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Sen. John Cornyn, R-Texas(AP Photo/Jacquelyn Martin)
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As we’ve been covering here at The Truth About Guns, there’s an effort afoot by a group of Senate Republicans to give Second Amendment opponents something they dearly want: more gun control laws (and a rare election year win). Not only did they apparently make no effort to get anything in return for their “compromise,” but they don’t seem to understand that giving in to Senate Democrats is the wrong move if they care about the long term security of our rights.

The leader in this “negotiation” effort for the GOP in the Senate was Texas’s John Cornyn.

It would appear that Texas voters (you know, the people who keep sending Cornyn back to the Washington) are on board with our assessment of the deal he agreed to, and they aren’t happy with him. At all.

At the Republican Party of Texas convention in Houston this week, the Senator’s speech, was interrupted, from beginning to end, by the boos of the crowd. While he made every effort to tell the crowd exactly what they wanted to hear, his recent actions to jeopardize our gun rights, probably so that he can become the next leader of the Republicans in the Senate spoke too loudly for anyone to hear anything he was saying about “taking America back.”

Here’s another angle that captured the intensity of the crowd’s reaction . . .


From the Houston Chronicle . . .

Before he could get a word in at the state Republican Party convention in Houston, the veteran senator was nearly shouted off the stage from the room of more than 8,000 party loyalists. It continued during much of his nearly 20-minute speech.

“No gun control!” the crowd jeered, even as Cornyn reiterated popular Republican talking points. When he promised the party would vote out President Joe Biden and Vice President Kamala Harris, audience members shouted back, “You too!”

Convention attendees didn’t even want to be seen with Cornyn lanyards around their necks.

And it wasn’t just the party faithful who expressed their dislike for Cornyn’s latest legislative achievement. The party’s platform committee adopted a resolution officially opposing the “gang of 20 gun control bill,” a clear rebuke of Cornyn.

Texas’s other senator, Ted Cruz, has been skeptical of the deal, but he’s taken the same stance as the NRA and other gun right orgs so far — waiting to see the actual language of the bill when it’s written.

“It’s going to depend on the details, and I’m going to wait to see what specifically they put out,” Cruz said earlier this week. “When it comes to protecting our constitutional rights, the details matter, the legislative text matters.”

Cornyn was defiant after nearly being booed off the stage.

No matter what he thinks of his constituents or the names he calls them, a quick look at Cornyn’s social media accounts makes it pretty clear that the beatings from constituents will continue until his stance on gun control improves. If ever.

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    • Cornyn has always been a fake 2A snake. He will file Interstate Concealed Carry or Hearing Protection Act each session before election time, the never look back.
      I guess Missouri’s reitring Senator Blunt smoked one too, but then he is an NRA guy.

      • Although I do think suppressors should be legal and not under NFA and not classified as a ‘firearm’ – suppressors really don’t protect hearing overall.

        The thing that does damage to hearing is the energy and that is refereed to by one of its measurable components as ‘Sound Pressure Level (SPL)’ and expressed in ‘dB’- but simply reducing the ‘volume’ (also measured in ‘dB’ units) is not the same as reducing SPL. The calibration of the measurement device must be in true units of SPL relational to ‘dB’ with a RMS (root-mean-square) measurement device for peak measurement, unfortunately most suppressor manufacturers are really measuring ‘volume’ reduction and not SPL reduction.

        For example; The standard MSR has un-suppressed SPL range of 160–185 dB peak SPL depending on the length of barrel and measurement microphone position. But with the most suppressive suppressor on the market for sale to the general public, with a 16 inch or longer barrel and use of subsonic ammunition, SPL energy levels are are still above 125 dB peak but the ‘volume’ sounds lower. ~70 to ~90 dB SPL peak range is where hearing damage starts to happen in the average person with the closer to 90 dB and above the damage is more likely to be permanent depending on time and exposure frequency. So even using a suppressor that sounds ‘quieter’ (less firing sound ‘volume’, even to the point of be able to hear the action working above that of the firing sound) does not mean no hearing damage will happen. So a suppressed firearm sounding quieter when fired does not mean less or no possibility of hearing damage, and most permanent hearing damage happens over time so repeated use thinking its ok will cause a cumulative hearing damage of some degree.

        So always wear additional hearing protection with using a suppressor.

        • .40 cal,

          Yep, you should still use cans even with a suppressor – at least for anything other than subsonic .22 . . . for anything other than tactical. There’s a reason our military doesn’t use cans on patrol . . . but does frequently use suppressors. SOME protection is better than NO protection, but some ability to hear your enemy approaching is infinitely better than NO ability to hear your enemy approaching.

          I’ve never seen a hunter hunting wearing cans. There’s a reason for that.

        • Uh, I hunt with “cans”, if you mean ear muffs. Wouldn’t hunt without them– can hear far better with them on, and they keep my ears warm.

          Can hear the deer coming, using good old Peltors. New ones don’t seem to amplify nearly as much, unfortunately.

      • Not adopted the negotiating position of trousers down and grabbing ankles, he also underwent a full cranial rectal inversion.

    • Cornyn seems a bit detached on who exactly he represents. The people of Texas elected a Republican (Cornyn). Cornyn should act like one. If they wanted gun control, they would have elected a democrat.

  1. Funny, the “Do a little sidestep” scene from Best Little Whorehouse in Texas keeps playing over and over in my head now. Cornyn would be a dead ringer if he was wearing an oversized Stetson. Maybe one of you more techy types can attach a clip.

    • cornyn stands with 9 other like minded RINOS in a knee jerk circle jerk. He does not have the integrity to tell those using murdered children to advance their Gun Control rot to go pound sand. Instead cornyn and his ilk pamper loud mouth drama queens by joining the witch hunt and surrendering to them hard won Freedom. He got the exact reception he deserves.

      When it comes to protecting grade schoolers from violence the burden falls on adults. And from the looks of things in Uvalde the Adults running the school failed miserably and then some.

      Frankly the wacky reasoning of cornyn and his ilk boils down to, had he survived, letting the perp walk free, and putting the firearm on trial.

      • And he has McConnel’s blessing to do this. I called the s o b’s office and told them he violated two oaths, one when he was in the military and the other when he was sworn into office. That makes him guilty of 2 counts of treason and should resign.

  2. LOL

    “I don’t give in to mobs!”

    (Runs over and snuggles up to the anti-freedom leftist mob shouting to take our rights)

    • Honestly I would have thought he was one of my reps over here in NY where mostly only the female reps and candidates are solid in 2a (Guliani seems solid but nonr of the media wants to back him so even more likely good to go)

    • Trying to go to center or moderate won’t gain them much, the left will take them long enough to passa “first step” while still blaming them for not going far enough, but it won’t sway that side to now think “see, the republicans really are likeable, I will vote for them.” Nope, they won’t see much if any gains on the left side by compromising, and at the same time, ticking off most of their actual base. Not a good move.

  3. Here is the minimum list (see link) of Republican senators that need to go ASAP. These clowns voted for a $1 trillion infrastructure plan with looming inflation after the largest spending spree in this nation’s history. Trump said he was willing to negotiate an infrastructure plan as soon as he came into office. Where were they then? If it wasn’t important 5 years ago, pre-government created Covid fallout disaster, then why is it so imperative now? It was probably going to pass anyway, so senators signed on in order to cut deals that benefit them.

    “…so that he can become the next leader of the Republicans in the Senate…”

    …Because it’s all about him.

  4. “I’ve never given in to mobs and I’m not starting today

    — Sen. John Cornhole, Rino-TX

    Translation: Fvck you proles — I do what I want.

    • I’m sure that privately Mussolini said the same, and look what fruit that bore. Looking forward to the same of this one.

  5. All these neo-cons belong under a bridge panhandling. The Bush-era is over. I didn’t like it then and I don’t like it now. I don’t want you Cheneys, Romneys, Cornyns and the rest of you nation-building, rights-eroding globalists around anymore.

  6. Cornyn has become a Washington DC swamp creature. He needs to move to Kalifornia where his political views are more aligned.

  7. Sounds like Cornyn is saying to his constitutes in Texas: Go screw yourselves, I’m already voted in as a Texas Senator you can get rid of me and It does matter what you think, I’m not going to represent you views while giving away your 2nd Amendment rights. It is my duty to give your rights away and shut up about it and take it.

  8. “I’ve never given in to mobs and I’m not starting today.”

    But I will do whatever Mitch McConnell tells me to do. 🤔

    • I much prefer “À la lanterne”. Not many people have tar and feathers handy, but lots of lamp posts around.

    • Jim – I’m kind – I’d use honey and feathers (ant hill nearby?) to give him one last chance to see the error of his ways and serve as a pointed example to other rinos. After all, tar and feathers tends to be rather permanent.

  9. “No matter what he thinks of his constituents or the names he calls them, a quick look at Cornyn’s social media accounts makes it pretty clear that the beatings from constituents will continue until his stance on gun control improves. If ever.”
    Cornyn’s stance is not going to change no matter what he says. How can he be trusted? Bottom line, Cornyn is a RINO!

  10. Has he asked a single question about the governments failure im protecting those kids yet? How about holding those responsible who need to be?

  11. An explanation occurs to me. Imagine you are contemplating a couple of incumbent politicians. One is a back-bencher who won his election 51/49%. The other is prominent who solidly won his election 70/30%. Which could be bought at the cheaper price?

    The back-bencher regards every vote he won as precious. He will not willingly sell-out to an opposition log-rolling effort in the hopes of losing 1% of his voters while possibly gaining 2% of his former opponents.

    The prominent politician in his safe districts is much more easily bought. He could afford to lose 7% of his 70% constituents and still easily win re-election. He doesn’t even need to pick up votes from former opponents.

    So, why should we be surprised when a politician like Cornyn seems so willing to make a pact with enemies of his constituents? It’s because he is negotiable; he can afford to be negotiable. Perhaps he gets something for himself; or for his friends. Or for more important constituents (cattle? oil?) Who knows; it doesn’t matter in any particular case.

    We should expect to see belligerents targeting supposedly committed opponents. Once a few of these are bought other back-benchers will soon be tempted to follow.

    • Very true, that said gun owners are some of the least forgetting people out there and they tend to be a consistent voting block. With this it wouldn’t surprise me if Texas gets “Redder” at some point. He’s not up for election for a few years so he has time for things to cool down? If he were in a primary now? I really doubt he’d do this.

  12. “I’ve never given in to mobs and I’m not starting today. The rich globalists who control me forbid it!” — what Cornyn actually meant.

  13. Cornyn has got to go. Problem is finding anyone competent and sane to run against him. He has another 3 years in office, maybe Mayra Flores will blossom like we all hope into a true star and will be ready to take him out.

    • It *is* possible for an actual conservative to unseat the GOPe favorites in Texas. Ted Cruz came out of nowhere to destroy classic RINO / anointed favorite of the party insiders David Dewhurst.

      The candidate we need here is a well-funded military combat veteran with serious policy chops (a-la Tom Cotton) to primary this RINO SOB.

      Unfortunately, we’ll probably just get a rerun of what happened in the Texas gubernatorial primary this year, with too many candidates to be a serious threat to an entrenched, well funded incumbent.

  14. WTF Moderate the comments of people who regularly post here, Yet won’t Stop this Crap^^^. TTAG is falling into the 5hitter.

    • Nah, Darkman, they aren’t “falling” . . . they jumped in. And didn’t even hold their nose. I can no longer cut them ANY slack for their “it’s the algorithm” excuse, given the absurd inconsistency of their “policy” (the ONE thing an algorithm SHOULD be is ‘consistent’!!). I just post what I want, let them “moderate” it if they choose to, and scroll past the solicitations from online hookers. And only read a post from dacian the stupid or MinorIQ to mock it.

  15. The fact that Cornyn was arrogant even after the clear indication by the crowd (and boos) shows that he does not give a s** t that Texans do not like his gun control stance. He is going to do whatever the hell he wants, and dares anyone to do anything about it. So what if you vote him out? The gun control bill stands, and baring a miracle, goes into law thanks to scum like him. He will continue to kick Americans in the teeth, by collecting benefits-for-life at your expense, as well even if he is voted out, so we really get screwed on so many levels.

    • Why would Johnny Boy care? He’s 70 years old, has four more years to go in his term and Cocaine Mitch will reward him for being a tool. This nonsense is all McConnell’s doings.

  16. He sounds just plain stupid. Can’t vote for him, or his opponent. Let’s just hope Texas is smart.

  17. I have yet to meet a fellow Texan that has ever claimed Cornyn. We all love Cruz, but might as well have Beta as the other senator. Honestly I’m not sure how Cornyn is still our senator.

  18. I would like to point out that the people who would attend events like this are going to be his political base. The same people he referred to as a “mob.”

  19. What a load of self justifying bullshit from mthe pro unlimited gun lobby. THe tide may well be turning as regards more stringent gun control meaures . One important cause for this is that the PRO-Gun lobby offers has offered not very much in the way of POLICING itself prefering instead to go down the road of opposition rather than sensible collaberation. Sooner or later the pro0gunners at ant cost andn the Armsmanufacturers witll have to take resoponsibility for both product and control or itb vWILL be forces upon them, Theybthen have the choice. Abide by the majority and DEMOCRATIC process or go head-to-head with the authorities and the State.
    I know, by entries on these columns, that there are those that seem to be itching for some kind of CIVIL WAR and the chance to slot a few COMMIES, LIBERALS or DEMOCRATS but I feel that when, or if, Push comes to Shove they will be a ‘Wild Eyed’ minority when they see that they will be coming up against the hard -eyed professionals of the State- constitution or not.
    Seriously though I cannot see there ever being a total ban on the personal ownwership of firearms in the USA I do see however far more stringent conditions of licence and a limit on how many firearms and what kind of firearms are allowed.
    The fact is that nobody actually needs for HOME defence anything other than a single reliable 9mm or .38 handgun. Nobody needs anything other than a 5 shot bolt action rifle of ma suitable calibre for hunting and nobody needs any more than 25 rounds of ammunition for immediate use for either. Most gun ownership in the USA is NOT aboubt ACTUAL or PERCEIVED NEED but about immature and unnessessary WANT’s like children with far too many toys.
    As for ‘STREET’ self defencem every single statistic Im can p find points outvthat trthe use of handguns for street ‘self defence’ is far and away n more likely nto get YOU killed that it is to msave your or other life. In America in the first six months of 2022 there were around 30 mass shootings [ I believe that three or more victims counts as a mass shooting]
    It stands to reason considering how many firearms there are in circulatiion that a fair proportion of those mass shootinggs had a saomebody innthe close vicinity that was tooled up for ‘street’ self defence and self styled ‘first responders’.
    Where the flock were they then? As far as I can ascertain the actual number of incidents stopped by non-professional FIRST RESONDERS or those tooled up for ‘street’ self defence is as near bloody zero as to be statistically irrelevant.
    In the UVALDE incident the ‘FIRST responder’ drove over 40 miles which unless he was a pro driver on a clear road would have taken the best part of 3/4 of an hour You cannot tell me, given the number of people owning handguns etc in AMERICA . that within ten minutes of that school that there would not have been a score of persons all geared up for SELF DEFENCE jsut lokking bfor somebody to slot. SO, ONCE AGAIN. WHERE THE HELL WERE THEY?
    There SHOULD have been a virtual Army on the spot within minutes riding to the rescue accoring to the precepts of these columns.
    So why did not a BRAVE LOCALS some of which wewr sure to be RAMBO WANNABES with big, big guns decide to wait for a guy, with at least some training, for for around 3/4 of an hour

  20. drove over 40 miles which unless he was a pro driver on a clear road would have taken the best part of 3/4 of an hour

    Obviously you’ve never driven on American highway in a high powered American automobile. The “1st responder would also most likely have had the benefit of emergency lights and siren, I can do 40 miles in less than 15 minutes the problem in Uvalde was cops who failed to take the opportunity to shoot the asshole when they had the chance. Your “mass shooting” numbers are way off as well, the majority of those were gang related incidents where two groups were shooting at one another and the number of “good guy with a gun” incidents…

    How often are firearms used defensively in the United States? According to the most-recent study, about 1.6 million times annually. Over a lifetime, about a third of gun owners will use a firearm defensively at least once. This recent data is broadly consistent with decades of social-science research: Bearing Arms; By Tom Knighton | May 04, 2022 8:30 PM ET
    May 09, 2022 · According to almost every major study on the issue, Americans use their firearms defensively between 500,000 and 3 million times each year.
    May 06, 2022 · Defensive Gun Uses By People Legally Carrying Guns: 24 Cases During February 2022. May 6, 2022 |

    The latest survey of gun owners and their use of firearms estimated that in 2021, guns were used 1.67 million times to protect people or property. That is consistent with the Justice Department study from 25 years ago. The U.S. Department of Justice’s National Crime Victimization Survey indicates that around 100,000 defensive gun uses occur each year — an estimate that, though it may seem like a lot, is actually much lower than 17 other surveys. They find between 760,000 defensive handgun uses and 3.6 million defensive uses of any type of gun per year, with an average of about 2 million. The difference between these surveys arises from the screening questions. The National Crime Victimization Survey first asks a person if they have been a victim of a crime. Only respondents who answer “yes” are asked if they have ever used a gun defensively. In contrast, the other surveys screen respondents by asking if they have been threatened with violence. That produces more self-acknowledged defensive gun users, since someone who successfully brandished a gun is less likely to self-characterize as a crime victim. Survey data indicate that in 95% of cases when people use guns defensively, they merely show the gun to make the criminal back off.

    I could publish a dozen more references but they all say basically the same thing and is you don’t what the hell you are talking about. Schools out.

  21. How much more do you need to tell you that the government is working for itself not the people these traitors need to be held accountable in what ever form that is the most expedient!

  22. If you can’t primary him, vote for the Democrat just to screw him. He already acts like one, what the hell is the difference?

  23. The only option at this point, would be for Texans to recall him. Start a petition and get the signatures necessary to force a recall election.

    Put the SOB out to pasture.


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