Lake City Ammunition Plant
Lake City Ammunition Plant (courtesy US Army)
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[ED: See TTAG’s earlier articles on the Biden administration’s attempt to shut down commercial sales of ammunition produced at Lake City here, here, and here.]

Rep. Vicky Hartzler has released the following statement . . .

Congresswoman Vicky Hartzler (R-Mo.) and Congressman Sam Graves (R-Mo.), along with 48 of their House Republican colleagues, led the call urging President Biden to immediately end consideration of banning commercial production of certain types of 5.56 caliber ammunition at the Lake City Army Ammunition Plant in Missouri.

For years, the U.S. Army has allowed the operating contractor of the Government-Owned, Contractor Operated Lake City Army Ammunition Plant to produce 5.56 caliber ammunition for commercial sales that exceeds U.S. military needs. Having the ability to produce this product for commercial sale allows the contractor to maintain capacity and keep the facility at a high state of readiness, at no cost to the government. This ensures the Army is ready to ramp up production in the event of a national emergency. Lake City currently produces a significant portion of this type of 5.56 ammunition for the commercial market.

“This is a backdoor attempt by President Biden to bypass Congress and ban legal and highly popular commercial ammunition used by law-abiding Americans across the country,” Hartzler said. “The Biden administration has made their priorities clear: dismantle the Second Amendment, compromise military readiness, and push inflation to new heights. It’s time for the Biden Administration to stop its attack on our Constitutional right to keep and bear arms.”

“This is the second time President Biden has tried to force devastating layoffs at the Lake City Army Ammunition Plant in the last two years,” said Graves. “This underhanded attack on the highly skilled union workers of Lake City is disgraceful, it threatens to severely degrade our ability to produce ammunition for our military, and it undermines the right of law-abiding Americans to fully exercise their Second Amendment rights. This has to stop.”

In the letter, the members state:

“Severely limiting the commercially available 5.56 ammunition, which is most popularly used in modern sporting rifles (MSRs), is effectively a politically sanctioned semi-automatic rifle ban. This blatantly infringes on the Second Amendment of the United States Constitution by limiting law-abiding gun owners’ ability to legally purchase or use lawful semi-automatic rifles.”

Read the letter in its entirety here.

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  1. There are probably a few more that oppose this Biden attack on the second amendment, but didn’t sign on to the letter.

    Democrats will probably use a ‘possible’ stop to such actions as a dangling carrot to try to win concessions. And of course we already know, and history shows, what democrats do with such anti-Second Amendment concessions when they get them – they exploit them trying to expand them into other attacks on the Second Amendment.

    For those that did not catch it, Gov. Kristi Noem had a great speech she delivered at the NRA convention, in it she defines these Marxism style attacks on the second amendment by the left and democrats. Put aside any feelings you may have for the NRA, and listen to her speech.

  2. Ya know, it wasn’t that many years ago that an unconstitutional, arbitrary, power grab like this wouldn’t even have made it to comittee!

    • Ya know some others ammo companies are “stepping up” to the plate as it were. What slow Joe et all intend for evil may backfire. Another massive pro-2A gun owning push could easily happen. Again. Still…

  3. I have the greatest respect for these patriots, if they are not just grandstanding for their voters. How did they vote on the important gun rights laws? Did they “compromise” on the “sensible gun laws”? Do they honestly expect their letter to be considered, if it’s even read by anyone at the White House. I suspect that one of China Joe Xi Den’s handlers discarded it upon arrival.

    • MAC
      Always check out their voting records, if possible, from before being elected to congress. There have been many party flippers over the years. Especially at the local and even state level.

  4. That’s a good start. We need to keep the pressure on and get the senate on board too, that’s how we stopped at Obamas green tip ban.

    • Ron, I stocked up on XM855 for around 11 cents per round ( one of my sons got smokin good deals on Federal ammo due to working for ATK Orbital) years back, only to have our gun range ban it due to ricochet danger. It really isnt that accurate anyway, but will make excellent bugout shtf ammo.

      • My brother and I years ago picked up hundreds of thousands federal xm855 rounds in a lot buy straight from the factory at less than 1 cents per round.

        Over the years we have picked up ammo like that of all types in factory lot buys. Of course this was done in the years pre-pandemic. Today we literally have millions of rounds of ammo stored away for our use. Even supplied, for free, a couple of police agencies and academies with ammo for their training when they had a hard time getting ammo during the pandemic.

      • 10-15 years ago it was surprisingly good for getting through lower end level 3 plates (early UHMWPE as well as ceramic composite) as they were built to stop 7.62×51 NATO and that steel tip penetrated way more often than it should have. Now the ceramics at most levels will easily stop green tip but the ultralight all poly plates require a lot of additional material and expense to do so. Green tip has its uses but not as useful as it used to be.

      • Agreed. I prefer M193 myself though I have some green tip. But there’s no reason green tip should be banned and if that’s what most people want let them have it. If they succeed in banning green tip, m193 will be next.

        • If anything I would like to see m855a1 become more available even if it has pressure issues but for a number of reasons that isn’t likely.

      • Xm855 accuracy is a matter of requirement. Of you are expecting, say, less than 1 inch groups at 100 yards basically less than 1 MOA) with a standard MSR then it could be said accuracy is lacking. But even then it’s accurate for MOBG (Minute of Bad Guy) use and 99.9% of hunting purposes.

  5. It’s another Democrat crafted Jim Crow Law! It won’t impact the wealthy who can afford to buy a deep stock of reloading supplies. You go Jim Crow Joe!

  6. If the contract says Winchester gets to produce commercial ammo, the best our Pedophile In Chief can do is try to renegotiate the contract.

    He can’t just unilaterally alter the deal, and tell Winchester to pray he doesn’t alter it further. Or he couldn’t if Winchester was operating a plant in a country where laws have meaning, which it appears they are not.

  7. Biden SHOULD ban Lake City Ammo! No one needs high powered military rounds. Shame he’s stopping at the Assault Rifle ammo though. We need to ban 9mm next because it’ll blow the lungs right out of the body. It’s a shame all you fascist, nazi, child murderers are allowed to live. You should all be lined up and shot with the very weapons of war you own so that the world can be populated by peaceful people like myself and miner.

    • dacian, the Dunderhead. For your continued edification a 5.56 is NOT a “high powered military round” It is a military round but it is also used for hunting ferial pigs, woodchucks, and other varmint.
      LOL, you must be in Sleepy Joe’s hip pocket. A 9mm can’t blow out lungs out of anybody.
      Someone has bounced you on your head?

      • Point of information/fact. The 30-06, is a High Power Military Round, which the 5.56 x 45mm doesn’t even approach. By the way, the ancient 30-06 is quite suitable for the hunting of any animal that walks North America. Again, the 5.56 x 45 mm round doesn’t come close.

        This is not to say that I would willingly stand In front of one, the 5.56, but I wouldn’t willingly stand in front of a 22 Rim Fire Short either.

        • I would go one further. I wouldn’t want to be shot with a pellet rifle or pistol.

          In several states the .223 is banned for hunting big game with such defined. They feel it isn’t powerful enough to insure humane killing of the animal.

      • Walter,

        No Gravatar shown, so likely only an imposter dacian.

        Sometimes seeing multiple dacians and Miners going down within a same page can be good for a chuckle, tho.

      • Jesus wally, will you look up the word edification? Or don’t, whatever. You do you, beverly.

  8. There might be more to the Lake City thing then we know.
    There might not be any surplus?, somebody might know theres a big war coming soon.
    It seems weird that the U.S. military is switching to that new furry cartridge and there isnt any surplus 5.6 for Americas favorite riffle.
    3d chess is hard.

    • 👀🧐😲🤪😵🤬👀. I’ve switched to emoticode. National security reasons.

      • Wow. TTAGs emoticon thingies suck. They were funny before I hit send. Maybe they moderated my emoticon thingies into their emoticon thingies? Eyes everywhere, damn.

  9. Given Biden being the whore he is and always has been, does his latest scam surprise anyone?

    • Are you kidding, we’re already sending a metric shit-ton of materiel, including ammunition, overseas to “stop them dar russkies” in our latest proxy war… don’t worry, we’ll just print more money to cover the cost. Or maybe Hunter can sell the board of Burisma a couple of hundred billion dollars worth of finger paintings to help defray bailing out a fellow huckster.


  10. I ask again having said this in another post. WHY is this rogue government being supplied with a single round of ammo. Cut them off and divert supply to the private sector.

    • Because the laundry needs doin, that’s why. You think the likes of Pelosi and the idiot manchild in Ottawa and other such grifters visited a war zone out of concern for the people and some selfies? They were overseeing withdrawals, and I’m not talking soldiers.

    • The government OWNS the Lake City plant. It’s operated by Winchester, but owned by the feds. The idea was supposed to be that maintaining civilian production from a military facility will allow the facility to ramp quickly if military demand were to rise.

  11. I switched over to Russkie 7.62×39 ammo after Biden banned it’s import from Russia, but forgot about the billions of rounds sitting around in former Soviet block warehouses and they started shipping it. I added American made 7.62×39 guns to digest it. I imagine Biden (if he thinks at all) and his handlers, who are always right about everything, will take a long time if they ever figure this one out.

  12. OK. We know the Military has adopted a new Rifle and a new cartridge, 6.8 SPC. That means at some point in time, Winchester will have to begin tooling up the line for the new round (if they haven’t already begun the process). Could it be possible that the Military wants all 5.56 production to stockpile enough ammo to see them through the transition? Considering the stocks that were shipped to Ukraine, the armories have to be depleted somewhat I would suspect. Anyone with more knowledge about the process, please pipe up, as I would be interested to know. It has been nearly 60 years since 5.56 was adopted and I was a grade school kid at that time.

    I’m not trying to bail McSniffy Schitz-His-Pants out here. He’d of done the country a favor if he broke his lying neck falling off his bike over the weekend, and I wouldn’t shed a tear if the Lying Bastard dropped dead. I’m just not sure we’re getting the whole story on this yet, or that it’s something he really has a hand in. I don’t trust the man to do anything right (he never has in 50 years on the Taxpayer’s teat).

    • If you double check that, I think you’ll find that the new round is 6mm ARC, which is a round you should probably NOT adopt.

      • OK Mike, the last info I’d heard was 6.8 SPC, but either way, it’s still a change that Lake City will have to tool up for. So the question remains about the changes and transition being made.

    • I never cared for Biden, however regarding your wish, have you looked at what/who would replace him?

  13. What little info on the DoD contract for 6 ARC that I find online says Hornady will be the contracted ammo supplier, and it sounds like the rifle itself will most likely be a SpecOp choice and not in general use. The 6.8 SPC will be the issued cartridge for Infantry.

  14. Just 50 Congress critters found fault with Herr Biden’s latest diktat. What about the rest of The House, and then there is the U.S. Senate, that seems strangely dumbstruck. Does The Congress not have the power, the ability to overturn presidential diktats. I wonder.

  15. It certainly does appear that the federal courts, in particular the 5th Circuit, have pulled up their socks in a ruling that essentially says that it is The Congress, and not Executive Agencies, that make law.

  16. Take a look at the latest ruling from the 5th Circuit Court. They have clearly told Biden and ATF where to get off.

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