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I mean, you know, this is how it works in the President’s mind. Apparently.


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    • Maybe, but not that steel case Winchester crap. I was foolish enough to buy a few boxes earlier this year while in Nevada, and didn’t pay enough attention to the text to notice it was steel instead of aluminum. The cases have a coating on them that don’t allow slippage, so they absolutely do not function in double-stack mags. I had to use my CA single-stack 10-rounders to consume them.

      Brass is the best, obviously. Aluminum works just as well in my Glocks. But I will never buy steel case from Winchester again.

      That steel case is only good enough to blow up a balloon…

      • I thought the coating, the varnish, was the secret.
        It has to help obturation.
        The complaint was, that rifles or machine guns with varnish contaminating the chamber and hot, if left with a round chambered, woukd glue the round in.
        Maybe Winchester doesn’t know how to coat these ?

        • So that explains why one AK got varnished fouled and wouldn’t go bang. A .45 bronze brush soaked in hoppes and spun with an electric drill fixed that.
          I just thought it was build up over the years but couldn’t explain why our test AK never has had that happen. However we always run the magazines empty on that gunm so there is no cartridge left in a hot chamber.

      • “Maybe, but not that steel case Winchester crap. I was foolish enough to buy a few boxes earlier this year while in Nevada,…”

        Hell, yeah. Extreme suckage.

        I have a few hundred rounds of it still, and I’ll never buy it again unless it was the only available.

        “Brass is the best, obviously.”

        Nickle-plated brass is best, from my experience. Brass is good as long you don’t leave it your carry piece.

        Give brass some time in your mag, and it will lose that ‘slippery’ feeling, but not as bad as the steel crap.

        Hence, why I prefer nickel-plated in my EDC…

        • The good fellows around here will not buy or use steel casing ammo and many shy away from aluminum. Guess steel has its uses, just not around here.

        • Hush,

          I have shot many a lacquer coated steel cased 7.62×39 round with zero problems in a mag or from an AK. I don’t believe their intended use is full auto, because from what I hear, in a searing hot chamber, the lacquer can get sticky. I have had no problem at all for semi-auto.

          In general I don’t like steel, because it is harder on your chamber. It is a soft steel, but not as soft as brass. If you don’t care about your gun, except for its shear utility only, then maybe that’s fine. And maybe that is suitable for some guns. But some of mine are heirlooms from my parents and some of mine will be heirlooms for my children. Those guns I use brass. Brass is almost perfectly ideal for a rifle chamber.

          Also, I like brass because I can reload it. I wouldn’t dare use steel on my dies, and aluminum either, because old aluminum although soft, has a thin sapphire coating that is scratchy. Aluminum is also brittle and does not reload. Again. Brass for reloading.

        • The Winchester steel has no lacquer coating, it has a distinctive ‘gritty’ feel to it…

      • When I had less funds available I bought a bunch of these and all I can tell you is lube/vigorously polish the case and rim. Takes most of the crap off and smoothes it out. Still more friction than brass but it functions without getting stuck in the chamber or magazine. With that said save up for brass.

      • Steel is for AKs and Glocks*. I generally won’t buy steel in handgun calibers, just in x39. Maybe 5.56. Most ARs will eat it if kept clean. But as an OLD handgun enthusiast I have found time and time again that old guns don’t like steel. To keep it simple I try to buy ammo that all the guns will eat, which is brass.

        *My Glock factory OEM 33 rounders are even finicky with brass ammo. They like certain brands. The 15 and 17 round mags function with anything, as will the Magpuls and ETS mags.

        • Can get tricky for capacity limited handguns (NY and other State problems) where you only fit 10 in a space meant for 12-17 as the tension is just weird in comparison to standard capacity setups. Enough lube and scrubbing of the cases and 9mm will work but it is diminishing returns once brass is available and not 60cpr+

      • To be honest I try to limit my ammo to brass case, but there was a period where all I could get locally were these Winchester steel case rounds. I shot them with my Sig 365XL, Glock 19 and Sig 320 and all I have are double stack magazines. I shot 3 boxes 450 rounds and never had an issue of any kind. I wouldn’t hesitate to use them again if that was all that was available. Maybe the atmospheric conditions in Oregon were more suitable. LOL

        • Southern, yeah, in a way a guys almost gotta feel sorry for the futile old prick. Almost. I did get a chuckle out of the Delaware Bicycle Incident though. POTUS DOWN! POTUS DOWN! Good stuff. You ever watch the MarknSam shooting channel on the yoo-toobs from down your way? Well worth it if you enjoy long range skills and info.

  1. But..but.. 81million people voted for him and the current situation we find ourselves in.
    81million..means close to 1/3 of America.
    Can’t even ride a bike..
    No hope..sigh

    • Buyers Remorse is getting stronger everyday among Democrat voters. As the see their lives and livelihoods being destroyed all around them.

      • Sad thing is they all moved here to Texas and probably will keep voting the same way they were from wherever shitty state they came from. Every time I see a Cali plate my soul dims a bit

    • I kinda like the way Bob Dylan said it:

      “Come gather ’round people, wherever you roam
      And admit that the waters around you have grown
      And accept it that soon you’ll be drenched to the bone
      And if your breath to you is worth savin’

      Then you better start swimmin’ or you’ll sink like a stone
      For the times they are a-changin’

      Come writers and critics who prophesize with your pen
      And keep your eyes wide, the chance won’t come again
      And don’t speak too soon, for the wheel’s still in spin
      And there’s no tellin’ who that it’s namin’
      For the loser now will be later to win
      ‘Cause the times they are a-changin’

      Come senators, congressmen, please heed the call
      Don’t stand in your doorway, don’t block up the hall
      For he that gets hurt, will be he who has stalled
      ‘Cause the battle outside ragin’
      Will soon shake your windows and rattle your walls
      For the times they are a-changin’

      Come mothers and fathers throughout the land
      And don’t criticise what you can’t understand
      Your sons and your daughters are beyond your command
      Your old road is rapidly agin’
      Please get out of the new one if you can’t lend your hand
      For the times they are a-changin’

      The line it is drawn, the curse it is cast
      The slowest now, will later be fast
      As the present now will later be past
      The order is rapidly fadin’
      And the first one now will later be last
      ‘Cause the times they are a-changin'”

      • Lifesavor, awesome. Dylan had it going on for sure. No flies on him. Well, not back then anyways. And my anti religious screeds from previous day’s are only directed at those who use their faith to elevate themselves above others or who push their ways on others, not at any individual who respects others, such as you seem to. That and the undeniable mob mentality which comes into play anytime any sect or creed attains numerical superiority or political advantage. Otherwise I am adamantly each to their own, as long as that’s how it stays. I have family who are not so respectful (as well as other… experiences) and they can set me off sometimes. Hope you understand and thanks for replying the other day.

        • Rider/Shooter,

          We are of similar mind.

          I recall an event for which all Catholic priests are supposed to preach about the Chair of St. Peter, the primacy of the Pope, because Jesus supposedly appointed Peter as his successor. I could not do it, because it seemed so irrelevant to the Gospel and, because I did not believe that establishing a papacy was what Jesus intended. So, my sermon was on how the church should be a place of rest and comfort, like a big chair you can snuggle into, kind of like the Chair of Peter. Well, that did not go over very well with the Monseigneur or the other priests. I was not assigned to deliver sermons for a few weeks.
          That is the difference between faith and dogma. Faith is a connection with God. Dogma is a way of controlling thought.


        • LifeSavor, well said, dogma is dogma but enforced dogma is indeed the issue. I get that it’s ‘the way’ for any system that utilizes it but without separation from state etc we see it turned into a political weapon, every time. Glad you see that as the more… fervent fail to. When this is pointed out to those more outspoken than others it’s then twisted into the ‘unbelievers’ pushing our viewpoint onto them which is much as the progressive left often operates. I’ve yet to witness my team telling their team that they should/have to be like them (I’m sure it happens) but I’m constantly seeing the opposite and history is replete with examples. We can be a nasty lot indeed when we try our best to ‘improve’ or ‘save’ everyone and this certainly doesn’t just apply to organized religion. Respect back. Cheers.

  2. I never understood why people talk about how bad this gun or round is.
    It is like talking about how sexy a Bikini is, that why Louis Re’ard made it & I might add he succeeded.

      • Yeah, I mean what’s the point of the helmet on his bicycle adventures? How much more damage can really be done? Or maybe Dr Jill wants to preserve the brain to transfer into their next presidential hopeful. Gabby should be a prime candidate for their next offering. What a fucking crew, eh? It’s like the best and worst cartoons all in one show. You need help with that centrifugalator you just let me know bud. I’m here for you.

  3. Steel case> Shite ammunition. All 9mm PARABELLUM [9mm LUGER Parabellum is less powerful and sub-sonic] as far as I know had copper cased lead bullets. Certainly that’s the case for NATO Standard by which all others are judged. In nthe UK LUGER 9mm was marked MK1Z and was sub-sonic at around 700 to 800mtrs per sec MV and NATO 9mm Parabellum was marked as Mk2Z and around 1100 to1200 ft per sec MV.

    • At no point in the above comment were you anything approaching coherent. May god have mercy on your poor soul.

    • Wow Albert, were you letting predictive text finish your sentences? You sound like Kamala and her ramblings when she’s trying to sound smart.

      • The metric speed of sound is approximately 343 meters per second through a 20 degree centigrade air medium… it would be faster however, through a medium such as bullshit.

    • You don’t make any sense at all. Steel cased ammo is not necessarily “shite,” it depends on many factors. Most Russian steel cased ammo is not the best, but the price also reflects that lack of quality. I can’t speak for the Winchester steel cased ammo accuracy, I haven’t had any.

      During WW2 the Chrysler Sunbeam plant in Evansville, IN made 3.25 billion rounds of steel cased .45acp packaged in spam cans and marked either ECS (early) or simply EC. They are said to be reliable now almost 80 years later.

      There is no telling how many were given to British during the war and I doubt they were complaining much. You’re welcome. Were I in charge in 1941, you’d be speaking German.

      • 😁 well said, especially the last part. I’ve got a ’54 unissued Tula sks and a chinesium sks and both seem quite happy with the Russian surplus as well as the Chinese stuff. The smaller amounts of Czech surplus I’ve managed to find seem more accurate though. Beer is always part of sks day though so maybe I’ve just been shooting the Czech stuff first.

      • Cooter
        I have several repackaged 50rd. boxes of that. All 1942 headstamp. Corrosive as all hell but shoots fine. Found at a gun show late 90s. Came to a deal and bought it all around $4 a box iirc.

    • The Wing Commander’s nob polisher has spoken!

      The next time he opens his mouth he can try changing feet. How many levels of fail were there? Mixing up imperial and metric measurements. NATO 9mm is hot loaded and is generally regarded as supersonic with a 124g (approx) bullet. 147g is usually subsonic.

      • I always think of Albert ‘Hand Licker’ Hall as occupying his own special level of fail, along with everything he spews out of his gob. It must take years, decades even to attain such utter fulfilment of his social role in society. Gotta admire the drive, determination and commitment.

        • I kinda admire him in away..84 years old, he.was just a kid when the nazi’s was blowing up his country. That had to suck.
          As for his other stuff. Hes just getting his thinking all fcked up.
          He hasn’t shot a gunm in 30 years I think it was, bad eye sight and he can still outshoot any Rambo in the U.S.
          That’s just an old man getting old still thinking hes got it.

        • All true but so is this: he should stay in his lane, monacle and all. My german mother as a child and her family managed to escape the Russian hordes at great risk. One younger brother starved to death on their journey and her sister was shot in the lower leg as they snuck across a river in a sinking rowboat at night. The guy carrying them across was caught later and executed. So yeah, as hard as any of us might think we have it, we don’t. Mind you, they declared war on Germany for Hitler doing what every nation has done before and what any nation such as both of ours would’ve done in their position, or at least would’ve wanted to do: reclaim the lands stripped from them and long populated with their people. The popular history in the western world was written by the victors, as always, and our take on things isn’t necessarily the way things really were. As Patton famously said: “we fought the wrong army”. At the time Germans and Americans were likely as similar as two nations people’s and societies could be. France has much to answer for in all this.

        • Possum, I should add that I only rag on him because he presumes to denigrate your Second Amendment, the finest sentence yet penned by man, immediately followed by your First Amendment (both closely drawn from English law, as you probably know) and then proceeds to insult your society and it’s particulars as if it could somehow be compared to any other society, which it cannot. Other than that, if he’s legit, then yeah, I can respect the guy too in that way.

  4. He’s the hairy-handed gent who ran amok in Kent
    Lately, he’s been overheard in Mayfair
    You better stay away from him
    He’ll rip your lungs out, Jim
    Huh, I’d like to meet his tailor

    • It’s all about expansion slow Joe. You know when you used to do the nasty? That puny 9mm doesn’t blow yer lung out…

    • Wow-oooooh? I’m no liberal nor a democrat so I can’t say I know what a unicorn sounds like but I can see why you decided not to go with werewolf whisperer.

  5. Sleepy Joe must have been referring to the .9mm “Lunger” ammo commonly discussed on liberal social media.

    • Or maybe lugey, like when the old coot spit up something straight into that broads face in the middle a raging, deadly, highly infectious global pandemic. Wear yer masks sheeple, at least around democrats and liberals.

      • Can you think of an even more important piece of safety wear that Joe should always have on ? Hmm, depends.

        • Wonder if a change of undergarments was required after the Delaware bicycling incident the other day. Kinda glad he wasn’t hurt, I guess, but it sure was entertaining. We need a looped reel of his mobility related adventures with an appropriate soundtrack.

  6. Joey’s description of “high-powered 9mm” makes those old Black Talon ads in the early 90s look like BB gun fodder. Still have a bunch of that stuff in .45 ACP and .40 S&W. Pretty affective and effective stuff. (Back then I wouldn’t have been caught dead with a 9mm.)

    And let’s also not forget the dreaded KTW stuff that never really was. Congressional hearings on those. Gad, don’t we miss Mario Biaggi? (Nope)

  7. A politically correct, President Biden recommended 12 gauge shotgun will really ream your lungs.

    • Good luck. We feel yer pain up here in the queens colonies, personal fiefdom of the idiot manchild king, panderer to the peoplekind, proper heir to the island realm of Cuba.

        • Indeed. Some time ago I called him the idiot manchild and got quite a few laughs and it’s now the only way I can think of the arrogant, spoiled, effeminate prick. Other than strapped to a steel table in my underground, soundproof, concrete waterboarding and hot iron eyebrow re-imagining omnicron quarantine chamber I’ve drawn up on my cad program that is. Ground is almost thawed now so I guess I should flash up the excavator and get busy in case another royal procession in the western holdings is in the offing. Or maybe the entire province will burn again and his highness will fly over in his three jets with Go Green!! painted on the side, full of rcmp and booze for another selfie opportunity while proudly demonstrating the use of his recyclable cardboard waterbox thingie. Wonder what costume he will wear? The eagle feather war bonnet was so… memorable the last time. But then the cowboy hat he wore in Calgary was just so him. I’m so excited. Gotta go now, much to do…

        • Tsbhoa, not as absorbent as the spiked plywood I had in my first designs either. Wouldn’t want the stink of him to last any longer than is necessary. And yes regarding lasting longer for future generations to use when Tru-dough the Third is undoubtedly ascended to the throne.

        • Good man. Those damn Cubans deserve everything coming their way for freely and democratically electing a Castro. Just like us canucks deserve to suffer. I hope you make all their microwaves run backwards. They do have microwaves, don’t they?

        • “Cuba is not going to be spared the reversal of the magnetic poles”

          The poles are already on their way to reversal, the north magnetic pole is moving towards Siberia at almost 30 miles per year because of two large-scale lobes of negative magnetic flux on the core–mantle boundary.

        • Possum
          I’ve got a 56 chevy with a 235. Could definitely cook lunch on the manifold but never realized it was a microwave? Learn new stuff everyday.

        • Tsbhoa, I declined the $1,000 purchase from my uncle of a pristine late 60s impala convertible back when I was young and even more stoopider than I am now because of it having a smaller powerplant. I even failed to understand that it was likely worth four times that price even back then and the favor he was doing me. Regrets…

  8. I kinda admire him in away..84 years old, he.was just a kid when the nazi’s was blowing up his country. That had to suck.
    As for his other stuff. Hes just getting his thinking all fcked up.
    He hasn’t shot a gunm in 30 years I think it was, bad eye sight and he can still outshoot any Rambo in the U.S.
    That’s just an old man getting old still thinking hes got it.

  9. Next 9mm shooting, should see Slo Joe sued personally for advertising to mentally deranged shooters to use the 9mm…..ala the anti-gun suit against Remington for Bushmaster advertising.

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