdered or subject to violence. Both of these groups could not depend on the local state government to protect them.

    So they moved.

    While in California I watched liberals come to California from conservative States because they didn’t like the laws and customs there. And California a once Conservative Republican state is now very accommodating to nearly every Libertarian, Liberal, and Leftists wishes.

    It’s interesting to see how former slave states like Kentucky and Mississippi now have constitutional carry. Everyone regardless of their race, creed, color, or national origin as gun civil rights. And free states are now becoming slave states.

    You may not have gun civil rights on the West Coast very soon. But you can wear a strap-on dildo, well fitted for public attire, on the West Coast. You can smoke marijuana recreationally, legally, in public on the West Coast. You can commit sex acts in public and walk around naked on days the government gives you permission on the West Coast.
    But you don’t have second amendment civil rights. And the people who support this crap have historically NEVER supported the Second Amendment. And they haven’t changed. I don’t care what you do in your personal life. But these people want to use deadly government force, to force me to live and act the way they want me to.

    So for example they put a woman in jail because she refused to sign a gay marriage certificate. Those same people support the Welfare Industrial Complex.

    People need to decide what’s more important to them because sometimes you can’t have both the things you want at the same time. That’s just a fact of life in the United States. And we are still free to move if we wish to.

    • “It’s interesting to see how former slave states like Kentucky and Mississippi now have constitutional carry. Everyone regardless of their race, creed, color, or national origin as gun civil rights. And free states are now becoming slave states.”

      Isn’t it possible that the biggest voting block that the leftists could count on, and even took for granted, migrated to those “free states” and was a big part of that initial trend? In other words, the black communities in those states played a big part in leftists coming to power and remaining so. The politicos preyed upon the slave mentality and so much of the culture still indoctrinates their children into it. So, it’s no surprise to me that former free states became leftist shit holes.

      *This is no reflection upon you (due to the color of your skin) or any of the multitude of Americans of all skin tones who consistently support liberty.

      BTW: Congratulations from across the river for getting Constitutional Carry passed.

      • Giving away “free stuff” as how the Left sucks people in to their point of view. Unfortunately the blacks did it and even the white homosexuals as well.
        But the folks that migrated to the West Coast particularly California we’re already leftist in their thinking. They like the Socialist Progressive thought process system.

        The real outcome doesn’t matter to them. They have a fantasy view of what things are supposed to be like. They just haven’t tried hard enough.


    When you treat people with dignity, when you give them an opportunity and a chance to be productive members of society…You can’t even begin to measure their upside potential”

    Yeah, he sounds like presidential material…..

  11. The butt hurt Marxist Left being Anti 2 nd. amendment,Anti Constitution,Un American have some choices,get over it,get on with it or Git Out.
    As the Constitution is the law of the land,thus Constitutional carry is by default the law of the land.

  12. I knew I loved this guy. He’s got a bad press from some of the things he’s said, but not once has he been “wrong” he just bruised some egos.

    We’ll gladly take any gun lovers and land is cheap here. Urban Louisville, and “I live in wealth” Lexington are really the only places that fuel the hate towards Bevin. Guy even did a Facebook live series where he traveled the state to talk to people in smaller communities that get overlooked on the political scene.

    Bevin, just secured my vote

  13. So does this mean you can pack a heater while you bet the ponies and run the portapotties at the Kentucky Derby?

  14. Any politician preaching 1A, 2A and/or 4A (i.e. against red-flag bills) should be absolutely praised and raised to the national stage. The people need to hear and understand how their very lives and freedom are being degraded and taken away as we ‘progress’.

  15. I support encouraging these global-socialists to leave red states. California would be perfect for them, for the 2nd amendment is near extinction there, it is socially acceptable to defecate in the streets, practically legal to shoot up opiates in the streets, and they are seeing the start of epidemics barely seen since the Middle Ages. Sounds like a leftist paradise to me.

    • Actually, the Rockies make a nice border barrier. We would only need to remove 2 or 3-mile stretches of roadways in roughly 2 dozen strategic passes to completely cut off the west coast, Mexico to Canada, from the rest of the continental U.S. Cut off all funding and abandon it to the socialist for their USSA. Hell, toss in Hawaii too.

  16. It is truly encouraging to hear an elected official endorsing the basic rights of citizens of the USA! Stop the socialistic Democrats from peverting our country.

  17. We could use him in Texas. Our governor has his permission slip so the hell with constitutional carry for the rest. Permission slips can be revoked at whim as we are already seeing.

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