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Poor Joe Biden. Like a broken clock, he’s seldom right and even then it mostly a coincidence. He recently tweeted about the lack of school shootings in March. The apparent Democrat nominee for the 2020 presidential race credited the CCP coronavirus for putting a stop to school shootings.

“It shouldn’t take a global pandemic shutting down schools to end school shootings,” Biden’s handlers tweeted for him, likely while Joe napped.

Aides to the former Veep, presently in a persistent state of mental decline, failed to consider that most of America’s school children are continuing their studies at home. Tens of millions of those homes have guns. Homes where children don’t suffer from “school shootings.”

They’re safe there because they’re protected by guns in homes where armed families shoot back at bad boys and girls who come to do them harm. Cue up Arlington Heights, Illinois.

And Neptune Beach, Florida.

So no, Joe, COVID-19 doesn’t protect our children from lunatics trying to kill them in schools. Tens of millions of law-abiding gun owners protect them.

But Joe Biden and his handlers somehow missed that.

The mainstream media completely ignored Biden’s tweet. But gun rights supporters piled on Luke Skywalker who took time out of his busy schedule to make the same point.

As Loesch notes, it’s not the guns that kill. It’s people.

Once more, we’re reminded of an uncomfortable truth Wayne LaPierre made famous almost ten years ago: “The only thing that stops a bad guy with a gun is good guy with a gun.”

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  1. How can anyone, even the average Leftard take anything the Moron says seriously. He doesn’t know his name or where he physically is and can’t string together a comprehensible sentence.
    Find the man a rubber room and turn him loose in it, at least that way he most likely harm himself.

      • I’d be willing to bet he made that up.In the debates between he and Trump,he will be crying for his mommy,as Trump knows how and where to needle opponents and Bidemns brain is missing in action.
        The debates are going to be must see T V !

    • I’m a 70 tear old white guy with ar’s, ak’s and dozens of guns of all types and 5,000 rounds of ammo. I would give them all up (except for a shotgun, my M-1 Garand and a couple of Colt Peacemakers) to get rid of that lying orange fucktard in the Whitew House. I would literally Vote for just about anyone to remove the murdering disgrace of a beast!

  2. Just like I’ve said for about 10-15 years. Kids can’t be victims in a school shooting if they aren’t there! Home school makes more and more sense. Kids actually get and education being taught by those who love them most and usually want them to be successful in life. Additionally, all staff at home school can be armed and even some of the students. Anyone who graduated high school can teach their own kids or grand kids if they really want to do so.

    • Wait! If you close schools, then school shootings stop? This makes no sense. Would this also mean that if you close movie theaters that “going out to the movies” stop also?

      • “Wait! If you close schools, then school shootings stop? This makes no sense.”

        1. There are no schools with their toxic social atmosphere open now.

        2. Therefore, no student is being bullied by classmates or teachers now.

        3. Since no students are bullied now, the students are not lashing out their classmates or teachers.

  3. Well, let’s take this wonderful solution and run with it. No more schools!

    How will you indoctrinate all the children now, lefties?

  4. Well ALL American school children are homeschooled now. I wonder if the government, state or local, will use fixed bayonets to force children back into the government school systems? Just as the Liberals have discovered the Second Amendment. And they now want guns. I’m sure liberals have also discovered the Wonders, and the importance of home schooling.

    Just as the old school gun owners are teaching all the newbies about gun safety and gun handling skills. The old school homeschoolers I’m sure are teaching the newbies about networking and helping each other out to educate their children at home.

    This pandemic might have several silver linings for our society’s future. And for our Liberty.

    • Some particularly statist governments have in fact halted registrations for online and home charter schools, specifically because the rush of children out the door would mean a lot less government fingers in the education pie.

      • Kids are not being home schooled right now. I’m a teacher and I’m working my ass off with this distance learning.

        • The kids who were being home-schooled before this insanity started are still being home-schooled. The rest, probably not so much, aside from the nerds, who are self-educating as they usually have to do.

    • Chris T in KY,

      I wonder if the government, state or local, will use fixed bayonets to force children back into the government school systems?

      As long as public school teacher unions have enough votes to ensure that politicians who support teachers’ interests will win elections, yes.

  5. Remember, Biden was one of the main architects for the Clinton bans, just in case you needed another reason to hate him.

    • This. People have a tendency to forget the emergency, just after the event itself ends. Goes hand in hand with history being the most despised courses in our scholastic regime. Human’s simply do not like remembering such things and actively put them out of mind.

      Slo-mo-Joe should FOAD.

    • When he said Roe v. Wade went too far in 1973 and said that a woman should not have the “sole right to say what should happen to her body.”

      And when he voted for the Defense of Marriage Act in 1996.

      The only two times his broken clock has been right.

  6. He’s just so pathetically predictable. The same old formula; take a current event and concoct a connection with your pet cause. You can make a mad-libs game out of it:

    “It shouldn’t take a (insert one of the following)…
    A) Coronavirus
    B) Iranian gunboat attack
    C) solar flare

    …to stop school shootings!”

  7. Homicides down, drive bys down, school shootings down.

    It’s almost as if people and gatherings of people are the problem. The guns haven’t gone anywhere.

    • Except in New York City where Murders have nearly doubled since the Chinese Virus Quarantine was invoked By Heir Cuomo and Comrade De Blasio. Keep Your Powder Dry.

  8. Today marks Day 43 of the Delaware Coward hiding in his basement in case anyone besides me is keeping track.

    • I wouldn’t have known how many days he spent hiding in his basement as most people don’t give AFF what he does or WTF the Moron is.

  9. Given the 1993 Larry King video what just surfaced, I don’t think anybody needs to worry much about what Joe Biden says any more.

  10. “But numbers of people playing video games have skyrocketed how does that make any sense”

    Another good tweet.

  11. This is probably our future POTUS and it sucks. Liberals have been working on the fix for years now, Soros’ voting machines, mail in ballots, crazy rules in California and other states….It’s going to be a long, painful 4 years my friends.

  12. Ya know, he’s rapidly getting to the point where his statements make the news when he is CORRECT on an issue . . .

  13. “Last month was the first March without a school shooting in 18 years.”

    Perhaps, Luke, we should be taking a hard look at schools. Looking a lot like THEY are the problem.

  14. Lobotomy joe, has killed more people with gun free zones than than any other politician in this country. What a legacy! And then ripping off the foreign aid we send to countries through your son,wife,brother and who knows who else! I’d pay to be at your hangings!


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