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You know how gun right orgs are always criticized and ridiculed for claiming that anything that moves toward more gun control is just a first step on a slippery slope to civilian disarmament? Yeah, well there’s a good reason for those warnings.

Democrats and their accomplices in the Civilian Disarmament Industrial Complex and the media (but I repeat myself) have pushed for decades, working around the edges to limit, to ban, to inconvenience, and to harass firearm owners and trim their Second Amendment rights.

It’s been obvious to anyone paying attention that throwing them bones — universal background checks, safe storage mandates, whatever — would never be enough of a “reasonable”, common sense compromise to get them to go away and leave our rights alone. Like a very determined cyborg, when it comes to more gun control laws, they feel no pity, no remorse, and no fear, and they absolutely will not stop.

In recent years, they’ve dropped any pretense, making it abundantly clear that that they’re playing a long game with the ultimate goal of achieving Australian- or UK-style prohibition of most, if not all civilian firearm ownership. In a country of over 100 million gun owners who own more than 400 million firearms, that’s a big job, but they keep going.

After particularly horrific events like the Uvalde shooting, they seize on the opportunity to play on the public’s fears and take political advantage of useful idiots like Texas Senator John Cornyn, gullible hacks who just want to be seen as “reasonable,” to do something and get some rare, ego-stroking positive mentions in the Washington Post and the New York Times (not to mention the Dallas Morning News, the Houston Chronicle and the San Antonio Express back home).

That’s how we’ve arrived at a pass where Cornyn thought it would be a good idea to team up with one of the most virulent foes of gun rights in the Senate, Connecticut’s Chris Murphy, to broker a deal and recruit nine other dupes GOP Senators to get on board (four of whom are retiring and don’t have to worry about facing voters again).

Last night, the Senate dropped the legislation they wrote around the much celebrated bipartisan framework deal they reached. It’s a gun control bill that includes incentivizing states to enact red flag confiscation laws, “enhanced” background checks on adults under 21, and redefining what a “gun seller” is. Oh, it will also send hundreds of millions to states to use as pork barrel graft for “crisis intervention” services such as establishing “drug courts” and “mental health courts.”

Cornyn, for one, couldn’t be more proud of what he’s achieved in what’s being called — no, really — the Bipartisan Safer Communities Act.

“Today, we finalized bipartisan, commonsense legislation to protect America’s children, keep our schools safe, and reduce the threat of violence across our country. Our legislation will save lives and will not infringe on any law-abiding American’s Second Amendment rights. We look forward to earning broad, bipartisan support and passing our commonsense legislation into law.”

Again, these are the ten Republicans that have made this possible.

John Cornyn – Texas
Thom Tillis – North Carolina
Roy Blunt – Missouri
Richard Burr – North Carolina
Bill Cassidy – Louisiana
Suan Collins – Maine
Lindsey Graham – South Carolina
Rob Portman – Ohio
Mitt Romney – Utah
Pat Toomey – Pennsylvania

But you can feel good about the bill because, as the AP writes, “This bill, (Senator) Murphy said, would ‘save thousands of lives.'”

As for Cornyn . . .

I believe that the same people who are telling us to do something are sending us a clear message, to do what we can to keep our children and communities safe. I’m confident this legislation moves us in a positive direction.

Well that’s good. As long as he’s confident.

As you’d expect, the bill was not greeted with applause from the gun rights side.

GOA summed up the product of the legislative sausage-making pretty well . . .

Among other alarming provisions, the legislation would encourage Backdoor Universal Background Checks by redefining many private sellers as gun dealers, financially incentivize states to enact unconstitutional “red-flag” laws, and would allow for so-called “enhanced background checks,” which are arbitrary delays in transferring firearms to adults not yet 21 years-old.

Erich Pratt, GOA’s Senior Vice President, issued the following statement:

“Once again, so-called ‘conservative’ Senators are making clear they believe that the rights of American citizens can be compromised away.  Let me be clear, they have NO AUTHORITY to compromise with our rights, and we will not tolerate legislators who are willing to turn gun owners into second-class citizens.  GOA fully opposes this unconstitutional legislation and will continue to encourage our millions of members to make their voices heard to their elected officials on this bill.”

From the NRA . . .

This legislation can be abused to restrict lawful gun purchases, infringe upon the rights of law-abiding Americans, and use federal dollars to fund gun control measures being adopted by state and local politicians. This bill leaves too much discretion in the hands of government officials and also contains undefined and overbroad provisions – inviting interference with our constitutional freedoms.

You don’t say. Even the gun-grabbers at Giffords aren’t entirely happy (but don’t think that will keep them from supporting the first gun control legislation with a prayer in the last three decades).

Kris Brown and the Brady gang are giddy and fully on board.

It’s interesting that Brady’s Kris Brown didn’t include Senator Cornyn in her thank-yous. Probably just an oversight.

Democrats are looking to ram this through before the Senate leaves for a two-week break at the end of the week. It would be very inconvenient, after all, for the 10 compromising GOP Senators to hear what their constituents actually think of this legislative fecal floater in the punch bowl. And Democrats know it.

Is Cornyn really delusional enough to have convinced himself that this will satisfy anti-gun Democrats? That giving in on red flag laws and enhanced background checks for millions of Americans will tamp down the hoplophobia enough to calm the gun-grabbing furies?

He is, after all, a made member of the Stupid Party, so anything’s possible. But as a partisan home state crowd made very clear to him last week, his legislative handiwork isn’t winning him many friends in Texas. And if he thinks the fleetingly favorable media mentions mean much, he’s more demented than the guy who sits behind the Resolute desk.

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    • RE: Erich Pratt, GOA’s Senior Vice President, issued the following statement: “Once again, so-called ‘conservative’ Senators are making clear they believe that the rights of American citizens can be compromised away. Let me be clear, they have NO AUTHORITY to compromise with our rights, and we will not tolerate legislators who are willing to turn gun owners into second-class citizens.”

      Erich Prat is absolutely correct. However there is another side of the coin that isn’t pretty. Unfortunately there are some bigoted bad apples among law abiding Gun Owners who do a stellar job of making Gun Owners look like the kkk. It happens usually when a crime occurs in cities with a large minority population. Before the ink dries here comes bigoted knee jerk blame game individuals tripping over themselves to say the N-Word without saying the N-Word.

      I.E. Recently in GA a range owner, his wife and their grandson were murdered. The location of the range was close to Atlanta and that was all the evidence needed for a knee jerk bigoted lynch mob on this forum to convict someone who is Black. Well a week later the perp was apprehended and he was white as rice. Damage done to Gun Owners by unapologetic bigoted minded individuals who play on words is just as much a problem as any knee jerk legislation.

      • Well the odds are that it was a black guy. Blacks commit a disproportionate amount of crime, especially violent crime. That doesn’t mean that all blacks are criminals and it doesn’t mean that all white people aren’t. So sometimes it will be a white guy. Sometimes it will be a female, though men of any race commit the vast majority of violent crimes.

        It does mean that if you look at 10 violent crimes in Georgia, 9 of them will be committed by black males aged between 16 and 28 or so. So guessing it was a black guy is a good bet. Sometimes you will lose that bet, but those were the odds.

        Calling people racist and nazis, and KKK for stating the facts or predicting things based on the correct odds is what the communist left does. It is unbecoming of anyone who claims to support freedom. Suppressing the truth does not make it untrue.

        And before you call me a racist let me point out hat I have introduced a large number of black people to shooting, and assisted them in purchasing their first gun and ammo. I know there are good and bad black people just like there are good and bad white people or any other people.

        I have a lot of black friends and a lot of black co workers and I would not for all the world do them disparagement. And they will tell you about the problems they see regularly among black people. They know the odds as much as we do.

        The bad people will already have guns regardless of color. The good people need to be armed for the defense of themselves and others, regardless of color.

        But none of that changes the odds that if you get robbed in York or Harrisburg the robber is probably a black male between 16 and 28, and the decent black people will tell you that.

        • You’re absolutely correct. The bad black people who are a small percentage of the population, are causing most of the problems. Unfortunately there are many people who don’t want to face the truth, about what needs to be done.

          Colonel Jeff Cooper said it decades ago. Give the people in the inner city guns and they will solve their own problems. The problem is only the bad black people have guns. And the good black people are prevented from having guns.

          The non-aggression principle is just a bunch of bullsh!t. What keeps bad people in check is the realistic and absolute threat of violence, not just aggression, against them.

    • Should have voted both parties out last election like we Libertarians encouraged everyone to do.

      By the way, vote Libertarian and we won’t be having conversations about continued government overreach and erosion of personal liberty.

      “What have Libertarians ever done for us?” and “But this election is too important to risk [other side] being elected.” responses in 3…2…1…

      • What did the libertarian Senator Jeff Flake from Arizona do for gun civil rights, while he was in office???

        What did the libertarian representative from Michigan, Justin Amash, do when he was in office for gun civil rights???

        Did either of them introduce a bill for National reciprocity?? Did either one of them introduce the Hearing Protection act?? Did either one of them introduced a bill to abolish the ATF?? Like representative Marjorie Taylor Greene did. And she is in the House of Representatives just like Justin Amash was.

        However I do know Amash and Flake seem extremely interested in legalizing drugs.

        • Those two were Trump-hating commiecrats. The libertarian party has been taken over by ancoms who barely hide behind the idea of liberty. The Constitution Party is the only real deal, but good luck with that. We must replace all RINOs with America-first candidates before it’s even more too later. It’s just not nearly enough to stop what’s happening, we have to undo much of the damage at a bare minimum or strap-up.

    • That’s not going to put a dent in anything. Just this morning I read that Cornyn has come further out of the closet and supports both amnesty AND CRT in schools.


    • Yeah, that’ll show em, give the Dems a “SUPER”-majority in both houses with Braindead in the White House and Kamaltoe waiting in the wings…. Ahhhhh yes, good times. Gas will be $20.00 a gallon if you can find it, there will be 17 to 21 Supreme Court Justices, a 500% tax on any ammo that can still be found, coast to coast windmills and solar panels w/daily rolling brown/blackouts, full blown single payer medical, full amnesty/citizenship for ANY current illegal in the US and anyone that crosses the border in the future, 50/60% personal income tax for those that have a job and REAL food shortages…. Yeah YOU show em, vote them ALL out and by the end of 2023 you will not recognize whatever is left of this country.

    • John Cornyn – Texas (retiring)
      Thom Tillis – North Carolina (up in 2026)
      Roy Blunt – Missouri (retiring)
      Richard Burr – North Carolina (retiring)
      Bill Cassidy – Louisiana (up in 2026)
      Susan Collins – Maine (up in 2026)
      Lindsey Graham – South Carolina (up in 2026)
      Rob Portman – Ohio (retiring)
      Mitt Romney – Utah (up in 2024)
      Pat Toomey – Pennsylvania (retiring)

      • Flood these guys, and your own Republican senators with calls. The D’s think they can rush it past us; let’s prove them wrong.

      • Alien, is John Cornyn retiring? I thought he was one of the senators that was considered in the running to take McConnell place when he retired. Then when McConnell tapped him for this job it was a test to make sure he could make the big deals. I may be wrong about this but I hadn’t heard he was retiring.

      • alien,

        While I, too, have heard the scuttlebutt about Cornyn retiring, he has not officially announced retirement, and he has four years remaining. I think he probably will (and get a gig as a “political analyst” on MSDNC, and a few cushy board seats with “woke” companies), we need to be ready to primary his @$$ if he decides to run for another term.

      • Well Chris likes to blame all libertarians for the shit a few libertarians do. So you a$$holes get the same broad brush.

      • Those 10 republicans were hand picked by Republican leadership to broker the “protection money”……..I mean bipartisan deal. If the RINOs didn’t run the party then the deal wouldn’t have happened or they would have at least added pro gun items to let the Dems kill it or made it easier to swallow like national carry, removing suppressors/SBS/SBR from NFA, hardening school security(you know, so school shooting are actually less likely to happen so we don’t have to go and pay more protection money next year) dismantle ATF (I mean if this is going to save that many lives do we even need them?). So it does not represent all republicans but it does represent the direction that Republican leadership wants to take the party.

        • IN Dave, Where did you get that? Each of those RINOs has a LONG HISTORY of collaborating with the DEMONcRATS. There is no real evidence other than “supposition” that the Republican leadership put these RINOs up to this.

      • No these accurately depict the Republican party. Libertarians like myself have been showing you there is little if no difference between the two parties for years.

        Yet you still ignore it, the disconnect from reality is strong with you Republicans. Slightly slowing down the loss of fundamental rights is not a better choice, but you would rather argue about what gay people are doing or how bad drugs are. Pathetic all of you.

        • TheBSonTTAG, Horse PUCKY! Libertarians are a collection of Leftists for the most part that are trying in vain to avoid the tag of being a Leftist. There is a VERY big difference today between the two parties. The Republicans are MOSTLY (the vast majority of) Conservative. True we have a few RINOs who are hanging on, but they in the rank and file are a small group. On the other hand DEMONcRATS are decidedly Leftist-Socialists.

        • Losertarian party: A thrown away vote that goes to the leftists in the Dem party. We are a two party system. Sure, vote how you feel early on in the primaries and whatnot…but DON’T throw your vote away in the general election. D or R, you only have one or the other in the general. Otherwise you are voting for Donald Duck and Elvis.

      • Are you serious Walter?? Mitch McConnell. The highest ranking elected Republican official holding office at this time. The person that can direct how the Republican Party conducts business in the senate. The person who choreographed the placement of the most federal judges in history with that power. Knowing that the senate is the only house that has a potential to stop a gun bill at this time. Went to John Cronyn on 5/26/22 and directed him to engage in bipartisan gun control talks. On 6/14/22 McConnell was quoted as saying he “was comfortable with bipartisan gun safety “deal”. The final copy wasn’t done until 6/22/22. How can the highest ranking Republican member be comfortable with a deal, that he doesn’t have text on, unless he has been constantly updated by the guy he directed to make the deal. No supposition when McConnell is telling them to make a deal

        • IN Dave, I am serious as a heart attack. Yep, Mitch McConnell is more “moderate” (sic) than he is Conservative. but most of the Republican Senators with the exception of a few about 10-14 are decidedly Conservative. Who told you that McConnell went to Cornyn? I’ve seen nothing that is really definitive other than some supposition. If you recall, McConnell supported all of the new CONSERVATIVE Justices that Trump nominated. No Senator or Congressman/woman is going to be 100% Conservative all the time. We recruit out candidates from the same place we got everyone. The Human race! If I lived in Kentucky, would I vote for McConnel? Most likely NOT.

        • Washington (CNN)Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell told CNN on Thursday he met earlier in the day with Texas Sen. John Cornyn and encouraged the senior Republican senator to begin discussions with Democrats, including Sens. Chris Murphy of Connecticut and Kyrsten Sinema of Arizona, to see if they can find a middle ground on legislation to respond to the tragic Texas elementary school shooting.

          Neither McConnel nor Cornyn or any one from either of their offices has denied any of this even after it ran on every news network including Newsmax. McConnel is in bed with the Chinese (literally) and has been a closet RINO since the early Harry Ried days along with about a full 1/3rd of the Republican Senate. Send him packing and his Daddy-in-law can put him in charge of Chinese business affairs in his shipping company.

      • Walter, nobody “told me that McConnell went to Cronyn” but “Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell told CNN on Thursday (5/26/22) he met earlier in the day with Texas Sen. John Cornyn and encouraged the senior Republican senator to begin discussions with Democrats”

        “I met with Senator Cornyn this morning. As you know he went home yesterday to see the family members and begin the fact finding of this awful massacre and I have encouraged him to talk with Sen. Murphy and Sen. Sinema and others who are interested in trying to get an outcome that is directly related to the problem. I am hopeful that we could come up with a bipartisan solution,” McConnell told CNN.

        Source is CNN and then cited by every other news agency since. I mean I didn’t hear the titanic sunk but a little google search will find it pretty quick, and just because you didn’t hear it doesn’t mean it didn’t happen. Now I am the first person to take what CNN says with a grain of salt but a direct quote is fairly convincing. Maybe it is just supposition to conclude that he was talking about the gun control bill. If it makes you feel better we can pretend Cronyn went home to see the families of the massacre and was supposed to work with Murphy and Sinema on a project separate from the gun control bill…….maybe which balloons to get for the senate Fourth of July office party?!?!

        Yes McConnell confirmed all of trumps conservative judges, I even cited that in my last reply. However at that time he was not the highest ranking elected Republican so that was not his doing, he was just being a good solider. Now that he is the general he cant get the Republican Party to bend over fast enough and pay protection money instead of putting up a fight.

        I don’t think that these 10 represent the whole Republican Party. I am sure there are much better republicans out there but this deal originated with McConnell’s blessing and/or direction, so yes this came from REPUBLICAN (lack of)LEADERSHIP. If you can’t see that, then that’s fine, but don’t expect a different result after the next shooting.

        • IN Dave As your source is CNN, I take that with a HUMONGEOUSLY large grain of salt.

        • Walter, you can take it with as much salt as you want but still won’t change the fact that it happened, that Cornyn and/or McConnell and/or their offices haven’t denied it. McConnell voted for it so he must have like what he seen. If I tell you I read that McConnell voted for the bill on CNN does that mean it didn’t happen in your mind. I don’t control who McConnell talks to. I don’t control that fox news, beritbart, newsmax, cbs, nbc, yahoo, daily mail, daily beast and every other news media has ran the same story with the same source. But go ahead and take your salt. Probably less salty then the snack the Republican leadership is trying to force feed you.

        • In Dave, Here’s a News Flash for you, Leftist. Just because you and CNN say it’s a “fact” doesn’t make it a fact. If I were McConnell’s Office, I would pay CNN’s inquires no mind. YOU bet you don’t control who McConnell talks to.
          Take a hike back to LaLa Land with your Leftist masters.

  1. Once again, a gang of politicians along with a herd of RINOs are ignoring “we the people” along with “right and wrong” and are attempting to force legislation that will do nothing to curb crime and violence. Swamp creature is a compliment to these people that they do not deserve.

  2. So this pork-laden monstrosity passed with 14 GOP idiots joining in. I read the thing and at page 25 I finally saw the word “Firearm”. Not only is this bill a travesty from the gun rights perspective but it’s a spending bill! What do Medicare and Medicaid have to do with school shootings? I understand expanding Mental Health funding for the young but Medicare ain’t for kids. The more I read the more I saw this as just a way to expand the bureaucracy and add more left-leaning sheeple to the Federal payroll.

  3. What happens when horn tooting Gun Owners fail to define Gun Control by its confirmed history of rot. As long as knee jerk history illiterate milquetoast America views Gun Control as sugar and spice and everything nice expect the same old crap to continue…democRats and worthless slobbering RINOs carrying on with what is an agenda rooted in racism and genocide…despicable all the way around.

    • Reading those 80 pages isn’t going to give you the scope of the law. Like the homeland security abomination, it immediately launches into a list of other laws that it changes.

    • That is still a discussion draft and probably will not be the final text of any Bill sent up for vote.

      • I already listed them and the dates that they are up for re-election, except for the ones who are not going to run and will retire.

        Basically, they feel they’re insulated from this vote because of the time left before they have to run again, except for the ones who can give us the middle finger because they aren’t seeking further “service.”

        • Correction: I listed the 10 that worked with the Demorats to draft this bill; four more Quislings joined to move it along.

          The additional four also aren’t concerned about re-election soon; only Murkowski is up this year, IIRC.

      • Lisa Murkowski is running up against Kelly Tshibaka, and voting is this Novembre. The last time Murkowski ran for re-election, she lost in the Spring primary to Joe Miller. Desperate to keep her cushy job, she ran as a write-in candidate, and voters were STILL stupid enough to send her back to DC. At this point, I would rather have a Democrat, because at least with the Dems, you know what you are getting. She flops (reaches across the aisle) so much with her voting record, I think it would be easier to nail Jell-O to a wall.

  4. This is going to pass and every single part of it will be upheld by every court.

    In the end it was the republicans that were the ones that ended private sales. The “gun show loophole” has been closed. When this passes it will be illegal or at minimum legally hazardous to sell a gun privately. We will have red flag laws nationwide as the states are coerced and bribed. The democrats get literally everything they want except any sort of ban.

    I have said it before. The Republicans hate gun ownership as much as democrats. Many of them want guns banned, confiscated and all gun owners killed. But they know gun owners vote for them. To the republicans it’s political pragmatism.

    • Shawn, First of all, the bill has not even been introduced yet? So how can something that hasn’t even been drawn up pass? Second, the anti-gunners are famous for the ole bait and switch tactic.
      So until the bill is drawn up, we don’t even know what is in it?

      • Doesn’t matter. He may be wrong about what may be upheld in court, but there is no time for passivity. Act NOW.

        • Mark, And just how do you propose to act on something that has not even been drawn up yet? First, I have Schumer and Gilderbrand as my Senators (sic). Second, my Congresswoman already opposes this proposal (not a bill).

        • How many times has the Supreme Court took a firearms case in the past 20 years? Three. How many times has the Supreme Court not even bothered to take a gun related case in the past 20 years? A lot more. If they did their job we wouldn’t have state magazine bans. We would not have state gun bans. Washington would not be even able to pass a magazine bill. And all the other states that have one would’ve had tossed out. Maryland would no longer have an AWB.

          The Supreme Court is fickle. They only take very specific cases for very specific things and rule on that so it only applies to that one specific thing and then everyone else can ignore it. If another gun case comes up in the Supreme Court it will be five years from now at least.And if they rule in our favor the decision will be so narrow it’ll be essentially worthless.

          I have no faith in the courts at all except for maybe the fifth circuit. Most judges and all courts have an anti-gun slant.

        • Shawn, I agree that the Supreme Court has not always taken cases regarding guns. But the most current case, assuming that it will go our way will be a significate step forward.
          The problem is that the Court can only consider a small number of the cases submitted for their review. So are they doing their job? Unequivocally, yes. To everyone’s satisfaction, NOT POSSIBLE.

        • Void, CERTAINLY, that would cover dacian, the Dunderhead and MNOR Miner40er.

        • This is the Bill, there will be a full vote next week with NO debate and NO amendments… What you see is what they are going to shove in our faces.

      • “We have to pass it to find out what’s in it.”

        We are not dealing with people who are acting in good faith. We have been betrayed by the very people we sent to D.C to stop this sort of thing, and they did it knowing of our strong disapproval. In fact, they did it proudly.

  5. I have been wearing Tillis and Burr‘s offices out don’t know that it’s gonna do any good since one can’t fix stupid.

  6. “Like the very determined cyborg, they feel no pity, no remorse, and no fear, and they absolutely will not stop.”

    There’s two more options that have not been tried. Lesser of the two being a physical pain induced negative response at infringements. I’ll leave it up to you the reader to determine for yourself what the greater of should be.

    Further still, there ought be set hard in any mind who contemplates enforcing the tyrannical rule a serious question of coin flip odds as to whether they had kissed their family goodbye for the last time.

  7. I think this new set of laws will drastically alter the gun shows. If say selling more than 6 guns a year at a gun show requires you to get a dealers license, (which will probably not be issued to most people because of zoning ordinances), all gun sales will probably have to be papered at the show by running the sale through a dealer who sets up there. Many others simply do not want to become a licensed dealer because this puts them under the microscope of the ATF storm troopers.

    Unfortunately this all came about because Congressmen of both parties knew they could not at this time pass a Universal Background Check law so they took what they could get, which is a partial one that falls way short of being adequate to stop criminals and Psychopaths’ from buying second hand guns.

    Here in Ohio we had a serial killer by the name of Dillon who bought two Swedish 6.5mm military rifles with no paperwork at a gun show and went on a massive sniper killing spree before a fellow worker turned him into the Cops. The cops had not a clue who the sniper might be despite their investigations. Once again it was a case of a nut case buying rifles with no paperwork.

  8. 14 republicans. Seems we’ve lost the debate. And the senate. If 14 republicans were willing to get squishy on gun control then more IS certainly coming. And fast.

    UBC and AWB is next mark my words.

    The left finally did it, they got the GOP to join them in gun control openly. This is going to get bad.

    • Doing what the British were doing that caused the revolutionary war, just in a different way. if this bill passes they will red flag anyone that complains at school board meetings etc.

  9. “No man’s life, liberty, or property are safe while the legislature is in session.”

    ― Gideon J. Tucker, 1866

    It’s not RINOs. It’s not Democrats. It’s government. Governments are the enemy of peace and freedom. All of them. Same as always.

  10. Hey state, want some money? Just red flag a bunch of people and we’ll cut you a check!
    What could possibly go wrong?

    I’m sure the wokies are all up in arms about how opening sealed juvenile records will affect the POC’s and the poors, right?

  11. And everyone is wondering just how the republicans will suppress their own voters and “snatch defeat from the jaws of victory”….Make no mistake, the Republicans LOVE being the minority party….All they do is talk big and say “IF WE WERE IN CHARGE blah-blah-blah-yada-yada- yada” and fund raise…The republicans will do whatever it takes to be a DO nothing minority party, because its an easy days work (for several years)…Sad to say, the Republicans still have months to MUCK IT UP, so their voters will stay home in November…

  12. You left out the founder of the feast at the trough Mitch Oink oink McConnell! I stayed up late and wrote my RINO and among other issues pointed out the possibility of a cartel hit, that is a distinct possibility in the Uvalde neighborhood.

  13. An individual selling their personally owed firearm in a private sale with no background check is called a “loop hole” by the anti-gun groups. This only serves to demonstrate the anti-gun groups agenda to attack the constitution as a whole and re-define the constitution for their own purposes.

    A person’s right to sell their own personal private property without government infringement requiring a qualify factor is a collective constitutional right of property owners. It is not a “loop hole” to be able to do so without a background check first it is a constitutional right.

    This bill, although still a perverted Marxist type abomination and constitution attack and infringement, sidesteps this very thorny infringement issue of personal sales by not requiring background checks for personal sales… and that’s why the anti-gun groups disagree with this part, because they want to also attack and weaken property ownership rights so ignore the constitutionality factors relegating them to being a “loop hole” instead of being a right.

    • Just to mention also… anti-gun bans in all other countries are based at their core on removing, restricting, and denying the property owner rights to that personal property. In other words the government can decide if a person can own property or not. (Yes e.g even in the UK or Australia )

      The US is different as its the only country with a constitution that establishes an inherent constitutional collective property ownership right.

      • As we’ve pointed out about a hundred thousand times, criminals don’t submit to background checks when they purchase weapons illegally.

        Why should we? Just buy off the street. I predict a boom in private sales as a result of this law, if it passes. The law of unintended consequences will be in effect.

    • I guess I’m in the minority view. This BS is quite a bit weaker than I expected. Irregardless I will not comply…we already have pretty much all this in ILLannoy!

      • Yes.. do not comply with unconstitutional laws. I’m all for that.

        America’s Founders understood clearly that private property ownership is a foundation stone of freedom itself. Through common law, state law, and (collectively by a combination of rights) the Constitution, they protected the rights of the people to acquire, use, and dispose of owned property freely, in other words without government infringement or interference.

        It is a natural and inherent constitutional right to acquire, own, use, and dispose of your own personal property firearms as you see fit.without government infringement or interferance (e.g. the government requiring a background check be run for you to sell your own guns)

  14. The problem is not the problem. THE PROBLEM is the 17th amendment. The appointment of US Senators by the state legislators was designed by the Founders to put a check on the Senate. Right now, Thom Tillis – North Carolina (up in 2026), Bill Cassidy – Louisiana (up in 2026), Lindsey Graham – South Carolina (up in 2026), Mitt Romney – Utah (up in 2024), are all in Republican controlled states. Without the 17th amendment these four could be recalled today and new Senators appointed in their place.

  15. Every Republican supporting this is on the top-10 NRA recipient list.

    The NRA is Negotiating Rights Away once again.

    Keep in mind; this is not a compromise. You get nothing in return. No suppression deregulation. No concealed carry reciprocity.

    This is a concession.

    And once you lose a right, they don’t add a right – it’s a noose. You never get your rights back.

    Primary these RINOs and get rid of them.

        • He said that the NRA is “negotiating rights away.” I don’t recall the NRA being involved in the negotiations on this bill. The ratings of the senators given by the organization should be revisited, surely, but there’s no way that the NRA knew in advance that the senators would agree to this bill.

  16. The ‘pubs have us over a barrel. Unless, or until, we are willing to Vote democrat in the short term to punish the anti-constitutional senators, so that they experience a consequence, they will keep doing this.

    The problem is, that the democrats are, on the whole, so much worse than any republican, it makes that approach very difficult to do.

    So guys the life walking failures listed above will pay no price.

  17. “to do what we can to keep our children and communities safe”?… There is NOTHING about hardening schools with controlled, limited access, arming trained teachers and other school employees, harder access doors on classrooms. I would include more resource officers but we’ve seen enough of their effectiveness lately.. Nothing in this 80 page piece of crap is going to make anyone safer but it WILL make life more difficult for those of us who TRY to be law abiding responsible gun owners. Why did they rush the vote on this thing last night? The body only had little over an hour to read and comprehend an 80 plus page bill at 8PM? Hmmmmmm.

  18. So, at the risk of being flamed to death, I have actually *read* the bill, and cross-referenced it against the existing federal code via, and I’m honestly having kind of a hard time understanding what all the yammering is all about. Yes, there a couple of items in there that are troubling, but for the most part, I don’t find a lot to object to. It is actually far more a mental health bill than any kind of gun control bill, in that most of it is aimed at providing additional funding for various mental health programs. Yes, it adds juvenile criminal and mental health records to NICS to be considered for purchasers under 21, but it’s hard to characterize that as a bad thing. That 3 day wait only comes into play if something comes up from NICS, and it’s no different than the 3 day wait that comes up on any purchase flagged by NICS. Yes, it provides funding to implement so called red flag programs, but that funding comes with a huge caveat, in that the bill includes very strong language with respect to due process requirements and protection of rights. The main problem with most existing red flag laws is a patent, unconstitutional disregard for due process, and this bill addresses that issue head on.

    We have reached such a high level of distrust in this country that many us have basically adopted a “no compromise” attitude; “thus far, and no farther.” I am part of that cohort. I don’t trust the Dems, or the Republicants, for that matter, as far as I can throw them. I am certainly not so naïve as to assume the Dem gun grabbers are negotiating in good faith. However, none of that means we shouldn’t do what we can, in a reasonable and prudent fashion, to try to improve our situation, and that logically includes keeping firearms out of the hands of people like that demented soul in Uvalde. I think we can all agree that it would be kinda nice if we could figure out how to do that. Think of the very real progress we’ve made in improving *real* gun safety over the past couple of decades, via programs like the NSSF’s Project Child Safe. Tackling the problem of the mentally ill going on shooting rampages is no different in principle. This bill *might* actually help. To deal with people like that little goblin in Uvalde, we have to engage them *years* left of bang. Had that little monster got the mental healthcare he so obviously was desperately in need of *years* ago, Uvalde might never have happened. Based on my reading of it, that’s mainly what this bill is focused on. Please, set aside your (well earned) distrust for a moment. Tune out the yammering. Read the bill and decide for yourself.

    • If it does not restrict (infringe upon) firearm rights in some way, the left will not vote for it. No one has even SUGGESTED that it will improve access to firearms for anyone. So, if you are correct, why vote for it? Just drop the whole thing, right? We intuitively KNOW there is a bite in the ass waiting there somewhere, so just oppose it.

    • We already have mechanisms for that. In any state you can report someone to the cops if they seem off to you. The cops will do a wellness check, and if they agree they can take the person for a mental health evaluation. Even against their will, if they refuse to go voluntarily. That has been the case for ages, many decades at least. But the cops and schools, and mental health workers do not utilize this. Just off the top of my head;

      Ramos in Uvalde posted video on social media of cops there for a domestic disturbance at some point. In the video he is screaming at his mother. And yet no one can find any record of police interactions with him.

      Ramos nickname at school was “school shooter”. How much more fucking obvious does he have to be? But neither teachers nor other students did anything.

      In 2018 1 or 2 students in Uvalde’s middle school were arrested/detained in a plot to shoot up the school. Dates they had discussed were 2022 when they turned 18 (what a fucking coincidence!), and the anniversary of Columbine. We cannot obtain their names and cannot determine if Ramos was one of them or a classmate. But as he attended that school at that time and was the right age he was one or the other.

      In Buffalo the shooter was investigated last year for threatening to shoot up his school. The cops in NY failed to apply New York’s red flag law which would have allowed the confiscation of any weapons he already had and prevented him from buying any he didn’t have.

      In Parkland Cruz had numerous encounters, many officially documented, with school police, the sheriff’s department, and even the FBI. Incidents included at least one online threat to commit a school shooting. He was never arrested or prosecuted because the Obama (in)justice compartment was pressuring school police and local LEOs to not to arrest or prosecute black and hispanic kids.

      The Sutherland Springs shooter should have been prohibited under existing law but the US Hair Farce failed to properly report his discharge status, his domestic violence convictions, and his mental health evaluation.

      Lanza, at Sandy Hook, had a long history of mental issues and therapy, yet he was never reported to the NICS system.

      Cho at Virginia Tech was supposed to be prohibited by the information was never shared by the state.

      That’s just off the top of my head. I’m sure if I actually looked into other mass shootings I would find a lot more of the same.

      So yeah, we would all like to see intervention in these cases way before someone walks into a school or some other public place and starts shooting. But more laws won’t accomplish that. The laws are already there and the people who are supposed to be using them just don’t. So passing more laws is just putting more laws on the books that won’t use against the people doing these things but will use against some unfortunate soul who makes a mistake or doesn’t know the law.

      And that last sentence i said because in PA our state police have been prosecuting all PICS(NICS) denials that aren’t appealed since 2014. What we see is that the vast majority of these people who should not be prohibited. They had some minor run in with law enforcement or the mental health system in their youth, teens to early 20’s. They got their shit together and became good decent citizens. And now years or even decades later they get jacked up because of a technicality or because our state police misinterpret the law. They do not have the knowledge or resources to fight it and wind up with one or two felony convictions and a serious lifetime prohibition that shouldn’t be.

      And that no compromise thing, that’s because there have been a lot of compromises in the past. In every single instance we lost rights, we gained nothing, the problem was not solved, and the law was used maliciously against people that it should never have been used against.

      So no, no more compromise. No trades. Not nothing. Give me my fucking rights back.

      • “So yeah, we would all like to see intervention in these cases way before someone walks into a school or some other public place and starts shooting. But more laws won’t accomplish that. The laws are already there and the people who are supposed to be using them just don’t.”

        Yep, fully aware of everything you wrote, Crimson Pirate. So, what do we need to do to solve it? This bill tries to address it by throwing more money at mental health programs. Will that help? Heck if I know. But, honestly, what should we do? What do you think we should do? I’ve suggested, in the past, scrapping every gun law on the books going back to the 1934 NFA, and replacing it with something real simple: commit a crime with a firearm, life in prison, no parole, no pardons, nada. But I don’t actually think this country has the stomach for that. So, what do *you* think we ought to do?

  19. LarryinTX (me too, BTW), I believe it’s actually in our best interest to infringe on the rights of violent nutballs who want to go out and shoot up elementary schools and murder children. (I don’t know, maybe I’m crazy?) Yes, I would have very much liked to see national reciprocity included in this bill, or at least something in the way of compromise to improve access for the law abiding. Sadly, the Senate majority leader has a (D) after his name. Yes, I understand it’s really, really, really difficult to ID those violent nutballs beforehand, and, yes, I understand the potential for abuse of some of the items in the bill. That doesn’t mean we shouldn’t at least *try* to figure out how to deal preemptively with violent nutballs. Preferably by intervening with said violent nutballs years before they actually *become* violent nutballs. I think this bill *might* help with that, but I certainly understand where you are coming from. Sometimes, doing nothing is the best BATNA, and it wouldn’t break my heart if it came to that with this thing. I’m merely suggesting that something other than a kneejerk response is warranted, and that we should take a close look at the bill.


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