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JOE JACKSON; I CARRY A GUN and I’m not afraid to use it. At first I thought the headline was a ballistic heads-up from the English musician who wondered “Is She Really Going Out with Him?” Nope. Yes, she is. And no, it’s not. It’s Michael Jackson’s old man; the pater familias famous for beating the crap out of his children to make them the wholesome pop stars they were before their demons got hold of them and threw them into the pit of drugs, despair and, let’s face it, perversion. At the Tuscany Hotel and Casino, Joe took the stage to verify a story about illegal brandishing (and making a terroristic threat against MJ’s minders) and flash his gat. Legal gun owners might note: what happens in Vegas stays on the Internet forever.

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    • True. Adult-children weren’t as messed up when they were raised by a mother and father(!) whom the extended family of relatives and society held accountable for raising good kids.

  1. When is Mr. Jackson going to fulfill his promise of shooting the “Monkey Suit Wearing M***F***’s” who gave his son drugs?

    If I had his kind of money, I would never leave my oceanfront estate, much less go to some low-rent Vegas venue to run my mouth with rappers.

  2. Brandishing your gun and making violent threats puts you outside the fold of law abiding gun owners Mr. Jackson. As for what you did to your kids, that just puts you outside the fold, period.

  3. I have a good friend who is a professional blues player and has toured with loads of the old guys. According to him, they all pack all the time. I guess years of playing crappy juke joints (esp. in the 40’s and 50’s) ,having expensive gear and getting paid in cash (and constant gambling for decent stakes in shady games) will do that.

  4. Maybe I’m watching too much StarWars with my son but old Joe would make a great Sith Overlord. That kind of ugly comes from years of evil behavior….


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