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Before Crossbreed Holsters’ owner/operator Mark Craighead shuffled off this mortal coil, he designed a new product: an ankle rig. TTAG has consistently warned readers that ankle holsters are best used by gun owners looking to schlep a back-up gun, devoid of practical alternatives or pursuing deep cover. But if you gotta do it . . . “With our calf support strap, this ankle rig won’t be riding down and slapping your anklebone,” the presser promises. “It also features a padded ankle section for greater comfort and a thumb break for secure carry even in rigorous activity while still being easy to draw from when needed.” $49.50 plus S&H will get you a rig that fits small to medium autos like the Kahr K and Ruger LC9, with a “try if free for two weeks” guarantee.

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  1. I’m in a work situation where ankle carry is the best solution. I’ve always used Uncle Mike’s b/c my skinny ankle requires a calf strap.This one looks like a winner, especially with the “try before you buy” option.

    • Is that why some states have laws against carrying and drinking at the same time? I’ve had more than a few drinking companions end up legless after a long night of lifting the pint.

  2. That rig looks like it’s crying for a 6906.

    The only time I ever wear long pants is while at work and, correspondingly, that’s the only time I am not carrying my P6. So John will not be adding this to the collection. Unfortunately.

  3. I’ve never been a fan of ankle rigs, but if anyone can do it right it’s probably Crossbreed. How’s about you send me one, Nick one, and grab one for yourself, RF? We can all try the Ankle Carry Paralympics of running, biking and swimming with our subcompact 9’s. Mmm, maybe not the swimming.

  4. I use an ankle rig to carry a Kahr CW9 , mostly for church. There I’m 1) sitting down a lot, and 2) wearing a choir robe that makes getting at a waist level holster difficult. Not to mention I really don’t want to be outed at church. I like my crossbreed supertuck, so I may have to try this one.


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